Charles Stross in friendly anti-Israel Twitter banter with anti-Semite Max Blumenthal, the pseudo-scholar whose Israel hatred inspired the neo-Nazi killer Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. of the Kansas Jewish Community Center murders

I have posted up a fair bit on the anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ SF writer Charles Stross over the course of this blog enterprise. His anti-Israel/anti-Semitic zeitgeist is something I have remarked on or alluded to in several articles, along with his love affair with moral and cultural relativism, and Islamophilia (i.e. he’s a typical idiot far Leftist). This one here though is a real doozy, although honestly it’s just more of the same. Frankly it’s all so predictable.

There is a fair bit of typical and odious left-wing ‘the bogey man that is the evil conservative Christian’ blather from the likes of Stross and Max Blumenthal (and others) here in Twitter conversation from October 24th 2013, and the sinister and frankly bigoted tainting of Israel and the Mossad – a transparent guilt by association – with the alleged quasi-fascist agenda of the American Christian Right. I can’t even be bothered to dissect and fisk it all. Note the source that the anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ Max Blumenthal cites, the electronic intifada, is one of the most dishonest and horribly Jew-hating (as in ‘new’ Jew-hating i.e. Israel hating) ‘news’ propaganda outlets on the WorldWideWeb. There is a mountain of info out there on the lying and demonization of Israel, the Jew among the nations, from the electronic intifada ‘news source’. Naturally together with its consistent lying and misrepresentations of Israel, and its anti-Semitic support for BDS against Israel, the electronic intifada whitewashes and even lauds the Jihad against the Jews, and naturally likewise whitewashes the Jihad against everybody else for that matter, in the Middle-East and beyond.

Here anyhow is the Twitter conversation from October 2013:

Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal Oct 24

Israeli legal group funded partly by Pastor John Hagee unmasked as Mossad proxy

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@MaxBlumenthal @cstross The major verified fact in this article is that Israel discovered evidence to a law firm that supports Israel. So?

Charlie Stross@cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal Mossad directing funding by a Dominionist fundamentalist whack-job doesn’t strike you as … odd?

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal Of the things the Mossad has done, this is the biggest non-story in their history.

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal In America? Just another day.

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal It’s not like they stole a freighter with 240 tons of uranium or anything, but I’m still fascinated 1/2

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal 2/2 by the US Christian right’s support for the Israeli Jewish right (who they can’t abide, theologically).

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal I dig. As a member of the Jewish middle, the Christian money creeps me out, I’ll be honest. Funding the apocalypse?

Jeff Eaton @eaton Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal Important to remember that end-times theology holds that all good Jews will become Christians.

Jeff Eaton @eaton Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal So, the theological differences are only temporary!

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal It’s like the Aryan Nations cuddling up to the Nation of Islam. Cute, in a creepy way—who’ll stab who first?

Julio Escajedo @MorganBlackhand Oct 24

@cstross “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” or something like that.

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

@JohnSkylar I got a whole horror novel out of that theme …

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@eaton @cstross @MaxBlumenthal Yeah, because I really need Christians to tell me if I’m good or not.

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross Yeah, especially in the AN/NoI terms you put it, it sounds like there’s a cyberpunk thriller this news fell out of…(1/2)

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal The Christian Right loves Israel because that’s where Armageddon will start. +

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross …even better would be a preacher funding Mossad cyberwarfare to bring about a nuclear war or something. (2/)

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal + it’s just a coincidence that there are Jews there…

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal I think let’s stay away from comparing Israel to major anti-Semitic organizations, though, eh?

So much horrible, delusional, confused and bigoted gibberish there (against pro-Israel conservative Christians and Israel), and total trust from all the Tweeters there in the anti-Semitic hate site electronic intifada, Blumenthal’s go-to-source naturally enough. Stross blabbering on in his usual oblivious bigoted ‘anti-fascist’ fascist style, re his warped allusions to the Aryan Nation and the Jew-hating Sharia supporting Nation of Islam. As for the Tweet sent Stross’s way amidst that poisonous and odious Twitter hate-fest, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… !! Indeed. My irony meter explodes. Then again if I had a dollar for every time my irony meter exploded when pouring over Twitter rants from anti-Semitic left-wing extremists, I would be sunning myself on board my yacht off the Caribbean by now. Uh is Israel equivalent to the Jew-hating Sharia supporting Nation of Islam now Stross, or is the Jew among the nations rather more like the genocidally Jew-hating Aryan Nation?! How are conservative Christians who dare have the gall to support Israel – the Jew among the nations – against Muslim extremists and fascists, the latter openly dedicated to another Holocaust of Jewry, uh… “Aryan Nation” i.e. neo-Nazis?! Maybe Stross means it the other way around, pro-Israel Christians are equivalent to the Jew-hating Nation of Islam. Sigh. Stross as he can be relied on, gives all the evidence that ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ in far Left newspeak really means fascist and bigoted, so there you go. Calling Dr Freud. Even Skylar gets nervous there at the end, vaguely sensing where all this is leading, in fact where it has already led, that is to explicit, indisputable and ugly in-your-face anti-Semitism; rather than keeping it in the bounds of respectably dishonest and fashionable Israel hatred and hatred of conservative gentiles who support Israel (which Sklyar is just fine with of course).

Yeah it’s Christians (and the Mossad it appears) who are not anti-Israel who threaten the Apocalypse, not Blumenthal and gang’s fellow anti-Zionists, the Jew-hating Muslim extremists from HAMAS, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood to the Assad Syrian regime and the Iranian regime. Well it is so in the fairyland world of the Jew-hating far Left, and notably the Jew-hating far Left ‘Jews’.

Max Blumenthal is one of the most prominent of the new generation of Israel hating American far Left ‘Jews’ (succeeding the now elderly Jew-hating ‘Jew’ Noam Chomsky one supposes, who Stross also admires of course). Blumenthal is the author of a recent anti-Semitic book on Israel, one praised by Jew haters of every stripe (and yes white supremacist neo-Nazi types too, David Duke included. And that is the crux of the matter, the main point of this article), Muslim extremists and Jew-hating liberal types. Gee I wonder what explains Charles Stross’s fellow anti-Israel Twitter mate Max Blumenthal being fawned over by David Duke and… uh what’s the title of this article again? The lies in this Blumenthal book about the Jew nation (published by the far Left anti-Semitic The Nation‘s book imprint) and the whitewashing of the crimes of Muslim extremists against Jews and others can fill a whole book itself.

Here is an article from the left-leaning Forward, a Jewish Affairs online magazine, on just how extreme the Judenhass is in Max Blumenthal’s book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. As the article points out, even the very left-wing The Nation’s liberal columnist Eric Alterman (even as The Nation‘s book imprint published the book!!), in reviewing the book, commented:

‘ “I expected to disagree with its analysis,” he wrote. “I did not expect it to be remotely as awful as it is…. It is no exaggeration to say that this book could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club (if it existed).” ‘

Blumenthal gladly preens his Israel bashing credentials to the fawning Press TV, the Iranian regime’s propaganda arm in the English language world (there’s that enemy of my enemy is my friend again, Charlie S). Then again, Blumenthal has compared Israel to Nazi Germany. So it’s hardly surprising that Blumenthal is a fan of electronic intifada and that Stross implicitly gives his thumbs up to that anti-Semitic well of poison. Birds of a feather… Enemy of my enemy…

Naturally the anti-Semitic Jew Charles Stross has a high regard for Blumenthal (as his friendly Twitter conversation with Max B attests to) and – to repeat the point – has no problem with Blumenthal’s Jew-hating source, electronic intifada likewise. The thing is their Twitter banter is not about recipes for Thai chicken, Latin American or African politics, the Great Recession or the ongoing Hi-Tech information revolution, science fiction and whatever else. The buddy buddy Stross, Blumenthal and friends Twitter conversation centers on Christian conservatives who dare support the Jooooo nation, and how fascist that all is apparently. And that’s why it is so sinister, uninformed, delusional and yes bigoted.

The anti-Semitic news source Mondoweiss (founded by surprise surprise another extremely anti-Semitic Jew Philip Weiss), is where Blumenthal posts up a lot of his Jew-hate rants, including his admiration for anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Stephen Walt (who blames Israel for pushing America into war in Iraq); in fact there is nothing but endless, relentless and persistent Jew nation bashing (all of Blumenthal’s articles on Israel without exception are nothing but lies and distortions, and a parroting of Jew-hate Palestinian propaganda besides) from Blumenthal and Mondoweiss. You would never know about the ongoing mass murder, torture, killings, bombings, terror, tyranny and oppression of jihadists from Syria to Nigeria, Kashmir and the Sinai, Somalia to Thailand, Gaza to Iran and Yemen to Afghanistan going by Blumenthal and Mondoweiss. That’s what makes them such OBVIOUS Jew haters, aside from their tiresome demonization of Israel. Philip Weiss gave his support to Hezbollah during the 2009 Lebanon election, saying  “I hope Hezbollah wins…. Nobody else seems to care for the poor people in Southern Lebanon.” Weiss also believes in a sinister and oppressive Jewish conspiracy in the halls of American political power and the US media, and has given support to the extremely anti-Semitic BDS movement against Israel (check same link/s).

In fact hardcore genre Jew-hate writer China Mieville gets fawning treatment over baseless fact free anti-Israel commentary (i.e. his usual Jew-hate animus) at Mondoweiss this very month, the day after the Kansas City area murders in fact (April 14th).

It is truly difficult to get the warped and poisoned mindset, the ‘thinking’ of Jews like Blumenthal (never mind Weiss), his Twitter buddy Stross, and the latter’s fellow anti-Semitic ‘Jewish’ buddy Lavie Tidhar (and Anna Tambour for that matter, among plenty of others in the genre community alone) in which it is the conservative Christian and the Jew nation alike who are the foremost fascist bogey creatures threatening life, liberty and authentic civilization; not Muslim extremists (Sunni and Shi’ite) who are at the present time slaughtering and maiming people from Egypt to Syria and Nigeria, Christians included, cutting off the clitorises of girls from Egypt to Somalia, persecuting homosexuals from Iran to Saudi Arabia, threatening Jews with another holocaust, and a nuclear holocaust at that. Then again, Stross is always consistent in this regard. He blamed the Tea Party for the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago after all. Check the updated lowest part of that article for Stross’s endorsement of an anti-Semitic tweet falsely accusing Israel of  “ethnic cleansing”, an accusation that was easily debunked. Then again, check the lowest part of this article (the update) for how Stross dismissed my series on Holocaust Denialism within the genre community, without reading a single word therein, as nothing but a paranoid fantasy on my part; when encouraged to do so by his fellow anti-Semite Paul Graham Raven, who had dismissed that series likewise without reading a single word therein. Like I say Stross is predictable and consistent, in the worst way.  

Now with the killing of three people (two of whom were gentiles) at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom in the Kansas City area by the former KKK white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. aka Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. on April 13th, who was heard to shout ‘heil Hitler’ as he was sent away in a police cruiser; it turns out Miller/Cross Jr. is an admirer of the Israel hatred of Stross’s Twitter buddy, Max Blumenthal. Blumenthal tweets desperately to try and blame the Kansas murders on random American gun violence (along with the other Israel-hating Jew Mira Bar-Hillel, same link) and in the process downplays and dismisses the obvious murderous Jew hatred here; and then it is outed that Cross Jr. is a big fan of the ‘Jew’ Blumenthal and commends the latter’s writings on Israel and its apparently nefarious agendas! The thing is Blumenthal has the gall, the chutzpah – it’s beyond chutzpah  to then blog on Cross/Miller Jr’s killings, makes sure to give it an anti-Israel (and anti-Christian conservative) spin, because it’s always about Israel in the eyes of Jew-hating Leftists like Max B, even when it isn’t (that’s what makes them such obvious Jew haters for one); but Maxie B can’t be bothered to take in the fact that Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. is a big fan of Max Blumenthal himself, when it comes to all things Israel related! In fact Blumenthal has the gall to compare Frazier Cross’s Nazi ideology to Zionism! Uh Projection Blumenthal, Projection. 

Here is Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. on Blumenthal (posted up by him at the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi forum akin to StormFront, in turn akin to the now defunct Asimov’s Discussion Forum). Note that he’s also a fan of that anti-Semitic Republican crackpot, Ron Paul. Former SFWA president, the ‘Jewish’ prof Paul Levinson is a big fan of the Jew hater Ron Paul btw.

This is some big dookee, yaw’ll.…on-paul-obama/

Jew journalist Max Blumenthal exposes and explains this attempt by a foreign government Israel, to buy the presidential election for the neo-con, war-mongering republican establishment.

Like I’ve been saying, the kikes simply do not trust a lame-duck black president with the name Hussein. Jews fear his re-election, thus this jewish Super PAC to defeat him.


If a Jew-hating Hitler admiring KKK killer gushing over the writings of a far Left ‘progressive’ Jew’s Middle-East oeuvre surprises you (and gushing over Ron Paul likewise), you are not paying attention. Didn’t surprise me in the slightest, nor did it surprise me that Stross was all buddy buddy with Blumenthal on Twitter, especially when it came to political ‘news’. In fact how did I discover all this? It was so easy. After it came out that Blumenthal inspired the ‘political philosophy’ of the KKK murderer, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder who is on record for gushing over the Jew hater Blumenthal (and the worst anti-Semites are the far Left ‘Jews’. The very worst) among the Jew-hating genre liberals?’ I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if  somebody like Stross has gone all gaga over Blumenthal, since Stross routinely gushes over Jew-nation hating Jews (check Stross related articles at this blog), so I did an Internet search and Bingo!

UPDATE September 2015: I just thought I would add a further exposé on Blumenthal’s JudenhassI know it’s flogging a dead horse at this point, but still it’s worth checking out. From the link (CAMERA, a site exposing anti-Jewish bias in the US media), pasted below:

It’s all on the record: Blumenthal lied, for example, when misquoting Zionist founding father Chaim Weizmann. Helied when claiming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the September 11 attacks. He lied when falsely attributing a statement to Ariel Sharon. He lied when misquoting CAMERA. He lied about supposed Zionist collaboration with Nazi Germany. He lied about Israel opening dams to flood the Gaza Strip. He lied about Israeli Bedouin; about a Netanyahu-backed “Jewish state” law; about Israeli funding for a radical NGO; about Israeli support for a Palestinian state; and about the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians.

So why wouldn’t he lie, on Chicago public radio, about the 2014 war between Hamas and Israel? Below, in chronological order, are some of Blumenthal’s falsehoods on the Sept. 21 edition of Wordview.

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