UPDATED 2016 David Duke in Wonderland: The Dave Truesdale Petition re the SFWA Thought Police and the hatred that dares not to be acknowledged. Least of all by genre Jewry

This article has been updated (once again) on 7th September 2016. It relates to the Dave Truesdale expulsion from MidAmeriCon 11 held in Kansas City in late August 2016. Consult the lowest part of this article beginning ‘7th September 2016 UPDATE’. 

The (February) 2015 update naturally precedes the 2016 update.

There are three updates published in March 2014, one on March 6th, another on March 7th. There is a further 16th March Update, lower down. It pertains to Tweets (dated 13th March) from genre Thought Police airheads, Tweedledum and Tweedledee from SF Signal, and two of their followers.

The March 6th 2014 update is preceded by the March 7th update, which is in turn an update on the 19th February 2014 update. The reasons for this are apparent when reading through this article. The March 7th update follows naturally from the Feb 19th update, since it addresses my discovery of the identity/ies of the donotlink gang (my Feb 19th update) and their commentary on this very article.

The March 6th update pertains to, well best you read for yourselves…

Also minor editing, updates to original article dated 24th February and March 7th 2014.


Yeah I know I said I was done with this blog, the previous post from back in August last year being a thorough overview of the blog’s history; but a recent political brouhaha in SF circles was too good, or too bad really, to pass up. I wouldn’t even have mentioned it, it’s just that predictably nobody else has…

So Holocaust Revisionist, Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, not one of SF’s wallflowers, decides that he’s the one to take the fight to the SFWA and its Bulletin and the admittedly odious (but entirely predictable) decision of the SFWA to police Thought Crimes via pre-censorship (one of the roles it appears of the new Bulletin editor and a committee appointed for that purpose), in order to ensure that nothing could ever offend and ruffle the feathers of the genre Thought Police, who are clearly in charge of things over at the SFWA. As if one didn’t know that already. Truesdale does this via a petition he has drawn up and gotten a whole bunch of genre figures to sign (the latter signing an edited version of said petition), all detailed in the relevant links below. All this naturally a consequence of the whole Resnick-Malzberg kerfluffle, a shameful and pathetic witch-hunt if ever there was one. The SFWA doubles down when it comes to its straight-jacketed idiocy. Truesdale is a former SFWA Bulletin editor.

From Truesdale himself, his account of the latest of SF’s nervous breakdowns (as Steve Davidson puts it), over at his Tangent magazine.

Here is conservative SFF writer Sarah Hoyt on this affair. Here is Gary Farber, a noted blogger on SF and politics, arguing with David Brin and David Gerrold (the latter two signed the petition) about all this on facebook. All  three are Jews. Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, uh what you say, it exists only in an alternative reality. We live in a multiverse apparently. Welcome to the world according to liberal American Jews. Yeah they probably (but I can’t be sure) don’t know about my blog, at the end of the day no dice. They don’t want to know.  

This is the best link of the lot, some anonymous insider commentary over this whole affair, that has been made publicly available.

Natalie Luhrs gives an overview of this latest kerfluffle over at radishreviews, and yes Luhrs is a clueless moral relativist Thought Police enforcer so you know what her take is going to be.

The actual petition is over here. Luhrs informs us that this was what was originally circulating.

Luhrs needless to say doesn’t think much of the Truesdale petition. There’s a whole back and forth in the comments to her blog post, whether First Amendment Rights have anything to do with it, as the SFWA is a private organization, and can publish what they please and not publish what they don’t please, and other issues blabla. To repeat myself, whilst I have made it very clear that I see the Resnick-Malzberg kerfluffle as a nutty witch-hunt; a petition response to it by the likes of Truesdale, signed on to by heavyweight genre personalities – Truesdale naturally appears to sees himself as some kind of Galileo with the SFWA in the role of the Inquisition – is not the way to go. Frankly I think the way to go is to ignore the SFWA altogether and have nothing to do with that pathetic organization. The morons who run the show in that circus, whether they are actually a majority or just a vocal minority, ought simply to be ignored, mocked and ridiculed, not treated as the respectable and reasoned Voice of American Science Fiction. One cannot appeal to their reason, their sense of fair play, their moderation, their decency, for they have none of these qualities. That’s because they are nuts, stark raving and dumb dumb dumb. Humourless ideologues. The intelligent thing to do here would be to walk away from the SFWA, rescind one’s membership, not pay any dues, have nothing to do with the SFWA; as it is clearly hijacked by far Left gangsters who call the shots in that madhouse. Heck Truesdale isn’t even a member of the SFWA for crying out loud.

However the crux of the matter is this – this is a petition drawn up by Dave Truesdale, A HOLOCAUST DENIER/REVISIONIST!!

Hello is there anybody in the pro SF genre community who is sane? Anybody? Hello, Ground Control to Major Tom…

So let’s get this straight: Tangent editor, former SFWA Bulletin editor and Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale writes up a petition to express opposition to the inevitable fall-out from the SFWA over the Resnick-Malzberg farrago (whether Truesdale has a point or two to make or is talking nonsense is not relevant to the point I am making) and a whole bunch of genre figures sign it, in explicit support of Truesdale’s petition, and many of them are heavyweight genre personalities. Of the four original signatories to Truesdale’s ‘rough draft’ – Resnick, Malzberg, Silverberg and Benford – three of them are Jewish!! Namely Resnick, Malzberg and Silverberg. That initial draft includes the back and forth between Truesdale and the ‘Jewish’ Steven Gould, president of the SFWA. Sheeeeeeeeesh.

Luhr’s blog posting detailing all this has 203 comments to it (last I checked). Among the commentators are Lisa Goldstein (Thought Police enforcer), Greg Benford, Mary Robinette Kowal (Thought Police enforcer) and Robert Silverberg. There is a fair bit of heated argument therein.

The signatories of the Truesdale petition include:

Gene Wolfe, Jerry Pournelle, Harlan Ellison, Sheila Finch, Jack McDevitt, Robert Silverberg, Larry Niven, Barry N. Malzberg, Norman Spinrad, Gregory Benford, C. J. Cherryh, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, Jack Dann, Paul Levinson, Nancy Kress, Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove, David Brin, Mercedes Lackey, Cyd Athens, Allen Steele, Chuck Rothman, Amy Sterling Casil, Lillian Csernica, Brad R. Torgersen, Mary Turzillo, Vernor Vinge, Jay Werkheiser, Janis Ian and Darrell Schweitzer.

Aside from those already mentioned, namely Silverberg, Rensick and Malzberg; the signatories Brin, Shwartz, Ellison, Levinson, Turtledove, Dann, Gerrold, Ian, Rothman (who as that link on his name verifies, refuses to acknowledge that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist!) and Schweitzer are Jewish (that I know of). Also consult this article (the update at the bottom of the article) for why Paul Levinson, a former president of the SFWA, likewise has no excuse for signing the petition. Also this article (an update) for why Susan Shwartz has no excuse. The other genre Jews get off easy (and they don’t necessarily deserve it… ).

Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on…

I am on planet Zog, get me out of here.

I just gotta digress a little to mention something – Janis Ian!! The singer! And yes Jewish singer. Yes same Janis Ian. To those of you old enough to remember, remember the 1980 movie Foxes with a young Jodie Foster (good movie btw), well remember that song from the movie Fly too High? That was Ian. I love that song, brings back memories. Her other hit was At Seventeen. And her Stars is a haunting, beautiful track and worth noting as well (covered by Nina Simone, Ian’s friend at one time). Yeah Ian got involved in SF later. Bizarro. OK digression over.

Now nobody in the comments to that radishreviews blog posting and all the others in the SF blogosphere and the Twitterverse huffing and puffing about the Truesdale petition, both for and against, can be bothered to mention that DAVE TRUESDALE IS A FUCKING HOLOCAUST DENIER/REVISIONIST. 

Not one person, genre writer, editor, or fan. 

Not one. [I later discovered one reference to my outing of Truesdale for his Holocaust Revisionism when this whole Petition affair aired. I initially missed it. It was from one B Lynch (Twitter handle @BLynchBooks). See this Twitter thread over here, dated 10th February 2014. Note the thread is peppered with very left-wing pro-SFWA folk, and thus anti-Petition orientated. However at least B Lynch acknowledged the elephant in the room, to his credit.]

I mean I may have missed a cryptic reference to the Red Wolf outing Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, perhaps on Twitter, I don’t know. [Turns out I did, see above addition] That is over the last week, when this petition went public and made news in the SF Internet world. But for sure no public EXPLICIT reference was made anywhere to Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism and my uncovering all this at this very blog. Way back in 2011. I will point out that there has been some traffic to my blog series on Truesdale since this whole petition made news, but not much. So I knew there was no real reference to Truesdale filling the shoes of the late James P Hogan anywhere in the SF Internet sphere. And certainly everybody is keeping mum. It’s just that some people web searching for ‘Dave Truesdale’ in light of his recent petition, have stumbled upon my blog, that’s all.

So Truesdale has no credibility here, whatsoever. Who cares what Truedale thinks about anything relating to political affairs and controversies, in and out of the genre community, given that he is a Holocaust Revisionist? That should be an OBVIOUS  rhetorical question, but chillingly I am the only person asking it.

And somebody coming along and saying Truesdale has been accused of Holocaust Revisionism or is an alleged Holocaust Revisionist, still would not be good enough. Frankly it would be pathetic because Truesdale is indisputably a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. To even debate it or argue over it would be wincingly obtuse, as I have made clear. Although extreme obtuseness is the default setting for the genre community.

So let me point out what nobody else has here: those signing a petition – drawn up by a HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST – against the fall-out from what I myself have gone on record as considering a ridiculous and shameful witch-hunt, are how can I put it, being more than a little counter-productive and well … oblivious! To put it mildly. Would they sign up a similar or identical petition drawn up by the odious Theodore Beale, a misogynist, homophobe, anti-black racist and anti-Semite? I would think not, because Beale is simply beyond the pale (and has even been expelled from the SFWA). And not only to the idiot far Left moral relativists in the community, but to anybody who is not a reactionary redneck who knows what Beale has to say on gays, women, blacks…

If Holocaust Revisionist genre writer James P Hogan was still living, and he drew up the petition rather than Truesdale, would all those Jewish genre figures sign it? If Hogan was still alive and came to Resnick’s and Malzberg’s defense, would the latter two be all polite and welcome Hogan’s aid? Would the Jewish Steven Gould, the president of the SFWA, still be so polite in any hypothetical e-mail replies to Hogan in such a scenario, even if disagreeing with Hogan (the way Gould has been politely disagreeing with Truesdale)? Would Gould bother to reply at all?

Remember it was with Hogan’s death, that Truesdale outed himself as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist (it’s all in the archives of this blog, in the series I have already linked to further up. I am not going over that ground again for the love of Odin. If you are brain dead as many are in this community, that is your problem, not mine).

Yet Truesdale, the Holocaust Revisionist, apparently is not beyond the pale! It is absurd. It’s a black comedy and I swear it’s beyond me to articulate the punch line, if there is one.

What are the signatories going to say? Jewish and Gentile, but especially Jewish. Are they going to pull a Rothman (aka a Lieder), and deny that Truesdale the Holocaust Revisionist is a Holocaust Revisionist?! Even the harshly anti-Israel Nick Mamatas has conceded that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (he did so at his blog after getting involved in a flame-war with myself). Do these Jewish genre figures not know about how I have exposed Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist?! A review of this blog’s contents will reveal that even though this blog is predictably out in the wilderness (especially since I haven’t blogged in about half a year), plenty genre figures, Jewish and Gentile, know all about the Season of the Red Wolf. The archives have not gone away. This blog is still up.

Are they going to say, yes they know Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, but what does it matter? Are they going to say… well what could they say? Say they didn’t know about my blog, or they didn’t want to know or don’t want to know, which begs a few questions… Are they going to say my series on Truesdale and gang is too difficult to comprehend, it’s too much like Quantum Mechanics? Well only if you are a brain-dead cretin really. And yes there are more than a few out there. No kidding. Or to repeat myself – are they going to do a Lieder/Rothman, or a Stross? I fucking hope not, for their sakes. And Susan Shwartz for one has no excuse.

Oh wait I know what they will do. They will do what they have already done. Ignore the brontosaurus in the fridge, ignore the fact that Dave Tuesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist/Denier. That’s it.

Now the sane readers of this blog (a distinct minority for sure) may rightly ask the question, since it is an obvious one to ask: why don’t Truesdale’s detractors and the critics of the Petition’s signatories – and naturally several of these critics are Jewish (eg Lisa Goldstein), even as the inadvertent catalysts for all this, Resnick and Malzberg, are Jewish – not criticize them for signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Fucking Denier?! And not point out that Truesdale himself is a Holocaust Denier?! Whatever the merits or otherwise of Truesdale’s petition, whichever side you take, who cares for a petition that is naturally going to be perceived as heavily political and divisive, that is drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist? I mean when you are up against the genre Thought Police airheads who call the shots, better not to rally around the agitprop of a Holocaust Denier. You think?

One of the answers to this question, and plenty of  the petition’s critics know all about this blog of mine, is that the petition’s critics are largely my own.

As the archives of this blog reveal, I have offended greatly the far Left Thought Police brigade that dominates SF (of which Luhrs is definitely a member), with their moral and cultural relativism, their ‘new’ anti-Semitism at worst or their apologetics for new anti-Semitism at best, their going along with the Thought Crime of Islamophobia, their humourless militant feminism (witness this latest nervous breakdown that catalyzed this very article) and related. However what really sticks out there is the SF genre’s Leftists largely being guilty of either fashionable anti-Semitism as disingenuous anti-Israelism or apologetics and whitewashing of contemporary anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Israelism (just see my chapters 10 and 11 in my China Mieville series for what I am getting at).

So the PC Thought Police of the genre community – Luhrs, Lisa Goldstein and Mary Robinette Kowal included – have tied their hands, they have painted themselves into a corner. They can’t point out the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist without pointing to this blog with a thumbs up, since I and I alone have revealed the ugly facts in all their gory details re Truesdale, I alone have the smoking gun; but that would mean acknowledging that I have exposed very real anti-Semitism in the pro genre community. It would mean giving me even grudging and lukewarm praise. Now the same genre figures – writers, editors, fans, and they include John Scalzi himself, a former president of the SFWA – who have dismissed me as a loon and worse (as has Truesdale) are cognitively incapable of that. It is not only that they would have to swallow a bitter pill and have their egos take a bit of a battering. It is something more sinister. They would have to pay even passing recognition to anti-Semitism in the here and now, in our wider society and notably in the genre community itself and this bigotry’s pathetic and flimsy disguises. Because after all, there is a domino effect. What psychoanalysts call free-ranging associations. If they acknowledge the work I have done exposing Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, then well what about the other anti-Semites I have exposed at this blog (even though not guilty of Holocaust Revisionism)? The latter new anti-Semitism the more acceptable, respectable and fashionable kind for sure, but anti-Semitism and extreme and vicious anti-Semitism at that. Many (I’m not saying all of them) of these genre Leftists critical of the Truesdale Petition and the signatories, are left-wing anti-Semites or apologists for liberal anti-Semites or scared to death of acknowledging any of this… To throw a spanner in the works, at least one of the petition’s signatories, namely Rothman, denies that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (never mind the fact that I don’t think much of the witch hunt against Resnick and Malzberg and its consequent fall-out re the SFWA; their militant over-the-top feminism in other words).

In other words, facing the ugly facts re Truesdale would open up a can of worms that the SF community as a whole is desperate to keep closed. To acknowledge Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, would mean unraveling a helluva lot more than Truesdale’s extreme obtuseness, hypocrisy and bigotry to which he is naturally oblivious. I mean by this that these genre cultural relativist liberals openly mocking Truesdale and those who have signed the petition, don’t want to go anywhere near China Mieville’s Jew-hatred, genre Court Jewry covering for Mieville and worse, Kathryn Cramer’s anti-Semitism, the late Iain Banks’s likewise (the Jewish Brin and the Jewish Gaiman fawned all over him with his passing), the anti-Semitism of so many others, from Hal Duncan to Michael Bishop and Ken McLeod, the embarrassing screw-ups of Felix Gilman, Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, the Jewish self-loathing of Anna Tambour, Lavie Tidhar and Charles Stross, and let’s be honest here, not just these three. Hardly.

There is Scott Edelman, Rose Fox, Felix Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Nir Yaniv, Cory Doctorow, Rachel Swirsky (aside from small fry such as relatively well-known genre fan Mark Pontin. Tim Lieder is more mad than anything else. He is just off his rocker, all emotion no brain). And there is the hardcore Jewish self-loathing of prof Farah Mendlesohn, a caricature of the Israel hating far Left liberal ‘Jewish’ professor (now at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK). I have never even bothered mentioning her before at this blog! God knows how many others… The thing is there is a plague of self-hating Jews among the liberal Ashkenazi set, at the dawn of the twenty-first century. It’s anything but uncommon, anything but. [To any self-hating genre Jews out there I forgot to mention, and I know there are a lot of you, this is how you know you are a self-hating Jew, even as you will naturally deny it – if you think my articles on the Jew-hating Gentiles I criticize at this blog, such as Mieville, Kathryn Cramer, Mamatas, Michael Bishop, Hal Duncan and others, and the self-hating Jews such as Stross and Tidhar, are wrong-headed, inaccurate, unfair, delusional, fallacious, rather than plain speaking and factual, then you are a self-hating Jew. If you can’t be bothered to read any of that, but go along with what the fashionably dumb anti-Israel genre Left say about the Season of the Red Wolf anyhow, then you are likewise a self-hating Jew. You don’t have to agree with everything I write, hardly. However if you don’t get the fundamentals here, then you are what you are. Naturally enough if you are not Jewish but concur with the self-hating Jews re the Season of the Red Wolf, then you are just a Gentile Jew-hater]

Getting back on track, all this rabid anti-Semitism and more detailed at my blog, with the smoking guns, the original source material whether they be forum commentary, tweets, blog postings, letters… Heck the previous article to this one gives a comprehensive overview of  this blog’s history, a brief description of each and every blog article that I have posted up, with a clickable link to them all. This article is number 107. [Later edit: I have moved that article, ‘the Zombie Chronicles’ and updated it, hence the link above is not valid any longer, that article is now here]

For example, Nick Mamatas has tweeted contempt the way of the Truesdale petition and Truesdale himself, yet cannot bring up the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, even though he is the only genre pro who has publicly and grudgingly conceded the point that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (even if  a little cryptically). Mamatas cannot do so, because Mamatas wouldn’t want to be reminded of this embarrassing foul-up of his (tangentially related to my exposé of Truesdale), even as he has just lied about it all, misrepresented the facts at his blog, as he had to do, to save face. Not that anybody cares, but still… And associated with that foul-up of Mamatas’s, the broader picture of left-wing anti-Semitism, which Mamatas would not want to go anywhere near. In fact he vehemently denies (to myself) that left-wing anti-Semitism even exists! And yes Mamatas is himself anti-Semitic. That’s just the thing.

Another case in point, Charles Stross, Mamatas’s fellow anti-Israel genre writer (the Jews being among the most egregious offenders in this regard), who is on record for blaming “the provisional wing of the Tea Party” for the Boston marathon bombing the day it happened, likewise tweets contempt the way of Truesdale re the SFWA petition. Stross the Jew in Name Only, who is ‘cognizant’ of this blog, can’t be bothered to mention Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism naturally enough. Then again Stross dismissed that Holocaust Revisionism series of mine with an offhand Tweet (lowest part of the article), without reading a single word of it; the catalyzed encouragement in this regard came by way of his fellow anti-Semite and far Leftist, the British academic Paul Graham Raven, who never read a single word in that series neither.

I mean for the likes of the anti-Israel (i.e. anti-Semitic) genre Left that pretends no anti-Semitism whatsoever, to acknowledge that I have exposed Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, would mean recognizing that I have actually exposed extreme anti-Semitism; and this begs the question – so why do the self-same left-wing genre Thought Police openly pour scorn, mockery and disdain on the Red Wolf blogger exposing extreme anti-Semitism (Holocaust Revisionism)? The question only has one answer, and it’s not a pretty one. It’s worse than just having egg on their faces. It’s much worse than that. It would mean having to face their flimsily disguised prejudice against Jewry head on, sans disguise, a prejudice they don’t even begin to acknowledge. Or at best, their cowardice in the face of this prejudice from within the genre community. And naturally all this has to be avoided at all costs. 

The result of this pervasive taboo that is the stubborn refusal to acknowledge all anti-Semitism – from genre Jewry as much as Gentiles, if anything genre Jewry are the most stringent enforcers of this taboo – couldn’t be clearer, more nakedly revealed than over this latest political affair in genre circles. In no other political brouhaha in the SF genre community is this taboo more obviously apparent, glaring in neon colours, than this latest one re the Truesdale SFWA petition. The fact that Truesdale is James P Hogan’s successor in the worst possible way, and the fact that NOBODY – not Truesdale’s dismissive critics, Jewish and Gentile alike, and naturally not Jewish genre heavyweight writers in support of Truesdale’s petition – can appear to acknowledge this publicly, is all the proof you need of this taboo in operation. And where it has led the community. Flat bang into Alice in David Dukeville land. Cannot make this up.

So if none of  these genre figures, including well-known Jewish writers of considerable reputation, could care about acknowledging a SF peer’s Holocaust Revisionism, they could care even less, not a smidgen of pigeon shit’s worth, for contemporary ‘new’ anti-Semitism in the genre community, that is as dishonest and relentless anti-Israelism, as demonization of the Jew nation. 

Mieville, Mamatas, Kathryn Cramer, Tambour and gang can breathe easy.

Then again they already knew that.

Heck like Truesdale, they will tell you they are not anti-Semitic in the slightest. And the PC Thought Police who get their panties all twisted over the Truesdale petition, but cannot be bothered to mention the fact of Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism even as many of them are ‘cognizant’ of this blog, are these anti-Semites’ staunchest and most loyal defenders.

Perhaps another point is worth mentioning re these Jewish genre writers and fandom. They don’t want to acknowledge anti-Semitism and would rather focus on ridiculous and pathetic side-shows, because acknowledging anti-Semitism and its pervasiveness both in and out of the genre community means facing an ugly reality and by association, Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb arsenal, the White House’s appeasement of Iran, Israel standing alone and with anything but courage and resolve, Kerry’s threats against the Jews (and American Jewish leaders grovelling before Kerry as I write this up, and praising him to the skies as a gag gag genuine peace-maker. This grovelling and fawning before Jew-haters is not just a problem unique to the Jewish genre Left naturally enough, it is a pervasive problem among Jewry itself), the Muslim fanaticism widespread in the Middle-East, all that region’s turmoil. The sense that history is repeating in the most terrible way…

These Jewish genre folk (never mind non-Jews) are in the escapism business, it’s been in many cases their livelihood.

And in escapism they will stay, till death or ugly brutal reality comes crashing down over their heads.

Whichever comes first.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

And scary.

UPDATED  19th February


So, sure as you would expect, a couple of genre folk pick up this article on their ‘SF gossip’ surfing – and of course it is just too juicy to ignore – so they tell their mates and I get a spike in traffic (17th and 18th Feb).

Now I know they are all most likely of the moral relativist far Left Thought Police persuasion, namely those critical of the Truesdale Petition, all huffing and puffing about alleged sexism, but scared to death of acknowledging even the most base Jew-hatred in (and out of) the genre community; and as I make clear further up, Jewish genre folk critical of the Truesdale petition, Jewish feminists especially, are those most shamefully guilty in this respect (given their deafening silence on all forms of extreme anti-Semitism from their genre peers, whilst getting high blood pressure from trumped up charges of sexism).

The thing is, and this is why I think that those (in the main) who have suddenly come to the blog to check this article out, are of the far Left variety that I scathingly mock in this very article and elsewhere; they are scared stiff to acknowledge to myself who they are exactly and where the traffic is coming from. They have covered their tracks. In my blog stats, it tells me my hits are coming  from … donotlink.com

Here is a techie’s take on the donotlink service:

We’re all aware that every time you link to a web site, you inevitably push it up in search engine rankings. Over time, that means a site will appear at the top of a Google search result. Sometimes you want to link to those sites without helping them boost their search results. Do Not Link is a service for just that.

Do Not Link is easy to use. Just drop the URL of the questionable site into Do Not Link and it gives you a URL that won’t push up those results in search engines. It’s simple, but super handy for linking to those awful trolling articles you really want to talk about but don’t want to push up in Google or to fraudllent sites you need to talk about but don’t want to help out. 

Of course, it’s subjective. One person’s “awful trolling article” is another person’s admirable exposé or similar. Yet when it comes to the genre Thought Police, if it is them, they would clearly see this article as ideal for use by Do Not Link. Namely an article they really want to talk about, but don’t want to push up in Google, and let me add, an article whose author (in this case the Red Wolf) they don’t want cottoning on to who exactly is checking out his blog. If you click on the donotlink tag from your blog stats, it just redirects you back to your own blog.

There is another reason that favours the genre Thought Police visiting here (rather than say the petition’s supporters in the main), that reinforces the point I make above. Namely the articles these anonymous folk are checking out at this blog all of a sudden, is very revealing of the mindset of the Thought Police, and only the scared stiff Thought Police. Why do I say that? Well sure they have been directed to this article, but you would think if they were intelligent, open-minded kind of folk, who were truly concerned about bigotry, as the moral relativist Leftists pretend to be, that they would actually trawl through the Truesdale series (where I expose Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, among other Jew-hate group think gangsterism from others, including editor Sam Hidaka) to see for themselves. After all the smoking gun isn’t in this article, it’s in the Truesdale-centered series (for the most part) that I link to in this original article. Yet very very few of the donotlink gang even bothered. Hardly any. And those very few that did, clicked on the Introduction and the chapter 7 I link to further up. None of the other uh eleven articles in that series. Well hardly anybody. And not the pivotal flame-war itself from the Asimov’s Forum (well one person that was it) in Postscript Part A, not the other smoking gun chapters 2, 3 and 4. The thing is in that very introduction to that series I link to right up at the beginning of this article (where I first mention that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist), I give a brief overview of that series, with clickable links to all the other twelve articles in that series, and descriptions of each and every article. I made that series very easy to navigate and follow. Makes no difference to those coming to this blog all of a sudden. The thing is to the moral relativist genre twits who see sexism and anti-black racism under every bush, cat and supermarket trolley (yes there is sexism and anti-black racism, but these guys go overboard), it truly is a case of anti-Semitism yaaaaaaaawn. Whatever. I mean I am explicit in this very article of the anti-Semitism from the likes of Mieville, Cramer, Mamatas, Tambour and others, yet nobody, or hardly anybody, was remotely interested in following up on any of that, and checking out my articles on these characters (well very very few hits there).

This is a pattern that I have seen constantly from the genre Thought Police, when they used to tweet contempt and dismissal my way. They would focus on the article they were Tweeting or (rarely) blogging contempt for, get it all wrong naturally enough, and ignore all the articles around, including the most recent posts of mine at the time, no matter what the headings/titles of the articles were…

It proves the point I make about the genre Thought Police, scared to death of recognizing, even in passing, even vaguely, anti-Semitism and moral relativism in all or any of its aspects.

And no the traffic is not coming in the main from the Theodore Beale bots and paleocon and right-wing or libertarian types, I took that into consideration. Sure some of those guys have a lot in common with the left-wing Thought Police genre folk (when it comes to anti-Semitism), but they could care less about covering their tracks. They don’t give a hoot. It’s not their style.

I did take into consideration that the ‘donotlink gang’ could be others in support of the petition (whether their names are on the petition or not), they naturally don’t want egg on their faces neither. In fact if you think about it, they have even more to lose here than the genre Thought Police!

After all, those signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist, the Jews especially, have blundered. And this is the ONLY blog that reveals that.

I do think that if the traffic was coming from those in support of the Truesdale petition, they would be far more likely to actually trawl through my Holocaust Revisionism series. To see what Truesdale actually has to say re the Holocaust, to scrutinize that series for themselves. That’s just a little bit of speculation on my part. Or would they all respond as Rothman did, and run away as quickly as possible (I don’t mean deny that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, as Rothman did)? I don’t think so. Yet I cannot be entirely sure naturally enough.

However I will speculate that for the most part at least, it’s the loony Left brigade popping in, given the number of visitors, given the fact that the ‘fingerprints’ of these visitors is typical of genre Thought Police swarming (i.e. their general lack of real interest and follow-up, desperation to cover their tracks).

It was most likely a combination largely of critics and a few supporters of the Truesdale petition. There are a very few in-house closed SF related forums, the SFWA members’ forum just being one of them…

Yet note the persistent silence on Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, even after my article was quietly publicized by genre folk behind closed doors. Do a Google search on ‘Dave Truesdale’ and the ‘Holocaust’, and the only returns are to my blog (I’m not counting those url news aggregators and similar). Didn’t pick up anything on Twitter, facebook likewise re Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, and I mean in the last few days, never mind before that.

Proves my point exactly.

Proves the point of the very title of this article I chose, ‘ …the hatred that dares not to be acknowledged. Least of all by genre Jewry’.

These folk cannot begin to acknowledge publicly Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism. The fact that the vast majority of them cannot even be bothered to read up my series here where I expose Truesdale indisputably and unequivocally – never mind how my critics (the moral relativist self-righteous Left so concerned *apparently* about bigotry of all types) are so transparently desperate to publicly not disclose any of this – means they are scared to death about acknowledging Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism even to themselves! As the archives of this blog reveal (check out the harebrained obscene responses from the likes of Mark Pontin, Tim Lieder, Felix Gilman, Paul Graham Raven, Charles Stross and Chuck Rothman to that Holocaust Revisionism series! Never mind Nick Mamatas’s blunder. No none of  them actually bothered to read that series. That’s just the point. Mamatas a little bit, after his blunder). And these people cannot stand Truesdale and they are not afraid to say it (they have labeled him sexist, reactionary and whatever else), except to acknowledge his Holocaust Revisionism naturally enough! Never mind all the ‘new’ left-wing anti-Semitism from genre pros that I reveal at this blog, and I’m just skating the surface.

And they cannot publicly acknowledge Truesdale’s obscene bigotry and the more fashionable liberal anti-Semitism for all the reasons I have already stated in this main pre-updated article.

And those folk – especially the Jews – who signed the petition, the only excuse is that you didn’t know about my blog (even didn’t want to know and still don’t want to know. I know for a fact that such an excuse, ‘oh didn’t know about the Truesdale exposé at your blog’ is not warranted in every case…), because it’s not only in the Truesdale centered series from April/May 2011 that Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is brought to public attention. I continually brought up the point of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (always with a link or two), if anything excessively so, in late 2011, 2012, 2013, as the context and circumstances warranted.

To sum up, Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism embarrasses everybody, those who signed the petition, but those critical of Truesdale as well! Because the latter (like the former) cannot even now acknowledge Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism, even as they openly imply that he is a sexist cave-man (on twitter, blogs, facebook), but not an anti-Semite! The former (those who signed the petition or supported it in whatever way) cannot call out the Thought Police for absurd hypocrisy, accusing the former of sexism whilst remaining silent on Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial, because the former signed the Truesdale petition (and so many of them are Jews)!

You have to laugh. I mean it’s a black comedy. Oh My God I used the term black comedy. Probably proves to the Thought Police that I’m a racist now. He said ‘black comedy’, he did, he did, I knew he was a white supremacist KKK type. Now we have the evidence for it.

If you know the genre Thought Police, you will know that I am only half joking. These people are that crazy.

These genre Thought Police must be bemoaning the fact that I am not one of them, that is not one in thrall to Islamophilia, Jew-nation hatred that pretends it’s nothing of the sort, and a dupe of humourless militant feminism, in thrall to trumped up sexism gibberish; or at best that I am not one of the quivering Jews desperate to keep quiet about all this anti-Semitism of whatever type, and sweep it all under the carpet. If I were one of them, they would be tweeting and blogging about my exposé of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism with delight, a big thumbs up and openly linking to this very article. They would be praising me to the skies, I would have heroic status among them, they would be all… ‘good on the Red Wolf, three cheers for the Red Wolf’. I would be all over the liberal SF blogosphere, facebook and the SF Twitterverse.

Pertinently enough, I published this on the 5th May 2011, in part 8 of my Holocaust Revisionism series:

As a consequence – even though I don’t really expect any *public* outrage from any notable Jewish figure/s in the genre community to these revelations – I am calling for a professional disassociation/s from Dave Truesdale in light of his clearly outing himself as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. However he may want to spin it.

Public outrage! Hahahahaahaaaaaaa. Yeah well, it was a very safe bet. Hey the Jew exposing hardcore Jew-hatred in the genre community is out in Antarctica. What else is new? These Jews would only express an opinion if Truesdale grabbed some genre female’s breasts at a Con somewhere (think Ellison and Willis), or make sure to give a public opinion about the SFWA Bulletin editorial/committee decisions and procedures in the wake of the recent Malzberg-Resnick kerfluffle. As it turned out. Now that’s something they will hurl themselves into! And be vocal about. Whether for or against.

Actually these genre Jews are a microcosm for liberal American Jewry as a whole (not just American Jews to be fair).

Really you have to laugh. I am. I mean it is fucking hilarious. As Richard Pryor pointed out, “comedy is tragedy”.

It is indeed.

UPDATED 7th March

So guess what! I discovered the source of the donotlink gang! OK this whole brouhaha has long since died down, but I mention it here anyhow, for the sake of the record. For the sake of completeness.

It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes intellect or detective work. It was Natalie Luhrs herself and her followers on Twitter. Here are the relevant Tweets.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
YOU GUYS. This dude is, well. http://www.donotlink.com/dGW (TW: accusations of anti-Semitism and pointing out authors who may be/are Jewish)

Michigan J Octopus ‏@emilytheslayer Feb 17
@eilatan right, him, I’d almost forgotten about him.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@emilytheslayer This is my first encounter, I think?

Michigan J Octopus ‏@emilytheslayer Feb 17
@eilatan he is Known.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@emilytheslayer So I have gathered.

Ann Somerville ‏@ann_somerville Feb 17
@eilatan …then you obvs didn’t care and SO YOU ARE THE WORST JEW/PERSON ON THE PLANET. But no enforcement of thought there

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@ann_somerville …I’m a non-denominational Christian deist. So yes: I am a terrible Jew.

Ann Somerville ‏@ann_somerville Feb 17

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@ann_somerville Pretty much, yeah.

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan He actually mentioned ME in one of his rants, which tells you rather a lot.

Natalie Luhrs
@kiplet That he’s an equal opportunity ranter? Are you Thought Police, too?

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan I’m nothing! I’m nobody! I said something nice to somebody non grata on Twitter, and So.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@kiplet How Dare You.

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan So many lines to cross, so little time.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@kiplet I know! This genre-destruction is a lot of work.

There you have it! So I was right, it was genre Thought Police, and only genre Thought Police. Yes the donotlink url takes you to this article naturally enough. Notice how none of the Tweeters can be bothered to mention what this article is actually about at all, just supposedly not to be trusted hysterical and over-the-top allusions to anti-Semitism (Ann Somerville’s tweets are asinine, ridiculous and less than rational), not their context, not even vague or hazy allusions to their actual content. As if they would know. They don’t want to know. Scared stiff. They can’t even be bothered to mention that I accuse Truesdale of Holocaust Revisionism, when it is central to this whole piece! Nada on that front. They tiptoe around it like it’s not even there. Like I write further up, hardly any of Luhrs’s followers (as it turned out) even bothered to check out the case for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism themselves. And of course I don’t accuse Luhrs of anti-Semitism. You would never know that going by her and her gang’s twit Tweeting. Very oversensitive there, aren’t we? Of course Luhrs and gang don’t give a damn about acknowledging any even extreme anti-Semitism from their genre peers and colleagues, even genre peers they consider reprehensible and even quasi-fascist. As their tweeting on  this very article proves emphatically and beyond reasonable doubt! Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is greeted not even with a yawn, not even that. It’s not remotely addressed by these folk.

As far as kiplet/Kip Manley is concerned, sure he’s a nobody in SF circles, but I mention him in passing over here, given the context of his tweeting parley with Rose Fox, who is a somebody in SF (and Charles Platt’s daughter), and Fox has been the focus of several articles of mine. Not that you would ever know that from Manley, nor the first thing about what that was all about.

So Luhrs and gang are predictably obtuse, scared stiff not only of acknowledging even vaguely, even cryptically the charge of Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism from the Red Wolf (never mind the actual smoking gun evidence I link to in this respect!), even as they consider him a reactionary sexist cave-man; because scared stiff naturally of going anywhere near the more run-of-the-mill anti-Semitism that infects the liberal genre community (and detailed in the archives of this blog) and wider liberal society like a cancer.  And naturally the fact that I don’t think much of their hysterical trumped up sexism charges against all and sundry. Their quaking tweeting on my blog and this very original article *specifically*, where the 16 ton brontosaurus in the room is not even vaguely alluded to (i.e. Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism), and the pathetic attempt by Luhrs to cover her tracks and not boost my profile on search engines, only proves my point about the genre Thought Police and why one cannot take them remotely seriously. That is their in-your-face moral relativism, their blunt and stubborn refusal to acknowledge even the most extreme, albeit oblivious Jew-hatred that is Holocaust Revisionism (from a conservative SF editor/critic they all hate no less!) for all the reasons I already state further up.

So their response to the red wolf blogger, the one who  gives them the revelation that Truesdale – who they hate – is a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist, (and all the evidence they could ever need in that department, not that they want to know!) can be summed up as…

Luhrs: I’m a non-denominational Christian deist, so I’m a terrible Jew 

Somerville: Unclean Unclean!

It’s just so pathetic. Such extreme cognitive dissonance. Boggles the mind.


Just thought I would mention this, because it is even more black comedy gold.

So guess what? Tim Lieder of Dybbuk Press, one of my biggest uh fans, blogs on this very article, and he continues to repeat his cretinous ‘beyond full retard’ MO (just check those Lieder articles). Namely Dave Truesdale ain’t no Holocaust Denier/Revisionist, in Lieder’s eyes! Well if you know all about my Lieder series, you will know that already. Lieder has stuck to his guns on that front persistently, no matter how I have exposed him, that is exposed Lieder for not knowing what he is talking about. Never mind Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (and others like editor Sam Hidaka [if anything I let Hidaka off the hook too much] and short story writer Marian Powell).

Here is Lieder, in Tim ‘where is my mind?’ Lieder style. Lieder you are truly in class of your own. http://marlowe1.livejournal.com/2190617.html

He entitles his post on me, ‘The Hobgoblin of Small Minds – aka Furry Jew rants again’. To those who don’t know about my altercations with Lieder, he labels me the Furry Jew.

Some choice quotes:

You can’t keep an internet crank down – https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/david-duke-in-wonderland-the-dave-truesdale-petition-re-the-sffwa-thought-police-and-the-hatred-that-dares-not-to-be-acknowledged-least-of-all-by-genre-jewry/ – Apparently Furry Jew has released another tl;dr wall of text in order to repeat his assertion that Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust denier. He goes by a bunch of things that Truesdale wrote about the dead James Hogan that were less than “Fuck that Guy” levels of acrimony.

And just so we are clear. James Hogan actually was a Holocaust denier so fuck that guy.

What drives Furry Jew at the moment is the fact that Dave Truesdale’s entire SFWA “the PC Police don’t want to us to see nekkid ladies” petition was argued and discussed without ONCE anyone citing Furry Jew’s long and tedious expose concerning Truesdale’s alleged Holocaust denial. Oh sure, a sane and rational person could think that it wasn’t important to the conversation or that it was something that couldn’t be shoehorned into a conversation that was already full of topics like sexism, editorial oversight, the proper audience for a trade magazine, First Amendment, red baiting and old people.

But Furry Jew is not sane or rational. In fact Furry Jew sees himself as the crusader against all that is anti-Semitic and Communist.

He also says nice things about anti-Semitic racist POS Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) but what’s a little anti-Semitism between friends?

That’s all to be expected from Lieder, he has been endlessly denying Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism from Day One. And if you want to know why and how, it’s all in my Lieder articles. And other delusional garbage in that vein from Lieder (yeah I don’t know why I bother with him, he’s such a hack, a wannabe hack really, but he is so witless, such an easy target, so delusional, that I find him endlessly fascinating). Fuck Hogan, but not his fellow Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale, hey Lieder? You king of supreme witlessness you.

And as I make clear in this original article, Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is relevant because the debate/argument here is inherently political, since it covers topics such as alleged misogyny and alleged sexism, not issues relating to science fiction criticism per se. And why would any Jewish genre pro writer/editor/fan especially, have any dealings whatsoever, professional or otherwise, with a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist?! Lieder of course doesn’t think that an issue. Then again what to expect from the witless Lieder? The reasons that Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is not brought up by anybody, whether for or against the petition, is already covered in this article, but it’s through the holes in the head of poor Tim Lieder. Then again to Lieder, the Holocaust Denier Truesdale with all his wormy Holocaust Revisionist newspeak ain’t no Holocaust Denier.

I say nice things about Vox Day aka Theodore Beale???!!!

I write further up above re Beale:

Would they sign up a similar or identical petition drawn up by the odious Theodore Beale, a misogynist, homophobe, anti-black racist and anti-Semite? I would think not, because Beale is simply beyond the pale (and has even been expelled from the SFWA). And not only to the idiot far Left moral relativists in the community, but to anybody who is not a reactionary redneck who knows what Beale has to say on gays, women, blacks…

If that’s saying nice things about Beale, I wonder what not nice things about Beale would sound like to Lieder! So Lieder just transparently and breezily lies here, as is his style. I don’t even think he knows he does it. Fails basic reading comprehension. Lieder is confused here and projecting his witless and moronic knee-jerk defense of his anti-Semitic, anti-Israel peer Nick Mamatas, onto me (re Beale). It’s what catalyzed Lieder’s fever-brained attacks on my blog in the first place. Lieder doesn’t even notice further up in  this very article, that I allude to the fact that even Mamatas has grudgingly (albeit cryptically) acknowledged Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism.

Also Lieder, re the Emerson allusion that is “the hobgoblin of small minds”, the full quote is “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” In your case, your persistent and obscenely dimwitted denial of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is “foolishly consistent”. To put it mildly. Thing is it is way worse than that, it is so obscenely delusional and cretinous, beyond witless, that words fail me. The Thesaurus fails me. One ought to invent a neologism for Lieder’s specific off-the-charts asininity. Maybe we should call it a Liederism/Liederist, or a Lieder…


So some further Tweeting from other genre Thought Police airheads re this article, not that their Tweeting has anything whatsoever to do with this article, or even the actual contents of my blog, but that’s the nature of it all of course. I was of two minds whether to even bother posting them up and commentating on them, given that Tweedledum Fred Kiesche and Tweedledee Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin on Twitter) of SF Signal are such minor players on the SF scene (yet along with that other lightweight Tim Lieder, they are among my biggest ‘fans’) and they are just so tiresome and pathetic, even by the standards of the idiot Left Thought Police (which is saying a lot!). Twit Tweets from two of their twit followers included, notably Shaun Duke (whose Tweets catalyze it all), a contributor/co-host of the Skiffy and Fanty SFF website.

Tweets all date from March 13th:

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
It shouldn’t surprise these folks that sf fandom’s “left” really have no interest in hanging out with James May. Look what he writes.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Which James May? (I know of two…)

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche The one that imagines himself as an sff writer.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke That *still* doesn’t narrow in down but I’ll just assume it’s nobody I know!

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche Search “James May John Scalzi” without quotes. You’ll find what I’m talking about 🙂

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke And the first thing returned is another blogger, Romeo Woof Woof, that keeps threatening to retire (but never has). Thanks.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@FredKiesche @shaunduke Romeo Woof Woof? I’m guessing that’s not me.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke In this case I was sort of using NATO phonetic alphabet.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche Is…is that bad? Do I want to know?

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Ask @PrinceJvstin . MY BRAIN HURTS SO MUCH NOW, I THOUGHT HE WAS RETIRED //thud//

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche @shaunduke he’s still not retired? Good grief.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin Ye Gods and Little Fishes, no. https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Don’t say I didn’t warn you. https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche you are going to have me read him again?! Between him, Hoyt and VD, I’ll go mad

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin I think his style has gone more confused. Makes those two look like models of editorial clarity.

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche he hadn’t posted since August. I thought he was done. Alas!

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites Bleck. This guy is a giant raving coocoo pants.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites I’m not sure he knows the difference between “analysis” and “bald assertion.”

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites Bald

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche Oh I see, kinda like, “He who must not be named.” Lest he reveal himself. He can yap on, that’s for sure.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke Mostly because when you use his name, he’ll pick it up from tweets and work you into his next blog “essay”.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin Updated an entry from mid-February to March 9. Still not scraped off our respective shoes.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@RomeoRites @FredKiesche You can’t even use his nicknames now. He’ll find those, too.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche Bleddy hell! Like Blogron or Bloggermort. Dafter than a half scraped carrot.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke Now we’re just insulting carrots.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@FredKiesche @shaunduke If that’s one of his nicknames, I’ll be for the chop.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@RomeoRites @FredKiesche Bloggermort

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche I like that name.

These Tweets are even more pathetic than Natalie Luhrs’s and followers, and I didn’t think that really possible; on the other hand when it comes to the idiot Left in the genre community, there are no limits to their obscene asininity. In fact these Tweets follow the very predictable and inadvertently revealing pattern that is the obscene brain-deadness of Kiesche and Weimar and their dumb dumb followers, given their previous tweeting on this blog, notably here. In that article Anna Tambour’s extreme, ugly and indisputable anti-Semitism is alluded to in all its naked glory, and Kiesche and Weimer can only tweet mindless insults my way (see self-same article). Then there is this Iain Banks themed article, in which the then living Iain Banks’s pathological and vicious Jew-hatred is alluded to, and the exact same derisive tweeting from Tweedledum & Tweedledee came my way (and in the process they were sucking up to one of my nemeses, the extreme anti-Israel ‘Jew’ Lavie Tidhar. Check that Banks article for their Tweets).

Tweedeldum and Tweedledee and gang aren’t bothered by the fact that they save their worst invective for me, when tweeting on my blog articles revealing with considerable evidence, the most base and extreme anti-Semitism; namely this one, in which Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is the very centerpiece around which everything else is decoration. And they hate Truesdale, like all the Thought Police! And the other two mentioned directly above, namely the articles on the anti-Semites Anna Tambour and Iain Banks respectively.

What this tells us about Kiesche, Weimer and their peanut gallery is naturally lost on them. Oblivious. Then again I said as much in that Tambour focused article.

As with Luhrs and her gang (Ann Somerville included), note how these morons ignore the actual central hub of this whole lengthy essay, around which everything else I write revolves. Namely Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Fucking Revisionism. And to repeat myself, the likes of Kiesche, Weimar and gang hate Truesdale, they hate his politics (as with Luhrs and her followers). In fact you would have no idea at all that my latest blog post is about, you know, a right-wing SF critic/editor’s Holocaust Denialism! going by these idiot Twitterers’ Twit Tweeting; and that my blog as a whole has as its central theme, the exposé of  anti-Semitism in the genre community. As I once remarked to Tobias Buckell who likewise thinks that the  most pathetic name-calling directed my way somehow shores up his position and refutes mine:

No I wouldn’t expect a coherent answer from the likes of Stross and Buckell (and the Apex SF crew as a whole). That’s not possible. Going by Buckell’s tweet ‘seriously whack shit’ (and Stross’s tweets likewise for that matter), nobody would know what on earth I was actually writing about. I mean I could be writing about calling for the excavation of the lost ruins of Atlantis under Antarctica, the invasion of China, bombing the Martians, endorsing some David Icke conspiracy on alien lizards in the White House feeding on human sacrifices, bringing back eugenics or remaking Heaven’s Gate going by Stross’s and Buckell’s fact-free tweets. Simply lame.

These idiots are so desperate to shore up their shaky delusions, which are numerous, that they really do uh think that calling me lame names sans evidence, somehow demolishes my argument/s. It’s not the ad hominems that are the problem in and of themselves, it’s that they don’t even attempt to back up their low opinion of myself with any even vague attempt or pretense of evidence or facts. Sure I call them idiots too, but I make it clear why they are such. Hmm let’s see, this is the only blog pointing out that amidst SF’s 49th nervous breakdown, namely the Truesdale SFWA petition, nobody on either side of the kerfluffle can be bothered to mention the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. Then again this is the only blog that has the smoking gun re Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism. The response to these considerable revelations in this very article by the Red Wolf, from Tweedledum and Tweedelee and gang on Twitter: The Red Wolf/Romeo Woof Woof is confused, my style is worse than Hoyt and Vox Day, I’m dumber than a carrot. That’s insulting to carrots. Their ‘brains’ hurt. Let’s invent a new nickname for Romeo Woof Woof, Bloggermort!

Notice the heavy implication that I’m to the right of the reactionary Vox Day, when I’m not even a conservative and actually call out Vox Day in this article (and elsewhere) as a racist and a misogynist, a homophobic reactionary. Then again since when did these Thought Police idiots care for what I actually write. They have their bogey man to cast stones at, how else can they feel better about themselves?

Yaaaaaaawn. Projection Projection Projection. Wonder if these guys know what that is?
Truth is I think Tweedledum and Tweedledee and followers would miss me if I retired completely.

It’s difficult to know who is dumber – Tweedledum & Tweedledee and their little sect or Tim Lieder? How to quantify and measure it? Kiesche and Weimar and their gang of morons can’t be bothered to mention what this article – heck this very blog – *is actually about* (I don’t think that they actually know); they just dismiss me with name calling, which the Fairies have told ’em, really works! Then there is Tim Lieder who to his credit actually mentions the charge of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism; Tweedledum and Tweedledee and their blind mice can’t be bothered to mention the man’s very name, any more than their fellow Thought Police peers, Luhrs and gang. However Lieder then undoes this lead (as in being less dumb, yeah it’s relative) he has on Tweedledum and Tweedledee by saying that I have no evidence for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism! Of course Lieder has done this repeatedly (whilst simultaneously denying that he does it, just click on that latest Lieder gibberish blog post directed my way). And as a consequence, one could argue that Lieder sneaks ahead of Luhrs, Somerville etc., along with Kiesche, Wiemer, Duke, R. A. Kennedy in the obscene zombie obtuseness championship stakes. But it’s a close call, gotta say.

Further update (I know so many):

Look at this from the Jewish writer Jack Dann (who signed the petition), dated 16th February 2014, TWO DAYS after this original article went online.  Dann thanks Holocaust Denier Truesdale:

Tangent Online is airing a 1947 adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz.” Dave Truesdale dedicated the Tangent Online episode to yours truly because  I wrote a homage to Fitzgerald called “The Diamond Pit”. Thanks, Dave. That was very kind!


It’s interesting – although that might not be the right word – to relate the fact that Dave Truesdale remains very much persona grata, among the big old movers and shakers in SF. That is he is still very much accepted by his peers, Jewish and Gentile alike. Rather, more accurately, those who were just fine communicating with him prior to this very revelation from February 2014, never mind when it was all first publicized. That is those folk who signed the Truesdale Petition, or at the very least some of them, major writers and editors… Why do I say that? Here is the Jewish Mike Resnick, with an article from Tangent (very much still Truesdale’s baby) dated January 2015. Note the buddy buddy intro, which I assume is written by Truesdale. Even if it isn’t (well who else?), Resnick has no problem whatsoever writing for Truesdale’s mag, Tangent. This, to repeat the point, is in 2015. RESNICK DOESN’T WANT TO KNOW. Liberal genre ‘Jewry’ just don’t want to know. Like liberal American Jews in general, not wanting to know about how Obama’s embrace of the Iranian mullahs threatens Israel’s very survival. And more in that vein. As in Obama’s frenzied Jew-hatred in general. Could Care Less. Microcosm of SFF genre Jews reflects the macrocosm of liberal Jews as a whole. Could Care Less.

Also this Tangent article dated October 2014 written by Gregory Benford, about his trip to Africa. Interesting that he also penned this previous article at Tangent, dated September 2014. I say interesting, because it’s about LonCon 2014, and how Benford, a giant in the field, perceived it as riddled through with unpleasant PC Marxism and related Leftist histrionics and neuroses. I’m sure. Yet Benford chooses to tell us all about it at Holocaust Revisionist Truesdale’s place on the World Wide Web. Hello? Oh wait this chilling ‘zombie chronicles’ nightmare is unending. As in the larger world, a microcosm of the macrocosm. Hey what’s the denial of the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Nazis, among Gentile and Jewish friends anyhow, compared to British Marxist pomposity, smugness and stupidity? Pathetic. I have to say that Benford and Resnick really have no excuse at this point in time. They just don’t want to know, do they? I mean what else is their excuse, if they can be said to have one?

Truesdale penned  this review article at the SF Site (of his fellow anti-Semite Kathryn Cramer’s one book that she co-edited, by the by). It is dated 2014. This may or may not be post-PetitionGate. The SF Site appears to be run at least in part, by the Jewish Steven H Silver (who is well aware of the charges leveled at Truesdale).

Also, Breitbart.com which is a popular conservative news source covering politics, Hollywood, media and the like, had an article posted up on the Conservative vs SJW morons of the SFF community, in February 2015. It pertains to the politics of the Hugos and how it has all been hijacked by the Social Justice Warriors and their censorship and ostracization of those they don’t like from that awards scene (like Larry Correia and others); and how the latter have responded. Namely the ‘Sad Puppies’ thing. A few other things are mentioned. I agree with most of the article. There are however a few road bumps. Aside from its whitewashing of Theodore Beale aka Vox Day’s misogyny and indisputable anti-black racism, there is this:

Their victims [the victims of the SJ Warriors – red wolf] are littered across the SFF community. In 2013, the Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) were targeted by a shirtstorm-like cyber-mob of digital puritans after one of their cover editions was deemed to be “too sexual.” The controversy did not die down until two of its most respected writers, Mike Resnick and Barry Malzburg, were dismissed from the publication. This occurred despite a vigorous counter-campaign by liberal members of the sci-fi community, including twelve Nebula award winners and three former presidents of the SFWA. 

Now if you click on the underlined ‘counter-campaign’, it takes you of course to the petition drafted up by Truesdale at Tangentonline, with all its signatories. This Breitbart article is from February 2015. Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (wot’s that guv’nor?) is being self-censored as much from the Right as from the Left. Does Not Surprise Me in the Slightest.

If a real big scandal occurs in the SFF genre community, and nobody talks about it, was there a scandal to begin with? If liberal American Jews in the genre community, and in general, behave like cowards at best and self-loathing worms at worst, in the face of hardcore anti-Semitism (whether that anti-Semitism comes from conservatives, liberals or Muslims), and nobody calls them out on it – does that mean they are in the clear?

7th September 2016 UPDATE

I think it worth adding some additional info here, to those who may stumble across this article. Relating to SF’s 212th nervous breakdown, the expulsion of Dave Truesdale from MidAmeriCon II held in Kansas City, Mo in late August 2016.

Even though this happened in 2016, I’m certainly not going to be writing up any new separate articles on Truesdale! Enough is enough.

Truesdale was expelled after he went on a political rant as moderator on a panel on 19th August (other speakers included Gordon Van Gelder, far Lefty Aussie Jonathan Strahan who has a strong antipathy to Israel btw, Sheila Williams and Neil Clarke) entitled ‘The State of Short Fiction’. Some appear to have bandied the panel as ‘The Golden Age of SF’. Truesdale has made his talk (the audio) publicly available at Tangent.

Truesdale being Truesdale, complained about the stifling left-wing politicization of American Science Fiction, the alleged stifling of its creativeness and free expression by Social Justice Warrior spoilers, and the latters’ endless histrionics. And related. All this ranting on a SF Con panel having nothing to do with any of this.

How Truesdale just loves to see himself as a Galileo-like figure fighting the Inquisition that Truesdale perceives as the US SF Establishment. Truesdale has a real Martyr’s Complex.

Far Left cretin supreme Jim Hines’s blog posting on the Truesdale expulsion (and here is why I call him a cretin supreme), which sees Paul Levinson (pro-Truesdale) and Charles Stross (anti-Truesdale) exchange insults in the comments. Hines’s blog posting has a lot of other links to this affair, and is probably the definitive link in this regard.

For what it’s worth, and to repeat myself somewhat excessively, both Levinson and Stross are Jews in Name Only, both are extremely antipathetic to Israel. Stross is of course hardcore in his ‘new’ anti-Semitism. An irony thus lost on most everybody, never mind these two odious characters, is that Stross and Levinson are more alike than they could ever know.

Levinson the Jew in Name Only, in his mindless defense of Truesdale the Holocaust Denier, constantly references the ugly bullying of the infamous Joe McCarthy and even brings up Goebbels’s sinister propaganda tactics!!! All in defense mind you of Dave Truesdale the Holocaust Denier!! Paul Levinson the ‘Jew’ who still does not know nor care that I have exposed Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier. He’s more scared of my blog than the idiot Jew-hating Marxists of the genre community. And yes to remind my readers, he is technically ‘aware’ of this blog’s existence.

Naturally the likes of Vox Day, John C Wright (who qualifies as Truesdale’s hagiographer)  all go along with Truesdale’s Martyr Act in a forum where it was arguably inappropriate and uncalled for.

It made Reddit naturally enough, if you want to take a gander just do a search there. Jason Sanford weighs in.

Genre writer Jeb Kinnison weighs in, and writes at his blog:

Dave’s beliefs are well-known, and for some programming people to ask him to volunteer then have other ConCom people judge him severely for his immoderate moderation would seem to repel future moderators from volunteering.

Really, Dave’s beliefs are well-known? Which ones?? His Holocaust Denialism? Really? Oh Kinnison is not going there, if he even has the vaguest clue.

Here is the uh Jewish Moshe Feder, an editor at Tor on all this on Facebook. A liberal Jew who ends up defending Truesdale’s right to speak, and standing against his expulsion. The supposedly Jewish Darrel Schweitzer concurs (same facebook link), seemingly having done a U-Turn on this issue. Both are clearly utterly oblivious to Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism. The only excuse they have is they have never heard of this blog. That however begs the question: why not? I am willing to bet every dollar I have in the bank both are utterly oblivious to Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton’s, and even Bernie Sanders’s Jew-hatred as well. Because hating Israel has nothing to do with Jew hatred, and what Israel hatred anyhow? I betcha. All this is related to their oblivious screw-up re Truesdale. It is all interlinked. Heads in the sand.

A blog posting at Fantasy Literature, a genre book and audio review site.

So did MidAmeriCon do the right thing here re Truesdale? I mean aside from the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Fucking Denier!! which begs the question, why is a Holocaust Fucking Denier/Revisionist even welcome as a moderator or speaker on a WorldCon panel, but I will come to that…

Both sides arguments arguably have merit. Admittedly it is just easier for me to support the expulsion, because Truesdale is um a Holocaust Denier folks. However we have to look at all this as a separate issue entirely and judge it on its own merits. Well maybe. The thing is I actually do agree with the liberals in SF circles – even a broken clock is right twice a day – that Truesdale pontificating about the politics of the SF scene in such a forum was unnecessarily divisive, ill-timed and unseemly. What the hell did he do it for? He was moderating on a panel about the state of short fiction for crying out loud. What on earth does this have to do with the SJW irritants in SF circles, besides absolutely nothing? It’s just Truesdale’s ego and his love for making controversy and hugging the spotlight and his politics of SF uber alles ranting, that gets the better of him. If he was ministering, lecturing and preaching on SJWs in SF circles at his blog or website, that’s just fine. I do that after all. At his platform he can do whatever he pleases. But that’s not what he did.

I find myself sympathizing to a degree with the left-wing SF commentator ‘Marion’ who wrote at her blog Deeds & Words the following:

If Truesdale were a tie-dyed-in-the-wool liberal, haranguing about the corporatization of the Democratic Party while tossing “Feel the Bern” bumper stickers into the audience, it would have been just as selfish and just as bad.

Yes that is a good point. If some far Left SF personality had done the same thing and used that panel that had nothing to do with the ugliness of contemporary politics, to wax on about how wonderful the Bern or Jeremy Corbyn are, and fume about Donald Trump as the new Hitler, I would likewise think it rude and unseemly. An out-and-out expulsion may not be warranted unless the person concerned was very rude; and fact is it would not happen in such a case anyhow because I would expect a double standard here from the Left leaning SF establishment. However that wouldn’t change the issue per se. Namely self-righteously pulpiteering on divisive politics, as if we don’t have enough of it – whether from a right-wing angle as in Truesdale’s case, or a left-wing PoV hypothetically speaking – is still improper, ill-becoming and unnecessarily rude in such a forum. Is an expulsion though too extreme? Thing is why was he really expelled? Is this it? Probably. A part of me just thinks, who cares, good on the Con organizers for expelling a Holocaust Denier even as I am the only one who says it!! and good riddance to Truesdale. Please God he is not invited to be a moderator at any other Con. Ever again.

However even if such a position has merit, the Con organizers did screw up here by even inviting Truesdale to be a moderator on a panel at a WorldCon – any panel – to begin with. For two reasons.

Firstly, I mean it was so predictable that Truesdale would do EXACTLY what he did. Which is fine I guess if you don’t mind and feel that political prattle was just fine and appropriate for the panel discussion. As one Twitter user put it, Truesdale is gonna Truesdale. So as at least one commentator at Jim Hines’s relevant blog entry points out, given that Truesdale’s behaviour was entirely predictable and should easily have been foreseen, what excuses do Con organizers have for inviting Truesdale to be a moderator in the first place? I mean if they feel that they don’t want to hear from conservative and yes reactionary political voices in such a forum or consider it inappropriate…

I mean other than willful blindness that is.

And now really this is where I have no choice but to bring this up, once again… Sigh.

Yes I repeat myself and repeat myself and repeat myself. I am compelled to do so as long as I blog, because it’s always the same old same old…

The real reason that Truesdale should never have been on any World Con panel is…

THE FACT THAT TRUESDALE IS A HOLOCAUST DENIER/REVISIONIST. And is there really any excuse in 2016 for WorldCon organizers not to know this?

Naturally none of the commentators at Hines’s blog entry – including the idiot Hines who is technically ‘aware’ of this blog – bring up Truesdale’s uh dissident views on the annihilation of European Jewry. (Any more than the uh Jews Feder and Schweitzer make mention of it because they don’t appear to know at all and they clearly don’t want to know about anything touching on anti-Semitism, in and out of the genre community. As with all of liberal so-called Jewry. Scared to death of going anywhere near acknowledging the monster that is Jew-hatred) Pathetic. Sure I don’t expect all genre pros and fandom to know about my blog, but you know plenty do. Then again what else to expect?

As of late 2016, a Google search for ‘Dave Truesdale’ and ‘Tangent’ still brings up the Season of the Red Wolf exposés of Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism on page 2 of Google search results, if not on page 1 any longer. A search of the archives of this blog shows that many of the genre’s pro writers, editors, fans (including former SWFA president John Scalzi) have had plenty to Tweet and on occasion blog and facebook prattle on re the Season of the Red Wolf. Even if largely dismissive in a way that is frankly as sinister as it is oblivious. I mean I am exposing anti-Semitism in the mad mad mad and witless genre community of dullards duh. However the point I want to make is what excuse do at least some of the movers and shakers in SF who are ‘cognizant’ of this blog have for not alerting at least some of the Con organizers to the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist? I mean this is a WorldCon after all.

Well as I relate time and time and time again, everybody – so-called Jewish and Gentile alike – is scared stiff of recognizing the existence of Jew-hatred. It is a taboo. Make that a HUGE TABOO. Don’t want to go there. At all costs.

So two and a half years after the Truesdale petition was signed onto by these oblivious genre Jews, we have people agreeing with Truesdale’s expulsion from MidAmeriCon II on the one hand, and those harshly disagreeing and defending poor innocent Galileo wannabe Tangent editor Dave Truesdale on the other hand. Naturally none of them bring up the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier (and yes Holocaust Denialism is Holocaust Revisionism and vice versa). Because we can’t go there now!

Obviously those defending Truesdale conveniently ignore/are oblivious to that ugly monster of extreme and oblivious Judenhass in Truesdale’s cupboard! But so are those who support the decision of the head honchos at the Con to expel Truesdale. That is the latter also ignore Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism, sweeping it under the rug or play at Hear no anti-Semitism See no anti-Semitism Speak of no anti-Semitism. That is the liberal modus operandi and the Jewish modus operandi likewise. Even as it appears to be in the interest of the latter group to make mention of it! Even as it appears to be akin to military generals in a war not using their most heavy weaponry such as artillery and fighter bombers they have in their arsenal to target enemy combatants in a desperate battle, and instead merely make use of small arms fire from infantry troops.

I will just say that the exact same psychological and sociological dynamics are at play here once again re the willful silence on Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism from liberal SF folk who consider Truesdale to be a reactionary, misogynist and racist. But not an anti-Semite!! It’s the same Black Comedy. Over and over and over again, for as long as Truesdale makes a scene in the SF public sphere.

Naturally airheads like the Jew in Name Only Charles Stross, and Jim Hines for that matter, would never use Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism against the ‘Jew’ Paul Levinson!! and for that matter any other Jews defending Truesdale such as Feder and Schweitzer. That is because the source in this regard – the Red Wolf – makes Stross and Hines come off just as badly as Levinson and other genre so-called Jewry. In fact Stross comes off far worse than anybody here. Just check what I write re Stross (and Graham Raven) further up. In summation, Levinson, Hines and Stross are all technically so-called aware of this very blog (well as aware as zombies can ever be), and none of them can mention the monster in Truesdale’s cupboard. Levinson I am willing to bet couldn’t ever bring himself to click on any link to the Red Wolf blog. Ever. Not even to my article on Levinson himself I am willing to bet. I don’t have Ron Paul banners anywhere for one, so he just couldn’t bring himself to go anywhere near…

Hence what I mean by the black comedy that is unending. I’m the pro-Israel anti-Islamist Zionist Jew (well yes I am indeed), hence an evil right-wing ZioCon in the eyes of the Loony Left (yes they are), and so everything I write must thus be tinged with madness… So Stross and Hines for that matter, both of whom have launched the most asinine insults my way – and the way of any and all other ‘Islamophobes’ such as Elizabeth Moon – have tied their own hands re Truesdale’s most egregious and obscene bigotry, namely the latter’s Holocaust Denialism.

So naturally not one of the liberals, communists, socialists, anarchists and assorted Social Justice Warriors in the SF genre community – having painted themselves into a corner re the Red Wolf blogger – dares make mention that the likes of Vox Day, the ‘Jewish’ Paul Levinson, John C Wright and other right-wing whiners and even uh liberal Jews! are not doing themselves any favours and do not have a leg to stand on. Namely those running to the defense of a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist! ranting about perceived political slights and stifling of opposition political viewpoints in official SF circles, are being extremely hypocritical, absurd, obscene and counter-productive. And utterly oblivious. If not sinister. To put it mildly. That is the SF right-wing community who have complained about the poor Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale’s alleged mistreatment at MidAmeriCon II – American SF’s very own Giordano Bruno being burned at the stake, well in the mind of Truesdale at least – only serves to justify the suspicions liberals and Jewish liberals among them, have about right-wing folk in general. It proves that it’s not just idiot liberals who are guilty of the most idiotic identity politics. So is the Right. In and out of the genre community. Hey Dave Truesdale is the anti-PC Right’s Holocaust Revisionist not the Left’s Holocaust Revisionist. So he’s just fine, sparkling and good and all is right with the Right. To the right-wing spectrum of the SF community. What to expect from the Mel Gibson lovers/defenders really? The Right’s Jew-haters are just fine to the Right. It’s only the Left’s Jew-haters that are ugly and bigoted. If the latter can even be said to exist at all.

When people who complain about Political Correctness turn out to be Holocaust Deniers, well that is the neo-Nazi definition of Political Correctness at work. The PC definition used by the alt.right brigade of white supremacists across the West, the successors to the Ku Klux Klan and the John Birch Society, the BNP types in the UK. The kind of far right-wing folk who think Political Correctness is the refusal to face up to the prejudicial belief that black people are innately inferior to white people and Jim Crow and apartheid in South Africa were good things which we ought to wax nostalgic over; and likewise think PC is the refusal to acknowledge Jews as nefarious all-powerful trouble makers, prone to evil, greed and malice. The kind of right-wing homophobic reactionaries who think it’s PC softness and immorality to consider gay rights a basic human right, rather than an affront to civilization or what passes for the latter anyhow.

This has nothing to do with the kind of actual PC rubbish I myself have decried at this blog, as do other bloggers, journalists and commentators around the world, from Mark Steyn to Douglas Murray, historian Bat Ye’or, gay writer Bruce Bawer, Allen West, Geert Wilders, Pat Condell, Steve Emerson, the late murdered Pim Fortuyn, Ezra Levant to the late Oriana Fallaci. And plenty others. Namely the kind of moral and cultural relativism the Left routinely engages in; the Left’s Islamophilia most pertinently, related denialism and apologetics for the Jihad International, respectable and fashionable anti-Semitism as anti-Israelism/anti-Zionism/post-Zionism, asinine America hating and related hatred of the West and associated Western self-loathing and the resultant ever intensifying Western Civilizational Suicide.

If this is how it is not only in SF circles but the wider world: namely a choice between left-wing Islamophiles and Israel haters (that is disingenuous sophisticated Jew-haters who pretend they are nothing of the sort) and alt.right John Bircher types who are more nakedly and crudely anti-Semitic and anti-black racists and homophobes, then Gold help us. And that is how it looks from here. Increasingly so. I know there is a significant silent wedge of people in the SF genre community – and out of it for that matter – who just roll their eyes at both political camps here who have more in common than not, but the silence is itself a problem.

A Holocaust Denier/Revisionist is no icon of Truth Telling to the Power of the left-wing American SF Establishment. That’s for definite! And you will only read that here. From the Red Wolf. No other genre Jew – writer, fan, editor, publisher – dares make public mention of it! Some do a helluva lot worse. 

There is something else that should be put on the public record re Truesdale’s expulsion that otherwise would not be known about. When Truesdale was expelled from MidAmeriCon on the 20th August, there was a sudden spike in my blog stats (that very day), and I mean to this self-same Dave Truesdale Petition article from 2014 (naturally before this September 2016 update). This spike remained over the next few days, with the highest number of visitors to this particular article by a long shot, being on the 24th August. This is all relative when you are blogging in the Internet equivalent of the Outback but even so… This article was discussed on facebook (among a small group of people), behind the scenes. No mention was made on Twitter nor any blog. I do not know the group or the identities of the folk involved. Were at least some of these people among the organizers/honchos from MidAmeriCon? I don’t know. I can only speculate here. But clearly the timing here is not a meaningless coincidence.

Interesting no?

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