Iain Banks’s anti-Semitism and support for a boycott against Israel cheered by the prominent neo-Nazi internet hate forum Stormfront

Man, what does this tell you?

Well nothing of course if you are one of the anti-Israel moral relativist liberal genre Thought Police. Nothing to see here, move along…

It’s worth reading the commentators at that openly white supremacist neo-Nazi forum (they tag themselves the ‘White Nationalist Community’), nostalgic for the good old days of fascist exterminationist Europe and the KKK sensibility. This group may well be the biggest OPENLY FASCIST HATE SITE on the English language net, according to Wiki the first major one. How they cheer Iain Banks for his extreme anti-Jewish prejudice! Of course to the genre Thought Police, Banks does not have an anti-Semitic bone in his body. I’m the bigot (and worse) apparently. Calling Dr Freud…

The darkly comical thing about the Stormfront posters is that whilst they commend, cheer and praise him for his Jew hatred oh I mean anti-Israelism, they vent their fury at him for not hating black folk! So it’s a case of ‘yeah Iain Banks gets it on the Jews, but he has abandoned the superior white Aryan race to the black hordes’.

How would Banks respond to the fact that his extreme anti-Israelism which Banks pretends is not anti-Semitic in the slightest, (even though Israel is the only country in the Middle-East any infidel atheist could possibly live in) is cheered on by one of the most – if not the most – notorious neo-Nazi web forums in the English language world?

It’s just a meaningless coincidence, they misread his intentions and meaning? Yeah right. Maybe Banks would shrill, ‘they hate me because I don’t hate blacks like them’. Actually that’s true enough, as far as it goes, but they love you for your Jew hatred Banks. At least these proud neo-Nazis are honest about their Jew hatred, unlike you Iain Banks and China Mieville. And soooo many others in the genre community (just trawl through this blog’s archives for one).

I have alluded to – quite explicitly – the merging of the far Left with the far Right before at this blog, given their common enemy, the Joooooos. Namely this second article in my Nick Mamatas series, where I also refer to an article by Dave Rich, that covers this very ground and in the UK too, entitled ‘The Barriers Come Down: Anti-Semitism and coalitions of extremes’. The British based CIF Watch, which monitors anti-Semitism from the notorious anti-Semitic left-wing The Guardian newspaper and its Jew-hating Comment is Free section on the web, comes to the same conclusions wrt the merging of far Left and far Right, in their anti-Semitic animus and the very shared dynamics and tropes of their respective extreme anti-Semitism. In fact an article from CIF Watch (2009) in this regard points to the identical anti-Semitic paranoia emerging from Comment is Free and the Stormfront forum itself!

As I have written about here, the ‘Jewish’ far Leftist genre characters Charles Stross and Lavie Tidhar, and the likes of liberal genre editor Jonathan Strahan, clearly don’t appear to think Banks has an anti-Semitic bone in his body. Hardly. As In Not At All. My first article detailing Banks’s anti-Semitism (a fair time before he announced he was dying from cancer).

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