Charles Stross in friendly anti-Israel Twitter banter with anti-Semite Max Blumenthal, the pseudo-scholar whose Israel hatred inspired the neo-Nazi killer Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. of the Kansas Jewish Community Center murders

I have posted up a fair bit on the anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ SF writer Charles Stross over the course of this blog enterprise. His anti-Israel/anti-Semitic zeitgeist is something I have remarked on or alluded to in several articles, along with his love affair with moral and cultural relativism, and Islamophilia (ie he’s a typical idiot far Leftist). This one here though is a real doozy, although honestly it’s just more of the same. Frankly it’s all so predictable.

There is a fair bit of typical and odious left-wing ‘the bogey man that is the evil conservative Christian’ blather from the likes of Stross and Max Blumenthal (and others) here in Twitter conversation from October 24th 2013, and the sinister and frankly bigoted tainting of Israel and the Mossad – a transparent guilt by association – with the alleged quasi-fascist agenda of the American Christian Right. I can’t even be bothered to dissect and fisk it all. Note the source that the anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ Max Blumenthal cites, the electronic intifada, is one of the most dishonest and horribly Jew-hating (as in ‘new’ Jew-hating ie Israel hating) ‘news’ propaganda outlets on the WorldWideWeb. There is a mountain of info out there on the lying and demonization of Israel, the Jew among the nations, from the electronic intifada ‘news source’. Naturally together with its consistent lying and misrepresentations of Israel, and its anti-Semitic support for BDS against Israel, the electronic intifada whitewashes and even lauds the Jihad against the Jews, and naturally likewise whitewashes the Jihad against everybody else for that matter, in the Middle-East and beyond.

Here anyhow is the Twitter conversation from October 2013:

Max Blumenthal @MaxBlumenthal Oct 24

Israeli legal group funded partly by Pastor John Hagee unmasked as Mossad proxy

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@MaxBlumenthal @cstross The major verified fact in this article is that Israel discovered evidence to a law firm that supports Israel. So?

Charlie Stross@cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal Mossad directing funding by a Dominionist fundamentalist whack-job doesn’t strike you as … odd?

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal Of the things the Mossad has done, this is the biggest non-story in their history.

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal In America? Just another day.

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal It’s not like they stole a freighter with 240 tons of uranium or anything, but I’m still fascinated 1/2

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal 2/2 by the US Christian right’s support for the Israeli Jewish right (who they can’t abide, theologically).

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal I dig. As a member of the Jewish middle, the Christian money creeps me out, I’ll be honest. Funding the apocalypse?

Jeff Eaton @eaton Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal Important to remember that end-times theology holds that all good Jews will become Christians.

Jeff Eaton @eaton Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal So, the theological differences are only temporary!

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

. @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal It’s like the Aryan Nations cuddling up to the Nation of Islam. Cute, in a creepy way—who’ll stab who first?

Julio Escajedo @MorganBlackhand Oct 24

@cstross “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” or something like that.

Charlie Stross @cstross Oct 24

@JohnSkylar I got a whole horror novel out of that theme …

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@eaton @cstross @MaxBlumenthal Yeah, because I really need Christians to tell me if I’m good or not.

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross Yeah, especially in the AN/NoI terms you put it, it sounds like there’s a cyberpunk thriller this news fell out of…(1/2)

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal The Christian Right loves Israel because that’s where Armageddon will start. +

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross …even better would be a preacher funding Mossad cyberwarfare to bring about a nuclear war or something. (2/)

The Library Mole @kawelch Oct 24

@cstross @JohnSkylar @MaxBlumenthal + it’s just a coincidence that there are Jews there…

John Skylar @JohnSkylar Oct 24

@cstross @MaxBlumenthal I think let’s stay away from comparing Israel to major anti-Semitic organizations, though, eh?

So much horrible, delusional, confused and bigoted gibberish there (against pro-Israel conservative Christians and Israel), and total trust from all the Tweeters there in the anti-Semitic hate site electronic intifada, Blumenthal’s go-to-source naturally enough. Stross blabbering on in his usual oblivious bigoted ‘anti-fascist’ fascist style, re his warped allusions to the Aryan Nation and the Jew-hating Sharia supporting Nation of Islam. As for the Tweet sent Stross’s way amidst that poisonous and odious Twitter hate-fest, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… !! Indeed. My irony meter explodes. Then again if I had a dollar for every time my irony meter exploded when pouring over Twitter rants from anti-Semitic left-wing extremists, I would be sunning myself on board my yacht off the Caribbean by now. Uh is Israel equivalent to the Jew-hating Sharia supporting Nation of Islam now Stross, or is the Jew among the nations rather more like the genocidally Jew-hating Aryan Nation?! How are conservative Christians who dare have the gall to support Israel – the Jew among the nations – against Muslim extremists and fascists, the latter openly dedicated to another Holocaust of Jewry, uh… “Aryan Nation” ie neo-Nazis?! Maybe Stross means it the other way around, pro-Israel Christians are equivalent to the Jew-hating Nation of Islam. Sigh. Stross as he can be relied on, gives all the evidence that ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ in far Left newspeak really means fascist and bigoted, so there you go. Calling Dr Freud. Even Skylar gets nervous there at the end, vaguely sensing where all this is leading, in fact where it has already led, that is to explicit, indisputable and ugly in-your-face anti-Semitism; rather than keeping it in the bounds of respectably dishonest and fashionable Israel hatred and hatred of conservative gentiles who support Israel (which Sklyar is just fine with of course).

Yeah it’s Christians (and the Mossad it appears) who are not anti-Israel who threaten the Apocaylypse, not Blumenthal and gang’s fellow anti-Zionists, the Jew-hating Muslim extremists from HAMAS, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood to the Assad Syrian regime and the Iranian regime. Well it is so in the fairy land world of the Jew-hating far Left, and notably the Jew-hating far Left ‘Jews’.

Max Blumenthal is one of the most prominent of the new generation of Israel hating American far Left ‘Jews’ (succeeding the now elderly Jew-hating ‘Jew’ Noam Chomsky one supposes, who Stross also admires of course). Blumenthal is the author of a recent anti-Semitic book on Israel, one praised by Jew-haters of every stripe (and yes white supremacist neo-Nazi types too, David Duke included, and that is the crux of the matter, the main point of this article), Muslim extremists and Jew-hating liberal types. Gee I wonder what explains Charles Stross’s fellow anti-Israel Twitter mate Blumenthal being fawned over by David Duke and… uh what’s the title of this article again? The lies in this Blumenthal book about the Jew nation (published by the far Left anti-Semitic The Nation‘s book imprint) and the whitewashing of the crimes of Muslim extremists against Jews and others can fill a whole book itself. Blumenthal gladly preens his Israel bashing credentials to the fawning Press TV, the Iranian regime’s propaganda arm in the English language world (there’s that enemy of my enemy is my friend again, Charlie S). So it’s hardly surprising that Blumenthal is a fan of electronic intifada and that Stross implicitly gives his thumbs up to that anti-Semitic well of poison. Birds of a feather… Enemy of my enemy…

Naturally the anti-Semitic Jew Charles Stross has a high regard for Blumenthal (as his friendly Twitter conversation with Max B attests to) and – to repeat the point – has no problem with Blumenthal’s Jew-hating source, electronic intifada likewise. The thing is their Twitter banter is not about recipes for Thai chicken, Latin American or African politics, the Great Recession or the ongoing Hi-Tech information revolution, science fiction and whatever else. The buddy buddy Stross, Blumenthal and friends Twitter conversation centers on Christian conservatives who dare support the Jooooo nation, and how fascist that all is apparently. And that’s why it is so sinister, uninformed, delusional and yes bigoted.

The anti-Semitic news source Mondoweiss (founded by surprise surprise another extremely anti-Semitic Jew Philip Weiss), is where Blumenthal posts up a lot of his Jew-hate rants, including his admiration for anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Stephen Walt (who blames Israel for pushing America into war in Iraq); in fact there is nothing but endless, relentless and persistent Jew nation bashing (all of Blumenthal’s articles on Israel without exception are nothing but lies and distortions, and a parroting of Jew-hate Palestinian propaganda besides) from Blumenthal and Mondoweiss. You would never know about the ongoing mass murder, torture, killings, bombings, terror, tyranny and oppression of jihadists from Syria to Nigeria, Kashmir and the Sinai, Somalia to Thailand, Gaza to Iran and Yemen to Afghanistan going by Blumenthal and Modonweiss. That’s what makes them such OBVIOUS Jew-haters, aside from their tiresome demonization of Israel. Philip Weiss gave his support to Hezbollah during the 2009 Lebanon election, saying  “I hope Hezbollah wins…. Nobody else seems to care for the poor people in Southern Lebanon.” Weiss also believes in a sinister and oppressive Jewish conspiracy in the halls of American political power and the US media, and has given support to the extremely anti-Semitic BDS movement against Israel (check same link/s).

It is truly difficult to get the warped and poisoned mindset, the ‘thinking’ of Jews like Blumenthal (never mind Weiss), his Twitter buddy Stross, and the latter’s fellow anti-Semitic ‘Jewish’ buddy Lavie Tidhar (and Anna Tambour for that matter, among plenty of others in the genre community alone) in which it is the conservative Christian and the Jew nation alike who are the foremost fascist bogey creatures threatening life, liberty and authentic civilization, not Muslim extremists (Sunni and Shi’ite) who are at the present time slaughtering and maiming people from Egypt to Syria to Nigeria, Christians included, cutting off the clitorises of girls from Egypt to Somalia, persecuting homosexuals from Iran to Saudi Arabia, threatening Jews with another holocaust, and a nuclear holocaust at that. Then again, Stross is always consistent in this regard, he blamed the Tea Party for the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago after all. Check the updated lowest part of that article for Stross’s endorsement of an anti-Semitic tweet falsely accusing Israel of  “ethnic cleansing”, an accusation that was easily debunked.

Now with the killing of three people (two of whom were gentiles) at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom in the Kansas City area by the former KKK white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. aka Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. on April 13th, who was heard to shout ‘heil Hitler’ as he was sent away in a police cruiser; it turns out Miller/Cross Jr. is an admirer of the Israel hatred of Stross’s Twitter buddy, Max Blumenthal. Blumenthal tweets desperately to try and blame the Kansas murders on random American gun violence (along with the other Israel-hating Jew Mira Bar-Hillel, same link) and in the process downplays and dismisses the obvious murderous Jew-hatred here; and then it is outed that Cross Jr. is a big fan of the ‘Jew’ Blumenthal and commends the latter’s writings on Israel and its apparently nefarious agendas! The thing is Blumenthal has the gall, the chutzpah - it’s beyond chutzpah - to then blog on Cross/Miller Jr’s killings, makes sure to give it an anti-Israel (and anti-Christian conservative) spin, because it’s always about Israel in the eyes of Jew-hating Leftists like Max B, even when it isn’t (that’s what makes them such obvious Jew-haters for one); but Maxie B can’t be bothered to take in the fact Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. is a big fan of Max Blumenthal himself, when it comes to all things Israel related!

Here is Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. on Blumenthal (posted up by him at the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi forum akin to StormFront, in turn akin to the now defunct Asimov’s Discussion Forum). Note that he’s also a fan of that anti-Semitic Republican crackpot, Ron Paul. Former SFWA president, the ‘Jewish’ prof Paul Levinson is a big fan of the Jew-hater Ron Paul btw.

This is some big dookee, yaw’ll.…on-paul-obama/

Jew journalist Max Blumenthal exposes and explains this attempt by a foreign government Israel, to buy the presidential election for the neo-con, war-mongering republican establishment.

Like I’ve been saying, the kikes simply do not trust a lame-duck black president with the name Hussein. Jews fear his re-election, thus this jewish Super PAC to defeat him.


If a Jew-hating Hitler admiring KKK killer gushing over the writings of a far Left ‘progressive’ Jew’s Middle-East oeuvre surprises you (and gushing over Ron Paul likewise), you are not paying attention. Didn’t surprise me in the slightest, nor did it surprise me that Stross was all buddy buddy with Blumenthal on Twitter, especially when it came to political ‘news’. In fact how did I discover all this? It was so easy. After it came out that Blumenthal inspired the ‘political philosophy’ of the KKK murderer, I thought to myself, ‘I wonder who is on record for gushing over the Jew-hater Blumenthal (and the worst anti-Semites are the far Left ‘Jews’. The very worst) among the Jew-hating genre liberals?’ I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if  somebody like Stross has gone all gaga over Blumenthal, since Stross routinely gushes over Jew-hating Jews (check Stross related articles at this blog), so I did an Internet search and Bingo!

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MARCH UPDATE David Duke in Wonderland: The Dave Truesdale Petition re the SFWA Thought Police and the hatred that dares not to be acknowledged. Least of all by genre Jewry

NOTE: There are three updates published in March, one on March 6th, another on March 7th. There is a further 16th March Update, now the lowest part of the article. It pertains to some recent Tweets (dated 13th March) from genre Thought Police airheads, Tweedledum and Tweedledee from SF Signal, and two of their followers.

The March 6th update is preceded by the March 7th update, which is in turn an update on the 19th February update. The reasons for this are apparent when reading through this article. The March 7th update follows naturally from the Feb 19th update, since it addresses my discovery of the identity/ies of the donotlink gang (my Feb 19th update) and their commentary on this very article. 

The March 6th update pertains to, well best you read for yourselves… 

Also minor editing, updates to original article dated 24th February and March 7th.

Yeah I know I said I was done with this blog, the previous post from back in August last year being a thorough overview of the blog’s history; but a recent political brouhaha in SF circles was too good, or too bad really, to pass up. I wouldn’t even have mentioned it, it’s just that predictably nobody else has…

So Holocaust Revisionist, Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, not one of SF’s wallflowers, decides that he’s the one to take the fight to the SFWA and its Bulletin and the admittedly odious (but entirely predictable) decision of the SFWA to police Thought Crimes via pre-censorship (one of the roles it appears of the new Bulletin editor and a committee appointed for that purpose), in order to ensure that nothing could ever offend and ruffle the feathers of the genre Thought Police, who are clearly in charge of things over at the SFWA. As if one didn’t know that already. Truesdale does this via a petition he has drawn up and gotten a whole bunch of genre figures to sign (the latter signing an edited version of said petition), all detailed in the relevant links below. All this naturally a consequence of the whole Resnick-Malzberg kerfluffle, a shameful and pathetic witch-hunt if ever there was one. The SFWA doubles down when it comes to its straight-jacketed idiocy. Truesdale is a former SFWA Bulletin editor.

From Truesdale himself, his account of the latest of SF’s nervous breakdowns (as Steve Davidson puts it), over at his Tangent magazine.

Here is conservative SFF writer Sarah Hoyt on this affair. Here is Gary Farber, a noted blogger on SF and politics, arguing with David Brin and David Gerrold (the latter two signed the petition) about all this on facebook. All  three are Jews. Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, uh what you say, it exists only in an alternative reality. We live in a multiverse apparently. Welcome to the world according to liberal American Jews. Yeah they probably (but I can’t be sure) don’t know about my blog, at the end of the day no dice. They don’t want to know.  

This is the best link of the lot, some anonymous insider commentary over this whole affair, that has been made publicly available.

Natalie Luhrs gives an overview of this latest kerfluffle over at radishreviews, and yes Luhrs is a clueless moral relativist Thought Police enforcer so you know what her take is going to be.

The actual petition is over here. Luhrs informs us that this was what was originally circulating.

Luhrs needless to say doesn’t think much of the Truesdale petition. There’s a whole back and forth in the comments to her blog post, whether First Amendment Rights have anything to do with it, as the SFWA is a private organization, and can publish what they please and not publish what they don’t please, and other issues blabla. To repeat myself, whilst I have made it very clear that I see the Resnick-Malzberg kerfluffle as a nutty witch-hunt; a petition response to it by the likes of Truesdale, signed on to by heavyweight genre personalities – Truesdale naturally appears to sees himself as some kind of Galileo with the SFWA in the role of the Inquisition – is not the way to go. Frankly I think the way to go is to ignore the SFWA altogether and have nothing to do with that pathetic organization. The morons who run the show in that circus, whether they are actually a majority or just a vocal minority, ought simply to be ignored, mocked and ridiculed, not treated as the respectable and reasoned Voice of American Science Fiction. One cannot appeal to their reason, their sense of fair play, their moderation, their decency, for they have none of these qualities. That’s because they are nuts, stark raving and dumb dumb dumb. Humourless ideologues. The intelligent thing to do here would be to walk away from the SFWA, rescind one’s membership, not pay any dues, have nothing to do with the SFWA; as it is clearly hijacked by far Left gangsters who call the shots in that madhouse. Heck Truesdale isn’t even a member of the SFWA for crying out loud.

However the crux of the matter is this – this is a petition drawn up by Dave Truesdale, A HOLOCAUST DENIER/REVISIONIST!!

Hello is there anybody in the pro SF genre community who is sane? Anybody? Hello, Ground Control to Major Tom…

So let’s get this straight: Tangent editor, former SFWA Bulletin editor and Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale writes up a petition to express opposition to the inevitable fall-out from the SFWA over the Resnick-Malzberg farrago (whether Truesdale has a point or two to make or is talking nonsense is not relevant to the point I am making) and a whole bunch of genre figures sign it, in explicit support of Truesdale’s petition, and many of them are heavyweight genre personalities. Of the four original signatories to Truesdale’s ‘rough draft’ – Resnick, Malzberg, Silverberg and Benford – three of them are Jewish!! Namely Resnick, Malzberg and Silverberg. That initial draft includes the back and forth between Truesdale and the ‘Jewish’ Steven Gould, president of the SFWA. Sheeeeeeeeesh.

Luhr’s blog posting detailing all this has 203 comments to it (last I checked). Among the commentators are Lisa Goldstein (Thought Police enforcer), Greg Benford, Mary Robinette Kowal (Thought Police enforcer) and Robert Silverberg. There is a fair bit of heated argument therein.

The signatories of the Truesdale petition include:

Gene Wolfe, Jerry Pournelle, Harlan Ellison, Sheila Finch, Jack McDevitt, Robert Silverberg, Larry Niven, Barry N. Malzberg, Norman Spinrad, Gregory Benford, C. J. Cherryh, Mike Resnick, David Gerrold, Jack Dann, Paul Levinson, Nancy Kress
Susan Shwartz, Harry Turtledove, David Brin, Mercedes Lackey, Cyd Athens
Allen Steele, Chuck Rothman, Amy Sterling Casil, Lillian Csernica, Brad R. Torgersen, Mary Turzillo, Vernor Vinge, Jay Werkheiser, Janis Ian and Darrell Schweitzer.

Aside from those already mentioned, namely Silverberg, Rensick and Malzberg, the signatories Brin, Shwartz, Ellison, Levinson, Turtledove, Dann, Gerrold, Ian and Rothman (who as that link on his name verifies, refuses to acknowledge that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist!) are Jewish (that I know of).

Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing countdown, engines on…

I am on planet Zog, get me out of here.

I just gotta digress a little to mention something… Janis Ian! The singer! And yes Jewish singer. Yes same Janis Ian. To those of you old enough to remember, remember the 1980 movie Foxes with a young Jodie Foster (good movie btw), well remember that song from the movie Fly too High? That was Ian. I love that song, brings back memories. Her other hit was At Seventeen. Yeah Ian got involved in SF later. Bizarro. OK digression over.

Now nobody in the comments to that radishreviews blog posting and all the others in the SF blogosphere and the Twitterverse huffing and puffing about the Truesdale petition, both for and against, can be bothered to mention that DAVE TRUESDALE IS A FUCKING HOLOCAUST DENIER/REVISIONIST. 

Not one person, genre writer, editor, or fan. 

Not one.

I mean I may have missed a cryptic reference to the Red Wolf outing Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, perhaps on Twitter, I don’t know. That is over the last week, when this petition went public and made news in the SF Internet world. But for sure no public EXPLICIT reference was made anywhere to Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism and my uncovering all this at this very blog. Way back in 2011. I will point out that there has been some traffic to my blog series on Truesdale since this whole petition made news, but not much. So I knew there was no real reference to Truesdale filling the shoes of the late James P Hogan anywhere in the SF Internet sphere. And certainly everybody is keeping mum. It’s just that some people web searching for ‘Dave Truesdale’ in light of his recent petition, have stumbled upon my blog, that’s all.

So Truesdale has no credibility here, whatsoever. Who cares what Truedale thinks about anything relating to political affairs and controversies, in and out of the genre community, given that he is a Holocaust Revisionist? That should be an OBVIOUS  rhetorical question, but chillingly I am the only person asking it.

And somebody coming along and saying Truesdale has been accused of Holocaust Revisionism or is an alleged Holocaust Revisionist, still would not be good enough. Frankly it would be pathetic because Truesdale is indisputably a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. To even debate it or argue over it would be wincingly obtuse, as I have made clear. Although extreme obtuseness is the default setting for the genre community.

So let me point out what nobody else has here: those signing a petition – drawn up by a HOLOCAUST REVISIONIST – against the fall-out from what I myself have gone on record as considering a ridiculous and shameful witch-hunt, are how can I put it, being more than a little counter-productive and well … oblivious! To put it mildly. Would they sign up a similar or identical petition drawn up by the odious Theodore Beale, a misogynist, homophobe, anti-black racist and anti-Semite? I would think not, because Beale is simply beyond the pale (and has even been expelled from the SFWA). And not only to the idiot far Left moral relativists in the community, but to anybody who is not a reactionary redneck who knows what Beale has to say on gays, women, blacks…

If Holocaust Revisionist genre writer James P Hogan was still living, and he drew up the petition rather than Truesdale, would all those Jewish genre figures sign it? If Hogan was still alive and came to Resnick’s and Malzberg’s defense, would the latter two be all polite and welcome Hogan’s aid? Would the Jewish Steven Gould, the president of the SFWA, still be so polite in any hypothetical e-mail replies to Hogan in such a scenario, even if disagreeing with Hogan (the way Gould has been politely disagreeing with Truesdale)? Would Gould bother to reply at all?

Remember it was with Hogan’s death, that Truesdale outed himself as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist (it’s all in the archives of this blog, in the series I have already linked to further up. I am not going over that ground again for the love of Odin. If you are brain dead as many are in this community, that is your problem, not mine).

Yet Truesdale, the Holocaust Revisionist, apparently is not beyond the pale! It is absurd. It’s a black comedy and I swear it’s beyond me to articulate the punch line, if there is one.

What are the signatories going to say? Jewish and Gentile, but especially Jewish. Are they going to pull a Rothman (aka a Lieder), and deny that Truesdale the Holocaust Revisionist is a Holocaust Revisionist?! Even the harshly anti-Israel Nick Mamatas has conceded that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (he did so at his blog after getting involved in a flame-war with myself). Do these Jewish genre figures not know about how I have exposed Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist?! A review of this blog’s contents will reveal that even though this blog is predictably out in the wilderness (especially since I haven’t blogged in about half a year), plenty genre figures, Jewish and Gentile, know all about the Season of the Red Wolf. The archives have not gone away. This blog is still up.

Are they going to say, yes they know Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, but what does it matter? Are they going to say… well what could they say? Say they didn’t know about my blog, or they didn’t want to know or don’t want to know, which begs a few questions… Are they going to say my series on Truesdale and gang is too difficult to comprehend, it’s too much like Quantum Mechanics? Well only if you are a brain-dead cretin really. And yes there are more than a few out there. No kidding. Or to repeat myself – are they going to do a Lieder/Rothman, or a Stross? I fucking hope not, for their sakes.

Oh wait I know what they will do. They will do what they have already done. Ignore the brontosaurus in the fridge, ignore the fact that Dave Tuesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist/Denier. That’s it.

Now the sane readers of this blog (a distinct minority for sure) may rightly ask the question, since it is an obvious one to ask: why don’t Truesdale’s detractors and the critics of the Petition’s signatories – and naturally several of these critics are Jewish (eg Lisa Goldstein), even as the inadvertent catalysts for all this, Resnick and Malzberg, are Jewish – not criticize them for signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Fucking Denier?! And not point out that Truesdale himself is a Holocaust Denier?! Whatever the merits or otherwise of Truesdale’s petition, whichever side you take, who cares for a petition that is naturally going to be perceived as heavily political and divisive, that is drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist? I mean when you are up against the genre Thought Police airheads who call the shots, better not to rally around the agitprop of a Holocaust Denier. You think?

One of the answers to this question, and plenty of  the petition’s critics know all about this blog of mine, is that the petition’s critics are largely my own.

As the archives of this blog reveal, I have offended greatly the far Left Thought Police brigade that dominates SF (of which Luhrs is definitely a member), with their moral and cultural relativism, their ‘new’ anti-Semitism at worst or their apologetics for new anti-Semitism at best, their going along with the Thought Crime of Islamophobia, their humourless militant feminism (witness this latest nervous breakdown that catalyzed this very article) and related. However what really sticks out there is the SF genre’s Leftists largely being guilty of either fashionable anti-Semitism as disingenuous anti-Israelism or apologetics and whitewashing of contemporary anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Israelism (just see my chapters 10 and 11 in my China Mieville series for what I am getting at).

So the PC Thought Police of the genre community – Luhrs, Lisa Goldstein and Mary Robinette Kowal included – have tied their hands, they have painted themselves into a corner. They can’t point out the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist without pointing to this blog with a thumbs up, since I and I alone have revealed the ugly facts in all their gory details re Truesdale, I alone have the smoking gun; but that would mean acknowledging that I have exposed very real anti-Semitism in the pro genre community. It would mean giving me even grudging and lukewarm praise. Now the same genre figures – writers, editors, fans, and they include John Scalzi himself, a former president of the SFWA – who have dismissed me as a loon and worse (as has Truesdale) are cognitively incapable of that. It is not only that they would have to swallow a bitter pill and have their egos take a bit of a battering. It is something more sinister. They would have to pay even passing recognition to anti-Semitism in the here and now, in our wider society and notably in the genre community itself and this bigotry’s pathetic and flimsy disguises. Because after all, there is a domino effect. What psychoanalysts call free-ranging associations. If they acknowledge the work I have done exposing Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, then well what about the other anti-Semites I have exposed at this blog (even though not guilty of Holocaust Revisionism)? The latter new anti-Semitism the more acceptable, respectable and fashionable kind for sure, but anti-Semitism and extreme and vicious anti-Semitism at that. Many (I’m not saying all of them) of these genre Leftists critical of the Truesdale Petition and the signatories, are left-wing anti-Semites or apologists for liberal anti-Semites or scared to death of acknowledging any of this… To throw a spanner in the works, at least one of the petition’s signatories, namely Rothman, denies that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (never mind the fact that I don’t think much of their witch hunt against Resnick and Malzberg and its consequent fall-out re the SFWA; their militant over-the-top feminism in other words).

In other words, facing the ugly facts re Truesdale would open up a can of worms that the SF community as a whole is desperate to keep closed. To acknowledge Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, would mean unraveling a helluva lot more than Truesdale’s extreme obtuseness, hypocrisy and bigotry to which he is naturally oblivious. I mean by this that these genre cultural relativist liberals openly mocking Truesdale and those who have signed the petition, don’t want to go anywhere near China Mieville’s Jew-hatred, genre Court Jewry covering for Mieville and worse, Kathryn Cramer’s anti-Semitism, the late Iain Banks’s likewise (the Jewish Brin and the Jewish Gaiman fawned all over him with his passing), the anti-Semitism of so many others, from Hal Duncan to Michael Bishop and Ken McLeod, the embarrassing screw-ups of Felix Gilman, Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross, the Jewish self-loathing of Anna Tambour, Lavie Tidhar and Charles Stross, and let’s be honest here, not just these three. Hardly. All this and more detailed at my blog, with the smoking guns, the original source material whether they be forum commentary, tweets, blog postings, letters… Heck the previous article to this one gives a comprehensive overview of  this blog’s history, a brief description of each and every blog article that I have posted up, with a clickable link to them all. This article is number 107.

For example, Nick Mamatas has tweeted contempt the way of the Truesdale petition and Truesdale himself, yet cannot bring up the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, even though he is the only genre pro who has publicly and grudgingly conceded the point that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist (even if  a little cryptically). Mamatas cannot do so, because Mamatas wouldn’t want to be reminded of this embarrassing foul-up of his (tangentially related to my exposé of Truesdale), even as he has just lied about it all, misrepresented the facts at his blog, as he had to do, to save face. Not that anybody cares, but still… And associated with that foul-up of Mamatas’s, the broader picture of left-wing anti-Semitism, which Mamatas would not want to go anywhere near. In fact he vehemently denies (to myself) that left-wing anti-Semitism even exists! And yes Mamatas is himself anti-Semitic. That’s just the thing.

Another case in point, Charles Stross, Mamatas’s fellow anti-Israel genre writer (the Jews being among the most egregious offenders in this regard), who is on record for blaming “the provisional wing of the Tea Party” for the Boston marathon bombing the day it happened, likewise tweets contempt the way of Truesdale re the SFWA petition. Stross the Jew in Name Only, who is ‘cognizant’ of this blog, can’t be bothered to mention Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism naturally enough. Then again Stross dismissed that Holocaust Revisionism series of mine with an offhand Tweet (lowest part of the article), without reading a single word of it; the catalyzed encouragement in this regard came by way of his fellow anti-Semite and far Leftist, the British academic Paul Graham Raven, who never read a single word in that series neither.

I mean for the likes of the anti-Israel (ie anti-Semitic) genre Left that pretends no anti-Semitism whatsoever, to acknowledge that I have exposed Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, would mean recognizing that I have actually exposed extreme anti-Semitism; and this begs the question – so why do the self-same left-wing genre Thought Police openly pour scorn, mockery and disdain on the Red Wolf blogger exposing extreme anti-Semitism (Holocaust Revisionism)? The question only has one answer, and it’s not a pretty one. It’s worse than just having eggs on their faces. It’s much worse than that. It would mean having to face their flimsily disguised prejudice against Jewry head on, sans disguise, a prejudice they don’t even begin to acknowledge. Or at best, their cowardice in the face of this prejudice from within the genre community. And naturally all this has to be avoided at all costs. 

The result of this pervasive taboo that is the stubborn refusal to acknowledge all anti-Semitism – from genre Jewry as much as Gentiles, if anything genre Jewry are the most stringent enforcers of this taboo – couldn’t be clearer, more nakedly revealed than over this latest political affair in genre circles. In no other political brouhaha in the SF genre community is this taboo more obviously apparent, glaring in neon colours, than this latest one re the Truesdale SFWA petition. The fact that Truesdale is James P Hogan’s successor in the worst possible way, and the fact that NOBODY – not Truesdale’s dismissive critics, Jewish and Gentile alike, and naturally not Jewish genre heavyweight writers in support of Truesdale’s petition – can appear to acknowledge this publicly, is all the proof you need of this taboo in operation. And where it has led the community. Flat bang into Alice in David Dukeville land. Cannot make this up.

So if none of  these genre figures, including well-known Jewish writers of considerable reputation, could care about acknowledging a SF peer’s Holocaust Revisionism, they could care even less, not a smidgen of pigeon shit’s worth, for contemporary ‘new’ anti-Semitism in the genre community, that is as dishonest and relentless anti-Israelism, as demonization of the Jew nation. 

Mieville, Mamatas, Kathryn Cramer, Tambour and gang can breathe easy.

Then again they already knew that.

Heck like Truesdale, they will tell you they are not anti-Semitic in the slightest. And the PC Thought Police who get their panties all twisted over the Truesdale petition, but cannot be bothered to mention the fact of Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism even as many of them are ‘cognizant’ of this blog, are these anti-Semites’ staunchest and most loyal defenders.

Perhaps another point is worth mentioning re these Jewish genre writers and fandom. They don’t want to acknowledge anti-Semitism and would rather focus on ridiculous and pathetic side-shows, because acknowledging anti-Semitism and its pervasiveness both in and out of the genre community means facing an ugly reality and by association, Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb arsenal, the White House’s appeasement of Iran, Israel standing alone and with anything but courage and resolve, Kerry’s threats against the Jews (and American Jewish leaders grovelling before Kerry as I write this up, and praising him to the skies as a gag gag genuine peace-maker. This grovelling and fawning before Jew-haters is not just a problem unique to the Jewish genre Left naturally enough, it is a pervasive problem among Jewry itself), the Muslim fanaticism widespread in the Middle-East, all that region’s turmoil. The sense that history is repeating in the most terrible way…

These Jewish genre folk (never mind non-Jews) are in the escapism business, it’s been in many cases their livelihood.

And in escapism they will stay, till death or ugly brutal reality comes crashing down over their heads.

Whichever comes first.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

And scary.

UPDATED  19th February


So, sure as you would expect, a couple of genre folk pick up this article on their ‘SF gossip’ surfing – and of course it is just too juicy to ignore – so they tell their mates and I get a spike in traffic (17th and 18th Feb).

Now I know they are all most likely of the moral relativist far Left Thought Police persuasion, namely those critical of the Truesdale Petition, all huffing and puffing about alleged sexism, but scared to death of acknowledging even the most base Jew-hatred in (and out of) the genre community; and as I make clear further up, Jewish genre folk critical of the Truesdale petition, Jewish feminists especially, are those most shamefully guilty in this respect (given their deafening silence on all forms of extreme anti-Semitism from their genre peers, whilst getting high blood pressure from trumped up charges of sexism).

The thing is, and this is why I think that those (in the main) who have suddenly come to the blog to check this article out, are of the far Left variety that I scathingly mock in this very article and elsewhere; they are scared stiff to acknowledge to myself who they are exactly and where the traffic is coming from. They have covered their tracks. In my blog stats, it tells me my hits are coming  from …

Here is a techie’s take on the donotlink service:

We’re all aware that every time you link to a web site, you inevitably push it up in search engine rankings. Over time, that means a site will appear at the top of a Google search result. Sometimes you want to link to those sites without helping them boost their search results. Do Not Link is a service for just that.

Do Not Link is easy to use. Just drop the URL of the questionable site into Do Not Link and it gives you a URL that won’t push up those results in search engines. It’s simple, but super handy for linking to those awful trolling articles you really want to talk about but don’t want to push up in Google or to fraudllent sites you need to talk about but don’t want to help out. 

Of course, it’s subjective. One person’s “awful trolling article” is another person’s admirable exposé or similar. Yet when it comes to the genre Thought Police, if it is them, they would clearly see this article as ideal for use by Do Not Link. Namely an article they really want to talk about, but don’t want to push up in Google, and let me add, an article whose author (in this case the Red Wolf) they don’t want cottoning on to who exactly is checking out his blog. If you click on the donotlink tag from your blog stats, it just redirects you back to your own blog.

There is another reason that favours the genre Thought Police visiting here (rather than say the petition’s supporters in the main), that reinforces the point I make above. Namely the articles these anonymous folk are checking out at this blog all of a sudden, is very revealing of the mindset of the Thought Police, and only the scared stiff Thought Police. Why do I say that? Well sure they have been directed to this article, but you would think if they were intelligent, open-minded kind of folk, who were truly concerned about bigotry, as the moral relativist Leftists pretend to be, that they would actually trawl through the Truesdale series (where I expose Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, among other Jew-hate group think gangsterism from others, including editor Sam Hidaka) to see for themselves. After all the smoking gun isn’t in this article, it’s in the Truesdale-centered series (for the most part) that I link to in this original article. Yet very very few of the donotlink gang even bothered. Hardly any. And those very few that did, clicked on the Introduction and the chapter 7 I link to further up. None of the other uh eleven articles in that series. Well hardly anybody. And not the pivotal flame-war itself from the Asimov’s Forum (well one person that was it) in Postscript Part A, not the other smoking gun chapters 2, 3 and 4. The thing is in that very introduction to that series I link to right up at the beginning of this article (where I first mention that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist), I give a brief overview of that series, with clickable links to all the other twelve articles in that series, and descriptions of each and every article. I made that series very easy to navigate and follow. Makes no difference to those coming to this blog all of a sudden. The thing is to the moral relativist genre twits who see sexism and anti-black racism under every bush, cat and supermarket trolley (yes there is sexism and anti-black racism, but these guys go overboard), it truly is a case of anti-Semitism yaaaaaaaawn. Whatever. I mean I am explicit in this very article of the anti-Semitism from the likes of Mieville, Cramer, Mamatas, Tambour and others, yet nobody, or hardly anybody, was remotely interested in following up on any of that, and checking out my articles on these characters (well very very few hits there).

This is a pattern that I have seen constantly from the genre Thought Police, when they used to tweet contempt and dismissal my way. They would focus on the article they were Tweeting or (rarely) blogging contempt for, get it all wrong naturally enough, and ignore all the articles around, including the most recent posts of mine at the time, no matter what the headings/titles of the articles were…

It proves the point I make about the genre Thought Police, scared to death of recognizing, even in passing, even vaguely, anti-Semitism and moral relativism in all or any of its aspects.

And no the traffic is not coming in the main from the Theodore Beale bots and paleocon and right-wing or libertarian types, I took that into consideration. Sure some of those guys have a lot in common with the left-wing Thought Police genre folk (when it comes to anti-Semitism), but they could care less about covering their tracks. They don’t give a hoot. It’s not their style.

I did take into consideration that the ‘donotlink gang’ could be others in support of the petition (whether their names are on the petition or not), they naturally don’t want egg on their faces neither. In fact if you think about it, they have even more to lose here than the genre Thought Police!

After all, those signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist, the Jews especially, have blundered. And this is the ONLY blog that reveals that.

I do think that if the traffic was coming from those in support of the Truesdale petition, they would be far more likely to actually trawl through my Holocaust Revisionism series. To see what Truesdale actually has to say re the Holocaust, to scrutinize that series for themselves. That’s just a little bit of speculation on my part. Or would they all respond as Rothman did, and run away as quickly as possible (I don’t mean deny that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, as Rothman did)? I don’t think so. Yet I cannot be entirely sure naturally enough.

However I will speculate that for the most part at least, it’s the loony Left brigade popping in, given the number of visitors, given the fact that the ‘fingerprints’ of these visitors is typical of genre Thought Police swarming (ie their general lack of real interest and follow-up, desperation to cover their tracks).

It was most likely a combination largely of critics and a few supporters of the Truesdale petition. There are a very few in-house closed SF related forums, the SFWA members’ forum just being one of them…

Yet note the persistent silence on Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, even after my article was quietly publicized by genre folk behind closed doors. Do a Google search on ‘Dave Truesdale’ and the ‘Holocaust’, and the only returns are to my blog (I’m not counting those url news aggregators and similar). Didn’t pick up anything on Twitter, facebook likewise re Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, and I mean in the last few days, never mind before that.

Proves my point exactly.

Proves the point of the very title of this article I chose, ‘ …the hatred that dares not to be acknowledged. Least of all by genre Jewry’.

These folk cannot begin to acknowledge publicly Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism. The fact that the vast majority of them cannot even be bothered to read up my series here where I expose Truesdale indisputably and unequivocally - never mind how my critics (the moral relativist self-righteous Left so concerned *apparently* about bigotry of all types) are so transparently desperate to publicly not disclose any of this - means they are scared to death about acknowledging Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism even to themselves! As the archives of this blog reveal (check out the harebrained obscene responses from the likes of Mark Pontin, Tim Lieder, Felix Gilman, Paul Graham Raven, Charles Stross and Chuck Rothman to that Holocaust Revisionism series! Never mind Nick Mamatas’s blunder. No none of  them actually bothered to read that series. That’s just the point. Mamatas a little bit, after his blunder). And these people cannot stand Truesdale and they are not afraid to say it (they have labeled him sexist, reactionary and whatever else), except to acknowledge his Holocaust Revisionism naturally enough! Never mind all the ‘new’ left-wing anti-Semitism from genre pros that I reveal at this blog, and I’m just skating the surface.

And they cannot publicly acknowledge Truesdale’s obscene bigotry and the more fashionable liberal anti-Semitism for all the reasons I have already stated in this main pre-updated article.

And those folk – especially the Jews – who signed the petition, the only excuse is that you didn’t know about my blog (even didn’t want to know and still don’t want to know. I know for a fact that such an excuse, ‘oh didn’t know about the Truesdale exposé at your blog’ is not warranted in every case…), because it’s not only in the Truesdale centered series from April/May 2011 that Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism is brought to public attention. I continually brought up the point of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (always with a link or two), if anything excessively so, in late 2011, 2012, 2013, as the context and circumstances warranted.

To sum up, Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism embarrasses everybody, those who signed the petition, but those critical of Truesdale as well! Because the latter (like the former) cannot even now acknowledge Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial/Revisionism, even as they openly imply that he is a sexist cave-man (on twitter, blogs, facebook), but not an anti-Semite! The former (those who signed the petition or supported it in whatever way) cannot call out the Thought Police for absurd hypocrisy, accusing the former of sexism whilst remaining silent on Truesdale’s Holocaust Denial, because the former signed the Truesdale petition (and so many of them are Jews)!

You have to laugh. I mean it’s a black comedy. Oh My God I used the term black comedy. Probably proves to the Thought Police that I’m a racist now. He said ‘black comedy’, he did, he did, I knew he was a white supremacist KKK type. Now we have the evidence for it.

If you know the genre Thought Police, you will know that I am only half joking. These people are that crazy.

These genre Thought Police must be bemoaning the fact that I am not one of them, that is not one in thrall to Islamophilia, Jew-nation hatred that pretends it’s nothing of the sort, and a dupe of humourless militant feminism, in thrall to trumped up sexism gibberish; or at best that I am not one of the quivering Jews desperate to keep quiet about all this anti-Semitism of whatever type, and sweep it all under the carpet. If I were one of them, they would be tweeting and blogging about my exposé of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism with delight, a big thumbs up and openly linking to this very article. They would be praising me to the skies, I would have heroic status among them, they would be all… ‘good on the Red Wolf, three cheers for the Red Wolf’. I would be all over the liberal SF blogosphere, facebook and the SF Twitterverse.

Pertinently enough, I published this on the 5th May 2011, in part 8 of my Holocaust Revisionism series:

As a consequence - even though I don’t really expect any *public* outrage from any notable Jewish figure/s in the genre community to these revelations - I am calling for a professional disassociation/s from Dave Truesdale in light of his clearly outing himself as a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. However he may want to spin it.

Public outrage! Hahahahaahaaaaaaa. Yeah well, it was a very safe bet. Hey the Jew exposing hardcore Jew-hatred in the genre community is out in Antarctica. What else is new? These Jews would only express an opinion if Truesdale grabbed some genre female’s breasts at a Con somewhere (think Ellison and Willis), or make sure to give a public opinion about the SFWA Bulletin editorial/committee decisions and procedures in the wake of the recent Malzberg-Resnick kerfluffle. As it turned out. Now that’s something they will hurl themselves into! And be vocal about. Whether for or against.

Actually these genre Jews are a microcosm for liberal American Jewry as a whole (not just American Jews to be fair).

Really you have to laugh. I am. I mean it is fucking hilarious. As Richard Pryor pointed out, “comedy is tragedy”.

It is indeed.

UPDATED 7th March

So guess what! I discovered the source of the donotlink gang! OK this whole brouhaha has long since died down, but I mention it here anyhow, for the sake of the record. For the sake of completeness.

It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes intellect or detective work. It was Natalie Luhrs herself and her followers on Twitter. Here are the relevant Tweets.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
YOU GUYS. This dude is, well. (TW: accusations of anti-Semitism and pointing out authors who may be/are Jewish)

Michigan J Octopus ‏@emilytheslayer Feb 17
@eilatan right, him, I’d almost forgotten about him.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@emilytheslayer This is my first encounter, I think?

Michigan J Octopus ‏@emilytheslayer Feb 17
@eilatan he is Known.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@emilytheslayer So I have gathered.

Ann Somerville ‏@ann_somerville Feb 17
@eilatan …then you obvs didn’t care and SO YOU ARE THE WORST JEW/PERSON ON THE PLANET. But no enforcement of thought there

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@ann_somerville …I’m a non-denominational Christian deist. So yes: I am a terrible Jew.

Ann Somerville ‏@ann_somerville Feb 17

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@ann_somerville Pretty much, yeah.

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan He actually mentioned ME in one of his rants, which tells you rather a lot.

Natalie Luhrs
@kiplet That he’s an equal opportunity ranter? Are you Thought Police, too?

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan I’m nothing! I’m nobody! I said something nice to somebody non grata on Twitter, and So.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@kiplet How Dare You.

Kip Manley ‏@kiplet Feb 17
@eilatan So many lines to cross, so little time.

Natalie Luhrs ‏@eilatan Feb 17
@kiplet I know! This genre-destruction is a lot of work.

There you have it! So I was right, it was genre Thought Police, and only genre Thought Police. Yes the donotlink url takes you to this article naturally enough. Notice how none of the Tweeters can be bothered to mention what this article is actually about at all, just supposedly not to be trusted hysterical and over-the-top allusions to anti-Semitism (Ann Somerville’s tweets are asinine and less than rational), not their context, not even vague or hazy allusions to their actual content. As if they would know. They don’t want to know. Scared stiff. They can’t even be bothered to mention that I accuse Truesdale of Holocaust Revisionism, when it is central to this whole piece! Nada on that front. They tiptoe around it like it’s not even there. Like I write further up, hardly any of Luhrs’s followers (as it turned out) even bothered to check out the case for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism themselves. And of course I don’t accuse Luhrs of anti-Semitism. You would never know that going by her and her gang’s twit Tweeting. Very oversensitive there, aren’t we? Of course Luhrs and gang don’t give a damn about acknowledging any even extreme anti-Semitism from their genre peers and colleagues, even genre peers they consider reprehensible and even quasi-fascist. As their tweeting on  this very article proves emphatically and beyond reasonable doubt! Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is greeted not even with a yawn, not even that. It’s not remotely addressed by these folk.

As far as kiplet/Kip Manley is concerned, sure he’s a nobody in SF circles, but I mention him in passing over here, given the context of his tweeting parley with Rose Fox, who is a somebody in SF (and Charles Platt’s daughter), and Fox has been the focus of several articles of mine. Not that you would ever know that from Manley, nor the first thing about what that was all about.

So Luhrs and gang are predictably obtuse, scared stiff not only of acknowledging even vaguely, even cryptically the charge of Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism from the Red Wolf (never mind the actual smoking gun evidence I link to in this respect!), even as they consider him a reactionary sexist cave-man; because scared stiff naturally of going anywhere near the more run-of-the-mill anti-Semitism that infects the liberal genre community (and detailed in the archives of this blog) and wider liberal society like a cancer.  And naturally the fact that I don’t think much of their hysterical trumped up sexism charges against all and sundry. Their quaking tweeting on my blog and this very original article *specifically*, where the 16 ton brontosaurus in the room is not even vaguely alluded to (ie Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism), and the pathetic attempt by Luhrs to cover her tracks and not boost my profile on search engines, only proves my point about the genre Thought Police and why one cannot take them remotely seriously. That is their in-your-face moral relativism, their blunt and stubborn refusal to acknowledge even the most extreme, albeit oblivious Jew-hatred that is Holocaust Revisionism (from a conservative SF editor/critic they all hate no less!) for all the reasons I already state further up. It’s just so pathetic. Such extreme cognitive dissonance. Boggles the mind.


Just thought I would mention this, because it is even more black comedy gold.

So guess what? Tim Lieder of Dybbuk Press, one of my biggest uh fans, blogs on this very article, and he continues to repeat his cretinous ‘beyond full retard’ MO (just check those Lieder articles). Namely Dave Truesdale ain’t no Holocaust Denier/Revisionist, in Lieder’s eyes! Well if you know all about my Lieder series, you will know that already. Lieder has stuck to his guns on that front persistently, no matter how I have exposed him, that is exposed Lieder for not knowing what he is talking about. Never mind Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism (and others like editor Sam Hidaka [if anything I let Hidaka off the hook too much] and short story writer Marian Powell).

Here is Lieder, in Tim ‘where is my mind?’ Lieder style. Lieder you are truly in class of your own.

He entitles his post on me, ‘The Hobgoblin of Small Minds – aka Furry Jew rants again’. To those who don’t know about my altercations with Lieder, he labels me the Furry Jew.

Some choice quotes:

You can’t keep an internet crank down - - Apparently Furry Jew has released another tl;dr wall of text in order to repeat his assertion that Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust denier. He goes by a bunch of things that Truesdale wrote about the dead James Hogan that were less than “Fuck that Guy” levels of acrimony.

And just so we are clear. James Hogan actually was a Holocaust denier so fuck that guy.

What drives Furry Jew at the moment is the fact that Dave Truesdale’s entire SFWA “the PC Police don’t want to us to see nekkid ladies” petition was argued and discussed without ONCE anyone citing Furry Jew’s long and tedious expose concerning Truesdale’s alleged Holocaust denial. Oh sure, a sane and rational person could think that it wasn’t important to the conversation or that it was something that couldn’t be shoehorned into a conversation that was already full of topics like sexism, editorial oversight, the proper audience for a trade magazine, First Amendment, red baiting and old people.

But Furry Jew is not sane or rational. In fact Furry Jew sees himself as the crusader against all that is anti-Semitic and Communist.

He also says nice things about anti-Semitic racist POS Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) but what’s a little anti-Semitism between friends?

That’s all to be expected from Lieder, he has been endlessly denying Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism from Day One. And if you want to know why and how, it’s all in my Lieder articles. And other delusional garbage in that vein from Lieder (yeah I don’t know why I bother with him, he’s such a hack, a wannabe hack really, but he is so witless, such an easy target, so delusional, that I find him endlessly fascinating). Fuck Hogan, but not his fellow Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale, hey Lieder? You king of supreme witlessness you.

And as I make clear in this original article, Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is relevant because the debate/argument here is inherently political, since it covers topics such as alleged misogyny and alleged sexism, not issues relating to science fiction criticism per se. And why would any Jewish genre pro writer/editor/fan especially, have any dealings whatsoever, professional or otherwise, with a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist?! Lieder of course doesn’t think that an issue. Then again what to expect from the witless Lieder? The reasons that Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is not brought up by anybody, whether for or against the petition, is already covered in this article, but it’s through the holes in the head of poor Tim Lieder. Then again to Lieder, the Holocaust Denier Truesdale with all his wormy Holocaust Revisionist newspeak ain’t no Holocaust Denier.

I say nice things about Vox Day aka Theodore Beale???!!!

I write further up above re Beale:

Would they sign up a similar or identical petition drawn up by the odious Theodore Beale, a misogynist, homophobe, anti-black racist and anti-Semite? I would think not, because Beale is simply beyond the pale (and has even been expelled from the SFWA). And not only to the idiot far Left moral relativists in the community, but to anybody who is not a reactionary redneck who knows what Beale has to say on gays, women, blacks…

If that’s saying nice things about Beale, I wonder what not nice things about Beale would sound like to Lieder! So Lieder just transparently and breezily lies here, as is his style. I don’t even think he knows he does it. Fails basic reading comprehension. Lieder is confused here and projecting his witless and moronic knee-jerk defense of his anti-Semitic, anti-Israel peer Nick Mamatas, onto me (re Beale). It’s what catalyzed Lieder’s fever-brained attacks on my blog in the first place. Lieder doesn’t even notice further up in  this very article, that I allude to the fact that even Mamatas has grudgingly (albeit cryptically) acknowledged Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism.

Also Lieder, re the Emerson allusion that is “the hobgoblin of small minds”, the full quote is “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” In your case, your persistent and obscenely dimwitted denial of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is “foolishly consistent”. To put it mildly. Thing is it is way worse than that, it is so obscenely delusional and cretinous, beyond witless, that words fail me. The Thesaurus fails me. One ought to invent a neologism for Lieder’s specific off-the-charts asininity. Maybe we should call it a Liederism/Liederist, or a Lieder…


So some further Tweeting from other genre Thought Police airheads re this article, not that their Tweeting has anything whatsoever to do with this article, or even the actual contents of my blog, but that’s the nature of it all of course. I was of two minds whether to even bother posting them up and commentating on them, given that Tweedledum Fred Kiesche and Tweedledee Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin on Twitter) of SF Signal are such minor players on the SF scene (yet along with that other lightweight Tim Lieder, they are among my biggest ‘fans’) and they are just so tiresome and pathetic, even by the standards of the idiot Left Thought Police (which is saying a lot!). Twit Tweets from two of their twit followers included, notably Shaun Duke (whose Tweets catalyze it all), a contributor/co-host of the Skiffy and Fanty SFF website.

Tweets all date from March 13th:

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
It shouldn’t surprise these folks that sf fandom’s “left” really have no interest in hanging out with James May. Look what he writes.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Which James May? (I know of two…)

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche The one that imagines himself as an sff writer.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke That *still* doesn’t narrow in down but I’ll just assume it’s nobody I know!

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche Search “James May John Scalzi” without quotes. You’ll find what I’m talking about :)

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke And the first thing returned is another blogger, Romeo Woof Woof, that keeps threatening to retire (but never has). Thanks.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@FredKiesche @shaunduke Romeo Woof Woof? I’m guessing that’s not me.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke In this case I was sort of using NATO phonetic alphabet.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche Is…is that bad? Do I want to know?

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Ask @PrinceJvstin . MY BRAIN HURTS SO MUCH NOW, I THOUGHT HE WAS RETIRED //thud//

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche @shaunduke he’s still not retired? Good grief.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin Ye Gods and Little Fishes, no.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@shaunduke Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche you are going to have me read him again?! Between him, Hoyt and VD, I’ll go mad

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin I think his style has gone more confused. Makes those two look like models of editorial clarity.

Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin
@FredKiesche he hadn’t posted since August. I thought he was done. Alas!

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites Bleck. This guy is a giant raving coocoo pants.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites I’m not sure he knows the difference between “analysis” and “bald assertion.”

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@FredKiesche @RomeoRites Bald <– without evidence or reason.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche Oh I see, kinda like, “He who must not be named.” Lest he reveal himself. He can yap on, that’s for sure.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke Mostly because when you use his name, he’ll pick it up from tweets and work you into his next blog “essay”.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@PrinceJvstin Updated an entry from mid-February to March 9. Still not scraped off our respective shoes.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@RomeoRites @FredKiesche You can’t even use his nicknames now. He’ll find those, too.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche Bleddy hell! Like Blogron or Bloggermort. Dafter than a half scraped carrot.

Fred Kiesche ‏@FredKiesche
@RomeoRites @shaunduke Now we’re just insulting carrots.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@FredKiesche @shaunduke If that’s one of his nicknames, I’ll be for the chop.

shaunduke ‏@shaunduke
@RomeoRites @FredKiesche Bloggermort <– New nickname.

R. A. Kennedy ‏@RomeoRites
@shaunduke @FredKiesche I like that name.


These Tweets are even more pathetic than Natalie Luhrs’s and followers, and I didn’t think that really possible; on the other hand when it comes to the idiot Left in the genre community, there are no limits to their obscene asininity. In fact these Tweets follow the very predictable and inadvertently revealing pattern that is the obscene brain-deadness of Kiesche and Weimar and their dumb dumb followers, given their previous tweeting on this blog, notably here. In that article Anna Tambour’s extreme, ugly and indisputable anti-Semitism is alluded to in all its naked glory, and Kiesche and Weimer can only tweet mindless insults my way (see self-same article). Then there is this Iain Banks themed article, in which the then living Iain Banks’s pathological and vicious Jew-hatred is alluded to, and the exact same derisive tweeting from Tweedledum & Tweedledee came my way (and in the process they were sucking up to one of my nemeses, the extreme anti-Israel ‘Jew’ Lavie Tidhar. Check that Banks article for their Tweets).

Tweedeldum and Tweedledee and gang aren’t bothered by the fact that they save their worst invective for me, when tweeting on my blog articles revealing with considerable evidence, the most base and extreme anti-Semitism; namely this one, in which Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is the very centerpiece around which everything else is decoration. And they hate Truesdale, like all the Thought Police! And the other two mentioned directly above, namely the articles on the anti-Semites Anna Tambour and Iain Banks respectively.

What this tells us about Kiesche, Weimer and their peanut gallery is naturally lost on them. Oblivious. Then again I said as much in that Tambour focused article.

As with Luhrs and her gang (Ann Somerville included), note how these morons ignore the actual central hub of this whole lengthy essay, around which everything else I write revolves. Namely Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Fucking Revisionism. And to repeat myself, the likes of Kiesche, Weimar and gang hate Truesdale, they hate his politics (as with Luhrs and her followers). In fact you would have no idea at all that my latest blog post is about, you know, a right-wing SF critic/editor’s Holocaust Denialism! going by these idiot Twitterers’ Twit Tweeting; and that my blog as a whole has as its central theme, the exposé of  anti-Semitism in the genre community. As I once remarked to Tobias Buckell who likewise thinks that the  most pathetic name-calling directed my way somehow shores up his position and refutes mine:

No I wouldn’t expect a coherent answer from the likes of Stross and Buckell (and the Apex SF crew as a whole). That’s not possible. Going by Buckell’s tweet ‘seriously whack shit’ (and Stross’s tweets likewise for that matter), nobody would know what on earth I was actually writing about. I mean I could be writing about calling for the excavation of the lost ruins of Atlantis under Antarctica, the invasion of China, bombing the Martians, endorsing some David Icke conspiracy on alien lizards in the White House feeding on human sacrifices, bringing back eugenics or remaking Heaven’s Gate going by Stross’s and Buckell’s fact-free tweets. Simply lame.

These idiots are so desperate to shore up their shaky delusions, which are numerous, that they really do uh think that calling me lame names sans evidence, somehow demolishes my argument/s. It’s not the ad hominems that are the problem in and of themselves, it’s that they don’t even attempt to back up their low opinion of myself with any even vague attempt or pretense of evidence or facts. Sure I call them idiots too, but I make it clear why they are such. Hmm let’s see, this is the only blog pointing out that amidst SF’s 49th nervous breakdown, namely the Truesdale SFWA petition, nobody on either side of the kerfluffle can be bothered to mention the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier/Revisionist. Then again this is the only blog that has the smoking gun re Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism. The response to these considerable revelations in this very article by the Red Wolf, from Tweedledum and Tweedelee and gang on Twitter: The Red Wolf/Romeo Woof Woof is confused, my style is worse than Hoyt and Vox Day, I’m dumber than a carrot. That’s insulting to carrots. Their ‘brains’ hurt. Let’s invent a new nickname for Romeo Woof Woof, Bloggermort!

Notice the heavy implication that I’m to the right of the reactionary Vox Day, when I’m not even a conservative and actually call out Vox Day in this article (and elsewhere) as a racist and a misogynist, a homophobic reactionary. Then again since when did these Thought Police idiots care for what I actually write. They have their bogey man to cast stones at, the better to feel better about themselves.

Yaaaaaaawn. Projection Projection Projection. Wonder if these guys know what that is?
Truth is I think Tweedledum and Tweedledee and followers would miss me if I retired completely.

It’s difficult to know who is dumber – Tweedledum & Tweedledee and their little sect or Tim Lieder? How to quantify and measure it? Kiesche and Weimar and their gang of morons can’t be bothered to mention what this article – heck this very blog – *is actually about* (I don’t think that they actually know); they just dismiss me with name calling, which the Fairies have told ‘em, really works! Then there is Tim Lieder who to his credit actually mentions the charge of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism; Tweedledum and Tweedledee and their blind mice can’t be bothered to mention the man’s very name, any more than their fellow Thought Police peers, Luhrs and gang. However Lieder then undoes this lead (as in being less dumb, yeah it’s relative) he has on Tweedledum and Tweedledee by saying that I have no evidence for Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism! Of course Lieder has done this repeatedly (whilst simultaneously denying that he does it, just click on that latest Lieder gibberish blog post directed my way). And as a consequence, one could argue that Lieder sneaks ahead of Luhrs, Somerville etc., along with Kiesche, Wiemer, Duke, R. A. Kennedy in the obscene zombie obtuseness championship stakes. But it’s a close call, gotta say.

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The Zombie Chronicles: A comprehensive overview of this blog’s history

“In that direction,” the Cat said, waving its right paw round, “lives a Hatter: and in that direction,” waving the other paw, “lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.”
“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can ’t help that,” said the Cat : “we ’re all mad here. I ’m mad. You ’re mad.”
“How do you know I ’m mad ?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Lewis Carroll
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


This is the very lengthy posting that I promised quite a while back, the one giving an overview, a history of this blog from its beginnings in April 2011 to its most recent posting (August 2013). It’s been such a bizarre, surreal set of twists and turns, that it beggars belief in certain parts.

However anybody who has experience dealing with both liberal (and conservative) anti-Semites who pretend they are not and their know-nothing defenders aka useful idiots, and allied to all this the ugly apologetics and whitewashing of Muslim extremism aka further useful idiocy (and liberal Jews in Name Only are often most guilty here); knows full well that the truth of the matter here is beyond the most surreal and absurdist fiction. This blog just applies this pervasive madness of our age to the SF genre community. And this blog exposing indisputable anti-Semitism and extreme Jew-hatred at that, has come in for heavy attacks, not only from genre fandom, but genre writers and editors (and some notable characters there).  A large number of them have been ‘Jewish’ genre pros. Make of that what you will.

So below is a run-through of each and every post (105 in total) that I have written up at this blog, with a brief description of each posted article and a clickable link to it, so as to make this blog’s history easy to navigate. To those of you compos mentis (ie not loony Left nor paleocon Right) who are not cognisant of this blog’s history and the altercations I have had with genre pro writers, editors and their sycophantic fandom, much of what I write below will beggar belief. You will think I am pulling your leg, you will have to read some of the post descriptions two or three times, so bizarre is so much of it. Stranger than science fiction. And that’s even taking into account the harsh recognition of just how loony, deranged, anti-Semitic, clueless and drowning in moral and cultural relativism, the cultural elitist Left actually are.

However to those of you compos mentis, such are the times we are living in, such is the zeitgeist. The zombies are out there, and they live and work among us and they are in control – of mainstream media, Western governments, NGOs, the universities, the ‘arts and culture’. And that includes the literati, the publishing industry, highbrow and schlock alike. The science fiction publishing industry included, on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you have the pulse on the zeitgeist, on the ‘thinking’ especially among the self-appointed cultural elite know-nothing guardians of all that is permitted to think (of which, to generalize, genre pros are slavishly bound as much as any other community), then you know that the neo-McCarthyism of our day and age is the moral and cultural relativism that holds sway everywhere. This moral and cultural relativism has sinister overtones, it goes hand in hand with fashionable new anti-Semitism; that is the order of the day, de rigueur, as long as it packaged under anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sloganese, sold under the banner of human rights, peace and justice. If you get this, then you know that allied to this is the cultural liberal elite’s love affair with reactionary Islam and associated with the latter bizarro alliance, the smearing of anybody pointing fingers at the naked emperor with the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’, a fabricated non-existent bigotry that is intended to silence and cower all Islam’s knowledgeable critics. And fashionable new anti-Semitism and smearing critics of reactionary Islam as bigots (as opposed to the real bigotry of the ‘nuke Mecca’ crowd) are very much to the fore in the SF genre community. And I mean among both genre pros and fandom.

As the history of this blog reveals all too chillingly…

So without further ado…

My first article is duplicated on the ‘What this Blog is About’ page, entitled ‘Opening the lid on the ugly politics & anti-Semitism within the speculative fiction genre community’ and posted on April 3rd 2011. I give the reasons therein for why I started this blog, my centrist political stance, and what is meant by new anti-Semitism. It made no difference to my critics of course – to them I am a bigoted far right-wing loon off his meds. Seriously this is the exact ‘criticism’ I have received from genre pros. As head honcho of the SFWA John Scalzi was to call me later, I am just “a real asshole”. Apparently the most lame, pathetic name-calling is supposed to be a coherent, logical, refutation of all the points I raise in my articles.

Next article, On the hue & cry overreaction to the Elizabeth Moon non-scandal (and others) by the Thought Police of the genre & the deafening silence to late SF writer James Hogan’s Holocaust Denial by self-same genre Thought Police

In the above linked article, I allude to those genre pros who got their panties all twisted over the ridiculous Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship blog post’ affair, (that generated such a huge public fall-out) self-same genre figures had pretty much nothing to say publicly about genre writer James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism. Liberal genre pros’ deafening public silence of extreme Jew-hatred coming from a best-selling genre writer, whilst frothing publicly over the dubious ‘Islamophobe’ thought crime of Elizabeth Moon, was sinister and pathetic in equal measure. The hypocrisy was transparent and reeked of something more baleful. And indeed what was to follow would only bear out my worst suspicions and then some…

For then the heated altercations began…

My next article is a reply to those genre writers criticizing the Moon/Hogan article. Entitled Reply to some tweets and Chesya Burke’s blog response to my previous article re Moon & Hogan

My article focuses on liberal genre writer Chesya Burke’s blog reply to my article (her blog article was entitled ‘If this is the Thought Police count me in‘), which was so easy to take down. Burke inadvertently proved my point for me, better than I did. I also allude to those criticizing my article via twitter but did not name them, nor paste up the tweets themselves (the twitterati were Jason Sanford, Lavie Tidhar, Charles Tan). I was also excessively polite in my brief reply to them. Given the rudeness and asininity of the tweets, such over-the-top politeness in reply to the likes of Sanford and Tidhar was entirely unwarranted and undeserved. That was in the early days, I didn’t make that mistake again.

I next published an extensive series on Holocaust Revisionism/Denialism in the genre community. Best-selling genre writer James P Hogan’s death acted as a catalyst for all the extreme Jew-hatred to come out of the woodwork, and by extreme Jew-hatred, I mean the presence of Holocaust Denialism and its tolerance among certain quarters, genre pros included. I detail what went down at the now defunct Asimov’s Magazine Discussion Forum in 2010, where I mentioned Hogan’s passing and Holocaust Denial. Whereupon  the likes of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale and short story writer and reviewer Marian Powell outed themselves as Holocaust Revisionists. Genre editor Sam Hidaka likewise gave very strong circumstantial evidence for Holocaust Revisionism. When I challenged them, and a bitter flame-war resulted, I was threatened with a banning from the Asimov’s Forum administrator. The regular Asimov’s Forum genre fans likewise ganged up against me. No kidding.

I saved the whole thread which can be read in its entirety (including comments that would later be deleted by Asimov’s Forum admin, my own likewise). The whole surreal David Duke in Wonderland thread is even worse than it sounds. It has to be read to be believed. In the introduction to that series of mine (link up above), I also put up all the clickable links to the thirteen articles that make up my Holocaust Revisionism series (the whole flame-war thread from the Asimov’s Forum is pasted up in PostScript Part A). I paste them up here again for convenience and so the reader can get an idea of how horrifying it all is.

Here are the chapter series headings:

Part 1 - Where Tangent editor Dave Truesdale outs himself at the Asimov’s Forum upon SF author James P Hogan’s passing

Part 2 - Tangent editor D Truesdale’s true colours on the Holocaust ‘debate’ come shining through at the Asimov’s Forum

Part 3 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s incoherent ramblings at the Asimov’s Forum on the ‘legitimacy’ of Holocaust Revisionism ’debate’

Part 4 - Further commentary on Truesdale’s postings & the Asimov’s Forum

Part 5 – Then Asimov’s Admin threatens to ban me for calling a Holocaust Denier a… Nazi

Part 6 – Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial

Part 7  - Truesdale nails the lid shut on his own coffin

Part 8 – Truesdale and gang Summing Up

Part 9 - On Asimov’s Forum admin’s disavowal of its own guidelines

Part 10 - Disturbing questions Final Updated Response to Mark Pontin’s ‘attack’

Postscript Part A:
The entire unedited ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread at the Asimov’s Forum. Includes deleted comments. From late July 2010.

It is pasted up in its entirety, and unedited by me. It took up 3 pages at the Asimov’s Forum. It includes all the comments that would later be deleted, something I mention in the postscript itself (under my blog name ‘red wolf’ so as not to cause confusion with my name, ‘Lawrence A’ that I used at the Asimov’s Forum – and thus in the flame-war itself – and with ‘red wolf’ comments placed within square brackets and in red text so as to make things doubly clear).

Postscript Part B:
The ‘James Hogan Author’ thread (July 2010) from the now defunct Asimov’s Forum. Only the pertinent and very damning comments are posted. See Part 7 of this series as well. It covers the same ground in more detail.

The ‘Holocaust Deniers’ thread from the Asimov’s Forum is posted in its entirety (July 2010). It is a one page thread only. The reasons for the necessary inclusion of this whole bizarro thread are given in this second postscript. It will leave the intelligent reader shaking his head in disbelief and dismay. There is possibly no precedent for this particular case anywhere. This is clarified in this postscript and in part 7 of this series.

This postscript also includes the first and second posted comments by Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from the ‘James Hogan Interview’ thread from the now defunct Analog Forum (July and August 2010). [End of pasted excerpt]

It gets worse.

That series was attacked as crackpottery and huff and puff nonsense by liberal Jewish genre figures. No kidding. No really no kidding. Even as that series gives overwhelming evidence for the Holocaust Revisionism of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale; and the despicable and odious behaviour of others taking his side and defending him.

First that series was ridiculed by liberal anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ genre fan Mark Pontin (personally thanked by former Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine editor Gardner Dozois in the Acknowledgments to a Year’s Best SF annual). No Pontin had no idea what he was doing. He gets a large part of chapter 10 in that series all to himself, in which I respond to his obscene asininity. He realized his screw-up (when it was pointed out to him on the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Forum), but couldn’t publicly admit it. He would continue to attack me, but later…

That series would also be ridiculed repeatedly by one of my most cretinous critics, liberal genre ‘Jewish’ hack editor and hack writer Tim Lieder (of Dybbuk Press and a convert to Judaism btw. And he calls himself pro-Israel!). Lieder did so in the most mindless knee-jerk fashion, and naturally in the most dishonest way, when he came to the knee-jerk defense of one of his idols, the Far Left communist pro-Palestinian anti-Israel genre writer and editor Nick Mamatas (who I had criticized heavily at my blog in a series of articles that I will get to in a moment). Lieder cannot admit his obscene blunders, to this day and he proudly boasts of them, to this day. He is one for the psychiatrist’s couch but almost certainly beyond help.

Charles Stross, far Left ‘Jewish’ genre writer, would likewise tweet his dismissal of that Holocaust Revisionism series (without reading a single article therein), in a knee-jerk mindless cheering response to SF critic and academic, another far Leftist Brit, Paul Graham Raven’s tweeted dismissal of that Holocaust Revisionism series of mine (Raven likewise didn’t bother to check a single article therein. Check same link directly above). When I publicly pointed out Graham Raven’s and Stross’s obscene blunder on my blog, well naturally silence from them…

Far Left ‘Jewish’ genre writer Felix Gilman would tweet yuck yuck style when he stumbled on that series on Holocaust Revisionism (not realizing what it was about even as the articles spell it all out in plain English in the very titles. Remember these guys are uh writers), amidst an idiotic TWITtering rant from him, directing pathetic evidence-free scorn on this blog.

It didn’t end there with the ‘Jewish’ critics of my series on uh Holocaust Denialism!!

As late as 2012, liberal Jewish genre hack writer Chuck Rothman defended Truesdale, as totally innocent of all charges (well Rothman has a gig at Tangent, even so it is pathetic in extremis). Truesdale would then give his only public response to my series that revolved around his Holocaust Revisionism in the main (same link above), although hardly exclusive to Truesdale. All this went down at Jewish genre writer Adam Troy-Castro’s place on the web. I bring all this up again, further down with all the relevant links, as I try and stick to the linear time frame.

Getting back to chronological order…

Unlike the Elizabeth Moon ‘Islamophobe’ affair, the prior Will Sanders affair (also mentioned at this blog) and later uh kerfluffles, such as the René Walling alleged sexual harrassment incident; this series on Holocaust Revisionism got ZERO PUBLIC SUPPORTIVE RESPONSE/S from genre pros, liberal Jewish and Gentiles alike. To this day. I predicted as much in chapter 10 of that self-same series. Vague allusions to it do not count. That is no genre pros – liberal or conservative Jewish genre writers, editors, publishers – have made a single EXPLICIT condemnation of CONSERVATIVE  genre editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism (never mind the others).

However liberal JEWISH genre pros have had no problem launching the most pathetic name-calling my way, even as they have ZILCH to say about Truesdale’s (and others’) Holocaust Revisionism; except to obtusely and obscenely ridicule that series to differing degrees! – in the cases of Mark Pontin, Tim Lieder, Felix Gilman, Chuck Rothman and let’s not forget Charles Stross’s idiotic tweet in that respect. It’s like a perverse Alice (or is that David Duke?) through the Looking Glass.

If the reader is shocked that liberal Jewish genre pros (detailed further down) would launch the most pathetic ad hominems the way of a blogger whose blog’s raison-d’etre is in the main the exposé of anti-Semitism in the genre community (and remember it includes Holocaust Denialism!), then the reader doesn’t get the zombie cultural zeitgiest of our times. And liberal Jewry’s contemporary disgrace and know-nothingness.

My next article from May 18th 2011 is entitled Asimov’s Discussion Forum is back online – The case for self-respecting Jewry to boycott the forum

I give the reason for supporting  a boycott of the forum (which would shortly go offline again, this time permanently) as self-evident. I was ganged up on for speaking out against Holocaust Denial/Revisionism from Asimov’s Forum fans and the Holocaust Denialism evinced there by Tangent editor Truesdale, short story writer and reviewer Marian Powell, and in all likelihood genre editor Sam Hidaka. I was threatened with a banning from Asimov’s Forum admin for speaking out against all this, yet the Holocaust Revisionists and their supporters received no such threats from self-same admin.

Next comes my Nick Mamatas series. This was all very revealing. Mamatas, a far Left pro-Palestinian communist genre writer and editor (well-known) had dismissed this blog as ‘not intentionally very funny’ the day I published the last article in my Holocaust Revisionism series; a series that had been running uninterrupted for near three weeks prior, and up to that point in time roughly 80% of my articles that I had published at this blog pertained directly or indirectly to Holocaust Revisionism. Mamatas naturally was clueless at the time. He just has one of his Mamatasbot fans point to this blog, he sees it is pro-Israel and so naturally it is ‘unintentionally very funny’ in his eyes.

My second article on Mamatas, entitled SF writer Nick Mamatas and his ilk’s obliviousness to the obvious: The unintentional comedic irony of Mamatas’s ‘Fascists for Che’ article.

My third article, a reply to Mamatas’s meltdown at his blog, his laughably shrill ad hominems and transparently dishonest fact-free response at his blog to the above two articles. Mamatas would dishonestly rewrite the titles of my two articles above to mean something else, having no bearing on anything I actually wrote. And more in that vein. His Mamatasbot fan club would then indulge in their requisite two minute hate, shoring up Mamata’s ego and mistaking pathetic name-calling my way for some kind of coherent reply to my points. Well when you have to defend the indefensible…

My next article: Nick Mamatas, the Apex SF crew, gay rights and the Middle-East Part 4.

And then the final article in the Mamatas series, although there would be one more stand-alone article on this character; who is all buddy buddy with the hardcore anti-Semitic communist China Mieville and the far Left Israeli genre editor and writer Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar. I have plenty to say on both of these characters at this blog, detailed further down. And yes I consider Mamatas to be harshly anti-Semitic, even though I only hint heavily at this in the series on him, and don’t spell it out in black and white. Naturally like all Jew-hating communists, he considers such a charge outrageous and unfair.

My next posting – Bits & Pieces: David Duke, blaming Jews for America’s wars, SF genre folk and other ruminations. Actually that article also features Mamatas in a big way, and other genre characters. My next article, my only article from July 2011 was the last Tim Lieder one that I have already alluded to (with the link) further up above.

My blog was then on hiatus for a couple of months and I then resumed blogging in December 2011, with the start of an extensive and detailed series (ultimately 11 chapters to it) on the hardcore anti-Semite and communist, popular and award-winning genre writer, editor and prof, China Mieville. Mieville is a caricature of the Far Left anti-Semitic communist.

My second article on Mieville entitled China Mieville and his campaigning for the harshly anti-Semitic Respect Party, the Tom Paulin Affair & more All The Gory Details Part 2 Therein as with my first Mieville article, I provide more evidence for the horrible anti-Semitism of this left-wing fascist political entity (Respect) co-founded by George Galloway, a noted Hamas fundraiser and proud supporter of the Muslim jihad; Mieville’s high-profile involvement with Respect, and more in that regard.

My third article China Mieville’s gross slander on the Turkish Mavi Marmara incident & his support for BDS against Israel Part 3 In many respects this above article is the definitive one detailing beyond doubt Mieville’s mendacity and delusional mindset in the service of Jew-hatred and explicit sympathy for Muslim fundamentalists who he mislabels ‘peace activists’. Sickening, but to be expected from a campaigner for the extremely anti-Semitic UK Respect Party. If you don’t get that Mieville is a Jew-hater after reading this article, you are either one yourself or you are simply very dimwitted.

The next article reinforces the point, On China Mieville’s support for the vile anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel Part 4. If you don’t get that BDS against Israel is extremely anti-Semitic in principle, then you are anti-Semitic yourself or once again, very very stupid. I actually detail in this article just why and how BDS against Israel is viciously anti-Semitic and how its antecedent chillingly lies with the Nazis themselves.

My fifth article in my Mieville series On China Mieville’s blogging for the Hamas and Hezbollah supporting Lenin’s Tomb blog Part 5. Note that this is the same blog that Nick Mamatas, Mieville’s political comrade across the Atlantic, recommends with effusive praise, ahead of any other on the whole World Wide Web. When it comes to cookie-cutter Jew-hating communist propagandists (who naturally pretend they ain’t, Jew-haters that is) and apologists and worse for the Jihad, well Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb fits the bill as much as any.

Then a few articles which took a break from my Mieville series (which would resume later). First my final article on Nick Mamatas, one that sums up his odious politics, hypocrisy and deep associations with extreme anti-Semitic groups and personalities. Interlude – When anti-Israel genre Marxists turn on one another. The Will Shetterly vs Nick Mamatas Deathmatch & Mamatas’s NAMBLA analogy

The NAMBLA analogy refers to Mamatas’s flame-war with fellow anti-Israel Marxist genre writer Will Shetterly (at Mamatas’s blog). Mamatas couldn’t get into an argument without indulging in the most perverse statements, in this case “Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child”. Really he actually wrote that. And then lied to worm his way out of it. Details in the article. Nobody, except Shetterly and myself, have called him out on it. Nobody else. Being a liberal, more truly a communist, means you can get away with anything. Certainly in our genre community.

Next article of mine summed up the horrible moral and cultural relativism, the in-your-face hypocrisy of the genre’s liberal Thought Police, their blindness and worse to the most vicious Jew-hatred whilst shrieking at full volume against any genre critics of reactionary Islam. Interlude – What does ex-editor at Apex Magazine Catherynne M. Valente’s queer status have to do with the genre Thought Police? Everything …

It pivoted around then Apex Magazine editor Catherynne Valente, who is gay. If you don’t get why that is relevant and revealing of the most pathetic and surreal hypocrisy, well then don’t even bother reading that article. This article actually got the exact response from the liberal genre Thought Police (via twitter) that only proved my point – the persistent blindness and perverse, sinister denial of extreme anti-Semitism from genre pros (a case of ‘what anti-Semitism?’), whilst calling anybody critical of reactionary Islam and its murderous homophobia a bigot and reactionary themselves. The genre Thought Police twitterati (among others) were Lavie Tidhar, Catherine Valente herself, Charles Stross and Tobias Buckell.

My next article – posted on New Year’s Day 2012 – is a reply to Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s dishonest tweeting on my ‘Thought Police Cathy Valente’ article. Well what to expect from Tidhar? I then updated that article to include a further reply to Tidhar’s lame tweeting on this very article. UPDATE A further reply to Tidhar’s tweeting on this article & A reply to Lavie Tidhar’s knee-jerk idiotic tweet on my Catherynne M. Valente article

Tidhar is one of the Thought Police after all, who refuses to acknowledge in the slightest the most extreme Jew-hatred (for what it is) from his genre peers and MATES whilst playing a foremost role in defending right-wing Islam/ism from its genre critics (he was one of those who made a big song and dance about the Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship’ affair).

Then I resumed my China Mieville series. It was very interesting and revealing that all those TWITtering airheaded contempt and lame derision my way in response to my Cathy Valente and the Thought Police article and the subsequent Lavie Tidhar one, didn’t pay any attention or focus whatsoever on my FIVE Mieville articles that had been published in succession right before then. And the Mamatas article with its NAMBLA uh connotations, well nothing from the twitterati Thought Police likewise. Hence why there are the PC Thought Police. The twitterati included Tidhar, Stross, Buckell, Valente, Apex Mag head honcho Jason Sizemore (and others). It’s like – ‘what Mieville series, what’s that about, wot?’ OK so the resumption of my Mieville series with an exposé of another one of his repetitions of a big lie revolving around the Jew nation, back in 2006. Like Pavlov’s dogs,  these Jew-hating communists. China Mieville’s knee-jerk slur on Israel. The Gaza Beach Incident of 2006 Part 6

Then this one: an odious, delusional, lying Jew-hating screed published in the UK media,  from the Jew-hating British Writers in Support of Palestine, of which Mieville is a member. Naturally enough. China Mieville adds his name to the rabidly anti-Semitic BWISP letters harshly censuring Ian McEwan for his acceptance of the Jerusalem Prize Part 7

You know the thing about this next article, is that as I write in the update, Mieville’s refusal to have his books translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market (Iain Banks held the same stance) is bantered about in Israeli genre publishing circles. It’s an open secret. Yet Jewish genre writers, editors in the US and UK can’t say boo. Oooooh they are so scared stiff of offending the Jew-haters, or as is clearly the case a number of them don’t see such a disgusting anti-Semitic act as remotely anti-Semitic. Tidhar would later call my series on Mieville “rabid, if increasingly incoherent” (details further down), even as he probably has never read a single article in this series. Updated 2013 On the *alleged* refusal of China Mieville to have his books translated into Hebrew Part 8

This next article is one of my all-time favs. It’s just the style it’s written in, openly inspired as it were by William Burroughs’s Western Lands. Nir Yaniv is a big cheese in Israeli SF, a writer and editor of an Israeli SF mag, big mates with Tidhar. Laura Anne Gilman, a caricature of the NY liberal Jew in Name Only (they had tweeted in support of Lavie Tidhar in the latter’s clash with myself). The lame tweeting of Israeli SF editor Nir Yaniv on this blog. Laura Anne Gilman adds her asinine slur. Yaniv slips up: acknowledges the Mieville series. Oops can’t unscramble that egg  

The next chapter – chapter 9 – in my China Mieville series (February 2012) followed. It shouldn’t surprise us that China Mieville had something disgustingly dishonest and obscene to say on the high-profile release of IDF Hamas captive Gilad Shalit in October 2011.   China Mieville’s obscene & cowardly slurs upon the release of Gilad Shalit. Genre fans & liberal media condemn…Frank Miller for his anti-OWS comments instead Part 9.

Then in a further interlude from the Mieville series, this article came next: UPDATED SF writer Charles Stross – Your Wish is my Command. You enter the Hall of Shame. Tobias Buckell waddles in to join you…Far Leftist Jew in Name Only Brit genre writer Charles Stross, had tweeted his autonomic support to Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s asinine tweeting and Valente’s retweeting of my ‘Cathy Valente and the genre thought police article’. I have already mentioned this Stross/Buckell focused article,  where Stross tweeted in support of far Leftist pro-Palestinian academic Paul Graham Raven’s zombie dismissal of my Holocaust Revisionism series (neither of whom could be bothered to read a word about it). The gist of the article though is Stross’s know-nothing dhimmitude and his painting me a bigot for not going along with the moral and cultural relativism of our times re the whitewashing and apologetics for reactionary Islam. Stross also didn’t care for the semi-subtle digs I make against the Left’s new anti-Semitism likewise. Stross only proved the point I made about the genre Thought Police but naturally he and his supporters such as Graham Raven and genre writer Tobias Buckell don’t get it. Pathetic ad hominems launched my way by this lot, which they mistake for coherent logical argument.

My next posting, A reply to genre critic & editor Rose Fox’s tweeting on the previous article. So as a result of the publication of ‘the Stross and Buckell Hall of Shame’ article above, liberal ‘Jewish’ Publishers Weekly genre editor Rose Fox (daughter of Charles Platt) tweeted her snide dismissal of myself, you know the Jew exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community and speaking out against PC gibberish re right-wing Islam/ism.

Fox would then tweet her response to the above article (informing me she was Jewish for one, which I wasn’t sure of at the time). So this published piece followed… A reply to genre editor Rose Fox’s further tweeting. Why am I not surprised that you are Jewish and queer? The absurdism of the genre thought police knows no end

Note how sooo many of these pro-Palestinian ‘Jews’ are women and gay/bisexual, even as Arab Muslim society (Palestinian included) is extremely misogynistic, anti-Jewish and murderously homophobic. Unlike Israel which is the only country in the Middle-East a Jew, a woman and a gay woman at that could live in with any comfort and freedom whatsoever. And those of a strong secular bent likewise. It’s utterly insane. No exaggeration there.

Then in the beginning of March 2012, I published this: Jewish SF writer & editor Scott Edelman struggles vainly to comprehend my first article on Rose Fox’s tweeting. His ‘brain hurts’. Decides it’s best to run away It was the dismissive tweeting of Rose Fox on this blog that catalyzed Scott Edelman’s obtuse tweeting my way. Edelman doesn’t understand what I’m blogging about, but takes Rose Fox’s word that it’s best to run away as fast as he can. I mean the Jew exposing extreme anti-Semitism in the pro genre community is best ignored and dismissed by you know genre pro Jewry. Well of course. Make of that what you will.

Then this one – The galling obliviousness of it all: The Jewish genre critic Rose Fox cheers on anti-Semite China Mieville’s exposé of the racist apologetics for the racist ‘Tintin in the Congo’ comic book Yeah another article on Rose Fox, it was begging to be mentioned. The title says it all really. The article gives all the ugly bizarro details. At least Fox is consistent, I mean she scorns the blogger exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community as some kind of reactionary crackpot and then she swoons over the Jew-hater Mieville and his stance against uh anti-black racism. And remember amidst my clash with Fox (see articles above), I had been publishing my series exposing Mieville’s Jew-hatred, in heavy detail. So no excuses, unless being a know-nothing bury-your-head-in-the-sand airhead liberal, can be said to be an excuse.

So I then published a piece in response to Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman’s Pavlovian tweeting on my first article on him. The sound & the fury of SF writer Scott Edelman as he sinks deeper into the bog. Goes where no SF Court Jew has gone before – so far – in defense of the anti-Semite China Mieville. Truly Scotty would really sink into the mire here, letting us know that he would take the side of China Mieville, the hardcore Jew-hater (who campaigned for a political party in alliance with Muslim extremists and who supports BDS against Israel and plenty other Jew-hate nonsense over the years) over myself, the Jew exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community (Mieville’s included), any day of the year. Then he let us know I’m some kind of a FoxNewscheeering reactionarybigot gunsandbibleredneck type. That’s Edelman for you. Scarily Edelman is not that unusual among liberal genre Jewry (as my blog more then evidences!) and liberal American Jewry as a whole. These people need all the help they can get, but as it is written, ‘Against stupidity, the gods themselves rail in vain’.

Then it got even more interesting. John Scalzi, then president of the SFWA came to Court Jew Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman’s uh ‘rescue’. John Scalzi, writer and president of the SFWA comes to Court Jew Scott Edelman’s ‘rescue’ – pours scorn on this blog Yes Scalzi himself poured dismissive scorn and contempt on the blogger exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community, and he couldn’t have done it without Court Jewry like Edelman and Fox, and before them Stross and Tidhar leading the way.

So Scalzi would sink deeper into the bog, when he tweeted in knee-jerk mindless reply to the above article. In fact as I detail at the end of the article, Scalzi uncannily revealed his *literally sucking up* to China Mieville (it really is uncanny). Yes literally. Just read the article. The symbolism! John Scalzi & S Edelman puff their predictable tweets my way. A gaggle of faithful followers mindlessly tweet their support, writers Mike Allen & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal among them

Scalzi’s ad hominems were as pathetic and lame as I have gotten (which is saying a lot!), pure emotionally inspired drivel, devoid of any logical or coherent content whatsoever. As the title of my article reveals, he would get the uh support from his VP at the time, Edelman and writer and editor Mike Allen. Robinette Kowal’s failure in basic English reading comprehension almost beggars belief, on a par with Edelman. Pathetic name-calling against the blogger exposing Jew-hatred. Well check for yourselves. It occurs to none of them of course that their lame personal attacks devoid of any pretense of meaningful rhetoric would get the high cheer from honest anti-Semites across the political spectrum. Or if it does occur to them – which it doesn’t – it wouldn’t matter to them anyhow. Clearly not.

So then on April Fools Day 2012 I published an April Fools article, that – even if I say so myself, well nobody else is! – I thought kinda funny. No really it is. In a dark comedy kind of way. You have to understand that Apex Magazine (under then editor Cathy Valente) has been at the forefront of pushing the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’. There was a special Apex Magazine Islam/Arab themed issue that came out in response to the Elizabeth Moon affair; and then this special Jewish issue came out (ahem) in response to things like the late Hogan’s and Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, China Mieville’s, Iain Banks’s and Kathryn Cramer’s extreme and indisputable anti-Semitism (and that’s just a few notable examples). Apex Magazine announces forthcoming publication of special all Jewish issue in response to the anti-Semitism in the professional genre community

Then followed this one, Publishers Weekly’s Jewish editor Rose Fox blogs on the April Fools’ Jokes posted up in the SF blogosphere. Asks if there are any others to add to the list… I sent her a link to my April Fools’ posting, but shocka, she didn’t put it up at her blog. Wonder why?

The next article (a lengthy one), covered something that should have been posted quite a bit earlier, namely Lavie Tidhar’s response to my Mieville series – “…seems to be on a China Mieville bender at the moment”. Tidhar’s further tweeting on my blog, makes sure to praise Mieville to the skies as a writer at the same time Very inadvertently revealing commentary from Tidhar (on my Mieville series and on Mieville in general) and how obscenely ingratiating he is to one of the most notorious Jew-haters in the genre community. And what it tells us about Tidhar and his fellow far Left genre Jews.

And then I published this: An extensive reply to writers Felix Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal’s tweeting on the first John Scalzi article My further detailed come-back to Court Jewry, Felix Gilman and Laura Ann Gilman (no relation), who tweeted derision and mockery my way, you know the blogger exposing extreme Jew-hatred in the genre community. Pay No Mind, Felix and Laura Ann. Robinette Kowal naturally goes along with the herd (and in support of her boss Scalzi). How do you think she got to be VP of the SFWA itself? Far Leftists the lot of them. Of course.

I have already alluded to this next article way up above, namely Felix Gilman’s obscene know-nothing tweet re my Holocaust Revisionism series (no he had no idea what he was doing. Hardly atypical with Leftist genre Jewry and of course not the only genre ‘Jew’ to dismiss that series with a ho hum smirk, and not the last neither!). He shut up after this article went up (the likes of Pontin, and especially Lieder and Rothman would do a lot worse, they doubled down!) along with his gang. Jewish writer Felix Gilman scrolls down through my blog, hits the series on Holocaust Revisionism and tweets … oblivious

I then resumed my China Mieville series. This next article gives a scandalous summing up of the snide contempt hurled my way via twitter by genre liberals (Jewish and Gentile) in derisive scorn of this series (you know the one exposing in all its ugly details the frothing-at-the-mouth Judenhass of a genre ‘rock star’). I give the links to the already published articles in this respect (the ones above re Tidhar, Gilman and Gilman, Yaniv, Robinette Kowal, Rose Fox, Stross, Buckell, Graham Raven, Allen, Edelman, Scalzi himself). They simply couldn’t help themselves. It’s the uh intellectual zeigeist man. On the deafening silence – and worse – from liberal Jewish & Gentile genre folk in response to China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism Part 10

Then the final article in my Mieville series. Repeats much of what is in part 10, just adds a few interesting final touches. Further commentary on the deafening silence – and worse – from the liberal professional genre community to China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism Part 11 

Then a published piece on one of more notable critics, the uh ‘Jewish’ Israeli writer and editor Lavie Tidhar. This article covers some of Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s outrageous, disgusting over-the-top anti-Israelism, revolving in the main around an article he published at his blog (and the accompanying whitewash of Muslim extremism). Cookie-cutter far Left rubbish. Well it is the kind of polemical nonsense that would ensure his political credentials as a team player (and a vocal one at that) with the anti-Israel genre (and non-genre) Leftists, horribly and extremely anti-Semitic of course (for example Banks, MacLeod, Mieville to name just three). The more urgent danger the Jews are in, the more Israeli ‘Jewish’ SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar sinks into delusional, odious and obscene anti-Israelism 

Then a four part series on influential US genre editor Kathryn Cramer (wife of the better-known genre editor David Hartwell). Cramer is a hardcore Jew-hater, yet another know-nothing genre anti-Semitic far Leftist. And I provide all the evidence for that charge in these first two articles. Notable SF editor Kathryn Cramer – wife of editor David Hartwell – disdainful of accepting Israel’s right to exist Part 1

This next article details just how harebrained, sinister and extreme Cramer’s anti-Semitism actually is. Given who she lauds and acclaims as a speaker of truth to power when it comes to the Jew among the nations. SF editor Kathryn Cramer shills for and lauds vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo Part 2 

This next piece is a doozy that naturally the SF genre community ignored, then and now. It really damns Cramer very badly, and far Left genre writer, the ‘Jewish’ Cory Doctorow who came to her aid the only way he could, defended the indefensible, with distortions and gross misrepresentations. Note how Doctorow runs to the rescue of a hardcore Jew-hater. What Jew-hatred hey Cory? SF editor Kathryn Cramer’s obscene & mendacious slander on the 2004 Michael Teague murder in Fallujah that she sends down the memory hole. Cory Doctorow runs cover for Cramer and digs his own grave beside her Part 3 

My final article in my Kathryn Cramer series: The chutzpah: Rabidly anti-Semitic SF editor Kathryn Cramer sits on a panel ‘The Moral Distance between the Author and the Work’ at the 2010 World Fantasy Con Part 4

It’s even more pathetic, delusionsal and hypocritical than it sounds. Also on the panel, sitting with the Jew-hater Cramer is Scott Edelman, the ‘Jew’ who would later remark that he would take the side of the hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville (what anti-Semitism hey Edelman?) any day over the red wolf blogger expsoing Jew-hatred in the genre community (see further up). This whole panel had a packed audience. You have got to be kidding me, but no it’s all for real. There has been *zero condemnation* from genre folk (Jews notably) of Cramer for her extreme anti-Semitism. Compare that to the attention she got over ‘racefail’.

Then comes my series on Night Shade Books editor Jeremy Lassen. This series was catalyzed by a tweet or two of his directed my way. The titles of the articles are self-explanatory. Night Shade Books editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen tweets snickering condescension my way in response to my first John Scalzi article and my allusion to anti-Semitism in the genre community Part 1  

The next published piece on Lassen, well the title of the article says it all. Lasssen had retweeted more of Glenn Greenwald’s political blather than anybody else, up to that time. And I give all the evidence for Greenwald’s extreme Jew-hatred therein, his blather about ‘dual loyalty’, his talk of the ‘excessive control’ by Jewry of the US political machine and way more, way worse in that regard. In fact Greenwald is very extreme in his Jew-hatred, that he naturally pretends is nothing of the kind. Night Shade Books publisher Jeremy Lassen’s admiration and commendation for the vicious anti-Semitic political journalist Glenn Greenwald Part 2

As if to prove the point I make in the above article, what does Lassen do? This… Jeremy Lassen publisher and editor-in-chief of Night Shade Books retweets anti-Semite Glenn Greenwald’s sympathy for indicted Muslim extremist and Palestine Islamic Jihad supporter Sami Al-Arian Part 3 And yes I give all the evidence for Sami Al-Arian’s Muslim extremism. Remember Greenwald sympathizes with the man’s uh ‘plight’, and Lassen retweets mindlessly Greenwald’s sympathy in this respect, Greenwald’s sympathy and support for a… jihadist. Yes it really is as bad as it sounds. Well for those who have eyes to see.

Then began my Anna Tambour series. Man oh man.

Tambour is a far Left Aussie ‘Jewish’ genre writer (very pro-Palestinian), and it’s appropriate that it followed my Lassen series. That’s because on the old Night Shade Books Forum, well… Liberal SF writer Anna Tambour posts a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website at the Night Shade Books Forum. Tells us it’s ‘milder than it might have been’. Notable genre folk look away, condemn a conservative SF fan instead Part 1 Yes you read that all correctly. Yes the worst anti-Semites are the Jews, ain’t they? No genre pro had a single word of condemnation for Tambour re her extreme Judenhass, then and now. As in not a single word. And if you think I have erred here, well check the article for yourself. Tambour would reply to this article!! But I will get to that…

Next one: Liberal Aussie SF writer Anna Tambour has Gilad Atzmon, a Holocaust Revisionist Jew in her recommended reading blogroll Part 2 This article – as I wrote therein – is very much a case of kicking a dead horse (but what the hell).

Then came this published piece, that would inadvertently catalyze the calling for my uh figurative (well…) beheading from the genre Thought Police, Tidhar included. Will Charles Tan, co-editor of the Apex World SF blog with Israeli Jew Lavie Tidhar, continue to guest feature at Anna Tambour’s website in light of the revelations of her rabid Jew-hatred at this blog? More questions to make the Thought Police squirm Part 3 Of course the Thought Police have no shame. Squirm? Of course not, they shoot the messenger. They can’t help it, it’s the nature of the beast. I really rip Tidhar to shreds in this article, and sent him an e-mail pointing that out. So what happens? This…

Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar brazenly lies at his blog – falsely accuses me of making death threats against him & tries to get WordPress to shut me down The genre Thought Police living  down to their name. And then some. No I never e-mailed Tidhar any death threat! He just grossly misrepresented and obscenely distorted the contents of my e-mail to him and he simply lied (he never bothered to publish the actual e-mail at his blog of course); so I published the unedited e-mail I sent to Tidhar (and others) here and in the process exposed his libel. After this article went online, all the genre pros and fandom baying for my blood shut up all of a sudden. Except for one – the anti-Israel UK genre hack writer Michael Cobley – who continued to defend the indefensible libel of Tidhar’s (and an odious defense of the indefensible Jew-hatred from Mieville and Tambour by the by). And Cobley did so by lying and misrepresenting what I wrote, as he only could do. I really recommend that Cobley article as it gets to the nitty-gritty of exposing disingenous new anti-Semitism for what it is (where I take apart Cobley, Mievielle and Tambour in this respect).

Would you believe that Tambour had the gall to reply to my article (at her blog) exposing her extreme self-loathing? Really she did. And she did it the only way she could, in the most absurdist fashion, that it is actually black comedy gold. Basically what she wrote has to be seen in CONTEXT (her exact word choice), you know seen in the context of her vicious, delusional anti-Israel screeds! Here for the details: Aussie writer Anna Tambour’s ‘devastating’ reply at her blog to my series exposing her anti-Semitism. Read it and weep

Then followed the Michael Cobley article already mentioned.

And then in August 2012 I published this: Jewish SF writer and former president of the SFWA, prof Paul Levinson shills for and swoons over the rabidly anti-Semitic crackpot Republican Ron Paul It’s really very revealing that Ford University prof, and a former president of the SFWA and a uh Jew, Paul Levinson, would praise and revere so highly a political crackpot conspiracy theorist and extreme Jew-hater, so beyond the pale of mainstream sensibility (if such sensibility even exists any more). And I give all the overwhelming evidence for Ron Paul’s horrible anti-Semitism in this article. Maybe it was entirely appropriate that a Jewish writer and prof, who reveres a lying Jew-hating politician as a speaker of truth to power, served as president of the SFWA.

Then my first Iain Banks article (when he was still alive): Best-selling and award-winning liberal writer Iain Banks gives his support to the anti-Semitic boycott of Israel & prefers that his books not be translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market. Genre folk’s response – predictable deafening silence

Banks was so typical of the Jew-hating far Leftist, and Jew-hating British Leftist at that. Extreme Jew-hatred, in the mold of Mieville. Naturally the notable progressive genre pro writers, editors and fandom don’t not have a single bad word to say about Banks in this respect. Well Duh. It’s left to non-genre folk and genre people not enamoured of fashionable new anti-Semitism to call out Banks for who and what he is/was. As with Mieville. Well of course. What does anybody expect? I mean if Banks was called out for who he was, who goes down with him? A whole army of Jew-hating genre Leftists…

To get just what liberal asininity one is up against, here is tech guru (well apparently), SF writer, Boing Boing guy and far Left ‘progressive’ Cory Doctorow sinking so deep in the swamp of sinister liberal mindlessness, that well, read for yourselves. (Doctorow is all buddy buddy with the far Left anti-Israel genre crowd btw ie the Jew-haters) The unbearable cluelessness of ‘Jewish’ SF writer Cory Doctorow. The Islamist and pretend moderate CAIR’s useful idiot in the SF genre community

Doctorow indulged in an act of projection, calling US politician Allan West “dumb”, for uh standing up to the  Muslim extremist CAIR in the United States (CAIR is founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in the US, all the evidence for CAIRS’s Muslim fundamentalism and support for the jihad, including against the Jews is detailed in this article) and West employing the same language as US general McAuliffe did at the Battle of the Bulge when refusing to surrender to the Nazis. Doctorow, in running defense for a Muslim extremist front group in the US, was both clueless to CAIR’s Muslim extremism (clearly falling for their lying ‘we are moderates’ propaganda) and the McAuliffe allusion by West. Dumb and dumberer. This wouldn’t be the only example of Doctorow’s obscene asininity as a useful idiot for Jew-haters of course (see part 3 in my Kathryn Cramer series above).

Then a two part series on UK far Left genre writer, Richard K Morgan. Best-selling British liberal genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s hero worship of jihad supporting journalist John Pilger Part 1 Morgan recommends the hardcore left-wing fascist Jew-hater Aussie journalist John Pilger as the most important Truth Teller to Power there is in the world today, no exaggeration. Morgan dedicated a best-seller to him, recommends more of Pilger’s books than any other ‘non-fiction’ (chuckle) writer, living or dead, effusively praises Pilger when interviewed, calls Pilger a true moral “hero”. I document all the evidence for Pilger’s proud love affair for fascist Muslim jihadists. Which brings us to part 2 in my Morgan series…

Liberal genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s “hero”, the rabidly anti-Semitic journalist John Pilger praises Hezbollah as heroes in its jihad against the Jews Part 2 Yup you read that right. During the war in 2006, initiated by Hezbollah (well they do call for the liquidation of all Jewry, not just the destruction of Israel!), Pilger called them “heroes”. Seriously. And more in that vein. Given Pilger’s long history of Jew-hatred (his endless and blatant lying about Israel and the whitewashing of the Muslim jihad), which I likewise document in this article, well Pilger’s out-and-out support for the jihad against the Jews (going beyond his usual whitewashing and lying) is really something. Even by the standards of the Jew-hating Left. Naturally Morgan had nothing to say about this article (and the first one) at his blog or anywhere else. No comment.

Then an article that sums up the pathetic and out-and-out delusional zeitgeist of our times, in and out of the genre community. Depressingly ominous… As Iran gets ever closer to the nuclear bomb, as the Democratic Party lets the mask slip on its Jew-hatred at the DNC, genre Court Jewry’s ire and contempt remains with the usual eeevil suspects… Republicans and co

Then a featured article on an oh so typical Jew-hating far Leftist Brit, the genre writer Ken MacLeod. Yes these far Left communist atheists are an army of Jew-hating zombies with a big soft spot for reactionary right-wing Islam. And nowhere is it worse than in the UK. The boiler-plate liberal anti-Semitism of British genre writer Ken MacLeod

Then a two part series on another anti-Semitic far Left atheist Brit genre writer - like I write above they are an army – the Scottish Hal Duncan. Liberal Scottish SF writer Hal Duncan equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism in harebrained ‘progressive’ style on self-same 2005 NSB forum thread wherein Anna Tambour ‘outed’ herself Part 1 Yes it really is as bad as it sounds. The airheaded, clueless know-nothing Left – bigotry and brain dead ignorance, two sides of the same coin.

Part 2 is black comedy gold, the title of this article says it all. The brain-dead Left I tell ya. Liberal Brit genre writer Hal Duncan who equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism, reveres the staunch Zionist Jew, the late Lawrence Kohlberg as a leading light on moral philosophy Part 2 

Not unrelated to the previous Hal Duncan series, this followed: Sir Victor Gollancz, famous socialist and Zionist Jewish publisher, the name behind the most prestigious British Science Fiction Imprint. What would he make of the pervasiveness of liberal anti-Zionism and its psychopathology today?

Duncan, who comes across as a rather dull-minded, excessively emotional and pretentious know-it-all-know-nothing fourteen year old had nothing to say about the above three articles. Gee wonder why?

You know there is so much attention and focus, Sturm und Drang given to relatively minor affairs/gossip/kerfluffles in the genre community, including by the genre uh Jewish Left. However hardcore Jew-hatred from prominent genre writers and editors (just check the articles listed and described in this comprehensive overview, and remember we are talking hardcore anti-Semitism) – Holocaust Revisionism, support for BDS against Israel, refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist and more in that vein – not so much as a murmur of protest from the genre Jewish professionals. And that’s what this article is all about: The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros There would be a reply to this article from Jewish genre writer Adam-Troy Castro, but will get to that later…

Then an article in reply to two know-nothing moral relativist genre Left writers, who don’t see anything wrong with launching the most pathetic name-calling the way of a blogger exposing extreme anti-Semitism in the genre community. Jim Hines was one of those who got all worked up about the Elizabeth Moon ‘Islamophobia’ affair (and subsequently the Mike Resnick/Barry Malzberg kerfluffle over less than nothing, I get to that later…), but just like the ‘Jewish’ Laura Anne Gilman, has nothing at all to say about extreme Jew-hatred from his genre peers; except that is to indulge in fact-free ad hominems my way. As in shoot the messenger. Sinister. Liberal genre writer Jim C Hines says calling me an idiot is an understatement, in twitter conversation with Laura Anne Gilman. A reply to Hines and Gilman

And then an article on another know-nothing dhimmi Jew, Michael Levy (a fan of the odious Noam Chomsky, whose Jew-hatred I have documented and evidenced in detail at this blog and in this very article) and his review of the pro-Palestinian Lavie Tidhar’s Osama at SF Signal. Osama would go on to win the 2012 World Fantasy Award for best novel. Levy’s book review reveals more about reviewer and author, than either could ever know or appreciate. On Michael Levy’s inadvertently revealing Strange Horizons book review of Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar’s alternative history novel Osama

Then this blog post, addresses practically the only serious and sincere response I have gotten from any Jewish genre pro anywhere to my articles. Seriously. A reply to Adam-Troy Castro’s sincere commentary on my article: The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros

That article led to this, as we descended ever further down the rabbit hole… UPDATED Liberal Jewish genre writer Chuck Rothman disputes the fact that Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, inspite of my extensive series evidencing all this. A reply to Rothman’s & Truesdale’s responses to this article So Rothman who mocked my blog in the language of new anti-Semites everywhere (at Adam-Troy Castro’s place on the web), only showed up all the problems with liberal Jewish dhimmitude, defending the indefensible, denying Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist! Just like Tim Lieder before him, worse than a Mark Pontin fail. When I pointed out what he had done, he doubled down and continued to defend his blunder (just like Lieder, who at the very least tripled down). Truesdale the Holocaust Revisionist then comes along to attack me, in the same mindless language that all my left-wing critics have used. It is his first and only public response to my series outing him as a Holocaust Revisionist.

The response from Castro and his gang to Rothman’s and Truesdale’s sinister baloney (remember this was all at Castro’s SF bulletin board) – SILENCE. More specifically, the topic of conversation – at Castro’s SF bulletin board – was desperately changed to … mockery of a Republican politician over some stupid comment the latter made over something or other. This is all after Castro lets us know that he will speak out against anti-Semitism among his genre peers and colleagues, he just wants the smoking guns (as if I don’t give plenty in this department). Yeah ok – still waiting Castro…

Then also in October 2012, this piece that was a complete change of pace and tone; but I think really worth a read, especially if like me, you are interested in odd and uncanny coincidences. It doesn’t matter if you believe in synchronicities or not, it’s an article worth perusing as I get into the symbolism of the red wolf and its relevance to my blog, and additional related themes and patterns. Bits and Pieces: On coincidences pertaining to this blog, its themes and controversies and the wolf motif in the SF blogosphere

Then I  wrote an article on well-known liberal genre writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer. As the title of this article makes clear, it was a total rewrite of an earlier article that I was forced to trash, that I had published the day before. The bottom line on Jeff VanderMeer however remained unchanged. As the article details, VanderMeer fawns all over Jew-haters like China Mieville, had no problem with Anna Tambour’s odious Judenhass, is buddy buddy with the likes of Richard Morgan who hero worships a genocidally anti-Semitic journalist (see further up); whilst at the same time VanderMeer froths publicly about Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Islamophobia’. This is on top of the horribly anti-Semitic piece published by a guest contributor at VanderMeer’s own blog in 2006, that VanderMeer had nothing to say about neither. VanderMeer has a Jewish wife, Ann VanderMeer, a fellow genre editor. VanderMeer had responded to my first article that I was compelled to dump, because I had mistakenly assumed an anti-Semitic article posted up at his blog during the Israel-Hezbollah war was authored by VanderMeer himself, and not a guest contributor (just read the article). However Jeffy V didn’t respond to the follow-up that remains. Gee I wonder why not? Updated Apologies to Jeff VanderMeer: I had assumed wrongly that you were the author of that anti-Semitic ‘Peace is Heresy’ drivel, featured at your own blog back in 2006, that never got any public criticism or rebuke from you whatsoever. Article is now trashed

Then a two part series on liberal US genre author Michael Bishop, an award-winning writer who has been around for decades. Michael Bishop is a Jew-hater, Alas. Very revealing how the liberal writer runs off to one of American’s most notoriously bigoted far right-wing Jew-hating politicians, Pat Buchanan, to get the ‘facts’ on the Joooos, oh I mean Israel. And Bishop naturally sees nothing wrong in doing that. Bishop is well-known for using his fiction to speak out against anti-black racism. Yet so deep does Bishop’s Jew-hatred run, that he has no problem praising the anti-black racist (and Jew-hater) Buchanan’s take on Israel, and using the pathetic pretext of the Abu Ghraib US military scandal in Iraq to do it. And then Bishop indulged in his Jew-baiting again some time later, and again swooned over his favourite right-wing Holocaust Revisionist Pat Buchanan. All this on the now defunct Night Shade Books Forum where Jew-baiting by genre Leftist writers was hardly uncommon (see further up re Tambour, Duncan).

Liberal genre writer Michael Bishop swoons over rabid anti-Semitic Holocaust Revisionist Pat Buchanan’s take on Israel. Bishop uses the lame pretext of the Iraqi Abu Ghraib prison scandal to commend Buchanan’s Jew nation baiting Part 1

Genre writer Michael Bishop praises rabid anti-Semite Pat Buchanan, quoting the Holocaust Revisionist with approval, even as Buchanan hints the US led intervention in Iraq is a sinister Jewish plot Part 2

Then in November 2012, I announce that I’m slowing down here and pretty much winding down the blog: Winding down…

Then an essay that follows the same theme as the René Walling one  a little earlier, but coming at things from a different angle entirely. The blanket taboo of refusing to acknowledge in-your-face anti-Semitism among genre pros. It’s simply not permitted, and this applies to both ‘new’ anti-Semitism and even the more old-fashioned kind. A commentary on the deafening silence in response to anti-Semitism in the genre community in comparison to the unabashed banter in response to Samuel Delany’s 1998 NYRSF essay ‘Racism and Science Fiction’. Contrasts & disturbing impressions No response from Adam Troy Castro to this article, unlike the René Walling one. No response from anybody, and I expected as much. Only proves the point I make in the article. You can almost smell the fear. Frankly it is pathetic in extremis.

And then an essay that was very much a change of pace, lighthearted but I think an interesting piece, even if I say so myself - Bits & Pieces: Acclaimed baby boomer genre Jewish writers, erotic fiction and science fiction

Then another essay. This is the essay that expresses or gives voice to what this blog has been about: the horrible anti-Semitism that pretends it is nothing of the sort, that pervades the overwhelmingly liberal genre community and our wider society, the cowardice and worse of genre Jewry (and liberal Jewry in general) in even daring to acknowledge the ugly reality. I also give voice to the genre Left’s useful idiot propagandizing for the PC thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’, associated as it often enough is with the former fashionable bigotry. Along with this previous article, this essay is the most literary one published at this blog up to that time, even as it is all so depressing: Of dybbuks, starships and dhimmitude

And then in February 2013 this article: Updated The Red Wolf is back to savour a few choice leftovers or why the Anna Tambour ‘thing’ that everybody ignores is still relevant Basically the article revolves around my prediction mentioned in my e-mail to Tidhar that Lavie Tidhar himself, Tambour’s buddy, wouldn’t have a problem with my outing of the ‘Jewish’ Tambour as horribly anti-Semitic (her putting up a link with a thumbs-up, to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website that is “milder than it might have been”). And as the February 2013 article points out, my safe prediction turned out to be entirely correct. Never mind that Tidhar lied and misrepresented that prediction of mine re Tambour as integral to my non-existent ‘death threat’ to him!

Then in March, this one, UPDATED Bits & Pieces: China Mieville and Charles Stross related This posting starts with a brief mention of Mieville’s persistent and relentless Judenhass. However in the main it is about the ‘house Jew’ Charles Stross (Tidhar’s buddy) and the positive recommendations that Stross makes for the political oeuvre of numerous vociferously anti-Semitic soapbox “intellectual” preachers in our day and age. Namely Noam Chomsky, Noami Klein and Juan Cole. And yes I give considerable evidence for all their extreme anti-Semitism respectively in this very article. At the same time I point out that Stross has the gall to call people stupid. Yeah look in the mirror wise guy.

Then in April: On Iain Banks being diagnosed with incurable cancer, letting the world know he still hates the Jew nation. Some revealing commentary by the genre Left, Court Jewry included I had already written my article on Banks and given indisputable evidence for his hardcore anti-Semitism, yet here I point out that even as Banks lets the world know about his fatal cancer status, he still went on with his obscene ‘new’ Jew-baiting. Even as non-genre Jewry such as scholar David Hirsh take Banks to task for his Jew-hatred (see link); genre Court Jewry such as Stross and Tidhar and genre Gentiles swoon all over this Jew-hater, making it clear they don’t see him as having an anti-Semitic bone in his body.

In May 2013: Charles Stross on the day of the Boston marathon bombings, warns against empty speculation as to the identity of the terrorists. Proceeds immediately to speculate that the perpetrators are most likely the “provisional wing of the Tea Party”

Yup Stross, an odious moral relativist delusional Leftist if there was one. This screw-up makes him the David Sirota (of of the genre community (see the article above if you don’t get the reference). Stross went all mum when the Tsarnaev brothers – oh my God Muslim extremists shocka -  turned out to be the terrorists. Who would have dared even imagine it? Only us nasty right-wing biblethumping hickredneck ‘Islamophobes’ of course. And he was all quiet on this article of mine as well. Sounds of silence. Gee wonder why now?

And then also in May I posted this (my 100th article): Iain Banks’s anti-Semitism and support for a boycott against Israel cheered by the prominent neo-Nazi internet hate forum Stormfront

Maybe Banks, his Court ‘Jews’ such as Stross and Tidhar and Banks’s genre peers and fandom swooning all over him, will tell us that these proudly open neo-Nazis have just misunderstood Banks’s intent and meaning; misusing Banks’s uh non-existent anti-Jewish prejudice to further their own genocidal anti-Jewish worldview. Gag gag. My God I would hate to see the justifications and rationalizations from Court Jewry on this front. Of course they just ignore this kind of thing altogether. What else can genre Court Jewry do? And non-Jewry for that matter. Move along, nothing to see here.

One wonders what Lavie Tidhar’s fellow Court Jews and for that matter genre non-Court Jewry (they do exist…) have to say about this: The Far Left ‘Jewish’ writer Lavie Tidhar tweets in sympathy for Stephen Hawking’s boycott of Israel. What to expect from Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar? Yeah it’s as bad as it sounds, if possible even worse than it sounds. Well to those who are not anti-Semitic. Tidhar (who had family relatives perish in the Holocaust) continues to set new lows in his harsh, dishonest anti-Israelism, the more existential threats Israel faces in its very real struggle to survive. There is a lot of meat here for those interested in abnormal psychology.

It may seem as if I was belabouring the whole Iain Banks thing, by publishing this article upon Banks’s passing in June. However there were nothing but paeans by Jewish genre heavyweight writers Neil Gaiman and David Brin upon the anti-Semite Banks’s death, that were definitely worth mentioning.

Then an article on the genre Thought Police descending into self-parody (well nothing new there), the huge ballyhoo that is their mindless witch-hunt against liberal writers Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg. Whilst a lot has been written on this kerfluffle (and perhaps a nadir for the SFWA), I give it a slant that is surely original. I dare to point out the elephant in the room: the fact that Malzberg and Resnick are both Jewish, and yet pervasive and malevolent anti-Semitism in the genre community is not only given a free pass from these self-same genre witch hunters fussing over these two writers’ non-existent sexism, but the self-same genre Thought Police actively fortify and embolden the oldest hatred. The sheer surreal absurdity of it all surpasses the usual tropes of McCarthyite witch-hunting. Naturally none of this appears to occur to anybody else. Or if it does, they are staying mum or walking on eggshells.

And then an essay which was guaranteed, even designed, to offend most everybody across the political spectrum: Why Conservatism cannot save Science Fiction from the depths of idiot moral relativist PC Leftism in which it is ensnared. I make some fairly harsh criticisms of conservative writer Theodore Beale aka Vox Day in this article (could have been far harsher coming to think of it), along with a no-holds-barred withering contempt for the liberal brain-dead gangsters that run science fiction on both sides of the Atlantic. I also make it clear that science fiction cannot be considered an authentic literature, so weak, vapid and horrible is most of it, worse than it’s ever been. And that there is no realistic hope for any renaissance, and ideological axe-grinding, all ideological axe-grinding, is part of the problem here.

Theodore Beale replied to the above article at his blog. An entirely predictable response from him and his ilk, his reactionary followers. If anything I was too soft on Beale in the relevant article. I didn’t really even begin to get to grips with his horrible anti-black racism (focusing on his misogyny and anti-gay prejudice instead), of the kind not unusual among reactionary conservatives.

That is his bigoted delusion that blacks are inherently inferior, their average intelligence does not match those of the superior white race blabla. Anybody so interested can just make a cursory search of Beale’s blog, it’s all there. In spades. I didn’t even notice this deep-seated anti-black racism that much initially (even though it is a big part of Beale’s odious political output), when I first wrote up on Beale, simply because I had hardly bothered to check out Beale’s blog and output in any detail. I mean what for? It’s just odious reactionary garbage for the most part, I couldn’t be and I can’t be bothered really.

Oh yeah it’s worth adding that Beale is – surprise, surprise – also something of a Jew-hater. Misogyny, homophobia, anti-black and anti-Jewish prejudice – this Beale character and the strong support he has among a certain section of the conservative genre community is nothing less than frightening. But really the leopard does not change its spots. Beale is the flip side of all these liberal progressive genre (and non-genre) folk, who think they are so much better than him, but they are all horribly bigoted or apologists for bigotry at best. And note how what unites them – across the political divide – is their anti-Jewish prejudice and racist identity politics.

Since the relevant article of mine was published, Beale has been expelled from the SFWA. I got to be honest, I don’t care what the exact details are there, and I can’t be bothered. The thing is – whilst I agree with liberal genre folk that Beale is simply beyond the pale – liberal genre folk ARE EVERY BIT AS BAD AS BEALE IS. The only differences are the dynamics and characteristics of their respective bigotries. I mean what really is the difference between say Beale and Mieville, Beale and Mamatas even, Beale and Tidhar? And their respective sycophantic fandom?

Yet how many see this? Surely very few, and that is what gives me the chills.

And then this last article entitled The Jew at the end of his tether. This essay had nothing to do with the SF genre community per se. It could have been published at a general Jewish affairs/Israel news orientated blog. It’s about the latest capitulation of the Israeli government to the coercion of the anti-Semitic White House and the latter’s alliance and sinister cooperation with the pretend moderate but in reality Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority, in pushing an agenda whose ultimate end goal is nothing less than the destruction of Israel. All this while the elephant in the room that is Iran is all but wished away by the Left. Bad omens are all around, and Jews in and out of Israel largely have their heads buried in the sand. Disturbing, frightening and ominous are words that don’t begin to express the real state of affairs… Liberals and liberal Jews – like the White House itself – appear more preoccupied about where the Jews are building houses and apartment blocks than the fact that Jewry is at very real risk of another Holocaust. In a sane world such liberal people would easily be recognized as both mad and – well why walk on eggshells? – Jew-haters themselves.

And that as they say is that!


Beware that his shadow does not engulf you like a daemonic nightmare.

Nosferatu (1922)

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The Jew at the end of his tether

This article is unlike anything else that I have ever published at this blog. That is it does not concern the Science Fiction genre community. It is an article that would easily belong in a general Jewish and Israeli newspaper, website or blog. However its theme is not only contemporary anti-Semitism, but how things are rapidly unfolding in a way that would frighten and disturb even the most pessimistic Israel supporter, Jewish or Gentile, and gladden the hearts of Jew-haters everywhere, be they Muslim jihadists, far right-wing white supremacists, Jew-hating Western liberals, socialists, communists, goy and ‘Jewish’ alike.

The news that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu decided to release over one hundred Palestinian terrorists/jihadists in order to get ‘peace talks’ with the Palestinian Authority under M Abbas restarted at the end of July, sent tremors of shock and anger through the hearts and minds of all Jews with any real sense, both in Israel and abroad. That he clearly did so under relentless pressure from the Obama administration is obvious enough.

Bluntly speaking Netanyahu decided to release dozens of Palestinian terrorists in order to appease and capitulate to the demands of the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority/PA and Fatah, headed as it is by a Holocaust Denying jihadist Mahmoud Abbas who has dedicated his life to the destruction of Israel (he co-founded the PLO in 1964, which calls for the destruction of Israel on its charter) and whose administration has always glorified suicide bombers and other terrorist acts against Jews, naming streets after them, praising them in their media and mosques, and the like. Then again Fatah/the PA has carried out numerous suicide bombing attacks and other terrorist atrocities through its armed wing, the al-Aqsa MartyrsBrigades. All this aided and abetted by the US State Department and the EU, since they finance the PA to a large degree. I’m not even talking about Hamas here.

What even many of Netanyahu’s critics miss here is that if Abbas and the PA insist we free over a hundred terrorist prisoners from Israeli jails, who Abbas sees as heroic political prisoners, and justice and ‘peace concerns’ demand their release; then Abbas and the PA don’t want peace, they emphatically reject peace and support jihadist terror against the Jews. In that case why enter into so-called peace talks with unambiguous supporters of the jihad against the Jews? This does not appear to occur to Netanyahu and the other fools on the Israeli Left. Or if it does, they have decided to ignore this obvious fact. Sure Kerry and Obama are happy. But neither of them have Israel’s interests at heart, and only naive fools or anti-Semites think otherwise.

Gonen Ginat is one of the relatively few to point this out. He writes at Israel HaYom (‘Israel Today’, in English):

The problem is this: In demanding the release of racist murderers, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is declaring that he is not a partner. Racially motivated murders are the polar opposite of peace. You can’t negotiate peace while simultaneously revering terrorists as heroes. Anyone demanding the release of racist killers is thereby declaring that he is not interested in peace.

As soon as the request for the release of these despicable killers was submitted, we should have announced that anyone who makes such a demand is basically proving that they do not want peace. The fact that Abbas is a Holocaust denier seeking to free racist murderers should render him unfit as a partner for anything.

The pathetic rationalist defense of Netanyahu’s capitulation to those who wish us ill, Palestinian jihadists and their liberal allies in the West alike; namely ‘it’s just realpolitik, and Bibi can’t afford to offend the White House, America is too powerful blabla’ don’t know what they are talking about. Bibi can’t afford to offend the anti-Semitic Obama administration, otherwise the anti-Semitic Obama administration would wish us ill. As if it doesn’t already. As if it doesn’t act accordingly. The White House has betrayed us on Iran, we are all alone there. We are betrayed by them time and time again, all over the show. Obama and Kerry, the US Democratic Party have a knife in our backs, and Bibi like something out of a Marquis de Sade ‘vision’, begs for the knife to go in even deeper, so the rest of us can feel the pain. And American liberal ‘Jews’ voted for this Jew-hating US admininstration, and that includes of course our US genre ‘Jewish’ liberals. Twice over.

Even if by some miracle, not a single one of these released terrorists goes back to jihadist terror or is thwarted in some way or somehow (and don’t count on that at all); all we have done is capitulate to jihadists and their dupes in the White House. In principle, it is no different to the appeasement of fascism by Britain and France in the 1930s. Abbas and his fellow Muslim fanatics are only encouraged in their Jew-hate bloodlust by what they rightly see as Netanyahu’s weakness, his fear. They smell it. And so in all likelihood, a new intifada of some sort against the Jews will begin in earnest. Sooner or later. The very real enemy of the sovereign Jewish state is not only the jihadists, the Muslim extremists in the Middle-East and beyond who seek to wipe Israel off the map; that includes the PA/Fatah, who the Western Left and the Israeli Left mislabel moderates and peace partners. The enemy is also the Obama White House, the US State Department, the US media and other powerful organs in the US that seek to aid and abet the jihadists in sheeps’ clothing, in the latters’ genocidal goal. All in the name of peace naturally enough. The US Left and Muslim Brotherhood supporting White House and Democractic Party are no better than the Jew-hating European Union. Most American Jews do not understand this at all, they are brain-dead. As if that isn’t bad enough, Israel’s so-called right-wing hawk prime minister goes along with this phased plan for Israel’s destruction; he who begs for mercy from the Jew-hating Abbas and the Jew-hating White House alike.

There is something far more chilling than even the concern for an upcoming Palestinian intifada… Netanyahu’s surrender to the Palestinian ‘moderate’ jihadists under Abbas, means we can have no faith in Bibi’s leadership in dealing with the existential threat from the far more powerful Iranian regime. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Well-known Middle-East analyst Barry Rubin gives possibly the best analysis of what is probably going on behind the scenes, and gives the best explanation I have seen on the pressure Netanyahu has likely been put under and will continue to be put under by both the Jew-hating EU and the Jew-hating Obama administration, to get Israel’s PM to capitulate to the demands of the genocidal Jew-hating PA/Fatah. The latter’s duplicity and lying is notorious, and their end goal remains the destruction of Israel. The PA are actually honest about this end goal, to their own people at least. The Western media and governments, including the US, just lie and cover up this genocidal Jew-hatred of the PA and Fatah notably enough. To be transparent about it would give away what sympathy and support for the Palestinians is all about – namely Jew-hatred. Never mind  that Hamas can overthrow the PA easily enough, once Israel has abandoned the West Bank, as happened in Gaza.

Bibi has been put between a rock and a hard place. However he has still made the wrong choice. Even taking into account everything Rubin says. Either we stand up to the Jew-hating Obama administration and its EU allies and call out their Jew-hatred for what it is, or we go along with the phased plan for Israel’s destruction, a plan which goes under the banner slogan of ‘peace and justice for the Palestinians’. Bibi has opted for the latter and in doing so has betrayed his origins, his past as a brave soldier, his brother who died at Entebbe, his brilliant historian father. He has betrayed Israel, the Jews and the truth itself.

In fact it is predictably The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick who puts it best of all, pulling no punches about what Netanyahu’s cowardice means (and she uses that exact word, cowardice), the PA and Abbas’s genocidal Jew-hatred and the support the latter have from the True Believers Kerry and Obama.

Israel cannot continue to survive with a PM who capitulates under pressure from Jew-haters, whether they be Muslim Arab Jew-haters or American and European Jew-haters. And it won’t. We have survived the foolishness of Olmert and Rabin before Netanyahu. However now the threats are not from the Palestinian extremists alone (that includes Fatah and Hamas, among others), we have Iran (the big one), a chaotic Egypt and Syria, a Hamas ruled Gaza, a powerful enemy in Turkey that was once an ally not that long ago, a Jordan that can fall to the Muslim Brotherhood… If that wasn’t all bad enough, the Europeans are as anti-Semitic as they have ever been, and the world’s (declining) superpower arms our enemies to the teeth and calls for the Jews - and only the Jews – to surrender ever more territory and security affairs to the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority. Or else. The betrayal from liberal American Jews is especially disgusting. A betrayal they are utterly oblivious to. Yet how has Bibi – he who unlike the brain-dead liberal American Jews theoretically knows better – done better? He – unlike the brain-dead American Jewish Left – knows that appeasement and concessions to jihadists and terrorists of every stripe only makes things worse for Israel and only intensifies the jihad against the Jews. And yet he has gone ahead with appeasement to Muslim fascists, it’s straight out of the Neville Chamberlain playbook. Inexcusable and indefensible.

Even as the surrender of Gaza by Israel in 2005 has resulted in a Hamas take-over and a rocket siege on south-western Israel, even as the surrender of southern Lebanon has seen a Hezbollah take-over. Even as Israel gave up the Sinai in ’79, and now it is in chaos, and bands of jihadists are battling Egyptian army units there as I type this… And given all this, the West – with its cultural history of murderous Jew-hatred – still expects Israel to surrender its whole Western buffer zone, that actually almost cuts Israel clean in half. These are not good intentions by the US and the EU; given Israel’s very recent past experience, of giving up territory in return for Muslim fanatics to fill the gap. And Jewry for the most part has its collective head buried in the sand. Too afraid to face facts. Yet it has always been the refusal to face facts that results in even more chaos and catastrophe. See the lead-up to World War Two for example.

The very obsessiveness by the Obama White House and the West as a whole with the Israel-Palestinian ‘peace talks’ is a form of Jew-hatred. Even most pro-Israel folk it would appear don’t understand this. Why is it Jew-hatred?

Two main reasons.

One: Why does the West not focus on getting peace talks started in Nigeria, given the undeclared civil war there initiated by Muslim against Christians, where has the White House done anything for peace talks in Sudan, in Darfur? Where are the peace talks re East Africa, given the endless turmoil and conflict there, what about the Russians and the Chechens? When did the White House obsess about getting peace talks started between Tamils and Sinhalese in the Sri Lankan Civil War that raged for decades? What about Kashmir? What about Thailand and the Philippines where they face their own Muslim insurgencies? The White House, the EU are AWOL on that front. What about the Syrian civil war? Why doesn’t the White House insist that both sides come to the negotiating table, instead of agreeing to arm the Sunni Muslim fanatical rebels? Now all these conflicts are far worse in their savagery and loss of life than the Palestinian-Israel conflicts over the decades. The only explanation is that since none of the above mentioned conflicts (and I can mention plenty others) concern the Jews, the West, the EU and Obama and Kerry and their ilk could care less. Either this does not occur to the Israeli government, ie they are as dumb as the dumbest liberal Jews in Name Only, or they are spineless. Or both.

Two: The so-called peace talks between Israel and the PA are nothing but the destruction of Israel through diplomacy talks. C’est tout. Israel must agree to surrender increasing amounts of territory in the West Bank along with security operations to Muslim jihadists aka the Palestinian Authority and Fatah. In return for a worthless piece of paper signed and stamped by the Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority. Never mind – to repeat myself – the risk of Hamas taking over after an Israeli withdrawal, so the Palestinians can have their own state. That’s exactly what happened after Israel left Gaza. There was no talk of a Palestinian state when the West Bank was part of Jordan. It’s only now that it is part of Israel (as a result of the 1967 War initiated by the Arab Muslim states), that the ruse is afoot to get Israel to abandon control of the territory to Muslim extremists, so the latter can have another go at driving the Jews into the sea. Israel without the West Bank as a huge buffer zone cannot defend itself from an all out assault from its enemies in the region. Without the West Bank under its control, it is doubtful Israel could have pulled through by the skin of its teeth against the Soviet backed Arab armies in ’73. Naturally the Muslim Middle-East, hostile to Israel’s very existence, seeks Israel’s destruction. Naturally the Jew-hating West (for the most part), responsible in multiple ways for the extermination of six million Jews during World War Two, does too. Even if it’s not a conscious, deliberate plan on the part of the West, but an unconscious one. The fact that it appears to be the latter is no cause for comfort. However it’s not the job of the Jew nation’s government to go along with the end-goal that is the Shoah Part Two.

Yet Bibi Netanyahu is doing just that.

And as a consequence, given that Israel is under more existential danger than it was in ’73, ’67 and ’48 before that, I do not see how Israel can survive. It would be a hard enough job against very hard odds, even without a Neville Chamberlain as PM. Yet we have an Appeaser to the Muslim Jihad as the PM of Israel… Only Jew-haters can delight in this.

One of the depressing things that I have noticed about even pro-Israel religious Jewish and Christian conservative folk the last couple of years, one picks this up on the Internet, is how they think Israel can and must survive… Namely God will come to the aid of the Jews, even if at the last moment. No matter how well-meaning this is, how sincere, it is so wincing. The real world doesn’t work like that. Personally I think God exists. But it doesn’t work like that. God did not send his angels to save the Jews from Dachau and Treblinka, the angels did not disappear the train tracks to Auschwitz. And what of other victims of genocide? Where was God to save the Armenians from the Turks? What of the destruction of the native people on both American continents, Australian aborigines, and African people destroyed and enslaved by the European powers? What of the millions upon millions of victims of the Jihad over the centuries, whether they be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, pagan, Jewish and Muslims themselves? God does not interfere in the world, not in that way. Men are free to do as they will, and only other men can either stop them if they can, or aid them in one way or another.

Ron Rosenbaum’s words from 2004 unfortunately have more relevance and a chilling resonance today than when he first penned them:

“The second Holocaust. It’s a phrase we may have to begin thinking about. A possibility we may have to contemplate. A reality we may have to witness.”

History is repeating. I wish I were wrong, way off base.

If only.

In Stanislaw Lem’s memoir Highcastle, of his childhood and adolescence in Poland before World War Two and with the wisdom of hindsight, that is the knowledge of the subsequent destruction of his people (Lem was Jewish and spent the war in hiding from the Nazis), Lem wrote:

In the thirties no one saw this coming. Though there was sometimes trouble. From the balcony of our apartment, crouching, I watched mounted police charge a crowd of demonstrators – it was during the funeral of Kozak. As rocks clattered on the metal shutters which the merchants used to try to save their windows, I saw one policeman in a shining helmet pulled off his horse. But this passed like a sudden storm, and when the janitors swept the broken glass off the sidewalk, peace returned, and nuns – my father’s grateful patients – brought from their garden great armfuls of grafted lilacs, which we put under running water in the bathtub, and on the “Merry Lvov” station we listened to the comedians Toncio and Szezepiec and the funny monologues, with much throat-clearing  from Mr. Stroncio, and I told my parents that I wouldn’t go to gymnasium because you had to wear knickerbockers, which I hated because they tickled under the knee. We were like ants bustling in an anthill over which the heel of a boot is raised. Some saw its shadow, or thought they did, but everyone, the uneasy included, ran about their usual business until the very last minute, ran with enthusiasm, devotion – to secure, to appease, to tame the future. Adults and children, we were all made equal by the blessing of ignorance, without which one cannot live.

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Why Conservatism cannot save Science Fiction from the depths of idiot moral relativist PC Leftism in which it is ensnared

The town was peopled with sleepwalkers, whose trance was broken only on the rare occasions when at night their wounds, to all appearance closed, suddenly reopened. Then, waking with a start, they would run their fingers over the wounds with a sort of absentminded curiosity, twisting their lips, and in a flash their grief blazed up again, and abruptly there rose before them the mournful visage of their love. In the morning they harked back to normal conditions, in other words, the plague.

What impression, it may be asked, did these exiles of the plague make on the observer? The answer is simple; they made none. Or, to put it differently, they looked like everybody else, nondescript. They shared in the torpor of the town and in its puerile agitations. They lost every trace of a critical spirit, while gaining an air of sang-froid. You could see, for instance, even the most intelligent among them making a show like all the rest of studying the newspapers or listening to the radio, in the hope apparently of finding some reason to believe the plague would shortly end. They seemed to derive fantastic hopes or equally exaggerated fears from reading the linens that some journalist had scribbled at random, yawning with boredom at his desk. Meanwhile they drank their beer, nursed their sick, idled, or doped themselves with work, filed documents in offices, or played the phonograph at home, without betraying any difference from the rest of us. In other words, they had ceased to choose for themselves; plague had leveled out discrimination.

Albert Camus       The Plague
Translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert


Warning: This is an article that will most probably offend absolutely everybody across the political spectrum. Just to let you know in advance.

Readers of this blog can verify for themselves that I have no patience, in fact only utter contempt, for the anti-intellectual, repressive, moral and cultural relativist and notably anti-Semitic Left, their apologetics and worse for reactionary Islam/ism; and the odious Left’s near-universalism within the rotting corpse that is the SF genre community’s publishing and awards industry and its very low level of artistic merit and consequent further artistic stifling of said community and its already woeful lack of heavyweight cultural pretensions.

This liberal rottenness is of course evidenced throughout Western liberal society. Nowhere more so than the out-of-control Obama administration, its amateurish Chicago gangsterism, its ingratiating appeasement and empowerment of far right-wing Islamism, its anti-Semitism, its numerous scandals that are starting to make the Nixon White House look like a bunch of Keystone Cops by comparison. Yet even the US government’s know-nothingness, sleaze, bigotry and bullying is only a symptom of the rot, its depth and pervasiveness in American and indeed Western society. The Obama White House, the State Department, the IRS itself are only the rotten fruits from a very rotten tree. None of this occurs in a vacuum.

As I wrote in the previous article and repeat here – The SF genre community is an interesting case study in the very worst of the Western Left (in terms of its destructive groupthink, not its influence naturally enough) and the kind of zeitgeist that mirrors the  arrogance and know-nothingness, the race baiting of the Obama White House (I have no nostalgic fondness for the incompetent Bush Jr and his administration). A zeitgeist, a way of looking at the world, that is replete with self-loathing, condescension to the Third World ‘Other’, anti-Semitism, moral cowardice, reverse racism identity politics, know-nothingness, juvenile emotionalism and just plain Thought Police gangsterism.

Those of us not enamoured of idiot gangster Leftism, its racist identity politics and the support such fashionable and indisputable reverse racism has in the left-wing SF genre community, are very much in the wilderness. When former SFFWA head cheese John Scalzi is so guilty, it sends a message of just where this community is coming from, and where it is headed. Of course that’s not all the sinister Leftism that Scalzi gets caught up in. This reverse racism/PC race baiting identity politics is increasingly integral to the political Left’s make-up, and allied, associated all too often with new anti-Semitism and its twin, odious and sinister pro-Palestinianism that is likewise increasingly integral to the Left’s make-up. That’s why identity politics in whatever form should get our warning radar up. Of course when it comes to liberal American Jews (in and out of the genre community), it’s a case of – warning radar wot? Reverse racism identity politics wot? Liberal anti-Semitism wot? Syria and Iran wot? Muslim Brotherhood wot?

James May’s exposés of the odious identity politics racism coming from the likes of Scalzi, N K Jemisin and genre hack Saladin Ahmed (among others), has gotten very similar if not identical ‘criticisms’ to his essay/s that I have and from the same genre characters often enough, John Scalzi included. I do not want to repeat that all again here, so to those so interested, check the prior article at this blog for the details. It is however all very pertinent and relevant to what I get at over here… The witch-hunt against Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick over a fabricated and trumped up charge of sexism is just the latest delusional gangsterism from the mad mad genre Thought Police. 

So what are the alternatives to the imbecilic stranglehold that far Leftism has on the genre community?

Well the Gatekeepers no longer work like they used to; there is independent publishing, e-books and other mediums/outlets for those who don’t give a fig for the far Left’s stranglehold on science and imaginative fiction on both sides of the Atlantic. And it’s starting to have an impact even as the twits in the Ivory Towers, from the SFFWA and Tor to many of the Nebula awards voters, don’t pay any attention and just hold up their noses. And the Marxists from the British Isles who run things Science Fictional over there, well if it could be worse than the US of A… These oh so PC know-nothing liberals don’t get how they will be laughed at by future generations  for their clownishness, their harebrained stupidity, their easy bigotry, but it’s not funny. Well in a black comedy kind of way.

Got your hopes up? Well not me. Not At All.

And here’s why…

You cannot revive a corpse.

The problem with conservative voices in science fiction, and I mean contemporary conservative voices in science fiction, is that they are … conservative. That is political conservatism tends toward reactionary thinking, wishful thinking about the Golden Age Past that never was, prudishness, embarrassing shilling for Big Corporate Dreams, apologetics for organized religion, knee-jerk, shallow and cheap patriotism.

It is the other end of the swing of the pendulum to which the know-nothing Left respond/ed with PC über-idiocy. Like Young Earth Creationists and ultra-Darwinian fundamentalists reacting to one another. What do you think gave birth to all the Dawkinsbots in the first place? No not science as Dawkins and his ilk like to pretend to themselves, but literal Biblical Creationism. They continue their kindergarten spats to this day, in the same old rut. The real science surely lies elsewhere, although I guarantee you that most SF writers and fans don’t know. Since most all of them don’t know any real science. However each side will paint you by the opposite number if you don’t go along with their equally narrow and wrong-headed warped perceptions of Nature and her evolution.

Same in politics.

If I am not a Jew sympathetic to or keen to ingratiate and appease a (Muslim) society that is overwhelmingly anti-Semitic, religious extremist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-science, superstitious, then I must be a right-wing redneckhillbilly neo-ConCheneylovin’ gunfreakwingnut. If I don’t care for the reactionary tendencies of the Right and their equally vapid superficiality, then I’m a liberal pinkocommunist Obamlovin’ fruticakemoonbat. Unfortunately I do not exaggerate. Things have gotten this obtusely polarized in a Western society where a willful dumbed down zombification is the order of the day, and increasingly so. Whether such a society/so-called civilization can survive and should is a whole other issue, but not unrelated. If there are any responses to this article, it will almost certainly be (depending on who it’s coming from) of the ‘Red Wolf is a pinkocommunistfemministmoonbat’ or ‘Red Wolf is farrightwingnut’ variety. And preempting that here makes no difference. Where ideology rules, whether liberal or conservative, nuance and reason go out the window. As does reading comprehension.

The thing is I don’t see any fresh second wind blowing from conservatives, that can set things aright, that can negate the effects of horrible Leftism on a genre that I would arguably rank on its literary merits a teeeny weeny bit higher than cornball romance shlock but lower than say the Western or crime novel. And if it sounds like I am channeling Stanislaw Lem, well I admit as much. That’s because he knew what he was talking about. And for that he earned the ire of the SFWA. They never rebutted him. They only proved his point by receiving with open arms, the churned out shlock (after shlock after shlock), rewarding it with praise and in-house mutual backscratching. Yet things have gotten so so much worse since Lem berated American science fiction for its lack of literariness, its cornball pseudo-drama, its lack of science, real plotting, subtext, subversiveness, pacing, character development, its lack of real ideas. And the near blanket blindness of fandom to real literary merit, their utter lack of discernment. The all-round shittiness of it all in other words. Yet despite Lem’s dismissal of American and English language SF, there were good writers back then, and a fandom that did appreciate their output. Even if it was all on the margins. Now there’s pretty much nothing.

It’s so bad that artistically I would rank the SF genre at least as low as the offal produced by Hollywood. And there is a parallel there, since Hollywood did on occasion produce some gems, masterpieces even, amidst all the turkeys. Now there are only bloated turkeys really, sequels to sequels to movies based on video games or some-such, all with the budgets of the annual GNP of small Latin American countries. In other words, it is increasingly dumbed down all over. Our culture is dead. It is an anti-culture.

Can anybody imagine the kind of dreck that got nominated for Nebulas this last year even being nominated in say 1980? Me neither. Most likely a new nadir that speaks volumes, but it’s been very bad for a long long while. It’s an open secret, even among the liberals that run the show. If you don’t get what chilling message is being sent by the nominations of the derivative palubum that is N K Jemisin’s and S Ahmed’s books for the Nebula Award, then stop reading right here. That tells you just how bad it is. The Nebulas are now officially an unfunny joke if they weren’t before. The period say 1960-1990 is a relative Golden Age compared to where Science Fiction is now. It’s so bad I don’t go near it. This whole blog is motivated I suppose by some kind of weird attachment to the interests of my youth. I know it’s absurd. I never said it wasn’t.

I will give a concrete real world example of a recent ‘political event’ in science fiction politics to elucidate just why conservatism and a conservative audience cannot save science fiction. Firstly I generalize and oversimplify when I talk about Conservatism. There are PaleoCons of the Ron Paul variety, conservative libertarians, religious conservatives (which itself consists of YECers, Intelligent Design supporters, theistic evolutionists), atheist conservatives, Objectivists. And so many more divisions, sub-types, overlaps. Conservatives disagree heatedly among themselves on pretty much everything under the sun – economics, social issues and political/international affairs, immigration controversies etc. And I haven’t even gotten into the Republican-lite/RINOS/Tories thing and whether they can be said to be conservatives at all, except in name. In fact you cannot pigeonhole conservatives and if you do you are misrepresenting them. So when I speak of conservatives and conservative SF, it is necessarily overly simplistic. To be fair it is an oversimplification to group liberals as all alike, although in the genre community they do appear more prone not only to groupthink, but the identical types of groupthink and increasingly so. That’s just my take of course.

Here is the thing re conservatives and liberals dueling for the heart and soul of Science Fiction, yeah it’s a rigged game I know, and why I see no hope at all across the political spectrum.

Recently Steven Gould succeeded John Scalzi as president of the SFFWA. He easily won the contested election against conservative writer Theodore Beale aka Vox Day. Rachel Swirsky is the VP at SFFWA. In case anybody out there wonders what I have to say about the fact that there are two uh Jews as president and VP of the SFWA respectively, and the fact that there is a lot of horrible albeit de rigueur anti-Semitism among the genre pro field on both sides of the Atlantic (what this blog is all about of course)… Well this is what I have to say: anybody who knows where Gould and Swirsky’s politics lie, knows that it’s business as usual, on all fronts. How do you think Gould and Swirsky got their jobs in the first place? Gould and Swirsky have gone along with Scalzi’s capitulation – the absurd investigative Task Force – to the witch-hunters re the Thought Crime of Resnick’s and Malzberg’s. So one would have to be the most naive rube to expect anything other than Deafening Silence on Jew-hatred (both the old-fashioned kind and especially the new more sophisticated kind) among the pro genre community, from the likes of Gould and Swirsky. So if you are expecting some kind of courageous speaking out against the oldest, albeit still very fashionable hatred, that pervades the liberal SF genre community (as it does the Left as a whole) from these two characters; all I can say is, do you want to make me laugh? I mean not that anybody excepts that of course!

In fact Gould is on the record with defending the disgusting racist identity politics from Scalzi, Jemisin and Ahmed, the only way he can, via a pathetic shoot the messenger (James May that is) personal attack of the Scalzi variety. Given that, what do you think the Jew-haters (who pretend they are not) in the genre community have to fear from somebody like Steve Gould and his deputy? Yeah exactly. Less than nothing. The triumph of Court Jewdom in (and out of) the US pro genre community only encourages that festering and even in-your-face Jew-hatred by pretending that such bigotry is either not there at all or perversely is anti-racism (‘peace and justice for the Palestinians’/anti-Zionism). All this neo-Orwellian insanity follows the same perverse motifs as the new racist identity politics of course. They are all rotten fruit from the identical rotten roots. Yet as I have written elsewhere, the flood is coming and where do these Court Jews in and out of the genre community think they are going to find shelter? When do you think any of them will find their conscience? Their consciousness for that matter? When it’s too late to matter? Cowardice is habit forming. And even then – when it’s too late – I wouldn’t bet on anything other than the persistence of their meek cowering silence and ingratiation to the Jew-haters in their midst. Just as the Soviet Party faithful sentenced to death in Stalin’s show trials, loudly declared their loyalty to the Party and Stalin even as they were lined up to be shot. When the Jew-haters are liberals, they can count on a free ride and even active support from Court Jewdom (and if you doubt me in this respect, just check this blog’s archives). No matter how bad it gets with the Jew-hating Left, liberal Jews (in and out of the genre community) largely continue to ignore the problem and focus on other things (like the evil Republicans, the Tea Party, the NRA etc). Yet the Jew-hatred is getting worse with every passing month. It really is.

All this brings me to Theodore Beale aka Vox Day, the voice for ‘conservative sanity’ in the Science Fiction genre community. So he thinks. Yes Beale does have on occasion some sensible things to say, about the moral relativist and cultural relativist far Left insanity that pervades the SF genre community, and the odious liberal gate-keeping of the commercial and ‘artistic’ award circus. However Beale is – to put it as politely and diplomatically as possible – not the most reasonable alternative to the status quo. It’s not that he’s a little cranky, or odd, who isn’t in the genre community? Who isn’t period? It’s that his um opinions on women and homosexuality are simply eyebrow raising. There is no other way to put it.

Now I don’t care for RationalWiki any more than I care for Wiki on controversial issues. RationalWiki’s bias to so-called enlightenment values that are not always such is apparent and in-your-face. It appears to have a clear anti-religious and scientific materialist agenda, an agenda that hews to the liberal status quo across the board, and RationalWiki may well suffer from moral and cultural relativist delusions that Western liberalism suffers from as a whole. I mention this because this is Beale’s page at RationalWiki. However there are some quotes there attributed to Beale – I am talking about what he has to say about women and homosexuality – that make one wonder if they are for real or at least intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Well they are for real and no they are not intended to be sarcastic.

Here are some of his choice remarks on gays for example:

I am not entirely convinced that all orientational challenges are birth defects; like most things homosexuality is likely a combination of nature and nurture. But even if we set all moral and religious tradition aside, (the wisdom of which is of course debatable), there can still be no question that to the extent nature is responsible, homosexuality is a birth defect from every relevant secular, material, and sociological perspective. Defective is not synonymous with bad. Blind people aren’t bad and yet scientists seek to give them sight. Deaf people aren’t bad and yet scientists seek to help them hear. So, there is no need to condemn gays in any way in order for scientists to help them achieve sexual normality.

I am not going to bother going into details on why the above is just misguided, disturbing and contradictory. Either you see it or you don’t. Homosexuality is “a combination of nature…” and yet it is “a birth defect”. And ‘civilized society’ needs to treat it as such. The path down which this kind of thinking leads is not one I care to go down… Beale appears to be sincere in that he intends no personal malice or hatred to homosexuals – he makes it clear he doesn’t see homosexuality as bad per se. And yet Beale does give comfort and justification to those who are hateful to homosexuals. However Beale may vociferously deny it and not intend it at all. This is why Beale’s self-deceptive thinking on this front is so dangerous and beyond the pale. [PS No I am not gay myself, although I know some people think so]

On women in science and well, women, he is arguably misogynistic. And no I don’t take seriously the claims of militant feminists here at all, since the latter have no credibility whatsoever (witness the Malzberg and Resnick witch-hunt after all); but Beale’s more mainstream critics and his own *actual remarks* here speak for themselves (I mean one just needs to quote Beale without comment):

Now if Beale were just reacting and mocking the idiotic extremes of far Left feminism (and militant feminism in the academy for that matter), and its anti-male prejudice and out-and-out imbecility (as exemplified by the Malzberg-Resnick kerfluffle), I would and do concur. The militant feminists are the flip side of the coin to old-fashioned misogyny and excessive patriarchy in our society. However the problem with Beale is that he appears to go further than that, and his remarks on women as a whole appear to be persistently and consistently troubling, a little over the top.

The thing is Beale easily alienates or risks alienating (one assumes) half the genre community with his breezy, negative remarks on the female sex. One would think he would want as many readers as possible, as much support as he could get from SFFWA voters, when everything is rigged against you. Does Beale not realize that there are as likely to be as many genre females who are infuriated with moronic Leftism and its hold on the genre, as males? Or does Beale think that women are disproportionately in favor of selling the political status quo? Even if he does believe that, does he really want to alienate the women who don’t care for how feminism has lost its way (when it comes to militant feminism, plenty of women just roll their eyes); and women who don’t care for the Left’s and the genre Left’s love affair/apologetics for reactionary Islam? Well that’s the message Beale could easily be construed as sending out.

More recently Beale has gotten into a spat with N K Jemisin, radical US feminist genre writer over the latter’s controversial speech in Australia (just google it if you can be bothered). One wonders when Jemisin will be visiting Egypt or the Sudan or any nation in the Persian Gulf to let us know about what she thinks of how women and girls are treated there by Sharia law, but as they say when hell freezes over…  Yet Beale’s response to Jemisin falls into the same trap, the same mold, they are both reacting off one another with stereotypes, superficial finger-pointing and offensive generalizations that are fallacious. He is reactionary, she is well a far Leftist (enough said).

Another thing that I cannot leave out, is that Beale is in bitter dispute with the SFWA given that he accuses the latter of unfair discrimination and negative attacks against Beale’s person at the latter’s (private) forums, and similar issues. Given the snakes’ nest and vile gossipy nature of the SFWA, and the latter’s odious far Left political bent on top of all that; well I’m not on the side of the SFWA here. However I don’t know what has gone on behind the scenes and thus I cannot comment on this with any real knowledge whatsoever, so will leave off. If anybody is so interested, Beale has quite a lot to say about it at his blog.

The thing is conservatives who cheer him on either haven’t noticed his uh problematic side, or they don’t care to notice, or they simply share his reactionary tendencies. We have common enemies after all, and you know let’s not look to closely at our embarrassing relatives who are effective leaders and sell lots of books… The enemy of my enemy is my friend, goes the thinking on both sides of the Isle. And this is symptomatic of why there is no hope for conservative SF. And conservatism really. The same lack of concern of prejudice, that infects the Left like a cancer. Misogyny? Yawn. Well depends on how you look at it. Gays shmays. Whatever. The far Left are misogynistic too, horribly so. This is especially the case with far Left feminists, but who knows that? Given liberal militant feminists’ running cover for reactionary Islam (as liberals are wont to do as a whole), and the latter’s in-your-face misogyny; well this shows up a core of  self-loathing, of masochism, of a strong anti-female streak within the militant feminist Movement. The ironies with the Left are beyond compare. That’s a whole other thing, beyond this article’s general scope. Just read the authentic feminist Phyllis Chesler’s Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman and The Death of Feminism. Not that these feminists ever will. None of the Left’s misogyny and the genre Left’s misogyny (that they don’t begin to recognize at all, along with the anti-Semitism) excuse such misogyny if it comes from conservative circles, in and out of the genre community. And so partisans on both sides of the isle will point fingers at the other and close ranks. We have dragons to fight after all, and you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. So it goes. Yeah well count me out.

In other words, Gould had no real competition. Although Fordham U prof Paul Levinson has served as president of the SFWA, and Levinson is a political crackpot. I’m sure there are plenty of genre pro writers and wannabe writers who don’t care for the status quo and the business-as-usual approach from Gould, but Beale as the alternative is no viable alternative.

And as I make clear further up, Scalzi is guilty of PC identity politics and its explicit racism, and likewise doesn’t have the tiniest problem whatsoever with extreme Jew-hatred from the genre community. Ditto Scalzi’s successor, Court Jew Steven Gould. So how is Scalzi better than Beale? How is Gould? Other than the fact that Scalzi’s identity politics prejudice and enforcement of deafening silence to Jew-hatred from genre writers is just going along with the zeitgeist of our times; that is the genre Thought Police’s prejudices are respectable prejudices and Beale’s are not. Scalzi (and Gould) aren’t any better than Beale and neither are the formers’ supporters.

The thing is though that Beale’s reactionary slant isn’t the way forward, heck by definition reactionary thinking is going back to the past and past mistakes. It’s answering the horrible prejudices of Scalzi and his ilk with Beale’s own neuroses. And it makes no sense to say that Beale’s prejudices are preferable to Scalzi’s or vice versa. Yet Scalzi’s race-baiting has its seal of approval from liberal America, from the White House itself, from a dumb media, the Ivy League. And it’s all branded as anti-racism, anti-prejudice. That’s what makes Scalzi and the genre Thought Police’s prejudices so very scary.

Here’s another one of my beefs with conservative SF. Does anybody think the books of self-admitted conservative writers today have more real artistic merit than the books of the brain-dead Leftists? On average? Anybody? I mean say by the standards of The Man in the High Castle, Beyond Apollo, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Last Men in London, Fiasco, The Fifth Head of Cerberus, More than Human, Stranger in a Strange Land, Earth Abides? And if you answer with an affirmative, you are either being disingenuous or you are guilty of exactly what Lem was getting at in his criticism of American SF fandom. No critical discernment whatsoever. If you answer: ‘where is the artistic merit in Scalzi’s inane pap, in Gould’s output, and the genre Left’s derivative and mediocre fiction as a whole?’, you are missing the point by a mile. Devouring P K Dick and whatever B grade pulp dreck you can think of at the same level of appreciation and a ‘hey it’s all the same to me, enjoyed both books’ throwaway line is just wincing. It’s as if somebody would rank at the same level, films such as Spiderman 3 or Transformers Dark Side of the Dirge to say Judgement at Nuremberg and Lawrence of Arabia. Now if you say it’s rather odd or even impossible to see Spiderman as the artistic and cultural equivalent of Lawrence of Arabia, I have an answer for you. Well sure it is. But we are talking about SF fandom here. And fandom’s critical appreciation and discernment of the literary merits or otherwise of genre ‘literature’ – and this applies across the political spectrum – is simply lacking. Like the general public when it comes to taste in movies. Yes I really do think that genre fandom is every bit as uh ‘cultured’ as the general public. As in not. And if that strikes the reader as elitist, well then so be it. It’s not just me saying this about fandom, Lem said it. And he’s right. These people, or way too many of them, have no sense of real discernment whatsoever. I am not saying that there is something wrong with enjoying popcorn thrillers at their own level. I’m saying a lot of genre fandom simply can’t tell the difference between popcorn pulp thrillers/tired derivative drama and more ennobling creative endeavors, or if they can they simply don’t care for the very large chasm in quality at all. And that’s kind of worrying. Well it certainly explains a lot.

Getting back to why there is no hope for conservative SF per se as an artistic, genuine LITERATURE; well look at the state of conservative art and culture as a whole… Woeful. I mean what art and culture? The really bad, recent Ayn Rand film adaptation Atlas Shrugged being a case in point. Then again given the source material… Then again many conservatives – and not just those hypnotized by Objectivism – think Atlas Shrugged the book is High Art or at least Big Thinking. How do you argue with people who believe that? It’s like arguing with liberals who believe that Michael Moore is anything other than a know-nothing, dishonest partisan hack. Hey if you want to believe that Ayn Rand or Michael Moore are Truth Tellers to Power, believe it. I’m not going to change your mind.

Where both liberals and conservatives can make good art, music, books is where they drop the ideological axe grinding and focus on real people, real interesting concepts, real drama and dilemmas. I will give a more concrete illustration of what I am getting at. The anti-Americanism of liberal politics and liberal political ‘literature’ and art is as embarrassing, wincing and as stupid as the ‘ra ra America is the greatest country in the world’ empty nationalism of the Right. The former is also just plain bigotry. A middle way, a sensible path devoid of excessive nationalism on the one hand and self-loathing shame on the other hand appears a razor edged narrow balancing wire these days. If a genre or non-genre political novel/fiction is set in an America or UK (or a future America) where the dénouement tends toward either self-flagellating Leftism, ‘we are worse than North Korea and the Taliban’ garbage or empty headed flag waving ‘America and Brittania are all that stands for Civilization as we Know it and the Hordes of Barbarians wanting to tear it all down’ (not that there aren’t barbarians out there) – well either way it ain’t art. It ain’t authentic meaty, nuanced literature. It may be lots of things, but  real literature it is not. It’s fluff and nonsense. It’s ideological axe-grinding. It can never be anything more.

Sean Penn is a liberal know-nothing if there was one, his shameful nadir his support for the left-wing fascist Jew-hating Venezuelan dictator, the late Hugo Chavez. And remember Penn is part Jewish. Yet Penn is a great actor and he has directed some masterful films. That’s because he never let or used to let his idiot Leftism get in the way of his considerable talents. Where he does, such as in the dishonest propaganda flick Fair Game, it’s a disaster. Reactionary anti-Semite Fyodor Dostoyevsky is one of the greatest writers who ever lived, since he was a Big Ideas man and a Serious Thinker. British genre writer Ian Watson is a very good science fiction writer, when he isn’t slumming it, his liberalism is neither here nor there. That’s because he is fascinated by real human conundrums, he is truly knowledgeable on the obscurer corners in science, art, literature, religion and he is a Thinker with a capital T. And it all comes through in his science fiction. And it’s why most SF fandom don’t appear to read him, if they have even heard of him.

I think Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is a good novel, even if I cannot stand Gaiman’s paint-by-the-numbers Lefty politics. Get A Clue Neil. Your fellow liberals tend to hate you. You’re a Yid after all. As I have written here, your “good man and a friend for almost 30 years”, the late Iain Banks technically speaking, actually hated you. Never mind Neil. Go back to sleep. Yet American Gods is good because Gaiman writes about real people, with real flaws, not caricatures and he is deeply knowledgeable about mythology and it informs his stories in ways that impress. He writes about the Things that Matter. His politics don’t come through too much. Terry Bisson can also write some great stuff, it’s because he is a talented quality writer. His Leftism doesn’t interfere too much in his better work. The late non-genre Portuguese writer José Saramago was a very good writer, his far Leftism and for that matter his Jew-hatred, doesn’t get in the way of that. That’s because he concentrated on real human drama and serious, meaty issues and with a discerning eye and pen.

The late genre writer John Brunner’s The Sheep Look Up is deservedly considered a classic. That’s because it is predicated on the real societal tragedy that is environmental destruction and ecological despoliation and its horrific consequences. Nowadays hysterical groupthink liberal political activism masquerades as ‘environmental science concerns’, the consequence is genre pap written by know-nothing scientific illiterate airhead genre liberals beholden to an incredibly destructive pseudo-scientific cult that is ironically and irrationally religious ie ‘the climate change/global warming genre’ or whatever they want to call it. Yeah I know it has a proper name, I don’t care to remember it. Perhaps a new nadir, if that’s possible, in liberal genre palubum. When are we going to have the ‘Palestinian chic’ sub-genre? Oh wait it’s already around, I’ve missed it right? Thank God. Maybe it’s the next big novel coming from China Mieville, with a foreword by his fawning Court Jew Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar. I know don’t tell me, the Palestinian chic narrative is already there in Mieville. It’s in the subtext. Yawn. Well I don’t read Mieville. Oh My God What Am I Missing? I don’t want to know. Really.

There aren’t many real thinkers  in the genre community, I’ll tell you that much. They are almost as rare as synagogues in Afghanistan. Maybe rarer.

Even modern political SF can be good (at least a large chunk of the political science fiction from the last century, where it was not hampered so much by the current moral relativist garbage), as long as it is not over-the-top or expresses a saner liberal sensibility circa 1950s-1970. Lucius Shepard’s Life During Wartime from the mid-eighties is a good novel (perhaps his best) because its politics are not odious twenty-first century Left. Michelangelo Antonioni‘s only American film Zabriskie Point (1970) is a (non-genre) film that heavily polarized its audience. For all its flaws, I think it a minor gem. Its flaws are artistic, not political. And where it is political, and it is very liberal politically, it’s from a time when liberals for all their excesses did not march arm in arm with jihadists to uh protest against Jews defending their right to life.

Famous and masterful science fiction films such as 2001, the Russian Solaris, The Man who fell to Earth, Planet of the Apes (1968), Blade Runner will be watched please God by future generations; because their themes and concerns are universal, dare I say it religious, getting to grips with real human conflicts and difficulties concerning Good and Evil, conflicts that transcend petty and dated political pap. It’s not a coincidence that such films are adaptations or drawn from the ideas of truly masterful genre writers – Clarke, Lem, Tevis, Boulle (not technically a genre writer of course), and P K Dick respectively. The far Left garbage film V for Vendetta (2005) is the definitive cinematic guide to the sinister moral and cultural relativist, self-loathing psychoses of our times, filtered through a genre lens. A woefully dishonest updated adaptation of a very good left-wing political 1980s British comic by Alan Moore, a comic/graphic novel that I liked. Although – scarily enough – I doubt most all liberal genre folk on both sides of the Atlantic would get what is so wrong with that film, or would criticize it for all the wrong reasons (such as poor acting).

And if we look at the other side… It may be unfair to say that conservative ‘art’ is at the level of the Hallmark channel, safe, insipid, prudish, superficial, but on the other hand just how unfair is that really? I mean sure it’s a generalization.

And getting back to conservative SF, what is it about conservative SF that stands out? Yes military SF. I have nothing against the likes of David Drake and John Ringo. I’m sure I would enjoy a beer with these guys, probably even like them at a personal level but I would never read their books. Not ever. Their output is not literature, it’s not even an approximation of it, as can almost be the case with a good Western or a crime novel. And if this is the kind of stuff you like to read, not merely as popcorn escapism, but you think it is telling you Something Valuable About Our World and Humanity; well then … don’t tell me what good literature is, across the board. Because I ain’t listening. You have nothing to say. You can’t have it both ways. If you read conservative or just plain military SF as escapism, fine. But then don’t complain about the really awful state of science fiction and how it is drowning in PC stale Leftism. Who are you to complain? Since you clearly don’t read SF for its ‘literary quality’ to begin with. If you read military SF because well you think it’s ‘quality’ science fiction, then how would you know the state of science fiction is so dreckful to begin with? You wouldn’t. Your problem is just that the genre is not rewarding with awards and book contracts the ideological dreck you like, it’s replete with ideological dreck you don’t like. Pot to kettle.

So what to do? Nothing is gonna change. It’s all bad to the bone. It cannot be reformed. It’s like Congress. Reform? You’re kidding right? Like the Democrats and Republicans, who you gonna pick? The whole system is busted, it’s rotten to the core. Its systemic corruption, greed and deep-seated know-nothingness across the political system. And in multiple ways. There can be no reform, no real change. Yet people are going to go on believing, their party can be reformed, we just need to get rid of the RINOs or the sleaze and corruption from the Democratic side blabla. You know what it is to give CPR to a corpse that’s been rotting for weeks, the maggots having eaten right through to the bone, and not letting that bother you? Yes a sickening madness. You think the American and Western political circuses can be redeemed, whatever your personal politics? People are so naive. Worse. True Believers across the political divides.

Getting back to the science fiction circus…

This is what to do, my advice at any rate. Take it or ignore it.

Look at science fiction the way an outsider to the whole genre would. Somebody who actually has some discernment, open-mindedness, sensitivity, somebody who has read and appreciated a wide literature, from Dickens to Tolstoy, from Hemingway to Hermann Hesse. Somebody not enamoured of any kind of ideological axe-grinding. Somebody with an interest in history, science, anthropology, psychology, religion and mythology. Somebody who doesn’t take The NY Times as gospel, and not Atlas Shrugged and Fox News neither. In other words, somebody who wouldn’t fit in the asylum for the juvenile insane that is the SF genre community. Now this somebody who does not go to the library or bookstores to pick up the latest Robert Jordan or Turtledove, somebody who wouldn’t necessarily know Heinlein from Frank Herbert, then out of curiosity investigates science fiction. And not just a cursory or superficial look-in, but a serious look-in, its history and its current status. What would he discover? What do you think?

He would discover that it is a field that is potentially subversive, actually subversive on very very rare occasions, offers in principle great possibilities that no other genre can offer, and that in its past has given us some good, even masterful creative novels, novellas and short stories. However its artistic status today is well – to repeat myself- so woeful that it is past embarrassing. In fact our prospective somebody would sooner be caught with a brown paper bag carrying a book on the Roswell aliens and a Left Behind tract, a ‘porn for truckers’ rag than the average SF novel we see out there on the book racks today. Heck I know I would. I remember Harlan Ellison (some decades ago now) with the typical protest-too-much-inferiority-complex of so many genre writers, going on about how SF has arrived and it no longer has to prove itself. It’s out of the ghetto. Well you know considering how SF if anything is deteriorating – and who would have thought that even possible say three decades back? – Ellison is so very wrong. SF is still in the ghetto. Actually it’s not even good enough for the ghetto where the Western and crime novel are. It’s in the grave. Yup it’s been demoted from the ghetto. It’s no longer even good enough for the ghetto. Now if science fiction can only raise itself to the level of say the crime novel, if it could only get back to the ghetto! That would be a step up.

I have a nine year old nephew who reads a lot, who is clearly talented in maths and science, quiet, shy, sensitive, a bookish tendency, not good at sports. I am afraid that in his adolescence he may discover science fiction. He is the type who probably will. I need to warn him off. I will tell him this: ‘kid, there is good SF and there is bad SF. Signal to noise is very low. Most of it is just horrible and can even cause brain damage. Most all of the good stuff was published before I was born or when I was your age and a little older maybe. Here is what is worthwhile reading (give him my personal list), yes I’m sure I will miss out quite a few good novels, even lots of good novels. I hardly know or care to know about all the writers out there, past and present. The point is I don’t want you reading too much SF kid. If you read a few dozen SF novels in your whole adolescence and young adulthood, in your whole life, it is more than enough. A few dozen novels at the most is just fine (from my personal favourite list of course and I mean here SF in the narrow and ‘pure’ sense. I don’t include broader magical realism, William Burroughs, Calvino, Borges, 1984 – that kind of thing). Oh yeah there are lots of good short stories that have been published, worth reading a fair number of short stories, published in the main a long time ago now.’

The real meat in books lies elsewhere. The time it takes to read several big bloated door-stopper SF books of uneven quality can be better used to read everything from Plato to Philip Roth, Euripides to Lawrence Durrell, Gogol to Twain. And what of non-fiction? Any person curious about the world and humanity has a natural interest in history, psychology, biography, religion (having nothing to do with being religious) and even if not inclined to science, at least something on its history and controversies. Life is short and in between working, getting laid (hopefully), cooking, doing the laundry, listening to music, hanging out with friends, there ain’t all the time in the world for reading. And there is too much to know, about everything that is interesting and worth knowing at least a little about. If you could live for five hundred years, have a couple of hours every day for reading, day in and day out; you would not come close to reading all the worth-while books out there, fiction and non-fiction, all the books that are worth delving into. Just on biography, history, mythology, anthropology alone, one would need the lifetime of a Methuselah. Never mind more esoteric subjects, never mind serious literature (I’m not talking genre literature).

Clearly the obvious reason why so many of these science fiction and imaginative fiction writers are so embarrassingly free of even basic knowledge of the sciences (and why their cluelessness impacts so negatively on their fiction) is that they simply don’t read any science, nothing weighty by any means; they are too busy reading science fiction and fantasy to the exclusion of science. Clearly one of the reasons why the liberal SF community is so clueless as to the reality of the world today, evinced by the formers’ cultural relativism, is that they don’t read any authentic or wide history. They are reading too much genre pap instead. Of course the Western Left who don’t know Le Guin from Lester Del Rey, Aldiss from Zelazny (ie probably most liberals), are likewise for the most part ignorant of science and history. Hence the tragic triumph of modern-day know-nothing liberalism and to a lesser degree reactionary conservatism everywhere. Other people not sucked into SF just have their own escapes is all. Reality TV, shallow political activism, heroin addiction, facebook, booze, football, Sudoku, whatever else.

What am I getting at? The short of it is this: Leave science fiction behind.

Don’t even pay attention to the SFFWA, to the Nebulas, don’t subscribe to any of the mags, read non-genre literature, even crime novels. Read history, science, biographies, anthropology. Read real literature. Anything but science fiction and fantasy and whatever else in between. I except the very very small number of genre fiction output that is worth reading, largely part of the past. And if your response is: so why are you bothering to tell SF fans this, on a SF-centric blog after all? Well why preach to the converted? Those outsiders who rightly hold their noses up to SF, because they sense rightly that it’s junk. I preach to those who are still not converted, who still care about science fiction. Even if all I’m really doing is just letting off some steam.

Leave science fiction behind. With Notable Exceptions. Past and Present. You’ll be so glad you did.

I wouldn’t quite say, we have to destroy science fiction in order to save it, well… But at the least we have to leave it behind in order to save it. In order that something new can rise from the ashes. Of course that’s not going to happen. You can’t change the SF genre community, even if you agree with everything or pretty much everything I say here. And how many people would? Way too few. That’s the thing. There is just too much inertial stupidity, too many ideological axe-grinders, too little concern for real quality writing (and the Writers’ Workshops don’t appear to have improved things at all. For all I know they may be part of the problem), and these twits call the shots. It would be easier to reform Congress. So leave SF to itself, let it twist in the wind and become increasingly irrelevant, as with the mainstream media.

In closing here is an admittedly cruel analogy: Science Fiction needs to be viewed in the same way, from the lens that a middle-aged man remembers an infatuation with a pretty girl in his school class from back when he was 15. She had a little puppy fat, but man she was cute and got your heart racing, and the smile she had, it finished you, turned you to jelly. You haven’t seen her in thirty years. You wonder about her sometimes, thinking about what could have been. And then by some chance, you see her for the first time in thirty years. Well, she’s got three kids now, she’s put on a lot of weight, her hair is stringy, her eyes have lost that spark, she’s tired and her skin is pallid. She doesn’t exactly set your heart racing, in fact just the opposite. Of course you ain’t so hot yourself any more, beer bellied, slack muscles, receding hairline, same tired eyes. She’s thinking of you what you are thinking of her. You are polite to one another – how’s it been, good to see you. But really after saying goodbye, you both wish you hadn’t set eyes on each other, taints the memories, taints what was; for all the fumbling and awkwardness of those teen years, there was promise and real beauty back then. And now it’s gone, broken and lost.

Like Science Fiction.

Actually the analogy to middle-age is not fair on tired middle-aged folk past their prime. Science Fiction is more accurately a very old crone, on life support, oxygen mask, and suffering from Alzheimer’s, not even remembering her name or the names of her children, can’t feed herself and needs help going to the bathroom. You just want to see her out of her misery.

It was fun while it lasted. Well maybe. It was nice knowing you even if I never introduced you to my relatives. Can you blame me? Now drift off slowly from dementia into oblivion. I mean I don’t wish it on you. Yet clearly that’s where you are going and there is nothing I can do about it. Got bigger fish to fry.


Old M. Michel’s temperature had gone down to 99 and, though he still looked very weak, he was smiling.
“He’s better, doctor, isn’t he?” his wife inquired.
“Well, it’s a bit too early to say.”
At noon the sick man’s temperature shot up abruptly to 104, he was in constant delirium and had started vomiting again. The ganglia in the neck were painful to the touch, and the old man seemed to be straining to hold his head as far as possible from his body. His wife sat at the foot of the bed, her hands on the counterpane, gently clasping his feet. She gazed at Rieux imploringly.
“Listen,” he said, “we’ll have to move him to a hospital and try a special treatment. I’ll ring up for the ambulance.”
Two hours later the doctor and Mme Michel were in the ambulance bending over the sick man. Rambling words were issuing from the gaping mouth, thickly coated now with sores. He kept on repeating: “Them rats! Them damned rats!” His face had gone livid, a grayish green, his lips were bloodless, his breath came in sudden gasps. His limbs spread out by the ganglia, embedded in the berth as if he were trying to bury himself in it or a voice from the depths of the earth were summoning him below, the unhappy man seemed to be stifling under some unseen pressure. His wife was sobbing…
“Isn’t there any hope left, doctor?”
“He’s dead.”

Albert Camus          The Plague
Translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert

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Leftist writers Barry Malzberg & Mike Resnick get mugged by the genre Thought Police. An additional perspective on a huge kerfluffle over nothing. In other news, Iran goes nuclear

When it is recalled that until the Christian era the underworld was never regarded as a hostile area, that all gods were useful and essentially friendly to man despite occasional lapses; when we see the steady and methodical inculcation into humanity of the idea of man’s worthlessness – until redeemed – the necessity of the Devil may become evident as a weapon, a weapon designed and used time and time again in every age to whip men into a surrender to a particular church or church-state.

Our difficulty in believing the – for want of a better word – political inspiration of the Devil is due in great part to the fact that he is called up and damned not only by our social antagonists but by our own side, whatever it may be. The Catholic Church, through its Inquisition, is famous for cultivating Lucifer as the arch-fiend, but the Church’s enemies relied no less upon the Old Boy to keep the human mind enthralled. Luther was himself accused of alliance with Hell, and he in turn accused his enemies. To complicate matters further, he believed that he had had contact with the Devil and had argued theology with him. I am not surprised at this, for at my own university a professor of history – a Lutheran, by the way – used to assemble his graduate students, draw the shades, and commune in the classroom with Erasmus. He was never, to my knowledge, officially scoffed at for this, the reason being that the university officials, like most of us, are the children of a history which still sucks at the Devil’s teats. At this writing, only England has held back before the temptations of contemporary diabolism. In the countries of the Communist ideology, all resistance of any import is linked to the totally malign capitalist succubi, and in America any man who is not reactionary in his views is open to the charge of alliance with the Red hell. Political opposition, thereby, is given an inhumane overlay which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized intercourse. A political policy is equated with moral right, and opposition to it with diabolical malevolence. Once such an equation is effectively made, society becomes a congerie of plots and counterplots, and the main role of government changes from that of the arbiter to that of the scourge of God.

The results of this process are no different now from what they ever were, except sometimes in the degree of cruelty inflicted, and not always even in that department. Normally the actions and deeds of a man were all that society felt comfortable in judging, The secret intent of an action was left to the ministers, priests, and rabbis to deal with. When diabolism rises, however, actions are the least important manifests of the true nature of a man. The Devil, as Reverend Hale said, is a wily one, and, until an hour before he fell, even God thought him beautiful in Heaven.

Act One
The Crucible   Arthur Miller


You know the genre Thought Police never cease to amaze me, in terms of the depths of their immoral depravity, delusions, gangsterism; yet they continue to seek to outdo themselves, set new precedents in terms of their Politically Correct Lunacy. I know I should never be surprised by them, and yet I have to admit their madness and I do mean madness is beyond my ability to articulate…

And they – the genre Thought Police – have arguably set a new nadir with the Barry Malzberg-Mike Resnick SFFWA Bulletin kerfluffle over I swear absolutely nothing. And it has gotten so out of control that it’s even made news in The Guardian and Slate.

There are literally thousands of blog articles, forum commentary, twittering twits on their twit feeds blabbing on about absolutely nothing. It’s official if it wasn’t before – the SFFWA and fandom is overrun by a vocal minority of very very mad people, who have ruined and are ruining science fiction.

The ballyhoo in American science fiction circles revolving around the Barry Malzberg-Mike Rensick Dialogues at the SFFWA Bulletin, the internal magazine of that pointless organization, only shows how deep the political rot goes there. It really doesn’t get worse – or does it? – than that kind of militant feminist kickback (to nothing at all!) and shrill imbecility in response to Resnick’s and Malzberg’s harmless banter. Talk about genre Thought Police sheeeesh.

Clearly if any heterosexual men give the slightest whiff of evidence for their shock gasp heterosexuality in the most non-offensive manner (well to those of us still possessing some sanity), it’s a criminal offense. Beautiful women cannot be called… beautiful and ‘knock outs’. They cannot even be called ‘ladies’. I kid you not. It crosses the line to the genre Thought Police. Well the line is crossed alright, into PC insanity. Calling women ‘ladies’ is about as offensive as calling men uh ‘gentlemen’. As in not. To those of us not stark raving nuts.

Likewise apparently we must pretend all women are equally attractive or non-attractive I suppose. We must lie outrageously. Maybe we should pretend all men and women have as much sexual arousal and attractiveness to the opposite sex, as you know we have to assorted pieces of machinery, teapots, umbrellas, ashtrays and asphalt driveways, trees and armchairs, clouds and crumpets. Well clearly. What about gay men and women? Are gay men and women entitled to give voice, in even the mildest way, to their sexuality? Or not? Do the Thought Police have a universal standard here? What if some gay genre female calls another woman (straight or gay) very beautiful, even a knock out? Is that allowed? Or not? If it is permitted for gay women to actually reveal their sexuality, but straight men are not, isn’t that a hypocritical double standard? Hahahahaha.

Maybe Resnick and Malzberg have to pretend they are asexual or eunuchs or dead. Clearly, since they cannot give the teeniest hint of being heterosexual males. It’s offensive to the genre feminists for heterosexual males to be sigh heterosexual or actually show any signs of life in this department. Well to lots of genre feminists at any rate. What about heterosexual women, are they allowed to give voice to their heterosexuality? If some female heterosexual genre writers call some good-looking guy in the genre community (living or dead) very handsome, even with a good bod, have they crossed a line into outrageous sexism? Does anybody really think so? Would any men out there (straight or gay) be offended by genre women calling any genre male figure handsome, even oh my God very handsome and even oh my God having a nice body? I mean assuming there are a few good looking well sculpted men out there in the genre community! Or is it one set of rules for heterosexual males and another for females? Is it one set of rules for gays for that matter and another for hetero males? And if you are going to be consistent here: that is if you think it’s sexist for straight women to call a man incredibly handsome with a good body even Oh My God, and if you think likewise it is sexist for gay people (men, women, bisexuals, transsexuals) to call any man/woman sexy or very attractive and likewise them calling women … shudder … ladies; then you are no less idiotic and delusional for all that. The short of it is this: these people are fucking insane and they cannot be reasoned with, only subjected to the ridicule they deserve.

Oh yeah notice how none of these genre militant feminist Thought Police have the teeniest problem whatsoever with the hardcore and near universally tolerated Jew-hatred from the self-same genre community (that I have exposed over here. I’m naturally in the wilderness). And Resnick and Malzberg – both Jewish – naturally don’t go there… Does this even occur to them? Do they even have the vaguest idea? Who knows? Frankly and bluntly speaking – given that Malzberg and Resnick are baby boomer Jewish liberals, I don’t necessarily think they truly recognize the plague that is the new anti-Semitism, nor its pervasiveness and depth in (and out of) the liberal genre community.

Andrew Fox, US genre writer gives a sensible and thoughtful overview (and thus one of very few with any backbone really) of the kerfluffle over nothing, that tells us more about Resnick’s and Malzberg’s critics, than it does about Malzberg and Resnick.

The thing is Resnick and Malzberg appear to be truly shocked at the depths and pervasiveness of this ‘liberal fascism’. [A minor pedantic nitpicking quibble where I disagree with Fox, is that what we are witnessing is indeed a 'liberal fascism'; merely because this invented non-scandal is a bullying tyranny not being exercised by a state apparatus, doesn't make it less fascist, as far as the common meaning of the word is appreciated. That is all this Thought Police gangsterism against Resnick and Malzberg follows the modus operandi of fascism, the 'spirit' of fascism. Although pedantically and technically speaking Fox makes a valid point] The thing is why are Resnick and Malzberg so dismayed? This is the reality of the far Left in America and the West today, and the far Left run the in-house circus that is the SFFWA and associated organs. Such a bullying and dishonest hucksterism, shrill histrionics, and yes witch-hunting is actively encouraged by Obama nation; it reflects the very zeitgeist of the Obama administration, and if you don’t recognize that you don’t know jack. Resnick and Malzberg are baby boomer Jewish old-school liberals who have been left behind by the new Far Left PC Thought Police and the latter’s descent into self-parody and Alinskyite bullying. To be fair who isn’t left behind by the zeitgeist of the generation that follows? And even I am shocked by the sheer depravity, idiocy and gangsterism of the Left and the far Left these days and they are of my generation, and I keep a close eye on their gangsterism, bullying and lying. Got to admit it’s hard to keep up.

Now I am not going to merely add to what has already been said on this front by Andrew Fox, what would be the point? He puts it better than I could. I do think it though worth bringing a fresh perspective and adding a few points re this whole kerfluffle that I haven’t really seen mentioned much, if at all. From the perspective of this very blog, not only have I been detailing the horrors, hypocrisies and bigotry of the genre Thought Police over the last few years, I have also been a victim of their mau-mauing attacks (as Fox rightly labels it). One James May has also been doing sterling work exposing the racist identity politics operating at the heart of the American science fiction community. And there are connections, common strands to the Malzberg/Resnick brouhaha and the kind of gangsterism, bullying and bigotry of the reverse racism identity politics in the SF genre community exposed by James May and the new (and old) anti-Semitism exposed in ugly detail at this blog. One should add the sinister mislabeling  of authentic criticisms of Islam as the prejudicial thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’ to the mix… That’s where a broader bird’s eye view is needed.

The SF genre community is an interesting case study in the very worst of the Western Left (in terms of its destructive groupthink, not its influence. My God I hope its influence is minimal) and the kind of worldview that mirrors the  arrogance and know-nothingness, the race baiting of the Obama White House (I have no nostalgic fondness for the incompetent Bush Jr and his administration). A zeitgeist, a way of looking at the world, that is replete with self-loathing, condescension to the Third World ‘Other’, anti-Semitism, moral cowardice, moral and cultural relativism, reverse racism identity politics, know-nothingness, appeasement to Muslim extremism, juvenile emotionalism, self-righteousness and just plain Thought Police gangsterism.

Those of us not enamoured of idiot gangster Leftism, its racist identity politics and the support such fashionable and indisputable reverse racism has in the left-wing SF genre community (I mean when former SFFWA head cheese John Scalzi is so guilty, it sends a message of just where this community is coming from, and where it is headed. Of course that’s not all the sinister Leftism that Scalzi gets caught up in), are very much out in the wilderness. This reverse racism/PC race baiting identity politics is increasingly integral to the political Left’s make-up, and allied, associated all too often with new anti-Semitism and its twin, odious and sinister pro-Palestinianism that is likewise increasingly integral to the Left’s make-up. That’s why identity politics in whatever form should get our warning radar up. Of course when it comes to liberal American Jews (in and out of the genre community), it’s a case of – warning radar wot? Reverse racism identity politics wot? Liberal anti-Semitism wot? Syria and Iran wot? Muslim Brotherhood wot?

It’s interesting that James May the author of extensive and well-written exposés (see links above and others at his website) of the odious identity politics racism coming from the likes of Scalzi, N K Jemisin and genre hack Saladin Ahmed (Lavie Tidhar’s good buddy) among others, has gotten very similar if not identical ‘criticisms’ to his essay/s that I have and from the same genre characters often enough, Scalzi included; in my case for exposing another form of fashionable prejudice that pervades the Left and the genre Left at that, de rigueur anti-Semitism and its notable cover-up by genre pros and fandom. Namely pathetic ad hominems, transparent misrepresentations, guilt by false association (in May’s case The Write Agenda), charges of bigotry (it’s called projection genre Thought Police) and the fact that he and I have written sigh long articles. Really that’s supposed to be a logical take-down. Yeah really. Your articles are long ergo they are fallacious and illogical. Then again what to expect from the likes of Scalzi and his non-Thinking Gang? Scalzi ‘thinks’ calling me a “real asshole” refutes the points I make, so does his echo-chamber. Scalzi and gang’s pathetic name-calling directed my way got even worse than that (just check the Scalzi articles at this blog. Also worth mentioning here that Scalzi *literally* sucks up to hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville. Check the lowest part of that article for the details). Scalzi and his gang are predictably and consistently, mind-numbingly obtuse across the board. All their ‘criticisms’ safely channeled through the genre Left’s echo-chambers.

It’s disturbing in the extreme but not at all that surprising, that when you are explicitly exposing Jew-hatred and extreme Judenhass at that, from within the genre community, you are dismissed as totally loco. It doesn’t seem to occur to Scalzi and gang that Jew-haters feel the same way, about myself and my blog. Nothing to see here. Move along.

The pretty much identical illogical and fallacious shoot the messenger responses that May and myself have gotten to our articles on allied controversies and issues from vocal elements within the SF genre Left community, only goes to prove the respective points we make, and then some. How bad and pervasive is ideologically respectable prejudice among the genre Left? As bad as it gets. Worse than I could have even begun to imagine a decade ago. No decency, no thoughtfulness, nuance, no respect for basic logic and reason, nor History 101, nor contemporary reality; only an IDEOLOGY that is racist at its core and in multiple ways. All this a standard Invasion of the Body Snatchers groupthink – oh the irony – that is mandatory among the movers and shakers of science fiction.

This air-headed identity politics nonsense, a fashionable prejudice it all may be, along with the disingenuous new anti-Semitism and the pushing of the fabricated thought crime of  ‘Islamophobia’ (a thought crime invented by Muslim radicals in the West and marketed by their useful Western idiots) that I have exposed in detail at this very blog, is all inseparable from the fallacious trumped up charges of sexism directed the way of Resnick and Malzberg by these far Left gangsters. That is the lines between reverse racism identity politics, new anti-Semitism (as anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism) and its twin, the selling of ‘Islamophobia’ as an authentic prejudice, and far Left militant feminism are  blurred, overlap, if there are any lines at all. They are all of a piece. They are all four big pieces or chunks of the same absurdist Leftist behemoth ideology defended hook or crook by the Thought Police (in and out of the genre community). Each cannot be seen in isolation, but only as part of  a whole.

Laura Resnick, Mike Resnick’s daughter, cheered John Scalzi on at the latter’s comments section to his pathetic blog entry attacking James May for exposing Scalzi’s PC identity politics bigotry. Certainly such identity grievance politics is very much a fashionable prejudice among many on the American and Western Left, and scarily so. Now what goes around comes around. Many of the liberal ‘progressive’ identity politics folk who are all on board with Scalzi and Ahmed against May naturally enough, given the latter’s very real exposé of the formers’ bigotry, essentially see Laura Resnick’s father as sexist. Oh Well. What you gonna do? Laura Resnick (given that the genre Thought Police now go after her father) gets mugged by the ugly reality of her erstwhile allies, bitten by the monster she has helped to feed. 

The genre liberal progressive PC Thought Police (Scalzi included) have dismissed myself (the Jew exposing Jew-hatred from within the pro genre field) with the same language and in the same style that Scalzi and gang dismissed May. I doubt Laura Resnick the Jewess would ever connect the dots. And she clearly wouldn’t want to. She’s one of the gang that attacked May in the most knee-jerk and mindless fashion after all.

Would the Jewish Mike Resnick and the Jewish Malzberg ever make the connections? Who knows? Let me spell it out – Many of the far Left Thought Police folk attacking Resnick and Malzberg in the most mindless, delusional manner are literally the same folk who have attacked the likes of James May and myself for exposing reverse racism and anti-Semitism (and PC Islamophilia) among the genre Left respectively (in my case not only the Left). In other words, so many (not necessarily all) of the genre gangster dimwits attacking Resnick and Malzberg over the latters’ non-existent sexism, are also guilty of new anti-Semitism or apologetics and whitewashing of the new Jew-hatred. Interestingly former SFFWA head cheese John Scalzi  is complicit in all three distinct but inseparable shameful and sinister idiocies. That is his going along zombie style with far Left racist identity politics (his spat with James May is notable in this regard), his going along with the delusional attacks against Resnick and Malzberg (yup he has) and his likewise going along with the Thought Police’s running cover for the pro genre community’s Jew-haters… Scalzi is just the very visible tip of the iceberg.

In fact an ecclesiastical inquisitional court uh sorry I mean Task Force has been set up by outgoing witchfinder gener… uh I mean president of the SFWA, Scalzi himself, to investigate Resnick’s and Malzberg’s Thought Crime. And Set Things Right, I’m sure. Whew what a relief! This Thought Crime Travesty occurred under Scalzi’s watch you see? Scalzi feels personally responsible! Incoming witchfinder gen… uh I mean new president of the SFWA Steve Gould will help to oversee this House of UnAmerican Activit… uh ecclesiastical cour… uh Task Force, and his able lieutenant Rachel Swirsky will bravely aid him here, among other witchfind.. uh Task Force investigators.

Imagine if these same witchfinders – remember Gould and Swirsky are Jewish – set up a Task Force to investigate anti-Semitism in the genre pro community? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Actually in all seriousness, I wouldn’t approve of such a Task Force, it would mean falling into the same trap as the Thought Police. All one can do is expose these anti-Semites for who they are, and leave it at that. Anyway none of these bumbling witchfinder wannabes would even recognize anti-Semitism for what it is these days! Imagine our bumbling anti-Semitic genre liberals and their fawning Court Jews investigating anti-Semitism in the genre community!?! It would be like the mafia investigating the IRS, or maybe that’s the IRS investigating the mafia! Reality has overtaken satire and parody. As with the genre Thought Police. It’s official if it wasn’t before – they have descended into self-parody. The US SF pro genre community has crossed over into George Orwell meets Terry Pratchett territory.

Our genre Thought Police would and do find any straight shooter calling de rigueur liberal anti-Semitism exactly what it is, all so incomprehensible. Court Jew Scotty ‘where is my mind?’ Edelman says as much to Scalzi re myself and my blog, and the latter and his echo-chamber concur naturally enough. It’s all like Quantum Mechanics to them. ‘Anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism? What’s that got to do with anti-Semitism?’ Heck these morons (including every single Court Jew) can’t even hold conservative Tangent editor and former SFWA Bulletin editor! Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale’s feet to the fire (who they all hate anyway); so not accepting Israel’s right to exist (editor Kathryn Cramer), supporting BDS against Israel (Mieville and the late Iain Banks notably) and expressing glowing admiration and high praise for extreme Jew-haters such as Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb, the UK Socialist Workers Party (Nick Mamatas, Ken McLeod and plenty others) means less than nothing to our hyped up PC liberal genre Thought Police. Court Jewry included. And what of the near universal admiration for Hezbollah supporter and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Noam Chomsky among the genre (and non-genre) far Left? And speaking of Mamatas, he can indulge in the most obscene and harebrained NAMBLA friendly commentary, and it ain’t a problem whatsoever, not to the genre Thought Police who have nothing to say here. What did he say? Just check my linked article, I have the smoking gun. Yes he really did say Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child”. Yes really he did. And then lied about what he wrote, when called out on it. The context of that whole NAMBLA horror remark is worth checking out. There is – to repeat – naturally nothing but Deafening Silence from the genre Thought Police on this front. Shocking, but who could be surprised? Compare and Contrast to the ridiculous witch-hunt against Resnick and Malzberg over Less than Nothing.

I wouldn’t necessarily even compare these amateur genre witch hunters to Joe McCarthy, it’s not fair on McCarthy.

Predictably one of the genre community’s most reliable witch hunters Jim Hines (frothed on considerably re the Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship’ affair and has launched the most pathetic lame personal attack my way, you know the way of the blogger exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community. Let me out of the mad house somebody, anybody) offers a convenient self-righteous round up of those who call for the shaming of the witches Resnick and Malzberg.

By the way, I am not saying or leaving in the air the idea that the vitriol directed the way of Malzberg and Resnick is especially vicious because they are Jews and many of the Thought Police attacking these two are also Jew-haters or at the least apologists for anti-Semites (even as they pretend they are not); aside from being humorless enforcers of militant feminism. They would surely have faced the same vitriol if they were WASP genre writers rather than Jews, and had made the same non-offensive (to non-insane people) heterosexual male comments. I am saying that nobody appears to have recognized the fact (or at least made it explicit) that many of these people attacking Malzberg and Resnick are also anti-Semites or at the least apologists for anti-Semites. And Malzberg and Resnick may not recognize this disquieting and pernicious fact. Laura Resnick certainly does not.

The thing is it is all of a piece – the militant mad feminism of today in which feminists see nothing wrong in accusing men of being sexist for merely acknowledging their heterosexuality (whilst self-same militant feminists have little if anything to say about honour killings, cliterodectomies, physical beatings and the denial of basic civil liberties and legal rights to women and girls across East, North and North-West Africa, the Muslim Middle-East and large swathes of Asia in Sharia ruled nations and territories), reverse racism identity politics, the delusional and malevolent marketing of ‘Islamophobia’ as bigotry and new anti-Semitism.

Leftists Malzberg and Resnick have been mugged by the reality of the mad bad Left of today, but not in the way that Jewish liberals usually are… That is not with respect to the mad bad Left’s in-your-face Jew-hatred. Nevertheless it is the latter that is as much of a problem with the Left and the genre Left at that, as is their militant and insane hyped PC feminism that is clearly misandrist. Malzberg and Resnick may have been rudely awakened to the reality of the feminism of today that has nothing on the mainstream feminism of the 1960s; yet the reality of the Left’s and the genre Left’s Jew-hatred (and the complicity of genre Court Jewry in tolerating that hatred and worse) is not something they appear to have recognized. That is in that regard they have yet to be mugged by the ugly contemporary liberal reality. Well that’s how it looks from here.

Let me spell this out: The likes of China Mieville and the late Iain Banks are guilty of the most extreme and transparent anti-Semitism, and hardly anybody says boo. Court Jewry cover for Mieville in the most pathetic and scandalous fashion, even the likes of the Jewish Neil Gaiman and the Jewish David Brin fawn all over the Jew-hater Banks upon the latter’s death. Genre editor Kathryn Cramer is likewise a hardcore Jew-hater and I am the only one who has called her out on it, at least explicitly (compare that with all the fanfare over Cramer and racefail!). And if you are  a self-hating Jew, well you can get away with anything. The anti-Semitism of Banks, Mieville, Tambour, Cramer (and others) is something the genre Left clearly don’t have a problem with. Whatsoever. This begs the question – why? The answer is obvious enough. Mieville, Cramer, Banks, Tambour and others exposed at this very blog for their anti-Semitism are hardly atypical. Their anti-Semitic bigotry disturbingly reflects the Left’s own anti-Semitic bigotry and/or cowardice in tolerating the former. Such an ugly reality has possibly yet to dawn on the likes of Mike Resnick (certainly his daughter) and Barry Malzberg. One doubts that they are aware of the complicity and cowardice of genre Court Jewry in aiding and abetting the acceptability and respectability of  anti-Semitism in genre circles.

Or to put it in so many words: the most shameless Jew-hatred from genre pros, Holocaust Denialism included, is greeted with a shrug and even hand waving dismissal from the genre Left (Court Jews such as Felix Gilman, Charles Stross and Chuck Rothman included. Dybbuk Press‘s Tim Lieder is in a league all of his own in this respect); harmless banter from Resnick and Malzberg in which they acknowledge the fact that they are heterosexual men is greeted with such a shrill hue and cry that it catalyzes the resignation of Jean Rabe from the SFFWA Bulletin and spills over into the mainstream media.

Let me be even more blunt and tendentious, unfortunately it is necessary.

Hardly anybody had anything to say about James Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism, not when he was living and not upon his death (see my response to the genre Thought Police’s Chesya Burke in this regard. She inadvertently proved my point for me). As far as conservative Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is concerned, his Holocaust Denialism has been denied! (see this blog’s archives and the links above are pertinent for the ugly details here) or simply ignored. And yet it wouldn’t necessarily occur to the likes of the Jews Resnick and Malzberg, the victims of this absurdist ideological witch-hunt, to point out what I point out in this very paragraph (and the ones above). What I mean is it would have to be pointed out to them. And that would mean having to recognize the ugly anti-Semitism and its easy tolerance in the genre community; along with the complicity of genre Court Jewry in covering and cowering and even furthering this oldest hatred. And who dares to open up that can of worms?

Remember I write and publish this online, when Iran actually goes nuclear (yes it’s now basically official), with all its chilling implications. And yet the focus for these so-called futurists and ‘thinkers’ in their own minds, these genre liberals in general (Jewish and Gentile), is on this non-scandal. And the focus from liberals as a whole is on the legal victory of gay marriage in the US. This is where their ‘minds’ are at. This is where their priorities are. This is frankly a form of madness, a denialism so extreme, that it goes beyond words…

Science Fiction in America (and the UK), that is in its official capacity is bad to the bone. The SFFWA cannot be reformed. It is high time for all those who have any sense of decency and a functioning moral compass to leave the SFFWA if it is commercially viable for them to do so, and forge their own path. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum. Leave the asylum. It is the only option.

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Tributes pour in for the anti-Semite Iain Banks upon his passing. Imagine if he hated black people or gays rather than the Jews…

So famed genre (and non-genre) writer Iain Banks died just very recently (9th June) after a fairly short battle with cancer. That’s the Jew-hater Iain Banks died after a short battle with cancer. He was 59.

So many tributes from so many people all over the world, notably his fellow writers.  There is nothing wrong of course with paying tribute to the writer as a writer per se, even though he was a hardcore Jew-hater. After all he was a critically acclaimed writer and a very popular one. This one from the British Guardian gives a good overview. Here for one from the UK Mirror.

Banks’s fellow Jew-hater, genre writer and childhood friend Ken McLeod remarked “It really is terrible news”.

This tribute from The BookSeller.

Tributes from the likes of Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh, politician and First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, to actors Ewan McGregor and Jamie Bell. Naturally enough just so many genre writers.


So the thing is nobody appears to bother mentioning that he was a vicious Jew-hater who in classic liberal style, pretended he was nothing of the sort. Of course one may say it’s not really appropriate to bring up his flaws and shortcomings, given not only his relatively premature death but the manner of it. Sure you could argue that. Okay. Of course the thing is Banks’s Jew-hatred is just a part of the culture, and the culture of the elite British chattering classes in particular (yeah couldn’t resist the pun).

However if I were say a Jewish writer, I would just choose not to say anything at all upon Banks’s death. I mean his Jew-hatred was an open secret. Heck it’s not even a secret of any kind. Of course to the liberal genre folk (and liberals in general), it’s a case of ‘what Jew-hatred, wot? He was just a critic of Israel’.

Yet what of Jewish genre folk? I am not even going to bother with the usual pathetic bunch of Court Jews, who have already revealed their hand on this front, when Banks announced he was dying. That would be superfluous at this point.

Yet this is very much worth mentioning.

There is a very revealing tweet from famous Brit Jewish genre writer Neil Gaiman upon Banks’s passing. Here it is:

Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman ‏@neilhimself 9 Jun

Iain Banks is dead. I’m crying in an empty house. A good man and a friend for almost 30 years.

Gaiman also wrote a blog post in Banks’s memory. All very weepy.

So the um Jewish Gaiman was all teary over the Jew-hater Banks shedding his mortal coil. Banks’s Jew-hatred didn’t bother the Jewish Gaiman at all. Either Gaiman rather disgracefully just chose to ignore it in favor of Banks’s talent as a writer, or Gaiman was simply oblivious of Banks’s politics, or way worse than that, Gaiman doesn’t begin to recognize hardcore Jew-hatred for what it is. Or he just doesn’t give a damn dearies. The uh Jew Neil Gaiman informs us that the Jew-hater Banks was a “good man and a friend”. Chilling. The only way to spin Gaiman’s remarks on Banks in a relatively positive light, is to speculate that Gaiman is totally ignorant of Banks’s sinister and ugly politics. I’ll tell you this much – if any notable Jewish genre writers are going to be speaking out against the Jew-hatred in the genre pro field, well it’s not likely going to be coming from liberal Jewry. That’s for sure. And if not now, when? Remember Banks’s anti-Semitism is praised to the skies by the most notorious far right-wing white supremacist neo-Nazi Forum on the English language World Wide Web. Yes that’s Stormfront. Yeah I know those openly and thankfully honest Jew-hating white supremacists have just misunderstood Banks’s intent *sarc*.

Gaiman’s tribute to Banks is mentioned at plenty of the nooks and crannies on the internet general news sources and literary news sources (including in the links above) where tributes to Iain Banks have been carried. Gaiman and liberal Jewry like him don’t get that a character like Banks technically *and actually* hated Gaiman, since Banks was an anti-Semite. Even as Banks would emphatically have denied it and Gaiman would probably just scratch his head in incomprehension. This is such a simple and obvious point that it is easily missed, even by pro-Israel folk infuriated by liberal Jewry’s cowardice and ingratiation with liberal Jew-haters.

It’s worth adding that David Brin, another heavyweight Jewish genre writer had nothing but nice things to say about Banks upon the latter’s death. So everything I say about Gaiman above, ditto Brin. Brin has also not been one to shy away from politics (just like his late father Herb Brin, a well-known and deservedly respected Zionist in his day). David Brin has often commented on the stupidity of the false and simplistic Left vs Right political narrative over the years, and the excesses of both groups, and the prejudices that infect people across the political spectrum. Yet when it comes to Brin’s liberal genre colleagues, as is evidenced by his remarks on Banks, all that supposed recognition of the Left’s excesses just goes out the window. Then again, Brin is clearly liberal himself. Hey Brin, Banks technically and actually hated you for the same reasons he hated Gaiman (and even self-hating genre Court Jewry). That’s ’cause he was a Jew-hater see?

Yet Brin glossing over Banks’s Jew-hatred like it isn’t there is in keeping with Brin’s out-of-touch eggheadedness. Here after all is Brin fulminating against Frank Miller given the latter’s contempt for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The Jew-hatred that infects OWS in a big way is utterly off the radar to Brin. Clueless. Brin wrote on neo-conservatives and Islamism/Muslim extremism back during the Bush Jr presidency. Hey I never cared for the neo-cons and expressed opposition to both American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in the twenty-first century it is the Western Left that is increasingly in open alliance with or engaged in ingratiating apologetics and whitewashing of Islam/ism. I don’t think conservatives (especially neo-cons) are really any better at all. Just one reason why all this talk of Left and Right is so much nonsense. Yet my point is Brin is typical of a certain kind of Jewish baby-boomer know-it-all intellectual, stuck in 1970 in so many ways. You don’t know it all Brin, you just think you do.

So the popular Jewish genre writer David Brin has no problem bashing Frank Miller by name, over the latter’s contempt for the OWS Movement, never mind that the OWS Movement is horribly anti-Semitic. Self-same Brin gives a warm tribute to a hardcore Jew-hating colleague Iain Banks upon the latter’s death. Come again?

The thing with Gaiman and Brin is not only are they Jewish, they are to belabour the point, genre writers who are both critically acclaimed and popular. Hence they are influential within the genre community. One does have to wonder how much self-censorship there is from genre Jewry when it comes to their anti-Semitic peers (such as Banks), for reasons that are commercially motivated. That is since Banks’s new anti-Semitism is a respectable and very much acceptable prejudice within (and without) the liberal genre community, any Jewish genre figure risks alienating and offending genre liberals by calling out NEW anti-Semitism for what it is. Whilst I think this may be a factor in explaining genre Jewry’s silence in the face of anti-Semitism as anti-Israelism from their genre colleagues and peers, I don’t think it is necessarily the dominant reason. I think other considerations matter more. Namely the fact that Jewish genre writers such as Gaiman and Brin are true blue liberals (arguably Brin to a lesser degree and yes it’s very debatable), and hence as with liberal Jewry in general, they are willfully and perversely blind to the Left’s anti-Semitism. To such Jews, their Leftism/liberalism matters more to them than their Jewishness, and it would appear life itself.

These days such cowering and pathetic ingratiation with liberal Jew-haters by and from liberal Jews, well that should go without saying really. And let me repeat the point that it is so revealing. That is speaking out against modern day contemporary liberal anti-Semitism is not necessarily going to be coming from this generation of genre figures. It would certainly appear so. If ever. As in the wider world I guess, liberal Jewry are if anything part of the problem…

Can you imagine when conservative genre writer Orson Scott Card passes away (as he must one day)? I guarantee you much will be made of his alleged/real homophobia. However if you are a liberal Jew-hater notable in the arts and academia, you are not only given a free ride, but liberal Jewry will ensure it. They will do all they can to practically enforce it. In fact they will tend to grovel all over and praise such a Jew-hater as a saint. Do you think when Card dies, Gay Pride groups will be singing his praises? Groups such as GLAD and the Gay Activists Alliance? Gay genre writers and gay genre fandom? Heck the liberal genre community as a whole?

Of course not.

However Jewry (so-called and especially liberal Jewry) are something else. They really are. To call such Jews pathetic is to downgrade the very meaning of the word.

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