On Iain Banks being diagnosed with incurable cancer, letting the world know he still hates the Jew nation. Some revealing commentary by the genre Left, Court Jewry included

As the last article at this blog ended, so this one starts…

In fact this article begins by repeating the Stross related content in the last article for which I apologize if you have already read the previous article, but it is a necessary lead-in to the contents of this Iain Banks themed article.

In the previous article I discuss how SF Court Jew Charles Stross put up a blog post a while ago, complaining about how stupid people are.  As I pointed out, this is coming from a ‘Jew’ who recommends the political output of numerous Jew-hating liars and moral relativists such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Juan Cole (details on the extreme Judenhass of all these characters are given in the previous article).  And this is how I ended that article…

So Charles Stross is at least consistent. In light of the sad news of writer Iain Banks publicly revealing that he has inoperable gall bladder cancer and probably has months to live, Charles Stross has this to say at his blog on April 4th:

No. Words.

By Charlie Stross

Iain Banks diagnosed with cancer. (Stage IV, inoperable, months to live.)

I first met Iain about 25 years ago. I am not only an unabashed fan; I consider him an object of emulation, one of the celestial lights I steer my own course by. He’s also a very nice guy when you get to know him, if a little bit difficult to buy a pint for. This news has me about as personally upset as you might expect. Cancer: just fuck off, OK?

So why would I have issue with that? I don’t really. I wouldn’t wish cancer on my worst enemy, anti-Semites like Iain Banks included. The point though is that Iain Banks is horribly anti-Semitic, as I have pointed out at this very blog; and Stross can’t be bothered to mention this ‘teeny weeny fact’, that is not so teeny weeny at all if you think about it. It appears in fact that the ‘Jewish’ Stross doesn’t consider Banks anti-Semitic at all, not in the slightest; even though the latter supports the hardcore anti-Semitism that is the BDS Movement against Israel. Indeed Banks decides that the most important thing to let the world know about himself, after the announcement of his inoperable cancer, is that he still hates the Jews oh sorry I mean Israel (that by one of those incredible coincidences just happens to be the sovereign Jewish state).

Any genre Jewish person with a conscience and a working radar re anti-Semitism, that is somebody who would be genuinely sorrowful about anybody suffering from cancer, Banks included; but recognizing Banks for the extreme anti-Semite that he is, would probably choose not to say anything at all about Banks’s plight, the fact that he is dying and suffering terribly in the process. I only mention it here, because Stross mentions it without making allusion to the latter’s vicious ‘new style’ Judenhass. Maybe Stross doesn’t consider the hardcore Jew-hatred that is BDS against the Jew among the nations, remotely anti-Semitic… I mean what else is one supposed to surmise?

And lookee here…

Via twitter, I am blithely assumed – sans evidence – to be celebrating, or at least possibly celebrating, Iain Banks’s dying by one of my critics, SF Signal‘s Fred Kiesche (of whom I had quite a lot to say in a recent article). Of course it was without evidence, since it is utter rubbish. That is Kiesche hears – via twitter – from Israeli SF writer and editor Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar that some Israeli SF fans were celebrating Iain Banks’s condition on an Israeli SF message board/forum, given the latter’s support for BDS against Israel. Kiesche just assumes it could well be me, and queries Tidhar in this regard. Tidhar sets him straight at least, and points out that it wasn’t me.

Here are the relevant tweets, including from Aussie genre editor Jonathan Strahan:

Lavie Tidhar @lavietidhar 5 Apr

wow. the iain banks announcement celebrated by some israeli sf “fans”.

Aussie genre editor Jonathan Strahan tweets in reply:

Jonathan Strahan @JonathanStrahan 5 Apr

@lavietidhar Celebrated?!? Really?

Lavie Tidhar tweets back:

Lavie Tidhar @lavietidhar 5 Apr

. @JonathanStrahan he called for a boycott of israel, that seems to be reason enough for them. disgusting.

Jonathan Strahan replies:

Jonathan Strahan @JonathanStrahan 5 Apr

@lavietidhar I was disgusted for a moment. Now I’m just sad.

Note how Aussie genre editor Strahan is disgusted by Israeli fans celebrating or apparently celebrating Banks’s plight, but he is neither disgusted nor saddened by Banks’s vicious anti-Semitism (any more than Tidhar is, well Tidhar is consistent here as we would expect). Like Stross and Tidhar, Strahan doesn’t seem to consider the Jew-hate BDS movement against Israel remotely anti-Semitic. Such an attitude is certainly implicit in Strahan’s and Tidhar’s tweeting.

It’s the schadenfreude of Israeli SF fans that is disgusting to Tidhar and Strahan, and as I write above, I wouldn’t celebrate anybody getting cancer, whether they are bigots and anti-Semites or not. It’s not Banks’s Jew-hatred that is disgusting to Tidhar and Strahan though, and Tidhar is upfront about Banks’s anti-Semitism without recognizing it as such at all! That is Tidhar actually acknowledges that Banks supports BDS against Israel, Stross can’t be bothered to mention it. Yet Tidhar clearly doesn’t see anything remotely anti-Semitic about BDS against Israel. After all he is clearly not disgusted nor offended by Banks supporting it in the slightest. What do you expect from Tidhar? This is the same pro-Palestinian Tidhar who doesn’t have a problem with the uh ‘Jewish’ genre writer Anna Tambour’s horrible in-your-face anti-Semitism and China Mieville’s Jew-hatred likewise. Like I say Tidhar is predictably consistent, but not in a good way at all.

Lavie Tidhar’s “true Jews”, the Palestinians that is, have celebrated wildly – with celebratory gunfire and the handing out of sweets – successful suicide bombing and other terror attacks against Jewish civilians over the years. Palestinians celebrated wildly and spontaneously on 9-11. Tidhar, Strahan and their ilk have nothing to say on this truly disgusting and sad front whatsoever. Can’t be bothered with any of that of course.

In response to Tidhar’s first tweet re Banks  – wow. the iain banks announcement celebrated by some israeli sf “fans” – along comes SF Signal‘s Fred Keische, who has put scorn on this blog several times in the past.

Fred Kiesche @FredKiesche 5 Apr

@lavietidhar Oh, let me guess which one? A certain carmine K9?

Note two things. Firstly Kiesche seems almost scared to actually name this blog by its proper name, we get ‘carmine k9’ instead.  What’s the matter Kiesche? Don’t want to give me the traffic? Or is it something else? Secondly, note that Kiesche can’t even be bothered to check this blog before he mouths off his rubbish, because it’s just so much easier to spread unsubstantiated slander…

Tidhar tweets back:

Lavie Tidhar @lavietidhar 5 Apr

@FredKiesche ah, no, it’s on some message board

Well there you go. Hey it wasn’t me as Tidhar puts it and as readers of this blog could verify for themselves in less than a minute. But Kiesche couldn’t be bothered with that, too much time and effort I guess.

Since the announcement by Banks that he is dying of cancer, former British PM Margaret Thatcher has of course died. There have been widespread celebrations by those who never cared for her, street parties in Brixton and Glasgow! Now I never cared for the Iron Lady myself, but I wouldn’t celebrate her death. What do our liberal genre pros have to say about these left-wing celebrations upon the death of a conservative political leader? Are they disgusted by them or not? Well who knows…

It’s worth adding that Abigail Nussbaum, an Israeli SF critic and reviewer happened to review one of Banks’s books shortly before the public announcement of the latter’s fatal cancer condition. A bit of a coincidence. As I have pointed out elsewhere, Nussbaum can never be bothered to mention Banks’s support for BDS against her own nation (ie his Jew-hatred) whenever reviewing his books; any more than she can be bothered to mention China Mieville’s self-same support for BDS against Israel, whenever she has reviewed the latter’s books. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if Nussbaum hadn’t frothed on about Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Islamophobia’ related thought crime at her own blog back in 2010.

It’s just pathetic. Or maybe it’s just the liberal way! Frankly such pathetic polemicizing, moral relativism and the liberal way often enough appear to be indistinguishable.

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