Tributes pour in for the anti-Semite Iain Banks upon his passing. Imagine if he hated black people or gays rather than the Jews…

So famed genred (and non-genre) writer Iain Banks died just very recently (9th June) after a fairly short battle with cancer. That’s the Jew hater Iain Banks died after a short battle with cancer. He was 59.

So many tributes from so many people all over the world, notably his fellow writers.  There is nothing wrong of course with paying tribute to the writer as a writer per se, even though he was a hardcore Jew hater. After all he was a critically acclaimed writer and a very popular one. This one from the British Guardian gives a good overview. Here for one from the UK Mirror.

Banks’s fellow Jew hater, genre writer and childhood friend Ken McLeod remarked “It really is terrible news”.

This tribute from The BookSeller.

Tributes from the likes of Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh, politician and First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, to actors Ewan McGregor and Jamie Bell. Naturally enough just so many genre writers.


So the thing is nobody appears to bother mentioning that he was a vicious Jew hater who in classic liberal style, pretended he was nothing of the sort. Of course one may say it’s not really appropriate to bring up his flaws and shortcomings, given not only his relatively premature death but the manner of it. Sure you could argue that. Okay. Of course the thing is Banks’s Jew hatred is just a part of the culture, and the culture of the elite British chattering classes in particular (yeah couldn’t resist the pun).

However if I were say a Jewish writer, I would just choose not to say anything at all upon Banks’s death. I mean his Jew hatred was an open secret. Heck it’s not even a secret of any kind. Of course to the liberal genre folk (and liberals in general), it’s a case of ‘what Jew hatred, wot? He was just a critic of Israel’.

Yet what of Jewish genre folk? I am not even going to bother with the usual pathetic bunch of Court Jews, who have already revealed their hand on this front, when Banks announced he was dying. That would be superfluous at this point.

Yet this is very much worth mentioning.

There is a very revealing tweet from famous Brit Jewish genre writer Neil Gaiman upon Banks’s passing. Here it is:

Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman ‏@neilhimself 9 Jun

Iain Banks is dead. I’m crying in an empty house. A good man and a friend for almost 30 years.

Gaiman also wrote a blog post in Banks’s memory. All very weepy.

So the um Jewish Gaiman was all teary over the Jew hater Banks shedding his mortal coil. Banks’s Jew hatred didn’t bother the Jewish Gaiman at all. Either Gaiman rather disgracefully just chose to ignore it in favor of Banks’s talent as a writer, or Gaiman was simply oblivious of Banks’s politics, or way worse than that, Gaiman doesn’t begin to recognize hardcore Jew hatred for what it is. Or he just doesn’t give a damn dearies. The uh Jew Neil Gaiman informs us that the Jew hater Banks was a “good man and a friend”. Chilling. The only way to spin Gaiman’s remarks on Banks in a relatively positive light, is to speculate that Gaiman is totally ignorant of Banks’s sinister and ugly politics. I’ll tell you this much – if any notable Jewish genre writers are going to be speaking out against the Jew hatred in the genre pro field, well it’s not likely going to be coming from liberal Jewry. That’s for sure. And if not now, when? Remember Banks’s anti-Semitism is praised to the skies by the most notorious far right-wing white supremacist neo-Nazi Forum on the English language World Wide Web. Yes that’s Stormfront. Yeah I know those openly and thankfully honest Jew hating white supremacists have just misunderstood Banks’s intent *sarc*.

Gaiman’s tribute to Banks is mentioned at plenty of the nooks and crannies on the internet general news sources and literary news sources (including in the links above) where tributes to Iain Banks have been carried. Gaiman and liberal Jewry like him don’t get that a character like Banks technically *and actually* hated Gaiman, since Banks was an anti-Semite. Even as Banks would emphatically have denied it and Gaiman would probably just scratch his head in incomprehension. This is such a simple and obvious point that it is easily missed, even by pro-Israel folk infuriated by liberal Jewry’s cowardice and ingratiation with liberal Jew haters.

It’s worth adding that David Brin, another heavyweight Jewish genre writer had nothing but nice things to say about Banks upon the latter’s death. So everything I say about Gaiman above, ditto Brin. Brin has also not been one to shy away from politics (just like his late father Herb Brin, a well-known and deservedly respected Zionist in his day). David Brin has often commented on the stupidity of the false and simplistic Left vs Right political narrative over the years, and the excesses of both groups, and the prejudices that infect people across the political spectrum. Yet when it comes to Brin’s liberal genre colleagues, as is evidenced by his remarks on Banks, all that supposed recognition of the Left’s excesses just goes out the window. Then again, Brin is clearly liberal himself. Hey Brin, Banks technically and actually hated you for the same reasons he hated Gaiman (and even self-hating genre Court Jewry). That’s ’cause he was a Jew hater see?

Yet Brin glossing over Banks’s Jew hatred like it isn’t there is in keeping with Brin’s out-of-touch eggheadedness. Here after all is Brin fulminating against Frank Miller given the latter’s contempt for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The Jew hatred that infects OWS in a big way is utterly off the radar to Brin. Clueless. Brin wrote on neo-conservatives and Islamism/Muslim extremism back during the Bush Jr presidency. Hey I never cared for the ‘neo-cons’ (which is often just a code word for Jew) and expressed opposition to both American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in the twenty-first century it is the Western Left that is increasingly in open alliance with or engaged in ingratiating apologetics and whitewashing of Islam/ism. I don’t think conservatives are really any better at all. Just one reason why all this talk of Left and Right is so much nonsense. Yet my point is Brin is typical of a certain kind of Jewish baby-boomer know-it-all intellectual, stuck in 1970 in so many ways. You don’t know it all Brin, you just think you do.

So the popular Jewish genre writer David Brin has no problem bashing Frank Miller by name, over the latter’s contempt for the OWS Movement, never mind that the OWS Movement is horribly anti-Semitic. Self-same Brin gives a warm tribute to a hardcore Jew hating colleague Iain Banks upon the latter’s death. Come again?

The thing with Gaiman and Brin is not only are they Jewish, they are to belabour the point, genre writers who are both critically acclaimed and popular. Hence they are influential within the genre community. One does have to wonder how much self-censorship there is from genre Jewry when it comes to their anti-Semitic peers (such as Banks), for reasons that are commercially motivated. That is since Banks’s new anti-Semitism is a respectable and very much acceptable prejudice within (and without) the liberal genre community, any Jewish genre figure risks alienating and offending genre liberals by calling out NEW anti-Semitism for what it is. Whilst I think this may be a factor in explaining genre Jewry’s silence in the face of anti-Semitism as anti-Israelism from their genre colleagues and peers, I don’t think it is necessarily the dominant reason. I think other considerations matter more. Namely the fact that Jewish genre writers such as Gaiman and Brin are true blue liberals (arguably Brin to a lesser degree and yes it’s very debatable), and hence as with liberal Jewry in general, they are willfully and perversely blind to the Left’s anti-Semitism. To such Jews, their Leftism/liberalism matters more to them than their Jewishness, and it would appear life itself.

These days such cowering and pathetic ingratiation with liberal Jew haters, by and from liberal Jews, well that should go without saying really. And let me repeat the point that it is so revealing. That is speaking out against modern day contemporary liberal anti-Semitism is not necessarily going to be coming from this generation of genre figures. It would certainly appear so. If ever. As in the wider world I guess, liberal genre Jewry is if anything part of the problem…

Can you imagine when conservative genre writer Orson Scott Card passes away (as he must one day)? I guarantee you much will be made of his alleged/real homophobia. However if you are a liberal Jew hater notable in the arts and academia, you are not only given a free ride, but liberal Jewry will ensure it. They will do all they can to practically enforce it. In fact they will tend to grovel all over and praise such a Jew hater as a saint. Do you think when Card dies, Gay Pride groups will be singing his praises? Groups such as GLAD and the Gay Activists Alliance? Gay genre writers and gay genre fandom? Heck the liberal genre community as a whole?

Of course not.

However Jewry (so-called and especially liberal Jewry) is something else. They really are. To call such Jews pathetic is to downgrade the very meaning of the word.

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