A Pox on both their Houses: Sad Puppies, Vox Day, Social Justice Warriors, the Hugos circus and the irrelevancy of a dying genre

Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you.

Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Stealers Wheel
‘Stuck in the middle with you’

This article is in some ways a follow up to this one of mine (published long before this whole Hugos farrago got going). It’s also a very lengthy article, and goes off on a number of deliberate tangents. Those tangents are relevant. And other genre bloggers have put up it would appear dozens of posts on this Hugos/Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies circus, or several at any rate. Myself, just this one. And I haven’t blogged for over half a year. So forgive the length, but I wanted to cover quite a lot of bases. And in detail.

Yeah the Red Wolf is back, just to post up a very much belated article on the silly political nonsense of the Hugos 2015 circus, the whole ‘Puppies sabotage’ thing, from the increasingly irrelevant SF genre circus. I do so somewhat reluctantly and only because – as with the Dave Truesdale Petition affair – most people miss the bigger picture. And most everybody – the cultural relativist left-wing genre folk and their opponents, the conservative elements in American SF – engages in tu quoque argumentation, self-censorship, evasions, support for political gamesmanship and dubious ideology trumps all else, and the like.

As good a links round-up as any of this whole thing is from Mike Glyer, a noted SF fan in California at http://file770.com/. If you are really interested in what everybody across the political spectrum has to say about this absurd and pointless Hugo circus, just search and scroll through his blog during the relevant time period.

Glyer ought to be commended for trying to give as even and as fair and balanced an overview of this whole thing as anybody, by putting up links and overviews of what both genre liberals and conservatives were saying, as it all went down. As it goes down.

It even made news at the AV Club. And well everywhere else (the Guardian, New Republic, boingboing, the UK Telegraph among others).

Just some of the fall-out from all this is the withdrawal of two writers (Annie Bellet and Marko Kloos) of their respective nominated stories, because of the Vox Day and Rabid Puppies taint (can’t say I blame ’em) and the withdrawal of Black Gate magazine from the Hugos slate likewise. If one actually looks at the Sad Puppies nominees, for the most part, they appear to be non-political choices (I don’t mean all the nominees). I don’t see the nomination of BAEN editors and Larry Correia as necessarily political at all, although others naturally disagree. And they are just a small number of the total SP slate.

And the Red Wolf? What do I have to say? To get straight to the point, a pox on both their houses. The genre Left, always offended, shrill, and hypocritical, often enough putting far Left political folderol ahead of literary quality (never mind the Hugos, what of the Nebulas for that matter?) for years, and simultaneously deny doing so. Although this is certainly not always the case. No there is no conspiracy here, I’m not pretending there is one. It’s just that the Left have dominated the Hugo slates by their domination of the World Con memberships, ergo the Hugo voting dynamics. That’s just how it’s been or so it appears. And the ‘fight back’ folk led by conservative genre writers Brad Torgersen and Larry Corriea (that is Sad Puppies 3), allied with the likes of Vox Day and his Rabid Puppies (and Vox is simply beyond the pale, indisputably anti-black racist and misogynistic and homophobic), simultaneously and disingenuously pretending not to be allied with or associated with Vox Day and his Rabid Puppies slate when it suits them, and engage in the most pathetic apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry by the by. Oh what webs we spin and weave…

Genre conservatives accuse the US genre Left of hypocrisy, saying the genre Left have had the Hugos in their park for years and loaded the nominations and awards accordingly. As such – so the accusations go –  it is galling and absurd for them to accuse their conservative opponents of cynical political gamesmanship.

The conservative and even arch-conservative push-back (Sad Puppies 3 and Rabid Puppies slates) against the genre Left, is perceived likewise as political and ideological axe-grinding, by the genre Left that is. Well this is debatable (given the Sad Puppies nominees taken as a whole), but who are the genre Left to complain? Neutrals such as myself may shrug our shoulders and say pot to kettle. Sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander. Genre conservatives argue – rightly or wrongly – that they cannot take the genre Left too seriously re their frothing and accusations about how the Hugos/WorldCon is being wrecked, sabotaged by the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies double team, when it has been wrecked by the not so innocent genre liberals for an age. Genre conservatives reason that, as with the Nebulas, the Hugos have been a joke for yonks, and for the same or similar reasons: arguably an ideological straight-jacket of the left-wing variety has been a prerequisite to ensure the Hugos have the right kind (as in the Left kind) of respectability, the liberal elite cultural stamp of approval.

I would argue that the SF genre is just an embarrassment, and awards shows only highlight the problem, they do not alleviate it, or necessarily sort the wheat from the chaff. It doesn’t matter one whit whether such award circuses are left-wing or right-wing oriented. But that’s by the by I suppose.

The real controversy here – that we mustn’t lose sight of – is the Vox Day thang, and indeed in this April blog post as much as any other, Larry Correia reveals his hand re Vox Day. That is as much as any other blog post at monsterhunternation re Vox Day/Theodore Beale, Larry C engages in the most mealy-mouthed apologetics and whitewashing of Vox Day’s bigotry. It is so unwittingly revealing, that I post up the pertinent commentary of Larry’s here (Correia’s commentary in pink text. My own commentary in reply is in standard black text and italicized):

Let’s back up. The reason Vox is so hated is that he is the only person ever kicked out of SFWA. He makes me look cuddly and diplomatic. He was expelled from SFWA because the powers that be decided he was a racist, in fact, it was so obvious that he was racist that it only took a thirty page thesis explaining how stuff he said was actually racist, including the leadership of SFWA searching through the vile cesspool that is Stormfront until they found some nazi skin head who used similar words, and then holding him accountable for things that posters said in his blog comments (us right wing bloggers don’t believe in censorship so we don’t “manage” or “massage” our comments like they do) then they kicked him out for misusing their Twitter account.

The reason Vox Day is so hated is not because he got kicked out of SFWA per se, but because he is a caricature of a John Bircher, a reactionary bigot. Correia puts the cart before the horse. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and ‘the powers that be’ happen to be right on Vox Day, even as they are routinely prejudiced in their own more (usually) sophisticated ways. Vox Day really is a racist, not because Social Justice Warriors and the mainstream genre Left say he is, but because his own words reveal him to be prejudiced against blacks, women and homosexuals. Given the reactionary bent among many conservatives, and genre conservatives at that, this doesn’t appear to be a problem to many of them. Chilling, but that’s the ugly face of much of political conservatism. Always has been.

Basically, he called Nora Jesmin an “ignorant half-savage” and that pissed everybody off. See, Nora, is a beloved libprog activist and Social Justice Warrior, and all the reports of her victimization at the hands of the villainous Vox usually leave out the parts where she’d been hurling personal insults at him for years. Myself? I thought that comment might be a bit over the line, but then again, Google search my name and see what the SJW’s have been calling me for the last few days. It is way worse that ignorant or savage, and I think I’m darker skinned than K. Tempest Bradford. I’ve yet to see any SJWs condemning those comments about me. Tolerance is a one way street with them.

Agreed Larry, the double standards with the SJW crowd and the genre Left reek to the skies. They are guilty of so many double standards that one cannot keep up. It’s far worse than Larry C even lets on. Let’s not talk about the Jew-hating mammoth in the genre Left’s room now. However this is an evasion from Vox Day’s bigotry. The expulsion from the SFWA, the Twitter account thing, what does this have to do with the fact that Vox Day is explicit on the point that he believes blacks to be inherently, intrinsically, genetically inferior to whites (just search Vox Day’s blog archives)? Oh nothing. That’s what I mean by transparent evasions and red herrings. Hey Larry is your wife (who you tell us you adore) up to speed on Vox Day’s misogyny? Are you? Or don’t you care?

I didn’t really know the guy that well before he started pissing so many people off, but having been character assassinated myself, I’ve learned never to take the internet’s word about somebody’s character. Having actually talked with, and then gotten into long arguments and debates with Vox, he is a contrarian, can be a jerk is extremely opinionated, but I honestly don’t think he’s a racist (He’s also not a white guy, but most of the people attacking him don’t know that). We’ve had some long, heated debates on different subjects now, but since I’m not a panty twisted liberal, I can handle differing beliefs.

It’s not about taking “the internet’s word about somebody’s character”. It’s about taking Vox Day at his own word, on blacks, gays, the female gender. One doesn’t need to talk with and debate Vox Day, not briefly and not at length. He is on record with what he has to say about blacks, gays, women. All at his blog. And none of it is pretty. And none of it Larry C ever *actually acknowledges*. Not in this post. And not anywhere else at his blog. Ever.

Larry C doesn’t think Vox is a racist, and plenty of my critics don’t think China Mieville, Iain Banks, Nick Mamatas, Lavie Tidhar, Charles Stross, Felix Gilman, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Paul Graham Raven, Hal Duncan, Richard K Morgan, Michael Cobley, Michael Bishop and many others are anti-Semitic in the slightest, despite of all the hefty evidence I give in this regard. And I’m just skating the surface of the genre Left’s ugly anti-Semitism. The surface. Well aware that Vox Day is Hispanic, so what? Since when is it impossible for Hispanics to hate blacks and vice versa for that matter? When has it been impossible for Hispanic men to have contempt for women? Is that something only white men can be guilty of? Well of course not. With anti-Semitism, even the Jews routinely are the worst offenders btw. See my first sentence in this paragraph. Larry C on Vox Day: “but I honestly don’t think he’s a racist”. That’s Vox Day whose opinions on black people is that they are indisputably and undeniably, INHERENTLY *BIOLOGICALLY* INFERIOR TO WHITES AND HISPANICS. I’m not a panty twisted liberal neither, as I am hated by the genre Left, the proof is in the archives of this blog. Yet that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as right-wing racism and prejudice! That doesn’t mean that only liberals are guilty of prejudice and bias. You would think it impossible for a right-winger or a right-wing genre writer to be racist, going by Larry C’s lame polemics quoted above.

We disagree about a lot. I disagree with him on some fundamental philosophy. His “rabid hateful” views on homosexuality match about a third of America, most staunch Catholics, and he’s far more moderate on the issue than any devout Muslim or average European villager. So I disagree with him, but he’s not the out there whackadoo his detractors make him out to be, but then again, these same people say I want to drag gays to death behind my truck, so take the hate with a grain of salt. He thinks I’m nuts on several topics, but the dude is smart, and he can write. As for the people saying he “bought” the awards… Holy moly, you’ve got no idea what his day job is. If the man wanted to simply buy votes, he’d be up for everything from Best Novel to Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Vox Day’s views on homosexuality may well be no worse than a third of America, and don’t compare to the rabid views on the subject by Muslim fanatics and even many ‘moderate’ Muslims. True enough but so what? That’s like saying the views on Jews in America are no worse and arguably not as bad as in Mexico and Brazil, never mind the views on Joooos in Egypt, Syria, Gaza and Saudi Arabia, where they are worse. They are still prejudicial views. Just because Vox Day’s views on gays are milder than the views of Muslim fanatics on homosexuals (Vox Day is not advocating hanging them after all), doesn’t change the fact that Vox Day is seriously homophobic (as are many conservatives of course, especially Christian conservatives). Degrees of bigotry and prejudice doesn’t mean there isn’t prejudice among those guilty of any said prejudice to a lesser degree. I don’t know if anybody is saying you, never mind Vox Day, wants to drag gays to death behind trucks, can you give us a quote? I’m not accusing you of homophobia, only Vox Day. And that doesn’t mean I misrepresent Vox Day’s views here, by saying falsely that Vox Day seeks to drag gays behind trucks, or in any way calls for their liquidation. Such lame and transparent straw man knock-downs by Larry C, from the fact that Vox Day is homophobic, and Vox Day has been called out on it by the (hypocritical) genre Left. Then again lame and transparent evasions and red herring argumentation are all Larry C has. I mean when you are defending bigots… Agreed that Vox Day, being super-rich, could do way more damage to the Hugos slates, in all likelihood if he really wanted to. Not relevant to the fact of Beale’s multiple prejudices.

So when I was putting together my slate and looking for ideas, I remembered his novelette that I read earlier that year. I was surprised by how good it was. I found it to be a really good story (it is actually about love and friendship, with a moral philosophy based on Thomas Aquinas, so not really what you’d expect from such a supposed hatemonger of hatey-hate). I plugged it to my fans earlier this year, which meant that a lot of them had read it as well. To be fair, it was only my second favorite work I read of that size this year, but that’s a tough one because I believe that Brad Torgersen is the best new sci-fi writer around. So I threw them both on the slate.

Vox Day is a hatemonger of hatey-hate. Liberal genre writer Michael Bishop is a hardcore Jew hater, yet he really has written some good science fiction, including fiction exposing anti-black racism. Dostoyevsky, T S Eliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Turgenev, Saramago, Louis Ferdinand Céline, Henry James, the young George Orwell and the young H G Wells (before he did a U-turn after the Holocaust) were all horribly anti-Semitic, but their writings are worthy and weighty, more than I can say for even the better science fiction. In other words, good art and personal prejudice can go hand in hand. Whether Beale’s story is any good or not, I wouldn’t know. Don’t read his fiction. I don’t actually have a problem with you throwing Vox on the slate, if you really believe his story is so good. And you are not playing politics here… That’s giving you the benefit of the doubt here, and I am being very very charitable on this front…

Yes, I will totally admit that I knew this would spur additional outrage. And oh, how I was proven right. His existence offends them. They aren’t going to read his work. They’re proud to admit it. In the spirit of the awards, a certain Tor editor—who has no problem marching with communists—is pushing for everyone to automatically vote No Award over Vox. Stay classy, noble Social Justice Warrior, but once again, there’s no bias.

Vox Day’s existence doesn’t offend anybody. His anti-black racism, homophobia and misogyny offends them. It offends me. Guess I’m a bleeding heart liberal now. I wouldn’t read his work, and not China Mieville’s neither. Then again most SF is dreck. Bias cuts across political divides. It’s not only Lefties who are guilty in this regard, as Larry C’s post amply demonstrates.

The thing is, even if what these people say about Vox is true,(and I personally think it is as grossly exaggerated as anything else these people decide to attack) what they’re declaring is that assholes can’t make good art… Well, the entire history of art would like to disagree with you.

Again and again and again, a red herring. It’s all Larry C has. Never mind the red flag of “I personally think it is as grossly exaggerated…” Assholes can and do make good art. The strange paradox of the human animal. Most usually they don’t. Gotta say I doubt Vox Day writes remotely good stories, but I may be wrong. I just don’t know since I haven’t and would never bother reading him. Actually most SF writers do not make good art, the ‘art’ of SF is woeful, woeful, woeful, whether the writers are conservative or liberal. Yet there are conservative and liberal genre writers who have written and write some good stuff, rare as it is. Very rare.

This blog posting from Correia (there is more at the link) typifies everything that is wrong with ‘mainstream conservatism’ just in genre circles alone. So if  the genre Left paint you pretty much all as bigots, can you blame them? Yes that’s the biased and routinely prejudicial genre Left and yes it’s hypocritical, but the genre Right (under the helm of the vocal and aggressive Correia) just put up that ‘kick me’ sign, all the while oblivious.

Brad T has a similar shall I say disingenuous post entitled ‘Sad Puppies: We are not Rabid Puppies’ from about the same time. Once again, nobody is saying you are Rapid Puppies. They are saying you are allied and associated with them, and have engaged in mealy-mouthed apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry, in an attempt to make a KKK throwback more respectable and acceptable. Duh.

The genre Right though (and I’m not even going to bother too much directly with Vox Day and his crew, since they are beyond the pale, and unadorned bigots and I don’t write this blog for the diabolically deaf and dumb Vox Day fan club) as exemplified by Larry Correia and Brad Torgersen and their supporters, in running cover for Vox Day, have no more credibility than the far Left genre folk they have so much contempt for. The untenable denials and the most lame evasions from the fact that Sad Puppies – Brad T and Larry C and crew – have anything to do with Vox Day and his ‘white is right and might’ power type folk (yes I know that Vox Day is Hispanic, but he panders to ‘white power’ types) is undone by Larry C’s and to a large degree Brad T’s apologetics and whitewashing for even Vox Day’s worst prejudicial excesses.

Brad, Larry and defenders deny a common alliance or agenda. Even as their respective tactics and styles of operating are similar. Even as John C Wright and Tom Kratman were proffered on the Sad Puppies slate (yes amidst other writers, women included, who are not remotely conservative). Because nothing spells quality SF like Tom Kratman I suppose, right-wing ideology has nothing to do with it. Um right. And Holocaust Denier Dave Truesdale, for best fanzine. That’s Sad Puppies, not Rabid Puppies. Whilst Correia complains (link is to a very left-wing blogger) about the genre Left giving a Lifetime achievement award to a public supporter of NAMBLA, a highly regarded writer (easy to find out if you don’t know who it is. Reminds me I need to update a certain article with that info!), there is a Holocaust Denier on the Sad Puppies 3 slate. Naturally nobody else but myself points this out. Vox Day has even called Sad Puppies “allies”, and this some time after SF’s 74th nervous breakdown first made news. It was quite recent. Larry C and Brad T are nominees on the Rabid Puppies slate, although one could certainly argue that’s neither here nor there.

Fact is Brad Torgersen even put up this blog post (entitled ‘the Science Fiction Civil War’ from April 8th), that he later deleted (but the Internet, as Brad’s critics point out, does not forget so easily). Why delete it? What did he have to hide? What did he regret saying? However whether the Hugos discriminates against conservatives or not, the real thing (as far as the themes of this blog is concerned) is elsewhere. The Hugos allegedly favouring liberals over conservatives may or may not be a fair criticism, however it is a secondary factor. The real beef re the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies alliance is the need for Brad and Larry – at the forefront of Sad Puppies – and their crew to engage in apologetics, evasions, red herrings, irrelevant waffle, and ultimately whitewashing of Vox Day’s extreme bigotry. They wouldn’t even need to do so, if there wasn’t at least a loose and broad alliance, a common or shared agenda between the two Puppies camps. And there is. At least there certainly appears to be. It is however the apologetics for Vox Day’s indisputable bigotry that galls and offends, far more so than the alliance between the two Puppies camps re ‘taking back the Hugos’ in and of itself. And this is the real beef, the real ugliness.

As far as Truesdale is concerned, his fanzine may well deserve the nomination from the Sad Puppies slate. And thus I have no qualms with the nomination in and of itself. But it’s clear that his Holocaust Denialism just doesn’t bother anybody (not the Sad and Rabid Puppies crews), and not the SJ Warriors neither. And not the mainstream genre Left whatsoever. And not the shaking quaking cowardly genre Jews for that matter. Shaking and quaking, deliberately oblivious, even self-hating genre Jewry. The evidence I have for my assertions re genre Jewry and Truesdale alone is all here. That’s because anti-Semitism doesn’t bother anybody all that much, and genre Jewry – to repeat myself – are for the most part quaking cowards, have their heads so far up their asses, or are just self-loathing worms. Harsh assessment? Sure, but it is what it is. The archives of this blog provide all the evidence one could ever need for such an opinion. In spades. And spades. And more besides. And so much that remains unsaid…

Getting back to Beale/Vox Day and just how comfortable the Sad Puppies leadership and crew are to associate with him, here is Torgersen on the whole Vox Day issue, defending the indefensible politics/ideology of Vox Day, by not even vaguely acknowledging what the indefensible *actually is*. The article is entitled ‘Shunning and radioactivity’ and it is from more than a year ago now, April 2014. That is almost a year exactly before this whole Hugos 2015 circus got underway. And it is revealing of Torgersen’s persistent and consistently, infuriatingly miss-the-point red herring palaver that is his modus operandi and style. Always. As his posts a year later on Vox Day attest to, but will come to that.

Torgersen’s entire lengthy article linked to above (although it’s got nothing on this one!), is just a glaring evasion from all Vox Day’s ugly bigotry, which Torgersen can’t be bothered to even vaguely acknowledge in the article itself. It may well be wrong to shun Vox Day, as Torgersen reasons in his article, but not for the reasons Brad T gives us. The reason is simply because Vox Day is simply no worse than most, or at least very many of his liberal critics (see the archives of this blog for one and that’s just addressing the genre Left’s anti-Semitism, not the routine and rather ridiculous reverse racism identity politics and occasional misandry in the genre community, and especially among Social Justice Warriors). If we are going to shun Vox Day on account of his bigotry, then we will have to shun soooo many of the genre Leftists – Saladhin Ahmed, Charles Stross, Lavie Tidhar, John Scalzi, China Mieville, Nick Mamatas, Jim Hines, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, K T Bradford etc. etc. – for theirs.  And that wouldn’t leave many standing! Well maybe some of the old school baby boomer liberals, but that’s about it.

The argument that Torgersen should have made re Vox Day, he doesn’t make at all. Namely the left-wing genre thought police are every bit as bigoted, or at least as delusional as Vox Day can be accused of being, but it’s NOT the argument made by Torgersen himself in his blog article. Torgersen came up with a false analogy, false in every way, in order to justify his stance re Vox Day. So Torgersen makes the wrong argument for what would, under the circumstances, arguably be the right thing to do. That is Vox Day should not be hounded out of US science fiction, because he is no worse, and no better, than his self-righteous ‘anti-racist’ racist critics on the genre Left. Best to do the reverse – and get out of the SF genre circus oneself, but let me not get too offtrack here…

Torgersen comes up with this analogy of the ‘Wandians’, a stand-in for the Mormons as he admits (Torgersen is a Mormon). Cutting to the chase of Torgersen’s analogy: the Mormons and the unfair prejudice/suspicion they face, historically and in the present day, something of course that Brad T has direct experience of, is equated with Vox Day’s plight in the vipers’ den that is the US SFF community. Hence we should not ostracize and demonize Vox Day, for the same reason we should not demonize and ostracize Mormons. The analogy is obviously false.


Well what does the very real prejudice, mistrust and the like that a group of people experience because of their religious belief (in this case the Mormons) or ethnicity or sexual preferences in other cases, have to do with  the very real bigotry (let us say the anti-black racism and misogyny) coming from a particular INDIVIDUAL? In this case of course Vox Day. Clearly nothing. It’s a false and frankly odious comparison/analogy. Vox Day is not facing ostracization, ‘shunning’, because he is Hispanic, or a male, because he belongs to a a minority group – religious, ethnic or other – that has experienced persistent and historical prejudice; it is because of his obvious anti-black racism for the most part, never mind his misogyny and homophobia, that he has been ostracized.

Yes it is hypocritical of the genre Left to ignore the prejudices in their own camp and point fingers at the conservative bigot, but that misses the point. Torgersen’s analogy (and a further one he prattles there re Star Trek) is plain wrong, in every way. It would be like saying because Native Americans face prejudice both in the past and in the present day (and they do), we shouldn’t shun or snub somebody because he considers black people inherently inferior to whites, and whose hostility to the female gender is pretty much in-your-face. In other words, Torgersen doesn’t even acknowledge in his blog article that Vox Day is being cold-shouldered and snubbed because and solely because of his unashamed and aggressive bigotry, not his belonging to some maligned creed/ethnicity/fringe religious group/sexual identity or some-such. Nowhere in Torgersen’s blog article does Torgersen even acknowledge what Vox Day has actually said – on the record – about black people or women for example. Never mind gays (yes I know Torgersen is a Mormom). Nowhere in Torgersen’s main blog article, does he even acknowledge any smoking gun quotes from Vox Day that utterly damn him in regards to his anti-black racism and misogyny alone.

Instead we get the book of Wanda/the book of Mormon, we get Klingons! vs the Federation.

Instead we get eggshell walking, evasions and less than frank admissions from Torgersen about what the whole Vox Day controversy is actually about.

Brad T’s blog posting (and further postings of his in the comments section to that blog entry) are just outright evasions at best, and worse, it’s apologetics and rationalizations for the indisputable prejudice coming from Vox Day. He doesn’t agree with Vox Day’s heated and over-the-top bigoted remarks, but refuses to call Vox Day bigoted. And he slyly does this by not bothering to acknowledge what Vox Day actually is on the record as saying re blacks, women and gays as a whole (yes I know the general Mormon attitudes here re homosexuality). It would be equivalent to a genre Leftist, defending the vicious anti-Semite China Mieville for example (never mind so many others) when confronted with the latter’s prejudice – and I have mountains of evidence for his anti-Semitism archived on this blog – by blabbering on about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the historical mistreatment and demonization of Mormons, via a fictional stand-in of Wanda and the Wandian bible, and then to top it all off, the uh Klingons of the Star Trek Universe!

The glaring falsity of the analogy to any ethnic or religious or other minority group that serves as a scapegoat in American society, whether it be Mormons or Native Americans or whoever else, with the very real bigotry of Vox Day (and Mieville’s Jew hatred for that matter) is obvious.

Torgersen’s false analogy is why genre conservatives, who are effectively closing ranks here, and refusing to acknowledge Vox Day’s anti-black racism, homophobia and misogyny for what it is, do not have any moral high ground whatsoever. On the contrary, by defending the indefensible, in Torgersen’s case false Mormon and Star Trek analogies, that would be seen though by an intelligent seventh grader, one sinks to the same level as the odious and self-deceiving genre Left, always ready to defend and justify their left-wing genre colleagues’ reverse racism, misandry and in particular their anti-Semitism. As far as the latter is concerned, I am one of very very few pointing this out. And the only one blogging about it in detail.

And that Torgersen article was published a year before the current Hugos circus!

In the comments section to that blog article, it is worth reading the pertinent commentary from ‘Popguy’ and  ‘Harry’, for their forthright calling out Vox Day for the bigot that he is, and what Vox Day actually thinks about blacks and women, and how Torgersen’s posting is simply replete with wormy evasions of what the Vox Day controversy is actually about.

Putting Brad on the spot in other words, and not allowing Brad T’s whitewashing and evasions of Vox Day’s bigotry to stand. Brad responds in wincing ‘when in a hole, dig deeper’ fashion. Here is the relevant commentary:

  1. Harry: the way I look at it is, can the remarks be perceived as racist? Sure. But does this mean Vox himself is racist? I think Vox could have and probably should have used different words to criticise Jemison, but because Jemison herself likes to pick fights and use quasi-racist language (against caucasians) in the process, I look at Vox’s quarrel with Jemison as perhaps a wash: two people who have said (did say?) some unfortunate things, and neither of them seems entirely clean to me. If I seem like I am trying too hard to not label a spade a spade, it’s probably because racism to me is one of those fire alarms that should only be pulled when necessary. Right now cries of racism so perpetually flood our public communication, it’s like the little boy is crying wolf 900 times a second. Having witnessed actual racism against my spouse, I find Vox’s interactions with Jemison problematic. But then I find Jemison herselfproblematic too. If Vox had been picking a fight with someone I know does not herself go out of her way to pick fights, perhaps I’d have an easier time being critical of Vox? Since I was not party to the SFWA quarrel out of which Vox’s comments have been parsed (where Jemison is concerned) I try to resist the urge to condemn.

This was before it was common knowledge that Brad’s wife was African-American btw. It is frankly difficult for me to articulate the glaring cognitive dissonance revealed in that comment of Brad’s. He has one foot on a hot stove and another in a freezer and says, how the temperature averages out ok, I’m doing just fine. This is Brad’s style. Consistently. All of the time re Vox Day and related. Vox’s comment re Jemisin can be “perceived as racist” but doesn’t necessarily mean Vox is racist. ?? And because liberals are addled through and through with their own hypocrisies, moral and cultural relativist delusions etc. it’s not fair to condemn Vox Day. How pathetic and illogical (it’s a tu quoque argument), but that’s to be expected from Brad. I don’t care for the liberal zeitgeist neither. The genre liberals and in particular the far Left genre folk – Jewish and Gentile – positively despise me, the latter have attempted far worse (in the most pathetic fashion) and have accused me of far worse, than they did to say Resnick and Malzberg, and even Vox Day for that matter!

According to the world and ‘logic’ of Brad T, I shouldn’t dare condemn Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, the KKK and the ‘fags burn in hell’ crowd because that would be pandering to the um liberal zeitgeist??! The only enemy is the Left. Always. And so anti-black and misogynist conservatives as allies. Just Fine No Matter What. Hey even if you have a black wife!

Actually Brad if somebody (Vox Day in this case) persistently spouts out prejudicial blather, doesn’t care for contrary evidence, just dismissing it out of hand, and does so year in and year out, then yes such a person is racist/prejudiced. If your enemies (real and/or imagined) have their own prejudices, and they certainly do; that doesn’t change the fact that their bête noire is actually prejudiced in this particular case. Did you mention this exact defense you made of Vox Day to your wife, Brad Torgersen?

What’s disturbing though about Torgersen’s false analogy re Wandians and Star Trek, although unsurprising, is how so many conservative genre fans have no problem with it and fail to see anything wrong with its transparent lack of logic so huge that you could steer an oil tanker through it, and a space shuttle besides. Witness all the thumbs ups at Torgersen’s blog and the fact that no genre pro or fan on the Right side of the fence, as far as I know, called Torgersen out on his fallacious Mormon analogy. This isn’t rocket science. This kind of thing would naturally repeat itself roughly a year later, but will come to that…

At least Brad Torgersen acknowledges (albeit very reluctantly and only when it is pushed into his face), that Vox Day has said bigoted things. Larry Correia likewise once acknowledged vaguely and indirectly, that Vox Day did use a racist slur, in the same context that was Vox Day’s tiff with N K Jemisin. Yet to Larry C, Vox Day’s bigotry is just “exaggerated”. And Correia repeats this mantra over and over, Beale’s bigotry isn’t there, it’s just “exaggerated”. This is akin to calling the anti-Semitism of Mieville, Charles Stross, Nick Mamatas, Ken McLeod, Lavie Tidhar, Kathryn Cramer, Paul Graham Raven, Michael Bishop, Anna Tambour, Farah Mendlesohn and the late Iain Banks… exaggerated. Notice how many of them are Jews… And these characters are just a very small sample from the genre Left alone.

As far as the spat with Jemisin is concerned, Vox Day used the term ‘savage’ in a knee-jerk fashion because and only because Jemisin is black. It’s not as if that is all one has, the only smoking gun re Vox Day’s racism. Hardly. That remark of Vox Day’s (‘savages’), has to be seen in context of everything else he has written about what he perceives as black people’s intrinsic inferiority. Torgersen ignores everything that Vox Day has written about blacks. It’s all negative, all of the time. In other words, Vox Day’s remarks on blacks are racist. Vox Day is adamant that black people are inferior to whites and Hispanics. He has never hidden how he feels here. Torgersen addresses none of this. He evades it altogether.

Here is a typical examplee from Beale http://www.voxday.blogspot.co.il/2014/05/genetic-segregation.html

From the link (the genetic and racial allusions by Vox Day is to Nicholas Wade’s controversial book A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History), Beale writes:

Does this mean that all African-Americans are prone to violence? No, it proves the exact opposite. The vast majority are not. But it does mean that with regards to this single factor related to an individual’s ability to control his own aggression, an African-American male is 50 times more likely to have a genetic handicap in comparison with a white male. Therefore, social policies that blithely assume that African-American males have the same intrinsic ability to control their aggression as white males are not only unscientific, but can be reliably predicted to fail. That is just one significant genetic distinction that has been discovered. There will be more. There will be many more.

Ironic to see somebody such as Beale – who pretends to be critical of scientific reductionism and scientific materialism – engage in a highly dubious reductionist and sociobiological argument to justify his racism. I’m probably, possibly, the only one to point this out. People are easily bamboozled by the use and misuse of genetics to bolster their prejudices, because who understands this in nitty-gritty detail, even in vague outline? Very very few, and hardly any among the genre Left (and Right). And that’s why the likes of Beale employ it. The irony lost on him is that Wade’s ‘science’ (and others of his ilk) is just the latest incarnation of social Darwinism, the kind of social Darwinism that gave us eugenics and underlay Nazi ‘science’. Beale amusingly enough is a critic of orthodox evolutionary theory, never mind social Darwinism.

Here is a detailed review by Greg Laden at the American Scientist debunking Wade’s book and his racist ‘genetic science’, truly pseudo-scientific palaver (recommended).

There is actually way way way more wrong to Wade’s baloney than Laden and others point out, one could write up a massive encyclopedia on all that is wrong with Wade’s ‘reasoning’ and ‘science’. One can get on to the hard problem of consciousness, the fact that consciousness cannot be reduced to genetics and gene products, it is way way more than that. And consciousness and so-called intelligence go hand in hand of course. So much more. Wade’s (and Vox Day’s) reasoning here is ‘not even wrong’. It is so way beyond wrong.

As with Torgersen, Correia can’t be bothered with addressing what Vox Day actually writes about blacks (the problem there – in the linked blog entry – is not the silly and ridiculous debate itself that Vox Day quotes from, it’s Vox Day’s own commentary on African-Americans in response to that debate that is eyebrow raising) and women alone. Of course as soon as one does acknowledged what Vox Day actually writes about blacks and women (never mind gays), then the only way to defend those indefensible prejudices, is by sinking into prejudice itself. Correia, like Torgersen, thus avoids that trap (defending the actual indefensible remarks/comments of Vox Day’s) by not ever quoting Vox Day’s most egregious commentary in this regard, and getting to grips with what he actually says. Correia, as with Torgersen, just doesn’t go anywhere near what Vox Day actually writes about blacks, women and gays for that matter. The easier to whitewash why Vox Day is considered persona non grata, namely for very good reasons. Yes it’s all so hypocritical, given the genre Left’s multiple prejudices (including of course their anti-Semitism that doesn’t bother anybody really, least of all genre Jewry) but this also misses the point.

Yes I repeat myself. I plead guilty to that.

And Larry C and Brad T do not address Vox Day’s actual remarks on women. And if you don’t have problem with Vox Day’s remarks on women, you are a misogynist yourself or in serious denial at best.

So conservative SF writer Sarah Hoyt (SF’s very own Ann Coulter. I don’t mean that as an insult nor a compliment, just an observation) by engaging in apologetics for Vox Day – she whitewashes his odious commentary re blacks/African-Americans – defends the indefensible in the process, as much as Correia, and to a degee Torgersen. This was likewise last year, way before the latest dingaling. Never mind the fact that Hoyt is sticking up for a misogynist. The enemy of my enemy is my friend blah blah. So the thinking goes. On both sides of the ideological divide. The straw man that I expect to be bleated in protest here: ‘Vox Day just doesn’t care for militant feminists, that does not make him a misogynist’. Thing is that would be a straw man. I don’t care for militant feminists, my blog article/s gives all the evidence for that. Vox Day though does not think much of women as a whole. He has serious issues with the female gender.

This commentary that I quoted at Brad T’s blog was all some time of course before the latest Hugos circus and Sad Puppies 3. But so what? Here (from April 14th 2015) amidst the fever pitch of the Hugos & SP & RP brouhaha, Brad does so defend Vox Day once again, in a blog post entitled ‘Tribalism is as tribalism does’. Torgersen promises to actually address the Vox Day controversy and issue. And naturally it’s the same old Brad with the same evasive false analogy and metaphor bullshit and waffle, that has nothing to do with anything re the Vox Day multiple prejudice charges. So here Torgersen just repeats his lame MO. That is he addresses the Vox Day thang by not addressing it all. Not At All. Brad T’s blog post is replete with banter about Visigoths, the tribal brothers in arms camaraderie of the US Army, whatever the different ethnic and class backgrounds of its soldiers, tensions and hostilities among and between different black African tribes, ethnicities and nations, and whatever other irrelevant palaver. Nothing about Vox Day and the latter’s ACTUAL prejudicial remarks. Such transparent red herrings, such woeful evasions had his echo-chamber crew cheering. I did actually leave a comment there under the name ‘Lawrence’. Here it is again (in italics):

Lawrence says:

Your lengthy posting on Tribalism (in and out of the genre community) Brad is a red herring. You don’t bother to get to grips with what the controversy over Vox Day is all about, namely his anti-black racism, never mind his misogyny. You try slip out of it by saying in so many words, ‘well what some consider racism or prejudice is not always so, often just tribalism and simplistic stereotypes blabla. Depends on context, things are more nuanced and complex in the real world blabla.’
Straw man Brad, that’s what your whole post is. All of it. There are actual standards for prejudice that have nothing to do with SJW moral relativism, and their own brands of bigotry. If we pretend no standards, then we are left with the kind of cultural and moral relativism that so suffuses the SJW crowd.

There are standards and whilst some of the lines are certainly blurred, there are lines. There are absolutes when it comes to bigotry of all stripes and persuasions.

You think white people are superior to black people, or Asians superior to whites or vice versa, then that is plain bigotry. It’s not nuanced or complex or debatable. And Vox Day considers whites superior to blacks on the genetic and intelligence level, and justifies his racism by appealing to racist or prejudicial pseudo-scientific blather of the Nicholas Wade variety. Naturally to Vox Day and those like-minded, such pseudo-science is science. One can write a book on all that is wrong with Wade’s pseudo-scientific posturing, and the stupidity of IQ testing and its meaninglessness and absurdity (see the late S Jay Gould’s ‘The mismeasure of man’ for one). Torgersen mentions none of this. Namely what Vox Day’s racism is all about. You Mr. Torgersen don’t quote any of his remarks on blacks/African-Americans, when that is the beef, that is the heart of the matter. Beale does not hide his belief on the innate inferiority of people with black African genes and ancestry, he is open about it, and appeals to science. Well he has to, what else can he appeal to? The Nazis also appealed to science, when justifying their belief in the innate inferiority of Jews, Roma, and blacks for that matter. Many scientists and doctors especially, supported the Nazis and are complicit in their mass murder.

I’m not saying Torgersen is bigoted, I’m saying Vox Day is. And you continue to evade it, deflect it, ignore it Brad. That’s the thing. Going on about the bullying, lying and yes bigoted SJW crowd is just a transparent evasion. Fact that you are married to an African-American woman is not your get out of jail free card. Fact is it is neither here nor there. And frankly it can easily be used as a smokescreen. Smoke and mirrors distracting from Vox Day’s undeniable prejudice.

Nowhere do you Brad, and as far as I can see, nobody in the comments neither, actually bothers to quote Vox Day on the subject of blacks/African-Americans. It’s standard reactionary bilge from Beale. And yes bigoted bilge. Maybe that’s why you don’t bother acknowledging what Beale actually writes here? You haven’t addressed Martin at all (and I don’t share Martin’s politics, and Martin is full of it because he ignores the transparent bigotry of his fellow left-wing progressives. And just in the genre community alone. However that’s not the point) because you haven’t addressed the Beale/Vox Day issue at all.

Talking about tribalism, and army comradeship and camaraderie, no matter the background of its soldiers, and how all people all over the world stereotype others, does not address the fact that Vox Day believes that white people and Asians (and clearly Hispanics, since Beale is one, at least in part) are superior to black people, and he believes this inferiority of blacks is innate, genetic. Vox doesn’t hide that he believes it neither. He is proud and open about it. This is prejudices plain and simple. This is KKK logic, it is yes gasp the logic of Nazi ‘science’, the logic of social Darwinism. The lines are not blurred here, there is an indisputable line when it comes to prejudice and Beale crosses it as much as any Social Justice Warrior can or does.

The few responses to that comment of mine were predictable (just a pedantic correction: I should have written that Brad T’s entire post is a red herring, not really a straw man, even as a straw man argument is a kind of red herring). Check for yourselves. One from ‘Kent18’ saying that I was the one indulging in evasions and distractions that had no bearing on the matter to hand, that there’s no need for Brad to address the charges of prejudice against Vox Day. Even as Brad T claims he is doing just that – addressing the Vox Day controversy – in the very blog entry itself, whilst not doing that at all. Logic is not a strong suit with ideologues, on both the Left and Right.

One response from James May (whose writings on the hypocrisies and prejudices of the far Left genre twits I have commended at this blog), who continued to miss the point. Sure I’m sooner to be banned from the Social Justice Warriors blogs in short order than from Torgersen’s for a dissenting opinion, but that is not at all relevant to the point I was making.

James May’s very modus operandi – since the whole Puppies controversy re Vox Day began this year – is a persistent evasion (certainly for the most part) of Vox Day’s prejudice and Correia and Torgersen’s apologetics in this regard. Instead May – who says he is not a conservative and I take him at his word here – focuses solely and exclusively on the far Left genre community’s reverse racism identity and gender and sexual politics, and their ideological straitjackets. Nobody else is actually doing it. Yet May who is all over Correia’s and Torgersen’s blogs with this kind of stuff (and elsewhere), obsessively so, is guilty of pandering to a conservative and frankly reactionary audience. He doesn’t see it, it’s his blind spot, because he has decided to focus on the ‘enemy’ that is the genre’s far Left and even mainstream Left nitwits (the lines are blurred there, and overlap). Everybody else (on the Right side of the genre political circus) is either irrelevant or a potential/actual ally. That’s a mistake. But there you go. I just want to give a concrete example here: May has made a bigger fuss, and poured way more scorn and mockery on N K Jemisin over her commentary on white people, than he has on Vox Day re the latter’s prejudices. Yet Jemisin’s commentary on whites is not nearly as offensive and disgusting as Vox Day’s on blacks. It’s not even a contest. One may object that I pour way more scorn on the genre Left than I do on Vox Day. This is true, but the difference is that I do pour unequivocal scorn on Vox Day. I just don’t think there is a general need to focus on him, since his bigotry is well-recognized. He is notorious. Whereas the genre Left get away with their prejudices, they are swept under the carpet – and so I focus on just a small part of the heaped dust and dirt under the carpet. Their anti-Semitism is ignored in direct proportion to its pervasiveness and deep-seatedness from within the genre community alone. And for that matter the Western Left outside the genre community! Thing is James May is giving a free ride (by indulging in a heavy tu quoque argumentation: pasting up of genre SJW Tweets that are prejudicial or cultural relativist, and the like) to Correia and Torgersen, as the latter engage in the most mealy-mouthed and odious apologetics for Theodore Beale’s John Birch routine.

The other poster ‘keranih’ responding to my comment quoted above, inadvertently proved my point. It is one giving the thumbs up to Vox Day’s anti-black bigotry as legitimate and reasonable and grounded on scientific facts (and thus according to the logic of ‘enlightened and scientific’ bigotry – see eugenics, social Darwinism and Nazi so-called science – not bigotry at all). Note this is at Torgersen’s blog, not Vox Day’s blog. Nobody had any criticisms to make of that bigoted post by ‘keranih’. At Torgersen’s blog. Not Torgersen neither.

So with Brad T, we get an exact repeat of the evasive and the irrelevant at the time of the Hugos SP and RP circus, as we did a year ago re Vox Day (the ‘shunning and radioactivity’ blog post). Namely this time around, Brad T addresses the Vox Day issue, or rather does not address the Vox Day issue by blabbing on about Visigoths, the tribe that is the US Army, tensions between different African ethnicities; in the same way that he did not address the Vox Day issue, by blabbing on about Wandians/Mormons and the Star Trek Federation a year earlier. See a pattern here? A year from now, Brad Torgersen will address the Vox Day issue – as in not address the issue – by blabbing on about the English Civil War, the prejudice faced by Quakers in 19th century America, the divisions between different North American tribes in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the South African Mfecane (Zulu conquests of other Bantu tribes) from the early 19th Century, the tragic Hutu-Tutsi divisions in present day Central Africa, along with the Sinhalese-Tamil divisions that have paved the way for Sri Lanka’s civil wars. Maybe he may add Belgian waffles into the mix for good measure. And as a last resort, there is always the tu quoque argument.

One has to ask: is Brad Torgersen just disingenuous, or is he just not too bright, or has he just painted himself into a corner, out of a misguided and ridiculous political and/or ideological allegiance? Or is it all three factors? No I personally rule out Brad being stupid. He isn’t. Can he just not say one bad word about anybody? Ever? I have to remark that I don’t think Torgersen is bigoted at all against Africans/blacks for one. And the Social Justice Warriors painting all the Sad Puppies and their supporters with the same brush, isn’t fair nor accurate. It is way more nuanced and complex than that. I think Torgersen has just blundered by making a tactical, or rather perhaps strategic alliance with Vox Day, for what he considers ‘the greater good’. Tribalism is as tribalism does. Indeed. Torgersen goes on and on about tribalism because he is as caught up in it as anybody in the genre community, against what would otherwise be his better judgement. It’s a projection. This is an all too human error. We all make it. Yet Torgersen doesn’t appear to see it at all.

The always aggrieved Larry ‘don’t fuck with me’ Correia put up a post entitled ‘I’m not Vox Day’, also when things were flying most thick and fast re this whole Hugo thing. Although who knows what lies in store! I can’t keep up and I’m not really bothering…

The very title is predictably disingenuous. Nobody is saying that you are Vox Day, not any of the equally perpetually aggrieved and ridiculous Social Justice Warriors, and not the mainstream genre Left. They are saying that you associate/have associated with, and defend, excuse, whitewash and justify Vox Day’s most offensive beliefs and prejudicial opinions. And they believe you don’t appear to have too many qualms about his tactics and ploys re the Hugo slates and the Hugo ‘takeover’ itself. This latter point may or may not be a fair or accurate criticism (or partially so), given how what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I don’t care one way or the other here. To me, that’s a distraction from the real beef. The real thing, the thing that concerns this Red Wolf blogger, is the criticism they direct your way, that ideologically and politically you are closer to the reactionary bigot Vox Day than you pretend. And ideologically closer because you whitewash and rationalize Vox Day’s bigotry.

So as with your brother in arms, Brad T, your whole post, its very title, is a distraction, an evasion, an obtuse red herring. Interestingly, in the comments to Larry’s ‘I am not Vox Day’ blog posting, there are a number of people who choose to stick up, defend as legitimate and cheer for Vox Day’s controversial and more to the point, prejudicial opinions. One cannot hold that against Larry C (one is not responsible for the comments people leave at one’s blog), and yet they do appear at Larry C’s blog sans criticism from Larry C. Why are these bigoted Vox Day fans so comfortable posting their thumbs up for Beale’s bigotry at Larry C’s blog, and why do they receive no criticism from Larry C himself? That’s of course a rhetorical question. The answer is that the Vox Day fan club (and I mean fans of Vox Day’s um ‘scientific’ bigotry, never mind his misogyny and homophobia) see Larry C rationalize, excuse and dismiss the charges of Vox Day’s racism as nothing of the kind. As unfair and “exaggerated”. Exaggerated Exaggerated Exaggerated. And so they know Larry Correia is giving them his stamp of approval. They are not beyond the pale, since Vox Day is not beyond the pale. Larry C has used that very word, ‘exaggerated’ re Vox Day’s prejudices, several times over. I have noticed. So have others. He consistently denies that Vox Day is a bigot.

The double standard here, re Larry C’s apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry and his no-holds-barred and undisguised contempt for the genre Left, is glaring and obvious. Look at how Larry C launched himself – ‘Fisking the Guardian’s Village Idiot’ in two parts, from June 2014 – at the left-wing fascist The Guardian’s SF man Damien Walter (this argument had nothing to do with the latest Hugo Circus, it was long before then). Walter a standard reliable voice of the idiot British genre Left. And that’s just Walter (who once remarked on Twitter that I was a weird or strange dude, which if you come to think of it is one of the least insulting things I have heard directed my way, from the genre Leftists). Not that Walter didn’t deserve much of the contempt hurled his way from Correia. He certainly did, given some egregious misrepresentations that Walter had written on Correia. However, there is the revealing remarks – we see this time and time and time again – that Correia makes on Vox Day in his heated replies to Walter. Walter had rightly called him out on the Vox Day thang, even as Walter writes for a Jew-hating left-wing fascist rag, and is all buddy buddy with the Jew haters of the genre Left. That’s ok see?

Before I get on to the Vox Day thang… again, just a deviation: To give you an idea of Walter’s typically left-wing Guardian style oblivious hypocrisy, he sees himself as so tolerant of sexual diversity and proclivities, like a typical liberal (eg. his article ‘Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer‘), at the same time, as with all the Guardianistas, murderous, extreme homophobia in the Muslim world and among Muslim communities in the UK appears to be a big yawn. Hey that’s their own wonderful culture and their own business I guess. Walter is more critical of Larry Correia for Correia’s criticisms of Alex Dally Macfarlane’s vision of ‘post-binary gender in SF’ (check the Walter linked Guardian article directly above), than he is of the Jew hatred as Middle-East reporting and analysis from the rag he works for, and the Jew hatred rampant among the British genre Left alone (see the archives of this blog). I just thought I would give it that spin, because nobody else would…

One wonders if Damien Walter would ever lecture the mullahs, Muslim clerics, Muslim governments and the Arab street – the murderous homophobia in Muslim society and yes Palestinian society itself is neither here nor there to these ‘gay rights’ Leftists – never mind Hezbollah, HAMAS and Fatah, from the pages of the Islamophile the Guardian, on the need to “reflect that the future is queer” and the need to embrace a vision of ‘post-binary gender’? One wonders and wonders… One wonders if Damien Walter would ever lecture the newspaper he writes for, on the need to tone down its Jew hatred (as if he would even begin to recognize new anti-Semitism for what it is in the first place).

The thing is – getting back on track – Walter makes at least one valid point in his criticisms of Correia (so much else is ridiculous, bizarre and harebrained in Walter’s criticisms and commentary – as you would expect from a Guardian ‘journalist’): Correia is not doing himself any favours running cover for a bigot like Vox Day. Now Walter doesn’t mention Beale/Vox Day by name, it’s all implicit (at least it was way back when). One can object that supporting Vox Day for a Hugo nomination, or any award nomination, does not mean that translates to an endorsement of Vox Day’s politics or ideology; art is one thing, politics/ideology another entirely. One may recommend the writings of everybody from Louis-Ferdinand Céline to Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ezra Pound’s and T S Eliot’s poetry, it does not mean one is endorsing their considerable anti-Semitism (unless one does so of course!). The thing is Correia in his response to Walter, only muddies the waters… And there is the rub.

Just follow the links above to the two part ‘fisking’ by Correia of Walter for what I am getting at. I don’t want to repeat myself too much, and this is a lengthy article, so let me just say here that Correia just gives us the same evasive maneuvering, the same old whining about SJ Warriors, making excuses for Vox Day’s racist attack on N K Jemisin, and excusing his unambiguous prejudices as nothing of the kind. The exact and identical wormy and pathetic apologetics he would give the following year (this year, at the height of the Hugos Puppies circus) re Vox Day’s bigotry. Like Torgersen – whose style is very different and rhetorical slight of hand also somewhat different (Torgersen isn’t in-your-face like Correia for one) – it is just a 100% Reload, Recycle and Repeat. Same Old Same Old. A Tune that never changes. Not a single note.

Although I gotta say, nobody else has exposed this twit Damien Walter as Correia has (having nothing to do with Vox Day). Over here Correia exposes Damien Walter for lying/libel regarding Baen editor and publisher Toni Weisskopf. Walter just made up out of whole cloth a Weisskopf ‘quote’ and pathetically tried to distract Correia’s attention and others from his lying by blabbing on about Star Wars and definitions of science fiction. It didn’t work. Shocka Guardian journalist caught making stuff up. And trying to wheedle his way out of it by the most vague and lame distractions. If you don’t know about it, check that link for how the lying genre Leftists like Walter operate. One almost feels sorry for Damien there, as he is humiliated. Repeatedly. Then again, that kind of left-wing modus operandi, demonize your enemies by making stuff up about them, whilst whitewashing everything and everybody else, is how you get a job at the Guardian as a ‘journalist’ in the first place. Or at least how you keep it.

Actually this Walter-Correia feud is  a good case study for universal standards and principles re genre politics. What I mean is one needs to call out Correia for his whitewashing of Beale’s bigotry, whilst simultaneously calling out Walter for his libel, his outrageous lying on Weisskopf (among plenty of other dubious claims and assertions from Walter, but the Weisskopf whopper is a big one). Now who would do that? Only somebody free of ridiculous ideological allegiances to Left and Right. So pretty much very very very few in the genre community!

Both liberals and conservatives ought to read or re-read Gulliver’s Travels. Not that it would make a difference I know. One has to have the eyes to see. There is a lesson there about the Lilliputians and breaking one’s breakfast egg from the bottom or top end, that applies to genre (and non-genre) ideologues today, as much as in any other age.

At least Larry C and George RR Martin (just Google it if you don’t know about it) had a long but civil disagreement in respective postings at their blogs (then again Martin was far more reasonable and measured and polite, and the topic was entirely different, the Hugos 2015 fandango) on the whole Hugos/SP/RP circus. Bottom line is Larry C engages in apologetics for Vox Day’s ugly bigotry, plain and simple, and then cries in the most pathetic disingenuous manner ‘I’m not Vox Day’. And George RR Martin wouldn’t know left-wing fascism if it sat on his lap and asked him for a smoke.

Hey take the scenario where any Joe Soap defends Barack Obama on his disgusting and fawning Iran policy (equivalent to if not surpassing Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler), you know the one that’s happening RIGHT NOW – a policy that imperils the Jews with a nuclear holocaust, and makes it very clear that Israel is all on its own. And imagine if our hypothetical Joe Soap (of course there are real people who defend Obama’s Iran policy) were heavily criticized and mocked for it (and rightly so), Joe Soap then responded with the line ‘I am not Barack Obama’. That’s really equivalent to what Larry C is doing. He gets his rage on, runs to the defense of a far right bigot, and pretends his bigotry nothing of the sort (it’s just exaggerated); and then when he gets called out on it, acts the innocent, and puts on his pathetic hard-done-by-poor-me-why-pick-on-me act.

There is so much prejudice to go around, among both the Left and Right, in and out of the genre community.

Naturally Larry Correia doesn’t bring up all this justification, lame excuses and apologetics for Vox Day’s prejudices in his ‘I am not Vox Day’ blog posting. As if that isn’t what all this heated and shrill controversy is about, at least to a very large degree. Or what it should be about at any rate.

Larry C has never condemned or made it clear that he sees Vox Day as a bigot. Not ever. That is the thing. And bigoted Beale fans are very comfortable posting at Correia’s blog, they are not unwelcome there, as a rule.

Over at the conservative PJMedia Charlie Martin had a fairly balanced article on the Hugos Circus, albeit leaning in defense of Sad Puppies 3 and Corriea. Martin even commended the very liberal Mary Robinette Kowal’s ideas on how to resolve the political impasse of WorldCon and the Hugos voting. Martin makes it clear he considers Vox Day a “dolt”. And for that he earned the opprobrium of PJMedia commentators who rush to Vox Day’s defense. Vox Day, SF’s supreme John Bircher, is the truth teller to power to conservatives commentating at PJMedia (How do mainstream conservatives at a non-SF conservative political opinion news site even know about this or have an interest? So I assume a lot, most commenting there, were trolls). The posts defending Vox Day get the biggest thumbs up. Disgraceful but that’s the real and ugly face of conservatism. Martin is clearly horrified but I’m not surprised. This is not a slight on PJMedia, but on the many who comment on the articles.

Here btw is Larry Correia back in June 2014 giving his thumbs up to actor Gary Oldman outing himself as a reactionary unvarnished anti-Semite (the latter sticking up for poor innocent Mel Gibson, the innocent Catholic crucified, cast into the wilderness, ostracized by those monied and powerful Hollywood Jews. And for what trumped up crime in the first place? Yes I’m being very facetious). It’s from an interview Oldman did with Playboy, that caused such a huge stir and blow-out.

So Correia runs cover for the bigoted Vox Day, and then gives the thumbs up, the big cheer to Gary Oldman outing himself as a bigot, as an anti-Semite, defending the psychopathic Holocaust Denying ‘the Jews killed Jesus’ Jew-hater Mel “F*****g Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” Gibson. 

That ‘the Jews killed our saviour Jesus’ mantra that is The Passion of the Christ, is just a resell of that old hoary Christian blood libel that would pave the way for the ostracization, discrimination, oppression and demonization of Jewry, and  the inevitable European Christian pogroms, massacres, scapegoating and expulsions of self-same Jewry. For centuries. See for example the Christian James Carroll’s book Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews (that has Jew-hating Christians up in arms, when not ignoring it).

This defense by Correia of the bigoted actor Gary Oldman’s reactionary and implicitly anti-Semitic rant, by Correia’s whitewashing of Oldman’s rant, and worse, giving it the grand cheer, is entirely consistent with Correia’s whitewashing of Beale’s bigotry. Oldman outed himself as anti-Semitic and reactionary in defending the Jew-hating (never mind homophobe and racist) actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson, by whitewashing and justifying Gibson’s out-and-out Jew-hate meltdowns (that’s in the plural), and Gibson’s black comedy psychosis, as ‘political incorrectness’. Oldman would offer an insincere apology for his rant, and even double down on his anti-Semitism. But will get to that…

Here is just one of the relevant remarks from what Oldman said in his Playboy interview:

I know [Mel] got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things.”  Oldman then goes on to attack former  L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee, saying “We’re all f**king hypocrites. That’s what I think about it. The policeman who arrested him has never used the word n****r or that f**king Jew?”

Really Oldman? Actually his arresting cop was a Jew, so no a big fail there Oldman, you moron. Also we all say these things: ‘Jews cause all the wars in the world?’ Well I know vicious anti-Semites do. That’s what makes them rabid anti-Semites. Oldman is pretty much saying, ‘we’re all pretty much Jew haters and racists, especially when we let our guard down, and down a few tequilas or vodkas, so what’s the big deal?’

In fact Gibson’s arresting officer James Mee remarked to TMZ (see TMZ link above):

“I’m Jewish and why would I say that to discredit my own religious makeup?” Mee goes on, “The N-word is a scary word.  I would never even dream of using it.  It sickens me that anyone would use that word.” Mee says, “Jews have been persecuted and put down over the years. Why would I, as a Jew, do that to other races?” Mee doesn’t think kindly of Oldman, saying, “I feel sorry for people that need to say things about other people in order to justify themselves.” As for Mel, Mee says he absolutely does not think the actor has been rehabilitated.

In other words, Oldman’s take on Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitism, is that Gibson’s age old honest Christian anti-Semitism is just unfashionable and ‘politically incorrect’ (not actual bigotry at all), the John Birch Society and KKK definition of PC; in the same way that say Islamophilia and hating on America is actual PC. The former in reality is not political incorrectness, it’s just Jew hatred. The latter Islamophilia (as opposed to the ‘nuke Mecca and the ragheads’ bigots) really is inane political correctness.

Mel Gibson’s Jew hatred is just old-style Jew hatred of the most extreme sort, that’s all, the sort that paved the way for pogroms and yes the Holocaust itself. Gibson is a leper in the Jewish community because he is a hardcore Jew hater and a Holocaust Denier, just like his father Hutton Gibson (something Oldman doesn’t acknowledge at all in his mindless ranting. Not the fact that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas exposed Gibson as a Holocaust Denier, amidst other Jew-hate madness and psychosis, and that it got considerable publicity before Oldman’s defense of Gibson). PC has absolutely nothing to do with it. Mad Mel is a leper for the same reason David Duke is a leper in the Jewish and black communities. David Duke is not guilty of unfashionable political correctness, he is guilty of out-and-out Nazism. It is not politically correct to call David Duke a Jew hating Nazi, it’s just accurate labeling. The KKK are lepers in the black community not because the KKK are ‘politically incorrect’ but because they are hardcore racists. And people who say ‘God hates fags’ and HIV is God’s punishment against gays are lepers in the gay community, likewise not because such haters are ‘politically incorrect’, but because they are homophobic bigots.

Saying as Gibson did (see the Joe Eszterhas exposé), that he hoped his girlfriend would be raped by a “pack of niggers” is not ‘political incorrectness’. It is unhinged racism, bloodlust, out-and-out psychosis, violent hatred and insanity. Gibson is not all there, he is a psychopath. It’s not PC for me to remark that Gibson is stark raving nuts, riddled through with a burning rage and heady violence and a redneck Jew-hate and an anti-black bigot besides. It’s the diagnosis any competent psychologist would come to. South Park had his number ages ago. South Park was downright prophetic on the Mad Mel front. No it is not PC to consider black people and gays human beings, and neither is it ‘politically incorrect’ (in  a good way) to buy into age old medieval Christian claims on Jewish deicide. Nor is Holocaust Denialism ‘politically incorrect’ (and yes to repeat the point for the third time, Mel like his dad, like Sad Puppies nominee Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, is a Holocaust Denier). It is just hardcore bigotry. Nothing less.

And those running to Gibson’s defense re his arrest in LA for drunkenness and his Jew-hate rant to the cop, and there have been plenty of them, ‘oh he was drunk, so he didn’t really mean it blah blah’. Baloney. It’s the other way around. In vino veritas. It’s when we are drunk or angry that the truth outs, the polite veneer and mask is dropped. The fact that Mel Gibson has subsequently outed himself as a fucking Holocaust Denier (thanks to Joe Eszterhaz we now know this, yes for the fourth time), this is the nail in the coffin. Of course those of us who are not Christian zealots and anti-Semites were pointing out that The Passion of the Christ was all the proof you needed of Gibson’s anti-Semitism, selling the age old libel of the Jew as Christ killer. To those who have eyes to see. And conservative Christians wonder why Jews are so sensitive, skeptical and suspicious of their motives and real attitudes. Gee wonder what it could be now? Wonder why Jews don’t embrace conservatism, despite the Jew hatred rampant among the Left? This is a major factor why (and it’s not the only one). The anti-black racism rampant among the Right and the Right’s Christian homophobia are other major factors. And there are other factors I don’t even bother alluding to. Heck look at all the anti-back racism among the genre Right alone!

We should all be grateful to Gibson, he’s a litmus test. And so revealing of so much, that is swept under the carpet, even by Gibson’s Jewish and Gentile critics…

Oldman outing himself as a redneck bigot was simply ignored by the conservative media, and in fact he was cheered by a conservative media that didn’t bother to get into the nitty-gritty details of just what Oldman said exactly, and just what the likes of Gibson have actually said and done. One of the few exceptions (and kudos to her) was Susan Goldberg at PJ Media.

Oldman then – in a tacit admission of guilt or maybe just afraid that he might not get work again in Hollywood – offered a clearly insincere apology that only confirmed his anti-Semitism. Here is the so-called apology in small part (the smoking gun):

“…Jewish People, persecuted thorough the ages, are the first to hear God’s voice, and surely are the chosen people.”

Why is that anti-Semitic? The ‘Jews as the chosen people’ is totally uncalled for, in the context of a so-called apology, clearly expressed with such dripping sarcasm, along the lines of ‘you Jews think you are so much better than Gentiles. God’s chosen, guess that makes everybody else undermenschen and God’s outcasts’. This is what one hears from Jew haters. Neo-Nazis included. Just check the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum aka The Iain Banks fan club for that anti-Semitic trope. For the record, and as simply as possible, the talk about the Jews as ‘the chosen people’ just means chosen to record the Torah (the Pentateuch), and God’s choosing Abraham as a patriarch (his pact with God) and as God’s servant, as one whose tribe is to follow God’s laws, and the responsibilities that go with that, the responsibilities to God, to mankind as a whole. It is not as if Jews believe they are’ saved’ merely for being Jews (Jews who know their religion don’t believe as fundamentalist Christians do, in humanity ‘being saved’ or ‘damned’ depending on their religious beliefs and rituals, whether they be ‘true believers’ or not) and everybody else is damned. Jews who know something of their religion, know we don’t have a Heaven or Hell, as Christians and Muslims would have it. It’s not Jews who see Gentiles as devils and God killers, the cause thus of all the injustices and evil that befall humanity, and slaughtering them in consequence. That’s all Mel Gibson, medieval and not just medieval Christiandom (and these old attitudes persists in the present day unfortunately), all embodied to the letter in Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ.

The ADL was right not to accept Oldman’s insincere apology (and the thing with the ADL is they give a free pass to so much anti-Semitism as extreme anti-Israelism, whether it’s coming from liberals, conservatives or Muslims. The ADL are stuck in 1965 and are largely clueless and cowardly. And you really have to be guilty of hardcore in-your face anti-Semitism before the ADL says boo. However compared to SFF genre ‘Jewry’, the ADL are lions. Admittedly that’s not saying much at all. In fact it’s saying nothing). However the ADL don’t appear to realise that Oldman’s apology is not so much “insufficient”, as it is a revelation and confirmation of Oldman’s bigotry.

Correia by sticking up for Oldman, repeats a similar MO re his defense of the indefensible Vox Day. Oldman by decrying the poor poor outcast status of Mel Gibson, a clearly out-of-his-tree Jew hater, homophobe and anti-black racist, a caricature of a Catholic zealot with the sadistic tendencies of an Inquisitor, shows us his true ugly colours. And Correia sings Oldman’s praises.

What is oh so very revealing about Correia’s thumbs up to Gary Oldman outing himself as a ‘politically incorrect’ anti-Semite, is how no genre Jewish pro called Correia out on it. In fact no genre pro whatsoever. None that I could find. They run as fast as they can away from this kind of thing. Run, scamper and hide. One may object, well they – genre Jewry – don’t read Correia’s blog. Pulleeez, they don’t want to know. If you shove this in their faces, they would still run run run away and beg to be left alone. The evidence for my assertion here is in how they run away from the extreme anti-Semitism of the genre Left (when not giving it the thumbs up), and the likes of Dave Truesdale. As far as the latter Truesdale Holocaust Revisionism thing is concerned, and the fact that is is buried out of sight and mind (only on this blog), is simply and obscenely pathetic and a scandal in its own right. Even as nobody talks about it. I predicted as much when I was in the course of publishing it all. And genre Jewry (and the genre community) were largely mum even on James P Hogan and his Holocaust Denialism years ago. In other words, the evidence for my assertion is this very blog and its archives. It’s actually worse than I let on. Interestingly, if you do a Google search for ‘Larry Correia’ monsterhunter ‘Gary Oldman’ and ‘Mel Gibson’, well I got six results! That’s it. I suspected as much before I even did a Google.

None of that should surprise any of us, since genre Jewry – as the history of this blog reveals, see the previous article to this one, ‘the Zombie Chronicles’ – are such cowards, if not hardcore self-hating Jews, or morons. For the most part. I don’t mean all of them. Oh wait am I being too hard on them? No don’t think so. If anything I have been way too generous with them. They – liberal genre Jewry – would be too cowardly to call out Correia here, even as he is a conservative and frankly a reactionary, even as I’m sure many of them call him out on the Vox Day issue! That’s exactly what I mean by how pathetic genre Jews actually are. Those Jews who didn’t sign the SFWA related petition drawn up by Holocaust Denier Dave Truesdale, and berated him instead, have never called out Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier. They just run run run away to the hills and take cover.

Liberal genre Jewry don’t have the backbone of a gerbil between the lot of them. Who else has called out Larry Correia for cheering on Gary Oldman, as the latter outs himself as an anti-Semite of the right old-fashioned medieval brand (as opposed to the Left-wing anti-Zionist and anti-Israel Palestinian chic brand)? Nobody.

Now the thing is genre liberals have not and would not take Correia to task here, on the Oldman front, and for an obvious reason (albeit an unconscious one). Even as genre liberals take him to task, vocally and repeatedly, over Vox Day’s bigotry. They don’t want to draw attention to the rampant and rabid anti-Semitism in their own circles (that is of the genre Left and the Left as a whole). As I say, this is not something they are consciously aware of. There are associations, implications, ramifications that they are desperate to keep a lid on. At all costs. Leftists aren’t really conscious at all, and neither are right-wing reactionaries. As with Dave Truesdale, the real story there that nobody but myself mentions; the Left’s (genre Jewry especially) quashing of the anti-Semitism taboo remains steadfast. The genre Left call Truesdale a reactionary sexist cave-man, but not a Holocaust Denier! And the genre Left make sure to pour scorn on the Red Wolf blogger who outed Truesdale for what he was to begin with, and when talking about the Truesdale petition affair no less!

In fact the Truesdale affair reveals these genre Jews are so afraid of acknowledging even the most base and indisputable anti-Semitism, it’s such a big taboo to them; they are literally quaking in fright, scared of the shadows. Heads so far up their asses. Well most all of them did vote for or support the Jew-hater Barack Obama, so there you go. So Correia has no reason to fear any criticism from genre Jewry for his running to praise Oldman, as the latter obscenely mislabels the hardcore Jew hatred (never mind his other prejudices) of Mel Gibson an affront to stifling and suffocating political correctness.

The SF genre community does not live on the moon, they are on earth (well…), and they all too clearly reflect and echo the ugly and brain-dead, out-and-out delusional politics/ideologies in the Western world in this Day and Age. This insanity is so obviously reflected in the SFF ghetto, where if anything the madness, hypocrisy and bigotry are amplified to fever pitch levels. OK it couldn’t really be worse than general society I admit, but it’s clearly as bad as it is anywhere. And genre conservatives surrender to their worst and most reactionary instincts in their ideological battles against the genre Left, who themselves are prejudiced for the most part. The genre Left’s Jew hatred and tolerance for Jew hatred alone is appalling, it is also near universal. If the former prejudice is not universal among the genre Left (as anti-Israelism duh), then the easy tolerance of anti-Semitism (as delusional anti-Israelism duh) clearly is. As with Leftists as a whole. There is no refuge to be found in either camp for people who don’t care for silly punch ups and flame wars between ideologues, very selective in what prejudices get their gander (real or imagined) and cause them to spill their coffee. In and out of the genre community. There is no heart, no true mindfulness, in and out of the genre community, among ideologues of the Left and Right. No respect for sober and calm universal standards and principles, only soulless ideology and protecting one’s own. Identity politics no matter what. Notable exceptions I’m sure, but very few and far between. Yes I know there are exceptions.

Liberals and conservatives alike, both in and out of the SFF ghetto, ought to heed the words of the US general in Vietnam who remarked, “we have seen the enemy. He is us”.

Not that they will. That’s because they are ideologues.

I tell you, if I believed in psychiatry, and I don’t really, I would say the best thing to do at the next WorldCon or Nebulas award bash, is to seal the building, surround it with a SWAT team so nobody could get out, and sweep up the attendees, writers, editors, fans alike. Liberals, conservatives, anarchists, communists, Libertarians, etc. And send them to the nearest mental health hospital, and place them under observation, and daily psychiatric sessions; getting to grips with their damaged childhoods, their brutal miseducation, the lack of love in their lives. Clearly the lack of meaning in their lives. And if all else fails there is always Paxil and Zoloft. In all seriousness though, kidding aside, I don’t care for those anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs. Very much part of the problem while Big Pharma laughs all the way to the bank. Yeah I know further digression, but worth mentioning…

The real solution, and I have mentioned it here, is to run away from the genre community. It’s a madhouse on fire. You can still read science fiction, pick up copies of old masterpieces, there are neglected brilliant genre novels that still remain little known, in second-hand bookstores or Amazon, but get away from this madhouse. You know it does go with the territory though. Ever asked yourselves the question, and not come with a glib answer – why do you read science fiction so avidly to begin with? Running from something perhaps?

Getting back on  track…

Here in fact is Brad Torgersen having a bit of a meltdown at his blog (even more recently – from April 26th), allegedly getting to grips with his critics re Vox Day. A sample of the opening will do:

If I am insufficiently hateful of a hater who hates, I am therefore a secret hater? And in order to absolve myself of being a secret hater, I have to loudly and publicly hate the hater more than anyone else who presently hates the hater who hates, and this will prove that I am not a secret hater, because I will have hated the hater the way the haters of the hater say I need to hate the hater because he hates? Hating is now how you prove you’re not a hater. You just have to hate the people the anti-hate haters approve of hating!

More in that vein at the link.

Now here Brad T pushed into a corner that he painted himself in, gets to grips – uh wait then again no not exactly! – with the whole ‘Vox Day and his prejudices’ thing… No Wandians/Mormons, no Visigoths, no Star Trek Federation, no US Army camaraderie. Just Brad blabbering, if anything this is a degeneration from his usual waffle, but again no mention of anything Vox Day actually says about blacks alone, never mind women. Or gays. That’s showing up your critics Brad! No not really. No Brad you don’t have to hate Vox Day and get pats on the back from genre Leftists for doing so. You just ought to have nothing to do with him, and not engage in wormy red herring apologetics for Vox Day’s very real bigotry. That’s all.

Brad T’s irrelevant shrill ranting gets raves from his echo-chamber.

Getting back to the wrecking ball Vox Day, I find him to be a Trickster figure in this whole circus, a malevolent trickster for sure, even so one has to admit a fascination… The holier-than-thou pontificating of the genre Left here is laughable and  ridiculous though, and here I will say so for a reason nobody commenting on this whole affair (and how many returns does Google give to this whole Hugos circus affair?) has done and will do. The genre Left is not any better than their bête noire Vox Day and the latter’s allies Correia and Torgersen and their fan clubs and echo chambers; because the former have their own prejudices, prejudices that tend to be more subtle and sophisticated (albeit not always. In fact often enough not at all). Here is my original point – by prejudice, I mean the genre Left’s anti-Semitism (as anti-Israelism). Never mind whatever other prejudices they may (or may not) be guilty of. Such as their over-the-top reverse racism identity politics, misandry and other absurdly related far Left gender and sexual politics blather. I don’t mean all of these left-wing genre folk, I don’t mean every last one of them. I mean a large chunk of them. For sure. This blog demonstrates the genre Left’s horrific anti-Semitism, and breezy easy tolerance of said anti-Semitism. And I am just skating the surface. And that’s because, as I have pointed out at this blog elsewhere, the microcosm of the SF genre community is reflective of the macrocosm of Western political and ideological life and strife. And the Western mainstream and far Left is pathologically and pervasively anti-Semitic. So sorry if I just yawn and roll my eyes when genre Leftists shrill and shriek about the big bad wolf Vox Day, and the other wolf pack of Correia’s and Torgersen’s.

I could care less.

And however disgraceful Correia’s and Torgersen’s behaviour is, can it compare in pure cowardice, denialism, cover-ups and fawning before the Jew-hating genre Left (and not just the Left – hello Truesdale, and others) by genre ‘Jewry’ itself, so desperate to be liked by their Jew-hating genre colleagues, peers and buddies? Oh sorry I meant to say Israel hating, that’s not Jew hating apparently gag gag barf barf. Give me the old time Jew hatred any day, at least it’s honest.

Vox Day’s apologists arguably don’t come close to the latter ‘oh please like me Jew-hating Gentiles’ genre Jewry. Sure it’s debatable. I mean by that, given what is going on in the world and the very real risks Jews face of another Shoah. Not that the genre circus seems to know or care. Hardly. But that’s what SF and Fantasy is about, not so? ESCAPISM. Yeah yeah yeah.

Comments are open (after not working for an age)

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