Geoff Ryman tweets in reply to my exposé of Farah Mendlesohn’s anti-Semitism, and so denies the undeniable and defends the indefensible

I was going to add the content of this blog article to the previous one re my exposé of ‘Jewish’ genre editor and professor Farah Mendlesohn’s horrible anti-Semitism (as rabid anti-Israelism), just to make a further update there. However I decided best to make it a stand-alone article. Ryman deserves his own article, given that he is a well-known and highly acclaimed and award-winning genre writer, and the other article is long enough.

There has been one further Tweet from Farah on the previous article, since I published the updated reply (a reply to her initial Tweets on my exposé of her vicious anti-Semitism), and a few of her followers, and Ryman is notable here. Initially I thought I missed these Tweets but they were only tweeted on June 9th and thereabouts.

So the previous article is necessary background reading before tackling this one. Briefly I show how in 2009, Farah Mendlesohn, like the cookie-cutter caricature of the anti-Semitic left-wing academic that she is, signed her name (along with other anti-Semitic left-wing British academics) to a dishonest, brazenly one-sided and rabidly anti-Israel petition during the Gaza War of that year i.e. the war initiated by HAMAS in its firing barrage after barrage of rockets and missiles, indiscriminately targeting Jewish civilians in Israel for death and maiming. I had quite a bit to say on it in the relevant blog article of mine and provide scholarly links as to why that petition and the subsequent UN sponsored Goldstone Report on that war (that Goldstone has even attempted to run away from and now shuts up about) are horribly anti-Semitic. I also point out the deafening silence – the non-existent petitions that is – from Mendlesohn and her fellow bleeding heart liberal academics then and now, on relentless jihadist terror and mass murder, tyranny and oppressive Sharia law, from around the Muslim world. And what that tells us about Farah M and her ilk. Details in the article.

So Farah Mendlesohn tweeted some rather lame replies to my article, thanking the Jew-hater and communist Nick Mamatas for alerting her in this respect (which as I wrote in the updated reply to her Tweets, only adds weight to my charge). Anyhow consult the previous article for my reply to her initial Tweeting.

Yet a few days later (June 9th) she would Tweet again my way (I must have really hit a nerve, the wound festered over a few days…), so here it is (further down), along with the Tweets from a few others. Yet is is Ryman who is the focus here naturally enough.

Farah Mendlesohn @effjayem
Apparently I am an anti Semite. …. (No, I’ve not read it all. I’m not daft.). Thank you @NMamatas for alerting me.

I have of course already addressed this Tweet above in my previous article.

Geoff Ryman ‏@geoffryman Jun 9
@effjayem @NMamatas Could we all agree not to retweet this article? It just spreads the idea

Now we wouldn’t want that idea spreading now, would we Ryman? People might get the wrong idea. People may even think it might be true. Well you don’t need to worry about that. They would no more comprehend the article you are Tweeting on, than you do. At least not the liberal genre anti-Semites and their apologists you clearly associate with. Ryman appears to sense deep down, that Farah doesn’t have a leg to stand on, the desperation from Ryman comes through…

Farah Mendlesohn ‏@effjayem Jun 9
@geoffryman @NMamatas I prefer to laugh loudly right in the face of these creeps.

That’s showing me up Farah. Just keep telling yourself that. Yeah Farah that’s really sticking it to me! Oooooh I’m a creep and you laugh in my face. That’s cutting me down to size and totally refutes the points I allude to, about that 2009 anti-Semitic (because dishonestly anti-Israel) petition you signed during the Gaza war, and all those other anti-Islamist petitions you didn’t sign (along with your fellow liberal academics) ever.

Uh then again maybe not.

Simon B
@effjayem well that was fascinating. I have learnt that if you have no cogent argument, random words in bold are an acceptable alternative.

Nothing random about the sentences I choose to emphasize in bold. They are emphasized because they are the most important points I make in my article. And thus the ones I want to stress the most. That’s the whole point of putting text in bold. DUUUUUUUUUUH. As for no cogent argument, yes I can see you don’t have one.

Kevin J. Maroney ‏@womzilla 18h
@effjayem @S0B Do not DOUBT the power OF RANDOMLY emPHAsizing WORDs or even SYLLABLES AND letterS

UH I don’t do that. Oh wait, you are clearly disturbed by the contents of my article and thus respond in a way that is neither logical nor factual, nor relevant. What else is new?

This stand-alone Tweet from Ryman is worth highlighting (June 10th)

Geoff Ryman @geoffryman
Rabid attacks on Jews for BEING antisemitic (unpack later) sound like antisemitic attacks ON Jews. I feel sad.

So we have the well-known, highly regarded and award-winning genre writer Geoff Ryman (who as a matter of interest is gay and now teaches English or Creative Writing or some-such at the University of Manchester) tweeting in defense of Farah Mendlesohn’s indefensible anti-Semitism. In so doing Ryman shows he is the scarecrow without a brain, on the yellow brick road to Nowhere, with Farah M in the Judy Garland/Dorothy role I suppose…  No happy ending here though. This is real life. (Yes a reference to Ryman’s novel Was to those of you who don’t know it. As a digression let me say it’s a very good novel, I recommend it)

You would of course never know what my article was about going by Ryman’s Tweets, then again it’s Twitter. Medium is the message and all that.

So by pretending nothing anti-Semitic to Mendlesohn signing a hardcore anti-Semitic and viciously anti-Israel petition in 2009, Ryman either outs himself as an anti-Semite; or else he’s just plain stupid and mistakes some misguided, unthinking knee-jerk rallying defense of his fellow liberal genre colleague, as some kind of vindication of her. One or the other. Either way it’s very stupid of Ryman. Ryman’s obtuseness and ignorance is compounded by his Tweeting in this respect to Nick Mamatas, as does Mendlesohn of course. I have written several articles on Mamatas at this blog. Each and every one of them shows up Mamatas as a hardcore Jew-hater and hypocrite (although I only heavily imply his anti-Semitism, I didn’t come out and state it explicitly). Ryman doesn’t appear to have a clue and it clearly wouldn’t make a difference if he did. Tweeting in self-satisfied agreement as Ryman and Mendlesohn do, that I’m basically a kook, to one of the genre’s most notorious anti-Semites (Nick Mamatas) is not doing Ryman and Mendlesohn any favours. It’s just plain sinister really.

I wonder if Ryman even bothered to read the previous article properly. Mendlesohn proudly states that she didn’t! And she thinks that counts in her favour. I can’t blame Mendlesohn for not wanting to read my article in its entirety, even in small part; if I were a self-hating Jew like her, I wouldn’t want the indisputable evidence for my self-loathing thrown up in my face. Too humiliating and distressing. She’s never had to face this before it would appear, surrounded and cocooned as she is in the Gentile British academic establishment, with its toleration of Court Jews like her, so long as they play along with the new anti-Semitism.

Ryman reveals just how plain stupid and ignorant he is. Oooh I’m the anti-Semite now for exposing anti-Semitism. Ryman pretends Jews can’t be anti-Semitic. Heck several of the Jews in the genre community ALONE, show that to be a lie. As the archives of this blog reveal! But only to those who are not anti-Semitic nor brain-dead or both. Anybody not living on Mars and who is not an anti-Semite (liberal or conservative), and who observes closely the political scene, and has the pulse on the contemporary zeitgeist, knows that the Jews are among the worst anti-Semites. Nothing new there. In fact a perusal or search of this blog’s archives show up some of the most notorious propagandists for the Jihad against the Jews to be Jewish themselves (such as Hezbollah supporters Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein). A perusal of the contemporary academic literature on anti-Semitism in the world today, and among specialist political bloggers, shows up sooooooooooo many of the most conspicuous Israel haters (but NOT haters of Muslim extremists) around the world, including notably Israel itself, America, Britain, Canada, France, Australia… are Jews.

Ryman would possibly tell me that Jew nation hatred isn’t anti-Semitic, only Jew-hatred is. Heck the previous article to the one Ryman’s Tweeting on details ‘Jewish’ genre writer Charles Stross’s anti-Semitism, and non-genre ‘Jewish’ political writer Max Blumenthal’s Jew-hatred is relevant there. Maybe Ryman will tell me Blumenthal can’t be anti-Semitic because he’s Jewish. Ditto Stross. It would at least be consistent of Ryman. Maybe Ryman will tell me that liberal Jewish genre writer Anna Tambour is not anti-Semitic and neither is Gilad Atzmon, of whom she is an admirer. And how can one leave out Lavie Tidhar? Maybe Ryman will tell me there’s no such thing as liberal or left-wing anti-Semitism. His Jew-hate genre communist buddy Nick Mamatas (that Ryman Tweets to, and on the Season of the Red Wolf blog no less) denies there is an anti-Semitism problem among communists!! In one of his snarking replies to me. Yeah the anti-Semite Mamatas would know. Hey Ryman Mr. Clueless, this is how Mamatas screwed up on the Season of the Red Wolf, and showed himself up for what he is…  And then engaged in a lying meltdown at his blog when I exposed it (incompetently defended at his blog by his fellow anti-Semitic far Left lapdogs). I’ll tell you this much: if Farah Mendlessohn isn’t a caricature of the liberal anti-Semitic academic, then liberal academic anti-Semitism doesn’t exist. Then The Guardian isn’t anti-Semitic. And neither is the BBC. And Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich are the best film directors in Hollywood. In the whole world. And L. Ron Hubbard was the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived and Scientology is the one True Faith.

Weirdly Ryman tweets a lot on general anti-Semitism (in Europe) around about the dates June 8th, 9th, even 10th. (Tweets pasted below) Maybe a coincidence… Is he trying to show us (and myself the Red Wolf and himself for that matter) that he could never be considered an anti-Semite? I mean I just mention this in passing.

I paste up the Tweet of his re N K Jemisin, since Jemisin is every bit the far Left mirror image of Vox Day (who she got involved in a ding-dong battle with – SF’s 46th nervous breakdown. The late James P Hogan’s, Tangent editor Dave Truesdale’s and editor Sam Hidaka’s Holocaust Revisionism aren’t even rated. Only this blog for the actual facts therein). Hard to say who is more bigoted, Jemisin or Beale/Vox Day? Personally I declare a draw. The thing with Ryman… he is clearly not bothered by her reverse racism identity politics (which is well-known to genre insiders who are not left-wing morons), something she shares with plenty of the other far Left genre nitwits (i.e. the genre Thought Police). Ryman is buddy buddy with many of the far Left genre twits, that much is clear from his Twitterfeed alone. And from a few days in June. In other words, his politics are far Left. And so we have his idiotic Tweets directed my way, all emotion no brain, in defense of the indefensible, in defense of left-wing Jew-hate bigotry. Inadvertently or not.

Here are the Tweets of Ryman’s from June 8th, 9th and 10th.

Retweeted by Geoff Ryman
The Economist @TheEconomist · Jun 8
Jews in Europe are unnerved, but the continent is not sinking into violent anti-Semitism

Retweeted by Geoff Ryman
Peter Hale @petervhale · Jun 9
BBC – France National Front in new ‘anti-Semitism’ row- French National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen & her father

Geoff Ryman @geoffryman · Jun 10
Search Youtube for antisemitic propoganda, interviews with people who quote the Protocols… I won’t link to them, but the hatred lives on

Geoff Ryman @geoffryman
Rabid attacks on Jews for BEING antisemitic (unpack later) sound like antisemitic attacks ON Jews. I feel sad.

Retweeted by Geoff Ryman

Lightspeed Magazine @LightspeedMag

Author Spotlight: NK Jemisin:

And these Tweets below from Ryman, all from June 9th.

Retweeted by Geoff Ryman
US News @USNewsInt · Jun 9
French Far Right’s Marine Le Pen Rebukes Dad in Anti-Semitism Row ..NBCNews

Geoff Ryman @geoffryman · Jun 9
Le Pen pere’s joke about putting a Jewish singer in an oven no accident -he’s reassuring the Front that the party knows its roots

Geoff Ryman @geoffryman · Jun 9
Finishing The Plot Against America. No! Roth lets USA and Lindbergh off the hook with speedy tell-not-show. Still wonderful. I want be Roth

My God but how bad things look for the Jews. The Economist’s  lies and denials to the contrary.

What else is new?

Ryman wants to be Roth! Well for starters, you would have to recognize the most extreme left-wing anti-Semitism for what it is, and not deny and pretend it isn’t what it so clearly is. Even if it’s coming from ‘Jews’. Roth has been upfront for example on The Guardian’s anti-Semitism (he lived in England for a while with the mesmerizing Claire Bloom, before their bitter break-up. I’m sure you know this Ryman, but for my readers’ benefit). The only people who call Jewish self-hatred a myth are Jew-haters themselves. Or ignoramuses. Or Tibetan herdsmen and Thai farmers and the like, who wouldn’t be expected to know any better. You don’t have that excuse. You live in merry Olde England Ryman. Since you are such a literati type and teaching literature/creative writing in an English university, did you really not know that liberal writer Howard Jacobson won the Booker Prize (Britain’s most prestigious literary award) a few years ago for The Finkler Question, a book whose central theme was the conundrum and tragedy of Jewish self-loathing? Naturally the Jew-hater China Mieville didn’t care for the book.

Why don’t you rather take some baby steps Ryman? How about you just be a gay liberal who is not a hypocrite. Tomorrow (June 13th) is the annual Gay Pride Parade day in Tel Aviv. Safe to say there is no annual Gay Pride Parade in Ramallah, Gaza City, Cairo, Damascus, Riyadh, Algiers, Kuwait City, Lahore, Karachi, Khartoum, Dubai, Tunis, Baghdad, Tehran, Manama, Sana’a and Doha. Not even Casablanca. (Funny story – I remember reading about a gay man from Casablanca at Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade a year or two ago, waving a Moroccan flag. That’s just the thing…) Can you imagine if gays, lesbians, bisexuals living in those cities even suggested such a thing, a Gay Pride parade/day? I mean if they wanted to commit suicide… And the results would resemble images from Jonestown Guyana. Ryman’s fellow gay genre liberal writer, and a very outspoken homosexual at that, British anti-Semite Hal Duncan, would prefer it if Israel – the only country anywhere in the Middle-East a gay man would want to live in – didn’t exist, unlike every other country in the Middle-East. Of course Duncan would deny that he meant that, but then he doesn’t know what Zionism actually is or what it actually means naturally enough. So Duncan’s an idiot, what else is new with the British pseudo-intellectual Left? Btw the response to these obvious revelations, by Israel-hating gays (and a fair number of them are Jewish! Even Israeli Jewish I kid you not) is the bizarro fangled Jew-hate delusional deception known as Pinkwashing (at the link btw, the point that Palestinian gay parties are held in… Tel Aviv).

And no I am not gay myself, although I know I may have given that impression easily enough in the course of this blogging enterprise (since I am not so insecure in my masculinity, I don’t care if people think I’m gay or straight or bi or whatever. Like it matters). Ryman, if you have to ask – what hypocrisy? Well really. I don’t expect you to get it. Your Tweets tell me you don’t. And the Jew-hating company you keep. Oh wait it’s only the Jew nation hating company you keep. The difference of course is that the former type are more honest about what they are. To themselves and the wider world.

To quote the immortal Geoff Ryman, “I feel sad.”


DOROTHY: How can you talk if you haven’t got a… brain?

SCARECROW: I don’t know. But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?

DOROTHY: Yes, I guess you’re right.

Screenplay from The Wizard of Oz (1939) 



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