The far Left ‘Jewish’ writer Lavie Tidhar tweets in sympathy for Stephen Hawking’s boycott of Israel. What else to expect from Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar?

This tweet from Israeli SF writer and editor (of The Apex Book of World SF and winner of the 2012 World Fantasy Award for his novel Osama) Lavie Tidhar on 9th May:

Jewish Quarterly  @JewishQuarterly

Noam Sheizaf on the Steven Hawking affair
Retweeted by Lavie Tidhar

Yeah well, no surprise there.

Tidhar, like other anti-Israel far Left Jews, is determined to sink deeper and deeper into the mire of self-contempt and masochistic psychopathology, the more danger the only civilized nation in the Middle-East – that’s the Jew among the nations yes shock gasp Israel – is actually in; and the more intransigent, powerful and numerous grow Israel’s Muslim fanatical neighbours (Palestinians included aka Tidhar’s ‘true Jews’). And yes just because Sheizaf – the author of that article and CEO of the horribly anti-Semitic 972mag is Jewish, doesn’t mean he can’t be anti-Semitic. 972mag publishes plenty anti-Semitic offal. Under the banner of truth telling, peace seeking and human rights naturally enough. All of the time.

So Tidhar actually goes on record with justifying, rationalizing Hawking’s disgusting anti-Semitic boycott of Israel, and he alludes to an article by the odious, extremely anti-Israel journalist Noam Sheizaf in this respect. Sheizaf is beloved by anti-Semites of all stripes, as is Hawking all of a sudden, given the latter’s outing himself as a Jew-hater. The comments to that harebrained fact-free article of Sheizaf’s at his 972mag – cheering on for the most part Sheizaf’s know-nothingness, wishful thinking and out-and-out delusions – are frightening and disturbing. Many of the commentators easily cross the line from woeful ignorance to horrible anti-Semitism and brazen mendacity. Well they are cheering on Sheizaf’s delusional and yes bigoted rant, so what to expect? Sheizaf’s articles are reprinted and praised at numerous horribly anti-Semitic websites such as LivefromOccupiedPalestine and so many others (Sheizaf is praised on the usual far Left anti-Zionist propaganda organs where hardcore Jew-haters such as Hezbollah supporters Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein are heavily featured, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists such as Stephen Walt).

An example of just a small sampling of the dishonest and disgusting anti-Zionist and yes anti-Semitic activism of 972mag‘s personnel.

Sheizaf is sympathetic to supporters and agitators for BDS against Israel (just do the research, well there is his sympathy for Hawking’s boycott of course!) and refused to serve in the Israeli armed forces (the IDF is all that stands between the Jews and another Holocaust, although you wouldn’t know it from the likes of Sheizaf and Tidhar).

Here are some articles in antidote to Sheizaf’s gleeful praise/sympathy for Hawking’s anti-Semitism. 

As Ari Lieberman writes:

But beyond Hawking’s sheer hypocrisy in utilizing Israeli technology to improve his own quality of life is his insincerity in boycotting the Middle East’s only democracy while ignoring the Arab world’s depravity, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny. Hawking has provided ample example of Britain’s transition from old-school anti-Semitism to what famed human rights activist Natan Sharansky described as new anti-Semitism, a malevolent form of anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism.

I have written just why support for BDS in any way is horribly anti-Semitic, in my China Mieville series over here, so no need to repeat all that. There are links to articles there on just why support for BDS against Israel is anti-Semitic. It’s actually extreme Jew-hatred. Of course Iain Banks likewise supports the BDS campaign against Israel, and yes he is likewise a Jew-hater. Or do you think the notorious neo-Nazi Stormfront internet forum have just misunderstood Banks, yeah?

Tidhar of course doesn’t have the tiniest problem with Mieville’s and for that matter Iain Banks’s extreme Jew-hatred (see first Banks linked article above), their support for BDS against Israel included. Hardly. Then again Tidhar can always be counted on to push egregious, dishonest and yes bigoted anti-Israel screeds, and relied upon to ignore Palestinian Muslim extremism, which is pervasive. Well the latter are Tidhar’s “true Jews”. So it’s no surprise really that Tidhar would out himself in the most extreme manner, as a useful idiot for those seeking Israel’s destruction (the latter group includes Muslim fanatics masquerading as moderates and their anti-Semitic Western allies across the political spectrum, notably the Far Left).

Tidhar makes it clear by his sympathy for the BDS justifying Sheizaf (and Hawking’s boycott) and his having no problem whatsoever with the BDS supporting genre Jew-haters Iain Banks and China Mieville (as this blog easily verifies), just what his obscene beyond the pale opinion is on the Jew-hate BDS movement against Israel.

It’s worth remarking that many of Tidhar’s  family (remember Tidhar grew up on a kibbutz in Israel) perished in the Holocaust. Tidhar informs us here at SF Signal:

My mother was born in a refugee camp in Germany after the war: the majority of my family died at Auschwitz.

Tidhar is one for the psychiatrist’s couch but frankly I don’t think he and his ilk (and there are a lot of ‘Jews’ like this) can be helped. Beyond the wub. Beyond the beyond.

It’s interesting that his uh mental condition and family background isn’t that different – if at all – from his mate, another far Left ‘Jewish’ genre writer, the Australian Anna Tambour. After all on the now defunct Night Shade Books Discussion Forum, on the self-same thread (from 2005) in which Tambour reminded us of family members who perished in the Holocaust, Tambour put up an approving link to an article on ‘greedy Jews’ from a Muslim extremist website, (that denies the Holocaust whilst calling for another one) an article she reminds us is “milder than it might have been”! Tidhar is theoretically ‘aware’ of this, yet Tidhar had no problem with Tambour’s extreme self-loathing as you can see for yourselves. None whatsoever. Well of course not.

It would be worth examining the roots of both Tambour’s and Tidhar’s neuroses here, but I can’t be bothered to do this really and I’m sure even the reader who is a supporter of this blog couldn’t care too much about the complex psychopathological dynamics here. However briefly it is worth mentioning that Tambour and Tidhar clearly have a very strong identification with and psychological scars from the fact that they had family members perish in the Nazi death camps. As such, this identification with the ‘good Jews of World War 2’, the helpless and defenseless, humiliated Jews massacred in the millions is in contrast to the ‘bad Jews’: the Jews of contemporary Israel. The latter, who dare to have an army, an air-force, who dare to defend themselves with real weaponry Oh My God against the Muslim jihadists that outnumber the former, and openly call for a repeat of the Nazi Holocaust even as the jihadists tend to deny that horror ever occurred. Such ‘strong Jews’ who stand against those who wish to commit another Shoah, is a cause of great shame to ‘progressive’ Jews such as Tidhar and Tambour. Such ‘well-armed Jews’ are in sharp contrast to the good helpless as lambs and annihilated Jews of Europe, the Jewry that Tidhar and Tambour identify with at a very deep emotional level. In other words, to oversimplify, Tidar and Tambour are caught up in imagery, not reality. It’s not just ironic, it’s somewhat paradoxical. There is more to Tidhar and Tambour’s severe neuroses than this of course, since other ‘progressive’ Jewry who never had family members perish in the Holocaust, share their pro-Palestinian pathology. That’s a whole other thing…

It is worth adding that a notable, well infamous pro-Palestinian ‘Jew’ whose parents were Holocaust survivors (at least his mother) is the US political activist and prof Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein gave his cheering support to Hezbollah in the aftermath of the war with Israel in 2006 (as did Fink’s mate Noam Chomsky, well Chomsky gave his support to Hezbollah just before that war). Finkelstein’s endless lying about Israel and Israel’s supporters, his whitewashing of and his support for Islamist tyranny and terror is something else. There is way more psychopathology, self-loathing and out-and-out chicanery to Finkelstein than I can bother bringing up here. His endless misrepresentations, lies, libels and fabrications is why he never got tenure at DePaul university; although you wouldn’t know that from Finkelstein’s end naturally enough.

Hack anti-Israel far Left genre writer Will Shetterly (who used to be buddy buddy with Tidhar, but now they are all sore with one another aaaawww, after this went down with Tidhar’s anti-Israel buddy Nick Mamatas) shills for Finkelstein in a big way (and other Jew-haters such as the late Alexander Cockburn of counterpunch). The thing is Finkelstein has since made something of a Freudian slip, acknowledging that the BDS movement against Israel is horribly anti-Semitic. Really he did. Finkelstein has been overpraised for this surprising revelation by the pro-Israel folk, for giving away the store; after all Finkelstein is still harshly anti-Israel and yes anti-Jewish. The relevance to us though, is that somebody like Finkelstein (a Hezbollah supporter for crying out loud) is calling out the BDS supporters not only for the Jew-haters that they are, but for having a strong genocidal bent. Well it takes one to know one. To far Left ‘Jewish’ genre writers like Tidhar and Stross, BDS against Israel isn’t remotely anti-Semitic, never mind extremely so (aside from this article, the recent articles on Iain Banks are relevant and even before that, China Mieville).

To be fair to Shetterly he has been highly and vocally critical of the airheaded, asinine and bigoted identity politics of the genre Left (probably since the flame-war with Nick Mamatas or thereabouts). Of course when it comes to the Joooooooos, oh I mean Israel the Jooooooo nation, well that’s a different story! But I digress…

It’s interesting that Finkelstein’s buddy, Noam Chomsky that is, may have played a role in pressuring Hawking to boycott the conference in Israel. As I have amply evidenced at this blog, Chomsky is a vicious anti-Semitic Jew. Tidhar and his buddy Charles Stross (and of course the genre Left in general) have nothing but nice things to say about this very loud-mouthed anti-Semitic ‘Jewish’ propagandist.

It’s worth repeating the point that even Norman Finkelstein, the Hezbollah supporting ‘Jew’, gets how anti-Semitic BDS against Israel actually is. The likes of SF Court Jew Tidhar (and what of Charles Stross?) clearly don’t think there is the tiniest ounce of Jew-hatred in the BDS Movement (and Sheizaf and his ilk likewise). And what of the rest of the ‘progressive’ liberal genre community? Shocking.

Naturally the ‘progressive’ genre community has no problem with Tidhar and Tambour’s (and Stross’s for that matter) ugly political masochism, their perverse moral inversions, their useful idiot status in service, no matter how unconscious or unwitting, to those who hate them (and you too dear reader even if you hate me) to death. Why would they? The ‘progressives’ have no problem whatsoever with the relentless and harebrained modern-day Jew-hatred from the likes of Mieville, Banks, Mamatas, Kathryn Cramer, Ken MacLeod, Michael Bishop, Hal Duncan (just check this blog’s archives) and naturally so many others I don’t even bother with. At least the latter have the excuse that they are not Jewish. Coming to think of it, NOBODY has one word of *actual public and explicit contempt* to direct the way of conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale given his Holocaust Revisionism, so what else to expect? The reason/s for this deafening silence re anti-Semitism from liberal genre writers, editors, publishers is obvious enough, so obvious I am not even going to state it. I mean aside from the usual moral cowardice… And if the latter reason predominates rather than a more obvious reason, well it is no less disturbing for all that. I mean there is an army of moral relativist fashionably prejudiced zombies out there (and not a few of them are uh Jewish), and that’s just in the genre community.


As Eichmann told it, the most potent factor in the soothing of his own conscience was the simple fact that he could see no one, no one at all, who actually was against the Final Solution. He did encounter one exception, however, which he mentioned several times, and which must have made a deep impression on him. This happened in Hungary when he was negotiating with Dr. Kastner over Himmler’s offer to release one million Jews in exchange for ten thousand trucks. Kastner, apparently emboldened by the new turn of affairs, had asked Eichmann to stop “the death mills at Auschwitz,” and Eichmann had answered that he would do it “with the greatest pleasure” (herzlich gern) but that, alas, it was outside his competence and outside the competence of his superiors – as indeed it was. Of course, he’ did not expect the Jews to share the general enthusiasm over their destruction, but he did expect more than compliance, he expected – and received, to a truly extraordinary degree – their cooperation. This was “of course the very cornerstone” of everything he did, as it had been the very cornerstone of his activities in Vienna. Without Jewish help in administrative and police work – the final rounding up of Jews in Berlin was, as I have mentioned, done entirely by Jewish police – there would have been either complete chaos or an impossibly severe drain on German manpower. (“There can be no doubt that, without, the cooperation of the victims, it would hardly have been possible for a few thousand people, most of whom, moreover, worked in offices, to liquidate many hundreds of thousands of other people. . . . Over the whole way to their deaths the Polish Jews got to see hardly more than a handful of Germans.” Thus R. Pendorf in the publication mentioned above. To an even greater extent this applies to those Jews who were transported to Poland to find their deaths there.) Hence, the establishing of Quisling governments in occupied territories was always accompanied by the organization of a central Jewish office, and, as we shall see later, where the Nazis did not succeed in setting up a puppet government, they also failed to enlist the cooperation of the Jews. But whereas the members of the Quisling governments were usually taken from the opposition parties, the members of the Jewish Councils were as a rule the locally recognized Jewish leaders, to whom the Nazis gave enormous powers – until they, too, were deported, to Theresienstadt or Bergen-Belsen, if they happened to be from Central or Western Europe, to Auschwitz if they were from an Eastern European community.

To a Jew this role of the Jewish leaders in the destruction of their own people is undoubtedly the darkest chapter of the whole dark story. It had been known about before, but it has now been exposed for the first time in all its pathetic and sordid detail by Raul Hilberg, whose standard work The Destruction of the European Jews I mentioned before. In the matter of cooperation, there was no distinction between the highly assimilated Jewish communities of Central and Western Europe and the Yiddish-speaking masses of the East. In Amsterdam as in Warsaw, in Berlin as in Budapest, Jewish officials could be trusted to compile the lists of persons and of their property, to secure money from the deportees to defray the expenses of their deportation and extermination, to keep track of vacated apartments, to supply police forces to help seize Jews and get them on trains, until, as a last gesture, they handed over the assets of the Jewish community in good order for final confiscation. They distributed the Yellow Star badges, and sometimes, as in Warsaw, “the sale of the armbands became a regular business; there were ordinary armbands of cloth and fancy plastic armbands which were washable.” In the Nazi-inspired, but not Nazi-dictated, manifestoes they issued, we still can sense how they enjoyed their new power – “The Central Jewish Council has been granted the right of absolute disposal over all Jewish spiritual and material wealth and over all Jewish manpower,” as the first announcement of the Budapest Council phrased it. We know how the Jewish officials felt when they became instruments of murder – like captains “whose ships were about to sink and who succeeded in bringing them safe to port by casting overboard a great part of their precious cargo”; like saviors who “with a hundred victims save a thousand people, with a thousand ten thousand.” The truth was even more gruesome. Dr. Kastner, in Hungary, for instance, saved exactly 1,684 people with approximately 476,000 victims. In order not to leave the selection to “blind fate,” “truly holy principles” were needed “as the guiding force of the weak human hand which puts down on paper the name of the ‘unknown person and with this decides his life or death.” And whom did these “holy principles” single out for salvation? Those “who had worked all their lives for the zibur [community]” – i.e., the functionaries – and the “most prominent Jews,” as Kastner says in his report.

No one bothered to swear the Jewish officials to secrecy; they were voluntary “bearers of secrets,” either in order to assure quiet and prevent panic, as in Dr. Kastner’s case, or out of “humane” considerations, such as that “living in the expectation of death by gassing would only be the harder,” as in the case of Dr. Leo Baeck, former Chief Rabbi of Berlin. During the Eichmann trial, one witness pointed out the unfortunate consequences of this kind of “humanity” – people volunteered for deportation from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz and denounced those who tried to tell them the truth as being “not sane.” We know the physiognomies of the Jewish leaders during the Nazi period very well; they ranged all the way from Chaim Rumkowski, Eldest of the Jews in Lódz, called Chaim I, who issued currency notes bearing his signature and postage stamps engraved with his portrait, and who rode around in a broken-down horse-drawn carriage; through Leo Baeck, scholarly, mild-mannered, highly educated, who believed Jewish policemen would be “more gentle and helpful” and would “make the ordeal easier” (whereas in fact they were, of course, more brutal and less corruptible, since so much more was at stake for them); to, finally, a few who committed suicide – like Adam Czerniakow, chairman of the Warsaw Jewish Council, who was not a rabbi but an unbeliever, a Polish-speaking Jewish engineer, but who must still have remembered the rabbinical saying: “Let them kill you, but don’t cross the line.”

Hannah Arendt
Taken from Chapter VII: The Wannsee Conference, or Pontius Pilate
Eichmann in Jerusalem A Report on the Banality of Evil

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