Obama White House doubles down on the Jew Hate in the aftermath of the Vienna Deal sell-out to Iran. Liberal genre ‘Jewry’ silent. Of course. Charles Stross and Farah Mendlesohn go gaga over the rise of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, Hamas and Hezbollah fan.

I have edited this article in an update to take into account an error I made re Jeremy Corbyn. He is not a 9-11 conspiracy theorist who believes the Jews had a hand in it, as I first wrote. He has just defended and admired in the past one Stephen Sizer who believes all that. I have now edited that error of mine out. Corbyn is still a Jew hater of course.

In the time since my last blog post detailing the nightmare of the Vienna Deal (and it’s way way worse than I let on in that blog posting of mine) that witnessed the Jew-hating Obama administration give the green light to Iran to go ahead and develop nuclear bombs so they can nuke the Jews and also provide – via the unfreezing of 150 billion USD in sanctions – ever more funding and arms to Hamas and Hezbollah and other jihadist groups (and the deafening silence in this regard – and I do mean TOTAL SILENCE – from genre liberal ‘Jews’), the Obama administration has only doubled down in its delusional lying and Jew hatred. The White House has painted critics of the deal as well financed lobbying groups and war-mongers, the same folk who got America into war in Iraq. At the same time Obama and his gangster administration says that only Israel and its supporters oppose the deal (actually that’s a lie. Canada and Gulf Arab states, the latter no friends of Israel, oppose the deal likewise. And even if only Israel opposed the deal, all that would tell us is that nobody cares about the Jews, as if that were news). You put two and two together, you get four. In other words, the administration is saying the Jews – that is Israel – got America into war in Iraq, is serviced by an all-powerful and nefarious lobbying group, and are just a bunch of warmongers besides. This Jew-hate derangement by the White House in the aftermath of the Vienna Deal, as the White House attempts to sell the deal to the American people, is the Jew-hate proof in the Jew-hate pudding. That is: why respond with such Jew-hate claptrap in trying to promote and push the Vienna Deal, unless the deal is riddled through with Jew hatred, in intent and effect, in the first place?

The response to the Jew-hate lying in this regard – that is the indefensible defense of the Vienna sell-out to Iran – by the Obama administration, from Jewry as a whole, even in Israel, has been pathetic and craven. For the most part. Even as it’s a huge huge scandal. I mean this is more of a sell-out than Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement. Chamberlain never gave the green light for Hitler to acquire nuclear bombs! Chamberlain appeased Hitler. Obama and cronies are doing worse. They are actively collaborating with Iran. To get nuclear bombs. And to finance the Jihad International. So then it should go without saying, that liberal genre ‘Jewry’ continue to say nothing. At all. Ever. But Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day!!! Puppies, Sad and Rabid Puppies Puppies Puppies!!! Trump Trump Trump!! It’s not like these liberal ‘Jews’ never comment on politics or refrain from bashing Republicans and conservatives! And I’m willing to bet they never ever will criticize the Jew-hater Obama and his administration (who they voted for of course or supported if not American) for the unhinged Jew hatred (with very real and sinister consequences) coming from these quarters. No Matter What.

Obama and his cronies could start calling for the Zionists in America to be made to wear yellow stars, sell F-16s to Iran (well the reality is far far worse than that!), call Hamas “freedom fighters”, and I would bet that liberal genre Jewry would just say nothing, and continue to bash Republicans/conservatives. I’m not joking. If anybody can find any criticisms in this regard from the usual pathetic bunch of know-nothing caricatures that is liberal genre ‘Jewry’, out of touch and even out to lunch, let me know, because I couldn’t find anything. At all. Of course I didn’t expect to. I mean who would? I wouldn’t bet against some of them even supporting the deal that gives Iran a green light to pursue its Jihad, nuclear and conventional. The way their fellow liberal American Hollywood airhead Jews did. Well a number of them at any rate (ninety-eight of them to be exact. At least 98 Quislings on the record). Obama fan and political idiot Steven Spielberg could not be reached for comment.

As if  to parallel the Jew hatred of the Obama administration as manifest in the Vienna Deal ALONE; Jeremy Corbyn, a far Leftist loon, ends up winning the leadership of the British Labour Party. And there is no difference between Corbyn and the likes of say George Galloway and the British SWP. None. Except one of personal style, not substance.

Corbyn calls Hamas and Hezbollah Britain’s “friends” (yes really that’s an accurate quote). In fact this is what he says about HAMAS:

“The idea that an organisation that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people, and bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region, should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government, is really a big, big historical mistake.” 


Corbyn has defended Jew-hating BDS supporting Anglican cleric Stephen Sizer as no Jew hater at all, even as Sizer would then out himself with 9-11 conspiracy blather that says the Jooos had a hand in it. Corbyn has shared the anti-Israel stage with the likes of James Thring (a 9-11 conspiracy theorist and Jew hater who believes Jews control the financial markets and has earned praise from former KKK wizard David Duke, and so much more of course) and Charles Stross’s Jew-hate buddy Max Blumenthal (at an anti-Israel event at the British Parliament sponsored by Corbyn himself, in 2014). Corbyn has called the killing of Osama Bin Laden a “tragedy”, and more along those lines. In fact he has supported BDS against Israel. And the BDS against Israel (but not Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.) movement is hardcore extreme Jew hatred, as I have made clear in some detail at this very blog over the years.  

In other words, Corbyn is a caricature of the Jew-hate Jihad loving far Leftist. Notice how what happened in Britain re the lurch of the Labour Party to the far Left, and all the Jew hatred and love affair with the Muslim Jihad that goes with that, so mirrors the unabashed Jew hatred of the very left-wing White House and how that Jew hatred has reached a nadir with the Vienna Deal (so far!). Depressing and pathetic that just during the last two months, there is an increasingly fevered Jew hatred on the American and British Left; as evidenced by the Israel-hatred from the White House re the Vienna Deal (a collaboration with Iran that almost beggars belief) and its ongoing aftermath, and the Corbyn win of the Labour leadership in Britain. This bodes very ill for Jews in America and Britain, never mind Israel! It isn’t difficult to connect the dots (although it’s hardly been done, in any urgent sense, even by pro-Israel Jewry) re incensed Jew hatred as Israel hatred from the mainstream American Left (Democratic Party) and the mainstream British Left (UK Labour). So you can forget about our liberal-could-care-less-about-Israel Jewry, and liberal genre so-called Jewry from the PoV of this blog, even beginning to comprehend any of this. Even in outline. Not even vaguely. Worth remarking that the difference between Obama and Corbyn, is that Corbyn is thankfully honest in his anti-Semitism, in his proud and open support for the Jihad. Corbyn doesn’t disguise his love affair for the Muslim jihad against the Jews and other infidels coming to think of it. Obama just lies routinely and shamelessly and calls his hatred of Israel (that is the Jews) friendship and concern. Yet Obama gives a huge economic boost to Iran (Iran has gotten more money from this single deal than Israel has gotten from America since its modern founding in 1948); a boost that will see Hamas and Hezbollah flush with arms from Iran, so the former can rain death and destruction on Israel, sooner or later. It’s not as if Iran has changed its tune or its goals. Any more than Hamas and Hezbollah have. And that’s aside from the nuclear issue! In fact since the Vienna Deal was signed, the Jew-hate histrionics of the Iranian regime has only picked up. No you didn’t hear about it from the BBC or CNN and the rest of the Jew-hate left-wing media.

Naturally a hardcore anti-Semite if there was one, genre writer Charles Stross, anti-Semitic like many far Left ‘Jews’, is delighted and ecstatic at the election of Jew hater and Jihad International supporter Jeremy Corbyn. In fact it’s clear as day that Stross is a STAUNCH DEFENDER AND SUPPORTER OF JEREMY CORBYN, THE HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH FAN. Here are just some of the pertinent Tweets from Charles Stross. They will only shock if you don’t know Stross’s far Left loony politics and if you don’t share them of course (detailed at this blog).  Tweets pasted below from most recent in time to less so.

From September 15th:

Charlie Stross retweeted

  1. Please spread the truth about the people’s enemy J. Corbyn.

Embedded image permalink

Get that? Stross is clearly being facetious, with that retweeted straw man rubbish from the ‘Ministry of Truth’. Irony meter explodes. When it comes to the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’, Corbyn could serve as its director. To call Stross shamelessly stupid is unfair on the shamelessly stupid. He is beyond all that. To Stross fascism is liberty and hatred is compassion. Words fail me really.

Some more Charlie Stross Tweets (from September 14th):


  1. Just imagine UK media headlines if Russian President called a leading opposition party threat to national security?

    Embedded image permalink

    Sep 14 

    Wrt. last retweet: It’s a sad reflection on British politics when VLADIMIR PUTIN’s people sound saner than the British Prime Minister … 

    One can criticize Cameron and Tories on a number of things re his and their clashes with Labour, without being accused of being a far Left fascist defender of a far Left fascist such as Corbyn; BUT sticking up for a Jihad (as in Hamas and Hezbollah) supporter that is Jeremy Corbyn, in the face of legitimate criticism in this regard from anybody – Cameron or the local fish & chip shop worker – is an unambiguous defense of a far left-wing fascist Jihad supporting Jew-hate loon. This ain’t rocket science. So now in the world according to Stross, critics of a left-wing fascist Jew hater and Jihad lover are automatically akin to supporters of an ex-KGB thug, wannabe imperialist and tyrant, because they are. So says Stross.

    Earlier Tweets as well from Stross (September 13th and 12th):

    Charlie Stross @cstrossSep 13 

    Labour Party acquires new leader with moral integrity: NO WONDER the plutocracy hate him:

    Charlie Stross @cstrossSep 12 

    This week’s UK news: (1) Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader by landslide, (2) Billionaire-owned press wigs out because OH NOES SOCIALISM.

Yeah it’s just the rich capitalists (read rich Joooo capitalists to the far Left and the mainstream Left really) who don’t like Corbyn, hey Stross? Corbyn’s unambiguous, indisputable and proud sympathy for Hamas and Hezbollah and Jew-hate paranoia in general, has nothing to do with anything.

Another Tweet from Stross on September 12th:

Charlie Stross @cstross Sep 12 

Wow! The UK appears to have a national-level political opposition party again for the first time in about 30 years.

Yeah the UK does indeed now have an overtly fascist political opposition party that is desperate – as with the Left as a whole – to scapegoat the Jooos for the crimes and excesses of global capitalism, and that autonomically and unconsciously means the Jew among the nations. Yeah that’s going to help the poor of Britain and the Third World, sticking it to the working class Jew nation by supporting the Jihad against it. What could go wrong? Don’t worry liberal readership of this blog. You won’t understand the first two sentences of this paragraph. It will read like advanced nuclear physics or Mayan hieroglyphs. Don’t worry your tiny tiny tiny ‘minds’ over it.

None of this from Charlie Stross surprises in the least. Stross is consistent. He luuuuvs Jew-hating Leftists (Jew-hating Jews especially), from Chomsky to Juan Cole and Naomi Klein. And what about Max Blumethal? ‘Cause Stross is one deranged anti-Semite himself. For newcomers to this blog, here is Stross blaming the Tea Party for the Boston marathon bombing the day it happened.

I wonder how Stross’s fellow anti-Semitic genre Brit Leftists (Jewish anti-Semites among them) feel about Corbyn’s rise? I include anti-Semite Ken MacLeod, Farah Mendlesohn who was desperate for Israel to lose a war against HAMAS (for real, just check the link for the smoking gun), Richard Morgan (whose numero uno “hero” is Jew-hate journalist John Pilger, who calls Hezbollah his “heroes”), anti-Semite Paul Graham Raven (buddy buddy with Stross and Morgan. Both Stross and Graham Raven dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community as loony paranoia without reading a single word therein. Check the Paul Graham Raven linked article above for the details), anti-Semite Hal Duncan and of course hardcore Jew hater China Mieville. Among so many others, including the British based Israeli SF writer and anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ Lavie Tidhar and British expat NY based Felix Gilman, another anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ if there was one (actually I noticed one or two Tweets from Gilman on Corbyn’s win, just remarking on it without criticism or praise. Hard to tell though what he really feels, holding his cards close to his chest. So far…).

Actually Farah Mendlesohn is ecstatic with Corbyn’s triumph as this Tweet (and others from Sept 12th) tell us:

Farah Mendlesohn ‏@effjayem Sep 12
Break out the red rosettes!!!! Back to wearing my heart on my sleeve. #labourleadership

What else to expect from such an anti-Semitic far Left ‘Jew’? She and Stross are two peas in a pod.

Mieville may have mixed feelings because there is now no way to distinguish the Jihad supporting Labour Party leadership from the Jihad supporting George Galloway far Left, the latter is where Mieville is firmly and proudly ensconced. So maybe something of a power struggle there. That’s a whole other thing that just bores me really.

Of course the answer is this… Liberal genre folk and especially ‘Jewish’ liberal genre folk (British, North American etc.) don’t have one bad word to say about Corbyn’s rise in the UK Labour Party. Even if they don’t say anything good about it neither. I can’t find anything. And I searched. Nothing on the record (read Twitter). If not getting aroused with giddy excitement over it the way Stross and Mendlesohn have predictably done, liberal genre Jewry are just deafening in their silence. In fact the latter tactic appears to be the rule among liberal Jewish genre writers, editors, publishers, fans… But Trump Trump, Republicans, Vox Day, Puppies!!!

Of course Stross and Farah M are not the only genre Leftists pleased as punch that UK Labour has gone full left-wing fascist. They just stick out. Jew hater and American communist genre writer and editor Nick Mamatas (who I have personally clashed with. This is such a reveal. As is his blog meltdown in response – link is my reply to his lying meltdown – to my exposé of his oblivious anti-Semitism) has puffed out a few Tweets on Corbyn a couple of days ago. Not as obviously delighted as Stross and Mendlesohn are, but he seems pleased enough with Corbyn’s win. Clearly not unhappy about it. That’s for sure. Oh yeah that’s Nick ‘Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child’ Mamatas.

PS As far as the Noah Ward thing at the Hugos goes, at this point I am so past even pretending to pretend to give a damn one way or the other. Priorities and Perspective people.

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