Liberal American Jewish genre writers Adam-Troy Castro, David Brin and gang: It’s 1965 It’s 1965! And if you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Note: To the pedants, I am well aware that the song ‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in your Hair)’ was only released in 1967. Yeah okay.

Expect poison from the standing water.
William Blake
Proverbs of Hell                                                                  

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I have written one article centering on Adam-Troy Castro previously. Namely this one, and it is worth checking out (I was polite and gracious in that article) if you are interested in this follow-up I suppose. It also catalyzed this article, centering on dufus hack ‘Jewish’ genre writer Chuck Rothman (and Dave Truesdale, the Holocaust Revisionist he was defending). That’s very much worth reading because it’s pure black comedy, of the highest (or lowest depends how you look at it) um class. It’s in the latter article where you can read Dave Truesdale’s only public response to my series on him and others, re their Holocaust Denialism. All this went down at Adam-Troy Castro’s little nook on the web (the SFF web board). Check that Rothman and Truesdale focused article for how Castro and gang responded, or didn’t respond – to Truesdale the Holocaust Denier spewing his supposed innocence of being guilty of any and all anti-Semitism that is, and dismissing me as a nut job in the process, and Rothman’s obscene blundering (likewise in response to yours truly, the Red Wolf).

So when the Dave Truesdale PetitionGate affair happened along one year and four months later, given how these Jews just don’t want to know, then and now; it shouldn’t surprise anybody at how genre Jews just obliviously signed a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist. Castro and crew didn’t tell ’em, kept mum, all hush hush, cast it aside like a dirty nappy. Never spread the word. Anything but! Hey that’s how it looks from here. If you read up on the details in the Truesdale Petition article, it’s even more lame and pathetic than I let on here. That’s what happens when you – as in liberal genre Jews – don’t want to know. THEN and NOW. I comment on this in detail in that lengthy Petition article, am not going to repeat all that here. Except to say, notice the contrast between Castro and gang’s vocal and conspicuous calling out of the black beast Vox Day and his supporters and apologists (detailed in this very article, and sure Beale’s a bigot and reactionary as I make very clear over here) and how self-same Castro crew & allies respond to another genre right-wing reactionary Truesdale’s hardcore oblivious anti-Semitism (so much like, and yet so different, to the hardcore oblivious anti-Semitism of the Left, although the latter are not usually Holocaust Revisionists). That is both when Truesdale protested his innocence at Castro’s place on the web in late 2012, and near a year and a half later, during the Petition Affair. All Beale would have to do to get the self-righteous and smug genre Left – and genre Jewish Left at that – to leave him alone, is to hate on the Jews (especially if he just uses the Left’s disingenuous disguises of anti-Israelism and anti-Zionist sloganese) instead of hating on blacks, women and gays. Then I’m sure the genre Left and the Jewish genre liberals will leave him alone and everything will just be hunky dory.

Jewish liberals in the genre community, so desperate to throw stones at the bogey man, the stone devil, the big bad wolf on the Right Vox Day, because you know the KKK and the Nazis and Jewish liberals are liberals, true blue and the Western and American Left and genre Left are just morally pure, shiny and sparkling. Nothing to see there, untouchable. Hear no Evil See no Evil Speak no Evil. Yeah best for liberal genre Jewry to focus on Vox Day, the bête noire – what would they do without him? – than take a hard look at the mammoth in the closet that they are desperate to keep closed and shut, indeed deny its very existence; namely the Jew-hating genre Left and non-genre Left for that matter.

These genre Jews voted for or supported (twice over) the most hardcore anti-Semitic president and administration since that other Democrat Carter in the 1970s. Yet whilst Carter has since exposed himself as horribly anti-Semitic; in office Obama is doing the kind of damage to Israel that Carter could only have dreamed about when the latter was president. And so such liberal Jews (genre and not) are complicit in the Obama administration’s war against the Jew nation, of which they appear as oblivious as they are the rampant and deep-seated Jew hatred among the Left (on both sides of the Atlantic) as a whole. From the Western media to the Western universities and NGOs. And beyond. But Vox Day! The Jew hatred of Obama’s Chicago church, of those Obama surrounds himself with, and praises or commends as reasonable, respectable and having gravitas (the latter include the Holocaust Denying Mahmoud Abbas, a co-founder of the PLO that calls for Israel’s destruction on its charter, and Turkey’s frothing-at-the-mouth Jew-hating tyrant Recip Erdogan. Obama has called him a close confidant), hey it’s all just some Republican smear job. At least that appears to be the Jewish Left’s and the genre Jewish Left’s take. If they can even be bothered to glance in the direction of Obama’s ugly anti-Israelism in the first place, and that’s debatable. Obama’s obsessiveness with Israel, in such a negative way, whilst it’s all just a big yawn obliviousness or irritant at best response to mass killings, pillage and rape from Sudan to Eritrea, Egypt to Kenya, Uganda to Nigeria, and that’s just some parts of Africa… it’s all very telling. To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

What about the Obama administration’s could care less obliviousness to mass killings, tyranny and brutality from Mexico to Pakistan? The world’s second most populous nation is mired in numerous conflicts and is one of the most brutal neo-feudal exploitative nations on earth. Obama and the Left can’t be bothered to even pretend to raise an eye at that, as with oppressive, brutal and civil rights denying Sharia Law from Nigeria (having nothing to do with Boko Haram!) to Kashmir, Saudi Arabia through to Hamas ruled Gaza and Sudan. Even as horrific civil wars initiated by jihadists wage through Syria and Iraq, as ISIS grows and the Iraqi army collapses, as Kurds and others fight tooth and nail for their survival, Obama is frothing about those stubborn Jooos… building homes I tell you… in Jerusalem! Of all places! The nerve of it. Hamas in Judenrein Gaza, whatever. Maybe Obama sees them the same way as he does ISIS jihadists, they’re the jayvee team. As the usual kleptocracies from Brazil and Argentina, South Africa to Malawi and Kenya, India and its arch-enemy Pakistan continue to loot billions annually from state coffers, corrupt and complicit ‘aid’ agencies, the UN and equally cynical Western governments, literally millions and millions starve and eke out some kind of marginal existence in growing slums, dangerous and miserable. Crickets from Obama and his crew. And what’s left of the forests and grasslands is going going near gone, from southern Africa to Latin America and Indonesia, from Asia to the  Siberian taiga, and what’s left of the indigenous wildlife dies off, or is hunted to extinction. Say what? Heard anything about it all from the Obama administration and the State Department? No not really. As in No, Nada, Rien.

The Jooos are building homes for crying out loud, it’s an obstacle to peace with the Muslim jihadists Fatah/PA who do not accept Israel’s right to exist, and never have, even when the West Bank was part of Jordan. Just ask Obama and the State Department, the fault lies with the Jooooos oh I mean Israel. Just ask Mahmoud Abbas, Obama’s moderate Muslim Jew-hating man of peace; you know the Holocaust Denier who calls Hamas “brothers in arms” and heads a jihadist mafia outfit that has carried out wave and wave of jihadist attacks, bombings, rocket strikes and the like, and continues to promote genocidal Jew hatred in its mosques, media, schools and other bureaucracies. I’m not even talking Hamas here. Obama being on the same page as Abbas, the jihadist-who-pretends-he-ain’t-when-it-suits-him, Abbas who has made the destruction of Israel his life goal (as with his predecessor Arafat); Obama being in agreement with Abbas the Jew hater, at least when it comes to the Joooo nation and its alleged ‘war crime’ of building apartments, is not a matter of concern to Obama, the State Department, The NY Times and the Western Left. And the genre Jewish Left to boot. Pay No Mind.

In fact as I was about to publish this online, Obama renewed his bullying of Israel, threatening to end US support for Israel at the UN, if Israel did not enter into negotiations with the jihadist-pretend-moderate PA. In other words, Obama unequivocally threatens to abandon Israel to the Jew-hate wolves at the UN, if Netanyahu does not capitulate, appease, make concessions and fawn before Jew-hating Muslim fanatics (the PA/Fatah), still openly (at least in Arabic) dedicated to Israel’s destruction and willing to concede nothing to Israel. As the record attests to (not that you will read about it in The NY Times). No such threats are made by Obama against any other government in the world for not capitulating to Muslim extremists or any other terror group or terrorist front group. During the Gaza war last year, the Obama administration cut off military aid to Israel about ten days into the war (yes all hushed up), claiming too many Palestinian civilians had died (even though civilians have died in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world thanks to US drone strikes and US air-strikes under Obama’s presidency alone). Obama has not threatened fascist Saudi Arabia with any military aid cut-off even as its air strikes have killed plenty civilians in the Yemen civil war this year; no military aid cut-off  to the Iraqi army despite its alliance with Shi’ite death squads, and despite the fact that humvees and tanks for the Iraqi army means humvees and tanks for ISIS. No military aid cut-off for Pakistan, well one can go on and on…

The point of all this rambling of mine on Obama and the nightmares that are actually happening in the world that he could care less about, whilst putting the electron microscope on the Jew among the nations (and I’m just skating the surface of Obama’s Jew-hate gangsterism), is that our American Jewish liberal, and specifically (from the POV of this blog) Jewish genre liberal, not only has nothing to say about any of that, but on the contrary remains in the fold, loyal to, if no longer fawning before ObamiNation. And liberal genre Jewry have the gall, the chutzpah to go after Vox Day. Because that’s where the mortal threat is, to you know our way of life. It’s the supposed gulp uh art of science fiction or rather a science fiction award showcase, a showcase for a fiction genre of very low levels of artistic merit and relevance, that is being wrecked or at the least laid siege to by the big bad John Bircher Vox Day (and yes he is a John Bircher); that’s where the priorities of left-wing genre Jews lie. The better to ignore the anti-Semitism of their gag gag liberal allies (in and out of the genre community). As if it matters what Vox Day does re the Hugos, since the Hugos like the Nebulas have been a joke award show for ages. Let’s just ignore all that. The genre is a joke after all, and so are the awards circuses, SFF is the McDonalds junk food of literary fiction. All this long before Vox Day and his reactionary supporters came along to wreck the party celebrating the junk food awards. The more disgusting, obscene, odious, dishonest and transparent the genre Left’s Jew hatred as Israel hatred gets – well okay it’s been this way for years, see the archives of this blog – the more our brave and noble Jewish genre liberals shill and screech ‘Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day nasty nasty bigoted man!’. The more Obama screws the Jews – and not just the Jews – the more the Jews are imperilled (oh wait it’s just Israel yawn), the more our Jewish genre liberals self-righteously trump their wonderful liberal credentials, which includes their respect and support (no matter how lukewarm) or at best no comment for the anti-Semitic man in the White House. Because Vox Day and militia types in Tennessee and Wyoming and Idaho are where the Big Threat is. Ditto the Republicans. And the Jesus Freaks. To Life Liberty and the liberal American Jewish Way of Life. Apparently. Just ask Jewish Genre Liberals.

As Obama gives Iran the green light to breeze on by and get their nuclear bombs – their nuclear stockpile went up 20% during the bad joke negotiations alone – so they can finish off where the Iran regime’s fellow anti-Zionists the Nazis left off – Tel Aviv as the next Hiroshima – Jewish genre liberals bleat, ‘Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day John C Wright Larry Correia not nice nasty nasty bitch slap’.

When the children or nephews and nieces of these oh so liberal American Jews ask twenty years from now: ‘daddy/mommy/uncle/auntie, what did you do during the 2010s (or whatever we bloody decide on calling this decade) when Muslim jihadists threatened Israel with annihilation and Obama sold Israel down the river?’ [Since we don’t yet know the future as always, we can only speculate on what may happen. However we can be certain that whatever happens – even if Israel miraculously survives just this decade! – it will be perilously close and there will be much more blood spilled and the world will stick it to the Jews however it can]… how will our liberal Jews, and given what this blog is about, liberal genre Jews, answer? With the truth? Namely, ‘oh I supported the Jew-hater Obama, he wasn’t George W Bush after all, or some white man from privilege. Obama came from a traditionally oppressed ethnicity and he was a Democrat and I was loyal to the Israel hating Left, which has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, to the end; and oh yeah there was this real evil character Vox Day in SF circles, he was an anti-black and homophobic bigot, I made sure to pour my scorn on him and his supporters. Not  that I had anything to say at all on the numerous and vocal left-wing anti-Israel folk in the SFF genre community, who were not anti-Semitic anyhow, just anti-Israel. Actually I didn’t even really notice the latter. I didn’t want to. Vox Day was where the evil worm in the SFF apple was. Well that’s what I decided. Then again I did vote for/supported the Jew-hater Obama and never called him out on his increasingly obvious and transparent Jew hatred (as Israel hatred duh) – in fact I never acknowledged it at all – so there you go.’

Don’t count on it.

I think quite simply the question will not be asked, even by a sensitive and thoughtful kid, because not permitted to be asked.

Um well, the mind boggles at the cognitive dissonance. Now and increasingly in the future. How will they – liberal Jews I mean – cope mentally? As I have said here, I reckon the Left will just rewrite history. People, whole nations, religious institutions do it all the time. With ideologues (of the Left and Right), it’s the very nature of the beast.

So – getting back to Adam-Troy Castro, that lead-in diversion is relevant – it’s boringly predictable how Castro would respond to the whole Hugos farrago of 2015. This is a typical example, from his facebook page.

Adam-Troy Castro
May 26 at 1:28pm · Edited ·

(Sigh) No, I am not saying, nor am I ever going to say, that the organizers of the Sad Puppy nonsense need to be “boycotted” for what they have done and said, and I am most certainly not saying that the writers they advocated for need to be boycotted for the actions of those who supported them.
This is after all me, the guy who has made such a regular habit of arguing for separating the art from the artist, most of the time in more extreme circumstances. If I can distinguish between Bill Cosby and “Bill Cosby,” if I can praise the occasional film by Roman Polanski, if I can struggle in vain to discuss the filmic achievements of Woody Allen without being slammed by the same stuff that artistic discussions of Woody Allen are always slammed with, if I can further regularly wax enthusiastic about work by writers like Stephen Hunter and Dan Simmons who exist so far from me on the political spectrum that we are almost on separate rainbows, then why the hell would I tell anybody to boycott the work of {Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts}, to name one, just because I think it’s fun to summarize his persona as {Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts}? Ditto with {Hurt-Feelings Harry}, {Steely-Eyed McRage-Monster}, Beale The Galactic Zero, and the rest of that crew driven to extreme measures by the Heartbreak of Soreloserus. I mock them with abandon, as I just did, but want *none* of them subjected to organized boycott of any kind.
I have said nothing advocating otherwise, and anybody who represents me as having said anything of the kind is, in precise measurement, a goddamned liar.

Yeah stick it to the right-wing reactionaries (is ‘Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts’ John C Wright? Is ‘Hurt-Feelings Harry’ Larry Correia? I assume that’s it, right?), but you know the left-wing Jew haters that are rampant in genre circles on both sides of the Atlantic – Castro is willfully clueless and NOTHING BUT SILENCE from him. Always. (and others of course. Look at David Gerrold and Gary Farber on Castro’s facebook page in the comments – oooh let’s stick it to the genre Right, don’t risk offending any Jew-hating genre Leftists now, their fellow Leftists after all)

Castro and his crew do not want to know about that – the anti-Semitism on the Left, from the White House to The NY Times, from Oxfam to Amnesty International, from the BBC to Harvard and Cornell, Columbia U to Berkeley, from British Labour and African-American militants to Greenpeace, from Occupy Wall Street to Code Pink, from his own liberal genre peers – disrupts and upsets the self-righteous liberal Jewish narrative now, doesn’t it? This smug self-righteous stuck in 1965 American liberal Jewish obtuseness of Castro’s is so typical, not only of liberal American Jewish genre folk, but of liberal American Jews. Liberal Jews. Castro’s a caricature of a Jew stuck in a time-warp, from one of the genre’s time travel stories (maybe even one of his own. I think he’s written some, can’t be sure). Castro sticks it to Vox Day and his apologists. Oooh how brave, noble and standing up for truth and liberty and mother’s oat cereal. Like George Clooney sticking it to the long dead and discredited Senator Joe McCarthy in his film Good Luck and Good Night from 2005, and thinking he was so brave. Really he did. No that is Salman Rushdie, that is the now deceased film-maker Theo van Gogh, that is the now murdered Charlie Hebdo staffers. Those are the brave ones.

The sigh Jewish Castro gets pats on the back from all the right people. You know the Lefties. Even as the Western Left is riddled through with Jew hatred and engages by necessity in obscene apologetics for Muslim radicalism/Islam. And that would include the Western genre Left likewise. Hence this blog. Yeah I repeat myself. Hey Adam-Troy Castro: how about sticking it to Jew-hating left-wing fascist genre writers/editors such as China Mieville, Nick Mamatas, Iain Banks, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Michael Bishop, Ken MacLeod etc. (see this blog of which you are ‘aware’)? Well of course not. Not On The Radar. Would sooner see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series (yes I know that’s not fair on the Cubs) or Japan win the soccer World Cup, would sooner see Orson Scott Card and Rachel Swirsky edit a book of gay themed science fiction together.

Notice Troy-Castro’s remarks on Dan Simmons (and Stephen Hunter), who exist so far from me on the political spectrum that we are almost on separate rainbows, yeah yeah yeah. Dan Simmons is indeed so far from you and your ilk on the political spectrum, you certainly inhabit separate planets, never mind separate rainbows. After all Simmons doesn’t disguise his fears and contempt for um a far right-wing fascist and reactionary religious culture and tradition he happens to know a lot about (This has nothing to do with ‘nuke Mecca and the ragheads’ bigotry that at least some of Simmons’s critics love to pretend is the case. Simmons is a serious student of history, unlike Castro). Simmons likewise doesn’t shy away from his support for God Forbid, the only state in the Middle-East that is not fascist/quasi-fascist, the Jew among the nations, which really does face the threat of annihilation. From far right-wing jihadist fascists no less. Castro not so much. Guess that’s what makes Simmons’s politics so far removed from Castro’s. Indeed it does.

That’s why Dan Simmons authored Flashback, and not Castro. Castro would be constitutionally, psychologically incapable of even drawing up a synopsis for such a novel, not in a thousand years. Simmons’s anti-Islamist and God Forbid pro-Israel Flashback is one of the most important speculative fiction novels of the twenty-first century. One of the most important not only because Simmons *gets it*, but because he doesn’t pretend any false and naive hopes, that good will triumph over evil, that the Islamist threat will be defeated. Not At All. This is frequently the case with a lot of contemporary John Waynesque ‘right-wing’ fiction (Flashback is not a right-wing novel and it’s not a left-wing novel, but Leftists cannot comprehend this). And Simmons can write (unlike most SF writers who are just hacks). Simmons draws the conclusions, deduces from the current reality of appeasement and surrender to reactionary and jihadist Islam, and where it can lead. God forbid. And yet this is the bleak and terrible truth of things. Flashback can be compared in its terrible and stark Cassandra tropes, its importance as genre fiction, to Karel Čapek‘s War with the Newts and Olaf Stapeldon’s Last Men in London. Perhaps its true parallel is with Katharine Burdekin’s Swastika Night – a neglected and largely forgotten masterpiece – as much as any other genre novel of the 1930s. In fact almost definitely so. Of course Flashback is also a very different novel to these 1930s genre novels, in style and substance, but the times have changed. Then again, paradoxically, they haven’t changed at all… Simmons – especially when he got a lot of flack from the Left for Flashback – insisted the novel is a fiction that does not reflect his personal beliefs, he is not his fictive protagonists. Yet the novel is what it is, and there is Simmons’s public political persona… And it is what it is. Naturally Flashback was ignored and dismissed as bigoted and reactionary by the genre Left, and the genre Right didn’t care to trump it too much neither, too artistic, thoughtful and bleak for the genre Right. And it didn’t fit into the military SF genre, because it’s not that. If the SFF genre community was sane, Simmons’s Flashback would have swept the Hugos and the Nebulas. It would be talked about highly to this day. But the SFF genre community is neither sane, brave nor remotely intelligent. The SFF genre community is very much part of the problem. It’s why the bleak, broken and defeated future imagined in Flashback can be imagined in the first place. Liberal Jewish writers ignored it, certainly didn’t praise it, safer and easier just to praise anything else, no matter how bland, irrelevant, trivial or conventional. And having nothing to do with you know the very real threats Jews and other infidels face to life and liberty from Muslim fanatics, and their Western allies, an army of ‘progressive’ Quislings. Naturally it’s a non-Jew Simmons who tackles the subject. Liberal genre Jews will tackle any topic but that in their fiction! David Brin laughably thinks he’s writing relevant and forward thinking genre fiction, with really big political ramifications and associations no less! That is when Brin’s not paying tribute to a hardcore Jew hater and signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Denier.

Hey Brin given your reams and reams of political posts at your blog over the years, can you tell us where the one is calling Obama an anti-Semite, a bully, one whose policies threaten Israel by encouraging Israel’s enemies, from Hamas to Iran? No didn’t think you could. ‘Cause you can’t. It’s why you have no credibility. You and your ilk. As in most American ‘Jews’. As in liberal American ‘Jews’. As in liberal genre ‘Jews’. Are you waiting till after Israel is destroyed to knock Obama (even walking on eggshells, even hemming and hawing), David Brin? Could ask the same question of Castro and the rest of those liberal genre so-called Jews. I reckon even if it came down to that, liberal American Jews and liberal genre Jews would look away and point fingers elsewhere. Who knows? I gotta be straight here: I don’t think Brin and Castro even begin to recognize Obama as an anti-Semite, along with most all the rest of liberal genre Jewry – American or other. Don’t Want To Know. In fact as if to emphasize my point, Brin has been frothing about eeevil Republicans in his latest blog posting (see the end of his ‘More Space! Expanding the cosmos’ blog article from this very month. Pasted below):

If you are even remotely thinking of voting for the obscenity that has taken over the Republican Party, then you are at very best an utter fool.   This is not “left versus  right.”

It is normal (with bits of foolishness and corruption… versus stark jibbering insane.

Moreover, deep down, you know it.

You want to talk stark jibbering insane Brin? Heard of Marie Harf, heard of John Kerry, who blames ISIS on Israel. No kidding!? You want to talk who is the utter fool? Deep down, I wonder if Brin knows anything. About Anything that Matters. Doesn’t appear so. Not in the slightest. Never mind he dismisses half of America as insane and utterly foolish, NOT the half that indulges in the most conspicuous Jew nation bullying, intimidation, pathetic and obscene apologetics for Muslim terror and jihad (Republicans do it too, but the Democrats are not any one whit better on this front, and often worse); and as for the unconstitutional spying on its citizens, IRS gangsterism, lying about the Benghazi fiasco (blaming it on a youtube video!), all under Obama’s watch and administration – it’s all just a big puff of nothing from Brin (Why let the Obama administration off the hook when it comes to NSA spying on American citizens? At least in that article. The easier to knock Republicans I suppose, and portray them as the sole evil party, or the more evil party at the least). As with the scandals and dubious payments/fees/donations ‘earned’ by the Clintons, embodying what American politics is all about – moolah payola lucre (all big news that has been coming out during the same time period that Brin chooses to froth about Republicans) – big puff of further nothing from Brin. As with the Left’s Jew hatred (in and out of the genre community), just another puff of Empty from the know-it-all-know-nothing Brin. As Iran marches ever onward to having nuclear bombs, as Obama gives all  that the green light (as I write this up), it’s just a big fat Nothing from Brin.

More to the point, although entirely consistent with the genre Jewish Left’s cowardice at best when it comes to Obama’s in-your-face anti-Semitism: when are Castro and crew – the Jews Gerrold, Laura Resnick, David Brin among them – going to suggest you know having no interest in reading or promoting the fiction of China Mieville because the latter is a hardcore Jew-hating left-wing fascist, even though Castro would never support a boycott of his books blah blah? Ditto the now dead left-wing fascist Jew-hater Iain Banks? Well we already know Brin’s answer there. Even though he’s dead, they wouldn’t want to face up to well you know what…

Ditto the anti-Semitic ‘Jewish’ left-winger Charles Stross. Coming to think of it – as if to prove my point – here is a very recent post up at Brin’s blog (May 2015) in response to a Stross blog post (link within the Brin blog post) on international politics-technology-capitalism-the security state blah blah (as it pertains to a new book Stross is working on). Brin is nothing but polite and respectful to Stross, whom Brin calls his “esteemed colleague”. Yeah this esteemed colleague. Brin does disagree with Stross about a few things on these topics, but that misses the point I am stressing. Namely Brin would never take Stross to task over… hmm how can I put it, the latter’s vicious and hardcore ‘new’ anti-Semitism (assuming Brin could even begin to recognize it for what it is) and any other related odious left-wing fascist commentary of Stross’s. Not in a million years.

Years ago ‘Jewish’ genre editor and British academic Farah Mendlesohn came out in unambiguous, indisputable support for HAMAS in its jihadist war of 2008/9 against Israel. That’s what it means to actually sign a petition transparently and emphatically calling, hoping for Israel to lose a war against HAMAS (that the latter initiated of course. Check the link for the ugly details. I do not exaggerate in the slightest). Nothing but SILENCE in response from the genre community, complete desert silence. Total. This is more than half a decade back now. (How is this any different to signing a petition during WW2, calling for the Allies to lose the war to the Nazis?) When I finally publicized this at my blog, one witnessed a predictable response: Jew-hater Nick Mamatas alerted Farah M to the article and she thanks him for it (see the update in that self-same article), all the while oblivious to how that damns her (and him) even further. Geoff Ryman tweeted on it, in defense naturally of Farah M, who couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic in his eyes, because she is Jewish and a friend of his. That was it! This is what I mean by the pervasive taboo against acknowledging the most deep-seated and horrific anti-Semitism from genre pros. And as I have pointed out elsewhere, it’s the Jews who are routinely the worst offenders in this regard.

I take it that the Jewish David Brin is not a reader, never mind a fan! of my blog. That’s for sure. Anti-Semitism among the genre Left? To David Brin, it’s like imagining llamas grazing in the woodlands of upstate New York. Simply Impossible or at best Irrelevant. At best. Maybe if he was even just an occasional reader of my blog, he might have stopped himself from signing a petition drawn up by Holocaust Denier/Revisionist Dave Truesdale. Well who knows?! I really can’t read David Brin’s mind. I don’t know how this guy thinks or reasons at all. Ditto the other genre Jews who signed that petition, from Harlan Ellison to Robert Silverberg, David Gerrold (one of Castro’s facebook crew) to Mike Resnick (daughter Laura has a berth on the Castro facebook canoe) and Barry Malzberg.

Brin has had no problems attacking comic book/graphic novel writer Frank Miller over the latter’s contempt for the Occupy Wall Street crowd, you know the anti-Semitic OWS, of which Brin naturally had nothing to say (not for nothing did Occupy Wall Street get a big cheer of support from the American neo-Nazi Party. Yes they did).

In fact Brin writes in that post of his:

Well, well. I’ve been fuming silently at Frank Miller for a years. The time’s come, so get ready for steam!  Because the screech that you just read – Miller’s attack on young citizens, clumsily feeling their way ahead toward saving their country – is only the latest example of Frank’s astonishing agenda. One that really needs exposure to light.

He’s been fuming silently at Miller for years, but what of Mieville, Stross, Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Nick Mamatas etc. and their extreme anti-Semitism? Among others. Well NADA on that front. No exposure to the light. Not at Brin’s blog. What else do you expect from a liberal American ‘Jew’? I can’t find any PUBLIC allusions by Brin to the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism (nothing on his blog, more than I can say for his firm rebuke of Miller), and of course Brin signed a petition drawn up by Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale! As with Occupy Wall Street’s anti-Semitism, we have only silence on that front from David Brin. Worse, Brin comes to the defense of OWS, riddled as it is with so much anti-Semitic dross.

And Brin has the gall to complain about the Loony Left! Well only in the abstract. When it comes to the particulars, he is nothing but fawning to, and whitewashing of the Loony Left; from the anti-Semitic OWS to the now deceased Jew-hater Iain Banks and his fellow anti-Semitic Brit Charles Stross. David Brin whose opinions on Science and Society and Culture and Politics matter. So he thinks.

And Mieville, Banks, Stross and Mendlesohn are just conspicuous examples of anti-Semitic genre Leftists. Among So Many Others in the genre community. I mean these characters are just the rotten icing on the rotten cake. When can we expect some um facing reality here? From Brin and his ilk? When hell freezes over. That’s when. When Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club wins the European Champions League – after knocking out Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Barcelona – that’s when.

Here is Adam-Troy Castro (again on facebook, entry pasted below. This is from last year) on Hollywood politics: sticking it to… conservative actors who allegedly complain that they’re not getting roles in liberal Hollywood because they are conservative. There may well be some validity to Castro’s points that he makes (if these actors are really saying that), if anything these actors are just elderly now, their time has past in youth obsessed Hollywood. Their politics are neither here nor there. I agree. Thing is there is a subtle point, a subtext beneath Castro’s pontificating that sticks in the craw, that I can’t let go of. I mean given the bigger picture…

What I mean is that Castro is choosing to stick it to the anti-Islamist and pro-Israel by the by gentile actor (of course he’s gentile and not Jewish) James Woods and the anti-Islamist and pro-Israel gentile (there we go again) Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame, and the gentile (what you thought a Jew?!) anti-Islamist and pro-Israel actor Jon Voight. Voight has made no bones about the fact that Obama could care less for Israel and its struggle for survival (see a pattern here to which Castro is naturally oblivious? Castro knows whose politics he is definitely not on board with, or at least condescending of – the likes of Dan Simmons, Jon Voight, James Woods. You know Israel supporting Gentiles who don’t hide their contempt for the idiotic thug in the White House [even as Simmons admits to having blundered by voting for him in 2008!], and don’t feel the need to mollycoddle reactionary Islam). Castro’s crew joins in the fun in the comments to Castro’s facebook entry, includes Raymond Feist, (fantastic) artist Bob Eggleton, and liberal-American-Jewish (is that redundant?) writers David Brin, Janna Silverstein and NancyKay Shapiro. Among others. Some lame ad hominems directed especially the way of Jon Voight from one or two commentators. You know the pro-Israel gentile actors face this um snickering and smug dismissal from the Jewish writer and his facebook club. Never Jew-hating genre Leftists or Jew-hating Leftists period. So it appears. Just the ones who don’t hate the Jews, anything but, who face ad hominem scorn from Castro’s facebook crew, many of whom are noticeably Jewish.

Note how Castro (below) comes to the defense of Jew-hater Barack Obama, but what else to expect from the typical-American-Jewish-Democratic-Party-supporter no matter what. Yawn didn’t the Democrats get America into Vietnam and um weren’t the KKK rooted in the Democratic Party? Well yes. Guess it’s all changed now. They’re the party of love and non-racism. As Barack Obama proves. And they’re uh anti-war. Gaggffffwwwffrhahahaha Gag Gag.

Again from his facebook page.

Adam-Troy Castro
August 7, 2014 · Edited ·
Just found out that James Woods, an actor I love, tells his fans that the vast liberal Hollywood conspiracy keeps him from working.
Well, if this occurs now, it might have something to do with publicly declaring how fun it would be to watch Barack Obama die horribly, but in the meantime, he has in the last three years filmed four theatrical movies, a couple of TV movies, and been in three TV series.
Kelsey Grammer says the same thing. Same time frame, three TV series, one after another.
Jon Voight also claims that the Hollywood conspiracy keeps him from working. Four movies, multiple TV series appearances, all in the last few years.
These are not bad stats for actors as long in the tooth as these folks are.
When was the last time you busted your ass to get to a movie even in part because Jon Voight was in it? Was it, I don’t know, THE ODESSA FILE? When was the last time he was even an eminence for hire, really? MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE? TOMB RAIDER, of which it must be said, he had an “in?”
But he’s working. Steadily. In the ranks of actors, he has nothing to complain about.
Hatemongering birther maniac Victoria Jackson also claims that she is prevented from working. Since 2010, four movies. Incredibly. Victoria Jackson is working. Not just as a professional looney. As an actress.
Now, it DOES happen to be entirely true that much of their output, in movies at least, happens the be the kind of for-the-paycheck stuff that stars or near-stars might consider a come-down. If I told you the names of some of these movies, you would wince with immediate sympathy. But this happens to almost everybody, past their height of bankability. Robert DeNiro is still a star, more or less, and he hasn’t been great in a great movie for more than twenty years; Martin Scorsese has a new go-to guy, Leonardo DeCaprio, now. Burt Reynolds has been churning out dozens of pieces of crap since, you know, BOOGIE NIGHTS, because nobody has a great script for him and it is unclear that he would be up to it if it was provided. So?
The premise that the industry that continues to treat Clint Eastwood and Arnold Shwarzenegger as icons discriminates against conservative actors is beyond ludicrous, but the likes of Woods, Grammer, Voight and so on continue to play the persecution angle, hard, because it’s all they have. Voight in particular playing the pity-me card and blaming the current state of his career on Barack Obama is particularly insane when if you look at his filmography you can see that it was during the Reagan Administration that the great roles stopped coming for him. He was a star, a real star, from MIDNIGHT COWBOY to COMING HOME, and pretty much for only that long. After that, for better or worse, he was a character actor, and it’s *still* a career that ninety-nine percent of moonlighting waiters would kill for.

Now Castro and his crew stick it to Mel Gibson re the latter’s anti-Semitism in the comments (barely, I mean barely. Walking on eggshells there…), but he’s no liberal Jew hater! Gibson is just a redneck old fashioned Jew hater. So Safe to Skewer Him. Then again think Castro will ever publicly skewer Larry Correia for running to Mel Gibson’s defense as a matter of interest (by Correia running to actor Gary Oldman’s defense and rationalizations for Gibson’s unhinged bigotry)? I’m the only one who has done so. For the record.

Aside from Castro letting us know that he thinks Voight a little “insane” (to be fair to Castro, this has nothing to do with Voight’s politics on the Middle-East, Muslim radicalism, Israel, yet even so…), aside from the fact that he’s sticking it to actors who just happen to be going against the liberal grain of sticking it to the Joooos oh I mean the Joooo nation – and that means being courageous (by going public) and having a moral compass, kudos to them – aside from all that…

Why it sticks in my craw is this…

I mean when it comes to vocal and famous anti-Semitic actors and movie directors…

Here is Castro and his gang, who appear to get their news from the Daily Show or maybe just The NY Times and CNN (there’s a difference between them all?) blasting Oliver Stone over the latter outing himself as a Jew-hating Leftist, and the likes of Spanish actors Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz, letting us know just how they are typical left-wing anti-Semitic Eurotrash. Oh wait maybe not! [Click on the first link of this paragraph, it’s funny. And office safe. It’s a youtube video relax. A joke I repeat from here. I say relax because there are those who think I am an evil malicious fascist and my links are going to be ‘goatse’ or similar. John Scalzi among them. No kidding]

Have Castro, Brin, Gerrold and gang ever had one word to say publicly against Vanessa Redgrave, perhaps the most infamous anti-Semitic British thespian of them all (given the formers’ snide contemptuous dismissal of the politics of actors Woods, Voight, Grammer, all of whom dare support Israel by the by)? Actually David Brin’s late great father, Herb Brin did! Vocally. Yes against Vanessa Redgrave’s anti-Semitism. Herb Brin even dared to support Oh My God Jews living and building homes and orchards in places where they have had a presence on and off for centuries for over two and a half thousand years. Easily. (more than I can say for the conquest and settlement of America, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of Latin America, South-East Asia, India, Indonesia, the Polynesian islands by the British and Europeans but I digress) To most Lefties that would make Herb Brin a fascist. David Brin could learn a few things from his late father’s moral clarity and courage. We all could. I don’t except myself neither. David Brin I have a question for you: do you think your father, if he were still alive, would think much of your fawning all over a hardcore Jew-hating British genre writer – peas in a pod with his fellow Jew-hating Brit Leftist Vanessa Redgrave – upon said writer’s death? What do you think your late father would make of Obama and his fawning over numerous Jew haters foreign and domestic, and his treating Israel like dirt and making very clear threats against the Jew among the nations (as I write this up)? Well he’s not here to say…

And here is Adam-Troy Castro, again from his facebook page, an entry from April this year, making fun of the Puppies brigade with a satire/pastiche… It begins thus:

Captain Christian White, supreme commander of the LILY, put down his nutritious meal of American cheese on white bread, with extra mayo, and answered his buzzing intercom. He barked the standard protocol for answering every red alert on ship. “I’m not gay! Report!”

“I’m not gay, sir! We have a ship decloaking off the bow! Over!”

“I’m not gay,” he snapped back, buttoned his uniform, and marched in strictly regimented steps to the turbolift, where he stood resolute and firm-jawed while the cheerfully obsequious elevator boy used a lint brush on his manly shoulders, without being too gay about it.

His piece (I admit it’s kind of funny) gets the Pavlovian applause from his fellow Lefties on his facebook page naturally enough, Nora Jemisin and Laura Resnick among them. Castro like the good-liberal-American-Jew that he is, knows who to offend and who to flatter. Interestingly here is Israel-hater i.e. hardcore ‘new’ anti-Semite Charles Stross, giving Castro applause for that self-same satire. It’s not as if Castro would ever say anything that could offend the ‘new’ left-wing Jew haters (Jew nation haters that is) such as Stross; namely calling out all this left-wing anti-Semitism (anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism) that pretends it’s not anti-Semitism, for what it is. Castro would have to recognize the Jew-hating Obama administration for what it is, and given Castro and his ilk’s support for the Democrats, that is extremely implausible. If not impossible. This article of mine is the kind of satire that Castro is not capable of. This is exactly what I am getting at. I mock the Jew-hating and Islamophilic genre Left in that article, one could even see it as a companion piece to Castro’s satire. In fact Charles Stross himself even dismissed me as a bigot for that very satire of mine. Along with other genre anti-Semites such as Lavie Tidhar. Proving my point.

And to finish off, in line with the very title of this post: Adam-Troy and his facebook fan club of liberal-American-Jews-and-Righteous-Gentiles (David Brin included) are getting into Castro’s 1964 VW bus adorned with painted flowers and groovy mellow colours man, and they’re heading out to California, going to see some groovy bands you dig, maybe the Animals, the Temptations, Donovan and a young Mick Jagger. Going to smoke some reefer, get high, maybe hang out and party with some of the Hollywood set, Julie Christie, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood and Kirk Douglas fresh off his success from Seven Days in May. If they’re cool and make the right connections. And these genre Jewish hippies Castro, Brin and Laura R are cool man, you dig. They grok. Do you? Hear what the voice of the Who generation gotta say about what’s going down, there’s an escalation of US forces in Vietnam, that kid Bob Dylan and Joan Baez know where it’s at. Hey what about the marches in Selma? Castro and crew thinking ’bout going down Alabama way, heck in 1965 not an easy ride in a hippie VW bus! Get a lot of bad vibes. But Castro and gang feel maybe they should go, detour there on the way to Pat Brown’s California, even if it means getting their heads beaten in by the pigs in George Wallace’s Alabama. It’s not just about good times and Big Sur, acid and groovy chics. Walking the Walk, not just Talking the Talk.

They’re using the Time Machine, the one that works. To get back to 1965 I mean. They’ll buy the VW bus in ’65, it’s easier than getting it into the Time Machine from here. And finding one that still drives fine, especially one that’s half a century old! Coming to think of it, can I go too?! Back to 1965.

Can skip Alabama I must admit, I don’t have the stomach for it. San Francisco 1965, pre-AIDS, pre-poppers (nudge nudge wink wink joke, a little black comedy there), heck pre-Reagan (just), here Castro and gang come! Are you ready California, for the out-of-sight vibe of Castro and crew in their VW Merry Pranksters Bus.

California Dreamin’ 

For the record: The now elderly uh ‘Jewish’ Harlan Ellison never left 1965 or maybe 1970. His body may not be there anymore, but his mind certainly is. God I hope he doesn’t sue me now! Man the stuff that cat has gotten away with…

And Barry Malzberg: America got the far Left president you openly dreamed about and desired, decades back. Hope you are happy. And to the pedants: yes I agree that Obama has sold left-wing economic – that is fiscal and monetary – principles down the river in service to the corporations that run America. So what? Still a far Leftist, both in his attitudes, his make-up, his mentality, his background and his True Believer status. And those he has always and still surrounds himself with is the proof in the pudding.

Jewish Gen Xers have less excuse than the out-of-touch baby boomers, for ever voting for or supporting this Jew hater and narcissistic thug. Hey identity politics no matter what. Right? More in common with the likes of Brad Torgersen especially, than they can possibly know or begin to recognize.

Adam-Troy Castro, David Brin and the rest: I am not the enemy.

UPDATED (below)        14th June

No explicit or transparent responses from Brin, Castro and crew to this article. Not on Twitter or anywhere else. There was one cryptic Tweet from Castro a few days after this article went online (a Tweet from June 10th). It was only a few days after I published this article (June 8th – 10th) that interest in it peaked. Well relatively speaking. Here is the Tweet which may well be a cryptic reference to this article:

An argument should not be the occasion where you just keep repeating your opening premise, only louder.

If that Tweet is an allusion to this article (the Tweets from Castro immediately prior to and post that one can in no way be construed as an allusion to this article), all I can say is: is that the best you can do Castro? Well yes. Clearly. Yeah that really refutes the points I make in this article Castro. Then again – Don’t Think So. You wouldn’t even know what my article is about, going by that Tweet. Not even vaguely. If indeed that Tweet is alluding cryptically to this article.

From Brin there wasn’t even a cryptic Tweet.

If you could really show up or thought you could show up what I had written, Castro, Brin and crew, you would have replied in the comments. Nothing stopping you from doing so. Naturally Castro and Brin did not do so. Nor any of their like-minded gang. (well I didn’t get any comments so far) Then again, this is all so TABOO, so there you go. One assumes they are ‘aware’ of this article.

In fact Brin just keeps Recycling the Same Old Same Old, with this blog post dated June 12th. To be fair, he makes some good points about Republican Party corruption, but it’s the usual free ride/whitewash given to the Democrats. The Jew hatred endemic to the Obama White House, among many in the Democratic Party, its supporters, the American and Western Left…, to Brin this 6 ton mammoth appears to be just a tiny tiny ghost mouse. A phantom rodent invented by the neo-cons or some-such. And associated with this, to repeat myself, the whole ongoing Chamberlain act of Obama on Iran (and I don’t think that’s even fair on Chamberlain), the Jew hatred of the EU etc. – it’s just persistent deafening SILENCE from Brin. He’s at least consistent. Brin is a caricature of the willfully blind, willfully deaf and willfully dumb genius-in-his-own-mind-egghead American-liberal-Jew.

Castro himself would then show how he’s got the pulse on the SF politics zeitgeist – WHAT REALLY MATTERS – by blogging about SF’s 273rd nervous breakdown, itself the latest spillover from the Hugos 2015 farrago, namely Tor staffer Irene Gallo vs the Sad and Rabid Puppies. And how it spilled over, catalyzed Tor founder and president Tom Doherty giving Gallo a public dressing-down on the Tor publisher’s blog, and apologizing to the Puppies for “any confusion Ms. Gallo’s comments may have caused.” A review of this incident at gawker. Includes Irene Gallow’s facebook commentary, that sparked all the outrage.

Hey it’s what everybody in the genre community is talking about right now. Thanks for proving my point Adam-Troy. Also Troy blogs about it in his usual tangential style, never upfront and straight on.

All Irene Gallo would have to do to be left alone in facebook oblivion is to tell outrageous lies about the Jews, support BDS against the Jews and related  – oh wait I mean outrageous lies, demonization and BDS against the Jew among the nations – and then nobody would have made a fuss at all; and Tor boss Doherty would not have got involved and you wouldn’t even know her name (unless you had some business with Tor really or related). Rather than call a bunch of Rabid Puppies reactionaries “neo-nazi groups”, which is what she did. So it goes. And in that case, that is if Gallo had done the former rather than the latter, genre Jewry and genre folk as a whole would have nothing to say at all – unlike this latest Gallo vs the Puppies dust-up.

That’s just a facetious (obviously I’m not accusing Gallo of anti-Semitism here, I’m just saying IF she did rant about Israel in the Leftist Jew-hate fashion…) but very true hypothetical. As the facts in this article alone, and others on my blog, reveal easily enough.

“No reason to get excited,” the thief, he kindly spoke,
“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

Bob Dylan
All Along the Watchtower (1967)

Comments Are Open (for a change)

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2 Responses to Liberal American Jewish genre writers Adam-Troy Castro, David Brin and gang: It’s 1965 It’s 1965! And if you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

  1. Tim Lieder says:

    Wow. You just don’t get tired of spouting bullshit. You know just because you stick the description “Jew Hater” in front of a person’s name doesn’t make it true. And considering just how much hatred you have spewed at Jews in your years of boring rants that are only read by the people that you namecheck, one would think that the only “Jew Hater” here is you.

    It is the 9 days. Perhaps you might think of repenting.

  2. red wolf says:

    Lieder, how you been? Missed your mindless commentary on my blog. Been a while.

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