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Charles Stross on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, warns against empty speculation as to the identity of the terrorists. Proceeds immediately to speculate that the perpetrators are most likely the “provisional wing of the Tea Party”

Surprised? You shouldn’t be if you know Stross’s addled PC left-wing moral relativist politics. Yes the day of the Boston Marathon terror bombing, Stross – whilst warning that we shouldn’t speculate about the possible identity of the perpetrators the day … Continue reading

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Liberal Scottish SF writer Hal Duncan equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism in harebrained ‘progressive’ style on self-same 2005 NSB forum thread wherein Anna Tambour ‘outed’ herself Part 1

Hal Duncan is a Scottish SF writer, author of Vellum: The Book of All Hours and its sequel Ink, among other stuff and of a definite liberal political persuasion, naturally enough. Duncan is openly gay and the themes of homosexuality … Continue reading

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