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Iain Banks’s anti-Semitism and support for a boycott against Israel cheered by the prominent neo-Nazi internet hate forum Stormfront

Man, what does this tell you? Well nothing of course if you are one of the anti-Israel moral relativist liberal genre Thought Police. Nothing to see here, move along… It’s worth reading the commentators at that openly white supremacist neo-Nazi … Continue reading

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Charles Stross on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, warns against empty speculation as to the identity of the terrorists. Proceeds immediately to speculate that the perpetrators are most likely the “provisional wing of the Tea Party”

Surprised? You shouldn’t be if you know Stross’s addled PC left-wing moral relativist politics. Yes the day of the Boston Marathon terror bombing, Stross – whilst warning that we shouldn’t speculate about the possible identity of the perpetrators the day … Continue reading

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