Jihadist terror from Paris to Israel, Sinai to Mali. Refugees swamp Europe. Politically vocal liberal genre folk froth about climate change and the Islamophobia of eeeeeevil right-wingers

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This is also a very long article. Word count is 12 598.


That the plague was not what is commonly called contagious, like the scarlet fever, or extinct small-pox, was proved. It was called an epidemic. But the grand question was still unsettled of how this epidemic was generated and increased. If infection depended upon the air, the air was subject to infection. As for instance, a typhus fever has been brought by ships to one sea-port town; yet the very people who brought it there, were incapable of communicating it in a town more fortunately situated. But how are we to judge of airs, and pronounce–in such a city plague will die unproductive; in such another, nature has provided for it a plentiful harvest? In the same way, individuals may escape ninety-nine times, and receive the death-blow at the hundredth; because bodies are sometimes in a state to reject the infection of malady, and at others, thirsty to imbibe it. These reflections made our legislators pause, before they could decide on the laws to be put in force. The evil was so wide-spreading, so violent and immedicable, that no care, no prevention could be judged superfluous, which even added a chance to our escape.  

These were questions of prudence; there was no immediate necessity for an earnest caution. England was still secure. France, Germany, Italy and Spain, were interposed, walls yet without a breach, between us and the plague.

The Last Man (1826)                                                                                                                               Mary Shelley


As the jihadist terrorism around the world picks up and intensifies – a downed commercial Russian jet, massacres continuing apace in Iraq, Syria and Nigeria, Egypt and elsewhere, the terrorist atrocities in Paris on Friday the 13th November, the hotel killings in Mali, the persistence of the third jihadist intifada in Israel and the West Bank/Judea and Samaria every single day and the relentless refugee crisis in Europe, the worst refugee crisis that Europe has seen since the end of the second World War transforming the social, political and economic landscape across the continent and beyond – our ‘forward thinking’ (no not really) ‘politically aware’ (no not really) liberal (yes unfortunately, or more accurately left-wing unfortunately) ‘Jewish’ (in name only) and non-Jewish genre intellectuals (as in pseudo-intellectuals) know the score (no not really).

Where to begin?

Why not with David Brin, a caricature of an out of touch rather dim-witted liberal babyboomer Jew in Name Only, who I have already exposed as having zero political credibility and nous (see archives of this blog), froths three days (16th November) post the Friday the 13th Paris massacre – and his first post after the Paris atrocities – about…

Drum Roll…

Climate Change.

He would admittedly get to blog on Paris two days after the Climate Change post of his, in an entry from the 18th November. But his priorities are a bit warped, even though he had clearly written up the climate change post probably some days, even a week perhaps before he had posted it and thus before the Paris attacks. Why not just delay its blog publication, until after his blog post about Paris, instead of before? What difference does another few days or a week make? I am not being petty, I think it telling. I mean where is his ‘mind’ at? Then again where is the Western ‘Mind’ at? I think it telling that Paris is where jihadists commit mass murder just recently, upsetting the left-wing narrative of climate change hysteria über alles. Such hysteria reaches its culmination in the same city (for now) a mere 17 days after the massacre. (the day I post this article up) Yet the True Believers, untroubled by tiresome bothers like jihadist bloodbaths in their neighbourhoods and anywhere else for that matter, quickly get back on course to their real passion, their fanatical cause of Climate Change. When not frothing about supposedly evil Jews. I mean the evil Jew nation. What can possibly go wrong?

On the Paris blog entry of Brin’s, I do need to make some mention of course. Let me get it out of the way…

The Paris Muslim terrorist atrocities are filtered through the Brin security state obsessiveness and his own love of neologisms associated with the security state in the Age of the Internet, satellites and twenty-first century terrorism blah blah. I mean it’s neither here nor there really. There are some things he writes there that make me wince, but you know I can’t be bothered… What’s revealing about his blog entry here though is that you wouldn’t know by it the first thing about Muslim extremism and jihadism, its dogma, its history, its prevalence etc. And the European master race has been hit by jihadist terror, and that’s the only time it makes real news (I mean by this the ‘master race’ of Europeans and their cousins in North America, Australasia). Maybe the brown people in Nigeria (twenty thousand victims of Boko Haram which has sworn allegiance to IS and counting) and the Jews in Israel are you know lesser mortals than the European master race. Africa is just a big yawn and the Jews bring the jihad on themselves. As Europeans and their liberal cousins in North America will tell you. Liberal Jewry follows suit or pays no mind. From Brin’s entry on the Paris massacres you would never know the first thing about Muslim extremism and jihad. And the daily and ongoing third Intifada against the Jews (but not the Jews relatively safely ensconced in North America, so what does Brin and his fellow American liberal ‘Jews’ care…) and the left-wing media’s daily lies about it all. Yeah I said that before and I say it again. Then again Brin doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know the first thing about the roots of Muslim jihadism anymore than he wants to know anything about Jew-hatred in this Day and Age. That’s why he ignores this blog for one along with his fellow liberal ‘Jew’ travelers, and this is the consequence of such a pathetic burying one’s head in the sand. To put it another way Brin is a typical Western ‘Jewish’ liberal in the twenty-first century.

Getting back to Brin’s and the Left’s climate change dragon… And the whole ridiculous Meeting of the Faithful in Paris that begins the day I post this up. So it’s very much front and centre in the public unconscious.

You know I have avoided this subject of the climate change ghost dragon at this blog because I cannot write an encyclopedia on everything that is rotten and stark raving insane in the house that the Left built, and nobody is paying me a dime for any of this (well it’s a blog); but the bugaboo that is ‘climate change’ is a whole big rampart and tower in the castle in the sky that the Left built, in the candy floss clouds. This is a whole other pseudo-scientific thing, a new religious myth in the Age of so-called Science (oh the ironies of the ‘secular’ Left) and it is pointed out as such by a number of prominent and experienced scientists on both sides of the Atlantic, for decades now. Scientists who have a background in climatology, geophysics, oceanography, solar physics, atmospheric physics, environmental science; and they have published extensively in their relevant fields. From Europe, North America, the UK, Australia. They include the crème de la crème in their respective disciplines. Although you wouldn’t know it going by the lying media from the BBC to MSNBC, The LA Times to The Guardian and The New York Times, Salon to National Geographic. The blind moron media and status quo bureaucratic ‘science’ leading the blind public. The egomaniacal scientific illiterate politicians caught up in group think and public hysteria – the numero uno global warming/climate change messiah Al Gore is the stand-out figure here – fan the flames. There is a mountain of information out there: articles, scientific papers, informed bloggers and books (and at least one excellent documentary) showing up the climate change bugaboo (previously known as Anthropogenic Global Warming, such a disingenuous name change is fundamental to the bait and switch shell game) for what it is – a delusional myth that distracts from real problems, not least of which is the SIXTH EXTINCTION. That is just the point… So I’m not going to repeat any of that here really (on the other hand I do go on about it quite a bit, given it is a theme central to this blog article). If you seek ye shall find, if you don’t want to know, you are not going to know. It’s also an utter waste of time arguing with the brainwashed in a religious cult that calls itself scientific. It’s like arguing with Jesus Freaks. It’s like arguing with liberals about Islam or Israel. This blog is written for those who are not brainwashed by the ideological blinders.

I do however need to just bring up a few things re the whole climate change hysteria from the PoV of David Brin, because he does go on about it so. Endlessly. Relentlessly. Like a religious fanatic. Which is what he is. And he calls himself a scientist, well he calls himself a Jew too. Actually David Brin is like most scientists or people with a scientific background, very very mediocre. As is his fiction. Mediocre. In fact I don’t know of any contributions Brin has made as a scientist (and I searched I did), although apparently he’s been paid as a consultant. Brin contributes his fair share of baloney to the dark dank well of madness that is the house of Leftism though, and one of its pillars in this Day and Age: global warming the-polar-bears-are-drowning madness.

The Climate Change debate, which is a misnomer btw, it is more truly the Anthropogenic Global Warming – henceforth AGW – debate (and the True Believers pretend there is nothing to debate, as is the case with all witch-hunters and Inquisitors), generally runs along political lines and divisions. The Left are deep in, and have staked their credibility, seemingly their very lives, on the belief that we are all going to reap a Climate Apocalypse thanks to our burning of Satanic Fossil Fuels (henceforth SFF). Conservatives, at the risk of a false generalization, are more skeptical, not of climate change (hence the misnomer) but of man-made global warming (see the difference, it’s significant).

Their reasons for this skepticism vary. For many of us it is scientific. However for the run-of-the-mill political conservative who doesn’t know the science and doesn’t care to, never mind the cultural and sociological factors that feed into AGW hysterics, it is simply political opportunism and convenience that weights such skepticism. I will clarify this point. The latter, the cheering conservative peanut gallery one supposes, just jump onto the bandwagon that is scientific skepticism of AGW, that is the scientific skepticism that is coming from – believe it or not – real scientists. Yes liberal liars and David Brin, that’s real scientists. And the peanut gallery do so because for one they don’t care to be on the same page as liberals on pretty much any Big Thing under the Sun. And for another more pertinent reason, they don’t care for the Big Government and transnational government interference, control and mega-bureaucracy that is implicit and explicit in the hard sell of ‘climate change’. Its strangling of business and industry grates conservatives and rubs them up the wrong way. Whilst all this is true of the AGW hard sell and indeed one of its motivations, the  strangling of business in favour of governmental bureaucracy, control and oversight and world government oversight (read the UN), it is just one small piece in the mess and morass of AGW madness.

In other words, the run-of-the-mill political conservative is opposed to the AGW cult for ideological reasons, rather than scientific ones. Although they do admittedly cite scientific evidence in their favour, at least the more knowledgeable conservatives do. Because the science is on their side. (censorship by media, the corrupt Big Science establishment, government bureaucracies, the UN IPCC, prevents this science being widely known about. To put it mildly) Even if conservatives are right not for all the right reasons, or rather only relatively minor reasons. That is many conservative AGW skeptics do not understand the deeper and more fundamental motivations of AGW and they don’t want to, even though they happen to be right.

These more fundamental reasons include among them and predominantly so, the evasion of the Sixth Extinction; because you know the destruction of the world’s forests, tropical, taiga, Temperate Deciduous, Coniferous, the wilderness in general and ipso facto bird life, the poisoning of the oceans, the destruction of fish life, coral reefs, overpopulation, the threats to the world’s fresh water reservoirs, the poisoning of rivers and lakes, is not something the Left want to look at too deeply. And the resultant die off of animal life, predicated as it on plant life and habitat. And the indigence, indigence related diseases inclusive of malnutrition and undernutrition (and Neglected Tropical Diseases), overcrowding, are inseparably associated with the former tragedy of the sixth extinction. There is a term we use, it’s called a PPE spiral (PovertyPopulationEnvironment Spiral). And we all contribute to it. Rich, middle-class and poor. And the corrupt, nasty regimes and governments across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Indonesia, along with the richer Europeans, North Americans and Asians. It cannot all be laid at the door of the corporations, the Republicans, the CIA, the Tories, Christians and Israel for that matter, so it’s a case of Pay No Mind.

There is a war against Nature, a mistrust of Nature, a desire to conquer Nature, to subdue it, which makes about as much sense as conquering one’s body through smoking, drinking vodka and bad diet. And the former war against forests, wildlife, insects and fish, lakes and rivers, is not unrelated to the latter, the self-destructiveness of an unhealthy lifestyle. The complex sociological/cultural, political, economic, ideological and ‘religious’ war against Nature is beyond this already very long article. So this brief allusion to it will have to suffice.

The Sixth Extinction is in reality one of the biggest disasters in the world today, that’s the real word, planet earth, third rock from the sun. Not the fairyland planet of ImagineWeAreNarniaorsomesuch that the Left inhabit. It’s one of the biggest horror stories in the world, one of the biggest tragedies in human history. Indisputably. In fact alongside the dark tragedy of Islam, it is one of the biggest REAL TRUE TRAGEDIES in the word TODAY (inseparable from another big story the Left ignore – human overpopulation). And that’s why the Left don’t want to know.

Because you know it’s true and the truth of the Sixth Extinction doesn’t fit the Kumbaya  left-wing narrative of evil white men and SOLELY corporations and Jooos oh I mean Israel destroying the planet. Now the astute non-ideological reader may object, but conservatives don’t give a hoot about the Sixth Extinction neither. I know. That’s what I mean by my remark that conservatives, to generalize, oppose AGW bugaboo without getting to grips with its real unconscious motivations. They are right but not for all the right reasons.

Briefly let me touch on the other unconscious motivations (and they are almost entirely unconscious) for climate change histrionics, aside from the evasion of the real ecological catastrophe – the elephant in the room – that I mention above.

The anti-technology strain that runs deep in far Left circles, but has penetrated the mainstream Left (as with Jew-hatred coming to think of it) is another factor. The anti-technology (and science) get back to nature movement among the Left is or has been somewhat well intentioned but misguided. It has equated technology with crony capitalism and mistakenly thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Of course the Left don’t really reject technology, they all make use of it like the rest of us, and increasingly so in the age of the computer and smart phone. It’s an unconsicous thing. It’s a rejection of the technology associated with the mind numbing depersonalization of the big factory, the assembly line, the mass produced automobile, the efficient killing machines of modern warfare, of modern agri-chemical farming, of the disastrous and dubious GMOs. Technology associated with pollution, depersonalisation and killing. Of course this technology and its intertwining in our lives in good and bad ways is as poorly thought out and reasoned as everything else the Left believes. In fact it isn’t truly articulated at all. Then again what is by ideologues, Left and Right?

Also worth adding that this reveals a further irony at play, that there is also an agenda here by the nuclear power lobby and those partial to it, to push AGW histrionics. Nuclear power generation does not emit greenhouse gases, and so is a viable alternative to coal power (whatever other considerable controversies there are with nuclear power). Hence why Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s did much to promote AGW thinking, since her Tory management of Britain coincided with the crushing of the coal miners strikes, that has left a bitter aftertaste among the British working class. To this day. The strengthening of  nuclear power at the expense of coal is just what her government desired and needed. AGW fears thus played and play into the hands of the nuclear power industry and both AGW and nuclear power were pushed by Thatcher’s administration. So we have a double irony of the back to nature anti-tech or renewable energy liberal hippie types buying into an agenda pushed heavily by a nuclear lobby they otherwise despise and fear; the further irony is that it was also an agenda pushed and heavily promoted by Thatcher’s science and industry movers and shakers. That’s the same Thatcher government these Lefty AGW hysterics loathed to the hilt.

A further factor to AGW histrionics is ironically religious. Namely the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse Now fever that has swept the world. AGW plays to a deeply held and ancient religious apocalypse (think of Revelations in the New Testament) zeitgeist that courses through the social unconscious, the fear of famine, war and death, the End Times. The seas will rise and flood our cities, the crops will fail, frazzled in the heat, mass famine will result, we will all die in fear and terror. The irony of the secular so-called scientifically aware Left falling for a religious apocalypse fever nightmare masquerading as science parallels the irony of the ‘secular’ Left’s Jew-hatred, its roots and dynamics entirely medieval Christian. Of course we really are threatened with Apocalypse Now, namely via nuclear bombs falling into the hands of Muslim fanatics, the Iranian mullahs notably. Never mind the threat of the conventional global Jihad. But the Left is simply apathetic to all that of course. At best. At best. That’s all different. Jihad Schmihad. That’s not a phantom sky dragon, that’s just Muslim fanatics getting nuclear bombs so they can nuke millions of Jews (ignoring the conventional jihadist terrorism). So it’s okay (see my own relevant recent blog articles in this regard). And it will end there. Uh then again maybe not… Getting back to the phantom sky dragon made up of Satanic Fossil Fuels…

It’s not a meaningless coincidence that the Pontiff is obsessed about fighting the sun and its cycles aka climate change. Of course he is. AGW is a religious myth, inseparable from Catholic mythology, eschatology and imagery.

There is also a neurotic evasion from other real problems that the Left denies. None more so than Muslim fundamentalism, which the Left is desperate to whitewash and indulge with the most obscene rationalizations, and just brazen lying about Muslim radicalism is routinely both the first and last resort employed by the masochistic Left. If you cry about globalwarmingglaciersaremelting, where in your ‘mind’ is there room to concern yourself with the Jihad, and little girls getting genitally mutilated and their bodies cloaked in burqas, indoctrination of another generation of children in the madrasas and radical mosques, taught to kill and hate all infidels, heretics, apostates, the female sex, homosexuals? Well there isn’t. Priorities are with phantom sky demons, not facing facts about the ever escalating horror of Muslim radicalism.

As I write further up, this isn’t the place to write up a massive article on the pseudo-scientific cult that is AGW hysterics, and merely repeat what is out there in far greater detail and depth – just a click away on the Internet. Never mind a number of books from an AGW skeptic perspective. If you are serious, you can search it out for yourselves. If you don’t want to know, you don’t want to know. Liberals, the useful idiots of the Global Warming ‘Science’ Mafia and their propaganda circus, and the pseudo-scientific mafia themselves, can’t begin to get to grips with the real facts on the discredited AGW hypothesis. All they can usually throw at AGW skeptics are personal attacks, threats, bullying inclusive of litigation, lying, misrepresentations, lying, misrepresentations, lying and the usual censorship. Cognitive dissonance rules supreme. True Believers with more in common with religious fanatics than they could possibly know. And they ‘think’ they get irony. These people wouldn’t get irony if their lives depended on it.

However with that said, it’s worth just taking a gander at David Brin here. That is as far as his hysterics on AGW/so-called climate change are concerned (so I do go on about AGW mythology just a little more anyhow). The reason being it’s David Brin, and he is well-known and a best selling author in the genre community. He also goes on about AGW more than I swear anybody else in the genre comunity, so it appears. Just check the archives of his blog. He is also a caricature of a liberal baby boomer American ‘Jew’. His pathetic groupthink liberal politics narrative: the villains are all evil conservatives and Republicans, never Jew-hating Leftists (none that he names at least), his fellow Leftists after all. Like all liberal American Jews he is stuck in the distant past. You know before you were born dear reader unless you are Brian Aldiss (hello Brian if you are out there!). You know the Age before cellphones, never mind smart phones, Twitter and facebook. The Age before VHS, never mind DVD. The Age before Duran Duran and Van Halen, never mind Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. The Age before Indiana Jones and E.T., never mind Pulp Fiction and The Titanic.

Brin is guilty of fawning before Jew-hating liberal genre writers such as the late Iain Banks and Charles Stross, whilst frothing about the critic of the Jew-hating Occupy Wall Street movement, comic book writer Frank Miller (see this blog’s archives).

It’s also so easy to show up Brin as a dunderhead and utterly witless when he tries to sell AGW like the evangelist that he is, as the Left all are on AGW. It’s the nature of the religious cult that is globular worming (intentional spelling ok). In any argument political/religious and/or scientific, on any scientific controversy for that matter, always look at who is engaging in the whitewash, in the censorship. In the reams of posts that Brin has put up at his blog over the years on AGW, nowhere and I mean nowhere does he mention that that the skepticism on AGW is being driven by, rooted in the skepticism from SCIENTISTS THEMSELVES, and scientists who have the background in the relevant disciplines. You know climatology, atmospheric physics, oceanography, solar physics, geophysics etc. As I write further up re the AGW cult as a whole. To Brin, it’s just your “crazy uncle”, Rush Limbaugh and reactionary Republican politicians. Such transparent and oblivious non-disclosures of the heavyweight dissenters on AGW and *what they are actually saying* is why Brin and his fellow cultists are an unfunny joke.

This is typical of Brin, from his latest Climate Change harangue (pasted below), bamboozling only his fellow AGW fanatics/acolytes:

These days I always finish my climate jeremiads with a simple chant: 

Ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification...

Brin and his fellow AGW evangelicals, engage in routine and oblivious censorship and the like, when it comes to silencing dissent on the so-called climate change religion. To repeat myself somewhat: you wouldn’t know who these scientists and investigators dissenting on the AGW status quo are, over the last few decades, going by Brin’s venting. You wouldn’t know they are scientists! You wouldn’t know their names, their qualifications, their experience, their specialities, their postings at universities and research institututes (from Harvard and MIT to the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the NOAA itself and universities across the globe) and their accreditations. Never mind what they are actually saying, in their own words – going by Brin’s take my word on it Climate Change histrionic blather. Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen senior meteorologist at MIT, Vincent Gray, John Daly, Robert Balling Jr, John Christy, Roy Spencer, David Legates, Willie Soon, Sallie Baliunas,  Zbigniew Jaworowski, Theodor Landscheidt, Anthony Watts, Patrick Michaels, Tim Patterson, Tim Ball, Paul Copper, James O’Brien, Ian Clark, Tad Murty, Fred Michel, Ian Plimer, Roger Peilke, Gary D. Sharp, George Taylor, Sherwood Idso, Chris de Freitas, Petr Chylek, Hugh W. Ellsaesser, Paal Brekke, Philip Stott, Jan Veizer. And many more. Of course these names don’t mean anything to Brin and the rest of the like-mindless know-nothing acolytes of the AGW cult. Nor do their qualifications, their experience, their extensive publications/papers, lectures and their postings and positions within the scientific establishment itself.

That’s why one can’t take Brin and his ilk seriously here. Of course Brin’s censorship in this regard, his non-disclosure of this inconvenient truth (yes that’s the real irony) is in all likelihood an oblivious one, as I imply above. That is Brin probably, in all likelihood, isn’t even aware of the scientists who dissent from AGW. Brin probably can’t even name any of them at all. Never mind tell us what they are saying *in their own words*. That is quote them accurately. On ice cores, land surface/ocean buoy/weather balloon temperature records, climate change the last century, the last few thousand years, the last few million years, MSU data (that’s satellites), ocean circulations, methane breakdowns, the Mann hockey stick, computer models, natural climate cycles of natural warming and natural cooling aka Climate Change duh, Climategate scandal of 2009/2010 etc. Brin doesn’t have a clue.

The Climategate scandal (one of the biggest scandals in science in the twenty-first century despite the Left’s pathetic attempts to sweep it all under the carpet with out-and-out lying, misrepresentations and denials) is not something you are going to see Brin mentioning (except to pretend a huge scandal is nothing of the sort. The Guardian and The NY Times says it’s much ado about nothing, so there). And not the Mann Hockey Stick fraud (which even the IPCC has abandoned now, and that tells you a lot), and not the economic extortion – see UN IPCC Reports, Special Report on “Technical Transfer” is the smoking gun – by corrupt Third World regimes that drives a big agenda of global warming hooey (and a lot else besides); not any more than  you would hear from Brin the first FACTUAL and TRUE thing about Muslim extremism and jihad and the apologetics and even out-and-out support for the Jihad from influential Western left-wing quarters. You will no more be clued up on the Medieval Warm period and the Little Ice Age and what it means to those selling the AGW cult at Brin’s blog, than the predictions made by the AGW priesthood in decades past (the late twentieth century) of soaring temperatures and we are all going to fry histrionics in the early Twenty First Century, and how they have fallen way short of the reality when the doomsday Time has arrived. And past. AGW has been falsified by its own doomsday predictions from decades back, that have failed to materialize. But pay no mind to easy to come by facts that disappear down the memory hole. True Believers never do.

Just like you wouldn’t know the first thing about the vicious anti-Semitism coming from the Obama White House and the State Dept and the Democrats and UK Labour and Greenpeace and the BBC and the NY Times and Amnesty International and Fatah for that matter; not from the politically vocal ‘Jewish’ David Brin and his fellow liberal ‘Jewish’ genre travelers, and the mass of non-genre Liberal American Jewish zombies for that matter. Not ever. Brin is waiting till the mullahs nuke Tel Aviv (enabled by the Obama White House and the EU), but the day that happens – God Forbid – Brin will be blogging on ClimateChaaaaaaange, and repeating his sacerdotal death song “ocean acidification, ocean acidification”. While Kurdish and Yazidi girls are sold into sex slavery in Iraq, and Jews are attacked with knives or guns or cars every single day in the Middle-East and increasingly terrorized in France and Belgium, and Islamic State churns up the terror, while millions starve thanks to corruption, incompetence and greed the world over; Brin will be chanting – well he is chanting – like the priest or acolyte that he is (well both really), his mantra “ocean acidification, ocean acidification”. When the last free lions (less than eighteen thousand in the wild from half a million circa 1970) and free tigers (less than three thousand in the wild) thanks to habitat loss, slash & burn, poaching, are no more and are kept only in zoos and special breeding programs, Brin will still be droning his lament of  “ocean acidification, ocean acidification, ocean acidification”. Tell it to the lions, rhinos and antelope, tell it to the fish and the cetaceans, the panda and the leopard.

These non-disclosures, on the AGW debate and vicious Jew-hatred respectively, from Brin and his fellow Leftists, are not unrelated. The worse the Jihad International gets, the more it grows like a metastizing cancer, the more Brin wants to fight the phantom sky dragons of Anthropogenic Global Warming. And Rush Limbaugh. And Republicans. Brin and his like mindless baby boomer generation of liberal cretins and the cretinous liberal millenials they have indoctrinated. Is that toooooo harsh? Heck it’s not harsh enough. In fact just recently moron Democratic Party candidate and Jew in Name Only Bernie Sanders blamed climate change for Jihad and even climate change is the number one threat facing the United States. Golly Gee remember that a year from now five years from now ten years from now. And what actually happens. If you survive your flooded city. And the Left’s response to Sanders’s cretinism is deafening silence ’cause they are all on board the Zombie Global Warming Express to Nutsville. Prince Charles, a loopy airhead if there was one, likewise blamed climate change for the Syrian Civil War. I kid you not. Just recently. And again Barack Obama, who as recently as November 24th, offered us this ‘gem’. As Scott Johnson writes (video at link and emphasis in bold mine):

Yesterday he [Obama] deepened his hold on the laughingstock element of his performance in office. How to combine suffocating arrogance with gut-busting stupidity? See the man doing his thing side by side with President Hollande, who was looking for something better than thisBartlett’s-worthy laugh line (video below): “[N]ext week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the Global Climate Conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

Yes the Ecumenical Council uh Climate Conference will show ISIS and Hamas, Al-Shabaab and Omar al-Bashir, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda etc. that Obama means business. I’m sure they are all shaking now.

And inevitably one supposes, Ban Ki-moon the Secretary General of the world’s largest transnational anti-Semitic organization, the UN, gave us these words of ‘wisdom’ (also at the end of November):

“When we do not address climate change properly it may also affect many people who are frustrated and who are impacted and there is some possibility that these young people who [are] jobless and frustrated may join these foreign terrorist fighters.”

As Robert Spencer puts it, at above link: “Christians in Syria and Iraq have been violently persecuted, driven from their homes, massacred. They are, no doubt, way beyond “frustrated.” Why haven’t they formed any terror groups? Do they have a different climate from Muslims in Syria and Iraq?”

One could add so much more of course. Jihadists pillaging, massacring, raping, enslaving, destroying the lives of millions, whole cultures, during the Middle Ages and beyond that, and in the 15th, 16th,17th, 18th, 19th centuries, from the Middle-East to Asia and Africa, Europe itself, were driven to ‘frustration’ by Climate Change. As with the jihad coming from Hamas and Hezbollah, and Palestinians stabbing and car ramming Jews. And jihadists flying planes into skyscrapers, the frustration brought on by um droughts or something. And likewise the uh motivation behind the beheading of Yazidis and foreign journalists by Islamic State. And maybe viking bezerkers plundering was brought on by the frustration of the Medieval Warm Period.

Why not go the whole hog? Joooos building homes causes Climate Change which causes Jihad. At an unconscious level the Left have already descended to these depths of depraved insanity. Clearly. As the comments and attitudes of the leader (from behind) of the ‘Free World’ and the Secretary General of the UN already confirm, and both of them – and their kind – froth about Joooos building homes as a cause of Jihad (that cannot be named as such). Along with the weather oh I mean the climate oh I mean climate change as the biggest threat we face today and a cause of Jihad (that cannot be named as such). So then if Joooos building homes and climate change are both the biggest threats we face today/cause of Jihad (that cannot be named as such)… Simple deductive logic (well left-wing logic) to conflate them together. Science fiction alien worlds and fantasy universes have nothing on the surreal reality of our times. Nightmare horror fiction and films have nothing on the absurdist horror reality of Progressive Leftism.

It is all beyond Onion level of satire and parody. Then again the Left is beyond satire and parody and increasingly so. Expect reality to overtake parody and satire yet again in the course of and in the aftermath of the latest Climate Conference of Fools in Paris. Who knows what the next year holds in store? Well of two things we can be certain. More jihad, more bloody jihad and more species facing extinction (having nothing to do with AGW). 100% sure of this. Also sure that the ice caps and ice sheets in the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica will still be there, and sea levels will not have risen to swamp coastal cities and plains. 100% sure of this. And 100% sure of this in five years time and in ten years time and in twenty years time. To the know-nothings, that’s called making a prediction and standing by it. It’s called falsifiability. Unlike Brin and his fellow priests, us AGW skeptics make falsifiable claims and stand by them. Brin and his ilk make and have made eschatological religious claims that are falsified in the course of time by what actually happens i.e. science – and they have been – but go on believing anyhow. In other words Brin and his kind are True Believers untroubled by easy to come by facts.

Getting back to the reality of the global warming religion surpassing parody… If man-made Climate Change causes Jihad, maybe it caused the Nazis too. In fact yes the Nazis were once blamed on the weather, oh sorry climate! For real. Steven Hayward (citing Goddard at Real Science) writes:

Good news for John Kerry and Bernie Sanders. It turns out that global warming caused Hitler and Nazism! Since I’ve already done my “Hitler Learns About. . .” video for this month, I’ll just have to throw to Steven Goddard’s Real Science, which dug up this gem from the Mason City Gazette in 1941:


Hitler Climate copy

Goddard has more at the link above, including how the CIA in the 1970s said global cooling would also destabilize the world.


The sun’s radiation is not constant. On a related note, that is sun related, why do we have seasons? I want to tell you something based on personal experience: a lot of people don’t know. No really. I know this because I ask people, you know ‘educated’ people, and they tend not to know. They have a vague idea or notion. But they don’t for the most part know technically speaking why we have seasons. They do not know about the obliquity of the ecliptic. And this is why when people are told things like the sun (the real driver of climate change and the friggin’ climate itself and climate change is intrinsic to climate) is the biggest threat we face today, the biggest threat to our security, and that is what we are truly being told when the subject of climate change comes up, they believe it. Then again the Left believes that Islam (I’m supposed to say Muslim extremism here) is caused by poverty, the CIA, the Joooooos, George W Bush, the invasion of Iraq and um the sun (because climate change causes Jihad).

All this hysteria, pseudo-science and idiocy re the climate is inseparable to the build up to the Climate Conference beginning in Paris November 3oth. The day I post this article up. That’s where the Western ‘Mind’ is at. As Joel Kotkin puts it:

The Paris Climate Conference, convening this week, takes place in the very place where, arguably, the most dangerous exemplar of hysteria, the Islamic jihadi movement, has left its bloody mark. Yet the think tank mavens, academics, corporate shills and endless processions of bureaucrats gather in the City of Light not to confront the immediate deadly threat, but to ramp up their own grisly scenarios and Draconian solutions.

More worth reading at the link. And expect nothing but wall to wall coverage of the histrionics of the faithful zealots at the Ecumenical Council in Paris by the puppet media morons, all passed off as science naturally, over the next two weeks and beyond. And moronic pronouncements by the West’s rudderless, blind and mega-corrupt political leadership. And the End is Nigh frothing and lamentations from David Brin. While Jihad and deforestation rolls on.

The Left is zombie zombie zombie (The Cranberries’ song in my head now). There is something about the popularity of zombie films, books, comic books in the twenty-first century that is very telling. That’s a whole other thing.

These kind of idiocies are inevitable and easy to see in hindsight. What I mean is when the Left explain away and apologize for and whitewash Muslim extremism and jihad (that is pure Islam), and at the same time are caught up in the delusional religious cult that is anthropogenic global warming; the two are inevitably going to be conflated, combined, intertwined in the unconscious of the liberal zombie ‘mind’. The results are the ‘genius’ of Sanders and Prince Charles blaming a central pillar of Islam and the life example and teachings of the um prophet Muhammed on uh climate change. And Obama telling us that a religious/pseudo-scientific cult conference is going to stick it to Islamic State/DAESH. And the sun’s cycles – without which there is no life as we know it with all its complexity, variety, adaptability and beauty – the central foundation or pillar for that thing we call Climate Change, is the biggest threat facing the United States and the world today. Can’t make this up. And it’s why I make mention of the AGW cult in this post. It is a central pillar to Left-wing madness in an Age of Unsurpassed Insanity. And I could no longer ignore it. And I have studied the subject of AGW very seriously. For years. That’s not a bluff. Studied, not swallowed pseudo-scientific hysterical and corrupt lying propaganda. See David Brin for that.

A further irony re Brin is that Brin’s relative fame rests on his mediocre science fiction/science fantasy novels. And yet he is caught up in a very destructive science fantasy that he thinks science. It’s an irony of course that embraces in all likelihood the majority of the SFF community, writers, editors, publishers, agents, fans, the entire left-wing genre community for sure. So it appears at any rate. Fighting satanic gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, while people starve in the millions and hundreds of millions eke out a marginal existence in the slums of Latin America, Asia and Africa. As their governments steal and plunder billions of dollars annually, while forests and wilderness are destroyed, bye bye bird life, fish stocks are wiped out, the honeybees die off thanks to the real problem of disastrous poisonous pesticides (other factors – NONE relate to AGW), the rhino going going near gone, the big cats are almost extinct in the wild. And jihadists murder, rape, pillage and kidnap and enslave the innocent. On an increasing scale. Tens of millions of Leftists (and not just Leftists), if not hundreds of millions of them, are simply Stark Raving Nuts. The whole world, the society of humankind, is off its rocker. That’s a truism of course. The thing is Brin and his fellow travelers are lost in a particular way, according to a peculiar liberal zeitgeist in this Day and Age. A zeitgeist that is very little understood and very little recognized for what it is, and I mean even by those of us who are not dippy Leftists. Well when so-called academia, NGOs and the media are caught up in the Madness, heck they are the Madness…

And like most all the lost, make that Lost, even LOST, Brin doesn’t know it. He thinks he’s so clued up, a genius in his own mind. A know-it-all-know-nothing if there was one.

The dark humour of Brin’s AGW obsessiveness is that the week of the Paris terror attacks coincided with a planned ego fest aka “Live Earth” climate change webcast fronted by Al Gore the messiah in the same city. It was thus suspended after the jihadist terror reality overtook the fantasy and wishful thinking of AGW (and yes there is a lot of masochsitic wishful thinking here). But the madness goes on of course. As I allude to further up re Obama. That Guardian linked article – ‘the madness goes on of course’ – really takes the cake: “Earth’s temperature is heading towards its highest for three million years. We must move to zero emissions – and it can be done without closing down our economy”. Talk about the Denial of what Really Matters. You know Jihad (then again the Guardian supports, rationalizes, justifies and whitewashes the Jihad, against the Jews at least – see the archives of this blog for my Guardian themed article) and the Sixth Extinction. Chicago and Moscow will get nuked by Islamic State and the Guardian will be leading that day with “highest temperatures on  earth since the dinosaurs and the unicorns and centaurs walked the planet in the Triassic. We must reduce emissions to less than zero by next Tuesday. Hopefully the aliens from the Sirius star system will help us and save us from ourselves with their advanced negative emission technology”. I mean it would be no more outrageous than what they are already saying.

So at the risk of being repetitive (hey it’s my blog I can write what I like) – David Brin, as with the know-nothing airhead Gore, was blabbing about AGW in the wake of the Paris massacre. Before he admittedly got round to mentioning Paris in his distinct asinine way. Still No Word on the daily Third ‘Stab-Shoot-and-Car-Ram-the-Jew’ Intifada in Israel from the ‘Jewish’ Brin. Ever. And naturally he’s a fairly typical example of the liberal genre ‘Jew’. In case I hadn’t mentioned that before. There are sky dragons to fight and Rush Limbaugh and Republicans.

No surprise really – given his fondness for the Jew-hating Obama administration – that Brin has contributed a blog column over the years (2012 to 2013 as far as I know) to the US left-wing political website Daily Kos. Brin’s usual blathering, smug and harebrained palaver over there.

Daily Kos is horribly anti-Semitic. As I have pointed out at this blog previously in another, albeit similar context. I mean hardcore Jew-hatred at this progressive ‘news’ source.

Also http://bechollashon.org/heart/index.php/articles/3586 – For a thorough exposé of the anti-Semitism at Daily Kos, Salon and HuffPo.

And over here for even more horrific Jew-hate stuff (‘Israel is the new Nazi Germany’) from DK, and this from years before Brin was blogging at the Daily Kos. So it’s not as if the Jew-hatred at the Kos is something new. It’s always been there since its inception.

Brin blogging for the Jew-hate Daily Kos is entirely consistent with everything else about him. To call David Brin oblivious and clueless is the kindest thing I can honestly say about him. 

Leaving Brin behind and tackling others re the Paris fallout…

There has been a predictably sinister, deeply odious brain-dead knee-jerk reaction by the Left as a whole, including the odious Barack Obama, to the Paris attacks. Namely the real problem re Paris is not Muslim fanaticism, but right-wing (real and/or imagined) Westerners who don’t want the problem of far right-wing Muslim fanaticism in the West to get any worse than it already has. In other words, the problem is not uh Muslim extremism aka Islam and the jihadist terror it leaves in its wake; the problem is supposedly the claptrap of ‘Islamophobia’ (a big lie I have addressed in some detail in one of my early articles from way back when) from conservatives or anybody really, even a liberal, who is remotely critical of Islam and the West’s suicidal policies re the Muslim world. That is the open doors to everybody under the Sun, the letting in ever more Muslim refugees, who are overwhelmingly young Muslim men, and who come from societies in the Middle-East which are Muslim extremist to a significant degree; as is evidenced by the ‘Arab Spring’, the extremism of their mosques, media, schools, civil society and their regimes. And their facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Throughout the Middle-East, North Africa, the Persian Gulf. Now of course that makes me an Islamophobe (whatever that means). Go figure.

John Scalzi former president of the SFWA, a caricature (okay they are all caricatures) of the idiot Islamophile Westerner, beholden and hypnotized by every moral relativist canard sold to us by the progressive army of Social Justice Warrior Zombies, is predictably obtuse and sinister when it comes to his take on the Paris bloodbath.


Some choice samples:

If you believe that every Muslim supports ISIS and groups like it, then you should also believe that all Christians support the Ku Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church and Scott Lively. You should believe that all white people support actions like the Charleston Shooting. You should believe every man celebrates the anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre. And so on, across any group or affiliation you might be able to name.

Don’t do what ISIS wants you to do. Don’t be who ISIS wants you to be, and to be to Muslims. Be smarter than they want you to be. All it takes is for you to imagine the average Muslim to be like you, than to be like ISIS. If you can do that, you make a better world, and a more difficult one for groups like ISIS to exist in.

If you can’t do that, consider that perhaps you are more like ISIS than the average Muslim.

Many (not all) of the tons of comments accompanying that blog post are naturally as moronic. One ‘Dave’ gives us this gem:

My thoughts: Wanna get back at ISIS? Go find a muslim and give em a big ol’ hug

Scalzi’s (and many of his echo chamber of morons) blog drivel is the kind of ‘anti-bigoted’ bigoted rubbish one could see coming ten miles off. Once you know the political breed, you know what they are going to say to every Muslim jihadist atrocity that gets the press’s and the West’s attention. To every Muslim atrocity that occurs daily from Africa to Asia to the Persian Gulf and the Middle-East that does not get the media’s and the UN and Western politicians’ attention, including the stabbing and car ramming of the Jews, well it don’t get Scalzi and his fellow Islamophile but America hating progressives’ attention neither.

In fact writer Ed Trimnell does a fisking of Scalzi’s preposterous and morally warped Paris blog posting. It’s entitled ‘Paris, and the cowardly (and predictable) John Scalzi‘. So he saves me the bother (although I do add my thoughts anyhow below). As Trimnell writes:

Most of Scalzi’s remarks are by now predictable, and trite–as John Scalzi usually is. We learn, among other things, that John Scalzi has “many Muslim friends”. (Please don’t leave his blog without patting him on the back for this, if you will.)

But Scalzi wants you to refrain from generalizing. That would be a noble principle, I suppose, if he practiced it a bit less selectively himself.

When a lone crazy named Dylann Roof went on a killing spree in Charleston earlier this year, Scalzi wrote:

“this country is still racist as hell, and especially toward black people.”

More at the link. Also see Trimnell’s posting on genre hack (and anti-Semite for that matter, see archives of this blog. Although I have just barely bothered with Ahmed) Saladin Ahmed from November 15th. ‘Paris and the plot against Saladin Ahmed’, this for Ahmed’s disgusting but entirely predictable and dishonest Muslim victim narrative. It’s always that way with him after every Muslim jihad atrocity in the West, and in the non-West – the daily jihadist atrocities in Africa, Asia, Syria, Persian Gulf etc. – it’s just predictable silence. Coming to think of it, how is that any different to Western liberals’ respective responses?

I just want to add a few things to Trimnell’s pithy observations and take-down of Scalzi. Even as Trimnell destroys Scalzi there. Before I do, just a few words on the reams of comments to Scalzi’s relevant blog entry. Scalzi makes it clear at that very blog posting of his, that he is not going to tolerate any ‘Islamophobic’ commentary in the comments. In other words the usual censorship, because to Scalzi and his ilk there is a conflation (disingenuous or not) of the ‘nuke the ragheads’ bigotry with informed criticism of Islam the religion and the uncomfortable (to Progressives) fact that many of Islam’s followers take its strict and bigoted and murderous instructions and teachings very seriously. Yet a very few people do manage to get some criticisms and barbs in of ‘certain strains of Islam’ and the whitewashing of many Muslims’ actual extremism, on Scalzi’s relevant blog entry. But naturally this is all too few and far between. And for the most part it’s the usual Pavlovian liberal gibberish, evasions, straw men, misrepresentations and denials (the Bible is bad too, Christians are bad too, George Bush was bad, the invasion of Iraq was bad, plenty Muslims condemned the Paris attacks – talk about naive etc, etc.) and it reminds me – as if I needed reminding – of why the West is not waking up and in all likelihood never will wake up to the reality of Islam. If anything there is a doubling down, and the scapegoating of the Jews will continue apace.

Anyhow in his relevant Paris blog posting, Scalzi babbles:

Don’t do what ISIS wants you to do. Don’t be who ISIS wants you to be, and to be to Muslims. Be smarter than they want you to be. All it takes is for you to imagine the average Muslim to be like you, than to be like ISIS. If you can do that, you make a better world, and a more difficult one for groups like ISIS to exist in.

If you can’t do that, consider that perhaps you are more like ISIS than the average Muslim.

Scalzi has no problem comparing anybody critical of the EU’s (and the rest of the West’s) suicidal welcome to hundreds of thousands refugees of whom we know very little – and who the authorities themselves admit cannot be properly vetted, and among whom are IS and other jihad sympathizers, and most of whom do not come from Syria even – to Islamic State/DAESH themselves.

In fact since the Paris terror itself on November 13th, and since Scalzi’s blathering on that front in its immediate aftermath, it turns out that several um Muslims in this current refugee wave/crisis in Europe were involved in the jihadist group that organized and orchestrated the Paris massacre and planned more. Oops.  

Such obscene pratfalls are par for the course among progressives. One hears these same Islamist-apologist-and-only-far-right-wingers-aka-Nazis-don’t-want-the-refugees-in-the-West mantras from Obama, the EU elite, idiot liberal Jews, Jew-hating communists and university profs, Jew-hating and infidel hating Muslims (they do exist) in the West (idiot liberal Jews don’t connect the dots, constitutionally incapable of it). So of course Scalzi is going to say it. In other words, people like me are no better than IS, and therefore no better than all Muslim extremists everywhere, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian mullahs and Boko Haram included. As such, since Scalzi is calling anti-dhimmis like myself the moral equivalent of Islamic State and thus basically Nazis with a capital N, that is as evil and depraved as it gets, I will say this…

You are projecting Scalzi, you and your ilk.

Now you may object that I make the same mistake that Scalzi makes, basically falling into the error of Godwin’s Law (as Scalzi does) or a tu quoque error. But it’s not an error when one’s opponents are, if not virulenty fascist, definitely leaning in that direction. Any more than a literal ‘have you stopped beating your wife?’ question is unfair if you are asking it of a known wife beater. And Scalzi is in bed, deep in, with the left-wing fascist genre folk. It’s hard to say whether his going on board with the moronic witch-hunt against Rasnick and Malzberg is his nadir (see relevant article at this blog) because there is so much cretinism-fascism-fashionable-prejudice in Scalzi’s political blathering really (see Scalzi’s political entries at his blog and Trimnell’s and James May’s fisking of Scalzi’s fashionable prejudices). Scalzi once called me a “total asshole” btw (see relevant article at this blog); coming from such a twit, I consider it a compliment.

Relevant to Scalzi and his ilk’s Pavlovian knee-jerk claptrap re the Paris atrocities, the Muslim jihad is not occurring in a vacuum. It is proceeding on two legs, as ex-Muslim apostate Ali Sina tell us, the one leg is the jihadist, the other leg is the jihadist apologist and whitewasher (i.e. Scalzi and his kind). And Progressives and Buchanan/Ron Paul conservatives are nothing but Jihad apologists and Islam white-washers and thus Jihad enablers. Their position on the refugee crisis lacks reason, sobered consideration and seriousness (and calling their opponents Nazis is just one small part of the problem), along with any requisite knowledge; and it follows in the train of a suicidal immigration policy by the West that is decades old now. A policy that has seen the growing number of Muslims in the West, in Europe and the UK establish no-go zones. They are there across France (including St Denis Paris where the police and jihadists fought it out post Paris massacre), Belgium and Holland and Scandinavia; and there is a Muslim engendered intensified hostility against what’s left of Europe’s Jewish populations in France, England, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavia. And against the native European gay community likewise.

And even the ‘ungrateful’ native communities who are their hosts. That’s what’s meant by no-go zones in France and Scandinavia, Holland and Belgium, and Belgian cities on lock down, Londoners blown up on the tube, and Malmo and Oslo the rape capitals of Europe and cartoonists and writers in hiding. Or dead. And cancelled sports events, concerts as panicky authorities don’t know where and when the jihadists will strike next. Well their hosts are kaffurs (that’s infidels Scalzi). So there you go.

So if you would prefer it if these kind of horrors were not happening in Europe – and they are a major impetus behind the French and Belgian Jewish immigration to Israel and Canada – and don’t happen in Chicago and Toronto and Sydney (well it may be too late there anyhow, but why make it worse? Oh wait worse is what the Left wants. Faster Faster), you are a fascist                                                                                                                                                      a Nazi                                                                                                                                                         and an IS/DAESH enabler.


Obama and Scalzi say so. Well that’s that then.

I mean between the narcissist Jew-hater-in-chief and a second-rate hack tiresome pastiche SF writer… That’s why Scalzi gets a megabucks book contract. In our dumbed down culture, dumbed down is big bucks. As Stephenie Meyer and E. L. James can tell you. And Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay. And John Scalzi.

Brit Doug Murray is one of the most sensible and knowledgeable political commentators out there re Islam and the West’s self-loathing, blindness and masochism in that regard. And its anti-Semitism. For the kind of thing that Scalzi would never allow to be written up at his blog – it would quickly be deleted – here is Murray on the Paris attacks. Of course to progressive Islamophiles (and Jew-haters) Murray is a far right-wing bigot. I also recommend his writings on the refugee crisis, a tonic to Scalzi’s and fellow zombie ideologues’ masochism and blindness.

That’s enough of Scalzi.

Charles Stross who I have thoroughly exposed as an extreme Jew-hating ‘Jew’, a caricature (there we go again) of the hardcore left-wing fascist (several articles on Stross at this very blog, the one where he engages in friendly anti-Israel Twitter banter with the notorious anti-Semite Max Blumenthal is most pertinent and all the evidence you need for Stross’s anti-Semitism. Although it’s hardly the only relevant article – see the previous article to this one), is predictable in his Twit Tweeting after the Paris attacks.

Here are typical and entirely predictable examples:

Charlie Stross Retweeted
UndesirableInRussia ‏@swimlittlefish Nov 14
This cartoon sums up so much. Please, please can the #ParisAttacks not slam the door in the faces of the desperate.

Freedom For Refugees, UN Refugee Agency, Refugee Council and Bianca Jagger 

Embedded image permalink



Charlie Stross Retweeted
Jack Kimble ‏@RepJackKimble Nov 14
ISIS has a symbiotic relationship with right wing politicians. When RWers attack innocent Muslims, ISIS gets recruits and pols get votes.


Naturally there is similar sentiment from genre Leftists and well non-genre Leftists of course, including the genre Left’s self-hating Jews (aside from Stross, Laura Anne Gilman [see my blog archives] and others).

The truth of things is far more nuanced and complex than the likes of Stross with his inflexible far Left ideology would have it. As the ElderofZiyon blog put it:

The EU flung open the doors of Europe and both Germany and Sweden went entirely supine… for awhile.  The European response was motivated largely by compassion.  There is no doubt, however, that when the historians dig into this vital moment they will uncover who benefited financially and who benefited politically.  Nonetheless, it is only the crassest of cynics who would refuse to acknowledge the humanitarianism behind the willingness to take in so many Arab immigrants.  Yet, the recent influx of millions of Arab and African Muslims into Europe is going to have long lasting effects on the nature of European culture and society.

As the immigrant population increases, and flexes its political muscle, there will be a decline in the rights and well-being of women, a decline in the rights and well-being of Gay people, and a decline in the rights and well-being of Jews.   Concurrently there will be an increase in crime and an increase in terrorist activity, as we just saw in Paris.

Saying so should not be controversial, but acknowledged as obvious.


Stross’s filter however – and the rest of his group think loony Left ideologues – on the Jihadist Threat vs the West is stuck on Stupid. That is it’s always filtered through his moral relativist left-wing prism. So his TwitterFeed has been filled with the predictable masochistic suicidal impulse of the Left – more more Muslim refugees from Syria and other trouble spots please. Faster Faster. Just can’t get enough of Jihadist Terror in the West. Because 9-11, Boston bombing (which Stross blamed on the Tea Party the day it happened – see blog archives), Fort Hood ‘workplace violence’, the Madrid Bombings, the London 7-7 bombings, killings of cartoonists, and the Paris massacre are not enough. And murders, attempted murders, beatings of Jews and gays from Paris to London to Oslo and Malmo by reactionary and bigoted young Muslim men and teenage thugs. Not enough of it. And the mass rapes of young girls from Rotherham to the wilding rapes of same in Scandinavia by the usual suspects that we cannot name for fear of being labeled Islamophobic, not enough of that neither. And all those dozens upon dozens of thwarted jihad attacks – thwarted by the FBI, MI5 etc. across the West – and their theological roots and dynamics, you don’t read about in the NY Times and the Guardian. Not enough of that neither. Not enough thwarted attacks and not enough real ones neither.

Stross, Scalzi, Laura Anne Gilman and their fellow Social Justice Progressives should put their money where the mouths are, and move into a refugee resettlement centre or camp somewhere in Western Europe or the UK. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase. But of course our Social Justice Warriors are nowhere near these places. And these refugees. Not refugees and Muslims for that matter, in any significant numbers. For now. You know the refugee camps and resettlement buildings and housing zones in Calais and Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy and its islands, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece and Lesbos. The stories of rape, beatings and even murder of Christian refugees by the Muslim refugees, violence against Kurdish refugees and the nascent serious crime wave in the areas where the refugees have been housed or camped is not something you will hear from the bleeding heart liberals hellbent on seeing their nations slowly or not so slowly destroyed. Not from Stross, not Scalzi and the rest of the idiot genre Left. And well the Left as a whole of course.

To the anti-Semite Stross and his fellow bleeding heart Jew in Name only Laura Anne Gilman (I just take these two as examples), as with Scalzi; the villains are people like me, so-called reactionary and bigoted right-wingers (I’m not even conservative) who have hearts of stone, and want to see these people massacred or starving in their native lands. The refugees are compared to Jews fleeing the Nazis or the Russian czars before then. Stross predictably does this (as do pretty much all the loony Left of course). These people are like Pavlov’s dogs on crack. And lobotomized.

But you will be searching Stross and his ilk’s Twitter Feeds till doomsday (which coming to think of it may not be far off) for you know actual mention of the reactionary theocratic bent and very real murderous bigotry of many (of course not all) of the young twenty and thirty something male Muslim refugees. And most of these refugees are young men. Overwhelmingly so.

For facts like these (pasted below, from the article):

A 2007 poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and the Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS. Less than 10% of Syrians opposed their terrorism.

A poll this summer found that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS.  A third of Syrians support the Al Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Since Sunnis are 3/4rs of the population and Shiites and Christians aren’t likely to support either group, this really means that Sunni Muslim support for both terror groups is even higher than these numbers make it seem.

And even though Christians and Yazidis are the ones who actually face ISIS genocide, Obama has chosen to take in few Christians and Yazidis. Instead 98.6% of Obama’s Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims.

This is also the population most likely to support ISIS and Al Qaeda.


And I guess pointing this out makes the messenger of bad tidings – Daniel Greenfield in this case – a far right-wing bigot. It does to the bigoted Left, even as the author of that article cites comprehensive surveys from Syria itself (on the widespread far right-wing Muslim extremism there). The Western Islamophile Left reminds me of the woman beaten black and blue every week by her abusive alcoholic bully partner, but keeps going back to him and declaring her love for him through it all. ‘But he loves me!’ And his beating her black and blue is what proves it. Similar dynamic at work. Stockholm Syndrome infects most of the West. And liberal Jews especially.

People like myself are maligned as bigots and even compared to Nazis, fascists and Islamic State (see Scalzi) because we dare point out that the overwhelmingly Muslim refugees (but not Christian nor Yazidi) that are coming into the West in the hundreds of thousands cannot be compared to the Jewish refugee crisis spawned by the Nazis and the czars before them. For one the Jews were fleeing non-Jewish Jew-haters, persecutors and murderers; and Jews did not seek and do not seek to bomb, rape and carry out holy war terror in the countries they were desperate to escape to. And execute homosexuals, and honour kill their own daughters for not respecting religious edicts and customs, and set up sharia law courts and no-go zones. The Muslim refugees are fleeing their fellow Muslims (read that again), and the nightmare horrors of ethnic cleansing and impoverishment associated with and inseparable from Islam itself, the religion, its dogma, its tenets, its hatreds, its past and its present and future (which is its past which is never past). Jews were not fleeing Judaism, the rabbis and Jewish um jihadists. More than I can say for Muslims, Christians, Kurds fleeing from Muslim jihadists and the imams, sheikhs, madrasas and tyrants who inspire and motivate them.

And as alluded to explicitly above, many of these real or not so real refugees fleeing the conflict zones or just depressed economies in their nations, have jihadist sympathies themselves. And the Paris mass murder is the proof in the pudding. And it’s only just begun.

Thirdly the plight of the Jews fleeing the Nazis was largely ignored and Jews were actually prevented, blocked from entering America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and yes British mandated Palestine in any significant numbers. And the motivation here was indifference and anti-Semitism. This is what idiot progressive left-wingers supportive of flooding the West with these refugees are saying of course. Yet these Muslim refugees in the present day don’t just come from Syria and Iraq, many are coming from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Kashmir, Pakistan, West Africa, escaping the poverty and blight in these places. Not all or even most are fleeing from genocide. Here is the rub though: unlike the Jews running from the Nazis and Russian pogroms before then, the Muslim refugees who make up the big block of refugee demographics and who are overwhelmingly young men, are to a significant degree unassimilable into Western countries and cultures (not all of them of course). An unassimilablity because they take Islam – that is Muslim fundamentalism – very seriously. America and Britain got Einstein, Niels Bohr, Otto Loewi, Billy Wilder, Kurt Weill, Karl Popper, Herbert Marcuse, Sigmund Freud, Elias Canetti, Arthur Koestler and Fritz Lang with the Jewish and part Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. Among others. Let’s see what the West gets with the latest Muslim wave, on top of all the Muslim waves of immigrants before then… Well for starters we have the Paris atrocities. Oh Red Wolf you are such an Islamophobe. And a “total asshole” as Scalzi puts it.

There is something sinister in the subtext here that even most critics of the Left’s Islamophile insanity don’t see. Namely we are being told that the Muslim refugees are the new Jews. Indeed many liberal Jews insist on this analogy. Passing off Muslims as the new Jews is what the Left have done wrt the Palestinians. According to this narrative, Palestinians, who are majority Muslim extremists, are the new Jews persecuted by the new Nazis the Israeli Jews, the latter as a consequence have abandoned their Jewishness and their humanity. Of course the Nazis did not see the Jews as being human neither, but the coincidence here is lost on the idiot bigoted fascist Left. Everything is inverted: day is night and light is darkness. Lies are truths and truths are lies. Fascism is freedom and freedom is fascism. Hatred is compassion and love. In fact self-hating Israeli ‘Jew’, far Left genre writer, editor and BDS supporter Lavie Tidhar calls the Palestinians “the true Jews” (see blog archives). Hence the self-hatred. It is the self-hatred. That’s how it flows.

Here is an article by Paul Mirengoff in response to Josh Zeitz’s asinine “Yes, it’s Fair to Compare the Plight of the Syrians to the Plight of the Jews. Here’s Why.” Mirengoff’s article is entitled “The specious comparison between Syrians and World War 11 European Jews”. It is well worth reading.

Naturally Scalzi, Stross are all too typical among the genre Left when it comes to their love affair with those who wish them ill (many, not all Muslim refugees); and the formers’ associated impulsive or is that obsessive-compulsive death wish for Western civilization (and the liberties of Jews and gays for that matter) via unfettered and unvetted Muslim immigration. And Brin’s ‘scientific case’ for AGW would naturally be trumpeted by the scientifically illiterate genre Left. I just focus on these three individuals precisely because they are all too representative of the zombie liberal genre community. And whole swaths of the wider Western world.

Scary I know.

Future guesswork on the meaning of the Muslim refugee crisis in the West ain’t so much guesswork, any more than autumn and winter following summer is guesswork. It’s common sense that it’s going to be a disaster. And as such the Left don’t see it coming. Because common sense and the Left occupy different galaxies if not different dimensions in the cosmos. The precedent here is the growing Muslim population already in Europe and North America, where they have not assimilated for the most part and where support for fascist Sharia Law and Jihad runs high. Belgium, France, Holland, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark remain hotbeds for Muslim radicals. And the joint alliance between the Europeans/Western Left and the Islamist community (I do not mean moderate Muslims here, I mean Muslim radicals) in their joint political and economic war against Israel is – surprise surprise – not protecting Europeans and the West from these Islamist threats. The Europeans may believe that the enemy of their shared Jewish enemy is their friend (along with Obama and most it would appear among the North American Left), but that’s not how the Muslim radicals see it. As Friday the 13th in Paris’s very liberal 11th arrondissement tells us.

The bleeding heart self-hating Left ‘thinks’ the lesson from the Nazis and the plight of the Jews is to commit national suicide by letting in far right-wing Jew hating and infidel hating Muslim fanatics, and these fanatics make up high numbers among the refugees themselves. Denials and lying by the Left here is just that.

A good general guiding principle on the rights and wrongs of the refugee crisis is to ask, what does Obama want to do? Well of course – as I write further up – he wants to bring more of them into America to transform the place beyond recognition. Make it more Muslim. Since it’s not Muslim enough, as in not Muslim radical enough, unlike say Belgium, Holland, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway and yes France. So if Obama, the big pal of Iranian mullahs and Turkey’s reactionary Islamist Erdogan wants that, if the Israel hater Obama wants that, it helps one come to a recognition of what the right decision is here. I am not saying no refugees should be let in, not at all. I am not saying no Kurds should be let in, or no Christians. Just not to let in the wrong ones, you know the ones liberals looooooove to death, their own death if it comes down to it (and yours and mine), the refugees the liberals and Obama love most of all. Well the only ones they appear to care about. That is the Jew-hating gay hating infidel hating misogynist ones who take Islam – that is fundamentalist Islam in principle – very seriously. Now liberals froth and fume and pretend otherwise, but by the very fact that they call Islam the Religion of Peace and as moronic Jew-hater John Kerry puts it, the Paris terror has nothing to do with Islam, no Muslim jihadist terror attack ever does have anything to do with Islam (talk about protesting too much); the Left is as a consequence letting us know that they have no problem with those Muslim faithful who take pure Islam, the prophet Mohammed’s Islam, very seriously. In other words Muslim fanaticism very seriously, because that is pure Islam.

It’s hard for me to decide whether liberals hate the Jews more than they hate themselves… I think it’s a dead heat, they hate the Jews as much as they hate themselves, the West and everything worth saving there. That’s not much cause for comfort. After all, it’s not just the liberal Islamophiles, plainly self-hating queers and plainly self-hating feminists among them, and self-hating Jewish queer feminists to boot, who will suffer the consequences.

So will the rest of us.

And our children.

In closing:

Repeat after bishop David Brin, dressed up in black robes, carrying an incense burning thurible and pronouncing in solemn tones – perhaps in Latin to give it greater gravitas – ‘Ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification,  ocean acidification...

A Canticle for David Brin.

And remember one Dave’s advice (from John Scalzi’s blog, pasted further up) when the next Jihad attack/bombing/massacre/gang rape/stabbing/car ramming/machine gunning happens at a restaurant/theatre/concert hall/cinema/stadium/mall/airport/bus/college/school/kindergarden near you…

Hug a Muslim. That’ll show the jihadists.

And perhaps as many a Social Justice Warrior would add, kick an Islamophobe in the nuts.

That will make the Jihad go away.

No not really.


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