Leftist writers Barry Malzberg & Mike Resnick get mugged by the genre Thought Police. An additional perspective on a huge kerfluffle over nothing. In other news, Iran goes nuclear

When it is recalled that until the Christian era the underworld was never regarded as a hostile area, that all gods were useful and essentially friendly to man despite occasional lapses; when we see the steady and methodical inculcation into humanity of the idea of man’s worthlessness – until redeemed – the necessity of the Devil may become evident as a weapon, a weapon designed and used time and time again in every age to whip men into a surrender to a particular church or church-state.

Our difficulty in believing the – for want of a better word – political inspiration of the Devil is due in great part to the fact that he is called up and damned not only by our social antagonists but by our own side, whatever it may be. The Catholic Church, through its Inquisition, is famous for cultivating Lucifer as the arch-fiend, but the Church’s enemies relied no less upon the Old Boy to keep the human mind enthralled. Luther was himself accused of alliance with Hell, and he in turn accused his enemies. To complicate matters further, he believed that he had had contact with the Devil and had argued theology with him. I am not surprised at this, for at my own university a professor of history – a Lutheran, by the way – used to assemble his graduate students, draw the shades, and commune in the classroom with Erasmus. He was never, to my knowledge, officially scoffed at for this, the reason being that the university officials, like most of us, are the children of a history which still sucks at the Devil’s teats. At this writing, only England has held back before the temptations of contemporary diabolism. In the countries of the Communist ideology, all resistance of any import is linked to the totally malign capitalist succubi, and in America any man who is not reactionary in his views is open to the charge of alliance with the Red hell. Political opposition, thereby, is given an inhumane overlay which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized intercourse. A political policy is equated with moral right, and opposition to it with diabolical malevolence. Once such an equation is effectively made, society becomes a congerie of plots and counterplots, and the main role of government changes from that of the arbiter to that of the scourge of God.

The results of this process are no different now from what they ever were, except sometimes in the degree of cruelty inflicted, and not always even in that department. Normally the actions and deeds of a man were all that society felt comfortable in judging, The secret intent of an action was left to the ministers, priests, and rabbis to deal with. When diabolism rises, however, actions are the least important manifests of the true nature of a man. The Devil, as Reverend Hale said, is a wily one, and, until an hour before he fell, even God thought him beautiful in Heaven.

Act One
The Crucible
Arthur Miller


You know the genre Thought Police never cease to amaze me, in terms of the depths of their immoral depravity, delusions, gangsterism; yet they continue to seek to outdo themselves, set new precedents in terms of their Politically Correct Lunacy. I know I should never be surprised by them, and yet I have to admit their madness and I do mean madness is beyond my ability to articulate…

And they – the genre Thought Police – have arguably set a new nadir with the Barry Malzberg-Mike Resnick SFFWA Bulletin kerfluffle over I swear absolutely nothing. And it has gotten so out of control that it’s even made news in The Guardian and Slate.

There are literally thousands of blog articles, forum commentary, twittering twits on their twit feeds blabbing on about absolutely nothing. It’s official if it wasn’t before – the SFFWA and fandom is overrun by a vocal minority of very very mad people, who have ruined and are ruining science fiction.

The ballyhoo in American science fiction circles revolving around the Barry Malzberg-Mike Rensick Dialogues at the SFFWA Bulletin, the internal magazine of that pointless organization, only shows how deep the political rot goes there. It really doesn’t get worse – or does it? – than that kind of militant feminist kickback (to nothing at all!) and shrill imbecility in response to Resnick’s and Malzberg’s harmless banter. Talk about genre Thought Police sheeeesh.

Clearly if any heterosexual men give the slightest whiff of evidence for their shock gasp heterosexuality in the most non-offensive manner (well to those of us still possessing some sanity), it’s a criminal offense. Beautiful women cannot be called… beautiful and ‘knock outs’. They cannot even be called ‘ladies’. I kid you not. It crosses the line to the genre Thought Police. Well the line is crossed alright, into PC insanity. Calling women ‘ladies’ is about as offensive as calling men uh ‘gentlemen’. As in not. To those of us not stark raving nuts.

Likewise apparently we must pretend all women are equally attractive or non-attractive I suppose. We must lie outrageously. Maybe we should pretend all men and women have as much sexual arousal and attractiveness to the opposite sex, as you know we have to assorted pieces of machinery, teapots, umbrellas, ashtrays and asphalt driveways, trees and armchairs, clouds and crumpets. Well clearly. What about gay men and women? Are gay men and women entitled to give voice, in even the mildest way, to their sexuality? Or not? Do the Thought Police have a universal standard here? What if some gay genre female calls another woman (straight or gay) very beautiful, even a knock out? Is that allowed? Or not? If it is permitted for gay women to actually reveal their sexuality, but straight men are not, isn’t that a hypocritical double standard? Hahahahaha.

Maybe Resnick and Malzberg have to pretend they are asexual or eunuchs or dead. Clearly, since they cannot give the teeniest hint of being heterosexual males. It’s offensive to the genre feminists for heterosexual males to be sigh heterosexual or actually show any signs of life in this department. Well to lots of genre feminists at any rate. What about heterosexual women, are they allowed to give voice to their heterosexuality? If some female heterosexual genre writers call some good-looking guy in the genre community (living or dead) very handsome, even with a good bod, have they crossed a line into outrageous sexism? Does anybody really think so? Would any men out there (straight or gay) be offended by genre women calling any genre male figure handsome, even oh my God very handsome and even oh my God having a nice body? I mean assuming there are a few good looking well sculpted men out there in the genre community! Or is it one set of rules for heterosexual males and another for females? Is it one set of rules for gays for that matter and another for hetero males? And if you are going to be consistent here: that is if you think it’s sexist for straight women to call a man incredibly handsome with a good body even Oh My God, and if you think likewise it is sexist for gay people (men, women, bisexuals, transsexuals) to call any man/woman sexy or very attractive and likewise them calling women … shudder … ladies; then you are no less idiotic and delusional for all that. The short of it is this: these people are fucking insane and they cannot be reasoned with, only subjected to the ridicule they deserve.

Oh yeah notice how none of these genre militant feminist Thought Police have the teeniest problem whatsoever with the hardcore and near universally tolerated Jew-hatred from the self-same genre community (that I have exposed over here. I’m naturally in the wilderness). And Resnick and Malzberg – both Jewish – naturally don’t go there… Does this even occur to them? Do they even have the vaguest idea? Who knows? Frankly and bluntly speaking – given that Malzberg and Resnick are baby boomer Jewish liberals, I don’t necessarily think they truly recognize the plague that is the new anti-Semitism, nor its pervasiveness and depth in (and out of) the liberal genre community.

Andrew Fox, US genre writer gives a sensible and thoughtful overview (and thus one of very few with any backbone really) of the kerfluffle over nothing, that tells us more about Resnick’s and Malzberg’s critics, than it does about Malzberg and Resnick.

The thing is Resnick and Malzberg appear to be truly shocked at the depths and pervasiveness of this ‘liberal fascism’. [A minor pedantic nitpicking quibble where I disagree with Fox, is that what we are witnessing is indeed a ‘liberal fascism’; merely because this invented non-scandal is a bullying tyranny not being exercised by a state apparatus, doesn’t make it less fascist, as far as the common meaning of the word is appreciated. That is all this Thought Police gangsterism against Resnick and Malzberg follows the modus operandi of fascism, the ‘spirit’ of fascism. Although pedantically and technically speaking Fox makes a valid point] The thing is why are Resnick and Malzberg so dismayed? This is the reality of the far Left in America and the West today, and the far Left run the in-house circus that is the SFFWA and associated organs. Such a bullying and dishonest hucksterism, shrill histrionics, and yes witch-hunting is actively encouraged by Obama nation; it reflects the very zeitgeist of the Obama administration, and if you don’t recognize that you don’t know jack. Resnick and Malzberg are baby boomer Jewish old-school liberals who have been left behind by the new Far Left PC Thought Police and the latter’s descent into self-parody and Alinskyite bullying. To be fair who isn’t left behind by the zeitgeist of the generation that follows? And even I am shocked by the sheer depravity, idiocy and gangsterism of the Left and the far Left these days and they are of my generation, and I keep a close eye on their gangsterism, bullying and lying. Got to admit it’s hard to keep up.

Now I am not going to merely add to what has already been said on this front by Andrew Fox, what would be the point? He puts it better than I could. I do think it though worth bringing a fresh perspective and adding a few points re this whole kerfluffle that I haven’t really seen mentioned much, if at all. From the perspective of this very blog, not only have I been detailing the horrors, hypocrisies and bigotry of the genre Thought Police over the last few years, I have also been a victim of their mau-mauing attacks (as Fox rightly labels it). One James May has also been doing sterling work exposing the racist identity politics operating at the heart of the American science fiction community. And there are connections, common strands to the Malzberg/Resnick brouhaha and the kind of gangsterism, bullying and bigotry of the reverse racism identity politics in the SF genre community exposed by James May and the new (and old) anti-Semitism exposed in ugly detail at this blog. One should add the sinister mislabeling  of authentic criticisms of Islam as the prejudicial thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’ to the mix… That’s where a broader bird’s eye view is needed.

The SF genre community is an interesting case study in the very worst of the Western Left (in terms of its destructive groupthink, not its influence. My God I hope its influence is minimal) and the kind of worldview that mirrors the  arrogance and know-nothingness, the race baiting of the Obama White House (I have no nostalgic fondness for the incompetent Bush Jr and his administration). A zeitgeist, a way of looking at the world, that is replete with self-loathing, condescension to the Third World ‘Other’, anti-Semitism, moral cowardice, moral and cultural relativism, reverse racism identity politics, know-nothingness, appeasement to Muslim extremism, juvenile emotionalism, self-righteousness and just plain Thought Police gangsterism.

Those of us not enamoured of idiot gangster Leftism, its racist identity politics and the support such fashionable and indisputable reverse racism has in the left-wing SF genre community (I mean when former SFFWA head cheese John Scalzi is so guilty, it sends a message of just where this community is coming from, and where it is headed. Of course that’s not all the sinister Leftism that Scalzi gets caught up in), are very much out in the wilderness. This reverse racism/PC race baiting identity politics is increasingly integral to the political Left’s make-up, and allied, associated all too often with new anti-Semitism and its twin, odious and sinister pro-Palestinianism that is likewise increasingly integral to the Left’s make-up. That’s why identity politics in whatever form should get our warning radar up. Of course when it comes to liberal American Jews (in and out of the genre community), it’s a case of – warning radar wot? Reverse racism identity politics wot? Liberal anti-Semitism wot? Syria and Iran wot? Muslim Brotherhood wot?

It’s interesting that James May the author of extensive and well-written exposés (see links above and others at his website) of the odious identity politics prejudices coming from the likes of Scalzi, K Tempest Bradford, Saladin Ahmed (Lavie Tidhar’s good buddy) among so many others, has gotten very similar if not identical ‘criticisms’ to his essay/s that I have and from the same genre characters often enough, Scalzi included; in my case for exposing another form of fashionable prejudice that pervades the Left and the genre Left at that, de rigueur anti-Semitism and its notable cover-up by genre pros and fandom. Namely pathetic ad hominems, transparent misrepresentations, guilt by false association (in May’s case The Write Agenda), charges of bigotry (it’s called projection genre Thought Police) and the fact that he and I have written sigh long articles. Really that’s supposed to be a logical take-down. Yeah really. Your articles are long ergo they are fallacious and illogical. Then again what to expect from the likes of Scalzi and his non-Thinking Gang? Scalzi ‘thinks’ calling me a “real asshole” refutes the points I make, so does his echo-chamber. Scalzi and gang’s pathetic name-calling directed my way got even worse than that (just check the Scalzi articles at this blog. Also worth mentioning here that Scalzi *literally* sucks up to hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville. Check the lowest part of that article for the details). Scalzi and his gang are predictably and consistently, mind-numbingly obtuse across the board. All their ‘criticisms’ safely channeled through the genre Left’s echo-chambers.

It’s disturbing in the extreme but not at all that surprising, that when you are explicitly exposing Jew-hatred and extreme Judenhass at that, from within the genre community, you are dismissed as totally loco. It doesn’t seem to occur to Scalzi and gang that Jew-haters feel the same way, about myself and my blog. Nothing to see here. Move along.

The pretty much identical illogical and fallacious shoot the messenger responses that May and myself have gotten to our articles on allied controversies and issues from vocal elements within the SF genre Left community, only goes to prove the respective points we make, and then some. How bad and pervasive is ideologically respectable prejudice among the genre Left? As bad as it gets. Worse than I could have even begun to imagine a decade ago. No decency, no thoughtfulness, nuance, no respect for basic logic and reason, nor History 101, nor contemporary reality; only an IDEOLOGY that is racist at its core and in multiple ways. All this a standard Invasion of the Body Snatchers groupthink – oh the irony – that is mandatory among the movers and shakers of science fiction.

This air-headed identity politics nonsense, a fashionable prejudice it all may be, along with the disingenuous new anti-Semitism and the pushing of the fabricated thought crime of  ‘Islamophobia’ (a thought crime invented by Muslim radicals in the West and marketed by their useful Western idiots) that I have exposed in detail at this very blog, is all inseparable from the fallacious trumped up charges of sexism directed the way of Resnick and Malzberg by these far Left gangsters. That is the lines between reverse racism identity politics, new anti-Semitism (as anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism) and its twin, the selling of ‘Islamophobia’ as an authentic prejudice, and far Left militant feminism are  blurred, overlap, if there are any lines at all. They are all of a piece. They are all four big pieces or chunks of the same absurdist Leftist behemoth ideology defended hook or crook by the Thought Police (in and out of the genre community). Each cannot be seen in isolation, but only as part of  a whole.

Laura Resnick, Mike Resnick’s daughter, cheered John Scalzi on at the latter’s comments section to his pathetic blog entry attacking James May for exposing Scalzi’s PC identity politics bigotry. Certainly such identity grievance politics is very much a fashionable prejudice among many on the American and Western Left, and scarily so. Now what goes around comes around. Many of the liberal ‘progressive’ identity politics folk who are all on board with Scalzi and Ahmed against May naturally enough, given the latter’s very real exposé of the formers’ bigotry, essentially see Laura Resnick’s father as sexist. Oh Well. What you gonna do? Laura Resnick (given that the genre Thought Police now go after her father) gets mugged by the ugly reality of her erstwhile allies, bitten by the monster she has helped to feed. 

The genre liberal progressive PC Thought Police (Scalzi included) have dismissed myself (the Jew exposing Jew-hatred from within the pro genre field) with the same language and in the same style that Scalzi and gang dismissed May. I doubt Laura Resnick the Jewess would ever connect the dots. And she clearly wouldn’t want to. She’s one of the gang that attacked May in the most knee-jerk and mindless fashion after all.

Would the Jewish Mike Resnick and the Jewish Malzberg ever make the connections? Who knows? Let me spell it out – Many of the far Left Thought Police folk attacking Resnick and Malzberg in the most mindless, delusional manner are literally the same folk who have attacked the likes of James May and myself for exposing reverse racism and anti-Semitism (and PC Islamophilia) among the genre Left respectively (in my case not only the Left). In other words, so many (not necessarily all) of the genre gangster dimwits attacking Resnick and Malzberg over the latters’ non-existent sexism, are also guilty of new anti-Semitism or apologetics and whitewashing of the new Jew-hatred. Interestingly former SFFWA head cheese John Scalzi  is complicit in all three distinct but inseparable shameful and sinister idiocies. That is his going along zombie style with far Left racist identity politics (his spat with James May is notable in this regard), his going along with the delusional attacks against Resnick and Malzberg (yup he has) and his likewise going along with the Thought Police’s running cover for the pro genre community’s Jew-haters… Scalzi is just the very visible tip of the iceberg.

In fact an ecclesiastical inquisitional court uh sorry I mean Task Force has been set up by outgoing witchfinder gener… uh I mean president of the SFWA, Scalzi himself, to investigate Resnick’s and Malzberg’s Thought Crime. And Set Things Right, I’m sure. Whew what a relief! This Thought Crime Travesty occurred under Scalzi’s watch you see? Scalzi feels personally responsible! Incoming witchfinder gen… uh I mean new president of the SFWA Steve Gould will help to oversee this House of UnAmerican Activit… uh ecclesiastical cour… uh Task Force, and his able lieutenant Rachel Swirsky will bravely aid him here, among other witchfind.. uh Task Force investigators.

Imagine if these same witchfinders – remember Gould and Swirsky are Jewish – set up a Task Force to investigate anti-Semitism in the genre pro community? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Actually in all seriousness, I wouldn’t approve of such a Task Force, it would mean falling into the same trap as the Thought Police. All one can do is expose these anti-Semites for who they are, and leave it at that. Anyway none of these bumbling witchfinder wannabes would even recognize anti-Semitism for what it is these days! Imagine our bumbling anti-Semitic genre liberals and their fawning Court Jews investigating anti-Semitism in the genre community!?! It would be like the mafia investigating the IRS, or maybe that’s the IRS investigating the mafia! Reality has overtaken satire and parody. As with the genre Thought Police. It’s official if it wasn’t before – they have descended into self-parody. The US SF pro genre community has crossed over into George Orwell meets Terry Pratchett territory.

Our genre Thought Police would and do find any straight shooter calling de rigueur liberal anti-Semitism exactly what it is, all so incomprehensible. Court Jew Scotty ‘where is my mind?’ Edelman says as much to Scalzi re myself and my blog, and the latter and his echo-chamber concur naturally enough. It’s all like Quantum Mechanics to them. ‘Anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism? What’s that got to do with anti-Semitism?’ Heck these morons (including every single Court Jew) can’t even hold conservative Tangent editor and former SFWA Bulletin editor! Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale’s feet to the fire (who they all hate anyway); so not accepting Israel’s right to exist (editor Kathryn Cramer), supporting BDS against Israel (Mieville and the late Iain Banks notably) and expressing glowing admiration and high praise for extreme Jew-haters such as Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb, the UK Socialist Workers Party (Nick Mamatas, Ken McLeod and plenty others) means less than nothing to our hyped up PC liberal genre Thought Police. Court Jewry included. And what of the near universal admiration for Hezbollah supporter and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Noam Chomsky among the genre (and non-genre) far Left? And speaking of Mamatas, he can indulge in the most obscene and harebrained NAMBLA friendly commentary, and it ain’t a problem whatsoever, not to the genre Thought Police who have nothing to say here. What did he say? Just check my linked article, I have the smoking gun. Yes he really did say Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child”. Yes really he did. And then lied about what he wrote, when called out on it. The context of that whole NAMBLA horror remark is worth checking out. There is – to repeat – naturally nothing but Deafening Silence from the genre Thought Police on this front. Shocking, but who could be surprised? Compare and Contrast to the ridiculous witch-hunt against Resnick and Malzberg over Less than Nothing.

I wouldn’t necessarily even compare these amateur genre witch hunters to Joe McCarthy, it’s not fair on McCarthy.

Predictably one of the genre community’s most reliable witch hunters Jim Hines (frothed on considerably re the Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship’ affair and has launched the most pathetic lame personal attack my way, you know the way of the blogger exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community. Let me out of the mad house somebody, anybody) offers a convenient self-righteous round up of those who call for the shaming of the witches Resnick and Malzberg.

By the way, I am not saying or leaving in the air the idea that the vitriol directed the way of Malzberg and Resnick is especially vicious because they are Jews and many of the Thought Police attacking these two are also Jew-haters or at the least apologists for anti-Semites (even as they pretend they are not); aside from being humorless enforcers of militant feminism. They would surely have faced the same vitriol if they were WASP genre writers rather than Jews, and had made the same non-offensive (to non-insane people) heterosexual male comments. I am saying that nobody appears to have recognized the fact (or at least made it explicit) that many of these people attacking Malzberg and Resnick are also anti-Semites or at the least apologists for anti-Semites. And Malzberg and Resnick may not recognize this disquieting and pernicious fact. Laura Resnick certainly does not.

The thing is it is all of a piece – the militant mad feminism of today in which feminists see nothing wrong in accusing men of being sexist for merely acknowledging their heterosexuality (whilst self-same militant feminists have little if anything to say about honour killings, cliterodectomies, physical beatings and the denial of basic civil liberties and legal rights to women and girls across East, North and North-West Africa, the Muslim Middle-East and large swathes of Asia in Sharia ruled nations and territories), reverse racism identity politics, the delusional and malevolent marketing of ‘Islamophobia’ as bigotry and new anti-Semitism.

Leftists Malzberg and Resnick have been mugged by the reality of the mad bad Left of today, but not in the way that Jewish liberals usually are… That is not with respect to the mad bad Left’s in-your-face Jew-hatred. Nevertheless it is the latter that is as much of a problem with the Left and the genre Left at that, as is their militant and insane hyped PC feminism that is clearly misandrist. Malzberg and Resnick may have been rudely awakened to the reality of the feminism of today that has nothing on the mainstream feminism of the 1960s; yet the reality of the Left’s and the genre Left’s Jew-hatred (and the complicity of genre Court Jewry in tolerating that hatred and worse) is not something they appear to have recognized. That is in that regard they have yet to be mugged by the ugly contemporary liberal reality. Well that’s how it looks from here.

Let me spell this out: The likes of China Mieville and the late Iain Banks are guilty of the most extreme and transparent anti-Semitism, and hardly anybody says boo. Court Jewry cover for Mieville in the most pathetic and scandalous fashion, even the likes of the Jewish Neil Gaiman and the Jewish David Brin fawn all over the Jew-hater Banks upon the latter’s death. Genre editor Kathryn Cramer is likewise a hardcore Jew-hater and I am the only one who has called her out on it, at least explicitly (compare that with all the fanfare over Cramer and racefail!). And if you are  a self-hating Jew, well you can get away with anything. The anti-Semitism of Banks, Mieville, Tambour, Cramer (and others) is something the genre Left clearly don’t have a problem with. Whatsoever. This begs the question – why? The answer is obvious enough. Mieville, Cramer, Banks, Tambour and others exposed at this very blog for their anti-Semitism are hardly atypical. Their anti-Semitic bigotry disturbingly reflects the Left’s own anti-Semitic bigotry and/or cowardice in tolerating the former. Such an ugly reality has possibly yet to dawn on the likes of Mike Resnick (certainly his daughter) and Barry Malzberg. One doubts that they are aware of the complicity and cowardice of genre Court Jewry in aiding and abetting the acceptability and respectability of  anti-Semitism in genre circles.

Or to put it in so many words: the most shameless Jew-hatred from genre pros, Holocaust Denialism included, is greeted with a shrug and even hand waving dismissal from the genre Left (Court Jews such as Felix Gilman, Charles Stross and Chuck Rothman included. Dybbuk Press‘s Tim Lieder is in a league all of his own in this respect); harmless banter from Resnick and Malzberg in which they acknowledge the fact that they are heterosexual men is greeted with such a shrill hue and cry that it catalyzes the resignation of Jean Rabe from the SFFWA Bulletin and spills over into the mainstream media.

Let me be even more blunt and tendentious, unfortunately it is necessary.

Hardly anybody had anything to say about James Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism, not when he was living and not upon his death (see my response to the genre Thought Police’s Chesya Burke in this regard. She inadvertently proved my point for me). As far as conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is concerned, his Holocaust Denialism has been denied! (see this blog’s archives and the links above are pertinent for the ugly details here) or simply ignored. And yet it wouldn’t necessarily occur to the likes of the Jews Resnick and Malzberg, the victims of this absurdist ideological witch-hunt, to point out what I point out in this very paragraph (and the ones above). What I mean is it would have to be pointed out to them. And that would mean having to recognize the ugly anti-Semitism and its easy tolerance in the genre community; along with the complicity of genre Court Jewry in covering and cowering and even furthering this oldest hatred. And who dares to open up that can of worms?

Remember I write and publish this online, when Iran actually goes nuclear (yes it’s now basically official), with all its chilling implications. And yet the focus for these so-called futurists and ‘thinkers’ in their own minds, these genre liberals in general (Jewish and Gentile), is on this non-scandal. And the focus from liberals as a whole is on the legal victory of gay marriage in the US. This is where their ‘minds’ are at. This is where their priorities are. This is frankly a form of madness, a denialism so extreme, that it goes beyond words…

Science Fiction in America (and the UK), that is in its official capacity is bad to the bone. The SFFWA cannot be reformed. It is high time for all those who have any sense of decency and a functioning moral compass to leave the SFFWA if it is commercially viable for them to do so, and forge their own path. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Leave the asylum. It is the only option.

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