UPDATED 2018 The horrible anti-Semitism of the ‘Jewish’ prof and doyenne of the liberal SF Literati, Farah Mendlesohn

There is a belated 2018 UPDATE! to this article. Just scroll down to the lowest part of this article, or search for ‘2018 UPDATE’.

Scroll down for the update, dated June 7th 2014. A reply to Farah Mendlesohn’s Tweets on this very article. Precedes the 2018 update of course.

Those readers who follow this blog, and who are not anti-Semitic (and that means not anti-Israel) and keep an eye on, or are cognizant of all the anti-Semitism among the genre Left (as with the Left as a whole, from the anti-Semitic US president Obama to NPR and the BBC), and the role played by self-hating genre Jews in running cover for and cheering on their liberal Gentile colleagues and peers in their Jew hate as Israel hate, their know-nothingness, their moral relativism, their lying; may be a little surprised that I have never before mentioned the Jew in Name Only Farah Mendlesohn’s extreme modern-day anti-Semitism/Jew hatred, i.e. her rabid anti-Israelism. I mean given how she is a caricature of the anti-Semitic Islamophile liberal humanities prof, and given her high-profile position in promoting science fiction/imaginative fiction, as a genre worthy of academic commentary. She is also a genre editor.

Well here is that article. I’ll get round to her Jewish self-hatred in a mo’.

Farah Mendlesohn is, as her Wiki page informs us, “Head of Department in the Department of English, Communication, Film and Media at Anglia Ruskin University. She was previously Reader inScience Fiction and Fantasy Literature in the Media Department at Middlesex University. She writes on the history of American religions and British and American science fiction and fantasy. She received her D. Phil. in History from the University of York in 1997. She was the editor of Foundation – The International Review of Science Fiction from 2002 to 2007. She formerly was reviews editor of Quaker Studies.”

One wonders what history that is, that she specialized in, Marxist Revisionism?

She co-edited The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction with Edward James.

Glorifying Terrorism is a book from 2007, that she edited, reviewed here at Strange HorizonsIt’s apparently some kind of protest fiction against the British government’s outlawing of the “glorification of terrorism” via its Terrorism Act of 2006, which is supposedly reactionary. Make of that what you will.

One assumes Farah Mendlesohn and her contributors mean ‘glorifying terrorism’ in an ironic post-modernist way. Or some such. I don’t really care to know.

Telling that the contributors to the Glorifying Terrorism anthology include several horrible anti-Semites from genre pro ranks, including Hal Duncan, Charles Stross, Lavie Tidhar and Ken MacLeod. So it’s entirely appropriate that the anti-Jewish ‘Jewess’ Farah Mendlesohn is such an anthology’s editor.

I do actually mention in passing Farah Mendlesohn’s anti-Semitism in this blog article of mine (one of the updates), with a link to this article here (from The Palestine Chronicle), a smoking gun of in-your-face Leftist Jew hatred, that shows Mendlesohn up for the self-loathing liberal bigot that she is. I have also mentioned her in passing in my Mieville series, but didn’t begin to get to grips with her anti-Semitism there.

Staying on track with the petition she signed back in January 2009 (link from The Palestine Chronicle above), along with other anti-Semitic British academics, protesting Israel’s fight in the Gaza War of 2008/2009, i.e. the Jews fighting back against a conflict initiated by HAMAS with its targeting civilian Jewish populations with rocket attack after rocket attack at the end of 2008. Of course to Jew-hating Leftists and their Islamist allies, its imperialist aggression and a war crime for Jews to ever fight back against the peaceful and progressive Jihad, in any way whatsoever. It’s a petition that also featured in the horribly anti-Semitic The Guardian. It’s a petition that openly and explicitly hopes for, indeed prays for Israel’s defeat at the hands of HAMAS.

If you think I’m kidding, here is a choice quote from that petition:

Israel must lose. It is not enough to call for another ceasefire, or more humanitarian assistance.”

The talking points in that petition, simply tiresome heard-it-all-before Jew hatred passed off as Middle-East analysis, and the predictable whitewash of the HAMAS Jihad against the Jews. I am not going to bother fisking that petition myself, it has been done effectively by others. That Gaza conflict between Israel and HAMAS would culminate in the anti-Semitic Richard Goldstone Report orchestrated by the Jew-hating UN, now a report so utterly discredited, that Goldstone himself has tried to distance himself from it.

Safe to say that since then (never mind at the time and before then), Farah M and her fellow bleeding heart petitioners have never bothered to sign any public petition expressing outrage, anger and self-righteous venting and spleening against any jihadist group or organization anywhere, never mind HAMAS’s rocket attacks on Jewish civilians that initiated that very Gaza conflict (Jihadist attacks from Gaza easily numbering over ten thousand rockets, missiles, mortar strikes since 2005 in fact). In fact simply no outrage, anger, no condemnation via any petition whatsoever from Farah Mendlesohn and her fellow British liberal progressive academics against any jihadist Muslims extremist groups anywhere in the world. Not the Taliban’s ongoing jihad, not Boko Haram’s twenty year reign of terrror in Nigeria that has now degenerated into full-scale civil war, not the jihadist fighting in Libya, now ongoing and intensifying, not the jihadist terror in Algeria, Yemen, Mauritania, Chad and Mali (ongoing and intensifying), and not Muslim Brotherhood tyranny and terror in Egypt. Not jihadist conflict in Kashmir and Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines. Not the jihadist mass murder in Darfur, not Hezbollah’s tyranny and murder in Lebanon, not the oppressive tyranny and state sponsorship of jihadist terror from Iran. Not the Sunni and Shi’ite fanatics and factions in Iraq slaughtering one another with abandon, seemingly without end, and no condemnatory petition against the murderous parties in Syria’s Civil War in which over one hundred and seventy thousand people have been killed to date, including tens of thousands of civilians. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Zilch. No public petition from those profs on that front. No public petition from any of them, Farah Mendlesohn included, protesting against Sharia Law anywhere in the world, from Afghanistan to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, Brunei to the Sudan. Sharia Law is murderously homophobic and murderously misogynistic. Pay No Mind.

Even if Israel were guilty of war crimes against Gaza in the 2008/2009 war, which it wasn’t, such brazen and indisputable double standards re Israel and the barbarity, mass murder, oppression and tyranny within the Muslim world ALONE, by these self-righteous anti-Israel pro-Palestinian liberals, can only be accounted for by naked anti-Semitism/Jew hatred. It is naked anti-Semitism in principle. Of course it’s worse than just double standards, it’s a moral inversion. Gaza Muslim fanatics from HAMAS and allies initiated its 2008/9 conflict with Israel by targeting Jewish civilians for death and maiming by rocket and missile attacks, and Israel responded by fighting back against the HAMAS Muslim extremists. HAMAS is guilty of using civilians as human shields, an actual war crime. Anti-Semitic anti-Israel spin to the contrary.

Mendlesohn was, as to be expected, one of those harshly critical of  Elizabeth Moon when that whole ‘Islam Citizenship’ thing blew up. I mention that (and Mendlesohn in this regard in passing) over here. Farah M was one of those commenting at anti-Israel ‘Jew’ Lavie Tidhar’s blog in this respect. Like Tidhar and all the other anti-Israel Jews and Gentiles, Farah M had nothing PUBLIC to say about James P Hogan going public with his Holocaust Denialism. And of course heard nothing from her when I outed Dave Truesdale Tangent editor as a Holocaust Revisionist. Then again ditto the entire genre community. Even now. Years later. Mendlesohn is thanked by hardcore Jew hater and fellow British prof China Mieville in the Acknowledgments to his book The City & The City. It’s not as if Mieville’s hardcore Jew hatred bothers Farah at all, after all it’s clear to her, as with anti-Semite Lavie Tidhar, that Mieville’s anti-Semitism is nothing of the kind. As with Tidhar (and Mieville), she is sympathetic and supportive of BDS activism against Israel (as the petition she signed makes clear, it explicitly calls for a boycott against Israel). And the BDS gangsterism against Israel is horrible and extreme Jew hatred, nothing less than that.

No genre pro (as far as I know) in the genre community has had boo to say about Farah M’s self-hating Jew status. Then again no well-known genre writer, editor, agent, publisher (not talking the very few genre fans here, such as Jordan Bassior and a few others) in the genre community has boo to say about any other self-hating genre Jews, calling out their self-hatred for what it is. Not with respect to Lavie Tidhar, Anna Tambour, Charles Stross, Rachel Swirsky, Felix Gilman, Rose Fox, Scott Edelman, Laura Anne Gilman, Nir Yaniv, conservative and former SFWA president Paul Levinson and others. Then again no notable genre pro, or hardly any, has boo to say about the hardcore Jew hatred from Mieville and his buddy Nick Mamatas, not the Jew hatred from Ken McLeod, not from Kathryn Cramer, not Iain Banks (not notable genre folk in Banks’s case. Liberal genre Jewry such as David Brin and Neil Gaiman fawned all over him, sobbing at his passing). Jews in the genre community have had plenty to say, for and against, re the whole kerfluffle and nervous breakdown that was the Resnick-Malzberg ‘sexist’ SFWA Bulletin affair (just google it and see how many thousands of blogs, Twitterfeeds and websites crop up), plenty of outrage there. Over less than nothing. Plenty of commentary on Harlan Ellison grabbing Connie Willis’s breast. I can’t remember if it was her left or right breast, if I ever knew. Only James May (aka ‘Fail Burton’) and myself called out far Leftist Charles Stross for his blaming “crazy white guys… the provisional wing of the Tea Party” for the Boston marathon bombing the day it happened, Sarah Hoyt’s blog has since publicized this fact. Otherwise nothing but silence. Can you imagine if a conservative genre writer had blamed “crazy black guys from the New Black Panther Party” for that same bombing? There would be a massive response, the head honchos at SFWA would get involved, an urgent meeting would be called, a storm of behind-the-scenes gossipy e-mails would result. Subsequent commentary and venting from near every SF liberal genre writer, editor and fanboy with a blog. A Twitterstorm. His agent would drop him. It would make the mainstream media.

Can you imagine if a conservative genre writer remarked in some silly flame-war he got involved in, “Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child.”? Well there would likewise be huge outrage in the SF blogosphere, calls for said writer to be fired from any membership in the SFWA or similar, his agent would drop him as if he were a wet turd. A massive SF Twitterstorm. And rightly so. However because that remark was *actually written* by a Jew-hating genre communist writer, namely Nick Mamatas, the response is well…. NOTHING. I mean I am the only one who blogged on it. Seriously. Can you imagine if a conservative genre writer said his favourite blogger was David Duke, or a popular British National Party blogger, or any KKK white supremacist blogger you care to name? Of course a hue and cry, and such a person would quickly become persona non grata, and rightly so. However because communist Nick Mamatas’s favourite blogger (Mamatas is explicit on this point) is a fellow communist who gives unequivocal support for HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH, it’s all just hunky dory, nothing to see here. I am the only one who has called Mamatas out on it, the only person. Mieville has written for that Jew-hating Lenin’s Tomb blog btw.

And what of all the shrill commentary on the disinvite of Jonathan Ross from a GoH speech at the Hugos this year (it even made the New Statesman for crying out loud, the linked article)? In fact Farah Mendlesohn resigned from Loncon 3 over all this! And of course plenty of outrage re Elizabeth Moon. I got over three hundred thousand returns on Google for ‘Elizabeth Moon’ and ‘Islam’.

James Hogan’s Holocaust Revisionism, go here for the actual level of outrage (my specific reply to the genre Thought Police’s Chesya Burke in this regard), barely a pip. Especially from genre Jewry.

The taboo of refusing to face up to the most extreme and hardcore Jew hatred in the genre community came to its absurd nadir with SF’s 49th nervous breakdown, the Dave Truesdale SFWA petition earlier this year, itself a fall-out from the Malzberg-Resnick witch-hunt. Nobody there, heatedly arguing and throwing insults at one another, on both sides of the Truesdale Petition affair, could be bothered to mention the fact that Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist. Even after they all became clued up to my relevant article on that front. And remember plenty of Jewish personalities signed the petition. Even now, the sounds of cowardly silence. The only actual returns you get on Google, to explicit allusions of *Dave Truesdale’s indisputable Holocaust Revisionism* are to this blog (and Dybbuk Press’s Tim Lieder refusing to recognize that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier)! Don’t want to open that can of worms! Oh My God  it will lead down a road nobody wants to travel… Genre Jewry themselves bar entry to that road. They guard it with sticks, clubs, harpoons and nunchaku. Scared To Death.

Why should Gentile supporters of Israel in the genre community call out any anti-Semitic personalities in the self-same genre community (predominantly liberal but also conservative), when Jewry is too cowered, scared stiff, quaking and quivering, and riddled through with self-loathing and ignorance, to do what they should do? In fact it is genre Jewry who are leading the way in defending, promoting, rationalizing and lying for the cause of liberal and progressive Jew hatred as anti-Israelism. In and out of the genre community. Liberal genre Jewry, at best cowards, at worst self-hating Jews. It’s that simple. I don’t mean every single one of them, but most of them. For sure.

As with their fellow liberal Jews who don’t know Frank Herbert from Frank Sinatra, who don’t know nor care about Science Fiction. Genre liberal Jewry are a mirror, a microcosm of contemporary left-wing Jewry. After all, liberal American Jews overwhelmingly voted for a Jew-hater, Barack Obama. Twice over. As I write this up, the cat is out of the bag. As if it wasn’t beforeObama has given the green light for the US government to fund the Fatah-HAMAS unity government that has come into existence this very week. That’s where the ‘peace talks’ with the jihadist terror group Al Fatah/PA have gotten Israel. I predicted more or less, this ongoing catastrophe for Israel over here, when these farcical now suspended talks began.

And the real horror, the real consequences have yet to hit home.

It’s only just begun.

Not that Farah Mendlesohn knows nor cares. Israel is the villain to her. And her disgusting ilk. ‘Jewish’ and Gentile alike. It’s just a coincidence that they share their hatred of Israel with HONEST Jew haters of the neo-Nazi white supremacist type and the Muslim extremists they actually support. Nothing to see there. Move along.

As for almost ALL liberal genre Jews, far Left and mainstream Left, they are predictably consistent, in ways that are increasingly debased, delusional and asinine. That is their deafening silence, if not a big thumbs up, on the Jew hatred of their genre colleagues is entirely consistent with their voting for (or supported if not American) that Jew-hater Barack Obama, TWICE OVER, whose policies and whose administration increasingly threaten Israel’s very existence. In the name of alliance and friendship.

I am no longer at the end of my tether. I am past that point.

Sleep well liberal North American and British Jews. You’re not living in Tel Aviv nor Haifa after all. So what do you care?

To be blunt: go to hell.


the coin flips again and again, and again, and again
as our sanity walks away
all this discussion though politically correct
is dead beyond destruction
though it leaves me quite erect

and as the final sunset rolls behind the earth
and the clock is finally dead
I’ll look at you, you’ll look at me
and we’ll cry a lot
but this will be what we said
this will be what we said

Look where all this talking got us, baby.

‘White, Discussion’
From the album Throwing Copper (1994)



Yawn. So a predictable Twitter response to this article, as you would expect really (aside from facebook). Anyhow here are Farah Mendlesohn’s Tweets (June 5th and 6th), the featured self-hating genre Jew of the month.

Farah Mendlesohn @effjayem
Apparently I am an anti Semite. https://seasonoftheredwolf.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/the-horrible-anti-semitism-of-the-jewish-prof-and-doyenne-of-the-liberal-sf-literati-farah-mendlesohn/ …. (No, I’ve not read it all. I’m not daft.). Thank you @NMamatas for alerting me.


Farah Mendlesohn @effjayem
The best bit about hate reviews is taking their words and use it as a tag. I like being “the liberal doyenne of sf literati” #RedWolf


Farah Mendlesohn @effjayem
It just occurred to me that I didn’t actually know what “doyenne” meant. I am now ludicrously flattered (see last night;s twitter stream).


Notice how she thanks Nick Mamatas, the Jew-hating communist for alerting her to this article. Birds of a feather… Very much proves my point about Mendlesohn’s anti-Semitism.

Notice (no not you the Jew-hating genre Thought Police, you are not even conscious in any meaningful sense of the term) how Nick Mamatas is so shameless, he has no problem giving public attention to this article; when I make mention of the fact that his favourite blogger (with the evidential link) is a Hezbollah and HAMAS supporter, Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb (Seymour also a fan – and vice-versa – of the odious George Galloway, a proud HAMAS fundraiser and one of the most notorious Jew haters in Britain, which is saying a lot). That and the fact that I give a link to an article above evidencing his NAMBLA friendly remark, that don’t bother Mamatas neither. He and his gang are soooooo supershameless. Naturally it don’t bother Farah M, giving him the hat tip. She probably didn’t read that far, like she says. And if she did, it wouldn’t have made any difference of course.

I am really surprised you didn’t know what ‘doyenne’ meant Farah, aren’t you a fucking professor? And in the liberal arts, or some-such pseudo-artistic folderol? Aren’t you an editor of uh books? Hey, here’s a word I know you won’t know the meaning of, you can look it up, but you won’t, it’s ‘dhimmi’. That’s what you are. You and your fellow progressive bigots. Also a ‘useful idiot’. As in useful idiot of the Jihad, but you don’t need to look that up, even though you don’t get it naturally enough. How about ‘dupe’? You know what that means, surely?

Farah admits to not having read the whole article, well naturally. Not that it would make a difference if she did, in one ear and out the other. Actually not even in the ear, since it all reads like Zulu or Mandarin to these folk. Cognitive Dissonance pure and simple. You’re not daft!! Want to bet? Your daftness and worse is the subject of this article after all.

One wouldn’t have a clue what this article was about, and all its allusions, going by Mendlesohn’s Tweets (and any of her fellow dunderheads). The core point being that obscene anti-Semitic petition she signed in 2009 (pay no mind to linked articles written by actual scholars exposing that petition for the Jew-hate gibberish that it is, and the subsequently discredited Goldstone Report vilifying Israel, and even the Golstone Report isn’t as bad as that Jew-hate petition Mendlesohn signed!), Farah’s support for BDS against Israel (check the petition), and how buddy buddy she is with so many Jew haters whose Far Left anti-Semitic politics she shares, Mamatas and Mieville among them.

One wonders how would these self-hating Jews like Farah Mendlesohn (never mind the Gentile Jew-hating far Left) react if Israel were actually destroyed by these Jew-hating Jews’ allies, the Muslim extremists? Unfortunately this is not a fanciful fantasy scenario, and it’s becoming less fanciful with every passing day. (Abbas knows, the jihadists in the Middle-East and Iran know, with the ostensible leader of the ‘Free World’ being a hardcore Jew hater himself, and having their back, now may be the best time to act on their Jew-hate genocidal fantasies. Who knows who will next occupy the White House after all?) I mean from a psychological viewpoint, how would these self-hating Jews cope with the destruction of Israel? Blame Israel? Sure, but what else? Block it out, and focus on some new cause no doubt, since Jew-nation baiting would no longer be remotely plausible if Israel is destroyed, and those devil Zionists are pushed into the sea, exterminated and/or forced to flee to God knows where. Jew-hating Gentiles (whether liberals, communists, socialists and conservatives among them), will most likely just return to old-fashioned HONEST Jew hatred. Not that they ever left it behind really… And what are you going to do then, anti-Israel Diaspora Jews? (As for anti-Israel Israeli Jews, well who knows where they will be!) What will you hide your self-loathing behind then? Will self-hating Jews just rewrite their personal history, reinvent themselves as mournful Zionists? There is no self-deception and bizarro collective deception I wouldn’t put past these people. They are still selling the Jew-hating Holocaust Denying jihadist Mahmoud Abbas as our peace partner, even now that he has signed a unity deal with HAMAS in the PA government (now to be funded by American and European taxpayers, in violation of these countries’ own laws. Pay No Mind). They are in every way, literally and clinically insane.

And the attitude of so-called right-thinking, but actually cowardly Likudniks goes like this, ‘better not offend that Jew hater Obama, otherwise he will hate us, and do nothing on Iran and fund HAMAS’.

I digress… Actually I don’t.

Farah ‘I’m not daft’ Mendlesohn take a bow.

If only you were a unique Jewish specimen, as rare as four-leaf clover.

Unfortunately you are not.

Anything but.


This is belated, but worth mentioning even more to Farah M’s relentless and persistent and oblivious! Jew hatred; to anybody who stumbles onto this old article. So in light of the subsequent explosion of hardcore Jew hatred in UK Labour over the next couple of years, after I had published this original article back in June 2014 (and who knows what is to come?!), with the ascent of Hamas and Hezbollah fan Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of that party in 2015 (who Farah M is naturally a big fan of, but of course); well look at what went down later in March 2018, on Twitter…

Just one of so many Jew-hate scandals re Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Left, was one revolving around an anti-Semitic mural Corbyn gave the thumbs up to, and then lied about it, when he was called out on it years later. Stephen Pollard with the details here. This linked article from The Jewish Chronicle is from March 2018. As Pollard writes there:

The work, Freedom for Humanity, was painted near Brick Lane in London’s East End by “graffiti artist” Kalen Ockerman, who goes by the name of Mear One.

Its intent was obvious. It showed businessmen and bankers sitting counting their money. Not only did they look like obvious caricatures of Jews – in a style reminiscent of Nazi propaganda in the 1930s – the artist himself confirmed they were intended as such, writing: “Some of the older white Jewish folk in the local community had an issue with me portraying their beloved #Rothschild or #Warburg etc as the demons they are.”

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of politics, history and the world would see that the work was caricaturing Jews. And, to be blunt, anyone denying that is indulging in sophistry of the most pathetically unconvincing kind.

Indeed, the then Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfar Rahman, himself ordered council officials to “do everything possible” to remove the mural, agreeing that “the images of the bankers perpetuate anti-Semitic propaganda about conspiratorial Jewish domination of financial institutions.”

To repeat: this was not a controversial view. The artist himself held it, publicly.


More of the ugly details at the link.

Left-winger Paul Bernal made allusions to Labour’s Jew-hate problem on Twitter during the same time period (March 2018); Farah M had something to say on her Twitter feed about it, in response to Bernal. And it is an explicit allusion to the mural. Man there is no hatred like self-hatred…

Here is Paul Bernal’s Twitter commentary, Farah M’s commentary (and Bernal’s) in reply follows:

Paul Bernal @PaulbernalUK

(1) Labour has an anti-Semitism problem. (2) There are some nasty pieces of work trying to take advantage of that for their own purposes. (3) Others have anti-Semitism problems too.

Don’t let (2) and (3) distract you from facing up to (1).

My view.

 Farah Mendlesohn @effjayem  Mar 27

Replying to @PaulbernalUK

Jewish member here. Still waiting to experience anti Semitism in the Labour Party after 30 yrs. Have had plenty of bad experiences tho with fellow Jews in the party shouting me down for not being a Zionist. So excuse me if I am wondering what the agenda is here.

Paul Bernal @PaulbernalUK Mar 27
Replying to

There’s certainly an agenda – that was my point (2). I’m delighted you haven’t experienced any anti-Semitism too! The bigger problem that I see is people failing to recognise anti-Semitism – hence those defending that mural as just being anti-Capitalist.

Mar 27

frankly not recognising issues with the mural is fine by me. It means the old stereotypes have faded. It doesn’t mean people who don’t recognise them are anti Semitic


Wow. None of this surprises. It’s consistent with a ‘Jewish’ Jeremy Corbyn fan, and of course Farah M’s explicit support for Hamas before then. What would the Jew-hating Left and Labour do without the likes of Jew hating Jews such as Farah M, running cover for the former?

Firstly, Paul Bernal is way too diplomatic, too soft on Farah here, he lets her off the hook. Plus he is clueless about her dark history, her support for Hamas elucidated on above. To cut to the chase, Farah M is letting us know that she has never experienced any Jew hatred from Labour! A ‘Jewess’ who swoons over Hamas and Hezbollah supporter Corbyn, a ‘Jewess’ who gives unequivocal support to Hamas (which calls for the liquidation of all Jewry on its charter) wouldn’t know Jew hatred if she walked into a neo-Nazi rally or a Hezbollah one.

And further, she lets us know that if people don’t recognize a vicious anti-Semitic caricature for what it is (the Jew bankers who control the world economy), because the Jew hatred runs so deep and is so universal, people don’t even see it for what it is, then it ain’t Jew hatred! So says Hamas supporter Farah M.

In other words, Farah M’s Jewish self-loathing runs so deep, she can’t see it for what it is; just like the Jew hatred that courses so deep within the putrid bowels of UK Labour, it runs so deep within the Left that the Left is ‘consciously’ oblivious to it. ‘A horrible anti-Semitic mural is not anti-Semitic because people are too ignorant to recognize it as playing off anti-Semitic caricatures, that one finds in Nazi and neo-Nazi literature likewise’. So says Farah M in so many words. Ah the twisted ‘mind’ of a self-hating Jew is really something. She is right up there with Anna Tambour isn’t she? And that’s just within the genre community.

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