The Jew at the end of his tether

This article is unlike anything else that I have ever published at this blog. That is it does not concern the Science Fiction genre community. It is an article that would easily belong in a general Jewish and Israeli newspaper, website or blog. However its theme is not only contemporary anti-Semitism, but how things are rapidly unfolding in a way that would frighten and disturb even the most pessimistic Israel supporter, Jewish or Gentile, and gladden the hearts of Jew-haters everywhere, be they Muslim jihadists, far right-wing white supremacists, Jew-hating Western liberals, socialists, communists, goy and ‘Jewish’ alike.

The news that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu decided to release over one hundred Palestinian terrorists/jihadists in order to get ‘peace talks’ with the Palestinian Authority under M Abbas restarted at the end of July, sent tremors of shock and anger through the hearts and minds of all Jews with any real sense, both in Israel and abroad. That he clearly did so under relentless pressure from the Obama administration is obvious enough.

Bluntly speaking Netanyahu decided to release dozens of Palestinian terrorists in order to appease and capitulate to the demands of the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority/PA and Fatah, headed as it is by a Holocaust Denying jihadist Mahmoud Abbas who has dedicated his life to the destruction of Israel (he co-founded the PLO in 1964, which calls for the destruction of Israel on its charter) and whose administration has always glorified suicide bombers and other terrorist acts against Jews, naming streets after them, praising them in their media and mosques, and the like. Then again Fatah/the PA has carried out numerous suicide bombing attacks and other terrorist atrocities through its armed wing, the alAqsa MartyrsBrigades. All this aided and abetted by the US State Department and the EU, since they finance the PA to a large degree. I’m not even talking about Hamas here.

What even many of Netanyahu’s critics miss here is that if Abbas and the PA insist we free over a hundred terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails, who Abbas sees as heroic political prisoners, and justice and ‘peace concerns’ demand their release; then Abbas and the PA don’t want peace, they emphatically reject peace and support jihadist terror against the Jews. In that case why enter into so-called peace talks with unambiguous supporters of the jihad against the Jews? This does not appear to occur to Netanyahu and the other fools on the Israeli Left. Or if it does, they have decided to ignore this obvious fact. Sure Kerry and Obama are happy. But neither of them have Israel’s interests at heart, and only naive fools or anti-Semites think otherwise.

Gonen Ginat is one of the relatively few to point this out. He writes at Israel HaYom (‘Israel Today’, in English):

The problem is this: In demanding the release of racist murderers, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is declaring that he is not a partner. Racially motivated murders are the polar opposite of peace. You can’t negotiate peace while simultaneously revering terrorists as heroes. Anyone demanding the release of racist killers is thereby declaring that he is not interested in peace.

As soon as the request for the release of these despicable killers was submitted, we should have announced that anyone who makes such a demand is basically proving that they do not want peace. The fact that Abbas is a Holocaust denier seeking to free racist murderers should render him unfit as a partner for anything.

The pathetic rationalist defense of Netanyahu’s capitulation to those who wish us ill, Palestinian jihadists and their liberal allies in the West alike; namely ‘it’s just realpolitik, and Bibi can’t afford to offend the White House, America is too powerful blabla’ don’t know what they are talking about. Bibi can’t afford to offend the anti-Semitic Obama administration, otherwise the anti-Semitic Obama administration would wish us ill. As if it doesn’t already. As if it doesn’t act accordingly. The White House has betrayed us on Iran, we are all alone there. We are betrayed by them time and time again, all over the show. Obama and Kerry, the US Democratic Party have a knife in our backs, and Bibi like something out of a Marquis de Sade ‘vision’, begs for the knife to go in even deeper, so the rest of us can feel the pain. And American liberal ‘Jews’ voted for this Jew-hating US admininstration, and that includes of course our US genre ‘Jewish’ liberals. Twice over.

Even if by some miracle, not a single one of these released terrorists goes back to jihadist terror or is thwarted in some way or somehow (and don’t count on that at all); all we have done is capitulate to jihadists and their dupes in the White House. In principle, it is no different to the appeasement of fascism by Britain and France in the 1930s. Abbas and his fellow Muslim fanatics are only encouraged in their Jew-hate bloodlust by what they rightly see as Netanyahu’s weakness, his fear. They smell it. And so in all likelihood, a new intifada of some sort against the Jews will begin in earnest. Sooner or later. The very real enemy of the sovereign Jewish state is not only the jihadists, the Muslim extremists in the Middle-East and beyond who seek to wipe Israel off the map; that includes the PA/Fatah, who the Western Left and the Israeli Left mislabel moderates and peace partners. The enemy is also the Obama White House, the US State Department, the US media and other powerful organs in the US that seek to aid and abet the jihadists in sheeps’ clothing, in the latters’ genocidal goal. All in the name of peace naturally enough. The US Left and Muslim Brotherhood supporting White House and Democractic Party are no better than the Jew-hating European Union. Most American Jews do not understand this at all, they are brain-dead. As if that isn’t bad enough, Israel’s so-called right-wing hawk prime minister goes along with this phased plan for Israel’s destruction; he who begs for mercy from the Jew-hating Abbas and the Jew-hating White House alike.

There is something far more chilling than even the concern for an upcoming Palestinian intifada… Netanyahu’s surrender to the Palestinian ‘moderate’ jihadists under Abbas, means we can have no faith in Bibi’s leadership in dealing with the existential threat from the far more powerful Iranian regime. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Well-known Middle-East analyst Barry Rubin gives possibly the best analysis of what is probably going on behind the scenes, and gives the best explanation I have seen on the pressure Netanyahu has likely been put under and will continue to be put under by both the Jew-hating EU and the Jew-hating Obama administration, to get Israel’s PM to capitulate to the demands of the genocidal Jew-hating PA/Fatah. The latter’s duplicity and lying is notorious, and their end goal remains the destruction of Israel. The PA are actually honest about this end goal, to their own people at least. The Western media and governments, including the US, just lie and cover up this genocidal Jew-hatred of the PA and Fatah notably enough. To be transparent about it would give away what sympathy and support for the Palestinians is all about – namely Jew-hatred. Never mind  that Hamas can overthrow the PA easily enough, once Israel has abandoned the West Bank, as happened in Gaza.

Bibi has been put between a rock and a hard place. However he has still made the wrong choice. Even taking into account everything Rubin says. Either we stand up to the Jew-hating Obama administration and its EU allies and call out their Jew-hatred for what it is, or we go along with the phased plan for Israel’s destruction, a plan which goes under the banner slogan of ‘peace and justice for the Palestinians’. Bibi has opted for the latter and in doing so has betrayed his origins, his past as a brave soldier, his brother who died at Entebbe, his brilliant historian father. He has betrayed Israel, the Jews and the truth itself.

In fact it is predictably The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick who puts it best of all, pulling no punches about what Netanyahu’s cowardice means (and she uses that exact word, cowardice), the PA and Abbas’s genocidal Jew-hatred and the support the latter have from the True Believers Kerry and Obama.

Israel cannot continue to survive with a PM who capitulates under pressure from Jew-haters, whether they be Muslim Arab Jew-haters or American and European Jew-haters. And it won’t. We have survived the foolishness of Olmert and Rabin before Netanyahu. However now the threats are not from the Palestinian extremists alone (that includes Fatah and Hamas, among others), we have Iran (the big one), a chaotic Egypt and Syria, a Hamas ruled Gaza, a powerful enemy in Turkey that was once an ally not that long ago, a Jordan that can fall to the Muslim Brotherhood… If that wasn’t all bad enough, the Europeans are as anti-Semitic as they have ever been, and the world’s (declining) superpower arms our enemies to the teeth and calls for the Jews – and only the Jews – to surrender ever more territory and security affairs to the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority. Or else. The betrayal from liberal American Jews is especially disgusting. A betrayal they are utterly oblivious to. Yet how has Bibi – he who unlike the brain-dead liberal American Jews theoretically knows better – done better? He – unlike the brain-dead American Jewish Left – knows that appeasement and concessions to jihadists and terrorists of every stripe only makes things worse for Israel and only intensifies the jihad against the Jews. And yet he has gone ahead with appeasement to Muslim fascists, it’s straight out of the Neville Chamberlain playbook. Inexcusable and indefensible.

Even as the surrender of Gaza by Israel in 2005 has resulted in a Hamas take-over and a rocket siege on south-western Israel, even as the surrender of southern Lebanon has seen a Hezbollah take-over. Even as Israel gave up the Sinai in ’79, and now it is in chaos, and bands of jihadists are battling Egyptian army units there as I type this… And given all this, the West – with its cultural history of murderous Jew-hatred – still expects Israel to surrender its whole eastern buffer zone, that actually almost cuts Israel clean in half. These are not good intentions by the US and the EU; given Israel’s very recent past experience, of giving up territory in return for Muslim fanatics to fill the gap. And Jewry for the most part has its collective head buried in the sand. Too afraid to face facts. Yet it has always been the refusal to face facts that results in even more chaos and catastrophe. See the lead-up to World War Two for example.

The very obsessiveness by the Obama White House and the West as a whole with the Israel-Palestinian ‘peace talks’ is a form of Jew-hatred. Even most pro-Israel folk it would appear don’t understand this. Why is it Jew-hatred?

Two main reasons.

One: Why does the West not focus on getting peace talks started in Nigeria, given the undeclared civil war there initiated by Muslim against Christians, where has the White House done anything for peace talks in Sudan, in Darfur? Where are the peace talks re East Africa, given the endless turmoil and conflict there, what about the Russians and the Chechens? When did the White House obsess about getting peace talks started between Tamils and Sinhalese in the Sri Lankan Civil War that raged for decades? What about Kashmir? What about Thailand and the Philippines where they face their own Muslim insurgencies? The White House, the EU are AWOL on that front. What about the Syrian civil war? Why doesn’t the White House insist that both sides come to the negotiating table, instead of agreeing to arm the Sunni Muslim fanatical rebels? Now all these conflicts are far worse in their savagery and loss of life than the Palestinian-Israel conflicts over the decades. The only explanation is that since none of the above mentioned conflicts (and I can mention plenty others) concern the Jews, the West, the EU and Obama and Kerry and their ilk could care less. Either this does not occur to the Israeli government, ie they are as dumb as the dumbest liberal Jews in Name Only, or they are spineless. Or both.

Two: The so-called peace talks between Israel and the PA are nothing but the destruction of Israel through diplomacy talks. C’est tout. Israel must agree to surrender increasing amounts of territory in the West Bank along with security operations to Muslim jihadists aka the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. In return for a worthless piece of paper signed and stamped by the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority. Never mind – to repeat myself – the risk of Hamas taking over after an Israeli withdrawal, so the Palestinians can have their own state. That’s exactly what happened after Israel left Gaza. There was no talk of a Palestinian state when the West Bank was part of Jordan. It’s only now that it is part of Israel (as a result of the 1967 War initiated by the Arab Muslim states), that the ruse is afoot to get Israel to abandon control of the territory to Muslim extremists, so the latter can have another go at driving the Jews into the sea. Israel without the West Bank as a huge buffer zone cannot defend itself from an all out assault from its enemies in the region. Without the West Bank under its control, it is doubtful Israel could have pulled through by the skin of its teeth against the Soviet backed Arab armies in ’73. Naturally the Muslim Middle-East, hostile to Israel’s very existence, seeks Israel’s destruction. Naturally the Jew-hating West (for the most part), responsible in multiple ways for the extermination of six million Jews during World War Two, does too. Even if it’s not a conscious, deliberate plan on the part of the West, but an unconscious one. The fact that it appears to be the latter is no cause for comfort. However it’s not the job of the Jew nation’s government to go along with the end-goal that is the Shoah Part Two.

Yet Bibi Netanyahu is doing just that.

And as a consequence, given that Israel is under more existential danger than it was in ’73, ’67 and ’48 before that, I do not see how Israel can survive. It would be a hard enough job against very hard odds, even without a Neville Chamberlain as PM. Yet we have an Appeaser to the Muslim Jihad as the PM of Israel… Only Jew-haters can delight in this.

One of the depressing things that I have noticed about even pro-Israel religious Jewish and Christian conservative folk the last couple of years, one picks this up on the Internet, is how they think Israel can and must survive… Namely God will come to the aid of the Jews, even if at the last moment. No matter how well-meaning this is, how sincere, it is so wincing. The real world doesn’t work like that. Personally I think God exists. But it doesn’t work like that. God did not send his angels to save the Jews from Dachau and Treblinka, the angels did not disappear the train tracks to Auschwitz. And what of other victims of genocide? Where was God to save the Armenians from the Turks? What of the destruction of the native people on both American continents, Australian aborigines, and African people destroyed and enslaved by the European powers? What of the millions upon millions of victims of the Jihad over the centuries, whether they be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, pagan, Jewish and Muslims themselves? God does not interfere in the world, not in that way. Men are free to do as they will, and only other men can either stop them if they can, or aid them in one way or another.

Ron Rosenbaum’s words from 2004 unfortunately have more relevance and a chilling resonance today than when he first penned them:

“The second Holocaust. It’s a phrase we may have to begin thinking about. A possibility we may have to contemplate. A reality we may have to witness.”

History is repeating. I wish I were wrong, way off base.

If only.

In Stanislaw Lem’s memoir Highcastle, of his childhood and adolescence in Poland before World War Two and with the wisdom of hindsight, that is the knowledge of the subsequent destruction of his people (Lem was Jewish and spent the war in hiding from the Nazis), Lem wrote:

In the thirties no one saw this coming. Though there was sometimes trouble. From the balcony of our apartment, crouching, I watched mounted police charge a crowd of demonstrators – it was during the funeral of Kozak. As rocks clattered on the metal shutters which the merchants used to try to save their windows, I saw one policeman in a shining helmet pulled off his horse. But this passed like a sudden storm, and when the janitors swept the broken glass off the sidewalk, peace returned, and nuns – my father’s grateful patients – brought from their garden great armfuls of grafted lilacs, which we put under running water in the bathtub, and on the “Merry Lvov” station we listened to the comedians Toncio and Szezepiec and the funny monologues, with much throat-clearing  from Mr. Stroncio, and I told my parents that I wouldn’t go to gymnasium because you had to wear knickerbockers, which I hated because they tickled under the knee. We were like ants bustling in an anthill over which the heel of a boot is raised. Some saw its shadow, or thought they did, but everyone, the uneasy included, ran about their usual business until the very last minute, ran with enthusiasm, devotion – to secure, to appease, to tame the future. Adults and children, we were all made equal by the blessing of ignorance, without which one cannot live.

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