Obama White House doubles down on the Jew Hate in aftermath of the Vienna Deal sell-out to Iran. Liberal genre ‘Jewry’ silent. Of course. Charles Stross and Farah Mendlesohn go gaga over the rise of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, Hamas and Hezbollah fan.

In the time since my last blog post detailing the nightmare of the Vienna Deal (and it’s way way worse than I let on in that blog posting of mine) that witnessed the Jew-hating Obama administration give the green light to Iran to go ahead and develop nuclear bombs so they can nuke the Jews and also provide – via the unfreezing of 150 billion USD in sanctions – ever more funding and arms to Hamas and Hezbollah and other jihadist groups (and the deafening silence in this regard – and I do mean TOTAL SILENCE – from genre liberal ‘Jews’), the Obama administration has only doubled down in its delusional lying and Jew-hatred. The White House has painted critics of the deal as well financed lobbying groups and war-mongers, the same folk who got America into war in Iraq. At the same time Obama and his gangster administration says that only Israel and its supporters oppose the deal (actually that’s a lie. Canada and Gulf Arab states, the latter no friends of Israel, oppose the deal likewise. And even if only Israel opposed the deal, all that would tell us is that nobody cares about the Jews, as if that were news). You put two and two together, you get four. In other words, the administration is saying the Jews – that is Israel – got America into war in Iraq, is serviced by an all-powerful and nefarious lobbying group, and are just a bunch of warmongers besides. This Jew-hate derangement by the White House in the aftermath of the Vienna Deal, as the White House attempts to sell the deal to the American people, is the Jew-hate proof in the Jew-hate pudding. That is: why respond with such Jew-hate claptrap in trying to promote and push the Vienna Deal, unless the deal is riddled through with Jew-hatred, in intent and effect, in the first place?

The response to the Jew-hate lying in this regard – that is the indefensible defense of the Vienna sell-out to Iran – by the Obama administration, from Jewry as a whole, even in Israel, has been pathetic and craven. For the most part. Even as it’s a huge huge scandal. I mean this is more of a sell-out than Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement. Chamberlain never gave the green light for Hitler to acquire nuclear bombs! Chamberlain appeased Hitler. Obama and cronies are doing worse. They are actively collaborating with Iran. To get nuclear bombs. And to finance the Jihad International. So then it should go without saying, that liberal genre ‘Jewry’ continue to say nothing. At all. Ever. But Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day!!! Puppies, Sad and Rabid Puppies Puppies Puppies!!! Trump Trump Trump!! It’s not like these liberal ‘Jews’ never comment on politics or refrain from bashing Republicans and conservatives! And I’m willing to bet they never ever will criticize the Jew-hater Obama and his administration (who they voted for of course or supported if not American) for the unhinged Jew-hatred (with very real and sinister consequences) coming from these quarters. No Matter What.

Obama and his cronies could start calling for the Zionists in America to be made to wear yellow stars, sell F-16s to Iran (well the reality is far far worse than that!), call Hamas “freedom fighters”, and I would bet that liberal genre Jewry would just say nothing, and continue to bash Republicans/conservatives. I’m not joking. If anybody can find any criticisms in this regard from the usual pathetic bunch of know-nothing caricatures that is liberal genre ‘Jewry’, out of touch and even out to lunch, let me know, because I couldn’t find anything. At all. Of course I didn’t expect to. I mean who would? I wouldn’t bet against some of them even supporting the deal that gives Iran a green light to pursue its Jihad, nuclear and conventional. The way their fellow liberal American Hollywood airhead Jews did. Well a number of them at any rate (ninety-eight of them to be exact. At least 98 Quislings on the record). Obama fan and political idiot Steven Spielberg could not be reached for comment.

As if  to parallel the Jew-hatred of the Obama administration as manifest in the Vienna Deal ALONE; Jeremy Corbyn, a far Leftist loon, ends up winning the leadership of the British Labour Party. And there is no difference between Corbyn and the likes of say George Galloway and the British SWP. None. Except one of personal style, not substance.

Corbyn calls Hamas and Hezbollah Britain’s “friends” (yes really that’s an accurate quote). In fact this is what he says about HAMAS:

“The idea that an organisation that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people, and bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region, should be labelled as a terrorist organisation by the British government, is really a big, big historical mistake.” 


Corbyn has defended 9-11 conspiracy blather that says the Jooos had a hand in it (by defending Anglican cleric Stephen Sizer on this exact delusional bigoted nonsense). Corbyn has shared the anti-Israel stage with the likes of James Thring (a 9-11 conspiracy theorist and Jew-hater who believes Jews control the financial markets and has earned praise from former KKK wizard David Duke, and so much more of course) and Charles Stross’s Jew-hate buddy Max Blumenthal (at an anti-Israel event at the British Parliament sponsored by Corbyn himself, in 2014). Corbyn has called the killing of Osama Bin Laden a “tragedy”, and more along those lines. In fact he has supported BDS against Israel. And the BDS against Israel (but not Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.) movement is hardcore extreme Jew-hatred, as I have made clear in some detail at this very blog over the years.  

In other words, Corbyn is a caricature of the Jew-hate Jihad loving far Leftist. Notice how what happened in Britain re the lurch of the Labour Party to the far Left, and all the Jew-hatred and love affair with the Muslim Jihad that goes with that, so mirrors the unabashed Jew-hatred of the very left-wing White House and how that Jew-hatred has reached a nadir with the Vienna Deal (so far!). Depressing and pathetic that just during the last two months, there is an increasingly fevered Jew-hatred on the American and British Left; as evidenced by the Israel-hatred from the White House re the Vienna Deal (a collaboration with Iran that almost beggars belief) and its ongoing aftermath, and the Corbyn win of the Labour leadership in Britain. This bodes very ill for Jews in America and Britain, never mind Israel! It isn’t difficult to connect the dots (although it’s hardly been done, in any urgent sense, even by pro-Israel Jewry) re incensed Jew-hatred as Israel hatred from the mainstream American Left (Democratic Party) and the mainstream British Left (UK Labour). So you can forget about our liberal-could-care-less-about-Israel Jewry, and liberal genre so-called Jewry from the PoV of this blog, even beginning to comprehend any of this. Even in outline. Not even vaguely. Worth remarking that the difference between Obama and Corbyn, is that Corbyn is thankfully honest in his anti-Semitism, in his proud and open support for the Jihad. Corbyn doesn’t disguise his love affair for the Muslim jihad against the Jews and other infidels coming to think of it. Obama just lies routinely and shamelessly and calls his hatred of Israel (that is the Jews) friendship and concern. Yet Obama gives a huge economic boost to Iran (Iran has gotten more money from this single deal than Israel has gotten from America since its modern founding in 1948); a boost that will see Hamas and Hezbollah flush with arms from Iran, so the former can rain death and destruction on Israel, sooner or later. It’s not as if Iran has changed its tune or its goals. Any more than Hamas and Hezbollah have. And that’s aside from the nuclear issue! In fact since the Vienna Deal was signed, the Jew-hate histrionics of the Iranian regime has only picked up. No you didn’t hear about it from the BBC or CNN and the rest of the Jew-hate left-wing media.

Naturally a hardcore anti-Semite if there was one, genre writer Charles Stross, anti-Semitic like many far Left ‘Jews’, is delighted and ecstatic at the election of Jew-hater and Jihad International supporter Jeremy Corbyn. In fact it’s clear as day that Stross is a STAUNCH DEFENDER AND SUPPORTER OF JEREMY CORBYN, THE HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH FAN. Here are just some of the pertinent Tweets from Charles Stross. They will only shock if you don’t know Stross’s far Left loony politics and if you don’t share them of course (detailed at this blog).  Tweets pasted below from most recent in time to less so.

From September 15th:

Charlie Stross retweeted

  1. Please spread the truth about the people’s enemy J. Corbyn.

Embedded image permalink

Get that? Stross is clearly being facetious, with that retweeted straw man rubbish from the ‘Ministry of Truth’. Irony meter explodes. When it comes to the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’, Corbyn could serve as its director. To call Stross shamelessly stupid is unfair on the shamelessly stupid. He is beyond all that. To Stross fascism is liberty and hatred is compassion. Words fail me really.

Some more Charlie Stross Tweets (from September 14th):


  1. Just imagine UK media headlines if Russian President called a leading opposition party threat to national security?

    Embedded image permalink

    Sep 14 

    Wrt. last retweet: It’s a sad reflection on British politics when VLADIMIR PUTIN’s people sound saner than the British Prime Minister … 

    One can criticize Cameron and Tories on a number of things re his and their clashes with Labour, without being accused of being a far Left fascist defender of a far Left fascist such as Corbyn; BUT sticking up for a Jihad (as in Hamas and Hezbollah) supporting 9-11 conspiracy theorist (evidenced by Jeremy C giving the thumbs up to ‘the Jooooos had a hand in 9-11’ baloney – see Stephen Sizer themed/linked article further up) that is Jeremy Corbyn, in the face of legitimate criticism in this regard from anybody – Cameron or the local fish & chip shop worker – is an unambiguous defense of a far left-wing fascist Jihad supporting Jew-hate loon. This ain’t rocket science. So now in the world according to Stross, critics of a left-wing fascist Jew-hater and Jihad lover are automatically akin to supporters of an ex-KGB thug, wannabe imperialist and tyrant, because they are. So says Stross.

    Earlier Tweets as well from Stross (September 13th and 12th):

    Charlie Stross @cstrossSep 13 

    Labour Party acquires new leader with moral integrity: NO WONDER the plutocracy hate him:

    Charlie Stross @cstrossSep 12 

    This week’s UK news: (1) Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader by landslide, (2) Billionaire-owned press wigs out because OH NOES SOCIALISM.

Yeah it’s just the rich capitalists (read rich Joooo capitalists to the far Left and the mainstream Left really) who don’t like Corbyn, hey Stross? Corbyn’s unambiguous, indisputable and proud sympathy for Hamas and Hezbollah and Jew-hate paranoia in general, his thumbs up for the Joos did 9-11, has nothing to do with anything.

Another Tweet from Stross on September 12th:

Charlie Stross @cstross Sep 12 

Wow! The UK appears to have a national-level political opposition party again for the first time in about 30 years.

Yeah the UK does indeed now have an overtly fascist political opposition party that is desperate – as with the Left as a whole – to scapegoat the Jooos for the crimes and excesses of global capitalism, and that autonomically and unconsciously means the Jew among the nations. Yeah that’s going to help the poor of Britain and the Third World, sticking it to the working class Jew nation by supporting the Jihad against it. What could go wrong? Don’t worry liberal readership of this blog. You won’t understand the first two sentences of this paragraph. It will read like advanced nuclear physics or Mayan hieroglyphs. Don’t worry your tiny tiny tiny ‘minds’ over it.

None of this from Charlie Stross surprises in the least. Stross is consistent. He luuuuvs Jew-hating Leftists (Jew-hating Jews especially), from Chomsky to Juan Cole and Naomi Klein. And what about Max Blumethal? ‘Cause Stross is one deranged anti-Semite himself. For newcomers to this blog, here is Stross blaming the Tea Party for the Boston marathon bombing the day it happened.

I wonder how Stross’s fellow anti-Semitic genre Brit Leftists (Jewish anti-Semites among them) feel about Corbyn’s rise? I include anti-Semite Ken MacLeod, Farah Mendlesohn who was desperate for Israel to lose a war against HAMAS (for real, just check the link for the smoking gun), Richard Morgan (whose numero uno “hero” is Jew-hate journalist John Pilger, who calls Hezbollah his “heroes”), anti-Semite Paul Graham Raven (buddy buddy with Stross and Morgan. Both Stross and Graham Raven dismissed my series on Holocaust Revisionism from within the genre community as loony paranoia without reading a single word therein. Check the Paul Graham Raven linked article above for the details), anti-Semite Hal Duncan and of course hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville. Among so many others, including the British based Israeli SF writer and anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ Lavie Tidhar and British expat NY based Felix Gilman, another anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ if there was one (actually I noticed one or two Tweets from Gilman on Corbyn’s win, just remarking on it without criticism or praise. Hard to tell though what he really feels, holding his cards close to his chest. So far…).

Actually Farah Mendlesohn is ecstatic with Corbyn’s triumph as this Tweet (and others from Sept 12th) tell us:

Farah Mendlesohn ‏@effjayem Sep 12
Break out the red rosettes!!!! Back to wearing my heart on my sleeve. #labourleadership

What else to expect from such an anti-Semitic far Left ‘Jew’? She and Stross are two peas in a pod.

Mieville may have mixed feelings because there is now no way to distinguish the Jihad supporting Labour Party leadership from the Jihad supporting George Galloway far Left, the latter is where Mieville is firmly and proudly ensconced. So maybe something of a power struggle there. That’s a whole other thing that just bores me really.

Of course the answer is this… Liberal genre folk and especially ‘Jewish’ liberal genre folk (British, North American etc.) don’t have one bad word to say about Corbyn’s rise in the UK Labour Party. Even if they don’t say anything good about it neither. I can’t find anything. And I searched. Nothing on the record (read Twitter). If not getting aroused with giddy excitement over it the way Stross and Mendlesohn have predictably done, liberal genre Jewry are just deafening in their silence. In fact the latter tactic appears to be the rule among liberal Jewish genre writers, editors, publishers, fans… But Trump Trump, Republicans, Vox Day, Puppies!!!

Of course Stross and Farah M are not the only genre Leftists pleased as punch that UK Labour has gone full left-wing fascist. They just stick out. Jew-hater and American communist genre writer and editor Nick Mamatas (who I have personally clashed with. This is such a reveal. As is his blog meltdown in response – link is my reply to his lying meltdown – to my exposé of his oblivious anti-Semitism) has puffed out a few Tweets on Corbyn a couple of days ago. Not as obviously delighted as Stross and Mendlesohn are, but he seems pleased enough with Corbyn’s win. Clearly not unhappy about it. That’s for sure. Oh yeah that’s Nick ‘Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child’ Mamatas.

PS As far as the Noah Ward thing at the Hugos goes, at this point I am so past even pretending to pretend to give a damn one way or the other. Priorities and Perspective people.

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As Obama gives the green light for Iran’s nukes in farcical Vienna talks so the mullahs can engender a nuclear Holocaust of Jewry, politically vocal liberal ‘Jewish’ genre folk babble on about anything else

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah   5:20

There has been and there is much written on many Israel and pro-Israel (or at least not death to Israel) focused blogs, news websites, journals/periodicals, even the lamestream media on the ridiculous and farcical negotiations between the US, the Europeans and Iran on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program and its nuclear weaponization plans, the Iranian regime’s genocidal Jew-hatred, and Israel’s protests against Iran and its dream of the annihilation of another few million Jews via the destruction of Israel, Hiroshima and Nagasaki style, along with the West’s and in particular US government appeasement and fawning before Iran; that nothing I can say here will add anything new to the mix.

And at the very time this gets published at my blog, July 14th, it has reached it would appear a nadir. A deal appears to be signed. A deal with the Devil. Although who knows what the future holds in store…

So I’m not going to add my tiny voice to any of that here, when there are specialist blogs and websites and the like where knowledgeable scholars, historians, and the better journalists and bloggers discuss all this. If the reader is not interested, or doesn’t know nor care, well I can’t compel such interest then. If the reader is concerned about the appeasement of Iran by the Obama administration and what it means, then you already know the main points, if not all the finer details, in all its farcical black comedy.

The point of this article is to give all that a spin from the PoV of the brain-dead genre community, and especially the disgustingly stupid, obscenely craven liberal genre Jewry. A mirror of liberal Jewry as a whole.

Let me just say a few things re the whole Iran fiasco: the only debatable point is whether the Obama administration is incompetent and stupid beyond words in bumbling its way, fawning and appeasing the anti-Zionist Iranian mullahs, who of course torture and oppress and murder their own people, and thus can’t be trusted on anything, least of all any word they give on their nuclear program; or whether the Obama administration is willfully malicious and sinister, seeking to empower Iran, if only to hold Israel to a genocidal ransom (and whatever nuclear arms race is catalyzed in the Middle-East is simply the price to be paid), and make the nightmare fear of another Holocaust of Jewry all too real and palpable. Or is it a combination of the two factors? I would argue it is both.

When even the Israeli Left blasts this farcical ‘historical deal’ that imperils not just Israel, but the Middle-East as a whole and the world at large, that tells you something.

The talks and the deal worked out are farcical and absurd from the outset because the Iranian government lies on principle. It has been caught lying on its nuclear program all the time, Western military intelligence has uncovered several installations and processing and enrichment plants and facilities that they hid from the IAEA. All governments lie, but what we are supposed to trust Iran?

A second point that is often missed even by Obama and his fellow Jew-hater Kerry’s biggest critics, and is all the evidence you need of their Jew-hatred (although there is so much)… The US acts as if it has the best interest of Israel at heart, even as its bumbling negotiators who follow the Chamberlain playbook through and through, gamble on nothing less than the lives of another six million Jews (and approx. two million Arabs btw). The US government doesn’t seek to hide its contempt and dismissiveness of Israel’s protests and concerns at any deal that gives Iran the momentum and the economic boost to achieve the goal of nuclear arms and ipso facto eventually another holocaust of Jewry (and also it is made far far easier for Iran to give conventional arms support to the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, with the unfreezing of a hundred and fifty billion dollars in sanctions, and the eventual dissolution of the arms embargo against Iran!). And such a deal is not only on the cards, it is – it would appear as I publish this online – sealed, signed and delivered. This is revealing of not just the Obama administration’s condescension to Israel, its callousness and obtuseness; worse it is evidence of base and extreme Jew-hatred from the US government. And the liberals worldwide who endorse it, celebrate it and cheer on this sinister capitulation. The Iranian regime is ecstatic likewise. How to account for that coincidence? HuffPo liberals and Iranian regime supporters – all delighted and triumphant. It’s hard to say who is celebrating more… 

As if it’s for incompetent and know-nothing appeasers to decide on the fate of a whole nation, that just happens to be the Jew nation. And damn any protest from those uppity Jews.

There are so many chilling parallels to the 1930s, including an uncanny coincidence that Jew-hater John Kerry has been staying at Vienna’s Imperial Hotel, where Hitler himself has been a guest.

Another shameful parallel is the behavior of American Jewry. In the 1930s American Jews stayed largely silent, including their cowardly leadership in the face of the rise of the Nazis, and Roosevelt and the State Department’s utter indifference to the plight of European Jewry. Roosevelt closed the doors on European Jews desperate to get out, making it clear it wasn’t America’s problem. A telling tragedy would be made most visible by the voyage of the damned ship the St. Louis. America, like Canada, Britain, Australia, South Africa, did not lift a finger to help Jews desperate to escape the Nazi menace. During the war itself, despite calls from exiled European Jewish leadership, the Americans and British refused to bomb Auschwitz, although they would have no such problem bombing German run factories and the like in Nazi occupied Poland in broad daylight. The US and the other Jew-hating nations of the former British Empire and Britain herself are culpable in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Shoah, and if that offends the reader, too bad. Consult Arthur Morse’s book While Six Million Died for the facts about the Allies and in particular the US and its role in abandoning the Jews to the gas chambers and Nazi death squads. History is written by the victors and Jews don’t want to know. Nothing would change once Israel was founded in 1948. Israel has survived for the most part despite the West, not because of it (Nixon’s emergency ’73 arms resupply airlift being a notable exception). And despite self-loathing Jewry in Israel and out of Israel by the by.

But now the Jew-hater Obama, the Jew-hater Kerry, the Jew-hating US State Department, the Jew-hating American and Western Left (even as there certainly is conservative anti-Semitism, it is outmatched and far surpassed by the sheer malice and forcefulness of the Left’s Israel hatred) have pushed Armageddon ever closer; as the former endorse, give a free pass, a green light, an imprimatur, a big smiley face on Iran’s plans for genocide, one way or another, for the Jew among the nations. And it won’t end there. It never does.

And what do our POLITICALLY VOCAL never shut up genre Jewry have to say about this? Remember they include Obama voting American Jews…

What do you think?

Nothing. Rien. Zilch. A Big Fat Zero. Do I repeat myself? Yeah I know. Still it is what it is.

The very political (and dumb) SF writer David Brin has been tweeting on San Diego Comic Con, edible bar-codes that fight counterfeit drugs, the NFL shutdown and stadium funding and bravely blogging about how citizens with video cameras and what-have-you are now empowered to reduce police brutality and blah blah. His fellow liberal genre Jew Adam-Troy Castro (who I also mock in the previous article at this blog) blogs on a revealing anti-black racism in property sales in Florida way back when (it is relevant to his wife’s family). I don’t of course have a problem with that. But naturally there isn’t and never will be a blog post on Barack Obama’s multi-pronged strategy to bring Israel to its knees, deliberately or otherwise. Then again Castro clearly voted for this Jew-hater. Then again he may not even know what I mean anyhow (all this most probably reads like Quantum Mechanics to Liberal-American-Jews, genre or not) and wouldn’t want to know. That’s for sure. Typical liberal-American-Jew.

Liberal American Jews (genre and not) hypnotized by American identity politics will just continue to run away and obscenely deny what is going on however they can. So they can remain ensconced in their smug self-righteous ways and manners. And sleep at night. Oblivious and stupid beyond words. Sleepwalkers. A disgrace perhaps unsurpassed in Jewish history. I don’t think they even have a clue of what is actually going down in Vienna and before that in other venues as Iran laughs and Kerry pats himself on the back for a job well done. And Obama beams. And Israel looks on, like a witness to a plot of mass murder (which is what it is), its own murder no less.

Genre liberal Jewish writer Michael Burstein to be fair does not embroil himself in genre politics (as Brin and Castro do) and neither does he blog on politics really, so I can’t be critical of him. Yet he’s a very political person. He once considered running as a Democrat contender in the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District back in 2012, but wisely decided against it in the end. I wouldn’t recommend running as any kind of candidate for the idiotic Republicans neither. The whole two party system is a farce.

Yet at the same time, he is a Democrat Party Supporter no matter what, no matter they hate him, no matter the abuse and contempt they hurl the way of Jews oh wait I mean Israel. Hey it’s not the same thing (Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred) say the disingenuous defenders and apologists for Jew-hating gentile liberals. And Israel hatred ain’t Israel hatred. It’s something else. It’s whatever they want it to be, or not to be. No matter the Democrat Party’s appeasement and capitulation to Iranian Muslim fascism, a modus operandi that would make Neville Chamberlain blush. And of course plenty Republicans could clearly care less. American Jews who care about Israel are left floundering. America is a lot more like Europe and Britain than it isn’t. Get a clue you dumb American Jews (no not all of you, just most of you).

And what of our self-hating genre Jewry? From Lavie Tidhar and Farah Mendlesohn to Charles Stross, Felix Gilman to Rose Fox? And so many others really (just check this blog and it is not comprehensive by any means). Well what do you think? Any u-turn on that front would entail nothing less than a Dark Night of the Soul, a nervous breakdown, possession by a dybbuk, a facing up to self-loathing and masochistic shame so deep and extreme that the psyche could not remain intact, unbroken. They would risk going mad. Then again since they are already mad, perhaps if the mad go mad, it would mean paradoxically clearing the path to sanity. Anyhow this is academic since they are not going to change. It’s not just they don’t want to offend their Jew nation hating liberal gentile colleagues and fans, they don’t want to threaten their own fragile ego identities, their own Jew nation hating or at best pro-Palestinian Chic Progressive Kumbaya beliefs (which amounts to the same thing anyhow). And people are their beliefs. Changing one’s religion, ideology is one thing, but who can face up to the terrible shame of having been a self-hating Jew? And thus playing one’s part in the war against the Jews redux. The plan for the Final Solution Part Two. The Joint Islamist-Leftist Plot for another Holocaust. And that’s what it is.

In fact genre writer and lawyer Felix Gilman (see this blog’s archives for the ugly facts on this ‘Jew’) has the chutzpah, the gall, to tweet contempt and mockery (July 13th/14th) the way of Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker because Republican. No tweeting contempt and mockery the way of Jew-haters Obama and Kerry as they bumble and fawn and grovel before the Iranian mullahs (Gilman appears to have no idea at all or could care less, he’s not very bright naturally enough). Heck it’s only the Jew nation whose survival is threatened yaaaaaaaaaawn and Gilman lives in New York (and is very much pro-Palestinian anyhow), where he is safely ensconced in his Liberal Bubble. Although who knows how long that will last…

What does the now ex-President of the SFWA (Cat Rambo is the new President as of this month in fact), the  ‘Jewish’ Steven Gould have to say? What about his now ex Vice-President of the SFWA, Jew in Name Only Rachel Swirsky (the new Vice-President there is M.C.A. Hogarth), what does she have to say? These are of course rhetorical questions. Well they can only have held their positions by being Court Jews, that is safe, conventional and not ever stepping out of line. And Gould and Swirsky clearly couldn’t have been happier to be obedient Court Jews on their best behavior and following the narrative and script of left-wing moral and cultural relativism and bullying histrionics. The witch-hunting Ecclesiastical Court House of UnAmerican Activities Task Force being a nadir under their um reign. Of course like all the other Jews I mention in this post, I doubt they really know what is actually going on in Vienna and what it means. Never mind the nuclear issue, Hamas and Hezbollah are going to be flush with new arms from Iran – that’s just one reason why the Vienna Agreement is an unmitigated disaster.

 Hey liberal genre ‘Jews’ Don’t Care and They Don’t Know. There is science fiction to read, write, edit and comment on! Giddy Gee. In fact Gould’s tweets reveal him to be a caricature of the Idiot Liberal American Jew. Just in the last few days Gould has retweeted some pointless trivial crap from Jew-hater and genre hack Saladin Ahmed. Plenty more lying hatred of Israel from Ahmed on Twitter, plenty more where that came from. But can’t find any tweets from Ahmed criticizing Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Boko Haram, Syrian and Iranian government death squads, jihadist terror groups and Islamist tyranny and brutality from Yemen to Eritrea, Thailand to Libya and Egypt etc. Yoohoo ISIS/ISIL hello? Talking about ISIS, how about Ahmed’s brain-dead obscene criticism and dismissal of those um criticizing ISIS, from the PoV of Muslim doctrine?! I could write a whole article on just that Tweet and how evil and dumb it is. Getting back to Gould, he’s also been blabbing on in know-nothing histrionic style about global warming/climate change (a subject of which he clearly knows nothing, like most everybody) the last few days. Yes it’s those rising sea levels (where exactly? And sea levels rise and fall over the millenia as the climate changes naturally duh) that threaten the people of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Rio and Cape Town. Miami to Goa and the coast of Nigeria. The better to ignore the real problems (the sixth extinction, Muslim fanaticism, Obama’s Chamberlain act etc.), but there you go. What a typical Liberal American Jewish Idiot.

Liberal Jews (mainstream and far Left) in and out of the genre community:

A Hard Rain ain’t just gonna fall on Israel.

There is something else I want to add, just in terms of a coincidence. The same day the deal with the Devil was signed – July 14th – the much anticipated companion novel of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman was published amidst some fanfare (it appears to be a sequel, although I have also heard it is just a first draft of the former novel). The buzz and publicity for this novel (a manuscript unknown about for decades) was and is considerable. As the Wiki entry for the new novel tells us:

‘The title comes from Isaiah 21:6: “For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.” It alludes to Jean Louise Finch’s view of her father, Atticus Finch, as the moral compass (“watchman”) of Maycomb, and has a theme of disillusionment, as she realizes her father’s bigotry.’

And what’ll you do now, my blue-eyed son?
And what’ll you do now my darling young one?
I’m a-goin’ back out ‘fore the rain starts a-fallin’
I’ll walk to the depths of the deepest black forest
Where the people are a many and their hands are all empty
Where the pellets of poison are flooding their waters
Where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison
And the executioner’s face is always well hidden
Where hunger is ugly, where souls are forgotten
Where black is the color, where none is the number
And I’ll tell and speak it and think it and breathe it
And reflect from the mountain so all souls can see it
And I’ll stand on the ocean until I start sinkin’
But I’ll know my song well before I start singing
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard
It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

Bob Dylan     ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’

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Liberal American Jewish genre writers Adam-Troy Castro, David Brin and gang: It’s 1965 It’s 1965! And if you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Note: To the pedants, I am well aware that the song ‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in your Hair)’ was only released in 1967. Yeah okay.

Expect poison from the standing water.                                                                                 William Blake              Proverbs of Hell

Scroll down to the lowest part of the article for the update (14th June).

I have written one article centering on Adam-Troy Castro previously. Namely this one, and it is worth checking out (I was polite and gracious in that article) if you are interested in this follow-up I suppose. It also catalyzed this article, centering on dufus hack ‘Jewish’ genre writer Chuck Rothman (and Dave Truesdale, the Holocaust Revisionist he was defending). That’s very much worth reading because it’s pure black comedy, of the highest (or lowest depends how you look at it) um class. It’s in the latter article where you can read Dave Truesdale’s only public response to my series on him and others, re their Holocaust Denialism. All this went down at Adam-Troy Castro’s little nook on the web (the SFF web board). Check that Rothman and Truesdale focused article for how Castro and gang responded, or didn’t respond – to Truesdale the Holocaust Denier spewing his supposed innocence of being guilty of any and all anti-Semitism that is, and dismissing me as a nut job in the process, and Rothman’s obscene blundering (likewise in response to yours truly, the Red Wolf).

So when the Dave Truesdale PetitionGate affair happened along one year and four months later, given how these Jews just don’t want to know, then and now; it shouldn’t surprise anybody at how genre Jews just obliviously signed a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Revisionist. Castro and crew didn’t tell ’em, kept mum, all hush hush, cast it aside like a dirty nappy. Never spread the word. Anything but! Hey that’s how it looks from here. If you read up on the details in the Truesdale Petition article, it’s even more lame and pathetic than I let on here. That’s what happens when you – as in liberal genre Jews – don’t want to know. THEN and NOW. I comment on this in detail in that lengthy Petition article, am not going to repeat all that here. Except to say, notice the contrast between Castro and gang’s vocal and conspicuous calling out of the black beast Vox Day and his supporters and apologists (detailed in this very article, and sure Beale’s a bigot and reactionary as I make very clear over here) and how self-same Castro crew & allies respond to another genre right-wing reactionary Truesdale’s hardcore oblivious anti-Semitism (so much like, and yet so different, to the hardcore oblivious anti-Semitism of the Left, although the latter are not usually Holocaust Revisionists). That is both when Truesdale protested his innocence at Castro’s place on the web in late 2012, and near a year and a half later, during the Petition Affair. All Beale would have to do to get the self-righteous and smug genre Left – and genre Jewish Left at that – to leave him alone, is to hate on the Jews (especially if he just uses the Left’s disingenuous disguises of anti-Israelism and anti-Zionist sloganese) instead of hating on blacks, women and gays. Then I’m sure the genre Left and the Jewish genre liberals will leave him alone and everything will just be hunky dory.

Jewish liberals in the genre community, so desperate to throw stones at the bogey man, the stone devil, the big bad wolf on the Right Vox Day, because you know the KKK and the Nazis and Jewish liberals are liberals, true blue and the Western and American Left and genre Left are just morally pure, shiny and sparkling. Nothing to see there, untouchable. Hear no Evil See no Evil Speak no Evil. Yeah best for liberal genre Jewry to focus on Vox Day, the bête noire – what would they do without him? – than take a hard look at the mammoth in the closet that they are desperate to keep closed and shut, indeed deny its very existence; namely the Jew-hating genre Left and non-genre Left for that matter.

These genre Jews voted for or supported (twice over) the most hardcore anti-Semitic president and administration since that other Democrat Carter in the 1970s. Yet whilst Carter has since exposed himself as horribly anti-Semitic; in office Obama is doing the kind of damage to Israel that Carter could only have dreamed about when the latter was president. And so such liberal Jews (genre and not) are complicit in the Obama administration’s war against the Jew nation, of which they appear as oblivious as they are the rampant and deep-seated Jew-hatred among the Left (on both sides of the Atlantic) as a whole. From the Western media to the Western universities and NGOs. And beyond. But Vox Day! The Jew-hatred of Obama’s Chicago church, of those Obama surrounds himself with, and praises or commends as reasonable, respectable and having gravitas (the latter include the Holocaust Denying Mahmoud Abbas, a co-founder of the PLO that calls for Israel’s destruction on its charter, and Turkey’s frothing-at-the-mouth Jew-hating tyrant Recip Erdogan. Obama has called him a close confidant), hey it’s all just some Republican smear job. At least that appears to be the Jewish Left’s and the genre Jewish Left’s take. If they can even be bothered to glance in the direction of Obama’s ugly anti-Israelism in the first place, and that’s debatable. Obama’s obsessiveness with Israel, in such a negative way, whilst it’s all just a big yawn obliviousness or irritant at best response to mass killings, pillage and rape from Sudan to Eritrea, Egypt to Kenya, Uganda to Nigeria, and that’s just some parts of Africa… it’s all very telling. To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

What about the Obama administration’s could care less obliviousness to mass killings, tyranny and brutality from Mexico to Pakistan? The world’s second most populous nation is mired in numerous conflicts and is one of the most brutal neo-feudal exploitative nations on earth. Obama and the Left can’t be bothered to even pretend to raise an eye at that, as with oppressive, brutal and civil rights denying Sharia Law from Nigeria (having nothing to do with Boko Haram!) to Kashmir, Saudi Arabia through to Hamas ruled Gaza and Sudan. Even as horrific civil wars initiated by jihadists wage through Syria and Iraq, as ISIS grows and the Iraqi army collapses, as Kurds and others fight tooth and nail for their survival, Obama is frothing about those stubborn Jooos… building homes I tell you… in Jerusalem! Of all places! The nerve of it. Hamas in Judenrein Gaza, whatever. Maybe Obama sees them the same way as he does ISIS jihadists, they’re the jayvee team. As the usual kleptocracies from Brazil and Argentina, South Africa to Malawi and Kenya, India and its arch-enemy Pakistan continue to loot billions annually from state coffers, corrupt and complicit ‘aid’ agencies, the UN and equally cynical Western governments, literally millions and millions starve and eke out some kind of marginal existence in growing slums, dangerous and miserable. Crickets from Obama and his crew. And what’s left of the forests and grasslands is going going near gone, from southern Africa to Latin America and Indonesia, from Asia to the  Siberian taiga, and what’s left of the indigenous wildlife dies off, or is hunted to extinction. Say what? Heard anything about it all from the Obama administration and the State Department? No not really. As in No, Nada, Rien.

The Jooos are building homes for crying out loud, it’s an obstacle to peace with the Muslim jihadists Fatah/PA who do not accept Israel’s right to exist, and never have, even when the West Bank was part of Jordan. Just ask Obama and the State Department, the fault lies with the Jooooos oh I mean Israel. Just ask Mahmoud Abbas, Obama’s moderate Muslim Jew-hating man of peace; you know the Holocaust Denier who calls Hamas “brothers in arms” and heads a jihadist mafia outfit that has carried out wave and wave of jihadist attacks, bombings, rocket strikes and the like, and continues to promote genocidal Jew-hatred in its mosques, media, schools and other bureaucracies. I’m not even talking Hamas here. Obama being on the same page as Abbas, the jihadist-who-pretends-he-ain’t-when-it-suits-him, Abbas who has made the destruction of Israel his life goal (as with his predecessor Arafat); Obama being in agreement with Abbas the Jew-hater, at least when it comes to the Joooo nation and its alleged ‘war crime’ of building apartments, is not a matter of concern to Obama, the State Department, The NY Times and the Western Left. And the genre Jewish Left to boot. Pay No Mind.

In fact as I was about to publish this online, Obama renewed his bullying of Israel, threatening to end US support for Israel at the UN, if Israel did not enter into negotiations with the jihadist-pretend-moderate PA. In other words, Obama unequivocally threatens to abandon Israel to the Jew-hate wolves at the UN, if Netanyahu does not capitulate, appease, make concessions and fawn before Jew-hating Muslim fanatics (the PA/Fatah), still openly (at least in Arabic) dedicated to Israel’s destruction and willing to concede nothing to Israel. As the record attests to (not that you will read about it in The NY Times). No such threats are made by Obama against any other government in the world for not capitulating to Muslim extremists or any other terror group or terrorist front group. During the Gaza war last year, the Obama administration cut off military aid to Israel about ten days into the war (yes all hushed up), claiming too many Palestinian civilians had died (even though civilians have died in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world thanks to US drone strikes and US air-strikes under Obama’s presidency alone). Obama has not threatened fascist Saudi Arabia with any military aid cut-off even as its air strikes have killed plenty civilians in the Yemen civil war this year; no military aid cut-off  to the Iraqi army despite its alliance with Shi’ite death squads, and despite the fact that humvees and tanks for the Iraqi army means humvees and tanks for ISIS. No military aid cut-off for Pakistan, well one can go on and on…

The point of all this rambling of mine on Obama and the nightmares that are actually happening in the world that he could care less about, whilst putting the electron microscope on the Jew among the nations (and I’m just skating the surface of Obama’s Jew-hate gangsterism), is that our American Jewish liberal, and specifically (from the POV of this blog) Jewish genre liberal, not only has nothing to say about any of that, but on the contrary remains in the fold, loyal to, if no longer fawning before ObamiNation. And liberal genre Jewry have the gall, the chutzpah to go after Vox Day. Because that’s where the mortal threat is, to you know our way of life. It’s the supposed gulp uh art of science fiction or rather a science fiction award showcase, a showcase for a fiction genre of very low levels of artistic merit and relevance, that is being wrecked or at the least laid siege to by the big bad John Bircher Vox Day (and yes he is a John Bircher); that’s where the priorities of left-wing genre Jews lie. The better to ignore the anti-Semitism of their gag gag liberal allies (in and out of the genre community). As if it matters what Vox Day does re the Hugos, since the Hugos like the Nebulas have been a joke award show for ages. Let’s just ignore all that. The genre is a joke after all, and so are the awards circuses, SFF is the McDonalds junk food of literary fiction. All this long before Vox Day and his reactionary supporters came along to wreck the party celebrating the junk food awards. The more disgusting, obscene, odious, dishonest and transparent the genre Left’s Jew-hatred as Israel hatred gets – well okay it’s been this way for years, see the archives of this blog – the more our brave and noble Jewish genre liberals shill and screech ‘Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day nasty nasty bigoted man!’. The more Obama screws the Jews – and not just the Jews – the more the Jews are imperilled (oh wait it’s just Israel yawn), the more our Jewish genre liberals self-righteously trump their wonderful liberal credentials, which includes their respect and support (no matter how lukewarm) or at best no comment for the anti-Semitic man in the White House. Because Vox Day and militia types in Tennessee and Wyoming and Idaho are where the Big Threat is. Ditto the Republicans. And the Jesus Freaks. To Life Liberty and the liberal American Jewish Way of Life. Apparently. Just ask Jewish Genre Liberals.

As Obama gives Iran the green light to breeze on by and get their nuclear bombs – their nuclear stockpile went up 20% during the bad joke negotiations alone – so they can finish off where the Iran regime’s fellow anti-Zionists the Nazis left off – Tel Aviv as the next Hiroshima – Jewish genre liberals bleat, ‘Vox Day Vox Day Vox Day John C Wright Larry Correia not nice nasty nasty bitch slap’.

When the children or nephews and nieces of these oh so liberal American Jews ask twenty years from now: ‘daddy/mommy/uncle/auntie, what did you do during the 2010s (or whatever we bloody decide on calling this decade) when Muslim jihadists threatened Israel with annihilation and Obama sold Israel down the river?’ [Since we don’t yet know the future as always, we can only speculate on what may happen. However we can be certain that whatever happens – even if Israel miraculously survives just this decade! – it will be perilously close and there will be much more blood spilled and the world will stick it to the Jews however it can]… how will our liberal Jews, and given what this blog is about, liberal genre Jews, answer? With the truth? Namely, ‘oh I supported the Jew-hater Obama, he wasn’t George W Bush after all, or some white man from privilege. Obama came from a traditionally oppressed ethnicity and he was a Democrat and I was loyal to the Israel hating Left, which has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, to the end; and oh yeah there was this real evil character Vox Day in SF circles, he was an anti-black and homophobic bigot, I made sure to pour my scorn on him and his supporters. Not  that I had anything to say at all on the numerous and vocal left-wing anti-Israel folk in the SFF genre community, who were not anti-Semitic anyhow, just anti-Israel. Actually I didn’t even really notice the latter. I didn’t want to. Vox Day was where the evil worm in the SFF apple was. Well that’s what I decided. Then again I did vote for/supported the Jew-hater Obama and never called him out on his increasingly obvious and transparent Jew-hatred (as Israel hatred duh) – in fact I never acknowledged it at all – so there you go.’

Don’t count on it.

I think quite simply the question will not be asked, even by a sensitive and thoughtful kid, because not permitted to be asked.

Um well, the mind boggles at the cognitive dissonance. Now and increasingly in the future. How will they – liberal Jews I mean – cope mentally? As I have said here, I reckon the Left will just rewrite history. People, whole nations, religious institutions do it all the time. With ideologues (of the Left and Right), it’s the very nature of the beast.

So – getting back to Adam-Troy Castro, that lead-in diversion is relevant – it’s boringly predictable how Castro would respond to the whole Hugos farrago of 2015. This is a typical example, from his facebook page.

Adam-Troy Castro
May 26 at 1:28pm · Edited ·

(Sigh) No, I am not saying, nor am I ever going to say, that the organizers of the Sad Puppy nonsense need to be “boycotted” for what they have done and said, and I am most certainly not saying that the writers they advocated for need to be boycotted for the actions of those who supported them.
This is after all me, the guy who has made such a regular habit of arguing for separating the art from the artist, most of the time in more extreme circumstances. If I can distinguish between Bill Cosby and “Bill Cosby,” if I can praise the occasional film by Roman Polanski, if I can struggle in vain to discuss the filmic achievements of Woody Allen without being slammed by the same stuff that artistic discussions of Woody Allen are always slammed with, if I can further regularly wax enthusiastic about work by writers like Stephen Hunter and Dan Simmons who exist so far from me on the political spectrum that we are almost on separate rainbows, then why the hell would I tell anybody to boycott the work of {Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts}, to name one, just because I think it’s fun to summarize his persona as {Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts}? Ditto with {Hurt-Feelings Harry}, {Steely-Eyed McRage-Monster}, Beale The Galactic Zero, and the rest of that crew driven to extreme measures by the Heartbreak of Soreloserus. I mock them with abandon, as I just did, but want *none* of them subjected to organized boycott of any kind.
I have said nothing advocating otherwise, and anybody who represents me as having said anything of the kind is, in precise measurement, a goddamned liar.

Yeah stick it to the right-wing reactionaries (is ‘Gay-Basher McManly-Nuts’ John C Wright? Is ‘Hurt-Feelings Harry’ Larry Correia? I assume that’s it, right?), but you know the left-wing Jew-haters that are rampant in genre circles on both sides of the Atlantic – Castro is willfully clueless and NOTHING BUT SILENCE from him. Always. (and others of course. Look at David Gerrold and Gary Farber on Castro’s facebook page in the comments – oooh let’s stick it to the genre Right, don’t risk offending any Jew-hating genre Leftists now, their fellow Leftists after all)

Castro and his crew do not want to know about that – the anti-Semitism on the Left, from the White House to The NY Times, from Oxfam to Amnesty International, from the BBC to Harvard and Cornell, Columbia U to Berkeley, from British Labour and African-American militants to Greenpeace, from Occupy Wall Street to Code Pink, from his own liberal genre peers – disrupts and upsets the self-righteous liberal Jewish narrative now, doesn’t it? This smug self-righteous stuck in 1965 American liberal Jewish obtuseness of Castro’s is so typical, not only of liberal American Jewish genre folk, but of liberal American Jews. Liberal Jews. Castro’s a caricature of a Jew stuck in a time-warp, from one of the genre’s time travel stories (maybe even one of his own. I think he’s written some, can’t be sure). Castro sticks it to Vox Day and his apologists. Oooh how brave, noble and standing up for truth and liberty and mother’s oat cereal. Like George Clooney sticking it to the long dead and discredited Senator Joe McCarthy in his film Good Luck and Good Night from 2005, and thinking he was so brave. Really he did. No that is Salman Rushdie, that is the now deceased film-maker Theo van Gogh, that is the now murdered Charlie Hebdo staffers. Those are the brave ones.

The sigh Jewish Castro gets pats on the back from all the right people. You know the Lefties. Even as the Western Left is riddled through with Jew-hatred and engages by necessity in obscene apologetics for Muslim radicalism/Islam. And that would include the Western genre Left likewise. Hence this blog. Yeah I repeat myself. Hey Adam-Troy Castro: how about sticking it to Jew-hating left-wing fascist genre writers/editors such as China Mieville, Nick Mamatas, Iain Banks, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Michael Bishop, Ken MacLeod etc. (see this blog of which you are ‘aware’)? Well of course not. Not On The Radar. Would sooner see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series (yes I know that’s not fair on the Cubs) or Japan win the soccer World Cup, would sooner see Orson Scott Card and Rachel Swirsky edit a book of gay themed science fiction together.

Notice Troy-Castro’s remarks on Dan Simmons (and Stephen Hunter), who exist so far from me on the political spectrum that we are almost on separate rainbows, yeah yeah yeah. Dan Simmons is indeed so far from you and your ilk on the political spectrum, you certainly inhabit separate planets, never mind separate rainbows. After all Simmons doesn’t disguise his fears and contempt for um a far right-wing fascist and reactionary religious culture and tradition he happens to know a lot about (This has nothing to do with ‘nuke Mecca and the ragheads’ bigotry that at least some of Simmons’s critics love to pretend is the case. Simmons is a serious student of history, unlike Castro). Simmons likewise doesn’t shy away from his support for God Forbid, the only state in the Middle-East that is not fascist/quasi-fascist, the Jew among the nations, which really does face the threat of annihilation. From far right-wing jihadist fascists no less. Castro not so much. Guess that’s what makes Simmons’s politics so far removed from Castro’s. Indeed it does.

That’s why Dan Simmons authored Flashback, and not Castro. Castro would be constitutionally, psychologically incapable of even drawing up a synopsis for such a novel, not in a thousand years. Simmons’s anti-Islamist and God Forbid pro-Israel Flashback is one of the most important speculative fiction novels of the twenty-first century. One of the most important not only because Simmons *gets it*, but because he doesn’t pretend any false and naive hopes, that good will triumph over evil, that the Islamist threat will be defeated. Not At All. This is frequently the case with a lot of contemporary John Waynesque ‘right-wing’ fiction (Flashback is not a right-wing novel and it’s not a left-wing novel, but Leftists cannot comprehend this). And Simmons can write (unlike most SF writers who are just hacks). Simmons draws the conclusions, deduces from the current reality of appeasement and surrender to reactionary and jihadist Islam, and where it can lead. God forbid. And yet this is the bleak and terrible truth of things. Flashback can be compared in its terrible and stark Cassandra tropes, its importance as genre fiction, to Karel Čapek‘s War with the Newts and Olaf Stapeldon’s Last Men in London. Perhaps its true parallel is with Katharine Burdekin’s Swastika Night – a neglected and largely forgotten masterpiece – as much as any other genre novel of the 1930s. In fact almost definitely so. Of course Flashback is also a very different novel to these 1930s genre novels, in style and substance, but the times have changed. Then again, paradoxically, they haven’t changed at all… Simmons – especially when he got a lot of flack from the Left for Flashback – insisted the novel is a fiction that does not reflect his personal beliefs, he is not his fictive protagonists. Yet the novel is what it is, and there is Simmons’s public political persona… And it is what it is. Naturally Flashback was ignored and dismissed as bigoted and reactionary by the genre Left, and the genre Right didn’t care to trump it too much neither, too artistic, thoughtful and bleak for the genre Right. And it didn’t fit into the military SF genre, because it’s not that. If the SFF genre community was sane, Simmons’s Flashback would have swept the Hugos and the Nebulas. It would be talked about highly to this day. But the SFF genre community is neither sane, brave nor remotely intelligent. The SFF genre community is very much part of the problem. It’s why the bleak, broken and defeated future imagined in Flashback can be imagined in the first place. Liberal Jewish writers ignored it, certainly didn’t praise it, safer and easier just to praise anything else, no matter how bland, irrelevant, trivial or conventional. And having nothing to do with you know the very real threats Jews and other infidels face to life and liberty from Muslim fanatics, and their Western allies, an army of ‘progressive’ Quislings. Naturally it’s a non-Jew Simmons who tackles the subject. Liberal genre Jews will tackle any topic but that in their fiction! David Brin laughably thinks he’s writing relevant and forward thinking genre fiction, with really big political ramifications and associations no less! That is when Brin’s not paying tribute to a hardcore Jew-hater and signing a petition drawn up by a Holocaust Denier.

Hey Brin given your reams and reams of political posts at your blog over the years, can you tell us where the one is calling Obama an anti-Semite, a bully, one whose policies threaten Israel by encouraging Israel’s enemies, from Hamas to Iran? No didn’t think you could. ‘Cause you can’t. It’s why you have no credibility. You and your ilk. As in most American ‘Jews’. As in liberal American ‘Jews’. As in liberal genre ‘Jews’. Are you waiting till after Israel is destroyed to knock Obama (even walking on eggshells, even hemming and hawing), David Brin? Could ask the same question of Castro and the rest of those liberal genre so-called Jews. I reckon even if it came down to that, liberal American Jews and liberal genre Jews would look away and point fingers elsewhere. Who knows? I gotta be straight here: I don’t think Brin and Castro even begin to recognize Obama as an anti-Semite, along with most all the rest of liberal genre Jewry – American or other. Don’t Want To Know. In fact as if to emphasize my point, Brin has been frothing about eeevil Republicans in his latest blog posting (see the end of his ‘More Space! Expanding the cosmos’ blog article from this very month. Pasted below):

If you are even remotely thinking of voting for the obscenity that has taken over the Republican Party, then you are at very best an utter fool.   This is not “left versus  right.”

It is normal (with bits of foolishness and corruption… versus stark jibbering insane.

Moreover, deep down, you know it.

You want to talk stark jibbering insane Brin? Heard of Marie Harf, heard of John Kerry, who blames ISIS on Israel. No kidding!? You want to talk who is the utter fool? Deep down, I wonder if Brin knows anything. About Anything that Matters. Doesn’t appear so. Not in the slightest. Never mind he dismisses half of America as insane and utterly foolish, NOT the half that indulges in the most conspicuous Jew nation bullying, intimidation, pathetic and obscene apologetics for Muslim terror and jihad (Republicans do it too, but the Democrats are not any one whit better on this front, and often worse); and as for the unconstitutional spying on its citizens, IRS gangsterism, lying about the Benghazi fiasco (blaming it on a youtube video!), all under Obama’s watch and administration – it’s all just a big puff of nothing from Brin (Why let the Obama administration off the hook when it comes to NSA spying on American citizens? At least in that article. The easier to knock Republicans I suppose, and portray them as the sole evil party, or the more evil party at the least). As with the scandals and dubious payments/fees/donations ‘earned’ by the Clintons, embodying what American politics is all about – moolah payola lucre (all big news that has been coming out during the same time period that Brin chooses to froth about Republicans) – big puff of further nothing from Brin. As with the Left’s Jew-hatred (in and out of the genre community), just another puff of Empty from the know-it-all-know-nothing Brin. As Iran marches ever onward to having nuclear bombs, as Obama gives all  that the green light (as I write this up), it’s just a big fat Nothing from Brin.

More to the point, although entirely consistent with the genre Jewish Left’s cowardice at best when it comes to Obama’s in-your-face anti-Semitism: when are Castro and crew – the Jews Gerrold, Laura Resnick, David Brin among them – going to suggest you know having no interest in reading or promoting the fiction of China Mieville because the latter is a hardcore Jew-hating left-wing fascist, even though Castro would never support a boycott of his books blah blah? Ditto the now dead left-wing fascist Jew-hater Iain Banks? Well we already know Brin’s answer there. Even though he’s dead, they wouldn’t want to face up to well you know what…

Ditto the anti-Semitic ‘Jewish’ left-winger Charles Stross. Coming to think of it – as if to prove my point – here is a very recent post up at Brin’s blog (May 2015) in response to a Stross blog post (link within the Brin blog post) on international politics-technology-capitalism-the security state blah blah (as it pertains to a new book Stross is working on). Brin is nothing but polite and respectful to Stross, whom Brin calls his “esteemed colleague”. Yeah this esteemed colleague. Brin does disagree with Stross about a few things on these topics, but that misses the point I am stressing. Namely Brin would never take Stross to task over… hmm how can I put it, the latter’s vicious and hardcore ‘new’ anti-Semitism (assuming Brin could even begin to recognize it for what it is) and any other related odious left-wing fascist commentary of Stross’s. Not in a million years.

Years ago ‘Jewish’ genre editor and British academic Farah Mendlesohn came out in unambiguous, indisputable support for HAMAS in its jihadist war of 2008/9 against Israel. That’s what it means to actually sign a petition transparently and emphatically calling, hoping for Israel to lose a war against HAMAS (that the latter initiated of course. Check the link for the ugly details. I do not exaggerate in the slightest). Nothing but SILENCE in response from the genre community, complete desert silence. Total. This is more than half a decade back now. (How is this any different to signing a petition during WW2, calling for the Allies to lose the war to the Nazis?) When I finally publicized this at my blog, one witnessed a predictable response: Jew-hater Nick Mamatas alerted Farah M to the article and she thanks him for it (see the update in that self-same article), all the while oblivious to how that damns her (and him) even further. Geoff Ryman tweeted on it, in defense naturally of Farah M, who couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic in his eyes, because she is Jewish and a friend of his. That was it! This is what I mean by the pervasive taboo of acknowledging the most deep-seated and horrific anti-Semitism from genre pros. And as I have pointed out elsewhere, it’s the Jews who are routinely the worst offenders in this regard.

I take it that the Jewish David Brin is not a reader, never mind a fan! of my blog. That’s for sure. Anti-Semitism among the genre Left? To David Brin, it’s like imagining llamas grazing in the woodlands of upstate New York. Simply Impossible or at best Irrelevant. At best. Maybe if he was even just an occasional reader of my blog, he might have stopped himself from signing a petition drawn up by Holocaust Denier/Revisionist Dave Truesdale. Well who knows?! I really can’t read David Brin’s mind. I don’t know how this guy thinks or reasons at all. Ditto the other genre Jews who signed that petition, from Harlan Ellison to Robert Silverberg, David Gerrold (one of Castro’s facebook crew) to Mike Resnick (daughter Laura has a berth on the Castro facebook canoe) and Barry Malzberg.

Brin has had no problems attacking comic book/graphic novel writer Frank Miller over the latter’s contempt for the Occupy Wall Street crowd, you know the anti-Semitic OWS, of which Brin naturally had nothing to say (not for nothing did Occupy Wall Street get a big cheer of support from the American neo-Nazi Party. Yes they did).

In fact Brin writes in that post of his:

Well, well. I’ve been fuming silently at Frank Miller for a years. The time’s come, so get ready for steam!  Because the screech that you just read – Miller’s attack on young citizens, clumsily feeling their way ahead toward saving their country – is only the latest example of Frank’s astonishing agenda. One that really needs exposure to light.

He’s been fuming silently at Miller for years, but what of Mieville, Stross, Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Nick Mamatas etc. and their extreme anti-Semitism? Among others. Well NADA on that front. No exposure to the light. Not at Brin’s blog. What else do you expect from a liberal American ‘Jew’? I can’t find any PUBLIC allusions by Brin to the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism (nothing on his blog, more than I can say for his firm rebuke of Miller), and of course Brin signed a petition drawn up by Holocaust Revisionist Dave Truesdale! As with Occupy Wall Street’s anti-Semitism, we have only silence on that front from David Brin. Worse, Brin comes to the defense of OWS, riddled as it is with so much anti-Semitic dross.

And Brin has the gall to complain about the Loony Left! Well only in the abstract. When it comes to the particulars, he is nothing but fawning to, and whitewashing of the Loony Left; from the anti-Semitic OWS to the now deceased Jew-hater Iain Banks and his fellow anti-Semitic Brit Charles Stross. David Brin whose opinions on Science and Society and Culture and Politics matter. So he thinks.

And Mieville, Banks, Stross and Mendlesohn are just conspicuous examples of anti-Semitic genre Leftists. Among So Many Others in the genre community. I mean these characters are just the rotten icing on the rotten cake. When can we expect some um facing reality here? From Brin and his ilk? When hell freezes over. That’s when. When Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club wins the European Champions League – after knocking out Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Barcelona – that’s when.

Here is Adam-Troy Castro (again on facebook, entry pasted below. This is from last year) on Hollywood politics: sticking it to… conservative actors who allegedly complain that they’re not getting roles in liberal Hollywood because they are conservative. There may well be some validity to Castro’s points that he makes (if these actors are really saying that), if anything these actors are just elderly now, their time has past in youth obsessed Hollywood. Their politics are neither here nor there. I agree. Thing is there is a subtle point, a subtext beneath Castro’s pontificating that sticks in the craw, that I can’t let go of. I mean given the bigger picture…

What I mean is that Castro is choosing to stick it to the anti-Islamist and pro-Israel by the by gentile actor (of course he’s gentile and not Jewish) James Woods and the anti-Islamist and pro-Israel gentile (there we go again) Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame, and the gentile (what you thought a Jew?!) anti-Islamist and pro-Israel actor Jon Voight. Voight has made no bones about the fact that Obama could care less for Israel and its struggle for survival (see a pattern here to which Castro is naturally oblivious? Castro knows whose politics he is definitely not on board with, or at least condescending of – the likes of Dan Simmons, Jon Voight, James Woods. You know Israel supporting Gentiles who don’t hide their contempt for the idiotic thug in the White House [even as Simmons admits to having blundered by voting for him in 2008!], and don’t feel the need to mollycoddle reactionary Islam). Castro’s crew joins in the fun in the comments to Castro’s facebook entry, includes Raymond Feist, (fantastic) artist Bob Eggleton, and liberal-American-Jewish (is that redundant?) writers David Brin, Janna Silverstein and NancyKay Shapiro. Among others. Some lame ad hominems directed especially the way of Jon Voight from one or two commentators. You know the pro-Israel gentile actors face this um snickering and smug dismissal from the Jewish writer and his facebook club. Never Jew-hating genre Leftists or Jew-hating Leftists period. So it appears. Just the ones who don’t hate the Jews, anything but, who face ad hominem scorn from Castro’s facebook crew, many of whom are noticeably Jewish.

Note how Castro (below) comes to the defense of Jew-hater Barack Obama, but what else to expect from the typical-American-Jewish-Democratic-Party-supporter no matter what. Yawn didn’t the Democrats get America into Vietnam and um weren’t the KKK rooted in the Democratic Party? Well yes. Guess it’s all changed now. They’re the party of love and non-racism. As Barack Obama proves. And they’re uh anti-war. Gaggffffwwwffrhahahaha Gag Gag.

Again from his facebook page.

Adam-Troy Castro
August 7, 2014 · Edited ·
Just found out that James Woods, an actor I love, tells his fans that the vast liberal Hollywood conspiracy keeps him from working.
Well, if this occurs now, it might have something to do with publicly declaring how fun it would be to watch Barack Obama die horribly, but in the meantime, he has in the last three years filmed four theatrical movies, a couple of TV movies, and been in three TV series.
Kelsey Grammer says the same thing. Same time frame, three TV series, one after another.
Jon Voight also claims that the Hollywood conspiracy keeps him from working. Four movies, multiple TV series appearances, all in the last few years.
These are not bad stats for actors as long in the tooth as these folks are.
When was the last time you busted your ass to get to a movie even in part because Jon Voight was in it? Was it, I don’t know, THE ODESSA FILE? When was the last time he was even an eminence for hire, really? MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE? TOMB RAIDER, of which it must be said, he had an “in?”
But he’s working. Steadily. In the ranks of actors, he has nothing to complain about.
Hatemongering birther maniac Victoria Jackson also claims that she is prevented from working. Since 2010, four movies. Incredibly. Victoria Jackson is working. Not just as a professional looney. As an actress.
Now, it DOES happen to be entirely true that much of their output, in movies at least, happens the be the kind of for-the-paycheck stuff that stars or near-stars might consider a come-down. If I told you the names of some of these movies, you would wince with immediate sympathy. But this happens to almost everybody, past their height of bankability. Robert DeNiro is still a star, more or less, and he hasn’t been great in a great movie for more than twenty years; Martin Scorsese has a new go-to guy, Leonardo DeCaprio, now. Burt Reynolds has been churning out dozens of pieces of crap since, you know, BOOGIE NIGHTS, because nobody has a great script for him and it is unclear that he would be up to it if it was provided. So?
The premise that the industry that continues to treat Clint Eastwood and Arnold Shwarzenegger as icons discriminates against conservative actors is beyond ludicrous, but the likes of Woods, Grammer, Voight and so on continue to play the persecution angle, hard, because it’s all they have. Voight in particular playing the pity-me card and blaming the current state of his career on Barack Obama is particularly insane when if you look at his filmography you can see that it was during the Reagan Administration that the great roles stopped coming for him. He was a star, a real star, from MIDNIGHT COWBOY to COMING HOME, and pretty much for only that long. After that, for better or worse, he was a character actor, and it’s *still* a career that ninety-nine percent of moonlighting waiters would kill for.

Now Castro and his crew stick it to Mel Gibson re the latter’s anti-Semitism in the comments (barely, I mean barely. Walking on eggshells there…), but he’s no liberal Jew-hater! Gibson is just a redneck old fashioned Jew-hater. So Safe to Skewer Him. Then again think Castro will ever publicly skewer Larry Correia for running to Mel Gibson’s defense as a matter of interest (by Correia running to actor Gary Oldman’s defense and rationalizations for Gibson’s unhinged bigotry)? I’m the only one who has done so. For the record.

Aside from Castro letting us know that he thinks Voight a little “insane” (to be fair to Castro, this has nothing to do with Voight’s politics on the Middle-East, Muslim radicalism, Israel, yet even so…), aside from the fact that he’s sticking it to actors who just happen to be going against the liberal grain of sticking it to the Joooos oh I mean the Joooo nation – and that means being courageous (by going public) and having a moral compass, kudos to them – aside from all that…

Why it sticks in my craw is this…

I mean when it comes to vocal and famous anti-Semitic actors and movie directors…

Here is Castro and his gang, who appear to get their news from the Daily Show or maybe just The NY Times and CNN (there’s a difference between them all?) blasting Oliver Stone over the latter outing himself as a Jew-hating Leftist, and the likes of Spanish actors Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz, letting us know just how they are typical left-wing anti-Semitic Eurotrash. Oh wait maybe not! [Click on the first link of this paragraph, it’s funny. And office safe. It’s a youtube video relax. A joke I repeat from here. I say relax because there are those who think I am an evil malicious fascist and my links are going to be ‘goatse’ or similar. John Scalzi among them. No kidding]

Have Castro, Brin, Gerrold and gang ever had one word to say publicly against Vanessa Redgrave, perhaps the most infamous anti-Semitic British thespian of them all (given the formers’ snide contemptuous dismissal of the politics of actors Woods, Voight, Grammer, all of whom dare support Israel by the by)? Actually David Brin’s late great father, Herb Brin did! Vocally. Yes against Vanessa Redgrave’s anti-Semitism. Herb Brin even dared to support Oh My God Jews living and building homes and orchards in places where they have had a presence on and off for centuries for over two and a half thousand years. Easily. (more than I can say for the conquest and settlement of America, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of Latin America, South-East Asia, India, Indonesia, the Polynesian islands by the British and Europeans but I digress) To most Lefties that would make Herb Brin a fascist. David Brin could learn a few things from his late father’s moral clarity and courage. We all could. I don’t except myself neither. David Brin I have a question for you: do you think your father, if he were still alive, would think much of your fawning all over a hardcore Jew-hating British genre writer – peas in a pod with his fellow Jew-hating Brit Leftist Vanessa Redgrave – upon said writer’s death? What do you think your late father would make of Obama and his fawning over numerous Jew-haters foreign and domestic, and his treating Israel like dirt and making very clear threats against the Jew among the nations (as I write this up)? Well he’s not here to say…

And here is Adam-Troy Castro, again from his facebook page, an entry from April this year, making fun of the Puppies brigade with a satire/pastiche… It begins thus:

Captain Christian White, supreme commander of the LILY, put down his nutritious meal of American cheese on white bread, with extra mayo, and answered his buzzing intercom. He barked the standard protocol for answering every red alert on ship. “I’m not gay! Report!”

“I’m not gay, sir! We have a ship decloaking off the bow! Over!”

“I’m not gay,” he snapped back, buttoned his uniform, and marched in strictly regimented steps to the turbolift, where he stood resolute and firm-jawed while the cheerfully obsequious elevator boy used a lint brush on his manly shoulders, without being too gay about it.

His piece (I admit it’s kind of funny) gets the Pavlovian applause from his fellow Lefties on his facebook page naturally enough, Nora Jemisin and Laura Resnick among them. Castro like the good-liberal-American-Jew that he is, knows who to offend and who to flatter. Interestingly here is Israel-hater i.e. hardcore ‘new’ anti-Semite Charles Stross, giving Castro applause for that self-same satire. It’s not as if Castro would ever say anything that could offend the ‘new’ left-wing Jew-haters (Jew nation haters that is) such as Stross; namely calling out all this left-wing anti-Semitism (anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism) that pretends it’s not anti-Semitism, for what it is. Castro would have to recognize the Jew-hating Obama administration for what it is, and given Castro and his ilk’s support for the Democrats, that is extremely implausible. If not impossible. This article of mine is the kind of satire that Castro is not capable of. This is exactly what I am getting at. I mock the Jew-hating and Islamophilic genre Left in that article, one could even see it as a companion piece to Castro’s satire. In fact Charles Stross himself even dismissed me as a bigot for that very satire of mine. Along with other genre anti-Semites such as Lavie Tidhar. Proving my point.

And to finish off, in line with the very title of this post: Adam-Troy and his facebook fan club of liberal-American-Jews-and-Righteous-Gentiles (David Brin included) are getting into Castro’s 1964 VW bus adorned with painted flowers and groovy mellow colours man, and they’re heading out to California, going to see some groovy bands you dig, maybe the Animals, the Temptations, Donovan and a young Mick Jagger. Going to smoke some reefer, get high, maybe hang out and party with some of the Hollywood set, Julie Christie, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood and Kirk Douglas fresh off his success from Seven Days in May. If they’re cool and make the right connections. And these genre Jewish hippies Castro, Brin and Laura R are cool man, you dig. They grok. Do you? Hear what the voice of the Who generation gotta say about what’s going down, there’s an escalation of US forces in Vietnam, that kid Bob Dylan and Joan Baez know where it’s at. Hey what about the marches in Selma? Castro and crew thinking ’bout going down Alabama way, heck in 1965 not an easy ride in a hippie VW bus! Get a lot of bad vibes. But Castro and gang feel maybe they should go, detour there on the way to Pat Brown’s California, even if it means getting their heads beaten in by the pigs in George Wallace’s Alabama. It’s not just about good times and Big Sur, acid and groovy chics. Walking the Walk, not just Talking the Talk.

They’re using the Time Machine, the one that works. To get back to 1965 I mean. They’ll buy the VW bus in ’65, it’s easier than getting it into the Time Machine from here. And finding one that still drives fine, especially one that’s half a century old! Coming to think of it, can I go too?! Back to 1965.

Can skip Alabama I must admit, I don’t have the stomach for it. San Francisco 1965, pre-AIDS, pre-poppers (nudge nudge wink wink joke, a little black comedy there), heck pre-Reagan (just), here Castro and gang come! Are you ready California, for the out-of-sight vibe of Castro and crew in their VW Merry Pranksters Bus.

California Dreamin’ 

For the record: The now elderly uh ‘Jewish’ Harlan Ellison never left 1965 or maybe 1970. His body may not be there anymore, but his mind certainly is. God I hope he doesn’t sue me now! Man the stuff that cat has gotten away with…

And Barry Malzberg: America got the far Left president you openly dreamed about and desired, decades back. Hope you are happy. And to the pedants: yes I agree that Obama has sold left-wing economic – that is fiscal and monetary – principles down the river in service to the corporations that run America. So what? Still a far Leftist, both in his attitudes, his make-up, his mentality, his background and his True Believer status. And those he has always and still surrounds himself with is the proof in the pudding.

Jewish Gen Xers have less excuse than the out-of-touch baby boomers, for ever voting for or supporting this Jew-hater and narcissistic thug. Hey identity politics no matter what. Right? More in common with the likes of Brad Torgersen especially, than they can possibly know or begin to recognize.

Adam-Troy Castro, David Brin and the rest: I am not the enemy.

UPDATED (below)        14th June

No explicit or transparent responses from Brin, Castro and crew to this article. Not on Twitter or anywhere else. There was one cryptic Tweet from Castro a few days after this article went online (a Tweet from June 10th). It was only a few days after I published this article (June 8th – 10th) that interest in it peaked. Well relatively speaking. Here is the Tweet which may well be a cryptic reference to this article:

An argument should not be the occasion where you just keep repeating your opening premise, only louder.

If that Tweet is an allusion to this article (the Tweets from Castro immediately prior to and post that one can in no way be construed as an allusion to this article), all I can say is: is that the best you can do Castro? Well yes. Clearly. Yeah that really refutes the points I make in this article Castro. Then again – Don’t Think So. You wouldn’t even know what my article is about, going by that Tweet. Not even vaguely. If indeed that Tweet is alluding cryptically to this article.

From Brin there wasn’t even a cryptic Tweet.

If you could really show up or thought you could show up what I had written, Castro, Brin and crew, you would have replied in the comments. Nothing stopping you from doing so. Naturally Castro and Brin did not do so. Nor any of their like-minded gang. (well I didn’t get any comments so far) Then again, this is all so TABOO, so there you go. One assumes they are ‘aware’ of this article.

In fact Brin just keeps Recycling the Same Old Same Old, with this blog post dated June 12th. To be fair, he makes some good points about Republican Party corruption, but it’s the usual free ride/whitewash given to the Democrats. The Jew-hatred endemic to the Obama White House, among many in the Democratic Party, its supporters, the American and Western Left…, to Brin this 6 ton mammoth appears to be just a tiny tiny ghost mouse. A phantom rodent invented by the neo-cons or some-such. And associated with this, to repeat myself, the whole ongoing Chamberlain act of Obama on Iran (and I don’t think that’s even fair on Chamberlain), the Jew-hatred of the EU etc. – it’s just persistent deafening SILENCE from Brin. He’s at least consistent. Brin is a caricature of the willfully blind, willfully deaf and willfully dumb genius-in-his-own-mind-egghead American-liberal-Jew.

Castro himself would then show how he’s got the pulse on the SF politics zeitgeist – WHAT REALLY MATTERS – by blogging about SF’s 273rd nervous breakdown, itself the latest spillover from the Hugos 2015 farrago, namely Tor staffer Irene Gallo vs the Sad and Rabid Puppies. And how it spilled over, catalyzed Tor founder and president Tom Doherty giving Gallo a public dressing-down on the Tor publisher’s blog, and apologizing to the Puppies for “any confusion Ms. Gallo’s comments may have caused.” A review of this incident at gawker. Includes Irene Gallow’s facebook commentary, that sparked all the outrage.

Hey it’s what everybody in the genre community is talking about right now. Thanks for proving my point Adam-Troy. Also Troy blogs about it in his usual tangential style, never upfront and straight on.

All Irene Gallo would have to do to be left alone in facebook oblivion is to tell outrageous lies about the Jews, support BDS against the Jews and related  – oh wait I mean outrageous lies, demonization and BDS against the Jew among the nations – and then nobody would have made a fuss at all; and Tor boss Doherty would not have got involved and you wouldn’t even know her name (unless you had some business with Tor really or related). Rather than call a bunch of Rabid Puppies reactionaries “neo-nazi groups”, which is what she did. So it goes. And in that case, that is if Gallo had done the former rather than the latter, genre Jewry and genre folk as a whole would have nothing to say at all – unlike this latest Gallo vs the Puppies dust-up.

That’s just a facetious (obviously I’m not accusing Gallo of anti-Semitism here, I’m just saying IF she did rant about Israel in the Leftist Jew-hate fashion…) but very true hypothetical. As the facts in this article alone, and others on my blog, reveal easily enough.

“No reason to get excited,” the thief, he kindly spoke,
“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”

Bob Dylan         All Along The Watchtower  (1967)

Comments Are Open (for a change)

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A Pox on both their Houses: Sad Puppies, Vox Day, Social Justice Warriors, the Hugos circus and the irrelevancy of a dying genre

Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you.

Yes I’m stuck in the middle with you,
And I’m wondering what it is I should do,
It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face,
Losing control, yeah, I’m all over the place,
Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Stealers Wheel
‘Stuck in the middle with you’

This article is in some ways a follow up to this one of mine (published long before this whole Hugos farrago got going). It’s also a very lengthy article, and goes off on a number of deliberate tangents. Those tangents are relevant. And other genre bloggers have put up it would appear dozens of posts on this Hugos/Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies circus, or several at any rate. Myself, just this one. And I haven’t blogged for over half a year. So forgive the length, but I wanted to cover quite a lot of bases. And in detail.

Yeah the Red Wolf is back, just to post up a very much belated article on the silly political nonsense of the Hugos 2015 circus, the whole ‘Puppies sabotage’ thing, from the increasingly irrelevant SF genre circus. I do so somewhat reluctantly and only because – as with the Dave Truesdale Petition affair – most people miss the bigger picture. And most everybody – the cultural relativist left-wing genre folk and their opponents, the conservative elements in American SF – engages in tu quoque argumentation, self-censorship, evasions, support for political gamesmanship and dubious ideology trumps all else, and the like.

As good a links round-up as any of this whole thing is from Mike Glyer, a noted SF fan in California at http://file770.com/. If you are really interested in what everybody across the political spectrum has to say about this absurd and pointless Hugo circus, just search and scroll through his blog during the relevant time period.

Glyer ought to be commended for trying to give as even and as fair and balanced an overview of this whole thing as anybody, by putting up links and overviews of what both genre liberals and conservatives were saying, as it all went down. As it goes down.

It even made news at the AV Club. And well everywhere else (the Guardian, New Republic, boingboing, the UK Telegraph among others).

Just some of the fall-out from all this is the withdrawal of two writers (Annie Bellet and Marko Kloos) of their respective nominated stories, because of the Vox Day and Rabid Puppies taint (can’t say I blame ’em) and the withdrawal of Black Gate magazine from the Hugos slate likewise. If one actually looks at the Sad Puppies nominees, for the most part, they appear to be non-political choices (I don’t mean all the nominees). I don’t see the nomination of BAEN editors and Larry Correia as necessarily political at all, although others naturally disagree. And they are just a small number of the total SP slate.

And the Red Wolf? What do I have to say? To get straight to the point, a pox on both their houses. The genre Left, always offended, shrill, and hypocritical, often enough putting far Left political folderol ahead of literary quality (never mind the Hugos, what of the Nebulas for that matter?) for years, and simultaneously deny doing so. Although this is certainly not always the case. No there is no conspiracy here, I’m not pretending there is one. It’s just that the Left have dominated the Hugo slates by their domination of the World Con memberships, ergo the Hugo voting dynamics. That’s just how it’s been or so it appears. And the ‘fight back’ folk led by conservative genre writers Brad Torgersen and Larry Corriea (that is Sad Puppies 3), allied with the likes of Vox Day and his Rabid Puppies (and Vox is simply beyond the pale, indisputably anti-black racist and misogynistic and homophobic), simultaneously and disingenuously pretending not to be allied with or associated with Vox Day and his Rabid Puppies slate when it suits them, and engage in the most pathetic apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry by the by. Oh what webs we spin and weave…

Genre conservatives accuse the US genre Left of hypocrisy, saying the genre Left have had the Hugos in their park for years and loaded the nominations and awards accordingly. As such – so the accusations go –  it is galling and absurd for them to accuse their conservative opponents of cynical political gamesmanship.

The conservative and even arch-conservative push-back (Sad Puppies 3 and Rabid Puppies slates) against the genre Left, is perceived likewise as political and ideological axe-grinding, by the genre Left that is. Well this is debatable (given the Sad Puppies nominees taken as a whole), but who are the genre Left to complain? Neutrals such as myself may shrug our shoulders and say pot to kettle. Sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander. Genre conservatives argue – rightly or wrongly – that they cannot take the genre Left too seriously re their frothing and accusations about how the Hugos/WorldCon is being wrecked, sabotaged by the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies double team, when it has been wrecked by the not so innocent genre liberals for an age. Genre conservatives reason that, as with the Nebulas, the Hugos have been a joke for yonks, and for the same or similar reasons: arguably an ideological straight-jacket of the left-wing variety has been a prerequisite to ensure the Hugos have the right kind (as in the Left kind) of respectability, the liberal elite cultural stamp of approval.

I would argue that the SF genre is just an embarrassment, and awards shows only highlight the problem, they do not alleviate it, or necessarily sort the wheat from the chaff. It doesn’t matter one whit whether such award circuses are left-wing or right-wing oriented. But that’s by the by I suppose.

The real controversy here – that we mustn’t lose sight of – is the Vox Day thang, and indeed in this April blog post as much as any other, Larry Correia reveals his hand re Vox Day. That is as much as any other blog post at monsterhunternation re Vox Day/Theodore Beale, Larry C engages in the most mealy-mouthed apologetics and whitewashing of Vox Day’s bigotry. It is so unwittingly revealing, that I post up the pertinent commentary of Larry’s here (Correia’s commentary in pink text. My own commentary in reply is in standard black text and italicized):

Let’s back up. The reason Vox is so hated is that he is the only person ever kicked out of SFWA. He makes me look cuddly and diplomatic. He was expelled from SFWA because the powers that be decided he was a racist, in fact, it was so obvious that he was racist that it only took a thirty page thesis explaining how stuff he said was actually racist, including the leadership of SFWA searching through the vile cesspool that is Stormfront until they found some nazi skin head who used similar words, and then holding him accountable for things that posters said in his blog comments (us right wing bloggers don’t believe in censorship so we don’t “manage” or “massage” our comments like they do) then they kicked him out for misusing their Twitter account.

The reason Vox Day is so hated is not because he got kicked out of SFWA per se, but because he is a caricature of a John Bircher, a reactionary bigot. Correia puts the cart before the horse. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and ‘the powers that be’ happen to be right on Vox Day, even as they are routinely prejudiced in their own more (usually) sophisticated ways. Vox Day really is a racist, not because Social Justice Warriors and the mainstream genre Left say he is, but because his own words reveal him to be prejudiced against blacks, women and homosexuals. Given the reactionary bent among many conservatives, and genre conservatives at that, this doesn’t appear to be a problem to many of them. Chilling, but that’s the ugly face of much of political conservatism. Always has been.

Basically, he called Nora Jesmin an “ignorant half-savage” and that pissed everybody off. See, Nora, is a beloved libprog activist and Social Justice Warrior, and all the reports of her victimization at the hands of the villainous Vox usually leave out the parts where she’d been hurling personal insults at him for years. Myself? I thought that comment might be a bit over the line, but then again, Google search my name and see what the SJW’s have been calling me for the last few days. It is way worse that ignorant or savage, and I think I’m darker skinned than K. Tempest Bradford. I’ve yet to see any SJWs condemning those comments about me. Tolerance is a one way street with them.

Agreed Larry, the double standards with the SJW crowd and the genre Left reek to the skies. They are guilty of so many double standards that one cannot keep up. It’s far worse than Larry C even lets on. Let’s not talk about the Jew-hating mammoth in the genre Left’s room now. However this is an evasion from Vox Day’s bigotry. The expulsion from the SFWA, the Twitter account thing, what does this have to do with the fact that Vox Day is explicit on the point that he believes blacks to be inherently, intrinsically, genetically inferior to whites (just search Vox Day’s blog archives)? Oh nothing. That’s what I mean by transparent evasions and red herrings. Hey Larry is your wife (who you tell us you adore) up to speed on Vox Day’s misogyny? Are you? Or don’t you care?

I didn’t really know the guy that well before he started pissing so many people off, but having been character assassinated myself, I’ve learned never to take the internet’s word about somebody’s character. Having actually talked with, and then gotten into long arguments and debates with Vox, he is a contrarian, can be a jerk is extremely opinionated, but I honestly don’t think he’s a racist (He’s also not a white guy, but most of the people attacking him don’t know that). We’ve had some long, heated debates on different subjects now, but since I’m not a panty twisted liberal, I can handle differing beliefs.

It’s not about taking “the internet’s word about somebody’s character”. It’s about taking Vox Day at his own word, on blacks, gays, the female gender. One doesn’t need to talk with and debate Vox Day, not briefly and not at length. He is on record with what he has to say about blacks, gays, women. All at his blog. And none of it is pretty. And none of it Larry C ever *actually acknowledges*. Not in this post. And not anywhere else at his blog. Ever.

Larry C doesn’t think Vox is a racist, and plenty of my critics don’t think China Mieville, Iain Banks, Nick Mamatas, Lavie Tidhar, Charles Stross, Iain Banks, Felix Gilman, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, Paul Graham Raven, Hal Duncan, Richard K Morgan, Michael Cobley, Michael Bishop and many others are anti-Semitic in the slightest, despite of all the hefty evidence I give in this regard. And I’m just skating the surface of the genre Left’s ugly anti-Semitism. The surface. Well aware that Vox Day is Hispanic, so what? Since when is it impossible for Hispanics to hate blacks and vice versa for that matter? When has it been impossible for Hispanic men to have contempt for women? Is that something only white men can be guilty of? Well of course not. With anti-Semitism, even the Jews routinely are the worst offenders btw. See my first sentence in this paragraph. Larry C on Vox Day: “but I honestly don’t think he’s a racist”. That’s Vox Day whose opinions on black people is that they are indisputably and undeniably, INHERENTLY *BIOLOGICALLY* INFERIOR TO WHITES AND HISPANICS. I’m not a panty twisted liberal neither, as I am hated by the genre Left, the proof is in the archives of this blog. Yet that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as right-wing racism and prejudice! That doesn’t mean that only liberals are guilty of prejudice and bias. You would think it impossible for a right-winger or a right-wing genre writer to be racist, going by Larry C’s lame polemics quoted above.

We disagree about a lot. I disagree with him on some fundamental philosophy. His “rabid hateful” views on homosexuality match about a third of America, most staunch Catholics, and he’s far more moderate on the issue than any devout Muslim or average European villager. So I disagree with him, but he’s not the out there whackadoo his detractors make him out to be, but then again, these same people say I want to drag gays to death behind my truck, so take the hate with a grain of salt. He thinks I’m nuts on several topics, but the dude is smart, and he can write. As for the people saying he “bought” the awards… Holy moly, you’ve got no idea what his day job is. If the man wanted to simply buy votes, he’d be up for everything from Best Novel to Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Vox Day’s views on homosexuality may well be no worse than a third of America, and don’t compare to the rabid views on the subject by Muslim fanatics and even many ‘moderate’ Muslims. True enough but so what? That’s like saying the views on Jews in America are no worse and arguably not as bad as in Mexico and Brazil, never mind the views on Joooos in Egypt, Syria, Gaza and Saudi Arabia, where they are worse. They are still prejudicial views. Just because Vox Day’s views on gays are milder than the views of Muslim fanatics on homosexuals (Vox Day is not advocating hanging them after all), doesn’t change the fact that Vox Day is seriously homophobic (as are many conservatives of course, especially Christian conservatives). Degrees of bigotry and prejudice doesn’t mean there isn’t prejudice among those guilty of any said prejudice to a lesser degree. I don’t know if anybody is saying you, never mind Vox Day, wants to drag gays to death behind trucks, can you give us a quote? I’m not accusing you of homophobia, only Vox Day. And that doesn’t mean I misrepresent Vox Day’s views here, by saying falsely that Vox Day seeks to drag gays behind trucks, or in any way calls for their liquidation. Such lame and transparent straw man knock-downs by Larry C, from the fact that Vox Day is homophobic, and Vox Day has been called out on it by the (hypocritical) genre Left. Then again lame and transparent evasions and red herring argumentation are all Larry C has. I mean when you are defending bigots… Agreed that Vox Day, being super-rich, could do way more damage to the Hugos slates, in all likelihood if he really wanted to. Not relevant to the fact of Beale’s multiple prejudices.

So when I was putting together my slate and looking for ideas, I remembered his novelette that I read earlier that year. I was surprised by how good it was. I found it to be a really good story (it is actually about love and friendship, with a moral philosophy based on Thomas Aquinas, so not really what you’d expect from such a supposed hatemonger of hatey-hate). I plugged it to my fans earlier this year, which meant that a lot of them had read it as well. To be fair, it was only my second favorite work I read of that size this year, but that’s a tough one because I believe that Brad Torgersen is the best new sci-fi writer around. So I threw them both on the slate.

Vox Day is a hatemonger of hatey-hate. Liberal genre writer Michael Bishop is a hardcore Jew-hater, yet he really has written some good science fiction, including fiction exposing anti-black racism. Dostoyevsky, T S Eliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Turgenev, Saramago, Louis Ferdinand Céline, Henry James, the young George Orwell and the young H G Wells (before he did a U-turn after the Holocaust) were all horribly anti-Semitic, but their writings are worthy and weighty, more than I can say for even the better science fiction. In other words, good art and personal prejudice can go hand in hand. Whether Beale’s story is any good or not, I wouldn’t know. Don’t read his fiction. I don’t actually have a problem with you throwing Vox on the slate, if you really believe his story is so good. And you are not playing politics here… That’s giving you the benefit of the doubt here, and I am being very very charitable on this front…

Yes, I will totally admit that I knew this would spur additional outrage. And oh, how I was proven right. His existence offends them. They aren’t going to read his work. They’re proud to admit it. In the spirit of the awards, a certain Tor editor—who has no problem marching with communists—is pushing for everyone to automatically vote No Award over Vox. Stay classy, noble Social Justice Warrior, but once again, there’s no bias.

Vox Day’s existence doesn’t offend anybody. His anti-black racism, homophobia and misogyny offends them. It offends me. Guess I’m a bleeding heart liberal now. I wouldn’t read his work, and not China Mieville’s neither. Then again most SF is dreck. Bias cuts across political divides. It’s not only Lefties who are guilty in this regard, as Larry C’s post amply demonstrates.

The thing is, even if what these people say about Vox is true,(and I personally think it is as grossly exaggerated as anything else these people decide to attack) what they’re declaring is that assholes can’t make good art… Well, the entire history of art would like to disagree with you.

Again and again and again, a red herring. It’s all Larry C has. Never mind the red flag of “I personally think it is as grossly exaggerated…” Assholes can and do make good art. The strange paradox of the human animal. Most usually they don’t. Gotta say I doubt Vox Day writes remotely good stories, but I may be wrong. I just don’t know since I haven’t and would never bother reading him. Actually most SF writers do not make good art, the ‘art’ of SF is woeful, woeful, woeful, whether the writers are conservative or liberal. Yet there are conservative and liberal genre writers who have written and write some good stuff, rare as it is. Very rare.

This blog posting from Correia (there is more at the link) typifies everything that is wrong with ‘mainstream conservatism’ just in genre circles alone. So if  the genre Left paint you pretty much all as bigots, can you blame them? Yes that’s the biased and routinely prejudicial genre Left and yes it’s hypocritical, but the genre Right (under the helm of the vocal and aggressive Correia) just put up that ‘kick me’ sign, all the while oblivious.

Brad T has a similar shall I say disingenuous post entitled ‘Sad Puppies: We are not Rabid Puppies’ from about the same time. Once again, nobody is saying you are Rapid Puppies. They are saying you are allied and associated with them, and have engaged in mealy-mouthed apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry, in an attempt to make a KKK throwback more respectable and acceptable. Duh.

The genre Right though (and I’m not even going to bother too much directly with Vox Day and his crew, since they are beyond the pale, and unadorned bigots and I don’t write this blog for the diabolically deaf and dumb Vox Day fan club) as exemplified by Larry Correia and Brad Torgersen and their supporters, in running cover for Vox Day, have no more credibility than the far Left genre folk they have so much contempt for. The untenable denials and the most lame evasions from the fact that Sad Puppies – Brad T and Larry C and crew – have anything to do with Vox Day and his ‘white is right and might’ power type folk (yes I know that Vox Day is Hispanic, but he panders to ‘white power’ types) is undone by Larry C’s and to a large degree Brad T’s apologetics and whitewashing for even Vox Day’s worst prejudicial excesses.

Brad, Larry and defenders deny a common alliance or agenda. Even as their respective tactics and styles of operating are similar. Even as John C Wright and Tom Kratman were proffered on the Sad Puppies slate (yes amidst other writers, women included, who are not remotely conservative). Because nothing spells quality SF like Tom Kratman I suppose, right-wing ideology has nothing to do with it. Um right. And Holocaust Denier Dave Truesdale, for best fanzine. That’s Sad Puppies, not Rabid Puppies. Whilst Correia complains (link is to a very left-wing blogger) about the genre Left giving a Lifetime achievement award to a public supporter of NAMBLA, a highly regarded writer (easy to find out if you don’t know who it is. Reminds me I need to update a certain article with that info!), there is a Holocaust Denier on the Sad Puppies 3 slate. Naturally nobody else but myself points this out. Vox Day has even called Sad Puppies “allies”, and this some time after SF’s 74th nervous breakdown first made news. It was quite recent. Larry C and Brad T are nominees on the Rabid Puppies slate, although one could certainly argue that’s neither here nor there.

Fact is Brad Torgersen even put up this blog post (entitled ‘the Science Fiction Civil War’ from April 8th), that he later deleted (but the Internet, as Brad’s critics point out, does not forget so easily). Why delete it? What did he have to hide? What did he regret saying? However whether the Hugos discriminates against conservatives or not, the real thing (as far as the themes of this blog is concerned) is elsewhere. The Hugos allegedly favouring liberals over conservatives may or may not be a fair criticism, however it is a secondary factor. The real beef re the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies alliance is the need for Brad and Larry – at the forefront of Sad Puppies – and their crew to engage in apologetics, evasions, red herrings, irrelevant waffle, and ultimately whitewashing of Vox Day’s extreme bigotry. They wouldn’t even need to do so, if there wasn’t at least a loose and broad alliance, a common or shared agenda between the two Puppies camps. And there is. At least there certainly appears to be. It is however the apologetics for Vox Day’s indisputable bigotry that galls and offends, far more so than the alliance between the two Puppies camps re ‘taking back the Hugos’ in and of itself. And this is the real beef, the real ugliness.

As far as Truesdale is concerned, his fanzine may well deserve the nomination from the Sad Puppies slate. And thus I have no qualms with the nomination in and of itself. But it’s clear that his Holocaust Denialism just doesn’t bother anybody (not the Sad and Rabid Puppies crews), and not the SJ Warriors neither. And not the mainstream genre Left whatsoever. And not the shaking quaking cowardly genre Jews for that matter. Shaking and quaking, deliberately oblivious, even self-hating genre Jewry. The evidence I have for my assertions re genre Jewry and Truesdale alone is all here. That’s because anti-Semitism doesn’t bother anybody all that much, and genre Jewry – to repeat myself – are for the most part quaking cowards, have their heads so far up their asses, or are just self-loathing worms. Harsh assessment? Sure, but it is what it is. The archives of this blog provide all the evidence one could ever need for such an opinion. In spades. And spades. And more besides. And so much that remains unsaid…

Getting back to Beale/Vox Day and just how comfortable the Sad Puppies leadership and crew are to associate with him, here is Torgersen on the whole Vox Day issue, defending the indefensible politics/ideology of Vox Day, by not even vaguely acknowledging what the indefensible *actually is*. The article is entitled ‘Shunning and radioactivity’ and it is from more than a year ago now, April 2014. That is almost a year exactly before this whole Hugos 2015 circus got underway. And it is revealing of Torgersen’s persistent and consistently, infuriatingly miss-the-point red herring palaver that is his modus operandi and style. Always. As his posts a year later on Vox Day attest to, but will come to that.

Torgersen’s entire lengthy article linked to above (although it’s got nothing on this one!), is just a glaring evasion from all Vox Day’s ugly bigotry, which Torgersen can’t be bothered to even vaguely acknowledge in the article itself. It may well be wrong to shun Vox Day, as Torgersen reasons in his article, but not for the reasons Brad T gives us. The reason is simply because Vox Day is simply no worse than most, or at least very many of his liberal critics (see the archives of this blog for one and that’s just addressing the genre Left’s anti-Semitism, not the routine and rather ridiculous reverse racism identity politics and occasional misandry in the genre community, and especially among Social Justice Warriors). If we are going to shun Vox Day on account of his bigotry, then we will have to shun soooo many of the genre Leftists – Saladhin Ahmed, Charles Stross, Lavie Tidhar, John Scalzi, China Mieville, Nick Mamatas, Jim Hines, Farah Mendlesohn, Kathryn Cramer, K T Bradford etc. etc. – for theirs.  And that wouldn’t leave many standing! Well maybe some of the old school baby boomer liberals, but that’s about it.

The argument that Torgersen should have made re Vox Day, he doesn’t make at all. Namely the left-wing genre thought police are every bit as bigoted, or at least as delusional as Vox Day can be accused of being, but it’s NOT the argument made by Torgersen himself in his blog article. Torgersen came up with a false analogy, false in every way, in order to justify his stance re Vox Day. So Torgersen makes the wrong argument for what would, under the circumstances, arguably be the right thing to do. That is Vox Day should not be hounded out of US science fiction, because he is no worse, and no better, than his self-righteous ‘anti-racist’ racist critics on the genre Left. Best to do the reverse – and get out of the SF genre circus oneself, but let me not get too offtrack here…

Torgersen comes up with this analogy of the ‘Wandians’, a stand-in for the Mormons as he admits (Torgersen is a Mormon). Cutting to the chase of Torgersen’s analogy: the Mormons and the unfair prejudice/suspicion they face, historically and in the present day, something of course that Brad T has direct experience of, is equated with Vox Day’s plight in the vipers’ den that is the US SFF community. Hence we should not ostracize and demonize Vox Day, for the same reason we should not demonize and ostracize Mormons. The analogy is obviously false.


Well what does the very real prejudice, mistrust and the like that a group of people experience because of their religious belief (in this case the Mormons) or ethnicity or sexual preferences in other cases, have to do with  the very real bigotry (let us say the anti-black racism and misogyny) coming from a particular INDIVIDUAL? In this case of course Vox Day. Clearly nothing. It’s a false and frankly odious comparison/analogy. Vox Day is not facing ostracization, ‘shunning’, because he is Hispanic, or a male, because he belongs to a a minority group – religious, ethnic or other – that has experienced persistent and historical prejudice; it is because of his obvious anti-black racism for the most part, never mind his misogyny and homophobia, that he has been ostracized.

Yes it is hypocritical of the genre Left to ignore the prejudices in their own camp and point fingers at the conservative bigot, but that misses the point. Torgersen’s analogy (and a further one he prattles there re Star Trek) is plain wrong, in every way. It would be like saying because Native Americans face prejudice both in the past and in the present day (and they do), we shouldn’t shun or snub somebody because he considers black people inherently inferior to whites, and whose hostility to the female gender is pretty much in-your-face. In other words, Torgersen doesn’t even acknowledge in his blog article that Vox Day is being cold-shouldered and snubbed because and solely because of his unashamed and aggressive bigotry, not his belonging to some maligned creed/ethnicity/fringe religious group/sexual identity or some-such. Nowhere in Torgersen’s blog article does Torgersen even acknowledge what Vox Day has actually said – on the record – about black people or women for example. Never mind gays (yes I know Torgersen is a Mormom). Nowhere in Torgersen’s main blog article, does he even acknowledge any smoking gun quotes from Vox Day that utterly damn him in regards to his anti-black racism and misogyny alone.

Instead we get the book of Wanda/the book of Mormon, we get Klingons! vs the Federation.

Instead we get eggshell walking, evasions and less than frank admissions from Torgersen about what the whole Vox Day controversy is actually about.

Brad T’s blog posting (and further postings of his in the comments section to that blog entry) are just outright evasions at best, and worse, it’s apologetics and rationalizations for the indisputable prejudice coming from Vox Day. He doesn’t agree with Vox Day’s heated and over-the-top bigoted remarks, but refuses to call Vox Day bigoted. And he slyly does this by not bothering to acknowledge what Vox Day actually is on the record as saying re blacks, women and gays as a whole (yes I know the general Mormon attitudes here re homosexuality). It would be equivalent to a genre Leftist, defending the vicious anti-Semite China Mieville for example (never mind so many others) when confronted with the latter’s prejudice – and I have mountains of evidence for his anti-Semitism archived on this blog – by blabbering on about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the historical mistreatment and demonization of Mormons, via a fictional stand-in of Wanda and the Wandian bible, and then to top it all off, the uh Klingons of the Star Trek Universe!

The glaring falsity of the analogy to any ethnic or religious or other minority group that serves as a scapegoat in American society, whether it be Mormons or Native Americans or whoever else, with the very real bigotry of Vox Day (and Mieville’s Jew-hatred for that matter) is obvious.

Torgersen’s false analogy is why genre conservatives, who are effectively closing ranks here, and refusing to acknowledge Vox Day’s anti-black racism, homophobia and misogyny for what it is, do not have any moral high ground whatsoever. On the contrary, by defending the indefensible, in Torgersen’s case false Mormon and Star Trek analogies, that would be seen though by an intelligent seventh grader, one sinks to the same level as the odious and self-deceiving genre Left, always ready to defend and justify their left-wing genre colleagues’ reverse racism, misandry and in particular their anti-Semitism. As far as the latter is concerned, I am one of very very few pointing this out. And the only one blogging about it in detail.

And that Torgersen article was published a year before the current Hugos circus!

In the comments section to that blog article, it is worth reading the pertinent commentary from ‘Popguy’ and  ‘Harry’, for their forthright calling out Vox Day for the bigot that he is, and what Vox Day actually thinks about blacks and women, and how Torgersen’s posting is simply replete with wormy evasions of what the Vox Day controversy is actually about.

Putting Brad on the spot in other words, and not allowing Brad T’s whitewashing and evasions of Vox Day’s bigotry to stand. Brad responds in wincing ‘when in a hole, dig deeper’ fashion. Here is the relevant commentary:

  1. Harry: the way I look at it is, can the remarks be perceived as racist? Sure. But does this mean Vox himself is racist? I think Vox could have and probably should have used different words to criticise Jemison, but because Jemison herself likes to pick fights and use quasi-racist language (against caucasians) in the process, I look at Vox’s quarrel with Jemison as perhaps a wash: two people who have said (did say?) some unfortunate things, and neither of them seems entirely clean to me. If I seem like I am trying too hard to not label a spade a spade, it’s probably because racism to me is one of those fire alarms that should only be pulled when necessary. Right now cries of racism so perpetually flood our public communication, it’s like the little boy is crying wolf 900 times a second. Having witnessed actual racism against my spouse, I find Vox’s interactions with Jemison problematic. But then I find Jemison herselfproblematic too. If Vox had been picking a fight with someone I know does not herself go out of her way to pick fights, perhaps I’d have an easier time being critical of Vox? Since I was not party to the SFWA quarrel out of which Vox’s comments have been parsed (where Jemison is concerned) I try to resist the urge to condemn.

This was before it was common knowledge that Brad’s wife was African-American btw. It is frankly difficult for me to articulate the glaring cognitive dissonance revealed in that comment of Brad’s. He has one foot on a hot stove and another in a freezer and says, how the temperature averages out ok, I’m doing just fine. This is Brad’s style. Consistently. All of the time re Vox Day and related. Vox’s comment re Jemisin can be “perceived as racist” but doesn’t necessarily mean Vox is racist. ?? And because liberals are addled through and through with their own hypocrisies, moral and cultural relativist delusions etc. it’s not fair to condemn Vox Day. How pathetic and illogical (it’s a tu quoque argument), but that’s to be expected from Brad. I don’t care for the liberal zeitgeist neither. The genre liberals and in particular the far Left genre folk – Jewish and Gentile – positively despise me, the latter have attempted far worse (in the most pathetic fashion) and have accused me of far worse, than they did to say Resnick and Malzberg, and even Vox Day for that matter!

According to the world and ‘logic’ of Brad T, I shouldn’t dare condemn Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, the KKK and the ‘fags burn in hell’ crowd because that would be pandering to the um liberal zeitgeist??! The only enemy is the Left. Always. And so anti-black and misogynist conservatives as allies. Just Fine No Matter What. Hey even if you have a black wife!

Actually Brad if somebody (Vox Day in this case) persistently spouts out prejudicial blather, doesn’t care for contrary evidence, just dismissing it out of hand, and does so year in and year out, then yes such a person is racist/prejudiced. If your enemies (real and/or imagined) have their own prejudices, and they certainly do; that doesn’t change the fact that their bête noire is actually prejudiced in this particular case. Did you mention this exact defense you made of Vox Day to your wife, Brad Torgersen?

What’s disturbing though about Torgersen’s false analogy re Wandians and Star Trek, although unsurprising, is how so many conservative genre fans have no problem with it and fail to see anything wrong with its transparent lack of logic so huge that you could steer an oil tanker through it, and a space shuttle besides. Witness all the thumbs ups at Torgersen’s blog and the fact that no genre pro or fan on the Right side of the fence, as far as I know, called Torgersen out on his fallacious Mormon analogy. This isn’t rocket science. This kind of thing would naturally repeat itself roughly a year later, but will come to that…

At least Brad Torgersen acknowledges (albeit very reluctantly and only when it is pushed into his face), that Vox Day has said bigoted things. Larry Correia likewise once acknowledged vaguely and indirectly, that Vox Day did use a racist slur, in the same context that was Vox Day’s tiff with N K Jemisin. Yet to Larry C, Vox Day’s bigotry is just “exaggerated”. And Correia repeats this mantra over and over, Beale’s bigotry isn’t there, it’s just “exaggerated”. This is akin to calling the anti-Semitism of Mieville, Charles Stross, Nick Mamatas, Ken McLeod, Lavie Tidhar, Kathryn Cramer, Paul Graham Raven, Michael Bishop, Anna Tambour, Farah Mendlesohn and the late Iain Banks… exaggerated. Notice how many of them are Jews… And these characters are just a very small sample from the genre Left alone.

As far as the spat with Jemisin is concerned, Vox Day used the term ‘savage’ in a knee-jerk fashion because and only because Jemisin is black. It’s not as if that is all one has, the only smoking gun re Vox Day’s racism. Hardly. That remark of Vox Day’s (‘savages’), has to be seen in context of everything else he has written about what he perceives as black people’s intrinsic inferiority. Torgersen ignores everything that Vox Day has written about blacks. It’s all negative, all of the time. In other words, Vox Day’s remarks on blacks are racist. Vox Day is adamant that black people are inferior to whites and Hispanics. He has never hidden how he feels here. Torgersen addresses none of this. He evades it altogether.

Here is a typical examplee from Beale http://www.voxday.blogspot.co.il/2014/05/genetic-segregation.html

From the link (the genetic and racial allusions by Vox Day is to Nicholas Wade’s controversial book A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History), Beale writes:

Does this mean that all African-Americans are prone to violence? No, it proves the exact opposite. The vast majority are not. But it does mean that with regards to this single factor related to an individual’s ability to control his own aggression, an African-American male is 50 times more likely to have a genetic handicap in comparison with a white male. Therefore, social policies that blithely assume that African-American males have the same intrinsic ability to control their aggression as white males are not only unscientific, but can be reliably predicted to fail. That is just one significant genetic distinction that has been discovered. There will be more. There will be many more.

Ironic to see somebody such as Beale – who pretends to be critical of scientific reductionism and scientific materialism – engage in a highly dubious reductionist and sociobiological argument to justify his racism. I’m probably, possibly, the only one to point this out. People are easily bamboozled by the use and misuse of genetics to bolster their prejudices, because who understands this in nitty-gritty detail, even in vague outline? Very very few, and hardly any among the genre Left (and Right). And that’s why the likes of Beale employ it. The irony lost on him is that Wade’s ‘science’ (and others of his ilk) is just the latest incarnation of social Darwinism, the kind of social Darwinism that gave us eugenics and underlay Nazi ‘science’. Beale amusingly enough is a critic of orthodox evolutionary theory, never mind social Darwinism.

Here is a detailed review by Greg Laden at the American Scientist debunking Wade’s book and his racist ‘genetic science’, truly pseudo-scientific palaver (recommended).

There is actually way way way more wrong to Wade’s baloney than Laden and others point out, one could write up a massive encyclopedia on all that is wrong with Wade’s ‘reasoning’ and ‘science’. One can get on to the hard problem of consciousness, the fact that consciousness cannot be reduced to genetics and gene products, it is way way more than that. And consciousness and so-called intelligence go hand in hand of course. So much more. Wade’s (and Vox Day’s) reasoning here is ‘not even wrong’. It is so way beyond wrong.

As with Torgersen, Correia can’t be bothered with addressing what Vox Day actually writes about blacks (the problem there – in the linked blog entry – is not the silly and ridiculous debate itself that Vox Day quotes from, it’s Vox Day’s own commentary on African-Americans in response to that debate that is eyebrow raising) and women alone. Of course as soon as one does acknowledged what Vox Day actually writes about blacks and women (never mind gays), then the only way to defend those indefensible prejudices, is by sinking into prejudice itself. Correia, like Torgersen, thus avoids that trap (defending the actual indefensible remarks/comments of Vox Day’s) by not ever quoting Vox Day’s most egregious commentary in this regard, and getting to grips with what he actually says. Correia, as with Torgersen, just doesn’t go anywhere near what Vox Day actually writes about blacks, women and gays for that matter. The easier to whitewash why Vox Day is considered persona non grata, namely for very good reasons. Yes it’s all so hypocritical, given the genre Left’s multiple prejudices (including of course their anti-Semitism that doesn’t bother anybody really, least of all genre Jewry) but this also misses the point.

Yes I repeat myself. I plead guilty to that.

And Larry C and Brad T do not address Vox Day’s actual remarks on women. And if you don’t have problem with Vox Day’s remarks on women, you are a misogynist yourself or in serious denial at best.

So conservative SF writer Sarah Hoyt (SF’s very own Ann Coulter. I don’t mean that as an insult nor a compliment, just an observation) by engaging in apologetics for Vox Day – she whitewashes his odious commentary re blacks/African-Americans – defends the indefensible in the process, as much as Correia, and to a degee Torgersen. This was likewise last year, way before the latest dingaling. Never mind the fact that Hoyt is sticking up for a misogynist. The enemy of my enemy is my friend blabla. So the thinking goes. On both sides of the ideological divide. The straw man that I expect to be bleated in protest here: ‘Vox Day just doesn’t care for militant feminists, that does not make him a misogynist’. Thing is that would be a straw man. I don’t care for militant feminists, my blog article/s gives all the evidence for that. Vox Day though does not think much of women as a whole. He has serious issues with the female gender.

This commentary that I quoted at Brad T’s blog was all some time of course before the latest Hugos circus and Sad Puppies 3. But so what? Here (from April 14th 2015) amidst the fever pitch of the Hugos & SP & RP brouhaha, Brad does so defend Vox Day once again, in a blog post entitled ‘Tribalism is as tribalism does’. Torgersen promises to actually address the Vox Day controversy and issue. And naturally it’s the same old Brad with the same evasive false analogy and metaphor bullshit and waffle, that has nothing to do with anything re the Vox Day multiple prejudice charges. So here Torgersen just repeats his lame MO. That is he addresses the Vox Day thang by not addressing it all. Not At All. Brad T’s blog post is replete with banter about Visigoths, the tribal brothers in arms camaraderie of the US Army, whatever the different ethnic and class backgrounds of its soldiers, tensions and hostilities among and between different black African tribes, ethnicities and nations, and whatever other irrelevant palaver. Nothing about Vox Day and the latter’s ACTUAL prejudicial remarks. Such transparent red herrings, such woeful evasions had his echo-chamber crew cheering. I did actually leave a comment there under the name ‘Lawrence’. Here it is again (in italics):

Lawrence says:

Your lengthy posting on Tribalism (in and out of the genre community) Brad is a red herring. You don’t bother to get to grips with what the controversy over Vox Day is all about, namely his anti-black racism, never mind his misogyny. You try slip out of it by saying in so many words, ‘well what some consider racism or prejudice is not always so, often just tribalism and simplistic stereotypes blabla. Depends on context, things are more nuanced and complex in the real world blabla.’
Straw man Brad, that’s what your whole post is. All of it. There are actual standards for prejudice that have nothing to do with SJW moral relativism, and their own brands of bigotry. If we pretend no standards, then we are left with the kind of cultural and moral relativism that so suffuses the SJW crowd.

There are standards and whilst some of the lines are certainly blurred, there are lines. There are absolutes when it comes to bigotry of all stripes and persuasions.

You think white people are superior to black people, or Asians superior to whites or vice versa, then that is plain bigotry. It’s not nuanced or complex or debatable. And Vox Day considers whites superior to blacks on the genetic and intelligence level, and justifies his racism by appealing to racist or prejudicial pseudo-scientific blather of the Nicholas Wade variety. Naturally to Vox Day and those like-minded, such pseudo-science is science. One can write a book on all that is wrong with Wade’s pseudo-scientific posturing, and the stupidity of IQ testing and its meaninglessness and absurdity (see the late S Jay Gould’s ‘The mismeasure of man’ for one). Torgersen mentions none of this. Namely what Vox Day’s racism is all about. You Mr. Torgersen don’t quote any of his remarks on blacks/African-Americans, when that is the beef, that is the heart of the matter. Beale does not hide his belief on the innate inferiority of people with black African genes and ancestry, he is open about it, and appeals to science. Well he has to, what else can he appeal to? The Nazis also appealed to science, when justifying their belief in the innate inferiority of Jews, Roma, and blacks for that matter. Many scientists and doctors especially, supported the Nazis and are complicit in their mass murder.

I’m not saying Torgersen is bigoted, I’m saying Vox Day is. And you continue to evade it, deflect it, ignore it Brad. That’s the thing. Going on about the bullying, lying and yes bigoted SJW crowd is just a transparent evasion. Fact that you are married to an African-American woman is not your get out of jail free card. Fact is it is neither here nor there. And frankly it can easily be used as a smokescreen. Smoke and mirrors distracting from Vox Day’s undeniable prejudice.

Nowhere do you Brad, and as far as I can see, nobody in the comments neither, actually bothers to quote Vox Day on the subject of blacks/African-Americans. It’s standard reactionary bilge from Beale. And yes bigoted bilge. Maybe that’s why you don’t bother acknowledging what Beale actually writes here? You haven’t addressed Martin at all (and I don’t share Martin’s politics, and Martin is full of it because he ignores the transparent bigotry of his fellow left-wing progressives. And just in the genre community alone. However that’s not the point) because you haven’t addressed the Beale/Vox Day issue at all.

Talking about tribalism, and army comradeship and camaraderie, no matter the background of its soldiers, and how all people all over the world stereotype others, does not address the fact that Vox Day believes that white people and Asians (and clearly Hispanics, since Beale is one, at least in part) are superior to black people, and he believes this inferiority of blacks is innate, genetic. Vox doesn’t hide that he believes it neither. He is proud and open about it. This is prejudices plain and simple. This is KKK logic, it is yes gasp the logic of Nazi ‘science’, the logic of social Darwinism. The lines are not blurred here, there is an indisputable line when it comes to prejudice and Beale crosses it as much as any Social Justice Warrior can or does.

The few responses to that comment of mine were predictable (just a pedantic correction: I should have written that Brad T’s entire post is a red herring, not really a straw man, even as a straw man argument is a kind of red herring). Check for yourselves. One from ‘Kent18’ saying that I was the one indulging in evasions and distractions that had no bearing on the matter to hand, that there’s no need for Brad to address the charges of prejudice against Vox Day. Even as Brad T claims he is doing just that – addressing the Vox Day controversy – in the very blog entry itself, whilst not doing that at all. Logic is not a strong suit with ideologues, on both the Left and Right.

One response from James May (whose writings on the hypocrisies and prejudices of the far Left genre twits I have commended at this blog), who continued to miss the point. Sure I’m sooner to be banned from the Social Justice Warriors blogs in short order than from Torgersen’s for a dissenting opinion, but that is not at all relevant to the point I was making.

James May’s very modus operandi – since the whole Puppies controversy re Vox Day began this year – is a persistent evasion (certainly for the most part) of Vox Day’s prejudice and Correia and Torgersen’s apologetics in this regard. Instead May – who says he is not a conservative and I take him at his word here – focuses solely and exclusively on the far Left genre community’s reverse racism identity and gender and sexual politics, and their ideological straitjackets. Nobody else is actually doing it. Yet May who is all over Correia’s and Torgersen’s blogs with this kind of stuff (and elsewhere), obsessively so, is guilty of pandering to a conservative and frankly reactionary audience. He doesn’t see it, it’s his blind spot, because he has decided to focus on the ‘enemy’ that is the genre’s far Left and even mainstream Left nitwits (the lines are blurred there, and overlap). Everybody else (on the Right side of the genre political circus) is either irrelevant or a potential/actual ally. That’s a mistake. But there you go. I just want to give a concrete example here: May has made a bigger fuss, and poured way more scorn and mockery on N K Jemisin over her commentary on white people, than he has on Vox Day re the latter’s prejudices. Yet Jemisin’s commentary on whites is not nearly as offensive and disgusting as Vox Day’s on blacks. It’s not even a contest. One may object that I pour way more scorn on the genre Left than I do on Vox Day. This is true, but the difference is that I do pour unequivocal scorn on Vox Day. I just don’t think there is a general need to focus on him, since his bigotry is well-recognized. He is notorious. Whereas the genre Left get away with their prejudices, they are swept under the carpet – and so I focus on just a small part of the heaped dust and dirt under the carpet. Their anti-Semitism is ignored in direct proportion to its pervasiveness and deep-seatedness from within the genre community alone. And for that matter the Western Left outside the genre community! Thing is James May is giving a free ride (by indulging in a heavy tu quoque argumentation: pasting up of genre SJW Tweets that are prejudicial or cultural relativist, and the like) to Correia and Torgersen, as the latter engage in the most mealy-mouthed and odious apologetics for Theodore Beale’s John Birch routine.

The other poster ‘keranih’ responding to my comment quoted above, inadvertently proved my point. It is one giving the thumbs up to Vox Day’s anti-black bigotry as legitimate and reasonable and grounded on scientific facts (and thus according to the logic of ‘enlightened and scientific’ bigotry – see eugenics, social Darwinism and Nazi so-called science – not bigotry at all). Note this is at Torgersen’s blog, not Vox Day’s blog. Nobody had any criticisms to make of that bigoted post by ‘keranih’. At Torgersen’s blog. Not Torgersen neither.

So with Brad T, we get an exact repeat of the evasive and the irrelevant at the time of the Hugos SP and RP circus, as we did a year ago re Vox Day (the ‘shunning and radioactivity’ blog post). Namely this time around, Brad T addresses the Vox Day issue, or rather does not address the Vox Day issue by blabbing on about Visigoths, the tribe that is the US Army, tensions between different African ethnicities; in the same way that he did not address the Vox Day issue, by blabbing on about Wandians/Mormons and the Star Trek Federation a year earlier. See a pattern here? A year from now, Brad Torgersen will address the Vox Day issue – as in not address the issue – by blabbing on about the English Civil War, the prejudice faced by Quakers in 19th century America, the divisions between different North American tribes in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the South African Mfecane (Zulu conquests of other Bantu tribes) from the early 19th Century, the tragic Hutu-Tutsi divisions in present day Central Africa, along with the Sinhalese-Tamil divisions that have paved the way for Sri Lanka’s civil wars. Maybe he may add Belgian waffles into the mix for good measure. And as a last resort, there is always the tu quoque argument.

One has to ask: is Brad Torgersen just disingenuous, or is he just not too bright, or has he just painted himself into a corner, out of a misguided and ridiculous political and/or ideological allegiance? Or is it all three factors? No I personally rule out Brad being stupid. He isn’t. Can he just not say one bad word about anybody? Ever? I have to remark that I don’t think Torgersen is bigoted at all against Africans/blacks for one. And the Social Justice Warriors painting all the Sad Puppies and their supporters with the same brush, isn’t fair nor accurate. It is way more nuanced and complex than that. I think Torgersen has just blundered by making a tactical, or rather perhaps strategic alliance with Vox Day, for what he considers ‘the greater good’. Tribalism is as tribalism does. Indeed. Torgersen goes on and on about tribalism because he is as caught up in it as anybody in the genre community, against what would otherwise be his better judgement. It’s a projection. This is an all too human error. We all make it. Yet Torgersen doesn’t appear to see it at all.

The always aggrieved Larry ‘don’t fuck with me’ Correia put up a post entitled ‘I’m not Vox Day’, also when things were flying most thick and fast re this whole Hugo thing. Although who knows what lies in store! I can’t keep up and I’m not really bothering…

The very title is predictably disingenuous. Nobody is saying that you are Vox Day, not any of the equally perpetually aggrieved and ridiculous Social Justice Warriors, and not the mainstream genre Left. They are saying that you associate/have associated with, and defend, excuse, whitewash and justify Vox Day’s most offensive beliefs and prejudicial opinions. And they believe you don’t appear to have too many qualms about his tactics and ploys re the Hugo slates and the Hugo ‘takeover’ itself. This latter point may or may not be a fair or accurate criticism (or partially so), given how what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I don’t care one way or the other here. To me, that’s a distraction from the real beef. The real thing, the thing that concerns this Red Wolf blogger, is the criticism they direct your way, that ideologically and politically you are closer to the reactionary bigot Vox Day than you pretend. And ideologically closer because you whitewash and rationalize Vox Day’s bigotry.

So as with your brother in arms, Brad T, your whole post, its very title, is a distraction, an evasion, an obtuse red herring. Interestingly, in the comments to Larry’s ‘I am not Vox Day’ blog posting, there are a number of people who choose to stick up, defend as legitimate and cheer for Vox Day’s controversial and more to the point, prejudicial opinions. One cannot hold that against Larry C (one is not responsible for the comments people leave at one’s blog), and yet they do appear at Larry C’s blog sans criticism from Larry C. Why are these bigoted Vox Day fans so comfortable posting their thumbs up for Beale’s bigotry at Larry C’s blog, and why do they receive no criticism from Larry C himself? That’s of course a rhetorical question. The answer is that the Vox Day fan club (and I mean fans of Vox Day’s um ‘scientific’ bigotry, never mind his misogyny and homophobia) see Larry C rationalize, excuse and dismiss the charges of Vox Day’s racism as nothing of the kind. As unfair and “exaggerated”. Exaggerated Exaggerated Exaggerated. And so they know Larry Correia is giving them his stamp of approval. They are not beyond the pale, since Vox Day is not beyond the pale. Larry C has used that very word, ‘exaggerated’ re Vox Day’s prejudices, several times over. I have noticed. So have others. He consistently denies that Vox Day is a bigot.

The double standard here, re Larry C’s apologetics for Vox Day’s bigotry and his no-holds-barred and undisguised contempt for the genre Left, is glaring and obvious. Look at how Larry C launched himself – ‘Fisking the Guardian’s Village Idiot’ in two parts, from June 2014 – at the left-wing fascist The Guardian’s SF man Damien Walter (this argument had nothing to do with the latest Hugo Circus, it was long before then). Walter a standard reliable voice of the idiot British genre Left. And that’s just Walter (who once remarked on Twitter that I was a weird or strange dude, which if you come to think of it is one of the least insulting things I have heard directed my way, from the genre Leftists). Not that Walter didn’t deserve much of the contempt hurled his way from Correia. He certainly did, given some egregious misrepresentations that Walter had written on Correia. However, there is the revealing remarks – we see this time and time and time again – that Correia makes on Vox Day in his heated replies to Walter. Walter had rightly called him out on the Vox Day thang, even as Walter writes for a Jew-hating left-wing fascist rag, and is all buddy buddy with the Jew-haters of the genre Left. That’s ok see?

Before I get on to the Vox Day thang… again, just a deviation: To give you an idea of Walter’s typically left-wing Guardian style oblivious hypocrisy, he sees himself as so tolerant of sexual diversity and proclivities, like a typical liberal (eg. his article ‘Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer‘), at the same time, as with all the Guardianistas, murderous, extreme homophobia in the Muslim world and among Muslim communities in the UK appears to be a big yawn. Hey that’s their own wonderful culture and their own business I guess. Walter is more critical of Larry Correia for Correia’s criticisms of Alex Dally Macfarlane’s vision of ‘post-binary gender in SF’ (check the Walter linked Guardian article directly above), than he is of the Jew-hatred as Middle-East reporting and analysis from the rag he works for, and the Jew-hatred rampant among the British genre Left alone (see the archives of this blog). I just thought I would give it that spin, because nobody else would…

One wonders if Damien Walter would ever lecture the mullahs, Muslim clerics, Muslim governments and the Arab street – the murderous homophobia in Muslim society and yes Palestinian society itself is neither here nor there to these ‘gay rights’ Leftists – never mind Hezbollah, HAMAS and Fatah, from the pages of the Islamophile the Guardian, on the need to “reflect that the future is queer” and the need to embrace a vision of ‘post-binary gender’? One wonders and wonders… One wonders if Damien Walter would ever lecture the newspaper he writes for, on the need to tone down its Jew-hatred (as if he would even begin to recognize new anti-Semitism for what it is in the first place).

The thing is – getting back on track – Walter makes at least one valid point in his criticisms of Correia (so much else is ridiculous, bizarre and harebrained in Walter’s criticisms and commentary – as you would expect from a Guardian ‘journalist’): Correia is not doing himself any favours running cover for a bigot like Vox Day. Now Walter doesn’t mention Beale/Vox Day by name, it’s all implicit (at least it was way back when). One can object that supporting Vox Day for a Hugo nomination, or any award nomination, does not mean that translates to an endorsement of Vox Day’s politics or ideology; art is one thing, politics/ideology another entirely. One may recommend the writings of everybody from Louis-Ferdinand Céline to Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ezra Pound’s and T S Eliot’s poetry, it does not mean one is endorsing their considerable anti-Semitism (unless one does so of course!). The thing is Correia in his response to Walter, only muddies the waters… And there is the rub.

Just follow the links above to the two part ‘fisking’ by Correia of Walter for what I am getting at. I don’t want to repeat myself too much, and this is a lengthy article, so let me just say here that Correia just gives us the same evasive maneuvering, the same old whining about SJ Warriors, making excuses for Vox Day’s racist attack on N K Jemisin, and excusing his unambiguous prejudices as nothing of the kind. The exact and identical wormy and pathetic apologetics he would give the following year (this year, at the height of the Hugos Puppies circus) re Vox Day’s bigotry. Like Torgersen – whose style is very different and rhetorical slight of hand also somewhat different (Torgersen isn’t in-your-face like Correia for one) – it is just a 100% Reload, Recycle and Repeat. Same Old Same Old. A Tune that never changes. Not a single note.

Although I gotta say, nobody else has exposed this twit Damien Walter as Correia has (having nothing to do with Vox Day). Over here Correia exposes Damien Walter for lying/libel regarding Baen editor and publisher Toni Weisskopf. Walter just made up out of whole cloth a Weisskopf ‘quote’ and pathetically tried to distract Correia’s attention and others from his lying by blabbing on about Star Wars and definitions of science fiction. It didn’t work. Shocka Guardian journalist caught making stuff up. And trying to wheedle his way out of it by the most vague and lame distractions. If you don’t know about it, check that link for how the lying genre Leftists like Walter operate. One almost feels sorry for Damien there, as he is humiliated. Repeatedly. Then again, that kind of left-wing modus operandi, demonize your enemies by making stuff up about them, whilst whitewashing everything and everybody else, is how you get a job at the Guardian as a ‘journalist’ in the first place. Or at least how you keep it.

Actually this Walter-Correia feud is  a good case study for universal standards and principles re genre politics. What I mean is one needs to call out Correia for his whitewashing of Beale’s bigotry, whilst simultaneously calling out Walter for his libel, his outrageous lying on Weisskopf (among plenty of other dubious claims and assertions from Walter, but the Weisskopf whopper is a big one). Now who would do that? Only somebody free of ridiculous ideological allegiances to Left and Right. So pretty much very very very few in the genre community!

Both liberals and conservatives ought to read or re-read Gulliver’s Travels. Not that it would make a difference I know. One has to have the eyes to see. There is a lesson there about the Lilliputians and breaking one’s breakfast egg from the bottom or top end, that applies to genre (and non-genre) ideologues today, as much as in any other age.

At least Larry C and George RR Martin (just Google it if you don’t know about it) had a long but civil disagreement in respective postings at their blogs (then again Martin was far more reasonable and measured and polite, and the topic was entirely different, the Hugos 2015 fandango) on the whole Hugos/SP/RP circus. Bottom line is Larry C engages in apologetics for Vox Day’s ugly bigotry, plain and simple, and then cries in the most pathetic disingenuous manner ‘I’m not Vox Day’. And George RR Martin wouldn’t know left-wing fascism if it sat on his lap and asked him for a smoke.

Hey take the scenario where any Joe Soap defends Barack Obama on his disgusting and fawning Iran policy (equivalent to if not surpassing Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler), you know the one that’s happening RIGHT NOW – a policy that imperils the Jews with a nuclear holocaust, and makes it very clear that Israel is all on its own. And imagine if our hypothetical Joe Soap (of course there are real people who defend Obama’s Iran policy) were heavily criticized and mocked for it (and rightly so), Joe Soap then responded with the line ‘I am not Barack Obama’. That’s really equivalent to what Larry C is doing. He gets his rage on, runs to the defense of a far right bigot, and pretends his bigotry nothing of the sort (it’s just exaggerated); and then when he gets called out on it, acts the innocent, and puts on his pathetic hard-done-by-poor-me-why-pick-on-me act.

There is so much prejudice to go around, among both the Left and Right, in and out of the genre community.

Naturally Larry Correia doesn’t bring up all this justification, lame excuses and apologetics for Vox Day’s prejudices in his ‘I am not Vox Day’ blog posting. As if that isn’t what all this heated and shrill controversy is about, at least to a very large degree. Or what it should be about at any rate.

Larry C has never condemned or made it clear that he sees Vox Day as a bigot. Not ever. That is the thing. And bigoted Beale fans are very comfortable posting at Correia’s blog, they are not unwelcome there, as a rule.

Over at the conservative PJMedia Charlie Martin had a fairly balanced article on the Hugos Circus, albeit leaning in defense of Sad Puppies 3 and Corriea. Martin even commended the very liberal Mary Robinette Kowal’s ideas on how to resolve the political impasse of WorldCon and the Hugos voting. Martin makes it clear he considers Vox Day a “dolt”. And for that he earned the opprobrium of PJMedia commentators who rush to Vox Day’s defense. Vox Day, SF’s supreme John Bircher, is the truth teller to power to conservatives commentating at PJMedia (How do mainstream conservatives at a non-SF conservative political opinion news site even know about this or have an interest? So I assume a lot, most commenting there, were trolls). The posts defending Vox Day get the biggest thumbs up. Disgraceful but that’s the real and ugly face of conservatism. Martin is clearly horrified but I’m not surprised. This is not a slight on PJMedia, but on the many who comment on the articles.

Here btw is Larry Correia back in June 2014 giving his thumbs up to actor Gary Oldman outing himself as a reactionary unvarnished anti-Semite (the latter sticking up for poor innocent Mel Gibson, the innocent Catholic crucified, cast into the wilderness, ostracized by those monied and powerful Hollywood Jews. And for what trumped up crime in the first place? Yes I’m being very facetious). It’s from an interview Oldman did with Playboy, that caused such a huge stir and blow-out.

So Correia runs cover for the bigoted Vox Day, and then gives the thumbs up, the big cheer to Gary Oldman outing himself as a bigot, as an anti-Semite, defending the psychopathic Holocaust Denying ‘the Jews killed Jesus’ Jew-hater Mel “F*****g Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” Gibson. 

That ‘the Jews killed our saviour Jesus’ mantra that is The Passion of the Christ, is just a resell of that old hoary Christian blood libel that would pave the way for the ostracization, discrimination, oppression and demonization of Jewry, and  the inevitable European Christian pogroms, massacres, scapegoating and expulsions of self-same Jewry. For centuries. See for example the Christian James Carroll’s book Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews (that has Jew-hating Christians up in arms, when not ignoring it).

This defense by Correia of the bigoted actor Gary Oldman’s reactionary and implicitly anti-Semitic rant, by Correia’s whitewashing of Oldman’s rant, and worse, giving it the grand cheer, is entirely consistent with Correia’s whitewashing of Beale’s bigotry. Oldman outed himself as anti-Semitic and reactionary in defending the Jew-hating (never mind homophobe and racist) actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson, by whitewashing and justifying Gibson’s out-and-out Jew-hate meltdowns (that’s in the plural), and Gibson’s black comedy psychosis, as ‘political incorrectness’. Oldman would offer an insincere apology for his rant, and even double down on his anti-Semitism. But will get to that…

Here is just one of the relevant remarks from what Oldman said in his Playboy interview:

I know [Mel] got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things.”  Oldman then goes on to attack former  L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee, saying “We’re all f**king hypocrites. That’s what I think about it. The policeman who arrested him has never used the word n****r or that f**king Jew?”

Really Oldman? Actually his arresting cop was a Jew, so no a big fail there Oldman, you moron. Also we all say these things: ‘Jews cause all the wars in the world?’ Well I know vicious anti-Semites do. That’s what makes them rabid anti-Semites. Oldman is pretty much saying, ‘we’re all pretty much Jew-haters and racists, especially when we let our guard down, and down a few tequilas or vodkas, so what’s the big deal?’

In fact Gibson’s arresting officer James Mee remarked to TMZ (see TMZ link above):

“I’m Jewish and why would I say that to discredit my own religious makeup?” Mee goes on, “The N-word is a scary word.  I would never even dream of using it.  It sickens me that anyone would use that word.” Mee says, “Jews have been persecuted and put down over the years. Why would I, as a Jew, do that to other races?” Mee doesn’t think kindly of Oldman, saying, “I feel sorry for people that need to say things about other people in order to justify themselves.” As for Mel, Mee says he absolutely does not think the actor has been rehabilitated.

In other words, Oldman’s take on Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitism, is that Gibson’s age old honest Christian anti-Semitism is just unfashionable and ‘politically incorrect’ (not actual bigotry at all), the John Birch Society and KKK definition of PC; in the same way that say Islamophilia and hating on America is actual PC. The former in reality is not political incorrectness, it’s just Jew hatred. The latter Islamophilia (as opposed to the ‘nuke Mecca and the ragheads’ bigots) really is inane political correctness.

Mel Gibson’s Jew hatred is just old-style Jew-hatred of the most extreme sort, that’s all, the sort that paved the way for pogroms and yes the Holocaust itself. Gibson is a leper in the Jewish community because he is a hardcore Jew hater and a Holocaust Denier, just like his father Hutton Gibson (something Oldman doesn’t acknowledge at all in his mindless ranting. Not the fact that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas exposed Gibson as a Holocaust Denier, amidst other Jew-hate madness and psychosis, and that it got considerable publicity before Oldman’s defense of Gibson). PC has absolutely nothing to do with it. Mad Mel is a leper for the same reason David Duke is a leper in the Jewish and black communities. David Duke is not guilty of unfashionable political correctness, he is guilty of out-and-out Nazism. It is not politically correct to call David Duke a Jew hating Nazi, it’s just accurate labeling. The KKK are lepers in the black community not because the KKK are ‘politically incorrect’ but because they are hardcore racists. And people who say ‘God hates fags’ and HIV is God’s punishment against gays are lepers in the gay community, likewise not because such haters are ‘politically incorrect’, but because they are homophobic bigots.

Saying as Gibson did (see the Joe Eszterhas exposé), that he hoped his girlfriend would be raped by a “pack of niggers” is not ‘political incorrectness’. It is unhinged racism, bloodlust, out-and-out psychosis, violent hatred and insanity. Gibson is not all there, he is a psychopath. It’s not PC for me to remark that Gibson is stark raving nuts, riddled through with a burning rage and heady violence and a redneck Jew-hate and an anti-black bigot besides. It’s the diagnosis any competent psychologist would come to. South Park had his number ages ago. South Park was downright prophetic on the Mad Mel front. No it is not PC to consider black people and gays human beings, and neither is it ‘politically incorrect’ (in  a good way) to buy into age old medieval Christian claims on Jewish deicide. Nor is Holocaust Denialism ‘politically incorrect’ (and yes to repeat the point for the third time, Mel like his dad, like Sad Puppies nominee Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, is a Holocaust Denier). It is just hardcore bigotry. Nothing less.

And those running to Gibson’s defense re his arrest in LA for drunkenness and his Jew-hate rant to the cop, and there have been plenty of them, ‘oh he was drunk, so he didn’t really mean it blabla’. Baloney. It’s the other way around. In vino veritas. It’s when we are drunk or angry that the truth outs, the polite veneer and mask is dropped. The fact that Mel Gibson has subsequently outed himself as a fucking Holocaust Denier (thanks to Joe Eszterhaz we now know this, yes for the fourth time), this is the nail in the coffin. Of course those of us who are not Christian zealots and anti-Semites were pointing out that The Passion of the Christ was all the proof you needed of Gibson’s anti-Semitism, selling the age old libel of the Jew as Christ killer. To those who have eyes to see. And conservative Christians wonder why Jews are so sensitive, skeptical and suspicious of their motives and real attitudes. Gee wonder what it could be now? Wonder why Jews don’t embrace conservatism, despite the Jew-hatred rampant among the Left? This is a major factor why (and it’s not the only one). The anti-black racism rampant among the Right and the Right’s Christian homophobia are other major factors. And there are other factors I don’t even bother alluding to. Heck look at all the anti-back racism among the genre Right alone!

We should all be grateful to Gibson, he’s a litmus test. And so revealing of so much, that is swept under the carpet, even by Gibson’s Jewish and Gentile critics…

Oldman outing himself as a redneck bigot was simply ignored by the conservative media, and in fact he was cheered by a conservative media that didn’t bother to get into the nitty-gritty details of just what Oldman said exactly, and just what the likes of Gibson have actually said and done. One of the few exceptions (and kudos to her) was Susan Goldberg at PJ Media.

Oldman then – in a tacit admission of guilt or maybe just afraid that he might not get work again in Hollywood – offered a clearly insincere apology that only confirmed his anti-Semitism. Here is the so-called apology in small part (the smoking gun):

“…Jewish People, persecuted thorough the ages, are the first to hear God’s voice, and surely are the chosen people.”

Why is that anti-Semitic? The ‘Jews as the chosen people’ is totally uncalled for, in the context of a so-called apology, clearly expressed with such dripping sarcasm, along the lines of ‘you Jews think you are so much better than Gentiles. God’s chosen, guess that makes everybody else undermenschen and God’s outcasts’. This is what one hears from Jew haters. Neo-Nazis included. Just check the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum aka The Iain Banks fan club for that anti-Semitic trope. For the record, and as simply as possible, the talk about the Jews as ‘the chosen people’ just means chosen to record the Torah (the Pentateuch), and God’s choosing Abraham as a patriarch (his pact with God) and as God’s servant, as one whose tribe is to follow God’s laws, and the responsibilities that go with that, the responsibilities to God, to mankind as a whole. It is not as if Jews believe they are’ saved’ merely for being Jews (Jews who know their religion don’t believe as fundamentalist Christians do, in humanity ‘being saved’ or ‘damned’ depending on their religious beliefs and rituals, whether they be ‘true believers’ or not) and everybody else is damned. Jews who know something of their religion, know we don’t have a Heaven or Hell, as Christians and Muslims would have it. It’s not Jews who see Gentiles as devils and God killers, the cause thus of all the injustices and evil that befall humanity, and slaughtering them in consequence. That’s all Mel Gibson, medieval and not just medieval Christiandom (and these old attitudes persists in the present day unfortunately), all embodied to the letter in Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ.

The ADL was right not to accept Oldman’s insincere apology (and the thing with the ADL is they give a free pass to so much anti-Semitism as extreme anti-Israelism, whether it’s coming from liberals, conservatives or Muslims. The ADL are stuck in 1965 and are largely clueless and cowardly. And you really have to be guilty of hardcore in-your face anti-Semitism before the ADL says boo. However compared to SFF genre ‘Jewry’, the ADL are lions. Admittedly that’s not saying much at all. In fact it’s saying nothing). However the ADL don’t appear to realise that Oldman’s apology is not so much “insufficient”, as it is a revelation and confirmation of Oldman’s bigotry.

Correia by sticking up for Oldman, repeats a similar MO re his defense of the indefensible Vox Day. Oldman by decrying the poor poor outcast status of Mel Gibson, a clearly out of his tree Jew-hater, homophobe and anti-black racist, a caricature of a Catholic zealot with the sadistic tendencies of an Inquisitor, shows us his true ugly colours. And Correia sings Oldman’s praises.

What is oh so very revealing about Correia’s thumbs up to Gary Oldman outing himself as a ‘politically incorrect’ anti-Semite, is how no genre Jewish pro called Correia out on it. In fact no genre pro whatsoever. None that I could find. They run as fast as they can away from this kind of thing. Run, scamper and hide. One may object, well they – genre Jewry – don’t read Correia’s blog. Pulleeez, they don’t want to know. If you shove this in their faces, they would still run run run away and beg to be left alone. The evidence for my assertion here is in how they run away from the extreme anti-Semitism of the genre Left (when not giving it the thumbs up), and the likes of Dave Truesdale. As far as the latter Truesdale Holocaust Revisionism thing is concerned, and the fact that is is buried out of sight and mind (only on this blog), is simply and obscenely pathetic and a scandal in its own right. Even as nobody talks about it. I predicted as much when I was in the course of publishing it all. And genre Jewry (and the genre community) were largely mum even on James P Hogan and his Holocaust Denialism years ago. In other words, the evidence for my assertion is this very blog and its archives. It’s actually worse than I let on. Interestingly, if you do a Google search for ‘Larry Correia’ monsterhunter ‘Gary Oldman’ and ‘Mel Gibson’, well I got six results! That’s it. I suspected as much before I even did a Google.

None of that should surprise any of us, since genre Jewry – as the history of this blog reveals, see the previous article to this one, ‘the Zombie Chronicles’ – are such cowards, if not hardcore self-hating Jews, or morons. For the most part. I don’t mean all of them. Oh wait am I being too hard on them? No don’t think so. If anything I have been way too generous with them. They – liberal genre Jewry – would be too cowardly to call out Correia here, even as he is a conservative and frankly a reactionary, even as I’m sure many of them call him out on the Vox Day issue! That’s exactly what I mean by how pathetic genre Jews actually are. Those Jews who didn’t sign the SFWA related petition drawn up by Holocaust Denier Dave Truesdale, and berated him instead, have never called out Truesdale as a Holocaust Denier. They just run run run away to the hills and take cover.

Liberal genre Jewry don’t have the backbone of a gerbil between the lot of them. Who else has called out Larry Correia for cheering on Gary Oldman, as the latter outs himself as an anti-Semite of the right old-fashioned medieval brand (as opposed to the Left-wing anti-Zionist and anti-Israel Palestinian chic brand)? Nobody.

Now the thing is genre liberals have not and would not take Correia to task here, on the Oldman front, and for an obvious reason (albeit an unconscious one). Even as genre liberals take him to task, vocally and repeatedly, over Vox Day’s bigotry. They don’t want to draw attention to the rampant and rabid anti-Semitism in their own circles (that is of the genre Left and the Left as a whole). As I say, this is not something they are consciously aware of. There are associations, implications, ramifications that they are desperate to keep a lid on. At all costs. Leftists aren’t really conscious at all, and neither are right-wing reactionaries. As with Dave Truesdale, the real story there that nobody but myself mentions; the Left’s (genre Jewry especially) quashing of the anti-Semitism taboo remains steadfast. The genre Left call Truesdale a reactionary sexist cave-man, but not a Holocaust Denier! And the genre Left make sure to pour scorn on the Red Wolf blogger who outed Truesdale for what he was to begin with, and when talking about the Truesdale petition affair no less!

In fact the Truesdale affair reveals these genre Jews are so afraid of acknowledging even the most base and indisputable anti-Semitism, it’s such a big taboo to them; they are literally quaking in fright, scared of the shadows. Heads so far up their asses. Well most all of them did vote for or support the Jew-hater Barack Obama, so there you go. So Correia has no reason to fear any criticism from genre Jewry for his running to praise Oldman, as the latter obscenely mislabels the hardcore Jew-hatred (never mind his other prejudices) of Mel Gibson an affront to stifling and suffocating political correctness.

The SF genre community does not live on the moon, they are on earth (well…), and they all too clearly reflect and echo the ugly and brain-dead, out-and-out delusional politics/ideologies in the Western world in this Day and Age. This insanity is so obviously reflected in the SFF ghetto, where if anything the madness, hypocrisy and bigotry are amplified to fever pitch levels. OK it couldn’t really be worse than general society I admit, but it’s clearly as bad as it is anywhere. And genre conservatives surrender to their worst and most reactionary instincts in their ideological battles against the genre Left, who themselves are prejudiced for the most part. The genre Left’s Jew-hatred and tolerance for Jew-hatred alone is appalling, it is also near universal. If the former prejudice is not universal among the genre Left (as anti-Israelism duh), then the easy tolerance of anti-Semitism (as delusional anti-Israelism duh) clearly is. As with Leftists as a whole. There is no refuge to be found in either camp for people who don’t care for silly punch ups and flame wars between ideologues, very selective in what prejudices get their gander (real or imagined) and cause them to spill their coffee. In and out of the genre community. There is no heart, no true mindfulness, in and out of the genre community, among ideologues of the Left and Right. No respect for sober and calm universal standards and principles, only soulless ideology and protecting one’s own. Identity politics no matter what. Notable exceptions I’m sure, but very few and far between. Yes I know there are exceptions.

Liberals and conservatives alike, both in and out of the SFF ghetto, ought to heed the words of the US general in Vietnam who remarked, “we have seen the enemy. He is us”.

Not that they will. That’s because they are ideologues.

I tell you, if I believed in psychiatry, and I don’t really, I would say the best thing to do at the next WorldCon or Nebulas award bash, is to seal the building, surround it with a SWAT team so nobody could get out, and sweep up the attendees, writers, editors, fans alike. Liberals, conservatives, anarchists, communists, Libertarians, etc. And send them to the nearest mental health hospital, and place them under observation, and daily psychiatric sessions; getting to grips with their damaged childhoods, their brutal miseducation, the lack of love in their lives. Clearly the lack of meaning in their lives. And if all else fails there is always Paxil and Zoloft. In all seriousness though, kidding aside, I don’t care for those anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs. Very much part of the problem while Big Pharma laughs all the way to the bank. Yeah I know further digression, but worth mentioning…

The real solution, and I have mentioned it here, is to run away from the genre community. It’s a madhouse on fire. You can still read science fiction, pick up copies of old masterpieces, there are neglected brilliant genre novels that still remain little known, in second-hand bookstores or Amazon, but get away from this madhouse. You know it does go with the territory though. Ever asked yourselves the question, and not come with a glib answer – why do you read science fiction so avidly to begin with? Running from something perhaps?

Getting back on  track…

Here in fact is Brad Torgersen having a bit of a meltdown at his blog (even more recently – from April 26th), allegedly getting to grips with his critics re Vox Day. A sample of the opening will do:

If I am insufficiently hateful of a hater who hates, I am therefore a secret hater? And in order to absolve myself of being a secret hater, I have to loudly and publicly hate the hater more than anyone else who presently hates the hater who hates, and this will prove that I am not a secret hater, because I will have hated the hater the way the haters of the hater say I need to hate the hater because he hates? Hating is now how you prove you’re not a hater. You just have to hate the people the anti-hate haters approve of hating!

More in that vein at the link.

Now here Brad T pushed into a corner that he painted himself in, gets to grips – uh wait then again no not exactly! – with the whole ‘Vox Day and his prejudices’ thing… No Wandians/Mormons, no Visigoths, no Star Trek Federation, no US Army camaraderie. Just Brad blabbering, if anything this is a degeneration from his usual waffle, but again no mention of anything Vox Day actually says about blacks alone, never mind women. Or gays. That’s showing up your critics Brad! No not really. No Brad you don’t have to hate Vox Day and get pats on the back from genre Leftists for doing so. You just ought to have nothing to do with him, and not engage in wormy red herring apologetics for Vox Day’s very real bigotry. That’s all.

Brad T’s irrelevant shrill ranting gets raves from his echo-chamber.

Getting back to the wrecking ball Vox Day, I find him to be a Trickster figure in this whole circus, a malevolent trickster for sure, even so one has to admit a fascination… The holier-than-thou pontificating of the genre Left here is laughable and  ridiculous though, and here I will say so for a reason nobody commenting on this whole affair (and how many returns does Google give to this whole Hugos circus affair?) has done and will do. The genre Left is not any better than their bête noire Vox Day and the latter’s allies Correia and Torgersen and their fan clubs and echo chambers; because the former have their own prejudices, prejudices that tend to be more subtle and sophisticated (albeit not always. In fact often enough not at all). Here is my original point – by prejudice, I mean the genre Left’s anti-Semitism (as anti-Israelism). Never mind whatever other prejudices they may (or may not) be guilty of. Such as their over-the-top reverse racism identity politics, misandry and other absurdly related far Left gender and sexual politics blather. I don’t mean all of these left-wing genre folk, I don’t mean every last one of them. I mean a large chuck of them. For sure. This blog demonstrates the genre Left’s horrific anti-Semitism, and breezy easy tolerance of said anti-Semitism. And I am just skating the surface. And that’s because, as I have pointed out at this blog elsewhere, the microcosm of the SF genre community is reflective of the macrocosm of Western political and ideological life and strife. And the Western mainstream and far Left is pathologically and pervasively anti-Semitic. So sorry if I just yawn and roll my eyes when genre Leftists shrill and shriek about the big bad wolf Vox Day, and the other wolf pack of Correia’s and Torgersen’s.

I could care less.

And however disgraceful Correia’s and Torgersen’s behaviour is, can it compare in pure cowardice, denialism, cover-ups and fawning before the Jew-hating genre Left (and not just the Left – hello Truesdale, and others) by genre ‘Jewry’ itself, so desperate to be liked by their Jew-hating genre colleagues, peers and buddies? Oh sorry I meant to say Israel hating, that’s not Jew hating apparently gag gag barf barf. Give me the old time Jew-hatred any day, at least it’s honest.

Vox Day’s apologists arguably don’t come close to the latter ‘oh please like me Jew-hating Gentiles’ genre Jewry. Sure it’s debatable. I mean by that, given what is going on in the world and the very real risks Jews face of another Shoah. Not that the genre circus seems to know or care. Hardly. But that’s what SF and Fantasy is about, not so? ESCAPISM. Yeah yeah yeah.

Comments are open (after not working for an age)

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The Zombie Chronicles: A comprehensive overview of this blog’s history

“In that direction,” the Cat said, waving its right paw round, “lives a Hatter: and in that direction,” waving the other paw, “lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they’re both mad.”
“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can ’t help that,” said the Cat : “we ’re all mad here. I ’m mad. You ’re mad.”
“How do you know I ’m mad ?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Lewis Carroll
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I have moved this article to near the top of this blog, making this blog’s archives easier to navigate, and give an overview of all that has gone down in the course of this blogging enterprise.

So without further ado – the necessarily lengthy essay overview of this blog enterprise.

A history of this blog from its beginnings in April 2011. It’s been such a bizarre, surreal set of twists and turns, that it beggars belief in certain parts.

However anybody who has experience dealing with liberal (and conservative) anti-Semites who pretend they are not, and their know-nothing defenders aka useful idiots, and allied to all this the ugly apologetics and whitewashing of Muslim extremism aka further useful idiocy (and liberal Jews in Name Only are often most guilty here), knows full well that the truth of the matter here is beyond the most surreal and absurdist fiction. This blog just applies this pervasive madness of our age to the SF genre community. And this blog exposing indisputable anti-Semitism and extreme Jew-hatred at that, has come in for heavy attacks, not only from genre fandom, but genre writers and editors (and some notable characters there).  A large number of them have been ‘Jewish’ genre pros. Make of that what you will.

So below is a run-through of each and every post (easily more than a hundred) that I have written up at this blog, with a brief description of each posted article and a clickable link to it, so as to make this blog’s history easy to navigate. To those of you compos mentis (i.e. not loony Left nor paleocon Right) who are not cognisant of this blog’s history and the altercations I have had with genre pro writers, editors and their sycophantic fandom, much of what I write below will beggar belief. You will think I am pulling your leg, you will have to read some of the post descriptions two or three times, so bizarre is so much of it. Stranger than science fiction. And that’s even taking into account the harsh recognition of just how loony, deranged, anti-Semitic, clueless and drowning in moral and cultural relativism, the cultural elitist Left actually are.

However to those of you compos mentis, such are the times we are living in, such is the zeitgeist. The zombies are out there, and they live and work among us and they are in control – of mainstream media, Western governments, NGOs, the universities, the ‘arts and culture’. And that includes the literati, the publishing industry, highbrow and schlock alike. The science fiction publishing industry included, on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you have the pulse on the zeitgeist, on the ‘thinking’ especially among the self-appointed cultural elite know-nothing guardians of all that is permitted to think (of which, to generalize, genre pros are slavishly bound as much as any other community), then you know that the neo-McCarthyism of our day and age is the moral and cultural relativism that holds sway everywhere. This moral and cultural relativism has sinister overtones, it goes hand in hand with fashionable new anti-Semitism; that is the order of the day, de rigueur, as long as it packaged under anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sloganese, sold under the banner of human rights, peace and justice. If you get this, then you know that allied to this is the cultural liberal elite’s love affair with reactionary Islam and associated with the latter bizarro alliance, the smearing of anybody pointing fingers at the naked emperor with the thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’, a fabricated non-existent bigotry that is intended to silence and cower all Islam’s knowledgeable critics. And fashionable new anti-Semitism and smearing critics of reactionary Islam as bigots (as opposed to the real bigotry of the ‘nuke Mecca’ crowd) are very much to the fore in the SF genre community. And I mean among both genre pros and fandom.

As the history of this blog reveals all too chillingly.

So without further ado…

My first article is duplicated on the ‘What this Blog is About’ page, entitled ‘Opening the lid on the ugly politics & anti-Semitism within the speculative fiction genre community’ and posted on April 3rd 2011. I give the reasons therein for why I started this blog, my centrist political stance, and what is meant by new anti-Semitism. It made no difference to my critics of course – to them I am a bigoted far right-wing loon off his meds. Seriously this is the exact ‘criticism’ I have received from genre pros. As head honcho of the SFWA John Scalzi was to call me later, I am just “a total asshole”. Apparently the most lame, pathetic name-calling is supposed to be a coherent, logical, refutation of all the points I raise in my articles.

Next article, On the hue & cry overreaction to the Elizabeth Moon non-scandal (and others) by the Thought Police of the genre & the deafening silence to late SF writer James Hogan’s Holocaust Denial by self-same genre Thought Police

In the above linked article, I allude to those genre pros who got their panties all twisted over the ridiculous Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship blog post’ affair, (that generated such a huge public fall-out) self-same genre figures had pretty much nothing to say publicly about genre writer James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denialism. Liberal genre pros’ deafening public silence of extreme Jew-hatred coming from a best-selling genre writer, whilst frothing publicly over the dubious ‘Islamophobe’ thought crime of Elizabeth Moon, was sinister and pathetic in equal measure. The hypocrisy was transparent and reeked of something more baleful. And indeed what was to follow would only bear out my worst suspicions and then some.

For then the heated altercations began…

My next article is a reply to those genre writers criticizing the Moon/Hogan article. Entitled Reply to some tweets and Chesya Burke’s blog response to my previous article re Moon & Hogan

My article focuses on liberal genre writer Chesya Burke’s blog reply to my article (her blog article was entitled ‘If this is the Thought Police count me in‘), which was so easy to take down. Burke inadvertently proved my point for me, better than I did. I also allude to those criticizing my article via twitter but did not name them, nor paste up the tweets themselves (the twitterati were Jason Sanford, Lavie Tidhar, Charles Tan). I was also excessively polite in my brief reply to them. Given the rudeness and asininity of the tweets, such over-the-top politeness in reply to the likes of Sanford and Tidhar was entirely unwarranted and undeserved. That was in the early days, I didn’t make that mistake again.

I next published an extensive series on Holocaust Revisionism/Denialism in the genre community. Best-selling genre writer James P Hogan’s death acted as a catalyst for all the extreme Jew-hatred to come out of the woodwork, and by extreme Jew-hatred, I mean the presence of Holocaust Denialism and its tolerance among certain quarters, genre pros included. I detail what went down at the now defunct Asimov’s Magazine Discussion Forum in 2010, where I mentioned Hogan’s passing and Holocaust Denial. Whereupon  the likes of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale and short story writer and reviewer Marian Powell outed themselves as Holocaust Revisionists. Genre editor Sam Hidaka likewise gave very strong circumstantial evidence for Holocaust Revisionism. When I challenged them, and a bitter flame-war resulted, I was threatened with a banning from the Asimov’s Forum administrator. The regular Asimov’s Forum genre fans likewise ganged up against me. No kidding.

I saved the whole thread which can be read in its entirety (including comments that would later be deleted by Asimov’s Forum admin, my own likewise). The whole surreal David Duke in Wonderland thread is even worse than it sounds. It has to be read to be believed. In the introduction to that series of mine (link up above), I also put up all the clickable links to the thirteen articles that make up my Holocaust Revisionism series (the whole flame-war thread from the Asimov’s Forum is pasted up in PostScript Part A). I paste them up here again for convenience and so the reader can get an idea of how horrifying it all is.

Here are the chapter series headings:

Part 1 – Where Tangent editor Dave Truesdale outs himself at the Asimov’s Forum upon SF author James P Hogan’s passing

Part 2 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s true colours on the Holocaust ‘debate’ come shining through at the Asimov’s Forum

Part 3 – Tangent editor D Truesdale’s incoherent ramblings at the Asimov’s Forum on the ‘legitimacy’ of Holocaust Revisionism ’debate’

Part 4 – Further commentary on Truesdale’s postings & the Asimov’s Forum

Part 5 – Then Asimov’s Admin threatens to ban me for calling a Holocaust Denier a… Nazi

Part 6 – Former Jim Baen’s Universe assistant ed Sam Hidaka’s snide, supercilious insults against me after I detail the evidence of the late James P Hogan’s Holocaust Denial

Part 7  – Truesdale nails the lid shut on his own coffin

Part 8 – Truesdale and gang Summing Up

Part 9 – On Asimov’s Forum admin’s disavowal of its own guidelines

Part 10 – Disturbing questions Final Updated Response to Mark Pontin’s ‘attack’

Postscript Part A:
The entire unedited ‘James Hogan has passed away’ thread at the Asimov’s Forum. Includes deleted comments. From late July 2010.

It is pasted up in its entirety, and unedited by me. It took up 3 pages at the Asimov’s Forum. It includes all the comments that would later be deleted, something I mention in the postscript itself (under my blog name ‘red wolf’ so as not to cause confusion with my name, ‘Lawrence A’ that I used at the Asimov’s Forum – and thus in the flame-war itself – and with ‘red wolf’ comments placed within square brackets and in red text so as to make things doubly clear).

Postscript Part B:
The ‘James Hogan Author’ thread (July 2010) from the now defunct Asimov’s Forum. Only the pertinent and very damning comments are posted. See Part 7 of this series as well. It covers the same ground in more detail.

The ‘Holocaust Deniers’ thread from the Asimov’s Forum is posted in its entirety (July 2010). It is a one page thread only. The reasons for the necessary inclusion of this whole bizarro thread are given in this second postscript. It will leave the intelligent reader shaking his head in disbelief and dismay. There is possibly no precedent for this particular case anywhere. This is clarified in this postscript and in part 7 of this series.

This postscript also includes the first and second posted comments by Tangent editor Dave Truesdale from the ‘James Hogan Interview’ thread from the now defunct Analog Forum (July and August 2010). [End of pasted excerpt]

It gets worse.

That series was attacked as crackpottery and huff and puff nonsense by liberal Jewish genre figures. No kidding. No really no kidding. Even as that series gives overwhelming evidence for the Holocaust Revisionism of Tangent editor Dave Truesdale; and the despicable and odious behaviour of others taking his side and defending him.

First that series was ridiculed by liberal anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ genre fan Mark Pontin (personally thanked by former Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine editor Gardner Dozois in the Acknowledgments to a Year’s Best SF annual). No Pontin had no idea what he was doing. He gets a large part of chapter 10 in that series all to himself, in which I respond to his obscene asininity. He realized his screw-up (when it was pointed out to him on the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Forum), but couldn’t publicly admit it. He would continue to attack me, in the mindless fashion of self-hating Jews (cheering on anti-Semite Nick Mamatas’s meltdown attack on my person), but that was a little later…

That series would also be ridiculed repeatedly by one of my most cretinous critics, liberal genre ‘Jewish’ hack editor and hack writer Tim Lieder (of Dybbuk Press and a convert to Judaism btw. And he calls himself pro-Israel!). Lieder did so in the most mindless knee-jerk fashion, and naturally in the most dishonest way, when he came to the knee-jerk defense of one of his idols, the Far Left communist pro-Palestinian anti-Israel genre writer and editor Nick Mamatas (who I had criticized heavily at my blog in a series of articles that I will get to in a moment). Lieder cannot admit his obscene blunders, to this day and he proudly boasts of them. To this day. He is one for the psychiatrist’s couch but almost certainly beyond help.

Charles Stross, far Left ‘Jewish’ genre writer, would likewise tweet his dismissal of that Holocaust Revisionism series (without reading a single article therein), in a knee-jerk mindless cheering response to SF critic and academic, another far Leftist Brit, Paul Graham Raven’s tweeted dismissal of that Holocaust Revisionism series of mine (Raven likewise didn’t bother to check a single article therein. Check same link directly above). When I publicly pointed out Graham Raven’s and Stross’s obscene blunder on my blog, well naturally silence from them. I have exposed Stross as a hardcore ‘new’ anti-Semite at this blog, in several articles, so his foul-up here is at least consistent.

Far Left anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ genre writer Felix Gilman would tweet yuck yuck style when he stumbled on that series on Holocaust Revisionism (not realizing what it was about even as the articles spell it all out in plain English in the very titles. Remember these guys are uh writers), amidst an idiotic TWITtering rant from him, directing pathetic evidence-free scorn on this blog.

It didn’t end there with the ‘Jewish’ critics of my series on uh Holocaust Denialism!!

As late as 2012, liberal Jewish genre hack writer Chuck Rothman defended Truesdale, as totally innocent of all charges (well Rothman has a gig at Tangent, even so it is pathetic in extremis). Truesdale would then give his only public response to my series that revolved around his Holocaust Revisionism in the main (same link above), although hardly exclusive to Truesdale. All this went down at Jewish genre writer Adam Troy-Castro’s place on the web. I bring all this up again, further down with all the relevant links, as I try and stick to the linear time frame.

Getting back to chronological order…

Unlike the Elizabeth Moon ‘Islamophobe’ affair, the prior Will Sanders affair (also mentioned at this blog) and later uh kerfluffles, such as the René Walling alleged sexual harrassment incident; this series on Holocaust Revisionism got ZERO PUBLIC SUPPORTIVE RESPONSE/S from genre pros, liberal Jewish and Gentiles alike. To this day. I predicted as much in chapter 10 of that self-same series. Vague allusions to it do not count. That is no genre pros – liberal or conservative Jewish genre writers, editors, publishers – have made a single EXPLICIT condemnation of CONSERVATIVE  genre editor Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism (never mind the others).

However liberal JEWISH genre pros have had no problem launching the most pathetic name-calling my way, even as they have ZILCH to say about Truesdale’s (and others’) Holocaust Revisionism; except to obtusely and obscenely ridicule that series to differing degrees! – in the cases of Mark Pontin, Tim Lieder, Felix Gilman, Chuck Rothman and let’s not forget Charles Stross’s idiotic tweet in that respect. It’s like a perverse Alice (or is that David Duke?) through the Looking Glass.

If the reader is shocked that liberal Jewish genre pros (detailed further down) would launch the most pathetic ad hominems the way of a blogger whose blog’s raison-d’etre is in the main the exposé of anti-Semitism in the genre community (and remember it includes Holocaust Denialism!), then the reader doesn’t get the zombie cultural zeitgiest of our times. And liberal Jewry’s contemporary disgrace and know-nothingness.

My next article from May 18th 2011 is entitled Asimov’s Discussion Forum is back online – The case for self-respecting Jewry to boycott the forum

I give the reason for supporting  a boycott of the forum (which would shortly go offline again, this time permanently) as self-evident. I was ganged up on for speaking out against Holocaust Denial/Revisionism from Asimov’s Forum fans and the Holocaust Denialism evinced there by Tangent editor Truesdale, short story writer and reviewer Marian Powell, and in all likelihood genre editor Sam Hidaka. I was threatened with a banning from Asimov’s Forum admin for speaking out against all this, yet the Holocaust Revisionists and their supporters received no such threats from self-same admin.

Next comes my Nick Mamatas series. This was all very revealing. Mamatas, a far Left pro-Palestinian communist genre writer and editor (well-known) had dismissed this blog as ‘not intentionally very funny’ the day I published the last article in my Holocaust Revisionism series; a series that had been running uninterrupted for near three weeks prior, and up to that point in time roughly 80% of my articles that I had published at this blog pertained directly or indirectly to Holocaust Revisionism. Mamatas naturally was clueless at the time. He just has one of his Mamatasbot fans point to this blog, he sees it is pro-Israel and so naturally it is ‘unintentionally very funny’ in his eyes.

My second article on Mamatas, entitled SF writer Nick Mamatas and his ilk’s obliviousness to the obvious: The unintentional comedic irony of Mamatas’s ‘Fascists for Che’ article.

My third article, a reply to Mamatas’s meltdown at his blog, his laughably shrill ad hominems and transparently dishonest fact-free response at his blog to the above two articles. Mamatas would dishonestly rewrite the titles of my two articles above to mean something else, having no bearing on anything I actually wrote. And more in that vein. His Mamatasbot fan club would then indulge in their requisite two minute hate, shoring up Mamata’s ego and mistaking pathetic name-calling my way for some kind of coherent reply to my points. Well when you have to defend the indefensible…

My next article: Nick Mamatas, the Apex SF crew, gay rights and the Middle-East Part 4.

And then the final article in the Mamatas series, although there would be one more stand-alone article on this character; who is all buddy buddy with the hardcore anti-Semitic communist China Mieville and the far Left Israeli genre editor and writer Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar. I have plenty to say on both of these characters at this blog, detailed further down. And yes I consider Mamatas to be harshly anti-Semitic, even though I only hint heavily at this in the series on him, and don’t spell it out in black and white. Naturally like all Jew-hating communists, he considers such a charge outrageous and unfair.

My next posting – Bits & Pieces: David Duke, blaming Jews for America’s wars, SF genre folk and other ruminations. Actually that article also features Mamatas in a big way, and other genre characters. My next article, my only article from July 2011 was the last Tim Lieder one that I have already alluded to (with the link) further up above.

My blog was then on hiatus for a couple of months and I then resumed blogging in December 2011, with the start of an extensive and detailed series (ultimately 11 chapters to it) on the hardcore anti-Semite and communist, popular and award-winning genre writer, editor and prof, China Mieville. Mieville is a caricature of the Far Left anti-Semitic communist.

My second article on Mieville entitled China Mieville and his campaigning for the harshly anti-Semitic Respect Party, the Tom Paulin Affair & more All The Gory Details Part 2 Therein as with my first Mieville article, I provide more evidence for the horrible anti-Semitism of this left-wing fascist political entity (Respect) co-founded by George Galloway, a noted Hamas fundraiser and proud supporter of the Muslim jihad; Mieville’s high-profile involvement with Respect, and more in that regard.

My third article China Mieville’s gross slander on the Turkish Mavi Marmara incident & his support for BDS against Israel Part 3 In many respects this above article is the definitive one detailing beyond doubt Mieville’s mendacity and delusional mindset in the service of Jew-hatred and explicit sympathy for Muslim fundamentalists who he mislabels ‘peace activists’. Sickening, but to be expected from a campaigner for the extremely anti-Semitic UK Respect Party. If you don’t get that Mieville is a Jew-hater after reading this article, you are either one yourself or you are simply very dimwitted.

The next article reinforces the point, On China Mieville’s support for the vile anti-Semitic BDS campaign against Israel Part 4. If you don’t get that BDS against Israel is extremely anti-Semitic in principle, then you are anti-Semitic yourself or once again, very very stupid. I actually detail in this article just why and how BDS against Israel is viciously anti-Semitic and how its antecedent chillingly lies with the Nazis themselves.

My fifth article in my Mieville series: On China Mieville’s blogging for the Hamas and Hezbollah supporting Lenin’s Tomb blog Part 5. Note that this is the same blog that Nick Mamatas, Mieville’s political comrade across the Atlantic, recommends with effusive praise, ahead of any other on the whole World Wide Web. When it comes to cookie-cutter Jew-hating communist propagandists (who naturally pretend they ain’t, Jew-haters that is) and apologists and worse for the Jihad, well Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb fits the bill as much as any.

Then a few articles which took a break from my Mieville series (which would resume later). First my final article on Nick Mamatas, one that sums up his odious politics, hypocrisy and deep associations with extreme anti-Semitic groups and personalities. Interlude – When anti-Israel genre Marxists turn on one another. The Will Shetterly vs Nick Mamatas Deathmatch & Mamatas’s NAMBLA analogy

The NAMBLA analogy refers to Mamatas’s flame-war with fellow anti-Israel Marxist genre writer Will Shetterly (at Mamatas’s blog). Mamatas couldn’t get into an argument without indulging in the most perverse statements, in this case “Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child”. Really he actually wrote that. And then lied to worm his way out of it. Details in the article. Nobody, except Shetterly and myself, have called him out on it. Nobody else. Being a liberal, more truly a communist, means you can get away with anything. Certainly in our genre community.

Next article of mine summed up the horrible moral and cultural relativism, the in-your-face hypocrisy of the genre’s liberal Thought Police, their blindness and worse to the most vicious Jew-hatred whilst shrieking at full volume against any genre critics of reactionary Islam. Interlude – What does ex-editor at Apex Magazine Catherynne M. Valente’s queer status have to do with the genre Thought Police? Everything …

It pivoted around then Apex Magazine editor Catherynne Valente, who is gay. If you don’t get why that is relevant and revealing of the most pathetic and surreal hypocrisy, well then don’t even bother reading that article. This article actually got the exact response from the liberal genre Thought Police (via Twitter) that only proved my point – the persistent blindness and perverse, sinister denial of extreme anti-Semitism from genre pros (a case of ‘what anti-Semitism?’), whilst calling anybody critical of reactionary Islam and its murderous homophobia a bigot and reactionary themselves. The genre Thought Police Twitterati (among others) were Lavie Tidhar, Catherine Valente herself, Charles Stross and Tobias Buckell.

My next article – posted on New Year’s Day 2012 – is a reply to Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s dishonest tweeting on my ‘Thought Police Cathy Valente’ article. Well what to expect from Tidhar? I then updated that article to include a further reply to Tidhar’s lame tweeting on this very article. UPDATE A further reply to Tidhar’s tweeting on this article & A reply to Lavie Tidhar’s knee-jerk idiotic tweet on my Catherynne M. Valente article

Tidhar is one of the Thought Police after all, who refuses to acknowledge in the slightest the most extreme Jew-hatred (for what it is) from his genre peers and MATES whilst playing a foremost role in defending right-wing Islam/ism from its genre critics (he was one of those who made a big song and dance about the Elizabeth Moon Islam ‘Citizenship’ affair).

Then I resumed my China Mieville series. It was very interesting and revealing that all those TWITtering airheaded contempt and lame derision my way in response to my Cathy Valente and the Thought Police article and the subsequent Lavie Tidhar one, didn’t pay any attention or focus whatsoever on my FIVE Mieville articles that had been published in succession right before then. And the Mamatas article with its NAMBLA uh connotations, well nothing from the Twitterati Thought Police likewise. Hence why there are the PC Thought Police. The Twitterati included Tidhar, Stross, Buckell, Valente, Apex Mag head honcho Jason Sizemore (and others). It’s like – ‘what Mieville series, what’s that about, wot?’ OK so the resumption of my Mieville series with an exposé of another one of his repetitions of a big lie revolving around the Jew nation, back in 2006. Like Pavlov’s dogs,  these Jew-hating communists. China Mieville’s knee-jerk slur on Israel. The Gaza Beach Incident of 2006 Part 6

Then this one: an odious, delusional, lying Jew-hating screed published in the UK media,  from the Jew-hating British Writers in Support of Palestine, of which Mieville is a member. Naturally enough. China Mieville adds his name to the rabidly anti-Semitic BWISP letters harshly censuring Ian McEwan for his acceptance of the Jerusalem Prize Part 7

You know the thing about this next article, is that as I write in the update, Mieville’s refusal to have his books translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market (Iain Banks held the same stance) is bantered about in Israeli genre publishing circles. It’s an open secret. Yet Jewish genre writers, editors in the US and UK can’t say boo. Oooooh they are so scared stiff of offending the Jew-haters, or as is clearly the case a number of them don’t see such a disgusting anti-Semitic act as remotely anti-Semitic. Tidhar would later call my series on Mieville “rabid, if increasingly incoherent” (details further down), even as he probably has never read a single article in this series. Updated 2013 On the *alleged* refusal of China Mieville to have his books translated into Hebrew Part 8

This next article is one of my all-time favs, even if it is somewhat presumptuous to say so myself. It’s just the style it’s written in, openly inspired as it were by William Burroughs’s Western Lands. Nir Yaniv is a big cheese in Israeli SF, a writer and editor of an Israeli SF mag, big mates with Tidhar. Laura Anne Gilman, a caricature of the NY liberal Jew in Name Only (they had tweeted in support of Lavie Tidhar in the latter’s clash with myself). The lame tweeting of Israeli SF editor Nir Yaniv on this blog. Laura Anne Gilman adds her asinine slur. Yaniv slips up: acknowledges the Mieville series. Oops can’t unscramble that egg  

The next chapter – chapter 9 – in my China Mieville series (February 2012) followed. It shouldn’t surprise us that China Mieville had something disgustingly dishonest and obscene to say on the high-profile release of IDF Hamas captive Gilad Shalit in October 2011.   China Mieville’s obscene & cowardly slurs upon the release of Gilad Shalit. Genre fans & liberal media condemn…Frank Miller for his anti-OWS comments instead Part 9.

Then in a further interlude from the Mieville series, this article came next: UPDATED SF writer Charles Stross – Your Wish is my Command. You enter the Hall of Shame. Tobias Buckell waddles in to join you…Far Leftist Jew in Name Only Brit genre writer Charles Stross, had tweeted his autonomic support to Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s asinine tweeting and Valente’s retweeting of my ‘Cathy Valente and the genre thought police article’. I have already mentioned this Stross/Buckell focused article,  where Stross tweeted in support of far Leftist pro-Palestinian academic Paul Graham Raven’s zombie dismissal of my Holocaust Revisionism series (neither of whom could be bothered to read a word about it). The gist of the article though is Stross’s know-nothing dhimmitude and his painting me a bigot for not going along with the moral and cultural relativism of our times re the whitewashing and apologetics for reactionary Islam. Stross also didn’t care for the semi-subtle digs I make against the Left’s new anti-Semitism likewise. Stross only proved the point I made about the genre Thought Police but naturally he and his supporters such as Graham Raven and genre writer Tobias Buckell don’t get it. Pathetic ad hominems launched my way by this lot, which they mistake for coherent logical argument.

My next posting, A reply to genre critic & editor Rose Fox’s tweeting on the previous article. So as a result of the publication of ‘the Stross and Buckell Hall of Shame’ article above, liberal ‘Jewish’ Publishers Weekly genre editor Rose Fox (daughter of Charles Platt) tweeted her snide dismissal of myself, you know the Jew exposing anti-Semitism in the genre community and speaking out against PC gibberish re right-wing Islam/ism.

Fox would then tweet her response to the above article (informing me she was Jewish for one, which I wasn’t sure of at the time). So this published piece followed… A reply to genre editor Rose Fox’s further tweeting. Why am I not surprised that you are Jewish and queer? The absurdism of the genre thought police knows no end

Note how sooo many of these pro-Palestinian ‘Jews’ are women and gay/bisexual, even as Arab Muslim society (Palestinian included) is extremely misogynistic, anti-Jewish and murderously homophobic. Unlike Israel which is the only country in the Middle-East a Jew, a woman and a gay woman at that could live in with any comfort and freedom whatsoever. And those of a strong secular bent likewise. It’s utterly insane. No exaggeration there.

Then in the beginning of March 2012, I published this: Jewish SF writer & editor Scott Edelman struggles vainly to comprehend my first article on Rose Fox’s tweeting. His ‘brain hurts’. Decides it’s best to run away It was the dismissive tweeting of Rose Fox on this blog that catalyzed Scott Edelman’s obtuse tweeting my way. Edelman doesn’t understand what I’m blogging about, but takes Rose Fox’s word that it’s best to run away as fast as he can. I mean the Jew exposing extreme anti-Semitism in the pro genre community is best ignored and dismissed by you know genre pro Jewry. Well of course. Make of that what you will.

Then this one – The galling obliviousness of it all: The Jewish genre critic Rose Fox cheers on anti-Semite China Mieville’s exposé of the racist apologetics for the racist ‘Tintin in the Congo’ comic book Yeah another article on Rose Fox, it was begging to be mentioned. The title says it all really. The article gives all the ugly bizarro details. At least Fox is consistent, I mean she scorns the blogger exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community as some kind of reactionary crackpot and then she swoons over the Jew-hater Mieville and his stance against uh anti-black racism. And remember amidst my clash with Fox (see articles above), I had been publishing my series exposing Mieville’s Jew-hatred, in heavy detail. So no excuses, unless being a know-nothing bury-your-head-in-the-sand airhead liberal, can be said to be an excuse.

So I then published a piece in response to Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman’s Pavlovian tweeting on my first article on him. The sound & the fury of SF writer Scott Edelman as he sinks deeper into the bog. Goes where no SF Court Jew has gone before – so far – in defense of the anti-Semite China Mieville. Truly Scotty would really sink into the mire here, letting us know that he would take the side of China Mieville, the hardcore Jew-hater (who campaigned for a political party in alliance with Muslim extremists and who supports BDS against Israel and plenty other Jew-hate nonsense over the years) over myself, the Jew exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community (Mieville’s included), any day of the year. Then he let us know I’m some kind of a FoxNewscheeering reactionarybigot gunsandbibleredneck type. That’s Edelman for you. Scarily Edelman is not that unusual among liberal genre Jewry (as my blog more then evidences!) and liberal American Jewry as a whole. These people need all the help they can get, but as it is written, ‘Against stupidity, the gods themselves rail in vain’.

Then it got even more interesting. John Scalzi, then president of the SFWA came to Court Jew Scott ‘the brain’ Edelman’s uh ‘rescue’. John Scalzi, writer and president of the SFWA comes to Court Jew Scott Edelman’s ‘rescue’ – pours scorn on this blog Yes Scalzi himself poured dismissive scorn and contempt on the blogger exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community, and he couldn’t have done it without Court Jewry like Edelman and Fox, and before them Stross and Tidhar leading the way.

So Scalzi would sink deeper into the bog, when he tweeted in knee-jerk mindless reply to the above article. In fact as I detail at the end of the article, Scalzi uncannily revealed his *literally sucking up* to China Mieville (it really is uncanny). Yes literally. Just read the article. The symbolism! John Scalzi & S Edelman puff their predictable tweets my way. A gaggle of faithful followers mindlessly tweet their support, writers Mike Allen & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal among them

Scalzi’s ad hominems were as pathetic and lame as I have gotten (which is saying a lot!), pure emotionally inspired drivel, devoid of any logical or coherent content whatsoever. As the title of my article reveals, he would get the uh support from his VP at the time, Edelman and writer and editor Mike Allen. Robinette Kowal’s failure in basic English reading comprehension almost beggars belief, on a par with Edelman. Pathetic name-calling against the blogger exposing Jew-hatred. Well check for yourselves. It occurs to none of them of course that their lame personal attacks devoid of any pretense of meaningful rhetoric would get the high cheer from honest anti-Semites across the political spectrum. Or if it does occur to them – which it doesn’t – it wouldn’t matter to them anyhow. Clearly not.

So then on April Fools Day 2012 I published an April Fools article, that – even if I say so myself, well nobody else is! – I thought kinda funny. No really it is. In a dark comedy kind of way. You have to understand that Apex Magazine (under then editor Cathy Valente) has been at the forefront of pushing the thoughtcrime of ‘Islamophobia’. There was a special Apex Magazine Islam/Arab themed issue that came out in response to the Elizabeth Moon affair; and then this special Jewish issue came out (ahem) in response to things like the late Hogan’s and Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, China Mieville’s, Iain Banks’s and Kathryn Cramer’s extreme and indisputable anti-Semitism (and that’s just a few notable examples). Apex Magazine announces forthcoming publication of special all Jewish issue in response to the anti-Semitism in the professional genre community

Then followed this one, Publishers Weekly’s Jewish editor Rose Fox blogs on the April Fools’ Jokes posted up in the SF blogosphere. Asks if there are any others to add to the list… I sent her a link to my April Fools’ posting, but shocka, she didn’t put it up at her blog. Wonder why?

The next article (a lengthy one), covered something that should have been posted quite a bit earlier, namely Lavie Tidhar’s response to my Mieville series – “…seems to be on a China Mieville bender at the moment”. Tidhar’s further tweeting on my blog, makes sure to praise Mieville to the skies as a writer at the same time Very inadvertently revealing commentary from Tidhar (on my Mieville series and on Mieville in general) and how obscenely ingratiating he is to one of the most notorious Jew-haters in the genre community. And what it tells us about Tidhar and his fellow far Left genre Jews.

And then I published this: An extensive reply to writers Felix Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman & outgoing VP of the SFWA Mary Robinette Kowal’s tweeting on the first John Scalzi article My further detailed come-back to Court Jewry, Felix Gilman and Laura Ann Gilman (no relation), who tweeted derision and mockery my way, you know the blogger exposing extreme Jew-hatred in the genre community. Pay No Mind, Felix and Laura Ann. Robinette Kowal naturally goes along with the herd (and in support of her boss Scalzi). How do you think she got to be VP of the SFWA itself? Far Leftists the lot of them. Of course.

I have already alluded to this next article way up above, namely Felix Gilman’s obscene know-nothing tweet re my Holocaust Revisionism series (no he had no idea what he was doing. Hardly atypical with Leftist genre Jewry and of course not the only genre ‘Jew’ to dismiss that series with a ho hum smirk, and not the last neither!). He shut up after this article went up (the likes of Pontin, and especially Lieder and Rothman would do a lot worse, they doubled down!) along with his gang. Jewish writer Felix Gilman scrolls down through my blog, hits the series on Holocaust Revisionism and tweets … oblivious

I then resumed my China Mieville series. This next article gives a scandalous summing up of the snide contempt hurled my way via twitter by genre liberals (Jewish and Gentile) in derisive scorn of this series (you know the one exposing in all its ugly details the frothing-at-the-mouth Judenhass of a genre ‘rock star’). I give the links to the already published articles in this respect (the ones above re Tidhar, Gilman and Gilman, Yaniv, Robinette Kowal, Rose Fox, Stross, Buckell, Graham Raven, Allen, Edelman, Scalzi himself). They simply couldn’t help themselves. It’s the uh intellectual zeigeist man. On the deafening silence – and worse – from liberal Jewish & Gentile genre folk in response to China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism Part 10

Then the final article in my Mieville series. Repeats much of what is in part 10, just adds a few interesting final touches. Further commentary on the deafening silence – and worse – from the liberal professional genre community to China Mieville’s rabid anti-Semitism Part 11 

Then a published piece on one of more notable critics, the uh ‘Jewish’ Israeli writer and editor Lavie Tidhar. This article covers some of Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar’s outrageous, disgusting over-the-top anti-Israelism, revolving in the main around an article he published at his blog (and the accompanying whitewash of Muslim extremism). Cookie-cutter far Left rubbish. Well it is the kind of polemical nonsense that would ensure his political credentials as a team player, and a vocal one at that, with the anti-Israel genre (and non-genre) Leftists, horribly and extremely anti-Semitic of course. For example Banks, MacLeod, Mieville to name just three. The more urgent danger the Jews are in, the more Israeli ‘Jewish’ SF writer and editor Lavie Tidhar sinks into delusional, odious and obscene anti-Israelism 

Then a four part series on influential US genre editor Kathryn Cramer (wife of the better-known genre editor David Hartwell). Cramer is a hardcore Jew-hater, yet another know-nothing genre anti-Semitic far Leftist. And I provide all the evidence for that charge in these first two articles. Notable SF editor Kathryn Cramer – wife of editor David Hartwell – disdainful of accepting Israel’s right to exist Part 1

This next article details just how harebrained, sinister and extreme Cramer’s anti-Semitism actually is. Given who she lauds and acclaims as a speaker of truth to power when it comes to the Jew among the nations. SF editor Kathryn Cramer shills for and lauds vicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Dennis ‘Justin’ Raimondo Part 2 

This next piece is a doozy that naturally the SF genre community ignored, then and now. It really damns Cramer very badly, and far Left genre writer, the ‘Jewish’ Cory Doctorow who came to her aid the only way he could, defended the indefensible, with distortions and gross misrepresentations. Note how Doctorow runs to the rescue of a hardcore Jew-hater. What Jew-hatred hey Cory? SF editor Kathryn Cramer’s obscene & mendacious slander on the 2004 Michael Teague murder in Fallujah that she sends down the memory hole. Cory Doctorow runs cover for Cramer and digs his own grave beside her Part 3 

My final article in my Kathryn Cramer series: The chutzpah: Rabidly anti-Semitic SF editor Kathryn Cramer sits on a panel ‘The Moral Distance between the Author and the Work’ at the 2010 World Fantasy Con Part 4

It’s even more pathetic, delusionsal and hypocritical than it sounds. Also on the panel, sitting with the Jew-hater Cramer is Scott Edelman, the ‘Jew’ who would later remark that he would take the side of the hardcore Jew-hater China Mieville (what anti-Semitism hey Edelman?) any day over the Red Wolf blogger exposing Jew-hatred in the genre community (see further up). This whole panel had a packed audience. You have got to be kidding me, but no it’s all for real. There has been *zero condemnation* from genre folk (Jews notably) of Cramer for her extreme anti-Semitism. Compare that to the attention she got over ‘racefail’.

Then comes my series on Night Shade Books editor Jeremy Lassen. This series was catalyzed by a tweet or two of his directed my way. The titles of the articles are self-explanatory. Night Shade Books editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen tweets snickering condescension my way in response to my first John Scalzi article and my allusion to anti-Semitism in the genre community Part 1  

The next published piece on Lassen, well the title of the article says it all. Lasssen had retweeted more of Glenn Greenwald’s political blather than anybody else, up to that time. And I give all the evidence for Greenwald’s extreme Jew-hatred therein, his blather about ‘dual loyalty’, his talk of the ‘excessive control’ by Jewry of the US political machine and way more, way worse in that regard. In fact Greenwald is very extreme in his Jew-hatred, that he naturally pretends is nothing of the kind. Night Shade Books publisher Jeremy Lassen’s admiration and commendation for the vicious anti-Semitic political journalist Glenn Greenwald Part 2

As if to prove the point I make in the above article, what does Lassen do? This… Jeremy Lassen publisher and editor-in-chief of Night Shade Books retweets anti-Semite Glenn Greenwald’s sympathy for indicted Muslim extremist and Palestine Islamic Jihad supporter Sami Al-Arian Part 3 And yes I give all the evidence for Sami Al-Arian’s Muslim extremism. Remember Greenwald sympathizes with the man’s uh ‘plight’, and Lassen retweets mindlessly Greenwald’s sympathy in this respect, Greenwald’s sympathy and support for a… jihadist. Yes it really is as bad as it sounds. Well for those who have eyes to see.

Then began my Anna Tambour series. Man oh man.

Tambour is a far Left Aussie ‘Jewish’ genre writer (very pro-Palestinian), and it’s appropriate that it followed my Lassen series. That’s because on the old Night Shade Books Forum, well… Liberal SF writer Anna Tambour posts a link approvingly to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website at the Night Shade Books Forum. Tells us it’s ‘milder than it might have been’. Notable genre folk look away, condemn a conservative SF fan instead Part 1 Yes you read that all correctly. Yes the worst anti-Semites are the Jews, ain’t they? No genre pro had a single word of condemnation for Tambour re her extreme Judenhass, then and now. As in not a single word. And if you think I have erred here, well check the article for yourself. Tambour would reply to this article!! But I will get to that…

Next one: Liberal Aussie SF writer Anna Tambour has Gilad Atzmon, a Holocaust Revisionist Jew in her recommended reading blogroll Part 2 This article – as I wrote therein – is very much a case of kicking a dead horse (but what the hell).

Then came this published piece, that would inadvertently catalyze the calling for my uh figurative (well…) beheading from the genre Thought Police, Tidhar included. Will Charles Tan, co-editor of the Apex World SF blog with Israeli Jew Lavie Tidhar, continue to guest feature at Anna Tambour’s website in light of the revelations of her rabid Jew-hatred at this blog? More questions to make the Thought Police squirm Part 3 Of course the Thought Police have no shame. Squirm? Of course not, they shoot the messenger. They can’t help it, it’s the nature of the beast. I really rip Tidhar to shreds in this article, and sent him an e-mail pointing that out. So what happens? This…

Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar brazenly lies at his blog – falsely accuses me of making death threats against him & tries to get WordPress to shut me down The genre Thought Police living  down to their name. And then some. No I never e-mailed Tidhar any death threat! He just grossly misrepresented and obscenely distorted the contents of my e-mail to him and he simply lied (he never bothered to publish the actual e-mail at his blog of course); so I published the unedited e-mail I sent to Tidhar (and others) here and in the process exposed his libel. After this article went online, all the genre pros and fandom baying for my blood shut up all of a sudden. Except for one – the anti-Israel UK genre hack writer Michael Cobley – who continued to defend the indefensible libel of Tidhar’s (and an odious defense of the indefensible Jew-hatred from Mieville and Tambour by the by). And Cobley did so by lying and misrepresenting what I wrote, as he only could do. I really recommend that Cobley article as it gets to the nitty-gritty of exposing disingenous new anti-Semitism for what it is (where I take apart Cobley, Mievielle and Tambour in this respect).

Would you believe that Tambour had the gall to reply to my article (at her blog) exposing her extreme self-loathing? Really she did. And she did it the only way she could, in the most absurdist fashion, that it is actually black comedy gold. Basically what she wrote has to be seen in ‘CONTEXT’ (her exact word choice), you know seen in the context of her vicious, delusional anti-Israel screeds! Here for the details: Aussie writer Anna Tambour’s ‘devastating’ reply at her blog to my series exposing her anti-Semitism. Read it and weep

Then followed the Michael Cobley article already mentioned.

And then in August 2012 I published this: Jewish SF writer and former president of the SFWA, prof Paul Levinson shills for and swoons over the rabidly anti-Semitic crackpot Republican Ron Paul It’s really very revealing that Ford University prof, and a former president of the SFWA and a uh Jew, Paul Levinson, would praise and revere so highly a political crackpot conspiracy theorist and extreme Jew-hater, so beyond the pale of mainstream sensibility (if such sensibility even exists any more). And I give all the overwhelming evidence for Ron Paul’s horrible anti-Semitism in this article. Maybe it was entirely appropriate that a Jewish writer and prof, who reveres a lying Jew-hating politician as a speaker of truth to power, served as president of the SFWA.

Then my first Iain Banks article (when he was still alive): Best-selling and award-winning liberal writer Iain Banks gives his support to the anti-Semitic boycott of Israel & prefers that his books not be translated into Hebrew for the Israeli market. Genre folk’s response – predictable deafening silence

Banks was so typical of the Jew-hating far Leftist, and Jew-hating British Leftist at that. Extreme Jew-hatred, in the mold of Mieville. Naturally the notable progressive genre pro writers, editors and fandom don’t have a single bad word to say about Banks in this respect. Well Duh. It’s left to non-genre folk and genre people not enamoured of fashionable new anti-Semitism to call out Banks for who and what he is/was. As with Mieville. Well of course. What does anybody expect? I mean if Banks was called out for who he was, who goes down with him? A whole army of Jew-hating genre Leftists…

To get just what liberal asininity one is up against, here is tech guru (well apparently), SF writer, Boing Boing guy and far Left ‘progressive’ Cory Doctorow sinking so deep in the swamp of sinister liberal mindlessness, that well, read for yourselves. (Doctorow is all buddy buddy with the far Left anti-Israel genre crowd btw ie the Jew-haters) The unbearable cluelessness of ‘Jewish’ SF writer Cory Doctorow. The Islamist and pretend moderate CAIR’s useful idiot in the SF genre community

Doctorow indulged in an act of projection, calling US politician Allan West “dumb”, for uh standing up to the  Muslim extremist CAIR in the United States (CAIR is founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in the US, all the evidence for CAIRS’s Muslim fundamentalism and support for the jihad, including against the Jews is detailed in this article) and West employing the same language as US general McAuliffe did at the Battle of the Bulge when refusing to surrender to the Nazis. Doctorow, in running defense for a Muslim extremist front group in the US, was both clueless to CAIR’s Muslim extremism (clearly falling for their lying ‘we are moderates’ propaganda) and the McAuliffe allusion by West. Dumb and dumberer. This wouldn’t be the only example of Doctorow’s obscene asininity as a useful idiot for Jew-haters of course (see part 3 in my Kathryn Cramer series above).

Then a two part series on UK far Left genre writer, Richard K Morgan. Best-selling British liberal genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s hero worship of jihad supporting journalist John Pilger Part 1 Morgan recommends the hardcore left-wing fascist Jew-hater Aussie journalist John Pilger as the most important Truth Teller to Power there is in the world today, no exaggeration. Morgan dedicated a best-seller to him, recommends more of Pilger’s books than any other ‘non-fiction’ (chuckle) writer, living or dead, effusively praises Pilger when interviewed, calls Pilger a true moral “hero”. I document all the evidence for Pilger’s proud love affair for fascist Muslim jihadists. Which brings us to part 2 in my Morgan series…

Liberal genre writer Richard K. Morgan’s “hero”, the rabidly anti-Semitic journalist John Pilger praises Hezbollah as heroes in its jihad against the Jews Part 2 Yup you read that right. During the war in 2006, initiated by Hezbollah (well they do call for the liquidation of all Jewry, not just the destruction of Israel!), Pilger called them “heroes”. Seriously. And more in that vein. Given Pilger’s long history of Jew-hatred (his endless and blatant lying about Israel and the whitewashing of the Muslim jihad), which I likewise document in this article, well Pilger’s out-and-out support for the jihad against the Jews (going beyond his usual whitewashing and lying) is really something. Even by the standards of the Jew-hating Left. Naturally Morgan had nothing to say about this article (and the first one) at his blog or anywhere else. No comment.

Then an article that sums up the pathetic and out-and-out delusional zeitgeist of our times, in and out of the genre community. Depressingly ominous… As Iran gets ever closer to the nuclear bomb, as the Democratic Party lets the mask slip on its Jew-hatred at the DNC, genre Court Jewry’s ire and contempt remains with the usual eeevil suspects… Republicans and co

Then a featured article on an oh so typical Jew-hating far Leftist Brit, the genre writer Ken MacLeod. Yes these far Left communist atheists are an army of Jew-hating zombies with a big soft spot for reactionary right-wing Islam. And nowhere is it worse than in the UK. The boiler-plate liberal anti-Semitism of British genre writer Ken MacLeod

Then a two part series on another anti-Semitic far Left atheist Brit genre writer – like I write above they are an army – the Scottish Hal Duncan. Liberal Scottish SF writer Hal Duncan equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism in harebrained ‘progressive’ style on self-same 2005 NSB forum thread wherein Anna Tambour ‘outed’ herself Part 1 Yes it really is as bad as it sounds. The airheaded, clueless know-nothing Left – bigotry and brain dead ignorance, two sides of the same coin.

Part 2 is black comedy gold, the title of this article says it all. The brain-dead Left I tell ya. Liberal Brit genre writer Hal Duncan who equates Zionism with fascism and Muslim extremism, reveres the staunch Zionist Jew, the late Lawrence Kohlberg as a leading light on moral philosophy Part 2 

Not unrelated to the previous Hal Duncan series, this followed: Sir Victor Gollancz, famous socialist and Zionist Jewish publisher, the name behind the most prestigious British Science Fiction Imprint. What would he make of the pervasiveness of liberal anti-Zionism and its psychopathology today?

Duncan, who comes across as a rather dull-minded, excessively emotional and pretentious know-it-all-know-nothing fourteen year old had nothing to say about the above three articles. Gee wonder why?

You know there is so much attention and focus, Sturm und Drang given to relatively minor affairs/gossip/kerfluffles in the genre community, including by the genre uh Jewish Left. However hardcore Jew-hatred from prominent genre writers and editors (just check the articles listed and described in this comprehensive overview, and remember we are talking hardcore anti-Semitism) – Holocaust Revisionism, support for BDS against Israel, refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist and more in that vein – not so much as a murmur of protest from the genre Jewish professionals. And that’s what this article is all about: The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros There would be a reply to this article from Jewish genre writer Adam-Troy Castro, but will get to that later…

Then an article in reply to two know-nothing moral relativist genre Left writers, who don’t see anything wrong with launching the most pathetic name-calling the way of a blogger exposing extreme anti-Semitism in the genre community. Jim Hines was one of those who got all worked up about the Elizabeth Moon ‘Islamophobia’ affair (and subsequently the Mike Resnick/Barry Malzberg kerfluffle over less than nothing, I get to that later…), but just like the ‘Jewish’ Laura Anne Gilman, has nothing at all to say about extreme Jew-hatred from his genre peers; except that is to indulge in fact-free ad hominems my way. As in shoot the messenger. Sinister. Liberal genre writer Jim C Hines says calling me an idiot is an understatement, in twitter conversation with Laura Anne Gilman. A reply to Hines and Gilman

And then an article on another know-nothing dhimmi Jew, Michael Levy (a fan of the odious Noam Chomsky, whose Jew-hatred I have documented and evidenced in detail at this blog and in this very article) and his review of the pro-Palestinian Lavie Tidhar’s Osama at SF Signal. Osama would go on to win the 2012 World Fantasy Award for best novel. Levy’s book review reveals more about reviewer and author, than either could ever know or appreciate. On Michael Levy’s inadvertently revealing Strange Horizons book review of Israeli SF writer Lavie Tidhar’s alternative history novel Osama

Then this blog post, addresses practically the only serious and sincere response I have gotten from any Jewish genre pro anywhere to my articles. Seriously. A reply to Adam-Troy Castro’s sincere commentary on my article: The huge and heated fall-out to the Genevieve Valentine/René Walling Readercon alleged sexual harrasment incident in contrast to the deafening silence, denials and worse in response to vicious anti-Semitism from genre pros Note that this article has been updated in 2015. The reason pertains to the Dave Truesdale petition from early 2014 (below), that is certain implications of that petition that do genre Jewry no favours. Consult the 2015 update for the details.

That article led to this, as we descended ever further down the rabbit hole… UPDATED Liberal Jewish genre writer Chuck Rothman disputes the fact that Tangent editor Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist, inspite of my extensive series evidencing all this. A reply to Rothman’s & Truesdale’s responses to this article So Rothman who mocked my blog in the language of new anti-Semites everywhere (at Adam-Troy Castro’s place on the web), only showed up all the problems with liberal Jewish brain-deadness, defending the indefensible, denying Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist! Just like Tim Lieder before him, worse than a Mark Pontin fail. When I pointed out what he had done, he doubled down and continued to defend his blunder (just like Lieder, who at the very least tripled down). Truesdale the Holocaust Revisionist then comes along to attack me, in the same mindless language that all my left-wing critics have used. It is his first and only public response to my series outing him as a Holocaust Revisionist. Note that that article has been further updated in 2015. The reason relates to the Truesdale petition from early 2014 (detailed below and itself updated in 2015). 

The response from Castro and his gang to Rothman’s and Truesdale’s sinister baloney (remember this was all at Castro’s SF bulletin board) – SILENCE. More specifically, the topic of conversation – at Castro’s SF bulletin board – was desperately changed by Steven H Silver of Argentus fanzine ‘fame’ to… mockery of a Republican politician over some stupid comment the latter made over something or other. Castro and his fellow liberal American Jews don’t hesitate to pounce on the bandwagon that Silver steers their way, you can almost hear the sighs of relief. This is all after Castro lets us know that he will speak out against anti-Semitism among his genre peers and colleagues, he just wants the smoking guns (as if I don’t give plenty in this department). Yeah ok – still waiting Castro… Then again, what to expect from liberal Jews? Their allegiance is to the increasingly unhinged Jew-hating Democratic Party, what with Jew-hater Obama at the helm, no matter what. To be clear, at least such liberal Jews are consistent. And a further point, easily missed: Silver, Castro and gang’s desperation to run away from all this, at all costs, to sweep this Holocaust Denialism horror under the carpet and change the subject and never ever ever talk about it, is what later allowed this absurdist Alice in David Dukeville land horror show to come to its rotten fruition (detailed further down in this blog overview). And people still don’t talk about it. No liberal genre Jew, like liberal Jews in general, has any credibility. Shameful, craven, pathetic.

Then also in October 2012, this piece that was a complete change of pace and tone, but I think really worth a read; especially if like me, you are interested in odd and uncanny coincidences. It doesn’t matter if you believe in synchronicities or not, it’s an article worth perusing as I get into the symbolism of the red wolf and its relevance to my blog, and additional related themes and patterns. Bits and Pieces: On coincidences pertaining to this blog, its themes and controversies and the wolf motif in the SF blogosphere

Then I  wrote an article on well-known liberal genre writer and editor Jeff VanderMeer. As the title of this article makes clear, it was a total rewrite of an earlier article that I was forced to trash, that I had published the day before. The bottom line on Jeff VanderMeer however remained unchanged. As the article details, VanderMeer fawns all over Jew-haters like China Mieville, had no problem with Anna Tambour’s odious Judenhass, is buddy buddy with the likes of Richard Morgan who hero worships a genocidally anti-Semitic journalist (see further up); whilst at the same time VanderMeer froths publicly about Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Islamophobia’. This is on top of the horribly anti-Semitic piece published by a guest contributor at VanderMeer’s own blog in 2006, that VanderMeer had nothing to say about neither. VanderMeer has a Jewish wife, Ann VanderMeer, a fellow genre editor. VanderMeer had responded to my first article that I was compelled to dump, because I had mistakenly assumed an anti-Semitic article posted up at his blog during the Israel-Hezbollah war was authored by VanderMeer himself, and not a guest contributor (just read the article). However Jeffy V didn’t respond to the follow-up that remains. Gee I wonder why not? Updated Apologies to Jeff VanderMeer: I had assumed wrongly that you were the author of that anti-Semitic ‘Peace is Heresy’ drivel, featured at your own blog back in 2006, that never got any public criticism or rebuke from you whatsoever. Article is now trashed

Then a two part series on liberal US genre author Michael Bishop, an award-winning writer who has been around for decades. Michael Bishop is a Jew-hater, Alas. Very revealing how the liberal writer runs off to one of American’s most notoriously bigoted far right-wing Jew-hating politicians, Pat Buchanan, to get the ‘facts’ on the Joooos, oh I mean Israel. And Bishop naturally sees nothing wrong in doing that. Bishop is well-known for using his fiction to speak out against anti-black racism. Yet so deep does Bishop’s Jew-hatred run, that he has no problem praising the anti-black racist (and Jew-hater) Buchanan’s take on Israel, and using the pathetic pretext of the Abu Ghraib US military scandal in Iraq to do it. And then Bishop indulged in his Jew-baiting again some time later, and again swooned over his favourite right-wing Holocaust Revisionist Pat Buchanan. All this on the now defunct Night Shade Books Forum where Jew-baiting by genre Leftist writers was hardly uncommon (see further up re Tambour, Duncan).

Liberal genre writer Michael Bishop swoons over rabid anti-Semitic Holocaust Revisionist Pat Buchanan’s take on Israel. Bishop uses the lame pretext of the Iraqi Abu Ghraib prison scandal to commend Buchanan’s Jew nation baiting Part 1

Genre writer Michael Bishop praises rabid anti-Semite Pat Buchanan, quoting the Holocaust Revisionist with approval, even as Buchanan hints the US led intervention in Iraq is a sinister Jewish plot Part 2

Then in November 2012, I announce that I’m slowing down here and pretty much winding down the blog: Winding down…

Then an essay that follows the same theme as the René Walling one a little earlier, but coming at things from a different angle entirely. The blanket taboo of refusing to acknowledge in-your-face anti-Semitism among genre pros. It’s simply not permitted, and this applies to both ‘new’ anti-Semitism and even the more old-fashioned kind. A commentary on the deafening silence in response to anti-Semitism in the genre community in comparison to the unabashed banter in response to Samuel Delany’s 1998 NYRSF essay ‘Racism and Science Fiction’. Contrasts & disturbing impressions No response from Adam Troy Castro to this article, unlike the René Walling one. No response from anybody, and I expected as much. Only proves the point I make in the article. You can almost smell the fear. Frankly it is pathetic in extremis.

And then an essay that was very much a change of pace, lighthearted but I think an interesting piece, even if I say so myself: Bits & Pieces: Acclaimed baby boomer genre Jewish writers, erotic fiction and science fiction

Then another essay. This is the essay that expresses or gives voice to what this blog has been about: the horrible anti-Semitism that pretends it is nothing of the sort, that pervades the overwhelmingly liberal genre community and our wider society, the cowardice and worse of genre Jewry (and liberal Jewry in general) in even daring to acknowledge the ugly reality. I also give voice to the genre Left’s useful idiot propagandizing for the PC thought crime of ‘Islamophobia’, associated as it often enough is with the former fashionable bigotry. Along with this previous article, this essay is the most literary one published at this blog up to that time, even as it is all so depressing: Of dybbuks, starships and dhimmitude

And then in February 2013 this article: Updated The Red Wolf is back to savour a few choice leftovers or why the Anna Tambour ‘thing’ that everybody ignores is still relevant Basically the article revolves around my prediction mentioned in my e-mail to Tidhar that Lavie Tidhar himself, Tambour’s buddy, wouldn’t have a problem with my outing of the ‘Jewish’ Tambour as horribly anti-Semitic (her putting up a link with a thumbs-up, to a ‘greedy Jews’ article from a Muslim extremist website that is “milder than it might have been”). And as the February 2013 article points out, my safe prediction turned out to be entirely correct. Never mind that Tidhar lied and misrepresented that prediction of mine re Tambour as integral to my non-existent ‘death threat’ to him!

Then in March, this one, UPDATED Bits & Pieces: China Mieville and Charles Stross related. This posting starts with a brief mention of Mieville’s persistent and relentless Judenhass. However in the main it is about the ‘house Jew’ Charles Stross (Tidhar’s buddy) and the positive recommendations that Stross makes for the political oeuvre of numerous vociferously anti-Semitic soapbox “intellectual” preachers in our day and age. Namely Noam Chomsky, Noami Klein and Juan Cole. And yes I give considerable evidence for all their extreme anti-Semitism respectively in this very article. At the same time I point out that Stross has the gall to call people stupid. Yeah look in the mirror wise guy.

Then in April: On Iain Banks being diagnosed with incurable cancer, letting the world know he still hates the Jew nation. Some revealing commentary by the genre Left, Court Jewry included. I had already written my article on Banks and given indisputable evidence for his hardcore anti-Semitism, yet here I point out that even as Banks lets the world know about his fatal cancer status, he still went on with his obscene ‘new’ Jew-baiting. Even as non-genre Jewry such as scholar David Hirsh take Banks to task for his Jew-hatred (see link); genre Court Jewry such as Stross and Tidhar and genre Gentiles swoon all over this Jew-hater, making it clear they don’t see him as having an anti-Semitic bone in his body.

In May 2013: Charles Stross on the day of the Boston marathon bombings, warns against empty speculation as to the identity of the terrorists. Proceeds immediately to speculate that the perpetrators are most likely the “provisional wing of the Tea Party”

Yup Stross, an odious moral relativist delusional Leftist if there was one. This screw-up makes him the David Sirota (of Salon.com) of the genre community (see the article above if you don’t get the reference). Stross went all mum when the Tsarnaev brothers – oh my God Muslim extremists shocka –  turned out to be the terrorists. Who would have dared even imagine it? Only us nasty right-wing biblethumping hickredneck ‘Islamophobes’ of course. And he was all quiet on this article of mine as well. Sounds of silence. Gee wonder why now?

And then also in May I posted this (my 100th article): Iain Banks’s anti-Semitism and support for a boycott against Israel cheered by the prominent neo-Nazi internet hate forum Stormfront

Maybe Banks, his Court ‘Jews’ such as Stross and Tidhar and Banks’s genre peers and fandom swooning all over him, will tell us that these proudly open neo-Nazis have just misunderstood Banks’s intent and meaning; misusing Banks’s uh non-existent anti-Jewish prejudice to further their own genocidal anti-Jewish worldview. Gag gag. My God I would hate to see the justifications and rationalizations from Court Jewry on this front. Of course they just ignore this kind of thing altogether. What else can genre Court Jewry do? And non-Jewry for that matter. Move along, nothing to see here.

One wonders what Lavie Tidhar’s fellow Court Jews and for that matter genre non-Court Jewry (they do exist…) have to say about this: The Far Left ‘Jewish’ writer Lavie Tidhar tweets in sympathy for Stephen Hawking’s boycott of Israel. What to expect from Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar? Yeah it’s as bad as it sounds, if possible even worse than it sounds. Well to those who are not anti-Semitic. Tidhar (who had family relatives perish in the Holocaust) continues to set new lows in his harsh, dishonest anti-Israelism, the more existential threats Israel faces in its very real struggle to survive. There is a lot of meat here for those interested in abnormal psychology.

It may seem as if I was belabouring the whole Iain Banks thing, by publishing this article upon Banks’s passing in June. However there were nothing but paeans by Jewish genre heavyweight writers Neil Gaiman and David Brin upon the anti-Semite Banks’s death, that were definitely worth mentioning.

Then an article on the genre Thought Police descending into self-parody (well nothing new there), the huge ballyhoo that is their mindless witch-hunt against liberal writers Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg. Whilst a lot has been written on this kerfluffle (and perhaps a nadir for the SFWA), I give it a slant that is surely original. I dare to point out the elephant in the room: the fact that Malzberg and Resnick are both Jewish, and yet pervasive and malevolent anti-Semitism in the genre community is not only given a free pass from these self-same genre witch hunters fussing over these two writers’ non-existent sexism, but the self-same genre Thought Police actively fortify and embolden the oldest hatred. The sheer surreal absurdity of it all surpasses the usual tropes of McCarthyite witch-hunting. Naturally none of this appears to occur to anybody else. Or if it does, they are staying mum or walking on eggshells.

And then an essay which was guaranteed, even designed, to offend most everybody across the political spectrum: Why Conservatism cannot save Science Fiction from the depths of idiot moral relativist PC Leftism in which it is ensnared. I make some fairly harsh criticisms of conservative writer Theodore Beale aka Vox Day in this article (could have been far harsher coming to think of it), along with a no-holds-barred withering contempt for the liberal brain-dead gangsters that run science fiction on both sides of the Atlantic. I also make it clear that science fiction cannot be considered an authentic literature, so weak, vapid and horrible is most of it, worse than it’s ever been. And that there is no realistic hope for any renaissance, and ideological axe-grinding, all ideological axe-grinding, is part of the problem here.

Theodore Beale replied to the above article at his blog. An entirely predictable response from him and his ilk, his reactionary followers. If anything I was too soft on Beale in the relevant article. I didn’t really even begin to get to grips with his horrible anti-black racism (focusing on his misogyny and anti-gay prejudice instead), of the kind not unusual among reactionary conservatives.

That is his bigoted delusion that blacks are inherently inferior, their average intelligence does not match those of the superior white race blabla. Anybody so interested can just make a cursory search of Beale’s blog, it’s all there. In spades. I didn’t even notice this deep-seated anti-black racism that much initially (even though it is a big part of Beale’s odious political output), when I first wrote up on Beale, simply because I had hardly bothered to check out Beale’s blog and output in any detail. I mean what for? It’s just odious reactionary garbage for the most part, I couldn’t be and I can’t be bothered really.

Oh yeah it’s worth adding that Beale is – surprise, surprise – also something of a Jew-hater. Misogyny, homophobia, anti-black and anti-Jewish prejudice – this Beale character and the strong support he has among a certain section of the conservative genre community is nothing less than frightening. But really the leopard does not change its spots. Beale is the flip side of all these liberal progressive genre (and non-genre) folk, who think they are so much better than him, but they are all horribly bigoted or apologists for bigotry at best. And note how what unites them – across the political divide – is their anti-Jewish prejudice and racist identity politics.

Since the relevant article of mine was published, Beale has been expelled from the SFWA. I got to be honest, I don’t care what the exact details are there, and I can’t be bothered. The thing is – whilst I agree with liberal genre folk that Beale is simply beyond the pale – liberal genre folk ARE EVERY BIT AS BAD AS BEALE IS. The only differences are the dynamics and characteristics of their respective bigotries. I mean what really is the difference between say Beale and Mieville, Beale and Mamatas even, Beale and Tidhar? And their respective sycophantic fandom?

Yet how many see this? Surely very few, and that is what gives me the chills.

And then this last article entitled The Jew at the end of his tether. This essay had nothing to do with the SF genre community per se. It could have been published at a general Jewish affairs/Israel news orientated blog. It’s about the latest capitulation of the Israeli government to the coercion of the anti-Semitic White House and the latter’s alliance and sinister cooperation with the pretend moderate but in reality Muslim extremist Palestinian Authority, in pushing an agenda whose ultimate end goal is nothing less than the destruction of Israel. All this while the elephant in the room that is Iran is all but wished away by the Left. Bad omens are all around, and Jews in and out of Israel largely have their heads buried in the sand. Disturbing, frightening and ominous are words that don’t begin to express the real state of affairs… Liberals and liberal Jews – like the White House itself – appear more preoccupied about where the Jews are building houses and apartment blocks than the fact that Jewry is at very real risk of another Holocaust. In a sane world such liberal people would easily be recognized as both mad and – well why walk on eggshells? – Jew-haters themselves.

This one article that came next (published in February 2014, and a further update in March, and then one again in February 2015; published 6 months after my original Zombie Chronicles overview went online), more than any other blog article that came before, sums up the insanity, the thoughtlessness, the DENIAL and worse, yes the very ZOMBIFICATION of the pro genre community. This is most obviously so when it comes to the ugly prevalence of extreme anti-Semitism that pretends it’s no such thing… Continuing the madness, in fact not only giving it a new twist, but ascending or descending – depending on how you look at it – to new heights or depths of absurdity, unsurpassed in the course of this entire enterprise. No kidding. And that is saying such a lot.

UPDATED 2015 David Duke in Wonderland: The Dave Truesdale Petition re the SFWA Thought Police and the hatred that dares not to be acknowledged. Least of all by genre Jewry

In overview, Dave Truesdale would draw up a petition – and get lots of big shakers and movers in SF circles to sign it – to express opposition to PC censorship and over-the-top militant feminism at the SFWA and its official Bulletin, in the latter’s censure of Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg. The SFWA under head honcho Steve Gould, not only went along with what was nothing but a far Left fascist witch-hunt, and capitulated to a tarring and feathering of these two heavyweight Jewish writers (I will get to why in a moment); but moved to establish a McCarthy-like Task Force/committee to oversee what could and could not be published under the auspice of the SFWA’s Bulletin. Malzberg and Resnick were condemned over some commentary they made in the Bulletin on women in SF that was considered sexist, even misogynist (it wasn’t – just read my article) by the far Left SJW crowd of humourless demagogues and bigots that have run American SF into the ground. There was so much sound and shrill dither over nothing, yet all this would culminate in the resignation of editor Jean Rabe from the SFWA Bulletin itself.

In the aftermath of all this, Truesdale being Truesdale and not even a member of the SFWA, organizes a petition, drafts it up, to express his disappointment and concern over the SFWA’s very real bullying and intimidation in service to far Left militant feminist demagoguery. Heavyweight writers proceeded to sign it, including many heavyweight Jewish writers. Remember Resnick and Malzberg, who inadvertently catalyzed this whole ridiculous affair, are Jewish. So naturally my response to this is – WHAT THE FUCK????!!!!!! What else could I do, but point out not only the absurd hypocrisy of Truesdale, but also how the signatories had blundered. Notably the Jewish signatories. This is where the denial, the burying one’s head in the sand, the ZOMBIFICATION, the hear-no-evil-see-no-evil approach to even the most base and extreme anti-Semitism had gotten the ‘Jews’ of the genre community. This is where ignoring the elephant in the room – what this blog is all about – has gotten us. Yes the SFWA sanctioned witch-hunt against Resnick and Malzberg is just that, but talk about missing the point!

Now the updated article (same article), details some of the Twitter responses I got from genre folk to that self-same article. All left-wing genre Thought Police, and all poking fun at me… Yes all this in response to an article detailing how all  these signatories had blundered, by signing a petition drawn up by a fucking Holocaust Denier; that all these ‘liberal’ genre Thought Police hate so much, and consider a quasi-fascist anyhow!! Cannot make this up in a million years. Beyond the wubbiest wub. I get into the absurd and ironic details in the article, and naturally why these PC ‘liberals’ condemn with moronic ad hominems a blogger exposing their own bête noire as a…. HOLOCAUST DENIER!! I swear this article sums up the Zombie Chronicles more than any other, it is where it was all leading to… One sees this now in hindsight. 

Naturally the sounds of silence from all the signatories in response to this article of mine. Well it’s the deafening silence and the not wanting to know about the most in-your-face anti-Semitism of any and all varieties, in and out of the genre community, that led to this darkly comical blunder in the first place. Heck this entire blog and its contents sums up all the DENIAL and worse. And I’m just scratching the surface. To this day, the sounds of silence. Of course. The awkward, embarrassed ‘keep a lid on the real story of the Truesdale petition affair’ remains locked in place. It has to, I mean otherwise… In fact, it is even more appalling than this summary can reveal, as my February 2015 update makes clear. That is pertinent commentary re Mike Resnick and Gregory Benford. Basically the zombie madness of this genre community goes on and on re Truesdale and by association, denialism of hardcore anti-Semitism. It is unending.  

The elephant in the room that nobody talks about has become a mammoth in the closet that nobody talks about. Everybody just quietly chose to forget about the petition, it’s not something that is discussed. Certainly not publicly and I doubt even in sotto voce. And so the Season of the Red Wolf that exposed the real scandal and hardcore bigotry in the SF genre community – that the Truesdale petition’s signatories inadvertently and ironically revealed more than anything – remains a name that is not to be brought up. In any meaningful sense. Predictably Pathetic. It’s even worse than that, even worse.

This is a bomb that has gone off, leaving figurative limbs blown to bits, and nobody talks about it. A scandal in the genre community that is huge and nobody, and I do mean nobody, talks about it. In fact many genre Jews don’t even know about it, most perhaps. They don’t want to know. At all costs. A disgrace beyond words.

OK moving on, and then this article published in April 2014: Charles Stross in friendly anti-Israel Twitter banter with anti-Semite Max Blumenthal, the pseudo-scholar whose Israel hatred inspired the neo-Nazi killer Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. of the Kansas Jewish Community Center murders

Yup Stross continued to descend to new lows in his base Jewish self-hatred. This really takes the cake, although he had already utterly damned himself long before – as my previous articles on Stross reveal. The title is self-explanatory. It’s as bad as it sounds, worse even.

And talking about self-hating British Jews, this came next…

UPDATED The horrible anti-Semitism of the ‘Jewish’ prof and doyenne of the liberal SF Literati, Farah Mendlesohn. This article posted on June 5th 2014 detailed somewhat belatedly the extreme hardcore Jew-hatred of genre editor and critic Farah Mendlesohn (yes the far Left Jews are the very worst anti-Semites, in and out of the genre community), a bigotry she revealed indisputably during the Hamas-Israel war of 2008/2009. Among other places. She signed a petition that ACTUALLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY –sans cover terminology – called for Israel to lose the war against the jihadists HAMAS, that HAMAS had started, with its wave of rocket terror attacks against the Jews. No kidding. Just check that article out. This petition – signed by a number of Jew-hating left-wing British academics – also called for support for BDS against Israel. Mendlesohn would tweet in response to this article of mine (see the Update). Her Tweets and her hat-tip to Jew-hater Nick Mamatas would only damn her further of course.

That article led to this one, Geoff Ryman tweets in reply to my exposé of Farah Mendlesohn’s anti-Semitism, and so denies the undeniable and defends the indefensible, posted on June 12th 2014.

Geoff Ryman, the gay Canadian-Brit genre writer would indeed come to the defense of the caricature of extreme Jewish ‘intellectual’ self-loathing that is Farah Mendlesohn. He really put his foot in it. Farah Mendlesohn cannot be anti-Semitic because she’s a friend of mine and Jewish, well to paraphrase the idiot Ryman in so many words. And he screws up further by tweeting all this to Nick Mamatas, a hardcore Jew-hater of course. At some subliminal level, Ryman appeared to realize he screwed up. Maybe. The reason I write that is he would subsequently tweet – otherwise apropos of nothing – some stuff on anti-Semitism in the world today. Almost as if to appease me, or throw me off… Just check this Ryman article for the details, for what I am getting at.

And then another Truesdale focused article, from June – and yes in all honesty I am as tired of him as the readers of this blog, but Truesdale, his Holocaust Revisionism, and the refusal of everybody in the genre community across the political spectrum to even hint at its existence, is just the bloody point. It’s a minor article, and yet it still packs the same old points that bear repeating. Tangent editor Dave Truesdale gets taken to task by the genre Thought Police for alleged sexism. Black Gate founder, the now contrite and repentant John O’Neill leads the charge. Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is naturally not worth even a passing mention

And then of course came the latest war in the Middle-East, in which the latest round of Muslim fanatical ‘let’s kill the Jews and blame it on the Jews when they fight back, and we can count on the West’s support for our jihad because they hate the Joooos too’ and right they are, got underway. This would be the third Hamas-Israel war from Gaza since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but by far the most severe. I gotta say that the Jew-hatred of the Left, the left-wing media, Western governments, NGOs and the UN would really reach new lows of derangement, hypocrisy and delusion this time around, and that is saying soooo much. What little cover slogans and pretense of ‘anti-Israelism is not anti-Semitism’ by the Western Left and far Left were all but discarded this time around. Open Jew-hatred from Muslim extremists around the world; backed up notably and conspicuously by European, British, North and South American, Australian left-wing ideologues. Barack Obama and his administration would take the gloves off here, and not even hide their contempt for the Jewish nation, fighting back against… HAMAS firing rockets onto her cities, towns, kibbutzes and plotting mass murder of Jewry via underground terror tunnels. There has been plenty written about the Left’s Jew-hatred as revealed in their Hamas propagandizing during this near seven week war. ALONE. And the interested reader can look up the lies, hypocrisies and associated of the BBC, CNN, the Guardian, the US State Department and the other usual suspects, if not familiar with them. I don’t really focus too much on that in my relevant article:

UPDATED July 25th As Israel is under siege from HAMAS rockets, otherwise politically vocal anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ genre folk see no evil from HAMAS. Then again they are anti-Israel… 

It’s just how the usual anti-Semitic suspects in the genre community respond – or don’t respond – to the latest round of ‘kill the Jews for Allah and get the support of Western liberal progressives in the process’. I actually didn’t even bother with getting into nitty-gritty details of all the Jew-hate lies from the Jew-hate genre Left this time around, because this blogging enterprise had long since wound down, and I just didn’t have the time nor the inclination. So I mention a few of the usual predictable suspects and their predictable anti-Semitic blather re this Gaza War started by HAMAS, openly dedicated to another Holocaust of Jewry; but didn’t update that article past July 25th (I posted the original piece online on July 12th), a full month before the war officially ended. I may some time in the future actually update that article to include any further Jew-hate commentary I can find from genre liberals (‘Jewish’ or Gentile) on that war. I will see. If I can ever be bothered.

Beware that his shadow does not engulf you like a daemonic nightmare.

Nosferatu (1922)

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UPDATED July 25th As Israel is under siege from HAMAS rockets, otherwise politically vocal anti-Israel ‘Jewish’ genre folk see no evil from HAMAS. Then again they are anti-Israel…

This article may be updated (multiple times) when and if I feel like addressing Jew-hate Tweets and the like from Jew-hate genre liberals, on this latest war/jihad against the Jew nation. Latest updates 24th July and 25th July. Scroll to the bottom for the Felix Gilman Tweets (July 25th update).

So the latest jihad against the Jews gets underway, initiated by the Left’s fellow anti-Zionists, the HAMAS jihadist terrorist group whose charter calls for the liquidation of all Jews everywhere. Ably supported by Israel’s “peace partner”, the Holocaust Denier who heads Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, who has recently welcomed Hamas itself into a unity Palestinian Authority government (what makes him Israel’s peace partner I guess). A joint Fatah-Hamas unity government that is thus jointly responsible for daily waves of rocket attacks on Jewish towns, cities, farms and the like, targeting Jewish men, women, children and babes for death and maiming, rocket attacks that now reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In fact Fatah rocket crews have been operating in Gaza, not just Hamas and other jihadist groups. This is the Fatah-Hamas unity government that Obama and Kerry continue to insist is a peace partner for Israel and that US taxpayers and the EU continue to fund. That’s what makes Obama, Kerry and the entire US administration utterly delusional, it’s also definitive confirmation that they are Jew-haters. Thanks US Jews for overwhelmingly voting for a horribly anti-Semitic US administration, and that includes liberal US genre Jewry. If I hadn’t told you before: fuck you and keep your children safe.

In fact as I predicted here, the farcical peace talks with Jew-hating Muslim fanatics (Fatah) pushed on Israel by the Jew-hating Kerry and his boss, could only lead to a new round of jihadist initiated violence. Journalist Ruthie Blum points out all this over here.

So as liberal TA Jews run for the bomb shelters as rockets explode overhead (so far intercepted by Iron Dome but watch for that shrapnel), as Jerusalem comes under fire, and especially southern cities like Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, even Beersheba come under sustained rocket fire; the world, the UN, many Muslim nations (thankfully not all), the Western media, the NY Times, and the Israel hating Western Left (so-called human rights groups included), inclusive of the Israel-hating ‘Jewish’ far Left, respond in their knee-jerk Pavlovian manner, the only way Jew-haters can respond, with Jew-hatred that is. Evil Israel, how dare you do anything to fight back against jihadist rocket fire, how dare you. Palestinian civilians are getting killed, sure they are used as human shields by Hamas, which openly boasts about doing such a thing, a war crime according to international humanitarian law. A war crime that Hamas proudly and cynically commits, a war crime that we will blame on Israel; and ignore the other war crime of Hamas, the one that started this war in the first place. That is the targeting of Jews for death with rockets (3.5 million Israelis, Arabs among them, are in direct line of fire of Hamas rockets, many obtained from Syria and Iran, especially the new long-range ones). That’s different of course. War crimes committed by Hamas and Fatah are not war crimes, since their targets are Jews. Jews are expendable, unlike the lives of precious Hamas rocket crews.

Hamas have even targeted the Dimona nuclear reactor! Responses from Obama, the UN and the usual suspects is as you would expect…. crickets. Yawn, it’s all interrupting Obama’s game of golf one supposes. As far as our anti-Israel genre folk are concerned, the silence is deafening. When not worse than silence… These guys couldn’t spell HAMAS if their lives depended on it, then again HAMAS and Fatah are their fellow anti-Zionists… Crickets on the Twitter feeds from the anti-Israel genre folk is to be expected, they are anti-Israel after all. So duh I guess. Thing is it would be no problem if they say/Tweet nothing at all, if they were never political to begin with; but they are always political, all of the time pretty much, on pretty much everything. Except Hamas rocket attacks on Jews and for that matter Muslim jihad attacks, bombings, massacres on their fellow Arabs, Muslims and the infidels, from Syria, Iraq to Afghanistan, Libya and Mali, from Somalia to Lebanon and Nigeria, Yemen to Kashmir.

Truth is our harshly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian genre Jews such as Charles Stross, Lavie Tidhar, Felix Gilman, Nir Yaniv, Laura Anne Gilman, Rose Fox, Farah Mendlesohn (check the archives of this blog) and other Court Jews such as Scott Edelman, and the king and queen of genre Court Jews, given that they are the President and VP of the SFWA itself, Steve Gould and Rachel Swirsky, have painted themselves into a corner. If they are going to Tweet on this, it has to be from a pro-Palestinian angle, along the lines of ‘the poor Palestinians, suffering at the hands of the Israelis’, obscenely ignoring the fact that Hamas started this war in the first place, with wave after wave of jihadist rocket attacks. It can never ever ever ever be from an anti-Hamas angle, because these anti-Israel Jews have thrown in their lot with the Hamas and Fatah supporting, Jew-hating Palestinians. The best they can do is prattle the odious moral equivalence baloney between Hamas, dedicated openly and proudly and for Allah’s sake, to another holocaust of millions of Jews, and the IDF itself, which is all  that stands between the Jews and another Holocaust (the kind of moral equivalence that moronic mantras such as ‘cycle of violence’ translate to. The kind of moral equivalence employed by Amnesty International). And yes such odious moral equivalence is likewise anti-Jewish agitprop. And if you don’t know why, well that’s your problem.

In fact Israel’s Israel hating Tel Aviv based liberal Ha’Aretz newspaper (the Israeli equivalent of the anti-Semitic NY Times) has been carrying pro-Palestinian propaganda, even as Tel Aviv is under rocket fire. Even as the Ha’Aretz building itself is now in the line of rocket fire, even as ‘the bubble’ of Tel Aviv is burst, these self-loathing morons remain mired in their self-loathing. NO MATTER WHAT. They are still frothing about West Bank settlements, still, as if that’s what is causing rocket fire from Judenrein Gaza. Yes these liberal ‘Jews’ are insane. What else is new? I wonder whether Tel Avivian pro-Palestinian Nir Yaniv (a big cheese in Israeli SF, well it’s a small small pond. Yaniv is a big mate and co-author of Lavie “the Palestinians have become the true Jews” Tidhar) is giving thanks to Iron Dome, which is literally saving lives in the Tel Aviv environs as I write this; and the soldiers, technicians and engineers employed by the Israeli government and IDF (I assume his mate Tidhar’s ‘fake Jews’ by corollary) to operate that system and ensure its efficient functioning, or maybe he thinks it’s the fairies operating it. Maybe he’s cursing the eeeeeeeeevil settlers as he runs for a bomb shelter (assuming he does run to a shelter, I mean I don’t know or give a fig really), doubt he curses Hamas (supported by his mate Tidhar’s “true Jews” aka the Palestinians). Even now.

And then there’s that other Tel Avivian Abigail Nussbaum, genre critic and reviewer, who has plenty to say on Elizabeth Moon’s ‘Islamophobia’, but gushes over Jew-haters, such as the late Iain Banks and China Mieville (check the archives of this blog for the details). I know what I’m dealing with here, far Left and even some mainstream liberal Israeli Jews are sick, mentally ill. Literally and I don’t exaggerate at all. Imagine even The NY Times running pro Al-Qaeda propaganda the week of 9-11, or pro-Nazi propaganda in 1944. Ha’Aretz and liberal Jews are under no such qualms, it’s anti-Israel propaganda all of the time. If Dimona were hit, would Ha’Aretz blame the settlements, even as their anti-Israel ‘journalists’ were dying from radiation fallout? Don’t bet against it.

The thing is by not Tweeting at all on the latest conflict, the likes of the ‘Jewish’ Stross and the ‘Jewish’ Tidhar are… well it’s kind of deafening in its silence SO FAR, not just that, but there’s a kind of awkwardness there, an embarrassment. What to Tweet? I mean they couldn’t Tweet support for Israel and the Jews under siege, because they are anti-Israel, so that’s out of the question. It’s not just that they would offend their anti-Semitic fan club and their anti-Semitic colleagues (Paul Graham Raven, China Mieville, Ken MacLeod, Michael Cobley, Hal Duncan, Nick Mamatas, Saladin Ahmed etc. Well pretty much the ANTI-ISRAEL genre Left as a whole on both sides of the Atlantic), they would offend their own self-loathing and self-flagellating sensibilities. The smartest thing to do here would be just to continue Tweeting the usual trivial garbage that they always Tweet. And that’s what they are doing. Predictably enough. Now that may not seem offensive at all, I mean if they are not Tweeting anti-Israel propaganda… . And yet it still is offensive. That’s because they have never had any problem Tweeting and pontificating (in blogs and other avenues) outrageous anti-Israel garbage before (as the archives of this blog reveal). So it’s their disgusting, albeit fashionable, modern day record of new anti-Semitism as anti-Israelism that damns them now. No matter what they do. Short of a U-Turn in their ideology, and that ain’t gonna happen.

So the least offensive thing they can do is shut up. And yet it’s still insulting. Because they have never shut up before, when it comes to their love affair with Palestinians and their contempt for the Jewish homeland. So now their silence in the face of the latest round of ‘let’s kill the Jews in the name of Allah and blame the Jews when it all goes wrong’ is like staying silent as the Nazis came to power in Europe in the 1930s and were passing anti-Jewish legislation and the rest. It’s just cowardly, the silence on the elephant in the room that is Hamas’s and Fatah’s i.e. the Palestinians’ war against the Jews; when at the same time these liberal genre Jews have had no problem tweeting/blogging and spouting anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian agitprop before. Year in and year out.

Of course, they can do even worse than that, they can Tweet/blog anti-Israel propaganda as Israel is under siege, under rocket attacks across the south and center of that tiny nation. The thing is whatever they do (short of a religious like conversion, that is an abrupt and radical departure from their entire previously held political Weltanschauung. And that would be a miracle), they are damned by their record of anti-Israelism i.e. anti-Semitism.

Here though is a curious recent Tweet (July 11th/12th) from the anti-Semitic Israeli writer and editor Lavie Tidhar:

“One day, this war will be over. And we’ll have the merchandising rights.”

Note the non-condemnatory nature of the Tweet, it’s ‘war’, as if it just happens, one of those things, it’s not HAMAS, it’s not Muslim extremism, and it’s all so hahaha, let’s make a joke of it. Is anybody going to object, that Tidhar’s Tweet is not made taking into consideration the latest war in the Middle-East? That would be disingenuous. Tidhar’s ‘fake Jews’ aka Israeli Jews (implicit in Tidhar’s calling Palestinians “the true Jews”. Check link above for the details) take cover in bomb shelters, or get called up to serve in the IDF (an oppressive institution to Tidhar), as his “true Jews” aka the Palestinians launch wave after wave of rockets targeting ‘the fake Jews’ in their homes, factories, malls, offices, kindergartens, schools, highways, streets, restaurants, farms, parks etc.

Tidhar would predictably do worse, with this inevitable Jew-hate Tweet of his from July 22nd (I updated this article on July 24th, some time after my initial comments on Tidhar above. Sooooo predictable. Jew-haters gonna Jew hate):

Sayed Kashua’s “Why I Have To Leave Israel”, now in the Guardian

If you can stomach that Jew-hate selective moral outrage and lying hypocritical article of Arab-Israeli Sayed Kashua’s, go ahead and read it. Naturally it comes from the Jew-hating Guardian of which the anti-Semitic ‘Jew’ Tidhar is a fan. Of course. It also featured at the traitorous Ha’Aretz. Thanks for leaving Israel Sayed, the less Jew-haters (Arab and ‘Jewish’ Jew-haters such as Tidhar, alike) in Israel the better. Murderous and serious ‘Death to Arabs’ hate from Jews is thankfully rare in Israel (and these morons spouting out that garbage don’t know the difference between Arabs and Muslim extremism, not all Arabs are Muslims, never mind Muslim extremists), and not promulgated by the government, armed forces, media, synagogues, schools and Israeli institutions. ‘Death to Jews’ is however endemic in Palestinian society and Arab Muslim Middle-Eastern society. It’s on the Hamas charter, endemic to Fatah and its Holocaust Denying president Abbas who praises suicide bombers as martyrs for Allah; it’s in the Arab and Palestinian media, the mosques, schools where Jews are explicitly labeled as subhuman. And it’s the mentality that engendered the current Hamas terrorist war to begin with, that motivated Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli towns, cities, farms, schools, kindergartens, parks, boulevards, buildings, malls (and our international airport) every day during the war and dig tunnels into Israel in its attempt to infiltrate and kill as many Israeli civilians as they could. Palestinians have celebrated suicide bombings, 9-11, terrorist attacks on Jews, kidnappings of Jews. Hamas have planned to plant bombs underneath kindergartens in the tunnels they dug into Israel (this is discovered at the same time Kashua pens his article, but you know that don’t fit his narrative. And Tidhar’s neither), they have hid behind women and children when fighting the IDF, threaten journalists for reporting the fact that Hamas is firing rockets from next to a hospital and other civilian buildings, homes, and storing rockets at mosques and UNWRA schools (that’s plural) and as I write this up, they were firing mortar rounds at an Israeli field hospital at the Erez border crossing into Gaza treating Palestinian civilian wounded (wounded from use as Hamas human shields, and from Hamas rockets and even mortar rounds that have fallen short and landed in Gaza, on their own Arab population).

You won’t hear any of this (and way more atrocities of Hamas’s that I don’t even bother to mention) from Kashua any more than you will hear it from Tidhar, deafening silence, and for one reason only. Jew-hatred pure and simple. So Kashua is emigrating to America it would appear, well given the growing Jew-hatred there, I’m sure he’ll feel at home. A win for Israel, a loss for America. Tidhar is comfortable among the Jew-hating liberal pseudo-intellectual elite in London. Stay there. Please.

At the time of Tidhar’s latest Jew-hate Tweet that I paste above (22nd July), about thirty IDF soldiers have been killed in Gaza fighting Hamas terrorists hiding behind civilians. Tidhar would never Tweet in sympathy for the fallen Israeli soldiers (hardly!) and their grieving families, and the Israeli nation and world Jewry that grieves for them. After all the best of the best (IDF’s elite combat units) are all that stand between the Jews and another Holocaust, and just general mass murder of Israeli civilians. It’s why Jew-hating liberals hate the IDF so much, the same reason Muslim extremists and neo-Nazis do, the IDF gets in the way of mass murder of Israeli civilians. Tidhar’s Jew-hatred it is clear is every bit as bad as anybody’s I have criticized at this blog, including China Mieville, Anna Tambour, Charles Stross, Kathryn Cramer, Farah Mendlesohn, Michael Bishop, Ken MacLeod and Nick Mamatas. That is saying a lot. Tidhar’s self-loathing is as extreme and as hardcore as it gets. Let me be clear: there are lots of Jews like this, including in Tidhar’s native Israel. Yes it is very distressing and to Israel supporting Gentiles (and many Jews coming to think of it), even incomprehensible. It isn’t incomprehensible though, but I don’t bother going into the complex roots of such psychopathology at this blog. Scholars on anti-Semitism have written and continue to write about it, some with more insight than others of course.

Tidhar has gotten the support of the genre far Left as a whole in his clashes with myself (well duh) including the ‘Jews’ Rose Fox, Laura Anne Gilman, Scott Edelman, Felix Gilman, Charles Stross and Nir Yaniv (all in the archives). Does this mean they are all anti-Semitic? Yeah pretty much.

Here is Jew-hater, genre communist writer and editor Nick “Butt-fucking is just mentorship between a man and a child” Mamatas (not Jewish), a big mate of Tidhar’s, with a predictable Jew-hate tweet (that he retweeted):

‘…the 12,000 missiles fired from Gaza over twelve years resulted in twenty-two fatalities—a kill rate of 0.175%.’

Gee are you disappointed that not more Jews have been killed by your fellow anti-Zionists HAMAS, Fatah and Islamic Jihad terrorists firing rockets, Mamatas and crew? Hey what about property damage? If more Jews were killed, would you sympathize with them then, Nick Mamatas? Of course not. Your stats ignore Jews maimed and wounded btw. Those deaths would be far higher if Jews weren’t taking cover in bomb shelters, if rockets weren’t destroyed by Iron Dome and other missile defenses. There would be far more rockets penetrating Israeli airspace if not for the Israeli air force (that you despise so much Nick Mamatas), targeting and destroying rocket launchers, missile storage depots and related terrorist infrastructure. Are you upset that Hamas and their jihadist allies fire rockets blind? The fact that the Palestinians are at war with the Jews is why you sympathize with them so much to begin with, Mamatas and gang, however you may vehemently deny and lie about it. It’s why we have this war, this jihad to begin with. And you expect and demand, still, that the Jews/Israel abandon the West Bank to the self-same Fatah-Hamas entity that is firing rockets from Gaza! That doesn’t just make you and your ilk naive, it is way worse than that. It means that you support a policy that would see way way more rockets come in from the West Bank onto Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem etc. That’s the reality. What Jew-haters these communists and Leftists are. If only they were honest about it, like their fellow anti-Zionists (Mamatas is a self-admitted anti-Zionist) the neo-Nazis, and Hamas itself, Fatah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the anti-Zionist Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Iranian regime, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood (who founded Hamas), Boko Haram and all Muslim extremists everywhere.

Anti-Semite, the ‘Jewish’ Charles Stross  has been Tweeting harmless stuff the last few days, jokey stuff on dentures, the penalties for gun trafficking in the US, some tweets on UK and Scottish politics (Cameron, and Scottish National Party related) and genre related stuff. No anti-Semitic Tweets from him that I picked up. So far. [I wrote this on July 12th. It does not refer to his Tweeting after that date. I have too little time to read up on this moron’s Twitter feed all the time (and others). And naturally I can’t be bothered most often enough] The thing is, as I write and allude to above, Stross is so very political (he always tweets political stuff, he can’t help it); so it’s telling when the’ human rights’ obsessed ‘Jew’ is silent on rocket attacks every day, every hour pretty much, targeting Jews in the Jewish homeland for death and maiming, rockets that now reach deeper and further into Israel than ever before. In other words, he ain’t no Jew at all. Not in any meaningful sense. As if one didn’t know that already!

I mean if he wasn’t so political to start with, it would be fine. No problem. Thing is he is so political, so his silence is embarrassing, it says more about him than he could ever know. One senses a kind of awkwardness, a stifled sense of something… Of course Stross could do way worse, he could Tweet anti-Semitic gibberish (as a matter of interest here is Stross’s viciously anti-Semitic comrade Max Blumenthal – as this blog article of mine reveals, Stross is on board with Blumenthal’s Israel hatred – at a hardcore Jew-hate rally in New York city the other day. One can hear ‘death to Israel’ chants among the crowd, the same crowd dear Max B was addressing. More sickening details at the linked JPost article. Here as a matter of further interest, is Stross in friendly political Twitter banter with Mira Bar-Hillel, an odious and in-your-face anti-Semitic Jewess). He could put himself out there and do that, and that is what his fellow Jew-hating ‘Jewish’ Brit genre colleague does… Like Pavlov’s dogs, this one is so super predictable. Ring the bell (HAMAS starts a war with Israel. Again), and this one comes running with her Jew-hatred (Twitter response).

It’s from a twit supreme, a caricature of a hardcore Jew-hating ‘Jewish’ left-wing academic…

Here is the horribly anti-Semitic Tweet, entirely predictable, from the extremely anti-Semitic ‘Jewess’, genre editor and critic Farah Mendlesohn (that she retweeted) from July 11th:

As usual, people are getting more upset about verbal attacks on than actual physical attacks against Palestinians. Shameful.

I think the mental derangement of Farah M is hard to beat, even by the standards of self-hating Jewdom. What physical attacks on Palestinians? Does she mean the air force strikes on Hamas rocket launchers, and infrastructure; or does she mean the abuse of a single border policeman beating up an Arab teen? Does she mean the murder of an Arab youngster from Jerusalem, by a handful of Jewish extremists acting on their own? You know amidst the horror of mass murder and maiming from Syria to Nigeria, Iraq to Somalia, Libya to Uganda. And Farah M can’t be bothered with any of that, that’s what makes her such a transparent anti-Semite. She can’t be bothered to even mention HAMAS. What a non-surprise. That’s what makes her such a self-hating Jew. Of course she can’t even be bothered to mention that civilians are openly and proudly used by Hamas as human shields, something many of the civilians support given their fanaticism. “Verbal attacks on Israel”!! How obscene. What else to expect? Didn’t know that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rocket attacks on Israeli civilians – men,women, children and babies – translate to “verbal attacks”!!

Homes have been hit, a gas station was hit in Ashdod the other day, and a disabled man was severely burned. Farah M may tell him not to feel so bad, it’s just a “verbal attack” one supposes. One that burns your body. So Iron Dome is taking out Palestinian “verbal attacks” over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Sderot, Ashkelon, Eshkol, Rishon LeZion, Beersheba, Rehovot, even as far north as Herzliya, and other towns and communities across southern and central Israel. Israelis, millions of them, have been taking cover from “verbal attacks” I guess; “verbal attacks” targeting Joooos in apartment buildings, malls, parks, streets, boulevards, gas stations, houses, schools, kindergartens, kibbutzim, community halls, colleges etc. And “verbal attacks” targeting Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona! Also which people is Farah M talking about, “getting upset”? Who would that be? Certainly not the Jew-hating British elite, with which she is firmly ensconced. Not the Jew-hating UK media. Does she mean British Jews? What a twit.

In the approx. 48 hour period or so preceding and postdating Mendlesohn’s Tweet from July 11th, this is what Israel has suffered (my own comments interspersed therein are in red text): 

Saturday, July 12 1:10 p.m.  Rocket sirens were heard moments ago in Kerem Shalom, near the border with Gaza.

12:56 p.m.  Rocket sirens were activated moments ago in Ashkelon and the smaller towns and communities near the Gaza border.

12:52 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon and Gaza frontier towns. 12:13 p.m.  Rocket sirens heard in Sdot Negev and Sha’ar Hanegev. 12:00 p.m.  Rocket intercepted by Iron Dome over Rehovot, while at least two rockets fell in open areas near the city. 11:42 a.m.  Palestinians fired a barrage of rockets at the western Negev, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and the Shfela region.

11:30 a.m.  Rocket sirens were heard in Ashkelon as well as nearly a dozen other smaller communities near the Gaza frontier. 11:13 a.m.  Rocket sirens sound in the Gaza frontier kibbutz of Nir Oz.

9:55 a.m.  Residents of the Gaza border towns in the western Negev heard rocket sirens moments ago.

9:48 a.m.  An operations center housed in the Al-Faruk mosque in central Gaza, which was used to store rockets and other weapons, was struck by the IDF early on Saturday. The Israel Air Force struck 60 terror targets across Gaza overnight between Friday and Saturday, bringing the total number of targets hit to 1,160. Ten terrorist operatives were killed in air strikes, including six involved in rocket fire on Israel, the IDF said. A launcher in south Gaza used to fire on Beersheba overnight was also destroyed.

This of course the reality of Israel’s shameful “physical attacks on Palestinians”.

Navy ships struck several targets, including a Hamas observation post and a location used as a meeting point by Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees. Since Monday night, dozens of operational infrastructure sites used by senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad members have been destroyed, the IDF said. 9:30 a.m.  Palestinian officials in the Gaza Strip said at least 16 people were killed overnight Friday during Israeli airstrikes as Operation Protective Edge entered its fifth day. 3:55 a.m. 2 rockets landed in open fields outside of Beersheva while a third was intercepted by Iron Dome after Code Red sirens sounded in Beersheba and several other southern communities.

2:08 a.m. In the IDF’s fourth day of Operation Protective Edge 140 rockets were fired from Gaza and 27 of those were intercepted by Iron Dome batteries. 107 rockets hit Israeli soil. In response, 235 terror targets were struck in Gaza.

1:34 a.m. The IDF Spokesman’s office reported targeting several terrorists conspiring to launch rockets from Gaza.

12:17 a.m. Code Red sirens went off in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Friday, July 11 10:51 p.m.  Israel Radio reporting that Iron Dome intercepted two rockets fired toward greater Tel Aviv.

10:34 p.m.  Three rockets land in uninhabited areas in the western Negev. No injuries or damage reported.

10:15 p.m.  IAF aircraft kills Palestinian terrorist responsible for Gaza rocket fire on Tel Aviv.

9:39 p.m.  Two Israelis were injured when a Palestinian rocket struck a home in Beersheba. One of the injured, an 80-year-old woman, sustained injuries in the attack. She was rushed to Soroka Medical Center.

Part of the verbal assault on Israel, one assumes. I mean ask Farah M for a clarification if you so desire. On the other hand, don’t bother – red wolf.

9:17 p.m.  The Iron Dome system intercepted Palestinian rockets launched toward the coastal town of Herzliya. The interception occurred shortly after sirens were also activated in the town of Ness Ziona, near Rehovot.

9:13 p.m.  Palestinians in Gaza launched rockets toward central Israel moments ago. Residents of the Tel Aviv suburbs and greater Rehovot are strongly urged to seek shelter. 9:08 p.m.  Rocket sirens sounded in Beersheba, neighboring communities

9:07 p.m.  Amnesty International is demanding that the United Nations commission an independent panel to investigate possible war crimes by both Israel and Hamas. The organization released a statement urging the UN to investigate “violations committed on all sides amidst ongoing Israeli air strikes across the Gaza Strip and continuing volleys of indiscriminate rocket fire from Palestinian armed groups into Israel.”

Ah the Jew-hating Amnesty International with its moral equivalence between HAMAS and Israel. Amazed that they could even be bothered to mention HAMAS, they do one better than Farah Mendlesohn – red wolf.

8:55 p.m. The Iron Dome intercepted two rockets in the skies over Tel Aviv just moments after sirens wailed all across the city and in neighboring Holon. Residents of Tel Aviv reported hearing two loud explosions shortly after the sirens were activated. 8:39 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in the Hof Ashkelon regional council.

8:08 p.m.  An anti-tank missile was fired at an IDF unit on the border with northern Gaza, injuring two soldiers lightly. They have been evacuated to hospital.

8:01 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Ashdod, Ashkelon, and the Israeli towns surrounding the Gaza frontier.

7:56 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Ashdod.

7:55 p.m.  Gaza residents told Channel 2 that they are fearful of the prospect of an Israeli ground invasion in the Hamas-ruled territory. Gazans told Channel 2 that the operations in 2008 and 2012 were “child’s play” compared to the amount of Israeli firepower unleashed these past four days.

Well then they shouldn’t start a war, by targeting Jews for death and maiming, you think? What comes first, the moronism and hypocrisy from Jew-haters, or their Jew-hatred per se? Hard to say.

7:45 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in towns near the Gaza border. 7:42 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Negev frontier towns. 7:34 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Beersheba, Ashkelon, and western Negev towns near Gaza border. 7:22 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Sderot. Iron Dome intercepts rocket. 6:59 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in the Hof Ashkelon regional council. 6:42 p.m. Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rockets over the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv. No damage or injuries was reported. 6:37 p.m. Palestinians in Gaza launched a barrage of rockets at central Israel. No sirens were sounded, suggesting that the rockets were in no danger of landing in inhabited areas. 6:33 p.m. Rockets fired at central Israel and the Shfela area.

5:57 p.m.  Rocket sirens heard in Beersheba, Ashkelon, and Gaza frontier towns.

5:48 p.m.  A fire that erupted in the old Jerusalem train station in the southern part of the capital was believed to have been caused by an arsonist who hurled a firebomb into the structure, Channel 10 reported on Friday. Investigators believe the arson was motivated by nationalist sentiments, according to Channel 10.

5:43 p.m.  Many residents of Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza security fence have left their homes in the face of massive barrages of rockets and mortars, Channel 10 reported on Friday.

5:20 p.m.  Officers in the IDF high command told Channel 10 that Israel must shift strategy and launch a ground offensive in Gaza to remove the threat of Palestinian rocket fire on the country’s towns and cities.

5:05 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in Ashkelon.

5:03 p.m.  Egyptian authorities operating on the Sinai-Gaza border thwarted an attempt to smuggle advanced GRAD missiles into the peninsula, Israel Radio reported on Friday. According to Al-Ahram newspaper, Palestinians tried to smuggle 20 GRAD missiles into Sinai, from where it would then seek to launch them into Israel.

4:57 p.m.  Rocket sirens sound in frontier communities adjacent to Gaza border.

4:23 p.m.  The IDF killed a terrorist in Gaza it said was responsible for rocket fire on Israel in recent minutes. Since the morning, the IDF has killed seven Hamas terrorists and others involved in rocket fire, including two who belong to long-range rocket fire squads who were spotted en route to carrying out additional launches.

Such terrible physical assaults. Simply shameful. Ask Farah Mendlesohn.

4:05 p.m.  The army said that two of the rockets fired at Beersheba minutes ago landed in an uninhabited area.

3:44 p.m. Rocket sirens were heard in the Bnei Shimon regional council seconds ago.

3:42 p.m. Rocket sirens sounded in Beersheba moments ago.

3:28 p.m. The Code Red siren sounded in Beersheba and surrounding communities in the Negev on Friday afternoon.

3:00 p.m. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urged heads of Muslim states to help the Palestinian people and lift the siege on Gaza, according to the Fars News Agency. He warned that the Gaza blockade and shortage of medical aid could lead lead to human catastrophe, adding that helping “the oppressed people of Palestine and preventing the Zionist regime from committing its atrocities are the common responsibility of all international organizations and freedom-loving countries.”

The fact that self-hating Jews such as Farah M are on the same side as the Muslim extremist Iranian president Rouhani is what makes them self-hating Jews. Pay no mind. 

2:48 p.m. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said terrorists in Gaza made a grave mistake by attacking the people of Israel. He warned that they were bringing disaster upon themselves by continuing to launch rocket attacks into civilian areas.

2:43 p.m. Code Red sirens sounded in southern Israeli communities in the Gaza vicinity. As threats of rocket attack continued throughout the day, sirens were activated in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, Bnei Shimon Regional Council and Netivot.

1:56 p.m. The Code Red siren sounded in Ofakim, near the major Negev city of Beersheba.

1:35 p.m. IDF update: Since midnight, Hamas has fired 44 rockets at Israel, the Iron Dome intercepted 11. The IDF has targeted 159 terror sites in the Gaza Strip.

1:20 pm. Code Red siren sounds in Ashdod and surrounding areas. Two interceptions by Iron Dome. Four more rockets land in Negev, outside a community in Eshkol Regional Council.

12:57 p.m. Code Red sirens continue in communities adjacent to Gaza frontier. 12:50 p.m. Two rockets intercepted in Ashkelon by Iron Dome as sirens sound in city; one explodes in open area outside of a kibbutz.

12:47 p.m. Code Red siren sounded in communities across southern Israeli, including the Eshkol Regional Council, the Sdot Negev Regional Council and the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. Rockets fall in open areas, but no injuries reported.

12:31 p.m. Police report that a rocket fired from Gaza directly hit a house in the Eshkol Regional Council. The inhabitants of the home had already reached the bomb shelter before impact. No injuries were reported.

12:11 p.m. The Code Red siren sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council a little after noon on Friday as rockets from Gaza continued to pummel Israel, particularly in the South.

11:43 a.m. Sirens sound in the Hof Ashkelon regional council, followed by alerts in Ashdod.

11:00 a.m. Code Red rocket siren sounds in Sha’ar Hanegev, Sdot Negev Regional Councils as two rockets explode in open areas.

10:45 a.m. Iron Dome intercepts three rockets over the greater Tel Aviv area. Air traffic halts at Ben-Gurion Airport as sirens go off at in the area.

10:43 a.m. Code Red sirens sounded in Tel Aviv on Friday morning.

10: 27 a.m. A rocket fired from Gaza landed in open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, causing no injuries or damage. Code Red sirens also sounded in the Sdot Negev Regional Council and the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

10:10 a.m. Code Red siren sounds in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, warning of a possible rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

9:29 a.m. IAF hits launching pad that fired rockets towards Ashdod. 9:00 a.m. Rocket sirens wail in Eshkol Regional Council as Iron Dome intercepts two rockets, one explodes in open area.

8:20 a.m. A volley of rockets was launched from the Gaza Strip at southern and central Israel. One rocket struck a fuel tank next to a gas station in Ashdod, causing serious damage and a fire. Eight people were evacuated to a nearby hospital, one critically injured.

8:00 a.m. Code Red siren sounds in Ness Ziona, Ashdod, Rishon, Lezion, Netivot, Ashkelon and Gedera Friday morning.

6:45 a.m. One rocket was fired on Friday on a village in the Upper Galilee. There were no injuries in the attack. Artillery fire was directed at the area from which the rocket was fired, a senior army source said.

6:31 a.m. Blasts heard in Metulla.

6:30 a.m. Code Red rocket alert siren sounds in Ofakim, Netivot, and in Sderot.

6:15 a.m. Code Red rocket siren sounds in Sderot.

4:00 a.m. Rockets were fired from Gaza on Haifa, Hadera, and Zichron Yaakov. It was not yet clear how many rockets were fired or where they landed. Hamas’s military wing claimed responsibility for the barrage, Israel Radio reported.

3:32 a.m. Code Red rocket alert siren sounds in Haifa.

1:25 a.m. Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepts rocket over Ashkelon.

1:23 a.m.  A Code Red rocket alert siren sounded in Ashkelon and in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

There you have it – Red Wolf.

So we have these Jews running to and sheltering in bomb shelters, or whatever cover they can find, from rockets packed not with explosive warheads and ball bearings, but “verbal attacks” or some such. Just ask Farah Mendlesohn.

Amazing how verbal attacks can set a gas station on fire, and destroy homes and cars, kill cows and rain shrapnel down on a Tel Aviv synagogue. These Palestinians (Tidhar’s “true Jews” let’s not forget) have real magical powers. Like shamans or something. I mean the things that Palestinian verbal attacks can do. Shameful indeed Farah Mendlesohn. You have no idea. What’s Farah going to say in protest, that she didn’t mean the rocket attacks when she said “verbal attacks”? No she has nothing to say on the Palestinian jihadist rocket attacks at all. Every fucking hour of every day during this war so far. That’s the thing. What Palestinian rocket attacks? What jihad? What’s a jihad? Of course the real physical attacks i.e. terrorism and mass murder, torture and the like that Muslims visit on one another (women and children included) from Syria to Iraq, Libya to Somalia, Pakistan to Afghanistan, and Iran to Nigeria and the Sudan pass without comment from the likes of Farah Mendlesohn. And Tidhar and Stross and gang. Never mind HAMAS’s reign and rain of terror. Yes well in other news, scientists announce the sun is a giant ball of fire that gives light and creates and sustains life itself.

Here are 2 predictable Jew-hate Tweets from self-hating ‘Jewish’ genre writer Felix Gilman. (check that article for how he knocked my blog in the most oblivious and obscene way, such a reveal) Gilman tweets about a Palestinian ‘human rights leader’ without any sense of irony. Does he mean the human rights of jihadists to have protection and immunity from the IDF daring to strike at the jihadists, in a war the jihadists initiated with their waves and waves of rocket terror onto Israeli civilians (of which Gilman has nothing to say, that’s what among other things makes him such a self-hating Jew, since it is such transparent bias), or does he mean the rights of jihadists to protect themselves from the IDF, hiding behind women and children, as a consequence of the war they started? Or both?

The second Tweet I comment on below….

Palestinian human rights activist: “Cast Lead was a joke compared to this”

is this supposed to make the IDF look better

If you go to the Gilman linked official IDF Tweet on their official IDF Twitter Feed – PLEASE DO – it actually counts in the IDF’s favour! It’s why it’s a Tweet that has been mentioned quite a bit on the pro-Israel blogosphere! How does Gilman thinks it counts against the IDF and he clearly does, being such a hardcore Israel hater?! It’s simply bizarre, so warped and delusional and EXTREME is Gilman’s Israel-hatred, with all of the implications therein. I mean it’s an IDF Tweet pointing out, spelling out in plain English, that when they fired a warning shot at a building they were targeting in Gaza (clearly containing either HAMAS missiles or rockets, munitions or used for command and control purposes by HAMAS or being used by HAMAS terrorists), letting civilians know they need to get out, before an airstrike hits the building. The Palestinian civilians then storm to the roof of the building and bring their children (see the IDF Tweet, they have the picture). In other words a cynical and fanatical tactic to put the IDF off from firing at the building or face having to kill all of those people and the children, and in the process they all get martyrdom and a PR victory for HAMAS (evil Israel killed all those civilians, children included). So obviously the IDF aircraft puts off firing at the building and aborts its mission.

Does Gilman think they didn’t? Or does he think the IDF just love to target buildings packed with civilians, for no good reason other than some kind of bloodlust  for killing Palestinian civilians? Because it couldn’t naturally have been used by HAMAS in some way?

I mean does he think the IDF naturally bloodthirsty, primed for killing children? And then boasting about it on their official Twitter Feed!! For the whole world to see, because that would really be a propaganda victory for Israel, right!!?? WHAAAAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK. Who knows with Gilman, he appears to think that the IDF goes out of its way to fire on civilian dense infrastructure! Hopefully – but I can’t be sure here – Gilman realizes that the IDF really didn’t fire on the building anyway! He doesn’t realize whatsoever – clearly not – that it tells us that HAMAS goes out of its way to cynically employ very eager human shields. He clearly thinks, look at Israel, targeting a building packed and swarming with civilians and children! I mean what else to think here? Remember Gilman is hardcore anti-Israel. In that case: what a moron, what a Jew-hater.

To those of you compos mentis and not given to believing the kind of propaganda about the IDF one reads about on Muslim extremist, neo-Nazi and far Left Jew-hate ‘news’ sources, the whole point the IDF is making with THAT OFFICIAL TWEET is that the aircraft is  forced to abandon that specific bombing mission, abort it, because Palestinian civilians, in their frenzied fanaticism are eager – without a second thought – to die for HAMAS, and prepared for their children to die FOR Hamas! To go out of their way to die for HAMAS! And Gilman thinks this Tweet counts against the IDF! not the Palestinians!

It counts against the irrational death cult of HAMAS and its widespread support among Palestinian civilians in Gaza and their desire for their children to get martyrdom in the service of a genocidal Jew-hate jihadist terrorist organization. Another thing: which other modern air force anywhere in the world does such a thing, fire warning shots at legitimate terrorist targets from aircraft (what legitimate terrorist target thinks Gilman!) to avoid civilian casualties. And the only reason that there is a risk of civilian casualties is because HAMAS commits the war crime of stocking missiles, munitions, firing rockets etc. within and surrounding civilian infrastructure, deliberately and cynically. No other Air Force does such a thing, not the USAF, not the Royal Air Force, not the French Air Force, certainly not the Russian Air Force! None. Just the Israeli Air Force. That counts heavily in the IDF’s favour. That’s why that Tweet has been promoted on pro-Israel blogs and websites! Felix Gilman would then probably ‘think’ something along the lines of: well yes, goes to show just how bloodthirsty those Zionist warmongers are, boasting about targeting for death Palestinian civilians and their children!

There is a further Tweet of Gilman’s not long after, in which he retweets the self-same IDF Tweet, ’cause he can’t get over just how horrendous it is!! Yeah indeed, but not in the way Gilman remotely realizes. Sheeeeeeeeeesh. This is why it is a waste of time debating these liberal Jew-haters, it’s like they speak a language only schizophrenic peyote snorting Martians understand. You can only expose them for those who have eyes to see.

To Gilman that IDF Tweet however proves the evil of Israel and the goodness and innocence of the Palestinians. That’s what makes Gilman mentally deranged, delusional and as extreme in his modern-day Judenhass as Tidhar, Mieville, Tambour, Mendlesohn etc. (yes so many of them are Jewish!) So deep does Gilman’s Jewish self-loathing run, his deep seated and inflexible contempt for the Jew among the nations, that he commits some kind of self-lobotomization. Why would the IDF be targeting those civilians and their children he appears to ‘reason’!! They’re not you fucking moron, they are targeting HAMAS infrastructure and terrorists, that’s the whole point of the IDF Tweet which sails through the giant holes in Gilman’s head. And if he were to read this article of mine, I GUARANTEE you, he still won’t get it. He never ever ever ever will.

Of course it won’t surprise the *intelligent reader* that I couldn’t find in A SINGLE TWEET from Gilman (perusing his Twitter Feed) during the course of this current war, any actual condemnation of HAMAS for its firing of hundreds and hundreds of rockets onto Israeli civilian population centers, targeting residential buildings, airport, parks, offices, kindergartens, kibbutzes, factories, farms, schools, houses etc and the civilians in them (CHILDREN and BABIES included) for death and maiming. No mention of HAMAS’S terror tunnels and the rigged bombs discovered under kindergartens (he probably, in all likelihood doesn’t know nor would he want to. Doesn’t fit the narrative), and the tactical plans to kill hundreds and hundreds of kibbutzniks and other Jewish civilians neighbouring Gaza via massive Hamas terrorist assaults via the self-same tunnels (jihadist massacres of the kind seen in the luxury Kenyan mall massacre and the Beslan school massacre).

Jihadist terror attacks only prevented by the IDF that Gilman doesn’t even pretend to hide his contempt and disgust for. You know not a single Tweet on the Hamas terror attacks (the rockets) that initiated this war in the first place, the Hamas-Israel Gaza war that Gilman Tweets on, with such disdain and even darkly comical misunderstanding, against…. the Jooooo nation. That first Tweet of Gilman’s I don’t even bother to fisk, usual dishonest ‘why is Israel attacking us innocent Palestinians’ Jew-hate nonsense I can read about on the Jew-hate Guardian, Independent and the BBC, and their ilk around the world. It’s from a horribly anti-Semitic news source. Hardcore.

Here btw are Felix Gilman’s Tweets criticizing Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Muslim extremists who have killed over ten thousand in Nigeria over the last two decades. In the past year, on a more terrible scale than ever before, and they have murdered and maimed hundreds in the last month or so. (click on the link, it’s funny. Not that there’s anything funny about Boko Haram) Ditto the non-existent condemnatory Tweets from Gilman on whichever other jihadist group you can mention or think of, anywhere in the world. Not in the last few months (and that’s what counts). Probably or possibly never. Not from the jihadist hot zones from Yemen to Kashmir, from Algeria to Pakistan, Sudan to Thailand, Syria and Iraq (ongoing mass murder by jihadists). If you don’t get that his deafening silence on worldwide jihadist terror and mass murder alone in the last few months (including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah terror against Israel that initiated this war he Tweets on so harshly, against… Israel), whilst his relentless persistent never-wavering-no-matter-what Israel bashing, is so obviously a reveal of Gilman’s anti-Semitism, then you are either an anti-Semite yourself or very very dimwitted. Or both. Like Gilman himself.

Thing is his anti-Semitic Tweeting mentioned above is pretty much one of the most moronic, warped, delusional and What the Fuck!! kind one can encounter among the hardcore anti-Israel far Left (which is saying a hell of a lot for sure).

Gilman is really pretty much as bad as it gets among the Israel hating  (i.e. Jew-hating) Left. Simply horrendous. It’s interesting that Gilman’s bigotry also shows up his mental retardation, his utter cretinism. Gilman can only experience a complete failure to appreciate that the IDF Tweet shows up the insane fanaticism and support for HAMAS among the Gaza civilian population and their willingness to sacrifice their children for HAMAS, and so their insane Jew-hatred; whilst showing the IDF’s humanity and concern for civilian casualties – the warning shot and the implicit and unequivocal abort of the mission. Gilman doesn’t appear to comprehend the real meaning of the IDF Tweet whatsoever. He possibly thinks along the lines of: the IAF pilots are all ‘yeeeehaaayipeekayemotherfucker, now we can kill all those sand niggers and their sand nigger kids in one foul swoop, go Zion’. When the warning shot by the IAF is given to force the exact OPPOSITE reaction, encouraging SANE civilians to leave the building in a hurry! Not to storm it and assemble on the rooftop! With their children! What a fucking moron. The point is bigotry and extreme stupidity go hand in hand, and I don’t know what comes first, I admit. They are just two sides of the same coin.

Nothing new from Gilman, just check out my two articles on him (then again as my blog articles on him reveal, this guy Gilman is a fan of Richard Seymour of the Lenin’s Tomb blog, a HAMAS and Hezbollah supporting blogger). Consistent in his obscene stupidity and prejudice. Then again if you think about it, as with his mate Tidhar, and Mendlesohn and Stross, extreme anti-Semitic Jews, none of them stop to think and reflect for ONE FUCKING MOMENT: ‘Gee I wonder if I can trust the anti-Israel i.e. the anti-Jew nation liberal media, and left-wing institutions and the like on Israel itself and the conflicts in the Middle-East, given the long culture of anti-Semitism in the West, culminating in the Holocaust? And given that pervasive Muslim extremism in the region which doesn’t count in the favour of Israel’s enemies…’ Nor does the thought, ‘Gee wonder what neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists think about Israel, and if their opinions coincide with the anti-Israel (because anti-Israel) Left? Gee wonder if that is a meaningful coincidence or not?’ Not for one moment do any of these simple and obvious points cross their ‘minds’. It’s simply not possible that the liberal media could ever be anti-Semitic. Ever. Because liberals could never be anti-Semitic. Ever. If you think about it, that in itself is a kind of mental blind spot so huge that you could drive the Starship Enterprise, the US Seventh Fleet and the entire cavalry of Genghis Kahn and Hannibal’s elephants through it and leave plenty of room over for an orbiting moon or three of Jupiter to whizz on by.

In other words, an extreme stupidity beyond words. And a very deadly stupidity at that, its consequences are very serious. And they make grown men cry.

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Tangent editor Dave Truesdale gets taken to task by the genre Thought Police for alleged sexism. Black Gate founder, the now contrite and repentant John O’Neill leads the charge. Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is naturally not worth even a passing mention

Just thought I would add this latest twist to the Dave Truesdale in Wonderland narrative…

So less than three months or so after the last March update (3 updates in March alone) to my Dave Truesdale petition article and ergo a Holocaust Revisionism centered article; Dave Truesdale gets raked over the coals by the genre Thought Police, for uh… alleged sexism.

Truesdale gets taken to task – just a little – in a blog article entitled ‘An Open Letter to Dave Truesdale’ posted on June 5th by a former co-editor and colleague John O’Neill at the Black Gate website/blog (O’Neill and Truesdale edited the Black Gate magazine together, years ago). The charge here is Truesdale’s (and O’Neill’s for that matter, yup truly) …. alleged sexism. Not Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism/Revisionism. What’s that? Holocaust Denialism? So last century I guess. Who cares? Clearly nobody. O’Neill (an engineer by profession) is the founder and publisher of Black Gate and also co-founded the SF Site.

No it’s just Truesdale’s alleged sexism (and O’Neill says O’Neill himself was also guilty of sexism too in the past, when he first put together stories for publication at Black Gate with Truesdale. Now O’Neill has reformed and he won’t revert. A public confession of past sins I suppose) that O’Neil berates his former colleague for, and himself too.

Basically the catalyst for this latest round of genre Stockholm Syndrome is a recent Truesdale review of Lightspeed #49 at Tangent, the special ‘Women Destroy SF’ issue (yes it’s ironic), which one supposes is all about how female authors have triumphed in SF against all the odds and obstacles in their way, because they are living in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan apparently or it’s the year 1895. Or something like that.

Truesdale in his review and in the Truesdale fashion, goes a little overboard and REACTS, and swings to the other extreme (the one extreme being hyped up PC militant feminism) and remarked snidely – at least according to O’Neill’s summation – that “science-fiction hasn’t a racist or sexist bone in its body… Not once have I personally seen a smidgeon of racism or sexism.” Uh not once? In decades? Truesdale ain’t a youngster, he’s been around the SF scene for probably close to forty years or thereabouts. I don’t think it’s for a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist to get to decide what is sexist or racist, but you know nobody but myself would dare point that out.

A harsh interpretation here: Truesdale is either deliberately lying or wouldn’t know what sexism is (never mind racism), if it hit him in the face and asked him for a light. It’s frankly a pathetic denialism. Denialism as a whole seems to be Truesdale’s perverse modus operandi.

To be fair to Truesdale, he says in reply to O’Neill that O’Neill took that remark out of context. Truesdale writes there:

You took the next lines out of context: “science-fiction hasn’t a racist or sexist bone in its body… Not once have I personally seen a smidgeon of racism or sexism.” You left off the first two words, words making all the difference in the world. The sentence reads, “The _field_ of science fiction hasn’t a racist or sexist bone in its body.” I purposely emphasized the word “field” to draw a distinction between the greater body of SF and _individuals_ who commit sexist acts and should then be dealt with accordingly. Because SF as a field is one of the most open, diverse, welcoming genres of fiction there is. All groups have problems with a few individuals, but I don’t think it’s fair to tar the entire organization with a sexist or racist label as _some_ are more than wiling to do. That’s all I was getting at. Wasn’t trying to say there was no sexism, racism, or homophobia in the field, but that it centered on a few individuals; the genre of SF by great majority has a fewer number of bad apples than does the “outer” world. This is all I was trying to say. Agree or disagree, but this has been my personal experience. Yet you chose to clip two lines, place them together (…) to present another visual of what I said. That’s not fair.

Anyhow this is debatable. Perhaps O’Neill is right to call “bullshit” here (in the pasted excerpt below). Truesdale, one could reason, appears to be splitting hairs here. However O’Neill doesn’t stop there, he swings to the outer reaches of PC imbecility. There is no balance with these folk, it’s polar opposite extremes. Steaming equatorial jungle or freezing trundra, never temperate Mediterranean or Californian climes.

O’Neill responds to Truesdale’s review, by likewise reacting, and once again going to the other extreme swing of the idiot ideological pendulum, by engaging in the most pathetic and extreme PC feminist folderol. Here is the inimitable O’Neill:

I have to call bullshit on you, buddy. In those 18 months you were working for me as Managing Editor of Black Gate, from early 2001 to 2002, and while we were buying fiction together, we were blatantly, nakedly sexist — and I think you know it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How could I possibly have been sexist? You passed along numerous stories written by women to me for consideration — and in fact, you strongly championed several, urging me to publish them. Established writers like Nancy Varian Berberick, newcomers like Devon Monk, and many, many others. You’ve stated elsewhere that the sex of the writer doesn’t concern you when buying a story, and after working closely with you, I know that to be a fact. No one is challenging your credentials in this regard.

But here’s the thing: you can buy fiction from women — and even champion them — and still be sexist.

How is that possible? It’s simple. We welcomed women who submitted… as long as they played by our rules. We launched a heroic fantasy magazine — heavy on the sword & sorcery, thank you very much — and crafted guidelines for what we perceived as a masculine, male-dominated sub-genre, and clapped ourselves on the back every time we bought a story from a woman who managed to jump over the bars we set.

But there wasn’t a single woman writer on the table of contents of the fiction section for our very first issue, launched in November 2000.


So O’Neill who sound like a proud reformed alcoholic or reformed wife beater, who makes a public confession of his previous sins, ‘I used to be bad but now am good’; is now in the good graces of those who he says he previously offended or aggrieved (however inadvertently and unintentionally) i.e. women, or rather and more accurately far Left feminists. This is tiresome, so as briefly as possible: Truesdale may well be sexist, after all he is so reactionary all around, he wears his reactionary stance as a badge, he’s a caricature. However as far as at least some of O’Neill’s specific charges go, they appear more than a little off base, more than a little reflective of cardboard caricature militant feminist speak. A lot of standard overhyped PC ‘gender fail’ militant feminist gibberish from O’Neill, suffering from whatever the Stockholm Syndrome term is for this kind of thing. Oh my God there wasn’t a single woman featured in the first issue way back when, OH MY GAAAAAAWD. Well was it intentional? Did you deliberately leave out women, because they were women, or did you leave out women simply because there weren’t that many submissions from them, and/or you felt none of their stories were suitable for the issue or good enough? Motive is everything. Breathe deeply John. Calm down.

Relax John. I think if you were to tell genitally mutilated women from East and North Africa, and Hindu girls preyed on in hellish slums across India, and prepubescent girls in the Persian Gulf sold into marriage to middle-aged and elderly men, and Eastern European teenage girls in the brothels of Europe, Brazil, North America and Australia, about the terrible ‘crime’ you have committed in your evil past against the female gender, at best they would look at you like you had escaped from an asylum, at worst they might just slap you. Or wish to. And if you don’t know why, well what can I say?

Were there no African-Americans in that first issue neither, or *any* of the subsequent issues, John O’Neill? If not, you are a racist, a Jim Crow apologist, a KKK wizard. I mean according to your own ‘logic’ O’Neill. I mean by this: what is the percentage of African-Americans to the American population and how many contributors to that premier issue of Black Gate and all subsequent issues were/are African-Americans? And if it doesn’t match John (and according to some stats I found, as of 2012 African-Americans were 13-14% of the U.S. population), if it don’t measure up, if African-American contributors to Black Gate come in at less than 13% of total contributions, let’s say less than 10% because I’m being generous, well it’s the chop for you. You’re racist. And were there no Hispanics in that first issue? What about homosexuals, O’Neill? If none of those male writers you published were gay, if they were all of the straight persuasion, what can I say, by your own rules: you are also a homophobe. Or once were. Whatever. I mean since approx 10% of men are gay (or whatever it is, that may be a bit of a generous stat, or it may not be. Oh My God what to do?!!), that means if your issue had a minimum of ten contributors, one of them had better be gay. Or else you are a homophobic bigot. We can go on and on like this. According to O’Neill’s Papier Mâché house of cards ‘logic’, he’s bigoted in multiple ways. The lack of logical follow through here is not my blunder, it’s all O’Neill. O’Neill is prejudiced – even if inadvertently – against any such group or demographic that he didn’t publish in the premier issue of Black Gate. Or any subsequent issue. No not really.

And  there was a wailing and a gnashing of teeth.

If you think this an uncharacteristic slip on O’Neill’s part, he goes on in this vein. In fact if anything he sinks ever deeper into the mire, into full bore militant feminist gobbledegook. There’s these ‘gems’ from him in the same apologia (emphasis in sea-green text is mine):

we published a huge percentage of male writers, and that in turn told women they weren’t welcome…

You know who else has my gratitude? Those men and women who started compiling and reporting statistics on the percentage of women writers in genre magazines. They included Black Gate in one of the first of those reports, scoring us at an abysmal 29%. 


Yeah really. Can you feel the burn O’Neill? Of the whip as you strike it deeper into your naked flesh, you medieval flagellant you. Now I could understand O’Neill’s contrition if he was say a reformed and thus genuinely contrite ex-Muslim extremist, who no longer thinks honour killings, wife beatings and cliterectomies are just fine, and Allah’s way of keeping women and girls in line, along with the belief that women are there to be baby factories and better show appropriate modesty by covering up their uh ankles and forearms and faces, lest they inspire men who naturally can’t otherwise control themselves to rape. And no longer believing that any rape that resulted excused the pious Muslim extremist rapist/s who got a glimpse of  the woman’s or girl’s hair or clavicle. In other words, no longer believing it’s all the fault of the girl and she ought to be lashed as punishment. It’s not as if that is the case here with O’Neill. Although you could be forgiven for thinking so, you could be forgiven for thinking the guy ran a brothel and beat up his girls if they didn’t give him his share, given his guilt and shame and remorse at not publishing exactly 50% or at least 48.25% or even 51.15% female authors in any genre magazine issue, or all magazine issues in toto. The science fiction community is literally a mad house. Its personnel are interchangeable with the White House I suppose.

If only 30% of the writers were male in said magazine issues, would that be proof of misandry? Don’t ask the gender Thought Police that question now. They don’t think to ask it themselves. Whatever happened to… all that matters is the quality of the stories? I mean if you are sane and reasonable. But naturally we are dealing with crazy folk here. I don’t – and neither do other sane or semi-sane people – go through the contents list of any anthology (genre or otherwise) or academic journal or book to check the ratio of men to women contributors. Who does? Only crazy gender obsessive Thought Police that’s who. Imagine if  readers of science and engineering journals (specialist and lay person friendly alike) went through the lists of the professional contributors to each issue, to tally the contributions by gender, and then complain: but this issue of Nature has only 24% female contributors and this issue of Cell only 22% female, this issue of The Journal of Immunology only 25% female and this issue of The Journal of Neuroscience horror of horrors only 22% female, and this issue of Popular Mechanics only 14% female contributors and this issue of The New England Journal of Medicine only 32% and blabla. Well surely most of their regular readership would rightly think: off to the nut farm with such absurd gender obsessives. What matters is the quality of the articles (peer reviewed especially), their relevance, their importance, their transparency, replicability etc.; not whether or what percentage of the authors are male, female, gay, transgender, bisexual, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, neo-Shamanic, Unitarian, Methodist, Mormon, atheist, Catholic, Shinto, Sikh, Polynesian, Tibetan, physically handicapped or able-bodied and whathaveyou. But we are talking about the SFF community, and insanity is the new normal here.

Actually given how the sciences are becoming increasingly the domain of more and more female professionals, I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact Cell and The New England Journal of Medicine had more contributors who were female to male on occasion, and increasingly so. So should we complain about misandry now to the editors? Well if we are crazy, then yes. If we ‘think’ like the far Left SFF community and their hotbed of militant feminists, then yes. I mean it’s the same ‘logic’ in operation here.

Imagine tallying the contributors to any fiction or non-fiction periodical/anthology (say Western or crime fiction) and professional journal of any type you can think of, all by skin colour and sexual preference (if it were plausible); and then complain it was all so racist and homophobic, if it didn’t tally with the percentages of people of colour and homosexuals and bisexuals in the general populace? And would that be the general population in America or Canada or the UK or Australia or Spain? For fuck’s sake enough already. Yet this kind of insanity is the norm with these Thought Police knuckleheads.

Getting back to Tangent editor Dave Truesdale, who may well be sexist, he gives every indication of being at least a little sexist…

Yet with 100% predictably, nobody can be bothered to mention that Truesdale is a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist, because that would open up a whole can of worms, and nobody but the Jews would care or give a damn anyhow. And even they don’t give a hoot. After all look at how many Jewish genre folk signed the Truesdale petition earlier this year, including genre heavyweights such as Resnick, Silverberg, Malzberg, Brin, Dann, Turtledove, Gerrold and Ellison. (And no their excuses for signing that petition are flimsy. Albeit not all the same excuses. Depends on the individual. I explain briefly why that is the case in that very lengthy article itself) This taboo re acknowledging the most base and extreme anti-Semitism in the genre community is all off the radar (well that’s the nature of taboos I guess!), even as a Google search re the Truesdale petition shows up the Red Wolf blog on page one (and has done so for an age). Even as Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism was brought up at Adam-Troy Castro’s place on the web yonks ago (and the subject desperately changed by genre Jewry there, to attack… Republicans. Truesdale even defended himself there. The only laughable public defense he has ever uttered since I published my Holocaust Revisionism series way back in 2011), even as genre Thought Police commented dumb dumb style on my relevant article re the Truesdale petition just a few months ago, without once mentioning Truesdale’s Holocaust Denialism, but that’s just the thing… I mean it’s just the Red Wolf constantly bringing this up, genre Jewry are scared to death of going anywhere near this. Sitting on that keg of dynamite, and keeping it firmly shut down.

Now militant genre feminist Ann Somerville is one of those commenting at Black Gate, (check the link) in response to O’Neill’s ‘open letter’, shilling about Truesdale’s sexism and what a caveman he is, along with other feminists of course, and John O’Neill is all cheering from the sidelines and basks in her forgiveness; and Truesdale himself comments extensively there, with a number of posts… Thing is Somerville did read and Tweet on my Truesdale article from a few months ago (it’s how I know she read it), the article in which Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is the centerpiece. Naturally Somerville along with fellow Thought Police Tweeters, can’t be bothered to mention that mammoth in the room, in their brain-dead responses to my article. Here is what I wrote in reply to her (one of my March updates) and fellow militant feminist Natalie Luhrs and gang:

So their response to the red wolf blogger, the one who  gives them the revelation that Truesdale – who they hate – is a Holocaust Fucking Revisionist, (and all the evidence they could ever need in that department, not that they want to know!) can be summed up as…

Luhrs: I’m a non-denominational Christian deist, so I’m a terrible Jew 

Somerville: Unclean Unclean!

It’s just so pathetic. Such extreme cognitive dissonance. Boggles the mind.

End of excerpt.

Naturally Somerville continues with her modus operandi at the Black Gate website. That is she would never (well in all likelihood) in a million years make mention of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, even as she along with plenty of other genre Leftists, is well ‘aware’ of this blog and my easy-to-verify charges against Truesdale. Even as she considers him a sexist cave-man.

Then again Natalie Luhrs over at her Radish Reviews blog, likewise takes Truesdale to task for his alleged sexism and his insensitivity to the female gender and its struggle in SF, in a blog entry from June 3rd, likewise responding to his Lightspeed review, sans any mention of the dinosaur skeleton in the Truesdale cupboard, of which she is well ‘aware’ (as with Somerville). See that recent March update to the Truesdale petition article of mine for Luhrs’s Tweets on that very self-same article; as with Somerville and gang, no mention of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism is made by her, even as it’s always central to any article I write on Truesdale. That’s the fucking point. Even as Luhrs points out – and I admit she is arguably right in this respect – how ridiculous it is for Truesdale to remark that he never witnessed any racism or sexism in the SF community. (although to be fair to Truesdale, he says that’s not quite what he meant. Still I would argue he is guilty of whitewashing here) But then Luhrs messes it all up, as she only can, by writing this (bold emphasis is hers):

 Do I even need to go into the ridiculousness that is Truesdale’s claim that he’s never witnessed even a single incident of racism or sexism? As a white man, would he have even noticed?

The problem with Truesdale’s lack of sensitivity here re racism and sexism has nothing to do with skin colour, but everything to do with Truesdale’s reactionary nature, his character, his lack of insight, his sweeping complex issues under the carpet. The fact that Luhrs pathetically brings up Truesdale’s skin colour, shows she is no better than the racists and misogynists (real and/or imagined) that she’s so ready to pounce on, and point fingers at, from on high. How do you spell HYPOCRISY Natalie? Do you even know? In the 58 comments to Luhrs’s blog posting, nobody in that echo chamber bothers to mention the very real anti-Semitic bigotry of Truesdale’s, that makes his roughness and insensitivity, his sexism even, pale in comparison. Commentators include Mary Robinette Kowal, and Ann Somerville gushing over John O’Neill’s posting.

Same selective blindness to Truesdale’s REAL BIGOTRY (that’s his Holocaust Revisionism see?) applies naturally to all the Thought Police, no exceptions. That’s what makes them Thought Police. And utterly ridiculous. For example one of my biggest critics, Paul Weimer of SF Signal, (who also Tweeted obtusely and snidely on my Truesdale petition article without mentioning sigh Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism. WELL NONE OF THEM DO – see the March updates to that article for the relevant Weimer Tweets) a real dumb dumb, Tweets on Truesdale’s latest offense against genre far Left feminists and cites O’Neill’s apologia in the process, but as with Luhrs and Somerville, would never dare make mention of Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism. As I wrote in that Truesdale petition focused article:

So the PC Thought Police of the genre community…  have tied their hands, they have painted themselves into a corner. They can’t point out the fact that Truesdale is a Holocaust Revisionist without pointing to this blog with a thumbs up, since I and I alone have revealed the ugly facts in all their gory details re Truesdale, I alone have the smoking gun; but that would mean acknowledging that I have exposed very real anti-Semitism in the pro genre community. It would mean giving me even grudging and lukewarm praise. Now the same genre figures – writers, editors, fans… who have dismissed me as a loon and worse (as has Truesdale) are cognitively incapable of that. It is not only that they would have to swallow a bitter pill and have their egos take a bit of a battering. It is something more sinister. They would have to pay even passing recognition to anti-Semitism in the here and now, in our wider society and notably in the genre community itself and this bigotry’s pathetic and flimsy disguises. Because after all, there is a domino effect. What psychoanalysts call free-ranging associations. If they acknowledge the work I have done exposing Truesdale as a Holocaust Revisionist, then well what about the other anti-Semites I have exposed at this blog (even though not guilty of Holocaust Revisionism)? The latter new anti-Semitism the more acceptable, respectable and fashionable kind for sure, but anti-Semitism and extreme and vicious anti-Semitism at that. Many (I’m not saying all of them) of these genre Leftists critical of the Truesdale Petition and the signatories, are left-wing anti-Semites or apologists for liberal anti-Semites or scared to death of acknowledging any of this… 


I mean what of China Mieville’s, Kathryn Cramer’s and Nick Mamatas’s anti-Semitism, Michael Bishop, Ken MacLeod, Paul Graham Raven and Hal Duncan likewise, Charles Stross’s, Lavie Tidhar’s, Farah Mendlesohn’s self-abasement in this respect? All exposed at this blog, always with the smoking guns, and in some detail. Soooo many others I don’t even bother with (and some that I do). This blog just skates the surface. I mean if they come crashing down… Who else? Who among these genre Leftists and especially far Leftists is left standing?

Anyhow I repeat myself. And repeat myself. There is the rub as they say.

As for John O’Neill, what’s his excuse? Does he likewise think Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism just not worth bringing up, can of worms and all that? Or such a trivial matter… Or is he just clueless about this blog? Truth is I don’t know. Thing is it would never make any difference anyhow. Even if he does know about this blog, and my easy peasy to get smoking gun charges against Truesdale, O’Neill would *in all likelihood* never ever ever mention it, just like Somerville, Luhrs, Weimer and gang who of course cannot claim ignorance of my blog and my Truesdale accusations re Holocaust Denialism. And O’Neill would never bring it up for the same reasons as Somerville, Luhrs and gang. That is, we wouldn’t want anything upsetting the genre Thought Police warped worldview and narrative gush and flow now. Don’t want to throw a spanner in the works. Can’t Have That. I mean publishing only 29% (almost a third) of women writers in your magazine O’Neill is certainly a crime, a shameful horror, a terrible travesty and wrongdoing, an abomination and transgression, an atrocity beyond my ability to articulate, far more egregious than you know Holocaust Revisionism (your silence on Truesdale’s bigotry here) and extreme and vicious anti-Semitism as a whole (your and the rest of the genre Thought Police’s deafening silence, if not endorsement by more than a few, on Mieville’s, Cramer’s, Mendlesohn’s, Mamatas’s, Stross’s and gang’s modern-day new anti-Semitism). Forgive the sarcasm, but what else can I say here?

Others who have commentated on the latest Dave Truesdale brouhaha include James Nicoll and Amal El-Mohtar, and well if you are interested just do a Google I guess. No none of them can mention the… well you know already. As if anybody would expect otherwise. It’s just so pathetic and laughable though. In a very disturbing way I mean. Sure my blog is out in the wilderness, but word gets around.

And my criticisms of the Thought Police re Truesdale and the elephant in the room that is Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisonism, would apply equally to those who defend Truesdale, and can’t be bothered to go near his Holocaust Revisionism. Naturally. Well that would really disrupt the smooth self-righteous aggrieved Galileo narrative of Truesdale and his defenders. So pathetic. Hard to believe the Truesdale defenders (thankfully don’t appear to be many of them at all, but I must admit I haven’t done an extensive search here) don’t know about my blog after all, and my well-evidenced charges against Truesdale re Holocaust Revisionism. Obviously the anti-Semites among Truesdale’s defenders (who tend to be the Vox Day fan club) could care less, but not all of them are anti-Semites. In fact, on average I would say probably less anti-Semitic (maybe) than the genre Left and especially the genre hard Left, where anti-Semitism (as anti-Israelism) is very much de rigueur. Hard to believe certain ‘anti-PC’ folk are not cognizant of this blog, especially former Asimov’s Forum contributors… Clearly nobody gives a fuck. On all sides of the political or ideological divide. I mean when genre Jews don’t give a fuck, and they don’t, why should Gentiles? I mean it’s a fair question…

The sinister subtext to all this: Just don’t offend the SF Thought Police with gender crime (and associated), real or imagined. Holocaust Fucking Denialism is not a problem to them. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT. That’s for sure. That’s only extreme anti-Semitism after all. And the Jews are fair game once again. Especially among the far Left, where the Thought Police are snugly camped, like warm puppies. Look at Ann Somerville and Natalie Luhrs notably, re their tip-toeing around Dave Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism like it’s not even there, whilst ranting about what a sexist Neanderthal he is. It’s actually darkly humorous. And Somerville and Luhrs are fairly representative of these Thought Police far Left twits, and very vocal here.

And naturally at least some of the anti-Thought Police folk don’t give a flying fig neither, at least not those who publicly run to Truesdale’s defense in this respect, because they are running to Truesdale’s defense and ignoring – as their Thought Police antagonists do – Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism/Denial. I mean the only excuse they all have is that they don’t know about my blog, and it doesn’t always apply…

So to any anti-PC folk who rush to Truesdale’s defense: let’s ignore Truesdale’s Holocaust Revisionism, because that’s just a minor minor minor thing, trivial trivial trivial. Nobody’s perfect and the Thought Police’s harping on about gender thought crimes are a far bigger issue and heinous absurdity, than HOLOCAUST DENIALISM. That’s just an eccentricity, especially if held by a conservative genre dude who clashes publicly and loudly with Thought Police airheads. And as far as genre Jewry are concerned, reflecting Jewish cowardice in society as a whole, well they wouldn’t want to upset BOTH SIDES HERE BY ACTUALLY MENTIONING TRUESDALE’S HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM, if they can even fathom it. Which a fair number of them, from Charles Stross to Chuck Rothman (and several others), cannot. Let’s not forget Felix Gilman and anti-Semitic Gentiles Paul Graham Raven (in the update) and Nick Mamatas’s screw-ups here, so very revealing, for those who have eyes to see.

I repeat myself I know. I know.

It’s also worth remarking on something that is otherwise easily missed. Or escapes one’s attention. Namely the fact that nobody (Jew or Gentile) as far as I know, has given up writing/reviewing for Tangent in light of the revelations that Truesdale is a Holocaust Denier. I mean it’s just Tangent, niche SF criticism, obscure, small readership and I assume it doesn’t pay much at all, if at all. It’s not The New Yorker or The Spectator. Not even close! Truth is nobody (Jewry included) wants to know, nor do they care. What a disgrace.


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