Charles Stross on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, warns against empty speculation as to the identity of the terrorists. Proceeds immediately to speculate that the perpetrators are most likely the “provisional wing of the Tea Party”


You shouldn’t be if you know Stross’s addled PC left-wing moral relativist politics.

Yes the day of the Boston Marathon terror bombing, Stross – whilst warning that we shouldn’t speculate about the possible identity of the perpetrators the day of the attack, when too little was known – nevertheless proceeds to contradict himself in the comments section to that self-same entry on the very same day. Stross originally commented under a blog entry entitled ‘PSA: Ignore the news’ the following:

Terrible though the bombings may be, we won’t learn anything significant about the responsible parties for some time: and in the meantime I see no reason to allow my emotional state to be manipulated for the benefit of advertisers

Stross then proceeds with his 180 degree sharp u-turn roughly one hour later (post dated April 16, 2013 06:55), and obscenely and obtusely remarks in dunderhead style, in the comments section (bold emphasis is mine):

(If I had to bet on who did it, though, my money wouldn’t be on North Koreans or Islamicists; given that it was Patriot day and a tax year filing date, and Massachusetts has something of a rep for being full of pinko commies in certain circles, my money is on crazy white guys with a political axe to grind: the provisional wing of the Tea Party, if you like. Honourable runner-up: an FBI entrapment operation gone horribly wrong, because if you go looking for idiots who can be incited to terrorism and incite them, sooner or later one of them will get over-enthusiastic and won’t wait for you to supply the explosives they’re supposed to be arrested in possession of.)

Of course as we all know the perpetrators turned out to be – shocka – Muslim extremist terrorists (ethnically Chechnyan but apparently originally from Kyrgyzstan). I mean what are the odds? Muslim extremist terrorists targeted American citizens for death and maiming, and not those eeeeeeevilright-wing gun-tottingBiblethumping inbredTeaPartyhickflagwavingredneckhillbillies. Oh My God who would have thunk it?

How can we hold Stross accountable for his error, slander, his baseless evidence free libel against the conservative Tea Party movement (it was tax filing day and Patriot’s Day for crying out loud!), and his understandable oversight in neglecting the likelihood of the bogey that is Muslim extremism? I mean given the Tea Party’s long support and carrying out of terrorism against American citizenry, like uh 9-11 itself and the Fort Hood attack and the bombings of American embassies abroad and the Times Square attack and numerous others, well who wouldn’t have made Stross’s error? Uh hang on…

Look it’s perfectly understandable: I mean yeah there was the Tim McVeigh Oklahoma bombing and the Waco Koresh/Adventist tragedy, and the 2011 Tucson Arizona Loughner shootings, the 2012 James Holmes Aurora cinema Colarado shootings and more recently the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. And we all know that “the provisional wing of the Tea Party” was to blame there, so… Uh wait a minute, maybe not. Never mind it’s all the same thing. White Americans who were not Muslim terrorists were responsible for all that, so we can tie it all in via Sherlock Holmes logic to the uh Tea Party, well if we don’t look to closely at any of that um.  After all numerous left-wing media talking heads were practically praying that the Boston Marathon bombing suspect/s turned out to be far right-wing conservative/s. As Roger Kimball wrote: “First came the prediction and the fervent, trembling hope — the unspeakable yearning — that the perpetrator of this slaughter would turn out to be a tea partier, an anti-government right-winger, or at least a white male Christian of some description.”

And we all know how wise and knowing and prescient left-wing pontificators are. Uh wait…

Many of the like-mindless commentators at Stross’s blog entry then harp on about the heavy-handedness of the Boston SWAT teams and cops in hunting down the suspects, when the news comes out of the manhunt in Watertown, the killing of the MIT police officer and the news that the perpetrators are the suspects in the Marathon bombing, and they are…  Chechen Muslims or Chechen-American Muslims. Of course there is also the desperate evasion by the Strossbots to the in-your-face fact that the suspects being hunted are not the evil Tea Party fanatics *sarc*, but you know Muslim extremists.

Thankfully one or two commentators – not beholden to the liberal zeitgeist of blameevilGreatSatanAmericaforevyerthingunderthesun – get in a sensible and sane few posts edgewise.

At least Stross allows such comments, but no mea culpa from him on his wrongly and disgracefully slandering conservative America for a terrorist attack actually carried out by – I still can’t get over it, who would have imagined it? – Muslim extremist terrorists. Stross is absent there, nothing to say, he’s gone awol on that front.

Look it’s an understandable error on Stross’s part, who wouldn’t have imagined the Tea Party’s patriotic fringe “provisional wing” (that doesn’t exist but whatever) murdering and maiming their fellow American citizens in the name of um well uh… I mean look at how the TeaParty’s inbredhickflagwavingbloodlustfulNRAgunghohillbillythugs PROVISIONAL WING celebrated when news of the Boston bombings broke! Oh wait that was Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Ah well we all know that if Palestinians celebrate the murder and maiming of Americans, American children included, it’s all the fault of the Joooooos anyway, uh I mean Israel or at least America, or both. Well according to the far Left apologists for the Jihad at any rate.

Well look there is an understandable knee-jerk free association between Tea Parties and Boston, so let’s give these liberal idiots – Stross included – a break! I mean if these terrorist bombings had taken place in say New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, St Louis etc; maybe Stross and other progressive liberals who knee-jerk blamed this incident of Muslim extremist terror on uh right-wing European Americans, wouldn’t have falsely conflated the two? It was the Boston thing yeah? The name ‘Boston’, the association, the symbolism, it just begged for a Tea Party tagging!

In all seriousness, being a liberal just means never having to say you are sorry, or feel any shame whatsoever. That’s even if one blames, sans evidence, a conservative fringe and smears the Tea Party movement (with its zero record of terrorist bombing history), for a terrorist BOMBING attack in the US that the recent historical record shows is more likely to be committed by Muslim extremists than any other disaffected group. And as it turns out, was committed by Muslim extremists. Of course Stross’s odious notion was an echoing of a widespread and disturbing liberal zeitgeist; as John Hayward rightly and tellingly put it in the very title of his article re the Boston bombing, the hunt for the elusive Tea Party murderer continues.

And newsflash to dimwitted Leftists, Stross included: Crazy, white guys can be Muslim extremists too. Religion and religious fundamentalism have nothing to do with creed and ethnicity whatsoever.

Oh my God I know I am a racist evil Islamophobe. Just ask my critics, like uh Charles Stross and the rest of the genre thought police.

UPDATE May 13th

So Stross – who naturally had nothing to say via Twitter in response to this article, well what’s he going to say?! Admit his disgusting foul-up? Pulleeez – nevertheless continues in odious, sinister idiot Left mode. Not long after screwing up David Sirota of Salon style re the Boston bombings, what does he do? He retweets with approval, a disgustingly anti-Semitic tweet from one self-identified and clearly anti-Israel communist John Gordon, namely this (from May 2nd or 3rd):

John Gordon John Gordon @jgordonshare

Israel had perfected ethnic cleansing. Methodical, planned, optimized.
Retweeted by Charles Stross

The Jew-hate drivel article from The Economist is over here. Uh there is no ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the West Bank. I can hear the exact same terminology, the identical libel and slur from uh neo-Nazis, Muslim extremists the world over, and Jew-hating far Leftists alike and anti-Semitic conservatives (the latter two groups usually pretend they are not anti-Semitic of course). It turned out that The Economist article was based on uh nothing but the most base misrespresentation, gross distortion and spin. Or to put it more blunty, it was a lie.

The politically centrist blogger Elder of Ziyon gives the details:

I can believe 200 homes being demolished – there is illegal building all the time, and structures get knocked down – but is it possible that Israel “evicted 400 Palestinians from the West Bank” this year?

That would be a major story that everyone missed, if true.

Sure enough, I found the document that the Economist based this on. It is not a UN document, but rather written by an alphabet soup of anti-Israel NGOs, hosted on the UN website.

Here’s what it says:

In 2013, 203 Palestinian structures have been demolished thus far, displacing 379 people, including 222 children, and otherwise affecting an additional 541 people’s ability to earn an the income or access water and other basic services.

Nobody was evicted from the West Bank.

The Economist replaced “displaced” with “evicted” and then added “from the West Bank.”

I have no idea whether the document is accurate to begin with – clearly, the unnamed reporter didn’t make even a weak attempt to verify the facts with Israeli officials, something any real journalist, no matter how biased, would at least pretend to do.

Even if the NGO document is correct, the Economist’s misrepresenting of it is not a simple error, but evidence that the article was written with the initial goal of demonizing Israel. They might – and should – issue a correction, but the “mistake” is not the story. The story is how they could have made that mistake to begin with, and what it says about the objectivity of the story itself.

Interestingly Stross’s big mate Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar has attacked this very blogger, Elder of Ziyon. Well Tidhar would, after all this blogger has done a good job unearthing and exposing with something called facts, Jew-hatred across the political spectrum. When Tidhar isn’t mocking sans facts, bloggers such as myself and Elder of Ziyon, who let us not forget are exposing extreme Jew-hatred (genre and non-genre respectively); he is like Stross swooning all over Jew-haters, genre or otherwise (for example Iain Banks and Noam Chomsky in both their cases. And yes I provide extensive evidence for Banks’s and Chomsky’s extreme Judenhass at this very blog).

Further update:

Charles Stross’s Jewish self-loathing would later on reach a new nadir though (which is really saying something!). Over here for the ugly details, obscenely bigoted and delusional.

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