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Updated Apologies to Jeff VanderMeer: I had assumed wrongly that you were the author of that anti-Semitic ‘Peace is Heresy’ drivel, featured at your own blog back in 2006, that never got any public criticism or rebuke from you whatsoever. Article is now trashed

OK I screwed up. I know I know. Apologies to genre editor and writer Jeff VanderMeer, who I had just assumed was the author of an outrageous piece of moronic and extremely anti-Semitic palaver, a blog post entitled ‘Peace is … Continue reading

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Bits & Pieces: David Duke, blaming Jews for America’s wars, SF genre folk and other ruminations

So just a post covering some general flotsam, ruminations… In light of my Nick Mamatas series, it is worth mentioning this no-holds-barred censure of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from self-same Mamatas years ago at the now defunct Nightshade Books Discussion … Continue reading

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